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knockedupstream · 7 hours ago
We talk about how people often prefer the gay ship because the emotional heart of the story often revolves around two men and the female character often just exists to be the love interest. Sometimes I’ll change the sex of one of the characters to see if we would get a good het ship or if the studio would have likely made those two end game. I also look and see if I make a het ship a gay ship if it is something I would like. I do this to see if I’m just hating on the het ships or if it is just the writing of them I can’t get into.
Gonna only do the Captain America Crew in this post. Putting in the cut because this is long and will not be everyone’s cup of tea.
Stucky is probably the most popular ship in the MCU. Make Steve a woman, Stevie I guess. You’d have to basically rework the plot of The First Avenger because the military isn’t giving super soldier serum to a woman much less a sickly one and we have to find another reason for her to get the serum. I also dont’ think they’d make her the Star Spangled Woman with a plan unless it was to recruit woman to go to work or the Woman’s Army corps, but that’s a very different AU to write. But anyway, we get the woman saving the man. But yeah tomboyish sickly Stevie who wants to be a tough girl, is constantly picking fights, and Bucky having to go put a stop to it? Yeah its cute. Winter Soldier would probably get a lot of complaints if they went to romance route in a later movie because Bucky spends the movie brainwashed and trying to kill her. But as someone that loves angsty ships where the hero and villain (Even though Bucky was brainwashed) fall in love... yeah my emo at heart soul loves this whole thing.
Change Bucky to a woman. (Jamie?) Again some rewriting, but Bucky can be a tomboyish girl who has to always bail her sickly friend Steve out of fights. Joins the women’s army corps and is captured along with many male soldiers. Now this one does become a very bizaar damsel in distress story line and I could see complaints that a badass woman was reduced as such. But I kind of dig this. Maybe it’s all the female Bucky cosplayers out there but I’d be into this one. Hollywood would love it too because they can have their badass woman and the male still gets to ultimately be the hero and save her.
Bring in Sam. Yeah Stevie jogging in the morning and saying “On your left” is totally flirting with him. Sam flirts back and suddenly he’s pulled into this crazy adventure. I think Sam would be far more concerned with her wanting to save Bucky because this is a man trying to murder her. But this is a good ship. Would Hollywood do it? I really want to say yes but I could see the hesitancy because it is an interracial couple. We’d probably need petitions and lots of fan support.
I don’t have to change Sam’s name at all if he were the woman. But same as above, Steve is flirting with her on the jog, roping her into this adventure and the two becoming partners. I mean their interactions at the end fight of Winter Soldier would feel very much like a couple. (Same as above with genders reversed, hell these two would just feel like a super hero couple) Fucking Disney would probably not go for it in the earlier 2010s though.
Stevie and Peggy. Oh hell yes. I’m all for the vintage f/f couple. But I also do love Steve and Peggy in The First Avenger.
Stevie and Sharon. I could never get into these two and even if it was an f/f couple, I’d prefer her with one of the men, which is rare for me to say.
Make Sharon a man (Sean?) and he just gets over shadowed by both Bucky and Sam.
Well move on to Sambucky. If Sam were the woman, is Bucky undermining her too much in Falcon and Winter Soldier? I’m not really sure how I feel about this one. It would really depend on their interactions in Civil War. I think it would have to be reframed as Bucky wanting to protect her and get that shield back and not so much him being mad at her for giving it up? Can someone else give a better perspective than me?
Now, Bucky as the woman, this ship is hilarious and also pretty sexy. Anthony Mackie would be the perfect actor for this and could probably ablib a lot of Sam’s dialogue. First of all, its sweet that Sam would be checking up on her and I think he would do it more in this scenario. I also think he would be a bit more playful with her in Civil War and not as snarky? Sam has this former brainwashed 106 year old murderous assassin insisting on going on his mission with him, jumping out of airplanes and falling on her face, wanting to break out a criminal, insisting on wanting to take the shield from Nu Captain America, being the muscle. Later showing up in Louisana and doing all the heaving lifting while fixing the boat. And then add all the sexual tension between them. This one would be the most fun.  Would Marvel make them a couple? I really really hope so. Falcon and the Winter Soldier would become a RomCom.
Bucky and Ayo. Uh yes? Do we even need to ask about this one?
Change Sarah to a male because right now I’m Buckysarah trash. We’ll call him Soren. Hot single dad who immediately smiles when Bucky says hi to him? Sign me up. This is adorable. I think Sam might also have a different reaction. He’d be more accepting because he’d be worry about his brother’s safety but knows he’d be safe with the Winter Soldier.  I think it really helps that, even with her limited screen time, Sarah herself is a very interesting character. Single mother supporting her family, knowing how to fix a boat, dealing with bullshit racism, she manages to be far more interesting than other women in the MCU who had bigger roles. It helps that they wrote her as a character.
So Captain America actually has a lot of canon het ships I like. I like Steve and Peggy, Bucky and Sarah, I even liked Steve and Nat, it made more sense than Nat and Hulk. The only one I really wasn’t into was Steve and Sharon and I think that’s a combination of Sharon being Peggy’s niece and Marvel doing Sharon wrong pre TFAWS. But CA also had some good M/M ships that I would also be very much into if they were het ships.
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the-abominable-hulk · 7 hours ago
After tonight it’s going to probably be at least a year (or more? Probably more? Two years?? Three???) before we see Sam or Bucky in the MCU again so like. Y’know. Fuck me aldjsk. Also pls bless us with one more Rhodey appearance in this before Iron Wars PLS
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riris · 7 hours ago
thots on brooke legendofshangchi side note i almost typed starkrhodes
my mortal enemy and idk i feel like they don’t know that much about rhodey or cindy :///// oh that sucks :/
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funkylittlebidiot · 8 hours ago
Tony, in the lab at 3 am: you ever see a birthmark and think “this would be such a convenient and cute way to identify me if my mangled corpse is otherwise unrecognizable”
Tony: but then you remember that no one knows or cares about you enough to recognize you by the freckle on your hip?
Rhodey, without looking up from his work: the one behind your ear would be better because it’s smaller and more hidden and thus harder to notice and replicate
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riris · 9 hours ago
thoughts on rhodey son anon
they’re right
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shellheadtm · 10 hours ago
anon /  What is the best thing about Rhodey and Tonys friendship? I feel like it is so underrated because it’s the best kind of friendship imo
it is the best kind of friendship, tbh.  like tony and rhodey are two people who are...on the surface complete opposites of each other but then you put them in a room together and you realize they’re both literally gremlin children.  but honestly i think what i, personally, love best about them is that they’re each other’s personal cheerleading squad, and they love each other so, so much.  it’s a give and take of support, it’s not one-sided at all.
like there’s probably a literal million examples in the comics of how they operate but some of my favorite hits include: + that time tony died and made rhodey ceo of stark enterprises because he knew if he could trust his company to anyone it would definitely be rhodey. + that time everyone went on vacation on tony’s island and it was literally just the doctor (iirc this was after ling got hurt, i’ll have to double check at some point), tony, rhodey, bethany, and ling, and i just.  that’s a vibe.  tony and rhodey going on vacation together is a complete vibe.  love that for them. + the fact that tony trusted rhodey to take up iron man when he quit because of the drinking and everything after. + tony literally rebooting rhodey out of death because he missed his best friend so much. + the fact that for so much of their friendship they have literally been attached at the hip everywhere they go, especially when tony was living on the west coast like.  you literally did not see one without the other. + the way they give each other shit at all times, it’s how you know the love is real. + tony knowing mama rhodes, i love this, i do not accept criticism for this. + the fact that out of all the people that tried to get through to tony when things were really bad rhodey was the one who literally never really gave up hope or gave up trying until tony just up and disappeared completely. + the fact that overall rhodey is definitely someone tony admits his worries and anxieties to without much prodding the way, say, he would have to be cajoled with someone like steve.  it’s a different kind of friendship, you know what i mean? + mama hen and papa bear. + “i think you’re cute, too.”  with that rhodey just crashing on tony’s couch it’s whatever they’re just a couple of overgrown children having a sleepover like 80% of the time.
like there’s just so much that makes them great, tbh, but i think overall its’ the literal, genuine love they have for each other.  you know they’d move heaven and earth for each other if they needed to, and while tony is like that about a list of people, there aren’t a whole lot of people that would return it, and i guess that’s my point.  it’s an equal friendship on equal footing full of equal, mutual love.
random things / always accepting
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mayalopez · 10 hours ago
I’m the “Rhodey has a son” anon. Well, it was in war machine vol 1 .. I don’t remember the issue number. I will go through the archives and come back with an issue number.
this is literally so new to me im shaking .... i await the issue number
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ilvermourn · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my babies :( i love them the mostest
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Peter: “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends”
Ned: “It’s always one of them gotta be ugly”
Tony: “...true...and false”
Tony: “see Rhodey and I aren’t pretty”
Rhodey: “we’re gorgeous”
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Tony: [drunk] [points at Pepper] That’s my girlfriend, motherfuckers!
Rhodey: Wife, idiot
Tony: [gasps] Even better!
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mayalopez · a day ago
Jones is gonna come round to check on Carol..only to find her running around the apartment wearing a wizard hat, flapping her cloak, and yelling how she's the greatest magical person who ever lived!
shes goign to tell it to carol straight n its possibly going to make carol cry but its WHAT SHE NEEDS TO HEAR
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tonystarkisaslut · 2 days ago
Tony Rhodey, drifting
In all honesty, flying around as Ironman is only second best, at making Tony’s adrenaline rush and making him feel free.
The absolute best has always been, and still is, driving his cars.
“Tony, slow down.”
There was absolutely nothing like swerving around cars, pushing the gas pedal to the floorboard, and seeing how fast his engine can keep up.
“Tony! Christ, that was close! Slow down!”
When he’s going over 200 miles an hour, the cars in his lane looking like they’re going 20, and nothing but his instincts and reaction time to stop him from crashing?
“Tony! Can you not hear me?!”
That’s the best. It’s the absolute best, it’s even more freeing than flying. It feels like he’s on a different planet all together.
“Tony stop the car! I want out!”
“I know what I’m doing, sour patch,” Tony says, face resting in an easy smirk. “You know me. I’ve got this.”
And Tony is a very good driver; good enough that they let him drive in a professional race car event. He’s very good.
“You’re scaring me, Tones! Even if you can do this, I don’t like it! So stop!”
Tony swallows thickly, but laughs easily and does everything he can to appear relaxed. “I’ve got you Rhodey,” he mumbles, not even sure if the other man heard him at this point. “I got this.”
The only issue with driving, however, is that he’s entirely reliant on the brake pedal for safety. Unlike when he’s flying, when he can start and stop the suit with just a thought.
“Tony! God, you’re so annoying!” Rhodey laughs in disbelief, holding onto the handle.
Tony laughs easily, keeping his eyes on the road though. “You love me,” he replies.
And the problem with being reliant on the break pedal, is that there’s no way to stop the car when it doesn’t work.
“I’ll love you more if you slow down!” Rhodey laughs, but he’s finally relaxed. He trusts Tony.
“Sure you would,” Tony teases, looking at the gas tank. If he can keep them alive long enough that the tank runs out, then the car will force itself to drift to a stop.
All he has to do is keep them alive, and keep Rhodey thinking Tony is still in control.
Hopefully Tony can keep this up, because Jarvis isn’t here, and the car is going too fast for the suit to safely stop the car anyway.
Tony lets out a shaky breath, hoping it was quiet enough, and focuses on controlling the car until it starts drifting. If they make it that long.
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stark-strange-love2 · 2 days ago
Tony: I can totally tell when Stephens mad at me
Rhodey: how? That man is an enigma
Tony: normally he texts me ‘hiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ 😘😊🥺’
Tony: but when he’s mad he texts me ‘hello.’
Tony: and when he’s horny it’s ‘heeey~ 😘😉😏’
Tony: and when he’s sad it’s just ‘hi’
Rhodey: wow... what do you text him?
Tony: ‘how’s it hangin stranger danger’
Rhodey: why is he still with you
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abraodwaystateofmind · 2 days ago
No Regrets
Sam Wilson x Reader
description: You don’t have any regrets about leaving it all behind and coming on the run with Sam 
 word count: 2k
 warning: mentions of war, loss of a friend
 a/n: This is my first Marvel fic since I was like 14. I’ve loved Marvel since I was a kid and I’ve missed writing it. (FYI, I might make this into a series instead.)
Tumblr media
I walked into the VA building feeling anxious. What would people think of me? A veteran needing help; needing therapy to cope with the loss of a fallen soldier. My job description didn’t include ‘depression and nightmares’, it included ‘bravery and strength’. Marines were built to be strong, untethered men and women. This marine came out of combat a new and broken woman. 
As I search for the room the meeting is in, I notice a tall, dark, and handsome man smiling and shaking hands with others. He stood next to a sign of the meeting I was going into. A friend of mine told me about this support group. He said that it helps, but now I’m second-guessing. 
“Hi, I’m Sam. You must be Y/N, our new joiner?” I was stunned that he would remember the signup sheet for this week. However, I must be the only one considering his choice of words.
“Yes. That’s me… Hi.” I awkwardly shook his hand. His smile was wide and brightening but in a gentle giant kind of way. Sam had a calming presence, one I wanted to keep around. I don’t have many friends since coming home, maybe we could find something in common. 
“You can sit next to me. I know these sessions can be intimidating.” Sam lead me into the room and towards the front with a couple of chairs. About ten to fifteen people were here, spread out, and anxiously waiting to get this over with. “I promise I won’t bite.” I gently smiled at his attempt to help calm me down.
Sam encouraged me to get up and talk about my experience. I knew that it would help and hearing the stories of others gave me a sense of peace. It’s soothing to know that others struggle with similar triggers. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” I took a brief pause trying to regain my courage. “I’m triggered by jets. I feel like I’m back in Iraq, hiding under a caved hill, praying I wouldn’t get shot down. But instead of me, it was lieutenant Jenkins, lying there in front of me. She saved my life.” I turned my head to quickly wipe a tear that escaped. “I layed there with her for about five hours until rescue came. Every time I hear jets, I think of Rhonda… And that I had to tell her parents, she died saving my life. I still hold that guilt that if I wasn’t there or if I wasn’t born, Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins would have their daughter back. Rhonda would have her life back. I would have my best friend back.” They clapped for me as I took my seat. Sam placed a gentle hand on my knee giving a slight smile.
He got up in front of the group. “This process isn’t easy. Healing takes time, it takes time to progress, it takes long nights of hypotheticals. Every day will get better. Every day back into a normal living will help see that bags on the street aren’t bombs and jets flying over aren’t enemy jets. Every day we understand that we are safe. We are safer now than we were before. I am proud of you all today. Remember to breathe and take in the small things. Be well.” Sam stepped away from the podium and over to me. I stood up grabbing my purse and jacket. 
“So, was this your scene? Will you come back?” I smiled and nodded.
“This support group did help. I think I will come back, only if I get to sit next to you again.” A rush of embarrassment and confidence ran through me.
Sam chuckled. “We can make that arrangement.” 
Sam changed my life, and for the better. We both suffered in battle with losing our partners. We lost someone we loved; our best friends. Somehow I think that losing our partners in battle brought us together. If Sam hadn’t lost Riley and I hadn’t lost Ronda, we would have never met. I’d like to think that they are our guardian angels. Rhonda knew I wasn’t happy, even before I joined the Marines. She always told me I needed to just get out and find someone who would appreciate me the way she did. Recruiting into the Marines brought me Rhonda. Rhonda brought me friendship. Our friendship brought us closer, but the mission took Rhonda away. She gave me herself, in the form of Sam. 
“That was a really fun date. Thank you for taking me out, I think I needed it more than I thought I did.” I looked up towards Sam. He smiled softly. “You’re welcome. I enjoy being in your company.” I turned my head quickly to distract him from the blush rapidly forming on my face. “You don’t have to hide, I think it’s cute when you get flustered.” I chuckled. 
Sam walked me up the stairs to my small apartment building. “So, this is me.” He looked up at the deteriorating complex. “This is where you live?” I nodded. 
“What? Not what you expected?” I leaned my weight to one side, popping my hip to show attitude. 
“No, it’s not. You told me the department helped you with this place. It looks like if a small tree touched it, it would collapse.” Sam showed concern.
“Yeah well, for right now it’s home. If I chose to, D.C. isn’t where I’d want to live. I’m not from here, but my court-mandated therapy sessions are here and I’m with a 12-month lease.” After telling him the truth about my living situation, I immediately apologize. “I’m sorry that was a lot of information at once… Bye.” I turn to go into my building. Sam gently pulled my arm back. “It’s okay. Don’t feel like you can’t share the truth with the people you want to. I know therapy can be difficult.” I leaned into his touch and nodded. 
“Yeah. I don’t want to talk about what I’ve been through with someone I’m forced to talk to.”
Three and a half months later, and we’ve been dating for almost that long next Friday. Sam has helped me change into the person I know I can be without the pressure and anxiety that came with our previous jobs. I knew that the journey of overcoming the pain will be healed, it just feels as if healing from it acts as if I’m trying to forget Rhonda. Another way to help with healing is moving in with Sam. He asked me a while back and now’s the time to be ready. I still don’t know how he got me out of my lease in that crap hole. 
I felt his arms wrap around me from behind as I put the groceries away. “I moved aside some room in the bathroom for you. I didn’t know where you wanted your stuff so I just left it.” Sam kissed my right shoulder, squeezing me tighter.
“Thank you birdie.” I smiled. “Hey, what did I say about that nickname?” He let go of me to move around the other side of the counter across from where we were. “You said you didn’t like it. And I said I didn’t care.” I turned to put the milk in the fridge. “And I said there would be consequences.” Now it was my turn to act tuff. “Bring it, birdie.” As soon as I finished my sentence, he chased me around the apartment. In and out of corners and fast decisions, I thought I had a leg on him until I was cornered. “Any last words?” Sam triumphantly stalked to me. “Yeah, I love you birdie.” Sam’s face fell in shock but surely turned into a smile. His fast moves pulled me close, “I love you more sugar.” We shared a sweet and loving kiss. At that moment I knew, he was the one.
It all turned to shit after that. Steve and Natasha came to see Sam. I helped them in the fight with the now broken S.H.I.E.L.D. turned Hydra. I never knew that we would become a part of this team. Sam and I were both recruited, yet I was more behind the scenes, where Sam was on the field. It was calm after the Sokovia, where we had a moment of harmony.
Until going to find Bucky with Steve and being on the run. Sam told me to stay home, where it would be safer. But I couldn’t be alone anymore, nor did I want to be away from him. I later found him in a small cottage in the countryside of Italy. I promised Sam I wouldn’t leave him, to which he wanted me to leave. He told me he couldn’t put me through this stress of being on the run. That I didn’t deserve this kind of life. Little did he know is that I would do anything for him. 
“Y/N, please go back home. You’re safer there.” I chuckled sitting on the bed. “I’m safer with you. It’s so lonely at home. Plus, I couldn’t leave you to go through this alone. I love you, Wilson.” He sighed 
“You’re lucky I love you too. Otherwise, you’d be on the next flight out.” He sat next to me. I stood up, standing between his legs. Kissing his head gently, then his temple and cheeks, then his nose and chin, then finally his lips. “Just you and me.” Sam smiled. “Just you and me.”
The countryside wasn’t so bad. It was beautiful even. The hot Tuscan sun, the quick albeit long breezes, the food; I could get used to Italy. “I can’t remember the last time I strolled through an Italian winery countryside, hand-in-hand with my boyfriend.” I smiled looking up at him. Sam chuckled. Steve rolled his eyes. “Why am I always third-wheeling?” I smiled, “Because you chose to selflessly die for others which got you frozen for seventy years and brought back to life.” Steve sighed, “Yes. Oh, how heroic of me.” Steve, Sam, and I chuckled as we continued our walk along the dirt and gravel path. 
Two years hiding out with Sam and Steve became interesting. Life was thrilling trying to hide out from others, but also dangerous. There were times where I felt I was being watched and would get caught. Then out of the blue, there was a call to go save Wanda and Vision in Scotland. I wasn’t one of the Avengers, but with help, I became a pseudo-assassin. Not to mention, I knew how to fight rather well back in my marine days. “You have to stay safe and out of the line of fire.” Sam called over the earpiece. I was told to guard Wanda, Vision, and Shuri in her lab. I knew what I was meant to do, but a part of me would always worry about how Sam was. We were all in this fight together, yet all I could think about was protecting him. 
We fought off as many as we could before they attempted to reach Vision. I followed Wanda into the forest to protect Vision. I fought against part of Thanos’s people to protect them, knowing what Wanda needed to do. Then it all came to an end. Thanos was there, threw everyone who came in his way. I jumped from a nearby tree to come from behind and wrapped my legs around his neck to strangle him. He easily threw me off and into a pile of bushes. I got winded undoubtedly, but before I could embrace what happened, he snapped. The sound of Thor’s voice filled the already quiet air. “What did you do? What did you do!?” I got up searching around. 
“Sam?” Nothing.
“Sam!” Silence. 
“Sam!?” I look back and see Rhodey with fear in his eyes. He was gone.
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ironman-tonystark · 2 days ago
While I'm usually in trouble with someone for something, I know I've really fucked up when Rhodey and Pepper are about to lecture me together.
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