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Random enemy: *reveals traumstic child experience of their childhood to Arthur.*

Arthur, interrupting them: yes yes. Let me guess, your parents were sorcerers, my father killed them all. Now you want revenge, etc. Etc. Am I missing something?

Random enemy: i- er - lost my job because of that and have been hunted ever since?

Arthur: ah yes. The individual touch. Tasteful. *Kills enemy*


Arthur: hmm… Say Merlin, could it be that my father was actually evil or something?

Merlin: Depends. Are we talking about Uther the king or Uther the father?

Arthur: ….. Both?

Merlin: then yes

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while I was making it I thought “damn this is so cool I very like this drawing” but when I finished I thought “omg this is crap” so yeah, I don’t like this drawing but I’m going to post it anyway

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For years all I bought my sister for birthdays and Christmas as gifts were one of two things: jewelry boxes and unicorn figurines. Sometimes unicorn jewelry boxes. From the time I was able to understand what a gag gift was until my teens. Did she ever like unicorns? Who knows, maybe at one point? Certainly not after all these years. Did she need all those jewelry boxes? No- well maybe because she did hoard quite a bit of jewelry. But she probably did not need or want all the hideous ceramic jewelry boxes.

Fast forward to today and I hear her yelling as she cleans out old boxes in her room, “what am I supposed to do with all these unicorns?!” “Why did you buy me so many unicorns?!”

“Thats your problem!” Probably wasn’t the answer she wanted. If I had a real answer I’d give her one; probably bc somewhere years ago in my developing mind I had the thought, “oh this is going to be funny”.

And today I was right.

(She has not reached the box full of jewelry boxes yet I see…)

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