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yodaprod · 2 days ago
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Computer store (1981)
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binch-i-might-be · 2 days ago
damn today marks the second time this week that I walked into the breakroom and someone was just sobbing
I didn't know we were allowed to do that out in the open, I just hid in the restroom every time???
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excuseme-howdareyou · 6 months ago
Favorite moments from working telephone customer service:
•customer: (currently putting in a bulk order for reusable menstrual cups to give to refugee camps) Have you ever been to Africa?
Me: No
Customer: Can I rant to you for a bit about giraffes?
Me: Sure, why not
Customer: ok so this asshole decided to wake me up this morning by sticking his head through my window-
•Customer (a sweet little old lady with a strong New Orleans accent): Ohh sweetie, have you ever been classically trained in opera?
Me: I've been trained in singing but I can't say I've ever done opera.
Customer: Well you should. Your voice is like butter and that's your speaking voice! Hon, if you're ever in New Orleans you find me and I am gonna get you a spot on stage!
(I later found out she was a singer for the New Orleans Opera Association when she was younger)
(Sadly I've still never been there)
•Customer is calling in from Hawaii
Me: So just to confirm, your shipping address is 123 Ka-... *quietly* Oh no...
Customer, in barely restrained glee: Say it. Say it out loud.
Me, knowing approximately nothing of the Hawaiian language but have seen Dragon Ball Z: 123 kame... hame... ha? boulevard?
Customer: (fucking dying of laughter on the phone)
Edit: for those who don't get the joke (like I did until the guy explained it to me when he could breathe) it's pronounced ka-meha-meha. Dragon Ball Z murdered the pronunciation.
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msmarygoodnight · 10 months ago
Americans: It's not reasonable to expect people to miss spending holidays with their families, even for a greater social good! Family comes first, always!
Retail workers, who have a time-off request blackout for all of November and December:
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raccooncomic · 6 months ago
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121. Nightmare
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beckyloveslife · a year ago
I work retail, and have for many years now. I'm not an easily fazed person and have a Talk No Shit, Take No Shit mentality. However, I also have a pretty intense anxiety disorder on top of other mental health issues and when I started 6+ years ago there were some customers who got to me.
So, to all the workers facing Karens and Kens out in the wild, here's my advice - cry.
If you have the type of relationships with your coworkers and managers that will support you, don't try to hold it in. Cry like the overworked, underpaid peon you are.
Nothing terrifies an asshole Karen like the indisputable proof that their actions/words are affecting you as a real live person. They feel perfectly entitled to cuss out a cashier over a wrong order/no cash policy/ face mask mandate but when that person starts to cry and asks them why they'd say such mean things? A whole other story, my friend.
There's no way to make that situation look good to the manager they demanded to speak with, either. My manager literally got a security guard fired for being so verbally abusive he made one of her employees cry.
This strategy has multiple benefits -
1. You're not standing there trying to pen up your emotions, crying is a great physical release for negative emotions and you may very well feel somewhat better afterwards.
2. The person who precipitated the situation is forced to not only see you as a person with feelings, but also has to confront the fact that their abuse has consequences beyond themselves.
3. It can actually give your higher-ups leverage to address these situations. 'They yelled at my employee' is one thing, but 'They yelled at my employee until they were in tears' is a waaaaay worse offense. A good manager can use that. Hell, it can get a security guard fired!
tl;dr: We live in a capitalist hell but we can work the system and cry at work to shame awful customers
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oriandcate · 2 months ago
Work in retail long enough, and you’ll eventually realize the rules for dealing with Customers are exactly the same as for dealing with the Fae:
 - Avoid eye contact.
- Never reveal your full name.
- Accept nothing They offer to you.
- Never verbally agree or disagree with anything They might happen to say.
- To apologize is to acknowledge a debt owed.
- Under no circumstances are you ever to thank Them.
- Remember that They are incapable of reading signs in human languages.
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beanmom · a year ago
Photo they absolutely should.
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nonasuch · 2 months ago
some simple guidelines for shoppers patronizing a business that is about to close for the day:
clock starts ticking at t minus 15 minutes. enter at your own risk past this point.
if you’re ‘just taking a quick look around’ you better mean it
at t minus five, make your purchases or wrap it up and leave. now is not the time to enter a new store.
is the person behind the counter an employee of the store? someone with absolutely no financial incentive to stay late? someone who would probably like to go home to their goddamn family? yeah stop making this person late for dinner. get out of there.
is the person behind the counter the owner of a small/indie business, or otherwise someone who derives a direct financial benefit from your purchase?
have they said so?
have you offered to clear out — crucially, acknowledging that you know the store is about to close/already closed — and they have clearly stated that they’re fine with staying a bit late?
do you actually intend to patronize this business?
okay fine but you’re on thin ice. if you want the person you are keeping late at work to remember you fondly, try to spend at least a dollar for every minute you stay past closing time.
this post dedicated to all the customers who walk in at 5:57 for a ‘quick look around,’ browse for fifteen minutes, and leave empty-handed (derogatory)
and also to the lady who walked in at 5:57 last wednesday, saw i was closing, and offered to leave, but i said i was planning to stay for another hour to tag inventory so she ended up spending $150 when i rang her up at 10 to 7 (affectionate)
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pamelabeesly · a month ago
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ebookporn · a year ago
Local Bookstores Have A New Weapon In The Fight With Amazon
Tumblr media
In the book industry, Amazon is Goliath, the giant who overshadows everyone else. But there’s a new David on the scene,
It doesn’t expect to topple the giant, but it has launched a weapon that could make Amazon’s shadow a little smaller, and help local bookstores fight back., a website that went live at the end of January and is still in beta mode, is designed to be an alternative to Amazon, and to generate income for independent bookstores. And, perhaps more importantly, it seeks to give book reviewers, bloggers and publications who rely on affiliate income from “Buy now” links to Amazon a different option.
Profit from books sold through Bookshop will be split three ways, with 10% of the sale price going into a pool that will be divided among participating bookstores, 10% going to the publication that triggered the sale by linking to, and 10% going to to support its operations.
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outsidewolves · a year ago
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