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@anyone who’s tagged me in things I’ve ignored: I’m so sorry. I did not intentionally ignore you and with the new notification system I will (hopefully) be better. I appreciate all your tags and I always intend to do thing, but sometimes I am a disaster <3

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39. can you whistle?
Not consistently, no.

53. what is your natural hair color?
A greenish-browny sludgy colour? 😂 It’s not great, which is why my hair is rarely its natural colour.

62. have you ever done drugs?
I’ve smoked pot before, but around here that barely even registers as a drug so.

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Thank you! I already answered 14 and 64 here!

26. what is your favorite film?
Probably The Fellowship of the Ring (although I’m sure I change my answer every time someone asks me)

37. what is your favorite thing in your bedroom?
My bed and my cat (because usually that’s where she is <3)

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Thank youu!

3. what is your favorite music genre?
This is actually a pretty hard one bc I listen to so many different genres. Lately I’ve been listening to folkier stuff.

24. what is your favorite scent?
Ummmm, idk but coffee is pretty high up there.

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6. what color are your eyes?
The most boring possible shade of brown ever :(

14. have you ever traveled outside of your home country?
I have! I’ve been to the US a few times and I lived in England for two years ❤

64. ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Both are good, but I think if it was easily accessible here, I’d prefer frozen yogurt.

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2. What’s next on your ‘to-read’ list? (Fan fiction or otherwise)
Oh man. I have so many fics in my likes to read that I don’t even know how many there are. Also a friend of mine is working on a longfic and bc I am a Bad Friend, I’ve forgotten what it’s called, but I am v excited to read it!
As for non-fanfiction, I am still working my way through Sword of Destiny and then I bought Season of Storms and Blood of Elves the other day also.

5. What’s a crackship you love?
I… don’t know if I have any crackships in this fandom? I have a LOT of rarepairs, but idk about crackships.

18. Do you have a fic reading/writing routine?
I don’t have any sort of routine. I write until I get tired and then I read

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Thank you!! 

This is a canon!verse soulmate fic I’m very excited for, but don’t know how to end.

Shortly after Geralt and Jaskier start travelling together, Jaskier discovers they have the same soul mark. But Geralt is, well, Geralt, so Jaskier doesn’t mention it. Things go on as they always have until one night after a close call Geralt kisses him and they wind up sleeping together. Just when Jaskier thinks things are going to get better, Geralt closes himself off again and when Jaskier asks, admits he’s in love with someone else. After a brief separation, Geralt decides the best way to deal with things is to take Jaskier to Kaer Morhen and introduce him to Eskel - who also has the soul mark.

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Thank you! How did you know I’m procrastinating?

Hippolytus: Tell an experience you will never forget.
Ohhh there are so many. I think my favourite one is actually one of the smaller ones, but changed my life in the biggest way possible. For reference: I don’t drive. I was training the new girl at work (I was 18? I think, she was 17?) and we had gone to school together but ran in different circles (I thought she was a kind of a dick :/) but when she started working with me, I discovered I was wrong. One day (I think) in the summer, it was hot and I lived 45 minutes uphill so I went up to her and asked her if, hypothetically, she would drive me home in exchange for freezies. That night we watched AVPM and planned a trip to Florida together and she’s been my best friend ever since 💖

Lightning Bolt: What are your top three favorite movies?
I can’t choose favourites, so how about movies I will never get sick of?
Jurassic Park (the first one)
The Fellowship of the Ring

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