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Is the mark of the beast the ID2020 microchip?

Hey! I don’t personally believe that. I know there are many people who believe the mark of the beast is a literal, physical mark. I don’t want to discredit anyone who believes this because a lot of escatology is speculation. We have accounts in the Bible, but none of us are going to have a complete grasp on it until everything unfolds.

My person belief is that it’s not a physical mark, but a spiritual one. You are either marked as Christ’s with His blood, or you are marked by the beast. It’s merely a distinction of believer verses unbeliever. Your mark is who you serve, Christ or sin/self. And no one can be marked with both, for no one can serve both. A Christian does not need to fear having the mark of the beast because they are already Christ’s and we know that nothing can separate us from Him.

I know a lot of people go kind of crazy when it comes to things like tattoos or microchips. And people can have opinions, that’s fine. If you don’t think tattoos are appropriate, don’t get one. If you think microchips are bad and the government is spying on you or something, don’t get one. But don’t live in fear of these things or think they have any sort of damnable power.

It’s Christ who saves, and it’s Christ who doesn’t let us be separated from His love. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you’re found in Christ, and if that’s true then no physical mark will matter. If the government makes microchips compulsory, our salvation will not be jeopardized.

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In Garden City, John Mark Comer explains how to balance work, rest and prayer in a biblically sound way. He tackles ideas about what it means to do God’s work, to work for God, to keep God in our minds and our hearts and our attitudes even when our jobs seemingly have very little to do with God. His message is simple: whatever work we do, we should do our best. God has a purpose for all of us, and by bringing our best selves to work we are honouring Him and His purpose for us.

Comer takes an equally serious and dedicated attitude to rest. He talks about the importance of setting aside clear rest time, to be enjoyed as a family. Not rest time to do all the things you haven’t had time to do during your work time, but fulsome, complete rest. 

To support his argument, he ties together Genesis and Revelation in a way I’ve never come across before. He pictures the world that is promised to us, God’s world, not in a medieval dichotomy of fire and brimstone versus white linen and harps, but as a new, fresh, clean version of our own world where our work truly will be for God and God alone. This, to me, makes a lot more sense than any other theories I’ve come across. 

I’m still not sure how best to apply Comer’s ideas into my own life, but I can highly recommend reading his books or listening to his podcasts. Let me know what you think of him, too, and please do share your ideas about how to apply his teachings!

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Internet is abuzz with Bible prophecy pundits claiming that the Corona virus is one of Revelation’s prophesied end-times plagues, and that Bill Gates COVID-19 vaccination is the prophesied ‘mark of the beast’! We examine those claims and compare them what the Book of Revelation actually says…

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Calling this event The Apocalypse is more accurate than most people realize.

The word “apocalypse” is Greek for “the revealing of a great truth.”

[side note: Popular culture associates it with the end of the world because it’s the Greek name for the Christian Book of Revelation, which was a coded hopeful message about the end of Roman tyranny over seven temples in the eastern empire.]

Today we are realizing that our systems, our government, and our society are in need of drastic changes. Health care needs to be universal, prisons need to not isolate their charges, work can be done from home, resources shouldn’t be hoarded.

This is an apocalypse. We’re shining light on the flaws of capitalism, and we’re revealing the great truth that humans are worth so much more than the economy (and the people who don’t see it that way should be corrected).

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alright, so

you know that bs that says “you don’t grow up and mature of it isn’t by life’s thrashes and hits”

YEAH, sure, but the thing is

that’s not fucking true, i know people that get punched in the face by life again and again, and still they haven’t moved on or grown up

so i thought “alright, there’s a lot of people with shitty lives, but the only people with shitty lives that move on was because they decided to move on.”

there is NO heavenly force that will put you in dreamland out of the nowhere; if your life is shit, then make it less shitty, or else, life will keep on being a bitch with you. 

life’s knockings will go on and on unless you MOVE YOUR ASS and do something about it; what should you do? idk, start with something, anything.

so yeah, the knockings themselves aren’t what make you grow up, YOU are what makes you grow up

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..It’s April Fool’s Day, the day for joy from: practical jokes, pranks, pointless errands, trickery, “lighthearted” teasing, and of course a convincing hoax or two. Yet, despite what the calendar says today is a day that many may not find “fun”. The news is giving reports on pandemic numbers. Grocery and wholesale stores are continuing to report delays and unavailable items. And, state and local governments are giving updates on new or extended “stay-at-home” orders. Everywhere you look there is a strange balance of panic and normalcy, adjustment and  frustration, and chaos in a “tug-of-war” with calm. 

For some, it may be easy to be “fooled” in to thinking that social distancing is pointless. For some, it may be easy to be fooled in to thinking that the walls are Caving in around you. And, that there’s only room for Anxiety and Depression in Isolation. For some, it may be Easy to be fooled in to thinking that Hoarding goods and looking out for self is best. For some, it may be easy to be fooled in to thinking that the way things are now will become a never ending “new normal”. And, that there’s no need to try to Accomplish anything planned for in 2020. Wherever you may or may not find yourself in relation to these things, or in Comparison to others, remember this: Be Wise.

Now is Not the time to become Distracted or Discouraged. Now is Not the time to become (or remain) Selfish and Self-absorbed. Now is Not the time to Give Up or Give In. Whatever you may be feeling or dealing with Be. Wise.
Be Wise in What you Do and in what you Don’t Do. Be Wise in your Work, whether educational, personal, or professional. Be Wise in what you Say and what you Don’t Say. Be Wise in what you FOCUS on. Be Wise in How you Spend your time. Do not be fooled in to forgetting that God. Is. In. Control. And, this too shall pass. (2 Cor 4:17-18)  

Take some time today to step away from work, news updates, stock watching, unnecessary store preorders, dwelling on negative or dark thoughts, selfish social media posts, endless dating app swiping, and Pointless conversations that will only Lead to another Heartbreak. And, instead, FOCUS on God. Seek him in his Word. Seek his Guidance and Direction. Remember that you are Loved. Recognize the many Blessings that you’ve received.  Ask for Healing for the sick and those who are grieving and hurting. Ask for protection for those who are the most Vulnerable and are not able to work from home or Self-isolate. Ask for those who are Lost and feel Distant from God to be Found and Reconciled to him. Most of all, Ask for Wisdom (James 1:5). 

Listen. There is nothing wrong with Celebrating Life, having a Good laugh, Self-preservation, or even finding yourself caught up in what’s going on around you for a Moment. However, when we begin to become Distracted by the many issues and vices that Plague human life and Fooled in to forgetting our Purpose and that God is ALWAYS in Control we step away from being Wise and start to Wander. 

Now, Don’t feel guilty if you’ve looked forward to April Fool’s day in hopes of having a laugh to break up the Monotony and feelings of Disconnection created by Social Distancing. Don’t feel like there’s something Wrong with you if you caught the “panic buying” bug. Don’t feel bad if you’ve taken Advantage of Opportunities to Advance in the midst of Domestic Stagnation. But.. Don’t Forget about God. 

Now is the Time to Be Wise and Invest in our Relationship with Him. Now is the time to Share your Story, for we shall Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb AND the Word of our Testimony (Rev 12:11). Now is the time to Call that Family member or Friend and give them a Word of Encouragement. Or, say ‘Hello’ and Let God Direct the Conversation. Now is the time to Pray. (1 Th 5:17) Now is the time to Be Intentional about what you do and what you focus on. Now is the time to Be Wise. You can do it! And, remember it may be April Fool’s Day, “the day for Joy from jokes and jests”, but TRUE Joy comes from God (Ps 16:11)..

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Project Runway: 18.14 Finale, Part 2

Revelation by Victoria Cocieru

Look, I’m not Victoria’s number one fan. Most of the time, I find her frustrating because she designed the same dress in the competition over and over and did not seem to grow much as a designer. When it came to her finale collection, I found myself liking it more than I thought I would. Of the four, it is the most ready to wear with plenty of options. I liked her looks when they were clean and sharp (the final two white looks, the pink coat dress). However, Victoria over-styles some of her looks to death. I particularly hate the crotchet hats and the branded material (particularly the branded dress; the branded shirt was less noticeable). Like the judges commented, you can only put your brand name on your clothes when your brand actually means something. If I had to guess where Victoria placed in the judges’ ranking, I would guess third. I think they liked her more than Sergio but less than Geoffrey and Nancy, who both had exciting collections.


This look is the definition of “too-much”, which seems to be Victoria’s specialty. It is styled to death: a crotched knit cap, a crotched bag, and the worst boots I have ever seen. Beyond that, the pieces don’t feel like they fit together. Pleated pants with the weird tan embroidered long-sleeve and a leather jacket? It feels like the modern version of a Heidi costume. These pieces might work individually (I particularly like that jacket), but Victoria needs to learn how to put her looks together in a way that gives the clothes room to breathe.


I will admit. Before the season started and Victoria became annoying, I admired the suits and jackets in her portfolio. I thought they were chic, sharp, and still feminine. This look reminds me most of those looks. It’s a beautifully tailored tan suit with great details. What kills me, though, is that Victoria once again over-styled it. We don’t need the cap or the bag. Just let the clothes speak for themself!


This is Victoria’s worst look. This look is so bad that it makes me wonder if she had too much branded clothing and thus had to leave this dress out of necessity. It looks so cheap! Maybe she could have gotten away with it if she didn’t put her brand name across her model’s hips. Having the brand name tiny almost makes it look like a pattern. Victori, however, had to make sure the entire runway could read it! And then she made it worse (somehow!) by adding one of those awful hats!


Okay, let’s diagnose this look. First, get rid of the ugly tan (wool?) coat. I’m not even sure why it’s there. That would pretty much fix this. I love the fitted lime green panda and the shoes, and the branded top isn’t that bad. I wonder if she put that coat over it so the judges couldn’t see the branding. I feel like that’s what happened.


This green dress has me conflicted. From the front, I generally like it. It’s a good color and cut, and it looks good on the model. The cut-outs are weirdly placed, but then again that seems to be Victoria’s signature. But then from the back there’s a lace flap/cut-out thing. I despise it!


This is the kind of look I thought we would get from Victoria before the season began when I looked at her portfolio: feminine, sophisticated, and sharp. My only complaint about this pink coat dress is that I think the slit is too high. Victoria likes her models to show a lot of leg, but a real woman might prefer to show less.


Asia! You’re back! I’m so sorry this show did you dirty once again. Including with this dress! I am a not a fan. I don’t remember what the back looks like (if it had that hidden lace detail present in the green dress), but it doesn’t even matter because the front is so bad. It doesn’t seem like it fits Asia well. The fabric doesn’t lay right, the cut-outs are weirdly placed, and the slit is way too high. Asia, the minute you can say no to Project Runway, please do! You deserve better.


Again, Victoria completely murdered her clothing by over-styling them. The tan jacket? Beautifully made. The sequined (??? I have no clue what this material is) jumpsuit? Interesting if perhaps ill-fitting. But together? I am not sure what the vibe is or who the customer would be. Victoria, please find some chill. Now!


Why did I now only learn that Victoria can create beautiful, effortless dresses in very little time? That feels like something we should have seen from her in the competition! And this dress is beautiful and feels easy in a way none of Victoria’s dresses have ever felt. Who is this Victoria? I’m interested in seeing more of this.


Yet another beautiful and clean look from Victoria! You can see her skill her. The pleating white pants with the skirt draped over it was surely difficult to construct, but it looks so easy. The top is also impeccable without feeling overdone. These last two looks almost feel like a different collection and a collection that would have interested me (and the judges) more than the one she presented.

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“It’s a ladder - see? A spiral ladder. It shows that although the path may not be straightforward or easy to navigate, and you may not always know where you’re headed, there will always be another rung to cling on to if you just keep going and keep believing in your direction. It represents The Faith.”


“Hm. Now that’s a really nice metaphor you’ve just come up with. Guess again though, Penn. That right there is a DNA helix -the stuff that makes up your genes.”

“What? That makes no sense … why would my Grandpa want me to have this?”

“Alviria. That swab that Gwen took from you back at North Base. It wasn’t just to check for disease …”

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Testament and Revelation

Testament: We cannot be revelatory always. There must be a bedrock upon which we stand.

Revelation: Ours is the way of Standing in the Now. Ours is what Is and Shall Be

Testament: Yours is destruction of what is, constantly.

Revelation: For every ounce departed a new ounce comes in place.

Testament: In our modern era, we have no need for such upheaval.

Revelation: Nonsense and false! How

Many times in the past 20 years have you either updated your Operating System or adopted an entirely new operating system?


Revelation: Told ya so, pal. This is my age. Now go quietly read your book.

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

[ fawr hawrs-muhn uhv thee uh-pok-uh-lips ]

four riders on white, red, black, and pale horses symbolizing pestilence, war, famine, and death, respectively. Revelation 6:2–8.


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