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#rewatch because of them

Thanks for asking!

HiJack: 1 (I LOVE THIS SHIP! Best ship in this fandom!)

In that big mess of movie-crossovers, this is it. The best ship, no arguments there. I LOVE them. Also, the polar-opposite thing - with the fire (dragon and flame sword) and the ice. Both tied to Vikings? Both are mischievous. I love them both and they’re a perfect fit. *^*

Sterek: 1 (I LOVE THIS SHIP! Best ship in this fandom!)

HOLY SHIT THIS SHIP JUST IS TEEN WOLF. FIGHT ME. (pls don’t. I know there’s a side to this fandom that actually would)

I love them so much?? I mean, oof, despite the absolute and utter shitshow the second half of this show turned into, those two, man. Those two pulled me through and despite how long it’s been over now, I still hold so much love for them, I regularly reblog GIF sets of them and just… Other shows that fuck over as hard as this show did, I would literally never look back at again? But I love Sterek so much, I can not turn my back on it fully. Part of me is always going to love them.

send me a ship and I’ll rate it on a scale from 1 to 7!  

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Does anyone else have this thing with like. Critically acclaimed films that have great cinematography and whatever and are universally loved and whatnot but just. When you sit down to watch them they just *cannot* keep your attention at all and it’s like

It’s not necessarily the films fault and it’s probably building suspense or something but I’m just. There getting bored because it’s not investing me and not keeping my attention.

Because I’ve found it a trend kind of and it really bothers/upsets me.

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I wish that I could find a piece of media that brings me the same amount of joy many times later as it did the first time I was exposed to it.

Like, I love relistening to music, rereading books, and rewatching books and movies but it really sucks desperately scrambling after a few months when I get bored and nothing else gives me the vibes I desire to be happy

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I know I keep saying this, but like, they actually need to call Essek. He said they should get in touch after they’re done doing what they’re doing to (and I’m paraphrasing) discuss the tangle web that these people (himself included) have built. He has information for them and I want them to get it before they go off into a dangerous spot with Vess.

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The flashback episode is one of my favorites! The way it showed exactly how Tang Fan, Sui Zhou, and Wang Zhi ended up where they did… Just beautiful!

Tang Fan has always been a danger to those in power! They knew it would be bad for them if he was close, given that his sense of justice and fairness matches his intellect. Tang Fan is such an interesting character and his focus once turned on a case is more powerful than these political norms. We love to see it!

Sui Zhou… he’s AMAZING even as he is running from his pain, keeping busy to prove himself, that he didn’t just get the job because of his aunt. But also coming back from war and finding some way to continue to serve. He has to outrun the nightmares he has. And then he is caught in an explosion just… he can’t catch a break and needs a hug.

With Wang Zhi, we see him watch the failings in the system that lead to this mess. When he is put in a position to start working to make sure it never happens again, he is all in. It makes his behavior before the flashback make even more sense. But also the fact when he gets some power he helps those kiddos? Gosh. Love that.

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“Put yourself in her shoes.  Everything that happened tonight was to save you - and that’s alright, because she loves you.  But somehow she’s always the one who ends up getting hurt.”

okay, this is where it starts, the whole repetitive “Elena is taking advantage of Bonnie” schtick.  but…is it true??  Gran’s death was because of the Salvatore boys and secondarily about Elena, because Elena refused to let Damon be trapped, because Stefan went in after her - but Gran made her own choices.  if she wanted to leave both of the vampires to rot, she would’ve.  Abby’s being turned is about Elena, but in a situation where she had no knowledge and control.  it’s not her fault she was held hostage.  and then, if we look at other moments Bonnie was hurt, she faked her own death in season 2, but that was with Elena screaming at her to stop - it was for love of Elena, but it wasn’t Elena’s fault.  Jeremy cheated on her, which has nothing to do with Elena, even if Elena can’t fully sympathize because he’s still her brother.  and all the little spells that Bonnie does over the course of the show, Elena usually doesn’t come out and say “I need you to do this for me, I want you to do this for me, please do this for me”, she just tells Bonnie what’s happening and Bonnie volunteers to help in whatever way she can.  

Bonnie goes through a lot, she really does.  but it is not because Elena somehow doesn’t love her enough, or because Elena selfishly allows everyone else to sacrifice everything for her.  it’s absolutely misplaced aggression to blame the whole state of affairs on her.

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I was tagged by @thebittervampire. Thank you! I like this tag a lot!

rules: Choose your 9 fave films with posters.

First two movies are my all time favourite and what I’ll answer if someone asks me what are my favourite movies.

I tag @swingxilly, if you wanna do it 💜

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