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woopse my fingers slipped and I wrote a smol angsty Reylo AU oneshot to the song If The World Was Ending by JP Saxe (ft. Julia Michaels) because Reylo gives me feels and that song gives me feels. 

it is yet to be determined if I will ever post it because this is the first time I’ve written any sort of fanfiction in YEARS, like more than 10, but I did it. 

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“Your mother was right! Your left eye does twitch up when you’re nervous!”

Rey’s lips twisted into a playful smirk, allowing her weight to shift on the stretcher to lean in closer and investigate his eyes.

No mind to the frustrated huffs spilling off his lips as she continued to move as if absolutely nothing was wrong. She needed at least ten sutures to the arm, there was possible second degree to her hand, and if he couldn’t stop the bleeding from the small gash above her eye surely she’d faint from blood loss.

That would be nice. She would at least be still.

A still body to work with, one that wasn’t scrutinizing whether or not his left eye twitched or not when he was nervous. A patient that would stop looking him over with that stupid half-crooked taunting smile on her face. He could sense her counting his moles too- maybe staring at his ears that were surely turning red at this point.

Rey wasn’t bothered with the fact that she had injured herself, that was just a given in her field, it was numb anyways. She was more occupied with the flustered man in front of her.

Ben Solo. Son of Senator Leia Organa, and more importantly the son of Chief Solo LAFD. Paramedic of the god graced city of angels, Los Angeles.

“Can you plea- REY…” The urgent voice snapped her back to reality just in time to feel a strong hand catch the back of her neck, eyes refocusing on the dark locks and frustrated look on Ben’s face in the form of furrowed eyebrows.

“Hold. Still. Please.”

The order rendered her silent, teeth biting down on the tip of her tongue. Working the muscle between her teeth as the paramedic loosened his grip on the back of her neck to let out a soft sigh.

“You’re such a firecracker, I need to suture-“

“That’s what you get when you deal with fire, Solo. I’m fine. I don’t need medical attention.”

Her voice had dropped an octave, ignoring the thumping heart trying to leap out of her chest. It was not her idea to be pulled from scene for some ‘minor’ boo-boo. Her better judgement had her clamoring to stand up before Ben could hook his first suture into her skin, the sound of defeat leaving him in the form of an exasperated sigh.


Walker! Where in the hell do you think you’re going kid?”

The voice thundered around the corner of the ambulance, freezing Rey right in her tracks. Her eyes daggered back towards Ben knowingly with a tight smile. Ben responded with a haphazard shrug of his shoulders. There was no doubt that it was true; Chief Solo did have eyes in the back of his head.

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Star-Crossed to Eden

words: 14,710

chapter: 12/20

rating: T

Chapter 12 Excerpt:

For Rey, time stretches on like a cruel joke. She had gone to Tatooine to bury the past, to bury Ben too. She couldn’t keep holding on to false hope that suggested he might arrive at any moment. She had to stop searching over her shoulder for the sight of him, gazing at shadows and misty desert mirages. She was stronger than that. So many years she had been alone on Jakku, waiting for her past to return to her. It had been Ben who told her to let go of it, to move on. She likes to think he would tell her to do the same now, with him.

Start from the beginning?

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Teeth - Kylo (smut)


Originally posted by darkestsiide

Not quite sure how I feel about that one, but enjoy. Xxx

Some days, you’re the only thing I know
Only thing that’s burning when the nights grow cold
Can’t look away, can’t look away
Beg you to stay, beg you to stay, yeah

He was running late, again. Y/n was placed on his dark satin bed covers, waiting for Kylo to finish up his meeting with the supreme leader. He had promised her, that he would make it up for all of their lost time from the past weeks, after all he was a busy man, running around trying to capture the scavenger girl.

Y/N was probably a bit jealous of the girl, he was investing a lot of time into the hunt, almost like he forgot about the girl waiting for his arrival.

She could feel him nearing, his dark aura surrounding her, sending shivers up her spine. Her hands were getting sweaty, anticipating his rough touch, the feeling of his fingers fisted in her hair as she was being a good girl for him.

The tall, handsome man walked into his quarters, he took off his mask and turned towards his girl. “On your knees.”, Kylos voice sounded angry, he would use her tonight, let out all his anger, make her feel his wrath.

After all, she liked being used and ruined by him.

Sometimes, you’re a stranger in my bed
Don’t know if you love me or you want me dead
Push me away, push me away
Then beg me to stay, beg me to stay, yeah

They held eye contact as she sunk onto her knees, her hands freeing his pulsing length. His tip was dark red, he felt hot and heavy in her hands. Y/n tongue circled his tip, tasting his salty flavor, hands working on his shaft as she started traced his veins.

Her hands found their way to his balls, rolling them around as she started sucking him, cheeks hallowing, drops of saliva on her chin. Kylo was a moaning mess, his hands pulled on her hair, his hips thrusting into her mouth, making her gag, the vibration intensifying the feeling.

“Almost there kitten.”, she picked up her speed, ferociously licking him, pushing him over the edge. He spilled all of his hot seed into her mouth, making her swallow it at all at once. Kylo was merely using her for his own pleasure in that moment.

As soon as his orgasm passed, he told her to “Leave. I need to be alone.”, her eyebrows curled together, definitely not expecting this. Without another word she turned around and left him alone with his thoughts.

Call me in the morning to apologize
Every little lie gives me butterflies
Something in the way you’re looking through my eyes
Don’t know if I’m gonna make it out alive

She could feel that she wasn’t alone, Kylos touch woke her up, he was hovering above her, marking her neck as his hands wandered under her nightgown. “What are you doing?”, she was confused, it must have been around 3 am.

A silent “can’t sleep, I need you.”, left his mouth as his head disappeared between her thighs, sucking on her clit, kitten licks turned into long stripes. “Oh Kylo, more, I need more.”, he inserted two fingers, curling them upwards, pushing her closer and closer to her release.

As soon as he could feel her orgasm approaching his fingers left her core, a whimper leaving her lips. His dark eyes found her y/e/c ones, one hand placed on her neck, the other one placed on her hip as he roughly pushed inside of her.

Fight so dirty, but your love so sweet
Talk so pretty, but your heart got teeth
Late night devil, put your hands on me
And never, never, never ever let go

His lips were sucking on her lower lip, biting it, drawing some blood, she wanted him to ruin her over and over again. Kylos thrusts got more ruthless, she was sure that she’d find some bruises in the morning, his twisted way of proving his love to her.

His long fingers closed around her neck, air leaving her lungs, making her feel dizzy. Silent screams left her as his tip gazed against her g-spot, her core constricting around his huge length, coaxing a deep growl out of him.

“Cum for me kitten.”, he bit her earlobe and let go of her throat. Both of them came at the same time, her hands pulling on Kylos raven curls, his hands leaving dark marks all over her.

Fight so dirty, but your love so sweet
Talk so pretty, but your heart got teeth
Late night devil, put your hands on me
And never, never, never ever let go

She fell asleep on his sweaty chest, not noticing him leaving afterwards. He was scared of his own feelings towards her, scared of losing her in the process, not ready to let her in.

Kylo could feel her disappointed feeling in the morning as she awoke without him by her side. This was nothing new for y/n, she was used to this behavior by now, but nevertheless it did hurt every single time.  

Some days, you’re the best thing in my life
Sometimes when I look at you, I see my wife
Then you turn into somebody I don’t know
And you push me away, push me away, yeah

Y/n was trying to communicate her feelings towards him, desperately trying to show him how much she truly cared for him, she wanted a future with him, as his lover.

Kylo tried to make her understand that this would never work, the risk of him dying on the battlefield or her being abducted by the resistance was way too big. It took her some time to understand where Kylo was coming from, because she was not ready to give up on her dream of the both of them together, they got back to fooling around.

Call me in the morning to apologize
Every little lie gives me butterflies
Something in the way you’re looking through my eyes
Don’t know if I’m gonna make it out alive

They would often take showers together after his training, his sweaty body pressed against hers, her legs hooked around his hips, his lips sucking on her neck as he was buried deep inside of her.

He would praise her for being such a good girl, an intense orgasms would wash over her, almost blackening out every single time.

Sometimes he would stay over, pressing her to his chest, whispering sweet nothings in her ears. Even though it was breaking her apart to watch him leave in the morning she was happy about the time they’d spent together the night before.

Blood on my shirt, rose in my hand
You’re looking at me like you don’t know who I am
Blood on my shirt, heart in my hand
Still beating

Sometimes Kylo would take her to a random hallway, pressing her against the steel wall, forcing her on her knees, if he’d need a quick release.

Fucking her mouth with a deadly speed, her throat constricting around his shaft, the moans being hushed by his mask. He loved seeing her like this, a trail of saliva running down her neck, eyes teary from the constant gagging, her small hands wrapped around his massive length.

He was not ready to let her go, he was way too selfish for his own good.

Fight so dirty, but your love so sweet
Talk so pretty, but your heart got teeth
Late night devil, put your hands on me
And never, never, never ever let go

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