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#reylo fanfic

Teenage Dream (ao3 link) : a gift fic for @splintered-souls

They met on the playground in first grade. Ben saw the scrawny girl with three messy buns lining the back of her head from across the schoolyard. She sat by herself on the bench, watching the other kids play. He’d never seen her before; she was the new girl in class. Ben didn’t have any friends and he was too shy to talk to anyone— but there was something about this girl. He felt drawn to her.

It took all the courage in his lanky body to approach the bench and introduce himself. The girl looked up at him with wide hazel eyes that looked so sad.

“I’m Ben Solo,” he mumbled.

“I’m Rey,” she answered.

“Do you want some of my snack?” Ben questioned, offering his goldfish to Rey.

“Thank you!” she exclaimed, eyes turning warm as she grabbed a fistful of the cheesy snacks from his bag. “Thank you, Ben. I’m so hungry.”

That’s how Ben Solo and Rey Niima became best friends.

Thank you to my beta @a-nerd-obsessed

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The Trade Off Chapter Four: It was just a nightmare


No words would come to mind and no actions either, so she just stood there, mouth slightly agape, staring at the man she’d come to miss to an aching point and yet could not even get close to now. Her heart beat slowed down, and a strange silence filled her head as she looked at him, standing alive, healthy, beautiful, but most importantly, alive! She could feel on her fingers the weight of his body as he died in her arms. She could feel on her lips the one kiss they had ever shared. She could feel the blood trying to force her heart to beat, the desperation to embrace him, to feel his warm body on hers, his lungs take air, his heart beat. To be completely certain that he was alive.

That he was real.

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Title: The Mercenary’s Mate
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Relationships: Reylo (Rey x Kylo Ren)
Themes/Tags: Reylo, Alpha/Omega Dynamics, Omegaverse AU
Author’s Summary: Ren meets the omega on a job. She isn’t the target for his kill, but soon becomes his greatest secret.

The mercenary has a purpose now: No one will ever touch his mate.

“Did you know Alpha was on his way, little one?” He asks, voice dark as his thick fingers trail up one of her bare thighs.

Rey knows he needs this transition period when he comes home to her. First, he needs to be firm and a little rough with her, before her presence works its calming effect on him. Before he can fully leave behind the violence that is his reality every day he’s apart from her.

Rey is happy to give him anything he needs. Everything.

“Yes, Alpha,” she breathes, letting the cloth stained with his blood fall to the floor.


Kylo Ren is a ruthless hitman, contracted to take out the worst of the worst, which forces him to keep everything important to him hidden to keep it safe. Rey is an omega struggling to survive despite being trapped in the criminal underworld.

A hot Reylo romance set in a gritty, dangerous modern omegaverse – a compelling and sexy read.

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Title: The Girl in Terminal B
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Relationships: Reylo (Rey x Kylo Ren)
Themes/Tags: Reylo, Modern AU
Author’s Summary: There is no personal tag on the bag. Apparently, like Ben, its owner was foolish enough to travel without one. But the LaGuardia sticker is still wrapped around the handle, and Ben curses himself for his stupidity. He should have checked the name before he left the airport.

Rey Kenobi.

There’s no address and no phone number. Just the very unhelpful barcode slashed across the sticker along with the flight information. Rey was flying from Seattle to New York. The same flight he was on. The same terminal, the same luggage conveyor. The same goddamn suitcase.


A modern Reylo AU where author-turned-laywer Ben Solo accidentally meets Rey, a young engineer, when they each take home the wrong luggage from the airport. And what can anyone do when they find that their luggage is missing and a stranger’s luggage is their only chance of getting theirs back? Why, go through the other person’s belongings, of course!

A semi-bittersweet  Reylo meat cute set in a harsh but hopeful modern AU. A lovely read!
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Fictober Day 18

“you don’t see it?”


The night presses in around them, deep and foreboding but also heavy with promise. It hides them, masking their sin as they make quiet love under a sky of imagined canvas, smattered with flecks of white paint stars. It is a place of their own imagining, a place away from war, and the Force, and the reality of death. 

When they are through, and their hot breaths cloud in the chill night air. Rey whispers into the space between them that the Force has intruded upon their rendezvous. 

“I saw something,” she admits. “Like on Ahch-To. I saw something but it wasn’t entirely clear.” 

Ben’s fingers trail over her naked side, counting her ribs and bypassing the soft swell of her breast respectfully, “What did you see?”

Rey continues on excitedly, entirely unaware of how her body was affecting him, “There was a temple, and there were Padawans and there was light all around, and… and…” 

She trails, and her beautiful face twists up in confusion.

“What is it?” He asks, and he kisses her jaw, feather light. 

“I- I didn’t see you. You really didn’t see it?” 

He blinks at her, “No. I didn’t see anything.” 

Rey sits up in the soft, emerald grass of their shared imagination. There’s come between her thighs and she crosses her knees to hide it as she considers his words, “Ben… I don’t…” 

She doesn’t have to say it, he can feel it through their bond. I can’t imagine a future without you in it. And isn’t that just grand, considering one of them must bend or die for this infernal conflict to end. 

He kisses her anyway, and tries to conjure images of his own future, but nothing comes. The Force is silent. 

He loves her in spite of the silence. 

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ship: reylo
rating: e (it’s literally just 1k words of smut)
prompt: jbbuckybarnes’s kinktober day 24 - bdsm
warnings: bsdm, rough s*x, pain kink, possessiveness, hints at master/slave, hate s*x

She was strapped tight to the chair, cold metal pressing into her back. She was cold, and yet hot all at the same time. Her wrists burned from the tightness of the durasteel clasps holding her in place.

“You know I can take whatever I want,” Kylo Ren whispered in her ear, and Rey felt herself burn with desire at the sound of it. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to feel this way; Ren was her enemy, and he was hellbent on destroying what was left of Luke Skywalker and the old Jedi that she had heard legends about. And yet. And yet.

And yet she wanted him so badly.

continue on ao3: I’m The Bad Guy (duh)

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This year I’ve cranked out two long-form Reylo fics, “Love Is Stronger Than Death” and the just-completed “The Lost Princess.”  Generally I write short one-shots and while these longer fics aren’t quite novel-length, they are the longest stories I’ve written in over a decade.

I got the title for “Love Is Stronger Than Death” from a song by The The.  It popped into my head in the aftermath of TROS, particularly the lines, “Here come the blue skies/Here comes springtime/When the rivers run high & the tears run dry/When everything that dies/Shall rise/LoveLoveLove is stronger than death.”  The fic itself was a fix-it for the movie, specifically the way the film handled Ben Solo’s death.  Like a lot of Reylos/Ben Solo fans, I felt the error of omitting Ben’s Force ghost opened the possibility of him being in the World Between Worlds.  And like a lot of Reylos, I wrote my own spin on how this possibility could reunite Ben with Rey.  In my case it was a mystical bond incapable of true separation, the fundamental basis of which was the powerful love between them (as well as the love for/from their unborn baby).  It was kind of like an eternal marriage, forever bound and not even death could truly separate them.  The trick was writing something metaphysical and high concept in a way readers could follow along.  

I had a “road map” for where the story would end, and basic events in between.  The rest I winged from chapter to chapter.  The challenge was remembering what had happened before, whether I’d left any dangling threads, and bringing characters in and out of the story as necessary.  But I figured the secret was to keep the story simple and don’t go off on tangents that drag on for several chapters or to worry about side plots that don’t matter.  My only goal was reuniting Rey and Ben, so that’s where I focused.  I’d decided to bring in the Guardians of the Whills to give Rey access to knowledge she wouldn’t have learned from the Jedi.  Plus I liked the idea of different groups devoted to the Force working together.  

One last note…I threw in a few references from Twin Peaks.  To me, the World Between Worlds could be a bit like the Black/White Lodge and the room where Rey and Ben meet there was inspired by the Red Room on the show.  The golden sphere that shows up was lifted from the eighth episode of “Twin Peaks:  The Return” (2017) which features some of the greatest cinema ever.  It’s 20 minutes explaining the origins of both the woodsmen and Laura Palmer without a single word of dialogue.  Whenever George Lucas talked about pure cinema, this is what he was talking about.  David Lynch is a genius.

“The Lost Princess” came about around the same time as “Love” did.  One day in January 2020, I thought to myself “I can’t believe they made Rey the Star Wars version of a Romanov impostor.”  Then I thought, “Aha!”  I wrote out a “road map” and the first four chapters the winter of 2020 but I decided to hold off on posting the story until after “Love.”  I did rewrites and additional chapters beginning around June.  I was going to start posting “Lost” right after I finished posting “Love,” but lots of people were still reading “Love” so I held off until August.  In the meantime I posted a short canonverse one-shot.

Half the fun of writing “Lost” was researching the Romanov family, the Russian community in London, and life in 1921.  For example, for the Paris chapters I watched on YouTube a silent travelogue from that era.  It gave me ideas for settings, like the colonnade folly where Ben proposes to Rey.  Because I am not Orthodox, I had to read up on Russian Orthodox traditions.  I even watched on YouTube an entire Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony.  I left out the “betrothal” part of the ceremony, where they exchange rings, because I figured it would be more interesting to start the scene during the most unique part, the “crowning.”  

I generally do not write alternate universes, even though they are very popular among Reylos.  The challenge of writing an AU is keeping the characters true to their canon counterparts, otherwise you could be reading about anybody, not Rey and Ben and company.  What was additionally challenging was making Rey an impostor who’s still sympathetic and writing Ben as mostly Ben, not so much as Kylo Ren.  I figured Rey had to not know she was an impostor.  That’s where Snoke came in.  The next challenge was making Rey a victim of Snoke’s manipulations without making her seem weak (I hope I succeeded).  Anna Anderson’s story was very helpful.  Anderson was the most famous Anastasia impostor and until she was proven not to be a Romanov by DNA testing, there had been for decades a question as to whether she was the real thing.  She’d turned up in an insane asylum in Germany in the early 1920s, suffering from amnesia, and claimed she was the princess.  Some of Anastasia’s real extended family and associates believed–or wanted to believe–it was her.  (This is where “Duchess Holdova” comes into the story.)  Some people even coached Anderson on details about the Romanov family.  There had been several movies, documentaries, t.v. shows, and even a Broadway show about Anastasia impostors who turned out to be the real thing. Given that all of the Romanovs were accounted for by 2007, I did not want to go that route.  My goal was for Rey and Ben to end up together even though she was not Anastasia.  So I had to think about how that would be possible.

I made Ben an orphan at the outset, his parents victims of the Russian revolution, because I thought bringing them into this would’ve dragged the down the story.  I figured he went through a Kylo phase after the deaths of his parents and Rey gave him a new lease on life.  As a side note:  I originally thought of this being an “explicit” story but as it went along, the tone was kind of more of a gentle romance so the planned smut got toned down.  

When I was writing “Love,” I wondered if I was spent too much time in libraries.  In “Lost,” I wondered if I spent too much time talking about newspapers.  But a century ago, that was the main way information was dispensed.  Even radio was new technology in 1921.  I remember they made a big deal out of that newfangled “wireless” on “Downton Abbey.”  So there was a lot of talk about newspapers.

In any case, the thing I learned from writing “Lost” is that AUs should be like dreams where you encounter the familiar in different settings.  Will there be more AUs in the future  We shall see!

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Read Me Here 

View A03 for warnings

No one ever picked her.

She’d gotten so used to it that the thought of anyone ever actually choosing her, wanting to hang out with her, wanting to just be with her made her head hurt. It just wasn’t possible. It felt like a prank. Like someone was going to jump out of the bushes and it would all be some massive joke to them. To him. That she wanted to feel wanted. That she wanted.

Keep reading

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Since usurping the throne of Alderaan a decade ago, Emperor Snoke has banned the use of magical powers within the kingdom. Only Snoke himself and his elite Imperial Guard are allowed to wield magic for their own cruel, destructive ends.

Rey is an orphan of Snoke’s war of conquest and survives as a scavenger in the wastes of Jakku. The threat of death for using illicit magic is no concern of hers - until it is.

Kylo Ren, the most fearsome of all of Snoke’s warriors, sees something in Rey she’d rather he didn’t. Thrust into Snoke’s court, she must learn to control her newfound powers if she wants to survive the brutality and duplicity that is the currency of his reign. Crucially, the Emperor himself may not want her to survive…

Or: A quasi-medieval retelling of Eros and Psyche, with lashings of Beauty and the Beast.

M rated/98k (so far)

Chapter Fourteen on AO3:

Ben thinks he has lost complete control of his wits.

The last few minutes have passed in a strange delirium, his sense of touch stealing center stage from his muted sight. Rey’s face is a smudge of pallor in the darkness, even this close to him, but her fingertips are soft as kitten fur against his skin, light and hesitant. His jaw clenches against the fizz of pleasure that licks across it as her thumb finds his lips. That thumb—the one she’d licked the cherry juice from out in the dappled sunlight of the afternoon, stained a sticky deep pink that had robbed him of any coherent thought when she’d run her tongue across it.

She’s been saying such sweet things to him, pretty lies that make no sense, but he drinks them down like nectar. Nobody has ever said such honeyed words about him and he freely gorges on them, no matter how ridiculous they may be. She doesn’t know—she cannot know—but he has seen her in sunlight, her mouth ripe and flushed, and even now she glows behind his eyelids. They are incomparable, but she touches him, and when he does the unthinkable and kisses her thumb—imagining the taste of cherries—she doesn’t pull away in disgust.

Read from beginning

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Avatar: The First Dyad

Air. Water. Earth. Fire.

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when The Empire attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. Fifty-three years passed and a pilot and I discovered the new Avatar, an earthbender named Rey, and although her earthbending skills are great, she has a lot to learn before she’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Rey can save the world.

An ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Reylo AU

To Rapture the Earth and the Seas collection on AO3

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I won’t be updating Unlearn What You Have Learned until next weekend. I signed up for a Fall Exchange, and the deadline is looming. Sorry! 😓

But more fic from me is coming! It’ll be posted anonymously here: Fall Exchange 2020.

Check out all the Fall Exchange fics. There are already a few posted, including my gift fic!

Title: baby it’s halloween and we can be anything

Author: Anonymous (for now)

Rating: E

Summary: Ben Solo’s getting his life back together after leaving the First Order. Rey Johnson is a grad student who refuses to be set up by her friends because she doesn’t have time for that.

Until she’s at a bar and runs into a tall, handsome stranger with a matching Halloween costume.

And then all bets are off.

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