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@ haloren1st Fanartist Reylo died in 2020. Apparently she had depression and committed suicide. But that was after harassment of “anti reylos” who thought “reylo abusive” Then the reylos are “fascists”. You dehumanize people because of a ship. They don’t think about the possibility that people can have depression, because they have relapsed parents and identify with Ben Solo. You rationalize fiction to attack others, but you are nothing more than hypocritical fanatics paying for “defenders of goodness and morally superiors who do not romanticize abuse” BUT THEY ARE ABUSIVE AND KILL FOR THAT. So remember this fanartist before going out to attack reylos calling them “fascists” or “lovers of abuse”

@haloren1st Fanartista Reylo falecida em 2020. Aparentemente tinha depressão e cometeu suicídio. Mas isso ocorreu após assédio de “anti reylos” que achavam “reylo abusivo” Depois as reylos é que são “fascistas”. Você desumanizam pessoas por causa de um ship. Não pensam na possibilidade que pessoas podem ter depressão, por ter pais relapsos e se indentificar com Ben Solo. Vocês racionalizam ficção para atacar os outros, mas não passam de fanáticos hipocritas pagando de “defensores da bondade e moralmente superiores que não romantizam abuso” MAS SÃO ABUSIVOS E MATAM POR ISSO. Então lembrem dessa fanartista antes de sair atacando reylos as chamando de “fascistas” ou “amantes de abuso”

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Reylo energies

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ДЛЯ ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ #starwars #kyloren #bensolo #rey #reylo #reylo_au ➰ Источник ВК
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Concept Art for Funko Pops!

We finally have a Ben Solo one!


As it’s still concept art, I really hope they fix their mistake and remove Ben’s scar!

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I just remember the Reylo idea that’s been plaguing my brain until last night and then I forgot about it. (Not surprising there.) Let’s get it.

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ВЫБЕРИ ЛУЧШЕГО ДРУГА В “ЗВЕЗДНЫХ ВОЙНАХ” Друг № 2 Джедай. Ниндзя, монах и рыцарь средневекового ордена. С таким не пропадешь, всегда заработает себе на жизнь фокусами как джедай какой. Ну или на крайний случай будет поднимать камни, крестокрылы и другие тяжелые предметы. #orderkyloren #starwars #юмор_орден ➰ Источник ВК
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What with the people who make blogs about the ships they hate? I don’t know but i reccomend you to better create a blog with the ship you love and put your energy in something you enjoy than something you hate.

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since kylo’s saber is yellow/red and rey’s new saber is yellow is there anything saying she didn’t go get his lightsaber and purify the kyber crystal to use for herself?

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I can’t believe this is how joe biden’s spending his first night in the white house

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The throne calls - will you answer it?


Beginning | Update

Pairing: Rey Palpatine/Ben Solo - Pre-Canon Divergence Empress/Bodyguard

Rating: Mature

Additional Tags: Force fuckery, there was only one bed: the fic, rey? unhinged? noooo, PINING, this whole chapter should just be titled Pining: The Saga

Plot Summary: Rey has been heir apparent to the Galactic Empire since birth. Which entails a looming arranged marriage, meticulous politics, and the constant shadow of her Hand, the Skywalker heir. Whom she’s…developing pesky feelings for. Blind to the realities of the turbulent world beyond the palace walls, the charade of normality comes to a splintering, searing end not long after her eighteenth birthday.

Chapter Excerpt:

Her attire was no different from when he’d last seen her in the dressing rooms, but a magnificent spirit had since been breathed into the heavy fabric. Head held high, grace of a springing doe in her step, she took her place beside her father and held one hand flat to dismiss the clapping ringing through the room.

Ben didn’t hear what she said.

Ben couldn’t pay attention to what she said.

Her brilliant smile had pierced straight through his skull and he was locked against the wall. He never found himself on this side of her mask, watching the careful, captivating calculations of her practiced mannerisms. She was an open blossom in a butterfly’s meadow, a delicate rose on a lover’s bureau, a—

A snake with open jaws, luring in prey with the hypnotic patterns on her hood.

He sucked in a breath, a field mouse tangled up in her coils.

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Fanfic, o tempo passa e os filhos do casal vão amadurecendo junto com eles! Apesar de suas diferenças e serem uma família um tanto que moderna, eles são pra lá de unidos e uma família de verdade além do que qualquer coisa!

História Rey Adam - Além da Ascenção Skywalker - Livro 2–alem-da-ascencao-skywalker–livro-2-20834356

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