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hello - back here to post a reylo vid I just made! I don’t normally do those short bouncy AE edits that are all over instagram but I wanted to give it a try! And ya gurl is throwin it back to classic Gaga; I love this song, and my BOI BEN SOLO.

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Quarantine blues hitting you hard? Are you turning into a moss-covered hermit and finding yourself sharing a pint of green milk with Luke Skywalker’s ghost? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. In partnership with @reylosnetwork, reylodaily is glad to present you with REYLO WEEK 2020 — which will be running from 27th of April till 3rd of May. Admins of both blogs will be reblogging and queueing the content you produce for the event. To participate in the event, please make content for the following themes and dont forget to tag #reylo week 2020 in your first 5 tags!

  • 🥰 27th of April → Day One: Favourite Canon Scene or Quote / Missing Scene or Headcanon / Favourite Song Lyric or Quote
  • 🐉 28th of April → Day Two: Mythology / Legends / Fairy Tales
  • 💋 29th of April → Day Three: Reincarnation / Destiny / Soulmates
  • 🗡 30th of April → Day Four: AU: Canon Divergence / Fusion or Crossover / Modern
  • 🥺 1st of May → Day Five: Wounds / Healing / Touch
  • 🔮 2nd of May → Day Six: Past / Preset / Future
  • 🌊 3rd of May → Day Seven: Elements / Seasons / FREE DAY

Any concept, idea, or specific prompt, at any rating, that is applicable to a theme is accepted! You may double up (or more) on themes in your content, just let us know which theme it is for.

‼️ REMEMBER ‼️ Make sure to: 1) tag your content on tumblr with #reylo week 2020 — exactly as written, in the first five tags; 2) indicate which theme your content is for; 3) add your event fics to the REYLO WEEK 2020 collection on AO3, if you’re unsure of how to add your fic to the collection, check out this tutorial; 4) if we miss reblogging your content, send us an ask off-anon.

Additionally, prior the main event, @reylosnetwork and reylodaily will also be hosting a flash-event on the 1st of April to celebrate Aprils Fools:

  • 🤡 1st of April → Clown Town of Reylo: Crack / Incorrect Quotes

During the flash-event, make all the funny content you want — crack edits, fics, art, etc. Put on your curly wig, your oversized shoes, blot your white make-up, honk that fake nose, and dont forget to tag #reylodaily in the first 5 tags!

please, signal boost this post for exposure!

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