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From a shadowed street corner, a vampire glared up into the light that beamed from Crimson and Shaytan’s open window. The pair had only arrived home a few minutes ago- presumably from the Kingsman-Konetz wedding- and had spent that whole time slow dancing to a song that his super hearing could only barely make out. Something soft and sweet. It was making him nauseous.

Aaron Pionis couldn’t touch Artifice anymore, it was pointless. After his last humiliating attempt at a break in failed, he vowed to turn his attentions towards her very fragile trainees. They were so easily distracted- so trusting. They hadn’t even suspected their water was poisoned. The Intelligencer shook his head. Kids these days and their expectations of safety.

Immediately after Crimson and Shay had joined the Guild, Aaron had dispatched an agent of his to complete two tasks: Poison the girl, kidnap the boy. It really shouldn’t have been hard. Crimson would have been held hostage by his agent, who would then offer Shaytan a choice: drink the contents of an offered vial, or watch her friend die. Everything was derailed by Bishop’s accursed daughter though….. 

With a sneer of disdain the perpetually frustrated vampire began to scroll through his surveillance notes on his phone. This plan would be better. Ranger and Veloci would be gone on their honeymoon for at least two weeks. A distraction could easily be arranged for Artifice (he had a few in mind already), and then the only forces left to consider were the shadows. Kasai would go to Artifice’s aid in a crisis, that was easy enough to predict- he’d fought both of them for years. Bishop though would need something interesting. A sizable dose of venom might work, or arrange a disaster for one of his younger children. The youngest was still on crutches, it would be a shame if he fell down the spiraling stairs of their ridiculously painted little house.

A satisfied smirk played at Aaron’s lips as he considered the horrors he had in store for those two wretched copies of his nemesis. This was going to be a very good month.

The light from the glowing window vanished abruptly, but the music still trailed lazily out into the night. It was as if the velveteen-tones were seeking to smooth violence out of Aaron’s mind. It would not work though. There was a reason he had taken the name Blood Crime, and it wasn’t for his forgiving and peaceful nature. Havoc would be wreaked come the full moon. 

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Somewhere deep down, you had always known it would come to this.

Unfortunately, knowing, didn’t make the actual experience, any easier to stomach. Even now, hours after everything had gone to hell, you still felt sickened to your core, insides all twisted up in knots from a mixture of horror, disgust, and an almost blinding rage.

Had you the time and the means, you would have ensured that every single person who had been involved or complicit, in that event, had seen a swift and brutal demise.

Perhaps if your next move, went smoothly, you could follow through on those desires, personally.

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