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There should be a rule that if you’re working in retail during Christmas and the amount of the employees that don’t like Christmas music is greater than the amount that do, then that means that that store does not have to play Christmas music.

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Anyone else feel frustrated with the current state of the pandemic and response?

I work retail and keep finding out that more and more of my coworkers are testing positive and there is nothing corporate is really doing except suggesting that they are contact tracing- which is the bare minimum AT BEST. However, I don’t think they are able to truly do that. We are short staffed at my store as it is and I’m fucking drowning.

I’m so frustrated about putting not only my life, but my mother’s at risk because I can’t afford not to work. I’m frustrated that they are choosing a dollar sign over the welfare of their employees and customers.

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what i thought retail was: selling, folding things, dealing with karens

what retail actually is:

-weird specific mall regulars

-teaching a coworker that she cant get pregnant from her bf fingering her

- surviving off auntie annes

-convincing a different coworker she shouldnt get pregnant at 18

-mall walkers

-manager taking 3 pregnancy tests in the back room (they were positive)

-man asking my minor coworker to play sex darts with him

-disappointing my coworkers because i refuse to give them a belly piercing in the back room (i have never pierced anything ever)

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A part of working retail that always destroyed me but I never see people talk about is like, knowing that your job will literally never improve. Like, I worked with someone who had been in my position for 20 years and made 2 dollars an hour more than me despite doing the job well. The only path for promotion was to manage all the cashiers and cart pushers and it paid 50 cents an hour more. Like, yes meijer treated its employees like trash but the feeling of “this job will literally never pay me a living wage” hurt so much more.

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Just went shopping for my own birthday, and had a nice experience.

I was in line and there was this old guy in front of me (WHO WAS NOT WEARING A MASK I MIGHT ADD) and he was kinda rude to the cashier, so when I got up I tried to be real nice because im sure this guy was getting tired of serving all different kinds of people in a dollar store all day. And he was really cool. Be nice to retail workers, I would hope it makes their day alot better!

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Applying for the furniture manager job, which I have been basically doing for 4 years, and had an interview with the head hunter.

Me: What about pay? My store made a million in furniture sales; I KNOW my worth.

HH: Well, we judge based on a lot of variables, blah blah blah, and there’s stores who make more in sales than your store that we do not pay them what you are asking for.

Me (in my head) so in other words, you’ve conned a lot of hard working people out of unpaid wages cuz you can get away with it, and you’re going to attempt to with me? OH JOY!

Dear employers: just because you CAN exploit workers doesn’t mean you SHOULD, you soulless vapid shallow peons of humanity.

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Кризис пагубно повлиял на многие компании, но особенно сильно ударил по ресторанам, кафе, закусочным, кофейням. Чтобы выжить, им приходится пересматривать подходы к маркетингу и постоянно генерировать новые идеи. Справиться с

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Магазины в Британии получат разрешение на круглосуточную работу, чтобы возместить часть потерь, понесенных во время пандемии. Разрешение распространяется в некоторые дни в декабре и январе, пишет Retailers. Эксперты называют следующий

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Остатки средств на Едином казначейском счете на 1 декабря составили 19,75 млрд грн, что на 23%, или 4,6 млрд грн больше по сравнению с ноябрем, но в 2,7 раза меньше

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Rozetka активно развивает сеть флагманских отделений в городах-миллионниках. Ритейлер уже имеет пять крупных магазинов и планирует открытие новых объектов в 2021 году. Как RAU сообщила пресс-служба компании, в ноябре ROZETKA открыла первые флагманские магазины

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There is this customer that goes psycho whenever he gets asked for a receipt. In particular he especially hates me. He’ll complain about me to anyone who will listen.

Problem is he always fits what we look for when it comes to checking receipts, even in the middle of a pandemic. Large, unbagged items. Absolutely nothing in a bag. Leaving from the back of the store.

The last time I asked for his receipt he raged at me, then after unloading his items into his car came back in and raged at me some more and told me he was going to have me fired. I’m not terminated… yet.

So, today I wasn’t the one checking receipts, my coworker was. And he comes in the store.

Me: Hello!

Him, seeing I’m not fired yet: Good. Bye!

Upon arriving back at our doors again with a cart of large, items, nothing bagged my co-worker asks him for a receipt, he refuses. And he still chooses when passing me to curse ME out! Like wtf?! I wasn’t even the one to ask for his receipt this time!

Dude, you seriously have some issues, two words: Seek. Help.

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I hate it when customers ask “do you have any exciting plans for thanksgiving?” Like?? We are in the middle of a pandemic, and I have to work on Thursday anyway and come back in at 4:30 the next day to deal with you fuckers. I’m going to work and then when I get home I’m eating half a can of salt and vinegar pringles because they’re more enjoyable than dealing with you all and I’m going to bed

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Having to wipe down the counter at work makes me feel like a Skyrim innkeeper giving out rumors and discussing if the roads are bad with the random people that come up to me

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Black Friday Reminders

I hope none of y’all need to hear this but..

✨✨✨If you are going out shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday you have to be extra nice to the employees who are working there✨✨✨

Below are things you absolutely cannot complain about this year on Black Friday:

🚫 Waiting in line - you went out shopping on the busiest day of the year, what the fuck did you expect?

🚫 The in store promotions and how those promotions ring up or stack/don’t stack - the store does not set the prices, neither do the associates or managers who work there. The whole Black Friday mess is set from corporate.

🚫 Your expired coupons or online only offers - see above

🚫 Availability of products advertised - not all stores will have all promotional products available. Shipping got messed up because of corona, and/or the store may have limited quantities of promotional items.

🚫 The service you receive or the wait time - it’s busy af and the store is likely understaffed because of occupancy restrictions or other factors. Plus, we are in the middle of a pandemic and you are out here buying non-essential items just to get your consumerism fix. You can wait for assistance.

🚫 Having to wear a mask in the store - Again.. PANDEMIC. If the employees at the store can wear a mask for 8hrs a day, 5 days a week, you can wear a mask for the 30min-1hr you spend in the store

I want nothing but appreciation or silence from customers on this year’s Black Friday.

This year especially is a bad year to be working in retail because not only do we have to work with the crowds of potentially rude people, but we will be working with crowds of potentially rude people who also might have 🦠 Corona 🦠

And lastly, If you are sick, stay home. Literally, stay the fuck at home. Do your shopping online, the deals online are sometimes better anyways. We don’t need your Corona-having ass in our store.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Feel free to share this.

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