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Recognising verbs is becoming much easier now!! And I’m colour coding sentences so I can work on my structure; it looks like a mess but it helps so 💁🏻‍♀️

Still finding speaking the most difficult, but mostly because I’m better at recognising language than making my own speech, if that makes sense?? Oh well, practise makes perfect 😊

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honestly lost count of how many cups of coffee i’ve drunk today ⚡️

that’s bad, i know, but it’s been a long time since i drank this much coffee. doing this because i’m trying to finish this paper (which is due in three days). i’m happy with my pace today tho! i was really productive this morning. hope everyone’s having a productive day as well ♡

[ 96/100 days of productivity - 28 May 2020 ]

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Aight, so I was just editing a novel I wrote a while back, so I remember it only in fuzzy details. I started by just simply reading it and taking notes on what needs to change. I got to a point where the main character’s little sister is noted to have a cat in like, one scene and I’m all like “okay cool, I like this cat, I can make him more important and have him go on the adventure with the main character”. And I decide to write this in later on, but then, I kid you not, less than a chapter later, some big monster thing swoops in and eats the cat real sudden like. And you can bet your bottom that I reacted exactly like this:


And this has been the story of how I wrote a unlikable Chihuahua into my pilot novel. The unedited version is on wattpad, look for it @manypersons 

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27/5/2020 // 22.11

Working hard and playing harder! Today work was SO much better, and then I sorted out my patient presentation, got some books lent to me from a pharmacist, came home for study and did an 8h pain elearning in 3h, went to the beach to relax, came back and finished off my patient presentation and now I’m going to bed. I’m really happy with these pain notes, they’re a mess but they really work for me, and I would do this style again.

It’s been a stressy time recently, with covid, the exam being cancelled and so many things happening, and especially after how awful yesterday was. Spending time in my happy place (literally), has sorted me right out, I feel so refreshed after a paddle in the sea, but also why did I wash my hair 4h BEFORE going and lying in the sand? I’ve been waiting all lockdown to go to the beach, and now I now how empty it is after 7pm I will definitely go again. I’m so pleased we’re now able to go out and lie in the sun 😍

2020 quarantine challenge: Wednesday week 10

If you could become fluent in one language overnight, what would it be?

This is a really hard one. I would like to say one I’m working on, but also there’s so many hard languages that I’ll never learn. Chinese would be incredibly useful, as would French or Spanish. But again, Russian is so hard it would be nice to not put the effort in!

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Looking over “Ga-Koro and the Fog” I am doing a big revision of it. It seems all over the place and not spooky at all. I am doing a “spookier” rewrite in order to achieve that and maintain the motif I originally intended when writing it (It was finals season when I was writing it). 

Hoping in the next couple of days I’ll be able to release what I’ve come up with.

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