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I… don’t think my current WIP is terribly paced. There are a few scenes that I know were wheel-spinning when I wrote them, and that I definitely cut once I reach that point in revisions and replace with something else. There are a few chapters that I know are bloated, and two I think I can clip, but other than that I think most of the excess word count is just my normal internal monologue BS that I can easily cut down on. Compared to some stuff I’ve written without a more rigid outline, the story moves along at a pretty good rate. (It probably helps that I did have a outline, even if it wasn’t a very strict one.)

But damn if I don’t feel bad rereading some of my favorite books and taking note of the pacing in them. I still have a few big issues with the start of the climax and the establishing of a plot point in the middle of the story, but while I go through and revise that, I think I’mma also take careful notes on each chapter’s plot progression and exposition (and how the exposition is integrated) so see any places I can tighten things up.

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- rough notes from a reading on Dance of the African Diaspora


it’s day 3 of quarantine and i am already starting to lose it a bit🙄started the day with a bit of stretching and grooving, and then i can’t really remember what I did other than do some of my course readings and video calling friends and family🧐I’m so intrigued by this reading because in Singapore, the African diaspora isn’t very prominent in the dance scene, but it’s so vibrant here in the UK! In Singapore, dance of the african diaspora is mostly limited to the street dance scene, but I think the cultural ties to Africa are definitely much less as compared to african diaspora dances in the US and the UK. It’s so cool that it’s such a big thing here and that the scene is so varied - from african contemporary dance to street dance to traditional african dances! If any of you guys practice dances that are linked to africa in some way, comment below!! i’d love to know!

IG: @studybroe

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-5 days to my public finance exam

What I like to do near the exam is read my whole text book from start to finish for a second time. It’s great for revising, for making sure I didn’t miss anything and for fully grasping the contents (even tho it’s not the most fun thing to do…)

Also, since the exam is oral rather then written (thanks covid), if I get asked a very specific question I have a better chance at remembering the answer!

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Aside from commissions, we are working on the prologue. The art and story needs to be polished before the final print.

Afterwards, we’ll probably discuss on physical copies or ebooks.

The prologue and the first chapter will be the first volume.

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How do you feel about studying for exams during the summer holidays?

Personally I switched to a more chill location in the country to have the climate and the quiet mood that I need to concentrate and organize my study. This place is also closer to the sea so that will be my study break and I love it! 🌊☀️⛵⛱️

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Getting rid of extraneous words always feels either really good or really bad; either I’ve brilliantly identified the deadweight in my prose, or I’ve cruelly sacrificed a beautiful string of words for the sake of the flow.

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Step One is to start letting things go. Let laziness get the best of your perfectionism, especially when you dislike something but don’t know why.

Step Two, look up some self-editing tips. I know @theliteraryarchitect has published a self-editing guide and provide many other tips! When it comes to overwriting, you teach yourself how to cut stuff out and save it for later until eventually you get a better eye for it. Listening to it read aloud will also help you learn how to hear long-winded and awkward sections. For that I use

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I have a piece in the July issue of The Writer magazine (out now) called Essential Questions for Revision, featuring eleven questions (and further subquestions) to ask yourself before revising, the answers to which will guide your way.

* Why did I write this?

* What makes this a story only I can tell?

* What universal truth is at this story’s core?

* What are the emotional stakes for each character?

* What emotional arc will the reader experience?

* Where does the real story begin?

* What’s happening in or during the story that is not on the page?

* What else can I leave out?

* What’s missing?

* What space have I left for the reader?

* What snacks and rewards will power me through this?

There’s a PDF on the Other Writing page of my website if you’d like to read the whole thing

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You’re not bothering at all! A little while ago, I outlined my general drafting process here

The bottom line is that when revising, I focus on one thing at a time. I choose the “thing” based on what I think my biggest issue is. My first drafts always have structural issues because I tend to change plot points mid-draft and write redundant chapters. I can’t fix prose or pacing until I have my story in order, which is why I start here.

But really? As long as I focus on something, my current draft will be better than the previous one. And once I’m at the point where I can’t fix things on my own, I bring in critique partners to tell me where to focus!

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a couple of pics from last night’s study sesh ✨

just took care of some backlogs last night! i really needed to catch up on my classes because i wasn’t able to follow last week’s schedule. it’s kind of sad that i spent the whole weekend doing schoolwork ahsjdjdj. but what made it better was studying with some friends! i’m so so so tired, but i still have a lot to catch up on. hope everyone has a great week ahead. to whoever is reading this, you’re doing great!!!!! you can do it!!!!! ♡

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