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2020.11.24. 63/100 days of productivity

Woke up early this morning so I have enough time to get in the shower, dry my hair, straighten it, do my makeup and revise the lessons for my exam. I had to leave my room before 11am so I wouldn’t be late for the exam. 

I only really studied for it the day before, everything before that was just watching the lessons I missed, and considering that I did half of the exam? I’m not sure how well I did yet, but I sure did more than I thought I would. 

Once I was finished with the exam I met up with my friends at the cafe near our uni, we were mostly just catching up with each other and I also played darts with one of my friends. We later went to get lunch at the cafeteria and then went our separate ways. 

I decided not to go straight back to my dorm, because it wasn’t even 4pm yet, I instead went to the cafe I go to every day. I went through 70ish pages and I only have around 20 left. 

When I got back to the dorm later I watched a few videos on youtube while eating my dinner and then I revised a bit for tomorrow’s exam. I’ll probably spend a few hours in the morning revising as well since I don’t have to leave before 2.20pm

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nov 24 2020: 15/100 days of productivity

today i watched and took notes on 5 online lectures which i didn’t even finish until around 7pm because i was food shopping in the morning. i love live streaming study sessions but i wish i had more of a platform to do it on since my tiktok isn’t really related to studying. either way, it helps me study whether people watch or not.
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24/11/20 // 20.43

I’m not doing much revision this evening because after my discussion about dr who the other day, I’m binging the whole thing. Also it’s the final of bake off and ya gal is stressed omg I hope Peter or Dave wins ahhhh

Also I’m on call tomorrow and I’m lowkey freaking out I don’t wanna be a pharmacist anymore I don’t wanna be in charge of the department overnight noooooo - I guarantee someone will phone me at 3am for a covid trial and idk what to do ahhh. In other covid news, apparently all the medical wards have some form of covid on them, but at least from today, 8 months in, staff are being tested twice weekly. So glad it’s a lateral flow and not a PCR because I cannot face the nose pain or gagging twice a week lmao

Quarantine fall study challenge: bubble baths or long showers?

I love a bath to relax but don’t have time for the faff, so only do it rarely. Usually I have a fairly long shower, when I get in from work and then I stand under the water and stress about work for ages

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Not sure if it was revision, revision is thinking back and changing things by imagining or affirming it didn’t happen at all or happened differently. I just told it to fix it itself and quickly imagined in my head to show it what i mean (hahaa, this sounds strange saying it out loud).

Yes, you don’t have to visualize to revise, you can just as successfully do it with only affirmations. I think this really depends because from distant past what we remember we usually have some visuals about it, or at least i do, so for these revisions i personally use both visualisation and affirmations. So i think back, the scene comes into my mind’s eye and then i loop a new story.

Yep, you can revise on the spot. It’s brilliant if you can remain calm and in your head right away loop the new story while like sammy said she just looks at the person and nods along while affirming the opposite thing, what she actually wants to hear, in her head. I usually am too busy trying to remain unbothered and not have my old reactions so i have to revise later but that’s fine too.

For general revision yep, just choose what you wanted to be ir go differently and affirm that new story. I have always had lots of money, i have always had great health, i have always been incredibly talented at softball…etc.

Read the comments too.

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Dear Diary,

Today was one of those calm days you know? Like when you get your life together and you have motivation to stay alive and do stuff. It’s like nearly 12 but I have finished doing my revision cards for the up coming end of unit in Islam for RE, I always do so bad in RE. Everyone always talks about how it is the easiest subject and how even dumb people can pass RE but my overall is a grade 4?? I’m really in need of a massive pop off watch me revise all day tomorrow at school.

I’m trying to not give a fuck about Ewan anymore- not in a rude way just I need to get over the whole situation that happened before his new girlfriend. And today, it’s pretty good. It’s always pretty good until I see his dumb face. This man pisses me off.

I’m trying to get distracted though, the plan is that after the lockdown I finally apply at the Hospice. I keep romatising the whole idea of it and how I’m gonna end up falling in love with a fellow volunteer~~

(But not actually fall in love. I’m too emotionally unavailable for that so maybe just making out in the spare rooms is good)

I dont know anymore. If I keep romatising my life maybe I’ll get through it.

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22/11/20 // 15.46

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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas 🎄 I’m revising to Christmas music and Christmas candles! Today I attended a virtual meeting which was so long, went for a mini food shop because the mechanic never came, made flapjacks, made winter veg spiced soup, am now revising, then I need to prep a slow cooker veg chilli for tomorrow and do some more revision. I’m also Skyping my parents later and need to get some anniversary and Christmas presents for my boyfriend.

Quarantine fall study challenge: what’s your plan for the upcoming week?

I’m on call which is scary so hopefully I’ll survive that, get my car to come back to life, and I’m decorating for Christmas next weekend!!!

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21/11/20 // 13.16

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Doing some revision whilst I wait for the garage to come and jump start my poor dead car. NICE updated the acute coronary syndrome guidelines like three days ago so that’s a fun task to learn this weekend. Sorry for being so inactive- it’s been a mad week for me.

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Hey guys!

It’s certainly been a while. These first months at uni have been a whirlwind and online school has been… interesting.

And i won’t lie to you, I’ve found it so so hard to be motivated. I’ve been missing lectures and seminars because things just didn’t feel real.

I knew I needed to get myself back into the swing of things so I booked a library space at my campus library. And let me tell you, it did wonders for my productivity. I then treated myself to a walk around Westminster after 5 hours of work.

I’ve had to come home from uni now due to the UK lockdown and I’ve still got a grind to put it… but I know I can do it.

If you have any motivational quotes or tips to share, leave them in the replies!

L x

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Another vintage up and running ! Could not find not much info on the movement signed V.W if anyone has any information please share 😃 #vintage #old #movement #vintagemovement #watchrepair #watchrestoration #watchrevision #revision #repair #revisie #restauratie #horlogemaker #watchmaker #horlogemakernoordwijk #watchrepairnoordwijk (bij Van Dord Watches)

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