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There’s a reason Rolling Stone named Red the fourth best album of the last decade: it tells the story of a young woman finding her footing as a young adult, feeling happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. If last year’s folklore and evermore proved Swift to be one of the greatest living songwriters, Red (Taylor’s Version) only confirms that she’s always been that good.
- Phillip Garret - Vox Magazine - Red (Taylor’s Version)' review: Swift reimagines a modern masterpiece (x)
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Whinyl - Best Product Reviews
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Buying a product can be a difficult and confusing experience. The best way to avoid a bad purchase is to look for a review site that gives unbiased feedback. A review site will help you avoid wasting your time and money on substandard products. In addition to saving you money, honest reviews will also provide you with useful information on the product. A well-written review can give you an edge over your competitors, influencing future purchases and brand awareness.
There are many websites that feature reviews on products. One of the most popular and reputable ones is Honest Product Reviews. It features accurate reviews on eight different consumer categories and lets you compare similar products in the same category. This site - Whinyl is a good choice for those who want to find out more about a product. They are easy to use and you can create your own review site in a matter of minutes. The only downside to this site is that you can't moderate your own reviews, which means that some users may post biased or unfair reviews.
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Reviewing Occult Texts I Find In Southern California Used Book Stores: The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall
Tumblr media
History will tell you that America was born on July 4th, 1776 in a sweaty and melanin-deprived room in Philadelphia. According to Manly P. Hall, history is wrong. 
To understand this book, we have to understand the year in which it was published. 1941 saw America at its most American. The bombing of Pearl Harbor had broken the chrysalis of isolationism to reveal a new America, one still dripping with with the ichor of its aborted manifest destiny and eager to lay the eggs of empire in the brains of anything with a flag, and by golly did many Americans think that was just cracker-jack. 
“America can not refuse the challenge of leadership in the post-war world.”  is the first sentence of the text. Hall writes about contemporary politics with mythological bravado; and his political agenda is delivered with all the poise and subtlety of a mail bomb. However, to linger too long on Hall’s political intent is to miss the forest for the trees. When Hall says “American Democracy” he does not mean “The political system of liberal democracy as the country of the U.S. practices it.” He means “The 2,000 year old extradimensional spell conducted by a Dionysian cult that the unenlightened call America.”
“Our world is ruled by inflexible laws which control not only the motions of the heavenly bodies, but the consequences of human conduct. These universal motions, interpreted politically, are impelling human society out of a state of autocracy and tyranny to democracy and freedom.This motion is inevitable” To Hall, America is not just predestined: It is a physical constant of the universe. Fire is hot, electrons have a negative charge, the moon orbits the  earth, and American Liberal Democracy is the ideal system of governance. Which begs the question: How did he get there?
To begin, let’s look at where we are. Hall’s model of America is a Greek temple. A great stone roof supported by great stone pillars and a great stone foundation.To understand the structure of the roof, we have to understand the design of the pillars. 
Hall’s story of America begins with the birth of Democracy and the man who created it. Indeed, democracy was not the cumulative work of thousands of intellectuals across history. No, democracy itself was but the wild hair up the ass of a single man. That man is Akhenaten. 
For those of you who aren't up to date on your ancient egypt drama, Akhenaten was a despotic priest-king known for actively and explicitly turning against the wishes of the Egyptian people by establishing a new religion with himself as its head. Records indicate he was almost universally reviled by his subjects for trampling on the existing religious practices of Egypt. Of all the historical figures that could be given the title of First Democrat, Akhenaten is maybe the worst possible choice. It is difficult to find a historical ruler who is less of a Democrat than Akhenaten. Even the ruthless conqueror and autocrat Genghis Khan, who was elected by a Kurultai of Mongolian clans, was more of a democrat than Akhenaten.
While the state of Egyptology at the time was still young, and rose-tinted views of Akhenaten were not uncommon, Hall’s unorthodox views on Egyptian history were but a single brick in his temple to America. Most of those bricks are the Order of the Quest, and like many of the great bricks of history, Halls claims are full of shit. 
Hall paints an image of an ancient and nameless secret society, one dedicated to the ideals of republicanism and utopia as set forth by Plato. It is a group that has been working behind the scenes of history since Antiquity to guide the lives of Great Men with the ultimate goal of Doing an America. For lack of a better name, Hall calls them the Order of the Quest. If you’re wondering what exactly the order is questing for, tough luck. Hall never explains. Hall seems to understand that the idea of The Order is a bit far-fetched, and spends the remainder of the text pulling from history, mythology, and folklore in an attempt to provide evidence for their existence. 
“Calculations based upon Plutarch’s description of ancient voyages seem to indicate that the Greeks not only reached the coast of America, but explored the St. Lawrence River and part of the Great Lakes area.” No they certainly did not. 
“It was in an old book which is in the British Museum that I found another and even more important key to the meaning of the Golden Fleece. It was known to the Greeks as the Golden Fleece was in reality a parchment on which was written the secret of human immortality.” To be perfectly candid, I would be fascinated to know what book Mr. Hall is referencing here. This clever omission of a name is the beginning of an unfortunate pattern. Hall avoids citing his sources with a brazen confidence that I find admirable. If there is anything to respect about Manly P. Hall, it is his penchant for making wild claims as if they were no stranger than chilly weather. For instance: 
“We have now in America, enshrined in the Congressional Library, a Golden Fleece--the American Declaration of Independence, written on the skin of an animal and preserved as the magic formula of human hope.”
When Hall does pull himself together enough to cite some sources, the claims--and the sources--can be bizarre. For instance: “The real name of Christopher Columbus was Prince Nikolaso Ypsilantis, and he came from the Greek island of Chios.” Here, Hall claims that Christopher Christopher columbus was a secret greek prince, pointing to a text called “Christopher Columbus Was a Greek” privately published in 1937 by a man named Spyros Cateras. While the origins of Christopher Columbus are the subject of some academic speculation, the general consensus is that Columbus's family was from the coastal region of Liguria, that he spent his boyhood and early youth in the Republic of Genoa, and that he subsequently lived in Savona, where his father Domenico moved in 1470. I was unable to locate a copy of the text claiming he was a Byzantine prince, but even if Christopher Columbus were a secret Byzantine prince, that doesn’t mean he was a member of an ancient secret society of Platonic philosophers. Crucially, the Byzantine empire fell 39 years before Columbus set sail. The Byzantine empire did not have princes or princesses. The royal families also did not sell cheese like Columbus or his dad. 
Hall does not contain his treatment of the origins of the United States to just Europe; the tapenade of pseudohistory is spread by the divine knife of Manly P. Hall upon the miniature toast of Mesoamerica. He covers the Maya, the Inca, the Aztecs, but also lumps in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Hall's claims are fairly stock-standard repetitions of old colonialist narratives, but they serve a purpose. The existence of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy is a roadblock to the idea that Democracy itself was the result of some ancient Greek conspiracy. If the Order of the Quest was real, how did the Haudenosauneee get republicanism? 
As an occultist, I would expect him to use the confederacy as further evidence that the ancient Greeks had visited America, but to my genuine surprise, this is not the avenue that Hall takes.“It resulted from the simple discovery by aboringinal minds that one lived longer, more safely, and more happily if disputes among peoples were solved by arbitration rather than open strife.” Hall actively rejects what could have been one of the strongest pieces of evidence for his pseudohistory because it would require him to be slightly less racist to native americans. Hall takes a gutless naturalistic approach, and uses the existence of the confederacy as proof that republicanism is natural and beautiful even when practiced by the scary savages. 
He made particular mention of a speech by an unknown man at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The particular book was not available at the moment, but Mr. Warrington offered to send me a copy of the speech, and he did; but unfortunately neglected to append the title or the date of the book. He went to India subsequently, and died”
The idea that the Theosophical Society has copies of unknown speeches written by the founding fathers that are completely unknown to congressional scholars is fantastic. I hope to deep night that they do. I am, however, skeptical of the existence of this document. Hall qualifies this section with: “There is no reason to doubt the accuracy and authenticity of Mr. Warringtons copy, but I am undertaking such investigation as is possible to discover the source of the speech.” While I can personally imagine several reasons to doubt the authenticity of a book of unknown speeches by the founding fathers, I will be a good occultist and take Mr Hall at his word for the moment. 
The alleged document details a scene immediately before the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. The scene is tense. The founding fathers make their speeches, but the attitude is one of apprehension around the treason that every man in the room is about to commit. None have yet signed. But then, a strong, bold voice rings out. None recognize the voice, but it speaks with conviction and power of Angels and Lexginton and Destiny. “It is not given to our poor human intellect to climb to the skies and to pierce the Council of the Almighty One. But methinks I stand among the awful clouds which veil the brightness of Jehovah's Throne.” 
The text is completed with:
“The unknown speaker fell exhausted into his seat. The delegates, carried away by his enthusiasm, rushed forward. John Hancock scarcely had time to pen his bold signature before the quill was grasped by another. It was done. 
The delegates turned to express their gratitude to the unknown speaker for his eloquent words. 
He was not there.”
This moment marks a notable turn in the text. We have now introduced the supernatural. A mysterious unknown man vanishing into thin air at a momentous point in history would add significant credence to Hall’s claims of secret orders guiding history. The chapters leading up to this point have been Hall setting the stage for this claim, if he can convince the reader that this Mysterious Teleporting Patriot existed, the rest of the text will have that glint, that spark of magic, that every good occult text must have. 
Hall begins to show his rosicrucian colors as his history begins to discuss the early days of the U.S. itself, providing occult analysis of several common symbols of the United States. In one, he claims that the bird on the Great Seal of the United States is a phoenix. While phoenixes are admittedly cool as hell, this is a strange claim even within the mythology Hall is constructing. Phoenixes are not a major symbol of any esoteric group. Even if the bird on the national seal was a phoenix, that would hardly be proof that it was the work of some mystical order. 
Next is the use of the Eye of Providence, the eye in a triangle symbol present on the back of a dollar bill. While nowadays this symbol is associated with freemasonry and The Illuminati, the symbol was common for the time, representing benevolent oversight. The Freemasons did not formally adopt the symbol’s use until 1797, 14 years after the creation of the great seal. 
Beneath all of this, there is a deeper frustration I have with Hall. Despite his myriad attempts to show us the fingerprints of esoterica on the glass of American history, he misses the actual esoterica. 
The pyramid below the eye has 13 layers, representing the original thirteen colonies. Hall claims it is the pyramid of Giza. “The Pyramid of Gizah was believed by the ancient Egyptians to be the shrine tomb of the god Hermes, or Thot, the personification of universal wisdom.” No they did not. The Great Pyramids have nothing to do with Thoth. The idea that they did traces back to the works of Hermes Trismegistus, one of history's earliest and most influential alchemists. As a Rosicrucian, Hall would be deeply familiar with Hermetic ideas.This conception of the great pyramid was fairly common among occultists for the time, and would have been read as given, but there is no historical evidence for Thoth being related to the pyramids' purpose in any significant way.
This is The Apotheosis of Washington, the painting that stands to this day on the dome of the capital rotunda. The dome was completed in 1863. The artist, Constantino Brumidi, painted it over the course of 11 months at the end of the Civil War. The fresco is divided into six scenes: Science, Marine, Commerce, Mechanics, Agriculture, and War. 
Tumblr media
The different frescoes depict important figures from American history doing their respective things, all guided by the hand of some Roman god or goddess. Mercury guides the treasury, Poseidon carries the transatlantic telegraph cable, etc. But this is America after all, and the most important scene in the fresco is war. 
War depicts Columbia, a wholly original personification of America, (do not steal) is presented as a goddess of freedom. She wields a star-spangled shield and sword. On her right, a bald eagle bears thirteen golden arrows. Above her, George Washington sits among the heavens where he is exalted by goddesses representing Victory and Liberty. He is depicted in Apotheosis, glorified to divinity. Which brings us to the central question of any real analysis of an Occult text: So what? Why is any of this important? Who cares?
Consider the idea of national mythology; stories about a nation that are neither true nor untrue, but serve as a medium for the ideas that shape it. Many cultures have a National Mythology, but with typical American excess, we have several. I see Hall’s project in this book as him attempting to reconcile two conflicting myths of America. 
On one hand, there is the Inevitable America. The America of Manifest Destiny, guided by the hand of god to carve and pillage across the new world. The America wrapped in a flag and holding a cross. 
On the other hand, there is bootstrap America. The America of frontiersmen and cowboys and inventors. The America of immigrants who crossed the seas for a land where a man could climb every mountain, ford every river, and build his own life with nothing but his own two hands and the sweat on his brow. 
These images of America cannot exist together. America cannot be both destined and a choice. If America was always going to happen regardless of the choices of men, then the work of the founding fathers was not really work, they were simply puppets dancing on the strings of destiny. Hall’s attempt to reconcile these two Americas shows us an America built by Great Men, but Great Men who were unknowingly guided by the hand of an esoteric order working to make the will of God manifest. 
But did this work? Is Hall’s occult blueprint for refashioning the myth of America well-made? Could he re-make the idea of America in this new image?
Absolutely not. In attempting to redesign the myth, Hall discards a crucial pillar; the people themselves. Americans, like most people, enjoy the idea that their choices matter. Even if America’s foundation were guided by an ancient enlightened secret society, most Americans wouldn’t be a part of it. Most Americans have a day job. For evidence of Hall’s mistake, one has to look no further than the current occult milieu of shadow governments and secret government organizations that are all the rage nowadays. Americans really hate secret societies. If the Order of the Quest is real, they better stay secret, otherwise Americans will tear them apart like a stuffed crust pizza.
If you liked the review, consider supporting me on patreon, where I post all my research notes, rough drafts, and polls about what to do next.
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Oh, sure, any other fucking time asexuality isn't a real thing, but when it comes to venom being gay and in love with eddie, suddenly every fuckboy comes crawling out of the woodworks crying ""but venom's asexual!""
from someone who actually is asexual, with all of my heart -- Fuck. You.
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“Wachowski welcomes division with her latest film, something she’s no stranger to, by sequentially removing many of elements that fans associate with The Matrix in order to reveal what has always been underneath the surface, the source of the franchise: a love story between two humans making the choice to build a better world together.”
— Richard Newby for The Hollywood Reporter 
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One-Star Reviews from Goodreads
[The opinions expressed by reviewers do not reflect the opinions of this blogger, who hasn’t even read many of the books mentioned herein]
The Bible:
Tumblr media
Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment:
Tumblr media
Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics:
Tumblr media
Of Mice and Men:
Tumblr media
Rousseau, The Social Contract:
Tumblr media
Moby Dick:
Tumblr media
Plato, Phaedrus:
Tumblr media
Kafka’s Metamorphosis:
Tumblr media
Daniel C. Dennett, Consciousness Explained:
Tumblr media
Proust, Swann’s Way:
Tumblr media
Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil:
Tumblr media
Žižek, The Sublime Object Of Ideology:
Tumblr media
Herbert Marcuse, "One-Dimensional Man: Studies In The Ideology Of Advanced Industrial Society":
Tumblr media
Foucault, Madness and Civilization:
Tumblr media
Nietzsche, The Gay Science:
Tumblr media
Hemmingway, The Old Man and the Sea:
Tumblr media
The Cloud of Unknowing:
Tumblr media
Samuel Richardson, Pamela:
Tumblr media
Plato, Parmenides:
Tumblr media
JG Ballard:
Tumblr media
Hobbes, Leviathan:
Tumblr media
Martin Heidegger, Being and Time:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey - 1993
Michael J. Fox, Don Ameche, Sally Field, Robert Hays, Kim Greist, Benj Thall, Veronica Lauren, Kevin Chevalia
Review: Homeward Bound is a movie about two dogs and a cat being left at a ranch while their family goes to San Francisco because the dad has business opportunities there. The dogs don't understand what's going on, so they think they need to find their way back home.
Jesus, the first part of this movie is gut wrenching. The kids saying goodbye to the pets, and the pets not understanding what is happening, and why their kids are leaving actually made me tear up. Shadow especially as he was trying to figure out what was happening, and just couldn't understand.
The voice acting for this is great, and I can't imagine how long it actually took to get all of the footage for the animals, and how many times the script was altered or improvised.
Honestly, the loyalty that Shadow shows Peter makes me want to have a dog again. I really enjoy Chance's storyline, as he struggles with the idea of humans actually wanting him. As the movie goes on he sees Shadow's devotion and motivation to get back to his person, and seeing that he realizes that he actually has a family that wants to love him. I love how they molded those two storylines together so well.
I am incredibly impressed with the cast and crew on the movie for making it as safe as they did for the animals. Even the bears, chickens, porcupine and mountain lion. Nothing was done unwillingly, and everything was made so they dogs could easily get out of a situation that they didn't want to be in.
The movie is just a feel good movie, you cry tears of happiness, and not tears of sadness like you would with some of these other dog movies out there. That topped with the fact that the cast and crew made everything so safe easily makes this a fantastic movie.
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my favorite reviews of captain america: the winter soldier on letterboxd
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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If people could review The Wheel of Time on Rotten Tomatoes and Amazon that would be great. There's a group of people and Twitter bots trying to negatively review bomb the show due to diverse casting and women having strong roles in the show
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(This post contains affiliate links.)
So we got the second coat of primer up and it’s already looking a lot better--even if the white is blinding when the sun hits the windows!
Before and after shots are below for comparison.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I will say that making the paint airborne through the sprayer makes it less friendly for my asthma, but it’s minimal irritation compared to using traditional paints and primers. As soon as the mist settled and things dried (about an hour), I was able to stand in there fully unmasked to take pictures, which is game-changing for me. I used to either have to vacate the house for up to two weeks or be ill for two weeks until the smell dissipated. That I can just be in my home and decorate it without an MCAS flare-up is just too lovely and normal for words.
So yeah, this was their Air Purifying Primer (link) I’m testing for Ecos Paints!
Things of note:
Good coverage--we managed to get two coats out of a gallon and a half for the square footage of roughly 230ft (windows/door already subtracted) using an airless sprayer. This is the one we have for those who asked in my previous post. (not an affiliated link, just really impressed by it, lol)
There is a smell with the Air Purifying Primer; it’s a bit like PVA glue + acrylic paint (to my nose), so it’s not entirely odor-free like they claim. My air purifier also registered an uptick in particles in the air during the spraying process but didn’t record an increase in VOCs like it has done in the past with other leading brands we’ve used. So that’s good for me and my migraines/asthma/MCAS.
I did experience some mild irritation with it, but like I said, once it settled out of the air I’ve been fine. No wheezing, no migraines, no burning eyes, or sore throat, no skin reactions either when I accidentally got it on my arms (washed off really easily with water and a cloth even when dry). If you are more sensitive than me, I’d suggest using a respirator mask to avoid that initial scent--especially if you’re the one doing the painting. I was able to get away with a standard dust mask. @mothman-etd says he can’t smell anything from it, and doesn’t need a mask. (goggles needed for spraying)
Overall, I’m happy and can’t wait to get on with the rest of decorating. The next step, testing out their matte paints when we paint this room Star-Studded Blue Hopefully, see you tomorrow with more updates from the Hell House!
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Good morning to @primarydoll
Tumblr media
Completely hypnotized - she seriously didn't remember this until her first break at work.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Completely Hypnotized - cont.
Tumblr media
Once she turns around, not only does the suggestion end, but her mind turns off as well.
Her first hand review:
Theo Theo Theo.
Where do I even start for this review. Well I know that every single time you make me drop it just makes me want to drop for you again and I can’t not obey you, even when I fucking try my hardest to not I have to. I fucking love the way you get me to drop just by fluttering my fingers or shaking my ass or making a face. I literally feel like I’m doing drugs when you drop me and I’m fucking obsessed. I don’t just want or have to obey. I MUST obey you. To disobey would be so fucking wrong I don’t even know where to start there. Must obey and be a good girl girl for Theo. The more I drop the happier and better I feel. I love dropping and going completely limp hehe.
What a morning, indeed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It continued in the evening.
Be nice to the models, ya'll know who ya'll are. Be respectful at all times, please. I can't do what I do if y'all spoil it.
Model: @primarydoll
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Hi Max! Do you have any advice on how to get over the fear of getting bad reviews for your books?
Simply put: internalize that you actually have no control over this. It's like wanting to control the weather. Will it rain tomorrow? Maybe. Will someone leave a crappy review on one of my books? I don't know. I can't do anything about it.
And that's okay.
Things I *do* have control over:
How I spend my time. AKA: not spending my precious time on this earth seeking out bad reviews and instead choosing to do something fun, like writing, or like spending time with those I love.
How I view my work. I'm not a perfect writer (because I'm not a perfect person), and I sure as heck don't make books for everyone. I think my books are very good, and I had a lot of fun writing them. What everyone else thinks is secondary.
What I do next. Getting a bad review doesn't mean you're a bad writer. Pretty much every book ever has gotten its fair share of bad reviews. In the end, what do you do? I love telling stories, and I'm going to be telling them until the day I die. Bad reviews or not, I'm not stopping.
I hope this friends, writerly friend.
Keep up the good work~ ✍️🌈
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Her ten-minute version of “All Too Well” at the conclusion of the record is as disarming as it is fascinating. An artefact of her songwriting and recording process, it sits neatly alongside to the glimpses of Swift at work we get in Miss Americana, last year's Netflix documentary. While it adds little to the album musically, it plays into the mythology that surrounded Red’s original release, doubling down to an extreme on the drama and emotion. There are more clues than ever about the song's antagonist who owns a “fuck the patriarchy” keyring and charms Swift's father "with self effacing jokes”, “sipping coffee like you were on a late night show." Its inclusion highlights the strengths of the song’s truncated version; the result of some very well-informed artistic choices. The vitriol is dialled back there; Swift understands the intricacies of pop music, retaining choice lines from the seven verses that play out the song’s sadness, shame and regret with perfect pitch.
Line of Best Fit - RED Taylor’s version review - 9/10 (X)
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biandlesbianliterature · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Ryka Aoki’s Light from Uncommon Stars is one of the best books I read in 2021, and it is also one of the weirdest. It centers around three women: Shizuka Satomi (a violin teacher who made a deal with a devil and must deliver seven violin prodigies’ souls in order to save her own), Katrina Nguyen (a transgender teenage girl, wildly talented on the violin and deserving of so much more than she has been given), and Lan Tran (a retired interstellar space captain who runs a donut shop with her four children). When Shizuka discovers Katrina in a park, she immediately knows she has found her final soul, but Shizuka’s growing feelings for Lan may change her perspective on everything.
If you think that summary sounds like a roller coaster, wait until you read the book.
Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki was reviewed at the Lesbrary
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butterflies---instead · 4 months ago
Kris is kind confirmed
Okay so, everyone needs to play or watch the secret boss cause it has SOOO much character development, I didn't even think was possible for a silent protag!
Kris doesn't want their friends to follow them into some place scary.
Tumblr media
So at first, i thought it was just cause Kris likes scary places and wants to do some scary stuff secretly without their friends seeing.
At the end of the fight, Kris is scared! Kris is actually scared and shows it!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They have goosbumps. And if you say "yes im fine" they will say it with strain, and Susie is worried about them.
Susie even cheers up Kris and makes them smile!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I would have put more screenshots but can't put more than 10 images. Yall will just have to see it yourself!)
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sundove88 · 8 months ago
10 Underrated Animated Movies Everyone NEEDS to watch!
Tumblr media
1. Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (93/100)
If you like owls, watch this!
Tumblr media
2. Cats Don’t Dance (88/100)
It’s Sing, but BETTER!
Tumblr media
3. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (80/100)
An adventure movie that should be more appreciated.
Tumblr media
4. Titan AE (80/100)
Same description as Atlantis.
Tumblr media
5. Thumbelina (85/100)
Surprisingly faithful to the original story!
Tumblr media
6. The Last Unicorn (93/100)
A TRULY underrated fantasy!
Tumblr media
7. Quest For Camelot (90/100)
It’s not everyday you see Arthurian Legend in animation!
Tumblr media
8. The Emperor’s New Groove (100/100)
Trust me, you’ll laugh every ten seconds!
Tumblr media
9. Big Fish and Begonia (93/100)
A wonderful adaption of The Little Mermaid.
Tumblr media
10. All Cartoon Saloon Movies (100/100)
The Irish Ghibli. No other words.
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