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#rhea writes

i am trying to write this irondad spiderson fic for an exchange and it’s basically turned into a 3K and counting fic about how peter and may try to restore some normalcy into their lives in the eight months between endgame and far from home (with an additional dose of peter being traumatised by the battle and all of the death he witnessed). h e l p.

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i am in the mood to write some short fics (about 500-700 words). send prompts, make them as specific as u want, and pairing pls?

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Dear family,
Stop being homophobic and then try to laugh it off as a joke. Or say “Hazel, be quiet I have gay friends.”
Stop being racist and then say that I don’t know that you’re being racist because I’m white. Those words won’t hurt me, but they are toxic and need to be stopped.
Stop telling me I’m faking my mental illness and tell me that I just need sleep. Telling me to stop worrying or stop crying makes it worse. Stop talking shit about me behind my back. I can hear you.
You’re no better than the bullies at school. And telling me that I’m lying isn’t going to change that.

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But I need to breathe. And I can’t because I stopped a long time ago. I just stopped caring. And did everything so the next generation could be happy when I am not. I am still but a child, not meant to be caring for others that do not belong to me

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I’ve been sorta quiet here recently (life’s being snarky at the moment), so here’s a tiny snippet from draft one of PYROPTOSIS Ch. 4, (aka. local gays concoct a Scooby-Doo master plan, but neither are really sure what to expect). 

“Oh, and I’ll bring Yves, just in case we run into any trouble.”

I blinked blankly, watching as she stretched her arms, her expression blissfully innocent.

“Do I…want to know?”

“My switchblade. Old family heirloom.” 

“And, you know how to use it?”

Elliana’s brows raised slowly.

“If you’re asking ‘can I swing it around wildly at things that attack us’? Absolutely. Am I trained in hand to hand combat? Not in the slightest, no.”

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The Fall - Interlude

Basic summary: We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with a brief interlude.

Trigger warnings: death, mourning, hypnotism and manipulation

Tagslist: @synonymsforzombie @spicydanhowell @skyewardlight @dreaming-of-stories-and-stars @cest-mellow @graveyardlettuce @lower-your-expectationss

Brief note - this chapter is a bit different from others, for several reasons. Those who read my writing regularly have probably noticed one already. The rest I’m sure you’ll find out. Have fun, and enjoy!

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i will say though that i think edelgard fire emblem got done fucking dirty. I want to like her so bad but all the weird Yikes undertones in the game + the weird Yikes undertones with how a lot of edelgard stans I’ve seen treat rhea + the way the game itself fucking cheats her of actually good character development by never letting her admit she was wrong or that maybe imperialism is bad or how she never gets to confront her abusers in her route or how she only really gets challenged on her bigotry issues in goddamn fire emblem heroes just. sours her for me a little.

It’s like. Weird comparison, but it feels like she has the same issues with her writing that the Diamonds in SU (and the Sympathetic Fantasy Imperials character type in general) have in that like. Yeah, the arc she has is thematically nice and good for the story her route is trying to tell, but it completely clashes with the worldbuilding and setup that the entire rest of the game provides, and also never quite properly addresses that at the end of the day, Edelgard is an Imperialist, she thinks imperialism is the solution for doing things, and the game failing to adequately address that gives the story some serious Undertones of the not-so-good kind. It could’ve made for a super good story to have Edelgard be forced to actually seriously confront her crimes and admit that she’s super complicit in some really bad shit, and rather than pushing on out of sheer Sunk Cost Fallacy she needs to actually seriously try to fix her mistakes and confront her own biases, but the game doesn’t want to do that for some reason, so the framing in her arc is just. an awful mess.

#admittedly part of the problem is that. for a game about politics. three houses sure doesn't know about politics., #like how the game thinks edelgard starting a meritocracy is a good thing, #even though anyone who knows anything about how capitalism is bad should also know meritocracies bad, #(hint: meritocracies is how people justify oppressive hierarchies, #and people with more wealth and power and privilege have more opportunities to show off their merit than those who don't), #to be clear i really do think edelgard has some real good potential as a character under there!!!!!!! i want to like her super bad!!!!!!, #but just. the way her route never lets her get to be wrong when the rest of the game shows that she's wrong about A Lot, #it feels bad. it feels like bad writing and missed opportunities. and has some bad undertones., #edelgard's final boss should've been the pale people slither crew instead of rhea., #the culmination of her route should have been her fighting the people who ACTUALLY made her life a living hell, #not the traumatized lady who - while still very flawed - is basically just. the scapegoat., #killing rhea does not solve the fundamentally flawed systems in fodlan because many of those systems were not her fault, #nor does it help edelgard overcome her own trauma in any way. all it is is just. her doing exactly what her abusers want., #her whole route is basically her getting played like a damn fiddle and the game never properly calling her out on it, #edelgard's ending should've been her unlearning adrestian imperialist propaganda and beating up the slitherers and them's the facts
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So I’m writing the final story arc of season one without shame, and the main character, Jacqueline, meets the main antagonists dead brother, Gabriel, while trying to get a better understanding of herself and


These are two of the most strategic people in the entire series.

And they’re absolute dorks

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9000 words about the awkward first meeting of Zeus and his siblings. This takes place when Zeus releases the Olympians from their father Cronus and realize that a war is coming.

Now was the time. 

Zeus was finally strong enough to face his father, Cronus, in a battle that would shake heaven and earth for a century. After years of cultivating his strength and learning the ways of the world, Metis and Amalthea felt that they had done all they could to prepare the young man to slay his father. 

But he would need help. 

He would need his brothers and sisters. 

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“The Statue”

“You are as beautiful as the most precious statue. ”

That’s what they will say to the rightful pure Archbishop. Her eyes would shut gently, her eyelids brushing her red checks. Her long mint hair would frame her sharp jawline elegantly as it fell all over her scale, set perfectly in place as she did every morning, though nobody but herself needed to know how important it was. And at last, she would smile. It was a warm feature of hers, such as the heat from a fire, better enjoyed from afar. 

She hadn’t given it much thought. Nobles would be nobles; they loved to fill their own mouths and ears with praise and sweet lies. But for whatever reason out of her reach, this time the words remained in the back of her mind. 

Yes, she was a statue. A mare replica of the person she was before. The Seiros who loved the beautiful world she was born into left for a worthless killing machine whose eyes could only see the blood spilled in the sands of Zanado. And then again, she dissappeared and the only remains were an afraid woman who held to her memories like the lost child she truly was. She even changed her name. Rhea, the Archbishop baptized in her own grief and tears. 

Luckily for her, nothing was meant to eternity. There comes a day when the rock erodes thanks to the waters of time that fell upon it. The only thing she has left is to see the people come and go from above, each generation slowly forgetting her until she could be replace for a new, more important figure. Likely, a tragic story such as herself. They only remember the sad stories nowadays. 

So, yes. She was a statue. Unable to reach to others or her own self. Because of that, she wouldn’t let anyone know how much she loathed the praise. Or maybe she just hated how sad she truly was. No point bothering herself with such meaningless ideas, though. It would be a sacrilege to judge the Archbishop’s happiness. She was happy cause the Goddess made her, therefore she was perfect. Nothing more to look into.

“Thank you for your words, young man. May the Goddess be by your side" 

And the noble left. And the sorrowful woman was left alone with the shadow of a monster who would do anything to bring her long gone joy back. Even if it meant tearing some beautiful statues down. 

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