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#revolutionary girl utena


Revolutionary Girl Utena;;

Akio Ootori / Anthy Himemiya. canon, non-con, siblings

Kozue Kaoru / Miki Kaoru. heavy subtext in the anime. canon in the manga. twins.

Nanami Kiryuu / Touga Kiryuu. heavy (one-sided) subtext. siblings.


Mawaru Penguindrum;;

Masako Natsume / Kanba Takakura. canon, one-sided, twins

Kanba Takakura / Himari Takakura. canon, one-sided, adoptive siblings

Himari Takakura / Shouma Takakura. canon, one-sided, adoptive siblings

thank you so much!! they’ve been added 💖 i’m super happy to have revolutionary girl utena on here tbh i’ve never seen it but i know its The Lesbian Anime ™ and me lesbo… so, y'know :D citrus was already on here, so it’s about time!

thank you so much !!

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