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sahihalbukhari · a month ago
SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Book of Fasting: Hadith 40
Narrated By Humran : I saw 'Uthman performing ablution; he washed his hands thrice, rinsed his mouth and then washed his nose, by putting water in it and then blowing it out, and washed his face thrice, and then washed his right forearm up to the elbow thrice, and then the left-forearm up to the elbow thrice, then smeared his head with water, washed his right foot thrice, and then his left foot thrice and said, "I saw Allah's Apostle performing ablution similar to my present ablution, and then he said, 'Whoever performs ablution like my present ablution and then offers two Rakat in which he does not think of worldly things, all his previous sins will be forgiven."
SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Book of Fasting: Hadith 40/107
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sahihmuslim · 4 months ago
Sahih Muslim, The Book on Government, Book 33, Hadith 163
It has been narrated on the authority of Anas b. Malik that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
" Nobody who dies and has something good for him with Allah will (ever like to) return to this world even though he were offered the whole world and all that is in its (as an inducement), except the martyr who desires to return and be killed in the world for the (great) merit of martyrdom that he has seen.
Sahih Muslim, The Book on Government, Book 33, Hadith 163
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sunanannasai · 11 months ago
Sunan an Nasa’i: 14 The Book of Jumu'ah
It was narrated that Samurah said:
"The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: 'Whoever performs wudu' on Friday, that is all well and good, but whoever performs ghusl, the ghusl is better.'"
Sunan an Nasa’i: 14 The Book of Jumu'ah 1391
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aishasbiceps · 2 months ago
Ryo Inui/Hound Dog x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
18+ only, minors dni
Read on Ao3!
Words: 7555
You find yourself in a predicament after an incident during a mission. Luckily you have a great friend like Ryo to help you out in your hour of greatest need.
fic tags/warnings: sex pollen/aphrodisiac quirk, reader is down with the thickness, descriptions of feeling anxious and nervous, verbal and nonverbal safe words established, STI discourse, clear and respected boundaries, nipple play, thigh fucking, palm riding, fingering, mouth licking, mutual masturbation, cum eating, overstimulation-ish?, dry humping, light choking, sprinkle o' dacryphilia, outercourse, oral sex (both giving and receiving), perineum massage and non-ejaculation orgasm, multiple orgasms, anal play, penetrative sex, creampie, aftercare, Ryo is large and in charge
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The doctor's office always felt cold, but right now seemed especially frigid.
"Unfortunately, we don't have much documentation on the villain's quirk since he's not from Japan. While you're aware of the aphrodisiac effect, it also has a time delay of a few minutes to several hours - or even days. The specific contributing factors to the time delay are unknown," your doctor explained. "I can prescribe a suppressant to help curb the effects - which under normal circumstances would stop them entirely. However, due to the quirk enhancement drug they were using, it's hard to say what the outcome will be."
You're having trouble focusing, annoyed at the situation, with yourself. 'Figures this would happen,' you think. Everyone on the mission knew the quirks of the villains involved. So far, the only pain you'd experienced was the embarrassment of knowing everyone you worked with saw you get one pulled over on you.
"There's a condition we've managed to glean about how their quirk affects the body," he continued, "and that is: you will be unable to fulfill your own needs. You'll experience the desire but will become numb to your touch. You'll only be able to get through it by sheer will or by seeing someone."
Embarrassment rose in your chest and then seated itself in your stomach. He's been your doctor for a long time - he knows you go years without any sexual activity sometimes. It's how you've always been. Sex and dating have never been at the forefront of your mind. The thought of your sexuality being out of your control made you deeply uncomfortable. Nauseous, even.
"I know how hard this must be for you," he sat next to you. "It's not easy, but there are options in addition to the suppressant. Under the circumstances, I'm able to write you a referral to meet with a sex worker, and worker's comp would cover the cost. Many registered quirks could be compatible, but it can take some time to look through them all."
The conversation made you feel more defeated with every sentence, but the offer was not entirely off the table. ‘Maybe someone detached from the situation would make me feel more comfortable,' you thought. For most of your life, the idea of being relaxed during sex seemed abstract. You weren't confident you could be that comfortable with a stranger, even a professional. Ideally, you wouldn't have to handle this situation at all. You kicked yourself internally for the blunder that led to this - this circus.
It was your fault, you got cocky and jumped the gun when you thought you had the villain cornered, and you got played. You sighed again.
"If- If there's a time delay... then… I- I think I'll consider my options."
"Of course," he replied, "Here is my after-hours contact; please reach out if it's an emergency. If you change your mind and want that referral, I'll move mountains to get it through as fast as possible. You may end up paying out of pocket and get reimbursed later, depending on how last minute it is. But the option is there."
"Thank you, doctor." You were keen to get home, to remove yourself from this situation. He prescribed the suppressant, and you took your leave.
'Fuck, what am I gonna do?'
Making your way to the doors, you notice a downpour that wasn't there when you arrived. 'Of course, it's raining right now. Why wouldn't it be?' You don't have an umbrella. Luckily there was a large awning outside, so you stood under it while searching for a nearby cab and doing your best to curb your anxiety.
'It's not like I'm seeing anyone right now,’ you thought, 'Maybe a referral would be good, to be sure. I mean, I feel like shit, but I am sound of mind right now. Who knows when that'll change? I have no clue what choices I'll make if I don't have something figured out beforehand.'
You felt frustrated at the pressure of the situation. Completely lost in your thoughts, you didn't notice the figure approaching until he cleared his throat. "Fu-!" You jump and launch your phone into the air. Luckily Hound Dog has fast reflexes and hands it right back to you. "Uh, thanks," you said, scratching the back of your head. You weren't expecting to talk to someone right now, and the switch from anxiety-inducing thoughts to real-time social interaction made your brain freeze.
"You okay?" He asked.
Ryo had been a teammate during the mission and was a long-time friend. You first met in your early twenties on a joint mission, and your quirks' compatibilities resulted in many team-ups over the years. After a while, you started meeting up with him and Sekijiro for drinks, and a friendship blossomed from there. You had trust and confidence in him as both a hero and a person - and all three of you were on a first-name basis.
You also have never, ever been able to bullshit him. After mulling it over, you sigh. "...Not really. I feel dumb about what happened today, and nothing is more frustrating than when I have no one but myself to blame," you said with self-deprecating honesty.
You feel a hand on your shoulder, "happens to the best of us, don't be too hard on yourself." While he's not always the most lengthy, there have been moments over the years which remind you that he also works as a school counselor now. You wanted to say that the unexpected consequences of this mistake outweigh that sentiment for you but chose to stay silent. You weren't trying to turn the conversation to your sex life with Ryo either - aside from the occasional drunk conversation, you didn't talk about it with anyone. There was never much to speak of in the first place.
"Do you need a ride?" He offered.
"Uhh...sure, yeah, Thank you." You weren't thrilled at the possibility of the quirk hitting you while in a cab with a stranger; at least now you're with someone you trust. "Actually, do you have anything going on? Could you drive me to my pharmacy to ge- uhh, get this filled?" you held up the folded prescription from your doctor.
"Yuh," he said. Or barked? You couldn't tell sometimes.
The drive was chill for the most part — a welcome reprieve from the last few hours. Rainwater danced across the car windows; quiet music played on the radio at your request. By now, you'd be asking Ryo about updates in his life or talking about your recent favorite movie. Your silence confirmed what he could sense; you were uneasy and uncomfortable. You always revert to solitude when things get complicated or weird. It's a habit.
He didn't say anything until after you got to the pharmacy. There was a 20 minute wait time, but you didn't want to sit inside, so you went back to his car until it was ready and set an alarm on your phone as a reminder. After a few minutes of silence with both of you looking at your phones, he cleared his throat and spoke up. "So," you lock your phone and put it down, giving him your full attention. "Do you have a game plan for how with that quirk?"
You internally cringed but appreciated how upfront he was being. "Well...I'm getting a prescription filled for a suppressant that might help. The doctor confirmed the villain was under the influence of a quirk enhancing drug when I got hit, so there's no way to tell how intense it'll be even with the - y'know I think it might be a drink, a syrup...anyways, not important." You take a breath and continue, "Doc said that an effect we didn't know about is that people hit won't be able to touch themselves. It has to be another person. So, he said he could write a referral to visit someone with a compatible sex quirk, but I'm not sure how I feel about seeing someone I don't know...I mean, I guess it might be easier to get over the embarrassment of the situation if I don't have to see them again…Still, I'm not typically very casual about sex in the first place…I could also just not see anyone and deal with it..."
'You're rambling again. Stop rambling.'
Ryo attentively listened as you reflected out loud, turning his body as much as he could manage in the car. When you found your stopping point, he looked at you and said point-blank,
"Well, if it's not too weird for you - I'm willing to help out."
You opened your mouth to respond but the words caught in your throat.
'Sleeping with Ryo?'
You'd be lying if you said you hadn't thought about it before, at least a couple of times. But you've never really had confidence in dating or anything else in that realm, so you felt content to leave it at friends and coworkers. It caught you off guard how casual he was being. "Ar- Are you serious?"
Your overactive brain wanted more than just one word, but technically you did ask a yes or no question. "I- We- Uhh…" your body started to feel warm. ‘Is that the embarrassment or the quirk?’ You wondered.
"If you don't think it'd make things weird, then uhh...yeah, okay." Your heart rate increased with the admission.
"It won't make things weird. Look, I know you're not casual about this stuff - I also don't want you to feel like I'm taking advantage of the situation. If you're not 100% about it, we don't have to do anything," he spoke with confidence, "or we can do whatever is within your comfort levels. That doesn't have to include penetration," you watched him cringe at his own word choice and couldn't help but giggle.
The laughter lasted longer than it reasonably should have, so you explained once you stopped, "Sorry, it's just been- it's a long day for me, and pretty much every interaction has been rough. So, thank you. For being easy to talk to. And for being way more upfront than I ever am about this shit." You sighed heavily and let the silence hang in the air for a moment. The mood felt just a bit lighter, the air a little easier to breathe.
You look over at him; his eyes were uncharacteristically soft. "No problem," he replies, then continues. "Well, you've probably had enough drunk conversations with Seikijiro, Kayama, Hizashi, and I to have an idea of the things I'm why don't we talk about what you do and don't want, and I can meet you there." Changing the conversation back to sex again gave you pause.
Then the alarm on your phone went off, startling you. "Oh, shi- my prescriptions ready." Looking for a break from the conversation, you went in to get it on your own. Ryo dropped you off and picked you up at the entrance, then idled in the parking lot for a minute before asking, "would you feel comfortable at my place?" You had been to each other's places plenty of times, so it wasn't unfamiliar or an uninviting idea. The comfort of your room is hard to beat, though.
"Is there a reason you're asking? I mean, I prefer my place, but I'm fine at yours too," you said.
" be honest...I don't think your bed is big enough for me…"
'Oh, duh.' You thought, 'he's enormous.' "Oh, yeah. Then your place is fine, that's okay." You sheepishly laugh at how obvious that was.
"Okay," he smiled, shifted into first gear, and drove to exit the parking lot. During the drive, the conversation turned to preferences and limits.
Ryo recommended using a stoplight system; Some things such as nipple play, light biting, dry humping, overstimulation, light choking, and oral sex are all "green" or fine for him to do. Others such as penetrative sex and creampies are a "yellow," which you mutually decided he won't do unless you ask for it. "Red" things include blood and other body fluids that aren't saliva, junk juice, and cum; impact play, restraints, and degradation were all under the umbrella as well. Almost all of your "red" zone things are either yellow or green for him, but he understands and agrees to your limits with no hesitation.
Usually, you'd have a conversation about STI testing, but you and Ryo have gone to the clinic together for years regularly. It was always the same. You'd meet up on a day off, get tested for everything, then get food after. Whether sexually active or not, it felt good to be on top of things. On topic, though, you brought up the possibility of unprotected sex, something you had never done, but felt comfortable exploring with someone you trust. He mulled it over and agreed, knowing you'll likely be getting tested together after anyways.
You also decided on ‘sunflower’ as a safeword and a nonverbal gesture of rapid snapping if you were unable to speak.
Aftercare-wise, you like a hot bath with Epsom salts, something he already has on hand, luckily. Sometimes you can be affectionate afterward; other times not. The tentative plan is to run a bath and help you get cleaned up, then wrap you up and give you snacks. If you want to cuddle, you'll ask. You honestly didn't know what to expect from yourself, and that made you feel uneasy - but being so open with Ryo about, well, everything, helped you relax a bit. You trusted him to be responsible for both of you.
You passed a few convenience stores on the way back, and towards the last corner, you pointed ahead. "Oh, why don't we stop there, and I'll run in and grab snacks?"
"Just tell me what you want; I'll buy it." He insisted. You protested. You tried to give him cash, but the bills you threw at him hit the window as he closed the door.
Sitting alone with your thoughts, you stewed on your day. None of this was in your plans, but you were grateful to have support. In the last hour alone, your thoughts went from dread at the situation to now being open to possibly having fun? Maybe? The trust you have with Ryo shone through in how comfortable you are by yourself. You take a few deep breaths and try to reassure yourself that everything will be okay. Right?
He got back to the car, and you went from pensive to mild confusion at the number of things he was carrying. "What the hell did you buy?" You laughed as you took the bags from him. He smirked and playfully told you to fuck off as he started the car.
"What, did you expect me not to say something? You got eight chocolate bars! In just this one brand! What!" There was chocolate, gummy candies, your favorite chips, "These have got to be your favorite too; I can't eat three bags by myself!" The humor in your voice danced on your tongue as you teased. When you pull into his parking space, you both gather stuff to bring inside, and you take a moment to thank him. You felt a tiny bit of guilt for how much you laughed in the car, but felt the laughter helped ease some tension.
"No, but really, though, thank you." He looked at you and nodded, then you both clamored your way inside.
After getting organized, Ryo ordered takeout from your favorite restaurant. "You like their gyoza, right? It's the other place you get the curry chicken and rice from, yeah?" His attentiveness to your preferences might otherwise seem like a next-level thing, but you were a creature of habit when it came to food. After the first three times eating with Ryo and Seikijiro, they both knew your exact order. While eating, usually you'd have a beer with him, but you felt nervous about it mixing with the quirk in a bad way, so you passed this time. The suppressant was indeed a syrup, so you choked it down and chased it with gyoza.
Through the night, if a question related to boundaries came up for either of you, you'd be upfront about it. Such as him asking about what kind of choking you prefer.
"Light breath play and pretty much only in the endgame," you said. Then you took the time to test it out, so he knows what spots and pressure you like. Each question between you made you feel more comfortable, and practice runs of things like choking and how hard you can dig your nails into his arm built the anticipation for later. It turns out your grip has a lower threshold than his pain. His attentiveness to the details of your limits was encouraging, and you both agreed that if the quirk hit before you were able to practice a kink, then he would simply not do that thing even if you ask for it.
Other than these check-ins, you spent the evening watching movies together and making him cringe with your dumbass jokes. You sat closer until you were resting your head on his chest, and eventually, a calm silence fell between you as you shifted your attention to the movie. Neither of you had any way of knowing when it would happen, but he said he'd tell you if he smelled any changes that might indicate something. After 10, you got into one of his shirts over your underwear and made it to his bed. You were still fine and had a fleeting thought as you drifted off to sleep that maybe the suppressants did work and you had nothing to worry about after all...
Tumblr media
A few hours pass.
You wake slowly at first, groaning and mumbling into the darkness. You were confused at the unfamiliar textures of sheets and blankets...and the smells? Then remembered that you weren't in your room. As you become more aware of your surroundings, you realize how hot you feel. You experimentally reach your hand down between your legs, press, and feel…
The doctor wasn’t kidding. You felt hornier than you've ever couldn't imagine how intense it would be if you didn't have the suppressant.
Your movements must have woken Ryo because you felt a big, warm hand on your hip. The contact awakened a fervor, and you froze for a second - shook at how engulfing it was. "You okay?" he drowsily mumbled as he leaned in and tenderly licked your shoulder.
"Ryo, I-"
"Color?" He quietly asked as his hand moved from your hips to rub up and down your back. You barely moaned out "green," desperation dripping from the word itself. He turned you to your back, pulled the shirt collar down, and gave a long lick from your sternum to your jaw while his other palm put pressure on you down below. He kept his hand there and continued to provide fast and slow, long and short licks up and down your neck. Even though you talked everything over, this was still your first time together. The gentle intimacy with such an intimidating hero was unexpected and soon sent you over the edge. You called his name and made eye contact as your body started to quiver, breathing heavily in rhythm with the pulsing of your core as the orgasm rocked every cell of your being.
You had never experienced anything like this. As soon as it hit, everything in your brain focused on the pleasure. Far as you were concerned, neither time nor space had command over your hunger; Nothing existed but the carnality, and you desperately grind through the orgasm into Ryo's hand. Your back arched, your eyes rolled back, and your mouth fell open in an almost silent moan. You gripped his forearm and dug your nails in, earning a slight growl and more licks along your collarbone. You rocked through a second orgasm as you continued to get off on the heel of his palm.
Ryo watched you in amazement, wishing he could ride the wave with you. When your mouth fell open, he couldn't resist the opportunity to lean over and dip his tongue inside, stealing a sample of your taste. For him, this was bringing out a new appreciation for your scent. The sticky sweat of your skin and the salty taste when he licked, the smell of your juices as you soaked through your underwear, your breath, and saliva, the tears welling up in your eyes. His sense of smell gave him an extra advantage at gauging your comfort levels when you couldn't speak. And you seemed in complete bliss for the moment.
You slowly come down from your high, bits of reality trickling back into your consciousness as your body levels out.
But the hunger is still there.
You whimper ever so quietly as you feel Ryo's hand leave you, only for you to yearn even more as you watch him lick his palm clean of your juices. You didn't even notice you were that wet, but you lean up and look down to see not only your underwear but the sheets drenched.
"Holy shit," you say breathlessly.
"Mmmm," Ryo growled out.
You bit your lip at how much you wanted him, looking up to make eye contact. His gaze softened, and he leaned over to ask if he could take your shirt off. You nodded, took it off yourself, and his rough hands started to explore your body before you even had it over your head. He dipped into every groove and curve, squeezing and gripping wherever he could get a handful. He sighed heavily, moving his hand up to your chest. "You know," he said right next to your ear, "with how hard you fight sometimes, I would never have guessed your body felt so nice." You couldn't tell if he was poking fun, so you shoot a glare in his direction just in time for him to graze your nipple, immediately breaking your composure. He hummed in amusement and leaned down.
Tiny, gentle licks peppered your chest - his hand working whichever nipple he wasn't focusing on with his mouth, and you again found yourself at his mercy. Your hands caress and grip his arms, dense muscle greeting the pads of your fingertips and deepening your desire for him. If you could talk, you might quip about how soft his tongue is compared to his demeanor, but honestly, you couldn't get past enjoying it. The sensations of his touch were entirely new to you.
With all of his attention on your upper body, you experimentally rubbed yourself outside your underwear. You could feel how wet you were by your fingers but nothing else. Regardless, feeling it for yourself made you itch for more. You hastily removed your underwear and spread your legs wide. Ryo shifted his body a little closer to yours but otherwise continued his affections, quickly learning which spots made you squirm the most. Every touch felt electric. You dip two fingers inside yourself to coat them in your juices and bring them to his face.
"Taste, please-" was all you could muster. Ryo propped himself up on his elbow and eagerly cleaned your fingers for you. He still had pajama pants on but closed the gap between you and began to grind into your hip and ass as he licked. Feeling his hard cock against you made you involuntarily hump in the air, but just barely.
Your abs clenched and your breath caught in your throat. Every bit of information passing through you felt amplified. You reached both hands between your legs, forgetting that they couldn't satiate your lust, so you huffed and looked at him. "Fu- Touch me, I nee-" You could barely get a sentence out, "Please, like this-" you show him how you use your hands to finish yourself off, and he leaned in to mimic your movements.
"GRRR-" Ryo unleashes a deep, rumbling growl that compliments the desperate grinding you launch into as soon as his fingers make contact. He couldn't remember the last time he was this turned on with someone. He wasn't sure if it was you or the quirk or what, but your smell was almost intoxicating from the moment you spread your legs.
You lasted maybe three strokes before you were overcome once again with an earth-shattering orgasm. His hands held you in place as you squirmed and strained in both ecstasy and agony. You couldn't tell up from down, colors blurred together. You were crossing a threshold, and all you knew was the heights you were reaching. Tears streamed down your face as you cleared the pinnacle and started to come down.
'I'm gonna be sore for so long,' you thought in a moment of overworld brain clarity.
Ryo removed a hand and worked himself through his pants as he watched you cum hard on his fingers. When you came down, you felt tiny licks on your face. He was licking the tears away and nuzzled you affectionately with his nose on your cheeks and neck. You shut your eyes for a blissful moment, then felt the bed shift. You looked down, and he was perching himself between your legs and looked at you with a pleading glance. "Can I- growl- taste?" You felt heat rush to your chest and face, and you nod but paused to take a moment.
You wanted to gather some pillows to lean on so you could watch.
You felt his breath as he propped your ass up on his hands and gave you a long, slow lick without spreading anything. You bit your lip, wondering if you were going to cum again just from the sensation. His tongue was so soft, and after a few tries, he got the perfect amount of pressure. You started to grind into him as he reached your most sensitive spots. He kept the same pace and force as he drank you in literally and figuratively.
"Ryo…"  You looked at him in desperation for more, "Lick me, all of me- plea-'' You didn't even finish the request before he was flipping you over and spreading your knees wide. The sudden movement and exposure made your eyes open in surprise, but his immediate attention got you over it just as quickly. He had you open, dripping and greedy for him, and licked all of you. And you were delicious. He'd do this forever if he could.
He found a rhythm and eased you ever so slightly until he could slip his tongue inside. The feeling made you arch back and cry out in pleasure. He shifted, so one hand held you open while the thumb of his other hand worked your sweet spot. He had you firmly in place, and you soon felt an even larger wave approaching, which made you fuck back into his face. He growled, meeting you at the pace you craved, and the vibrations on his tongue sent you over the edge.
You stayed like this for hours. Or minutes. Or days. You had no concept of time, but Ryo kept working you over, and you lost track of how much you came in his mouth. At one point, he exclusively gave small licks on your weak spot and brought you to orgasm with no other stimulation.
"Fuck, sunflower!" You gasp out the safeword, weakly snapping as well because you weren't sure if you'd get the word out. "Water. Water, please…" you weakly choke out as you come back down from another one. "I need a break, time out. Fuck." You knew the quirk hadn't run its course, but all of this was a lot to handle. Ryo released his grip on you and left the room. You sat up and smiled to yourself; the quiet moment made you realize how much the room smelled like sex. The air felt heavy and warm, and it gave you a strange sense of comfort.
He returned with a big glass of water and stood next to you. Glancing up at him, you momentarily forget what he had left the room for in the first place. You feel a straw poke at your lips - but your brain couldn't decide whether to focus on the drink or his hulking form. Leaning in and closing your eyes, you drink heavily and revel in the sensation of ice-cold water going from your mouth to your stomach. It made you shiver, goosebumps rising all over your naked, sweaty, dripping body.
‘Is cold water turning me on right now? Water is the BEST.’ You thought. You didn't even realize you had been making small happy noises as you drank. You finished the whole glass with a gasp, then Ryo placed it aside before turning back to you.
And you felt it again. The carnal urge. He still had clothes on, and you could see how hard he was. You wanted him. And he could smell it. Clear as day.
He took the initiative and closed the gap, standing over you, and you sat near the edge of the bed. You look up at him and bite your lip as you reach forward and start rubbing him through his thin pajama pants. He growled deep, the kind you can barely hear but can feel in your bones. He leaned into your hands and started stroking your cheek with his finger. His size was a little intimidating, but it wasn't over the top, definitely your biggest though, flesh-dick wise.
You stroked him a few more times before pulling his pants off, and the atmosphere got more intense with both of you naked. You scoot closer to him and gather saliva in your mouth before giving a long, wet lick from his balls to his tip. He growled at the attention but stayed still as you played with him. You spent time taking each of his balls into your mouth, sucking as you circle your thumb and forefinger around his frenulum in rhythm. Your mouth couldn't take all of him, so making things as wet and sloppy as possible was your plan.
You work his cock with both hands, alternating between his balls and shaft with carefully placed licks, kisses, and sucks. You didn't want him to ejaculate quite yet, however, so you backed off when his humping and grunting got needier. You shift your weight and move one hand to massage his perineum, making him drop his head back at the first few rubs. He lifts a leg to rest on the bed, giving you easier access, then helps you find his favorite touch. You soon find your rhythm, dominant hand taking care of his perineum while you continue to caress his balls with your mouth. Your non-dominant hand works his shaft, but you make sure to stay well away from his tip. You keep it steady, and he continues to touch you any way that he can. The salty stickiness of his juices coated your chin, nose, and the apples of your cheeks; You delighted in your cravings being satiated.
Ryo reached his summit with a deep growl and a squeeze on your bicep. You patiently massage his perineum through his orgasm, slightly sad that you didn't get the load of cum you typically enjoy swallowing down. But you wanted it somewhere else even more. You release his cock and lean back so you could admire your work. He didn't move to sit down, so you glance up to see him looking back at you with an intensity that might be intimidating in another context but right now?
Still leaning back, you bring your dominant hand to gently touch and play with your juices as you keep eye contact. Not ejaculating helped him stay hard after his orgasm, so he reached down and started to pump his cock. You share a quiet moment - the only sound in the room being the slickness from both of you. Ryo breaks the silence with another deep growl, "GRRRR- Cm'ere," the rumble alone gives you goosebumps, and you comply immediately. He leans down to lick your chest and nipples while you both continue to touch yourselves. His other hand explored and caressed your body, so you bring a hand up to pet his hair, earning some barely audible grumbles.
He pulls you close, and you squirm to get his cock between your legs as you press your chest into his abdomen. He half hummed, half laughed, and started to move his hips. You had more than enough wetness all over your thighs to keep him slick as he fucked through them. Every stretch mark and hair could be felt on his cock as he glided back and forth. He closed his eyes and leaned into the sensations, keeping his grinding slow and intentional. One of his hands gripped your hip, and the other moved to your face. His thumb pressed down on your bottom lip, and you opened your mouth, then felt his tongue press against yours. While it wasn't the lip-smacking, tongue-sucking, teeth-clinking mess that you're used to, the feeling of him licking your mouth excited you all the same. Him going down on you seemed like an eternity ago, so tasting yourself on his tongue brought a brief moment of clarity and awareness of time. But only for a moment.
Ryo kept moving methodically but soon devolved into gripping your ass with both hands and his head buried in your shoulder. The tension told you he was doing everything he could to hold back from cumming between your thighs. He stopped abruptly and licked up your neck and cheek and nudged your hip to the side, indicating what he wanted. You smiled, turned over, and spread your legs wide for him. You feel his fingers explore you, then penetrate. You both groaned at the contact, and you finally break and beg, "Please, Ryo...for the love of god, please just fuck me-" You barely finished the sentence before you felt his hand leave you and get replaced with his hard cock gliding along the length of you.
"GRRR- needy," he leaned down to growl into your ear as he pushed the tip in, and you couldn't find the words to throw back at him. He moved slowly despite how wet you were to make sure you didn't get hurt. He closed his eyes as he inched further in, drinking in every whimper and shiver you emitted - holding his breath as your warmth enveloped him completely. His eyes opened, realizing his hips were meeting yours, and made a noise between a moan and a growl.
"growl- Ar'you 'kay?" he managed to get out. His concern for your wellbeing was endearing and made you clench down on him consciously, getting a grunt in response. You smiled impishly back at him and reassured him further by bouncing a few times before he stopped you. Seeing you so relaxed gave him confidence, so he leaned in and said something that set your world on fire. "growl- 'm gonna be...GRRR- rough…" and you all but mewled in response and ground in a circle back on his cock.
‘Fuck, please fuck me, pl-’
A hand pushed your chest forward into the mattress while the other one grabbed the meat of your ass, and he pulled out slowly before slamming back into you. He groaned, "Fuck- GRRR- you feel so fucking good-" his words were punctuated with hard thrusts. You were beyond the ability to speak; the feeling of his bare cock inside you alone was enough to send you to the edge; getting praised by him pushed you over, and you moaned loudly into the mattress. Your legs quivered as you fell apart on him, and he continued in his relentless mission to rearrange your guts.
He pushed you forward and climbed up onto the bed but still kept you in the same position. You both moaned when he slipped back in and was able to go all the way in one motion. He pressed into you as far as he could and stayed there for a few seconds, so you clenched down on him and got a couple of twitches in return, making you giggle. Just as quickly, he hunched over you with a hand on your ass and one arm bracing himself on the bed - and went right back to fucking you.
Things went on for a while like this. You came two more times and started to feel the fatigue set in. The effects of this quirk pushed your body to its limit. You felt as though you might sleep for a thousand days when this was over. You could barely hold yourself up anymore, you had long ago relaxed into his control, and he edged himself inside you. He'd push himself, then pull out and play with you - and also stopped to have you drink more water.
During a break, you asked for oral, and he dove in with a level of enthusiasm that made you feel a little bashful. He moved you to the edge of the bed, laying on your back, and knelt to get as close to you as he could and spread your legs as wide as you could handle. He touched you with a tenderness you reveled in, a nice change of pace after a hard fuck.
You didn't know what to expect when the quirk had activated, but you never anticipated the cacophony of sensations you've been experiencing. You danced the line between absolute ecstasy and a tortuous ache all night. Every touch between you felt magnetic, and when you closed your eyes, sometimes the barriers between your bodies seemed to melt away entirely. All that existed was the heat between you and the pleasure you're helping each other achieve. You couldn't imagine trying to just deal with this by not fucking anyone. Ten seconds into waking up, you would have been running for the first person with last-minute availability.
Ryo worked you up until you could take a finger in your ass before he started licking the length of you slowly and methodically. You barely lasted a minute once he decided to hone in on your favorite spot with consistent licks. You felt the orgasm build up in every edge of your body, it moved like a shockwave through your system, and you grabbed his head as you bucked. He had to hold you down to keep from hitting his teeth, but his tongue was long enough to give you attention as you writhed.
"Fuck, Ryo- I'm so tired," you gasped, "but I can't stop, it's so intense- everything-" You could barely get the words out, surprised you could speak at all. You strained to keep your eyes open, becoming more useless with each passing moment. He hummed and leaned up to lick your chest and tummy, giving your tender spots a break. The smell of his saliva mixing with your sweat was rousing.
"Fu- GRRR-'m so fucking hard," he growled into your stomach in between licks. The words alone made you surge with longing. You scoot back a bit and pull him onto the bed, staying on your back under him. You wanted to watch him fuck you - you wanted to watch his cock throb inside you.
You bit your lip and looked up at him, "Ryo," you said, saccharine words dripping from your mouth, "Fuck- I want to watch you cum in me!"
He was on you in a flash, licking your neck and grinding on you to get himself wet again. He arched as best he could with the height difference but still managed to plant a hand over your throat. You keened under him in excitement, and he pressed into the sides of your neck as you practiced before. "Color?" He asked.
"Green, fuck, gree-" You cut off into a deep gasp as he buried his cock in you in one swift motion. He adjusted his position to hold the choke at the proper pressure while also holding you down. After a couple of tries, he finally landed on a rhythm that worked and fucked you in full strokes. It didn't take long for both of you to get worked up, and as he got closer, his moans slowly turned into strained growls.
"GRRR- want my fucki- nnnghhhh growl-'m gonna cum, fuc-" He could barely hold a sentence together; you held onto him as he continued to choke you, feeling your encroaching orgasm. Only this time, it felt ethereal, your eyes closed, and the barriers between your flesh melted away once again as your core started to clench. You quivered, and words fell from your mouth in ecstasy,
"Fu- Ryo," your head lolled as you tried your best to stay propped up enough to watch, "I can't- 'M gonna- I feel everyth- ugh!" His hand moved from your throat to the back of your head, holding you up. At first, you whined, but Ryo brought you to reality with a single word.
You looked down as his hips stuttered, and within seconds he cried out in a deep growl, and you got your view of his cock pulsing inside. The sight sent you right over the edge with him in a glorious apex of infinity. It was as if all the orgasms you had before were building blocks to this one. You were a twitching mess of barely-sentient flesh by the time you came down; words and thoughts made no sense.
Then you felt a bubble of giggles rise from your belly to your mouth. The more you tried to stop them, the harder you laughed. You felt wholly spent in every way; the laughter seemed as if the last bit of your sanity was finally slipping. Ryo stayed inside you until he was soft, gently licking you anywhere he could reach. Letting you enjoy the bliss. When he slipped out, you craned your necks to watch his cum spill onto the sheets. The sight turned you on, but you weren't feeling the fervor anymore.
"Fuck, I think that was it." You sighed, "Thank fuck, I'm so tired."
Ryo hummed and gave you a look. You returned a questioning glance.
"If you're not too sensitive...can I lick you clean? Before the bath?" You smiled and nodded, expecting that he meant just cleaning up cum, but no - he meant licking as much of your body as he could. He wanted to lap up every drop of sweat, juice, tears...everything. His touch was methodical and he worked you over until you were falling in and out of sleep from the relaxation. He even licked your junk clean; somehow, you weren't too sensitive. The contact was simply pleasant and nothing more.
He carried you to the shower and took his time cleaning you from head to toe before dipping you into his colossal bath. The temperature was perfect, and he brought in your favorite chocolates soon after, then made himself scarce so you could bask in some alone time.
Tumblr media
You woke sometime later, in Ryos bed. He must have changed the bedding while you were bathing. 'Did I fall asleep in the bath? That's kinda scary...' You thought as you gathered yourself.
You stirred and sat up slowly and realized you were alone. Dim, red light streamed in through closed curtains. ‘Is that a sunset or sunrise? What day is it?!’ You thought. You start to clamor around looking for your phone, but freeze with how sore you are. As you pause, assessing how your body feels, Ryo comes into the room wearing his hero costume.
He smirked, "Hm, you're finally awake. It's been two days."
"TWO DAYS?" You shout. "I've been asleep for two days?!"
"I sensed when you fell asleep in the tub, so I dried you off and put you to bed. You seemed fine, so I just let you crash. I informed your agency that you needed time off for recovery."
You scratch the back of your head nervously. "Uhh, thanks, Ryo."
"No problem."
"Well," he continued, "I'm not trying to kick you out, but I'm guessing you'd like to be in your room. I just got home from patrol. I can give you a ride, but not until I'm done showering. You're also welcome to stay if you want company."
"Uhm- yeah, sure. Uhh- sure as in, a ride home. Thanks." You wanted the comfort of your bed more than anything.
You got dressed while he got cleaned up; he had washed and folded your clothes while you were out. The ride home was as casual as ever, Ryo initiated the conversation about pretty much anything except everything that just happened, and you were content to keep it at that.
As he pulled up to your place, he cleared his throat and said, "so, just putting it out there - no pressure. If you ever want to do that again. I'm game."
You make eye contact and smile. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks again, Ryo. For everything."
He nods silently and watches until you disappear behind your door before making his way back home.
Tumblr media
Author Notes
Wow, this one got way bigger than I was planning, but I think I feel satisfied with the end result.
Sex pollen is one of my favorite smut tropes so I knew I wanted to write something involving it - but didn't want to include dub or noncon elements in the story. This just isn't a dark content blog so I will be staying away from such things here. Of course, randomly getting hit with someone else's sex quirk is inherently not consensual, which is why I wanted to write plenty of "build up" so there was a believable transition from a shitty, and uncomfortable situation for the reader into a positive experience with a friend.
This is also my first time writing an objectively gender-neutral character. I, myself, am nonbinary so I don't want to only write for a single-gendered experience in all of my works.
Anyways, I hope you like this one! All 6 of you who read Hound Dog/Reader-Insert stories, at least, LOL.
tag list: @bakugos-cumsock
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jcmorrigan · a year ago
Me(n)tal Fatigue
The F/O? XR from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. The S/I? Rachel Sparks - fifth ranger of Team Lightyear with a big heart for justice (and no glasses in this ‘verse because I suppose Nebula would surgically augment my eyes to make sure Zurg couldn’t rip the glasses off and stomp on them, which is a Zurg tactic). This one goes as an epilogue to the ep “Head Case,” and watch me project neurodivergent headcanons upon a ROBOT. Listen, I have evidence as to why he has OCD, GAD, or both and I can produce receipts.
       She crossed his path later that night, just after hours, in the hallways connecting the barracks. Not an infrequent occurrence, given the proximity of her barrack to his storage unit. As always, they greeted each other as friends.
           She put up her hand; “Hey.”
           He made finger guns at her and clicked his tongue, winking.
           This was the part where they would just breeze by each other and keep on going, usually. But tonight –
           “Hey. XR.”
           They’d already passed each other by a couple paces in her case and cycles in his, and XR heard Rachel’s call to him when his back was already turned to her. He turned a quick 180 to see her regarding him with an air of concern that was, frankly, surprising. Shouldn’t she be used to this by now?
           “You know, I didn’t come THAT close to dying this time,” he said, cavalier as ever, a flippant shrug punctuating it. “YOU were the one who almost exploded.”
           Oh, that realization didn’t sit well with him.
           “I know,” Rachel replied.
           The words were so hard to dig up. She knew what she wanted – had – to ask him. But was it out of obligation as a friend, or some twisted excuse to get more attention from him? She wrestled with herself in her mind over the topic. This was why having feelings for someone was horrible. You could never trust your own intentions.
           She ended up just staring at XR blankly for a minute and a half, at which point he remarked, “Ooooookay, Rachel’s finally glitched out. And here, I thought that didn’t happen to organics.” In a blink, he was up in her face, escalated to her height so he could wave a hand in her face; “HEL-LOOOOO! STAR COMMAND TO RACHEL SPARKS! IS THERE A SIGN OF INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THERE?”
           She snorted, then broke down giggling.
           “I’m not sure whether to take that as a good sign or one that you’ve just completely lost it,” XR commented.
           “I’m fine,” Rachel said, calming down. “I just…wanted to ask you something. It might not be something you wanna talk about.”
           “You grossly underestimate my desire to talk about anything for long periods of time, especially if that ‘anything’ is related to myself.”
           “Well, you’re in luck,” Rachel replied. “But seriously, if you don’t wanna answer the question, you don’t have to.”
           He reverted to his usual height. “You’re gonna kill me from curiosity, Rach. If your goal here was to finish the job XL started, you’re doing a bang-up job.”
           “I was the one he almost blew up, remember?”
           XR really, really didn’t like considering the actual implications there. “No, seriously, what’s the big, scary question?”
           She had to ask. Even if it was just an excuse to get him to talk to her. Either way, she knew he needed to talk about it. If his case was anything like hers, anyway. And she knew it was.
           On impulse, Rachel repositioned, dropping to the floor to sit with legs folded in a pretzel-reminiscent configuration, making her actually have to look up to meet XR’s line of sight. “So. Everybody thought you had ‘mental fatigue.’”
           “We’re getting comfortable for this. That should be a red flag.”
           “You don’t have to answer.”
           “I at least need to know where you’re going with this.”
           “It’s just…” Rachel faltered on the wording, then decided to simply be blunt: “DO you?”
           XR flinched. “What, you think I’m some kind of nutcase? Granted, that would fall in line with your brand of affectionate insult – “
           “Just hear me out, okay?” Rachel interrupted. “It’s all these things I’ve been noticing. How you straight-up ditched the team after having an air freshener ripped out. That was the first clue. You KNOW I’ve been there. It really looks like if you think you’re not perfect, you might as well not try. And then there’s the whole NOS-4-A2 thing. You’ve been taking him…REALLY hard. And then there was that attack that kicked this whole evaluation off, and…”
           “You are reading way, WAY too much into things,” XR replied, waving a hand as though to brush off Rachel’s speculation entirely. “Everyone has problems facing down a legitimate archnemesis. The rest of that is just my lovable quirks.”
           “And that’s…fine,” Rachel said unsurely. “It’s just that…I’ve…been a lot of these places. Not all of them, but…sometimes it really looks like you’re dealing with some heavy shit. Like you’re scared. Like you feel you’re losing control. Like you’re anxious.”
           “Robots don’t get anxiety disorder,” XR said dismissively. “I am literally programmed not to have anything your armchair diagnosis has led you to believe I have.”
           “And I’m totally ready to bring out the apology train for assuming,” Rachel went on. “I just had to ask if…” She swallowed hard. “If you were okay. That’s really all I want to know. Because if you’re not, then I figured you might wa – need to talk about it. And if you do, then…I’m here. But if I’m wrong, then just tell me straight, I’ll shut the fuck up, and I’ll go directly to bed without passing Go or collecting two hundred unibucks.”
           XR regarded Rachel with mild suspicion. “And after I answer, you intend to do WHAT with that information, exactly?”
           “Nothing,” Rachel told him. “This isn’t like taping me stupid dancing. I’m not gonna broadcast it or use it as blackmail. Like I know you wouldn’t do for anything ACTUALLY important.”
           His immediate instinct was to make a wisecrack about that, but that was perhaps the one sacred covenant between them, and he knew better. She was right about that much.
           “I’m just…” Her voice was barely able to eke out the next words due to the pounding of her heart. “Worried about you.”
           The silence only lasted a few seconds, but they could both feel how heavy it was and what it carried with it.
           “Well,” XR said at last. “Don’t be, because there is nothing to worry about.”
           Rachel looked up to him, giving him a nod in response. Maybe she’d been wrong. It was entirely likely she’d been projecting.
           His smile was broad, his body language solid. “You think it’s gonna take a few near-death experiences to break XR, Robot Ranger? Well, think again, my grammatically correct friend. I’ve been on the force longer than you have, you know.”
           By a couple months, she thought, but she didn’t voice this, instead nodding.
           “And I’ve seen things,” XR went on confidently. “Things that would reduce your average civilian to tears. But me? I am resilient in all conditions! Mental fatigue? Please. At the end of the day, nothing REALLY gets to me. Only the satisfaction of bad guys stopped, a job well done, and, if the day has gone according to plan, side cash earned from a moonlight venture. Granted, it’s a fifty-fifty shot that that part ever goes according to plan.”
           Seventy-thirty, Rachel corrected internally, and not in your favor.
           “In conclusion,” XR stated, “you don’t need to get your pretty little head worried about me, because I am completely, totally, one HUNDRED percent – NO I’M NOOOOOOOT!”
           The shift had been completely unpredictable; suddenly he was shaking like a leaf, fluid welling up at the bases of his eye-lights. Rachel flinched; it was like he’d been replaced again, like an entirely different robot stood before her, but she knew it was him. And she knew it was exactly as she’d suspected.
           Rachel didn’t reply. She simply listened. He had to say his piece. He’d had to say it for some time now. Though she had to admit she wasn’t as prepared for this reaction as she’d thought she had been. She had asked for candor, but hadn’t expected things to get quite this candid.
           Nor was she expecting it when he leaned right into her, his arms suddenly extending to wrap tightly around her in a desperate search for comfort, for understanding. She froze, her heart the only part of her in motion, and that dangerously so, throbbing so fast it might just explode. Feelings. She cursed them. If she didn’t have those feelings for him, this wouldn’t be so difficult to navigate, and she could just be there for him without pausing or stuttering. She could just –
           Well, realizing what a rational Rachel without a crush would do indicated what the real Rachel had to.
           She wrapped her own arms around his cylindrical body, pulling him a bit closer. Thinking about how there might not even be any benefit he’d get from that, being unable to sense tactile stimulation and all. Knowing that didn’t matter.
           “And you know – YOU KNOW – I’m only the way I am because of an accident!” XR babbled. “I got smashed to smithereens, and when they put me back together, I was me! Nobody knows how that even happened! And every time since then, when I’ve been pounded to bits, I come back as me! But what if I DON’T come back as me next time? What if I actually get deleted? Erased? Eighty-sixed?”
           Rachel had never even thought about that before, and she had to admit even she was horrified. No. She couldn’t tell him she was worried about that now on top of his mental state. She had to be the strong one here. It’s what she would want if it were her doing the crying.
           “ – and that energy-sucker’s obedience code is STILL in my data banks, and I’ve erased it THREE times since then, but it keeps reprogramming itself, and I can’t get rid of it, I CAN’T GET RID OF IT – “
           Her hand gently slid up and down his back. Now, that gesture probably was absolutely useless, but still, any way to let him know, without verbally interrupting, that she was listening, that she was understanding as best she could.
           “ – and THIS time, it was almost YOU that bit the dust, and that would’ve been on me! Forever! Knowing I let you get blown up!”
           A cold flush ran over Rachel. He’d really been that afraid for her?
           “And what kind of ranger lets all of his friends go down like THAT? Listen, I know I’m not the galaxy’s most morally upstanding guy, but – “
           Oh. He’d meant the collective “you.” That made more sense.
           This went on for a while. What he poured out, she absorbed, and soon she was the one shaking, having to hold all of this knowledge, even if it was only confirmation of what she’d theorized. Then there was silence, the pair of them locked together in the middle of a public hallway, surprisingly not having attracted any outside attention or gotten in the way of passersby. The benefits of waiting until after hours to have a breakdown.
           At last, very quietly, XR said, “I needed that,” and Rachel knew it was over. They let go of each other, slowly, and when XR met Rachel’s gaze again, his tears had dried, and he was putting on his best game face.
           “And you KNEW I needed that,” he said in an even tone.
           “I guessed,” Rachel said. The first words she’d spoken in a while.
           “And you’re NEVER going to tell anyone.”
           “No,” Rachel affirmed. “This stays between us. Unless you want to take it to anyone else.”
           “I don’t need them kicking me out for this,” XR said firmly.
           “I don’t want them kicking you out for this,” Rachel agreed. “You’re still doing GREAT. Being a little…um…”
           “Insane? Loco? Bananas?”            “…I don’t have a more polite word right now. The best I have is ‘messed up.’ But being a little bit that-stuff hasn’t really held you back that much. People get stress like that.”
           XR fixed Rachel with a particularly corrective look; “People?”
           “And robots,” Rachel said with a nod. “And you do a great job of working around it. I just know that sometimes, when it gets like that…if you don’t find a place to let it out, you’ll just collapse.”
           “Well, in that case…” XR suddenly lost a bit more confidence, tapping his index finger points together sheepishly. “I probably owe you one for being the – “
           “No. You don’t.” She was stern on that point. “Never. And I don’t wanna hear it brought up again.”
           “Right.” A double take, as though he was only just now realizing where he was, and what time it was. “Basically, this never happened.”
           “What never happened?”
           Though Rachel couldn’t be completely selfless. “A thank-you WOULD be nice, though. That’s literally all I want.”
           “Well, thank you,” XR said, sounding completely offhand.
           Even though Rachel knew he was anything but.
           She set about getting to her feet. “Anyway, we both need to get to bed. I’m gonna hate myself in the morning if I don’t go to sleep – “ She checked her watch. “ – thirty minutes ago.”
           “As opposed to how you USUALLY are in the mornings?”
           “It gets so much worse than you know.”
           “Well, that’s not reassuring,” XR told her, completely casual now. “Meanwhile, you know the drill. Don’t need sleep; still love it.”
           She nodded. Then said “Goodnight” as though that were in any way sufficient to close out the situation that had just taken place.
           Rachel turned to walk away when she heard it:
           “Hey. Rach.”
           She turned back to see XR regarding her with a look of concern this time; a mirror image of the incident that had begun the conversation.
           “It hit me that you figured all this stuff out about ME because you were reminded of YOU,” he pointed out. “How messed up are YOU? For lack of a better term, of course.”
           She bristled. “Enough.”
           “And who do YOU talk to about it?”
           “No one,” she admitted. “But it’s fine. I’m an old pro at this.”
           “Oh, reeeeaaaaally.” The skepticism dripped.
           “Who am I even gonna talk to?” Rachel asked, half hoping against hope –
           “Well, they do say turnabout is fair play,” XR told her. “You COULD unload all your sorrows on your local sympathetic robot.”
           As absolutely wonderful as that sounded, Rachel had to call it out for the pipe dream it was. “You don’t really wanna talk about my issues. I know you’re just trying to be a good friend, and probably get me to talk you up about being such a good friend, but you don’t want to. Not really. And that’s fine. You don’t have to. You’re a good friend for other reasons. I’m the hear-you-out-on-your-vents friend. You’re the pull-elaborate-stunt-to-get-me-un-fired friend. It’s fine.”
           “Oh, yeah?” XR retorted. “You think I can’t handle your problems? Try me.”
           Well, now Rachel realized she’d challenged him to prove his worth, and he wasn’t going to back down. “Another time,” she told him, vowing to herself to never let him know when she was having such troubles. “It’s late o’clock right now, and I just want to go to sleep.” By which she meant push her curfew another hour and a half reading fanfictions and critical analyses.
           “Just know I’m here when you need me,” XR stated, all too boastfully. He couldn’t be honest about this, Rachel worried.
           “And I’m here when you need me,” she replied, meaning it deeply. “Whenever.”
           I’d probably do way too much for you, she added internally. I like you so much. I need you to be okay.
           “Now GOODNIGHT,” she asserted as she turned on a heel and briskly strode off to her barrack.
           XR watched her practically speeding away, still not really able to move on from what had just happened. He was trusting her with a lot now, but he knew she was exactly the right person for that, regardless of venom swapped between them in the past. He was perhaps just a little more fond of her now – not romantically, not in the way she’d have wanted, but he still had no clue of that.
           It was just a very, very good thing XL hadn’t blown her up.
           XR now made direct tracks for his storage unit, resolving to forget about all he’d said and all she’d listened to but immediately replaying the conversation in his mind, word-for-word, ten times at least.
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sunanibnmajah · 3 years ago
Sunan Ibn Majah, Establishing the Prayer and the Sunnah Regarding Them, Hadith 826
It was narrated that Abu Ma’mar said:
“I said to Khabbab: ‘How did you recognize that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was reciting in the Zuhr and the ‘Asr?’ He said: ‘From the movement of his beard.’”
Sunan Ibn Majah, Establishing the Prayer and the Sunnah Regarding Them, Hadith 826/1432
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sunanibnmajah · 3 years ago
Sunan Ibn Majah, Prayer Book 2, Hadith 10
Narrated 'It was narrated that 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud said: "We complained to the Messenger of Allah about the heat of the sunbaked ground, but he did not respond to our complaint." (Sahih) Sunan Ibn Majah, Prayer Book 2, Hadith 10/39
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