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Hi! Thanks for following me! If you haven’t already, of course check out my AO3! Lots of stuff on there to read. Today specifically, check out the fic America’s Birthday, aka the 4th of July BJ fic I wrote last year for Steve’s birthday. 

Here are some of my favorite bookmarked fics from other authors: 

Fics that make my heart swell and/or cry 🥺🥺🥺: 

Hold Me Tight by Potrix (T)

like a river flows by bardingbeedle (G)

Storm of my Heart by HogwartsToAlexandria (T)

Fics that make me 👀👀👀: 

Sweet Summer by starksnack (G)

Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play by ceealaina (E)

A Brighter World Than Bright by BlossomsintheMist (E)

There’s so many good fics out there, this is literally a tiny fraction of them. There’s tons more in my bookmarks on AO3. This fandom is so talented 🤧🤧🤧

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Title: tempo(ral)

Author: dakhtar on AO3

Artist: feyrelay (AO3) + nonexistenz (tumblr: @nonexistenz)

Relationships: Tony Stark & James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Tony Stark & FRIDAY, Tony Stark & JARVIS, James “Rhodey” Rhodes & FRIDAY

Warnings: implied/referenced (heavily) past torture, memory alteration

Rating: Mature (Gen)

Wordcount: 58k (… I know.)

Tags: Not Steve Friendly, Not Team Cap Friendly, Post-Siberia, Not Fix-It for Civil War, Canon Divergence


Tony Stark’s last memory is of the sceptre touching his chest, the alien metal clinking delicately against the glass surface of his arc reactor, and Loki’s triumphant face.

His next memory is waking up in Siberia, bruised and confused, with FRIDAY apparently his AI and Rhodey - Rhodey! - in a wheelchair.

(The sceptre does nothing. Except it does everything. Tony Stark’s eyes turn blue, but only until he flies a nuke through a portal. And then–)

Read on AO3!


Playlist by feyrelay.

Art piece by nonexistenz

A collaboration for the Iron Man Big Bang 2019 @ironmanbigbang

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Summary:  Everyone hides behind something whether it’s walls they built up around themselves or even a suit of armor.  Sometimes it takes the right person or a thoughtful action to make those walls crumble.

Pairings: James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, Female Reader

Warnings: Language, anxiety, self-doubt, dealing with a disability


Tony couldn’t wait to try out the newest restaurant in town. It gave him the perfect excuse to gather the gang for a night out. The limo ride filled with laughter and chatter. A normal night out on the town, everyone dressed to the nines. Natasha and Wanda giddy they finally got to play dress-up with Y/n. It wasn’t that Y/n wasn’t a knock out in her own right, she just preferred jeans and t-shirts, anything comfortable and laid back.

Rhodey couldn’t help but glance her way on the drive. She’d been apart of the team for years. Her intelligence matched with Tony and Banner. Her humor childish like Clint and Sam, but she was mysterious and quiet like Nat. Y/n was tactical and strategic like himself and Steve, but she was down to earth and sweet, unlike any woman he’d ever met.

The 180 in her appearance left him speechless. A sleek black little sleeveless number with a little slit on the side. She sat with her legs crossed, the slit exposing part of her thigh relieving just the hint of a tattoo. Curiosity had his mind wandering. She seemed so reserved and yet there in front of him was ink tattooed on her skin. Not enough to make out what it was, but he wanted to know.

“You alright Rhodes,” Tony nudged his shoulder oblivious to the focal point of his best friend.

“Yeah, just ignoring whatever you were saying because it was boring,” James retorted earning a chuckle from the others.

“I’m deeply offended and you’re on the cusp of being replaced as my best friend.” Tony huffed feigning hurt.

“Then I feel sorry for whoever my replacement is.” Rhodey rolled his eyes snorting a laugh.

“Sucking up to me isn’t going to get you into my lab, Tony, besides I wouldn’t want you as my bestie. You’re too…” Y/n giggled interrupted by Steve.

“Egotistical.” The smirk on Steve’s mouth said enough.

“Narcasisstic,” Nat chimed in.

“Egomanihical,” Clint added his own two cents.

“Bougie.” Wanda snickered.

“Too smart to realize how wrong he is all time?” Pepper smacked his chest laughing.

“Hey,” Tony coughed glaring at the group. “I may or may not resemble those things. Come on kitten can’t you gimme a hint over what you’re doing?” Y/n shook her head grinning.

“It’s not a weapon, not a suit, not anything for you Tony. I did, however, make it for someone but whether or not they’ll ever use it is another thing.” There was a heavy sigh as her eyes drifted towards her hands folded in her lap.

“Come on kiddo,” Bucky laughed pushing her shoulder to annoy her. “Spill, how could someone not want anything you make. You’re a doll.”

“Because,” her voice quieted. Rhodey’s eyes squinted taking in the sudden change in her demeanor like she was ashamed. “They might… take it the wrong way. It was probably a bad idea anyway.”

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Tony Stark is amazing

He always tries to diffuse situations with people who are nervous of him who he respects/likes (even if they are of lower status)

  • Example: When he’s bantering with the soldiers in Iron Man 1

But he fucking antagonizes authority to prove they aren’t perfect

What I’m trying to say is that if Tony told a Senator to go fuck himself on live TV and verbally attacks Captain America he would most definitely destroy Trump

He’d hack Hilary Clinton’s emails and Trump’s records, put them out there, make sure no one could tell it was him and then go nominate Pepper for president

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@theavengays​ requested rhodey being a bamf and tony being proud, both of them snarky along the way. so i’ve decided rhodey’s going to be a secret agent because i love it

Agent Rhodes is a very successful secret agent. Honest to god, he is. Looks debonair in a suit and everything.

He’s taken down crime syndicates, looked men in the eye who were coined “the most dangerous in the world” and never broken a sweat while fighting them. He executed lies flawlessly, could adjust at the drop of a hat, and disappear just as quickly.

Rhodey cannot speak to the barista at the coffee shop he goes to. He literally can’t. He’s known this barista for a year. His name is Tony. He wears an AC/DC button on his apron, always makes Rhodey a very fancy latte that he never orders, and has the best smile in the world.

Pepper makes fun of him whenever he comes into the office smiling like a dope.

“How was Tony? You say anything to him yet besides ‘hi’?”

“I hate you.”

“You said that to him? Wow, how unfortunate. You’ll die alone.”

“Don’t remind me, I just hope it’s somewhere fun. Like maybe Ireland on the side of the road or perhaps Spain.”

“You want to die in Spain? Spain?”

“Yeah, there’s a possibility of my ghost haunting La Sagrada Familia. I’m about that shit.”

“Jim, I hate you.”

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Rhodey and Tony were both engineering majors at MIT. What this means is two things: 

1.) They know how to make Ultimate Beer Pong. 

2.) Rhodey and Tony can potentially two of the most annoying people alive. 

(All engineering majors have this potential, but with these two it’s amplified times about ten or so.) 

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A/N: hahahaha, hope you’ll like this little piece!

Word Count: 244

TW: None

A figure stumbled through the streets in search of a way to escape from the rain. It flowed down over the cars, jumped over the umbrellas, and slipped down the walls of the buildings.

He stopped by the next route of the pavement, trying to shake the droplets from his damp hair. Tony rested his hand against the streetlight, trying to fight against the shivers threatening him.

If he didn’t leave soon, he might get a chill. Maybe he should have worn a raincoat, because now his designer clothes were soaked. Happy had a point when he told him that it would rain, today.

But he didn’t think it would be this bad!

Tony’s teeth chattered as tremors ran through his body and he hugged himself with the silk sleeves of his jacket. A small beep startled him and he was forced to look up.

“Now this is where you’ve been, this whole time?” He heard an exasperated voice asked when a familiar silver Audi pulled up.

“Honeyb-bear!” Tony exclaimed, his heart pounding against his chest with mirth. “S-so good to see you!”

“You’re soaking and freezing underneath this rain,” Rhodey pointed out candidly, unlocking the door to the backseat. “Get in the car.”

Too happy to comply, Tony’s mouth stretched into a full grin. He opened the door and slipped into the cushion, safe from the wrath of the cold rain. Rhodey began driving them away from the murky New York streets.

Pick a word and I’ll write you a ficlet.

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Here’s the thing about Rhodey: he’s not usually competitive. Usually. He knows he’s good, and he knows that he doesn’t exactly have to win everything to be considered a great guy or a “challenge” to the opposing team. His chess strategies can account for that exactly. (He loses every single round but a different time. Chess Club respects him.) 

But this is different. Totally different

He’s dating Tony Stark. Which is quite a big deal, even if he’s been acting like it isn’t for the last week in public. 

Not in public? Whole other story. He called his little sister and asked if yellow was an obnoxious color. 

He could practically feel Jeanette’s eyes judging from across the phone line. 

“You’re serious? You’re asking about yellow?” 

“Well you know, sometimes it’s too bright and shit, so–” 

“If this is about your stupid fucking yellow polo shirt, I thought I told you to burn that. Tony will hate you forever if you wear it.” 

“Oh. Okay. Thanks Jeanie. Love you.” 

“I mildly tolerate you.” 

“You’re lying.” 

“I know.” 

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