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day 6: rain
(yes, tony is the most dramatic person ever)
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i did it i cracked the code i know why tony calls rhodey “sour patch” i figured it out you guys
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sreppub · a month ago
Tangled!RhodeyTony AU, continued
more for this AU where tony is rapunzel trapped in a tower by evil godfather stane, rhodey is the guy who discovers a little hermit in the woods and coaxes him to live a little, and now introducing royal guardswoman potts, who is always on lovable rogue rhodey’s tail. :)
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after rhodey gets stabbed and cuts off tony’s magical healing hair before obie can do something terrible, pepper loses it on an all-powerful warlock bastard. and she wins.
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tony stark + tumblr text posts
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rhodeys · a year ago
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#best friends
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ironhusband · 3 months ago
Inspired by this SNL sketch.
“Are you sure you want to bring me to your cousin’s wedding?” 
Rhodey huffed, tired of hearing this question for the third time today. He was starting to wonder if Tony wanted him to go. “For the last time, yes,” Rhodey promised him, “you’ll do great, I promise. My family loves you.” 
“Yeah, but isn’t this supposed to be a family thing?” Tony questioned, for, again, the third time, “they might put up with me, but I'm still not family.” 
Rhodey’s heartbeat sped up at the words. See, the thing is, Tony might not be a Rhodes officially, but Rhodey hoped that he would be soon. Rhodey wasn't going to do it tonight, but he’d gotten very used to carrying the ring with him everywhere he went. 
He was going to do it when he officially transferred to Edwards, when he could tell Tony they could move in together and start planning their future together. He would do it when he could tell Tony that the long distance nightmare, with the few spots of sun that were his leaves, is ending. But tonight, even if Tony wasn’t family yet, he just wanted to enjoy his cousin’s wedding with his boyfriend and family. 
“Trust me,” Rhodey said, instead of voicing his thoughts, “it’s not a family thing. I barely know half the people they invited.” 
“Okay but-” 
Rhodey pulled on his hand, dragging him towards the building, “just come on, already.” 
His cousin’s reception was filled with people. He could spot some of his relatives sitting at the tables or dancing with people he didn’t recognize and he couldn’t wait to catch up with them all. He missed his family so much while he was away. 
He could feel Tony tensing from the overwhelming amount of guests, but before he could say something about it to Rhodey, someone Rhodey didn’t recognize approached him. 
“Hey, Tony!” the person surprisingly addressed his boyfriend rather than him. Tony’s face lit up and he accepted the hug from this mystery person. “Last we talked you told me you weren’t coming!” 
“Rhodey talked me into it at the last minute,” Tony explained, “that’s why we’re so fashionably late.” 
The mystery man laughed and turned to Rhodey, saying, “oh, you’re Rhodey! I heard so much about you.” He offered his hand for Rhodey to shake, “I’m Noel.” 
“Hi,” Rhodey shook his head, smiling, “I wish I could say the same.” 
Tony gave him a glare, “I told you about Noel. Remember, Kim’s best friend?” 
“Oh, right,” Rhodey nodded, pretending to remember. “You’re the best man,” he guessed.  
Noel nodded, “yeah, and you are Alexis’ cousin.” 
“That’s me.” 
“Nice meeting you,” Noel smiled politely before turning back to Tony, “hey, you know you’re always invited to poker night, right? How come you’ve missed so many the past few weeks?” 
“Sorry, Noel, company stuff, you know how it is.” 
“Not in the slightest,” Noel responded and Tony laughed, “you should come when you can, though, it’s about time someone brought in the big money. Getting kind of boring.” 
“I’ll try,” Tony promised, “but I'm not bringing the ‘big money’.” 
“You’re no fun, Stark,” Noel teased, before looking to his side, hearing someone calling his name, “hey, I gotta go, but don’t be stranger!” 
“I won’t!” Tony called out after him, and then turned back to Rhodey, this time seeming more relaxed. Rhodey gave him a puzzled look, “what?”
“You’ve never once told me about Noel.” 
“I did too!” Tony insisted, “he’s part of Kim’s gang.” 
“And since when are you a part of Kim’s gang?” 
“I’m not,” Tony said, vague, “I’m more like... an add on. Let’s go eat, those pigs in a blanket look good.” 
Tony dragged him away towards the buffet, leaving Rhodey confused but willing to let it go. 
It kept happening during the wedding. Rhodey would be catching up with his aunt, and when Tony came back with their drinks, his aunt would start talking to Tony about the latest episode of The X-Files. Rhodey would be talking with one of his high school friends and he’d turn around to Tony being locked in a debate about cars with his great-uncle. From all of Alexis’ bridesmaids to Rhodey’s old kindergarten friends to the five year old daughter of Rhodey’s cousin - all of them knew Tony somehow and all of them loved him. And Tony seemed to share that sentiment with each of them. Tony dodged all his questioning looks and words of amazement but when they were sitting together, listening to Alexis’ thanking the guests for coming, Rhodey decided to get an answer once and for all. 
“So,” Rhodey whispered, “since when did you get so close with all of the guests in this wedding?” 
Tony looked down in his lap, embarrassed, “you noticed, huh?” 
“Hard not to,” Rhodey responded with, “so, what’s the story?” 
Tony looked at Alexis, avoiding his gaze, “well, uh, when you were away, I kind of ...missed you. I mean, I only got two weeks a year of you, so, can you blame me? Plus, there were all those stories on the news and not knowing what was going on with you was driving me crazy. And your mom and dad and sister got that, y’know? So I started hanging out with them sometimes, just to help distract them or to fix their dishwasher, and well... eventually I kept getting invites to cookouts and church and Thanksgiving, and I went because I’d never say no to your mom. And though those Christmases and backyard sales, I got to know your family, and I became friendly with most of them because... because they’re great people. And through your family I met... most of these people. So, yeah. That’s how. God, talking about it out loud made me realize how weird that is.” 
Rhodey’s heart warmed at hearing how Tony missed him just as much as Rhodey missed Tony - logically, Rhodey knew, but Tony rarely expressed that emotion through words and he treasured it every time he did - and at how Tony used his family to fill that void. He has stared at the ring many times, but never did he feel such a strong urge to propose. 
But before he could say any of that, Alexis finished her speech, “and lastly, thank you to Tony, who got us this venue at the last minute! Everyone, give Tony a round of applause!” 
Tony hid his face as Alexis pointed to him and everyone in the crowd gave a tiny cheer. 
Rhodey was gathering their things so they could leave the wedding, but he couldn't find Tony anywhere. He wasn’t on the dance floor or talking with a stranger at one of the tables or in the bathrooms, or even outside. Rhodey checked everywhere, but he didn’t know where Tony was. 
As he walked through the hall to try and find if Tony also knew the cooks, or something to that effect, he heard voices coming from behind a wall. It was his mom and Tony. 
“...I’ve always really respected what you did for Jeanette and James, and I know Rhodey would want me to ask you this. I just hope you say yes. And that he says yes, of course. I know we’re young and that I’m not exactly what you pictured-” 
“Oh my god, Tony, of course you have my blessing to marry Jim. I couldn’t be happier to have you as a son in law.” 
There was a sound of his mom crashing Tony in a hug as he ‘oof’ed. Rhodey’s heart thumped in his throat. Even though a small part of him was mad that Tony was stealing his proposal thunder, he couldn’t help but be excited about the fact they both had a ring and the fact that Tony was definitely going to say yes. He couldn’t wait to get married to the love of his life. Not to mention he found it sweet, if not old fashioned, that Tony asked his mom for her blessing. 
“When are you going to do it?” His mom asked. 
“As soon as possible, if I’m honest,” Tony said. 
“Well, don’t let me keep you,” his mom said, “go on, propose to him.” 
Tony was pushed through the door, chuckling. Rhodey quickly hid behind a wall so Tony didn’t know that he was listening in the entire time. He was still hoping to beat Tony to the proposal and he couldn’t do that without the element of surprise. 
“There you are,” Rhodey said, appearing when Tony was in range of his sight, “we have to go - where did you drift off too?” 
Tony looked surprised to see him, mumbling lamely, “um... I just... I wanted to see the... the backroom.” 
“The backroom?” Rhodey asked, amused.
“It had great paintings,” Tony clarified.
Rhodey tried to swallow his smirk, instead saying, “we have great paintings at home too. Let’s go.” He took Tony by the hand and walked him to the exit, politely waving goodbye to Alexis and Kim. 
When they were just about to get in to the car, Rhodey grabbed Tony by the waist and pecked him. Just a short, sweet kiss, but Rhodey hoped it showed how much he adored Tony.
Tony smiled into the kiss, “what was that for?” 
Rhodey shrugged, “just the wedding vibe. And me being very, very in love with you.” 
“Very, huh?” Tony beamed, “you’re not so bad yourself.” 
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ir0npvrker · 4 months ago
tony: what’s up sluts? i’m back from jail
rhodey, concerned: sluts?
pepper, even more concerned: jail?
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sibmakesart · 5 months ago
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Day 22 of
A fanart a day(-ish) until 25th, more or less connected to Christmas :P
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leelaakacidra · a year ago
no because iron man(2008) literally said "it's human to fail, but it's heroic to do something about it"
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renegaedz · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
MIT kids
[id: a drawing of young Tony Stark and Rhodey from the Marvel comics. Tony is standing by Rhodey, leaning over him. They’re wearing sunglasses and have them pulled down their noses, they’re both staring at the viewer and smiling. Tony’s wearing a blue button-up with the sleeves rolled up, and grey jeans. Rhodey’s wearing an orange sweater with white stripes. end id]
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tonythefuturist · 6 months ago
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iron man trilogy behind the scenes shots 2/2
"I'm sorry I don't wanna get off on the wrong foot here; do I look at the patch or the eye? Honestly I'm a bit hungover I'm not sure if you're real."
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justlous-art · 6 months ago
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day 16: reunion
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incorrectmcuquotess · 10 months ago
Tony: Rhodey, I am so excited that you're here! It has been forever since I have been around anyone even remotely fun. [turns to the rest of the Avengers] Yes offense.
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sreppub · a month ago
Tumblr media
THAT scene from tangled but rhodeytony… baby tony singing through tears trying to heal his rhodey? more likely than you think
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ad1thi · 5 months ago
2021 fic recs [part 1]
i had so much doing this last year that i decided to do it again!! if you missed it last year look here and here but the basic premise that i choose fics published this year that i just rly enjoyed to spread some joy!!
same rules as last year apply: 5 fics per month, and Jan-June will be published today (aka Dec 1st) and July-Dec will be posted 1st Jan 2022). anyway, without further ado - here are my 2021 fic recs!! (February onwards hidden under the cut so this doesn’t get super long)
just a note that this is by no means the ONLY good fics that ive read in 2021, and i chose five simply bc if i was to list everything i wrote then this post would go on forever. trust me when i say narrowing this down was super hard, and i have gone over this list multiple times
Disclaimer: if you read any of the fics on this list (or fics in general tbh) don’t forget to leave kudos and comments under the ones you like!! take my word for it, it makes an author’s day when someone leaves kudos and comments under their fic, it really doesn’t matter how old the fic is!!
for better or for worse: @maguna-stxrk
Sitting quietly like this, Tony can almost pretend that nothing has happened, that this is just another normal day of Steve waking up in bed next to him. Married and in love with no threat of divorce looming on the horizon.
Of course, that is before he catches sight of Steve’s bereft ring finger.
He wonders how long it has been since Steve’s ring finger is empty.
He wonders if he should start taking off his own, too. He wonders if Steve wants him to take it off.
spend the night right here with me: @michaelcoded
Tony and Rhodey spend the night after finals cuddling and watching Aristocats together. Platonically. Right.
Home for the Holidays: @aleator
Tony hasn’t been back to his hometown since the divorce. He just can’t stand the thought of going back to that small town and seeing everyone he used to know still there while they all act like he’s some bigshot for getting some fancy tech job and leaving them. Add on all the unnecessary sympathy about his divorce and it’s going to be an insufferable Christmas.
But here he is, at his parents’ annual winter holiday party, drinking champagne after champagne in the hopes that he’ll eventually pass out.
i just wanted you to know (this is me trying):  @/tazziebubbles (please heed the tags on this one)
It starts out with a diet.
working for you: @ifmywishescametrue
Bucky sits up on his elbows in the bed to watch Tony pull his boxer briefs back on. His muscles ache at the movement, and he stretches out each one of his arms again. Tony’s undershirt goes on next, and he’s reaching for the charcoal slacks as Bucky asks as casually as possible, “So when do you need me next?”
“I actually wanted to talk to you about that," Tony says. “I think it might be time to put an end to our arrangement
a four legged word: @starklysteve
“Tell Miss Potts your visit is on the house.”
Steve blinks, pausing. “I couldn’t – ”
“Well, I can. In exchange for a promise.”
For the first time, Steve notices Stark. A handsome smile, a well-trimmed beard, and toned muscles that peek out from under his scrubs. Steve straightens his back, keeping a hand on Liberty’s neck to keep her from getting too agitated. He’s quite aware of what his own body looks like – after all, he did come here to try solve his search for a longer-term date.
Still, no matter how lonely, “I don’t make those kinds of promises.”
Stark’s smile drops, head tipping sideways. “What kind?”
“The, uh,” Steve swallows, “the ones that involve a bed.”
“Is that what you think about me?” Stark’s jaw tightens.
Or, Steve's dog Liberty barks at every single date that Steve brings home. In desperation, Steve takes her to New York's best vet: Doctor Tony Stark. A certain kind of chaos happens.
bright as a starling: @deathsweetqueen
Tony meets Sam Wilson when he makes the EXO-7 FALCON wings and Rhodey asks him to present the wings to the two pilots who will actually be wearing them.
Tony whinges about it for a whole five minutes before he agrees, because Rhodey’s the one person who can get him to do things with minimal complaints.
He enters the room with a few officers and there, in the centre, are the two pararescue gentlemen who will be wearing the wings.
He offers his hand and says, “Tony Stark.”
“Holy shit,” is the response that he gets from the man whose hand he is not shaking.
The man whose hand he is shaking just grins at him, and holy shit seems to be the correct response, just coming from Tony instead.
Watching You Always: @playboyphilanthro-pissed
Rhodey hadn't meant to forget he was supposed to go out with Tony tonight. He hadn't forgotten how he felt about him either.
made your mark on me: @ifmywishescametrue
It’s a Thursday, the first time that Tony walks into Steve’s tattoo parlor. Steve is behind the counter, passing the time between appointments by filling his sketchbook with new designs and reworks of older ones. He glances up at the chime on the door and has a welcome greeting on the tip of his tongue that dies at the sight of him.
He’s young, and if Steve had to guess he’s probably never been in a tattoo parlor before today, if the nervous look is anything to go by. His hair is dark and messy, falling in every direction as he takes a knitted hat off of his head and stuffs it in his pocket, while wide brown eyes look around at the designs on the walls.
New words for old desires: @five-wow
“I have something to announce,” Steve announces, still holding his gun. He clears his throat and looks about ready to topple a government through sheer force of will and strength of jawline. “I’m gay.”
In which Steve comes out of the closet the same way he does most things in life (that is to say, holding a gun, with more confidence than any one man should be allowed to muster and radiating an aura that distinctly says I have mommy issues), and Danny does his best to be supportive.
in the morning i’m bulletproof: @omg-just-peachy
"Might look worse than it is," Steve offers, though the way he's gritting his teeth tells Tony otherwise.
"Looks like it feels pretty bad, darling," Tony breathes. He takes in the mess on the floor. The first aid kit lies at their feet, bandages and ointments and a million other things scattered across the tile.
"I dropped that," Steve says. "My hands were... shaking pretty bad I guess." He sounds almost ashamed to have said it.
Or, Steve comes back after a mission and Tony patches him up.
darling I fancy you: @ifmywishescametrue
Steve has had a plan for April fifteenth for months now. He’s finally back in New York tonight, officially done with the semester abroad in London that he and Natasha started in January. He loved England, but after months of conversations through text and brief phone calls alone, he just wants the taxi from the airport to drive faster to take him back home. Back to Tony, who Steve has been in love with for the better part of four years and is finally ready to tell how he feels.
Drunk on the Taste of You: @oluka
Tony’s always been a man of excesses. He’s never been shy about enjoying himself, never passed an opportunity to find pleasure in a drug, in a drink, or in someone. He’s not used to being kept wanting. This time is different, though, because what he wants is Steve, and he can’t have him.
He should rephrase that. What Tony wants is Steve’s blood. The super-serum-enhanced blood, to be even more precise. It’s suffocating, it’s all Tony can think about. He wants to wrap himself up in the smell, follow it to its source, sink his teeth into yielding flesh, and suck.
civilian: @capnwinghead 
Sam and Bucky have been married for eight years. Sam thought he knew everything about his husband.
Until SHIELD came to take him away.
Carnival Games: @aleator
A quick moment to relax with some boardwalk carnival games turns into a more intense competition than Tony bargained for. He'd forgotten just how intense both Pepper and Rhodey can be when it comes to, well, everything.
so April has seven recs, simply bc i was rly lucky to have two amazing authors write a fic for a prompt of mine, and it would be extremely callous of me to not add those to this list, but this is the only month where i am making that kind of exception
Catch-22: @starkrogerrs
It's a tale as old as time; Tony asks Steve to teach him how to give a blowjob and Steve, a pining idiot, agrees.
A Very Stark Proposal: @presidentrhodes
Tony's spent a lifetime dating women but a developing crush on a man forces him to confront his bi-curiosity. Naturally, Tony's brilliant idea for doing that is to ask Steve Rogers, who's secretly in love with him, how to give good blowjobs.
some fires worth keeping: @starklysteve
“Teamwork,” Steve hands the clipboard back, trying not to jerk his hand away when Stark’s rough fingers brush with his. “You’re thinking of teamwork.”
“Well, it takes two to tango, doesn’t it?”
“If you say so.”
“If I say so?”
“You’re, uh, you’re the doctor,” and Steve feels his own cheeks warm. A beat of silence, and he cautiously adds, “you know more about… bodies.”
Or, Tony is SHIELD Memorial's newest head of ER, and Steve is New York's best firefighter. Naturally, that means some pining happens, some injuries get healed, and some hearts get kept.
Growing Pains: @static-abyss
The truth is that Scott has loved Stiles for almost all of his life. And sometimes, even that isn't enough.
double dare: @omg-just-peachy
“Forget it,” Bucky grits out. “Forget I said anything. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Samuel, I’m sure I can get another train.”
“Oh no, don’t you 'Samuel' me. Come on, be my friend, Buck, I dare you. I double dare you,” Sam grins.
(Or, Bucky follows his therapist’s advice to cultivate friendship, Sam makes him work for it, and by the time he’s sure they’re friends, Bucky has an entirely new problem on his hands.)
trouble’s gonna follow: @ifmywishescametrue
It’s a Friday night at around nine pm when Sam decides that he might be better off never leaving his house again. Every time he does, trouble seems to find him in one form or another. It starts with a cute guy coming up to him at the bar just a few seconds after Sam walks in, and he’s completely Sam’s type. He’s a little on the shorter side, with dark brown hair and eyes almost the exact same shade, and there’s an easy grin on his face that tells Sam that he knows exactly how attractive he is.
The only problem is that his initial greeting of “Hey there, handsome,” is immediately followed by “would you mind pretending to be my date for the next ten minutes or so?”
those rude interruptions: @ifmywishescametrue
The first time is something of a joke.
Tony is doing that rambling thing like always, hands moving around rapidly and coming dangerously close to smacking passersby in the face. Rhodey isn’t even sure what he’s ranting about anymore. Maybe one of his professors, or that annoying guy in his physics class. All he does know is that he wants to get to the cafeteria before they run out of pizza and Tony walks slow when he’s talking. So Rhodey grabs him by the wrist when his hand flies in front of him again, spinning him around and planting his lips firmly against Tony’s for just a moment.
Or, the story of six kisses over the years.
if i gave you my hand (would you take it): @omg-just-peachy
“Where does it hurt?” Bucky asks, holding onto the ice pack. He’s wrapped it in a dishtowel, Sam notes, which is… nice.
“You don’t have to do this,” Sam says with a grimace. “I can take care of myself.”
Bucky’s quiet for a long minute, face half caught in the shadows, but he smiles to lighten the mood. “I know you can,” he tells him. He holds Sam’s gaze like he’s making sure Sam’s really hearing him. “But you don’t have to.”
(Or, 5 times Bucky dotes on and flirts with and takes care of an increasingly flustered Sam, and one time Sam catches on)
Safest in His Hands: @iam93percentstardust
Bucky Barnes has been Tony Stark's personal bodyguard for the last three years and hopelessly pining for him for almost as long. After Tony's unknown stalker takes it too far, however, Bucky is moved from the role of bodyguard to fake boyfriend to make sure Tony is kept safe at all times. It's the chance of a lifetime, a chance to prove to Tony just how good they'd be for each other, but one misstep and it isn't just Bucky's heart that's on the line, but his life - and Tony's too.
Object: Matrimony: @bladeofthenebula27
Omega Tony Stark craves adventure and an escape from the life his parents have planned for him in New York. He places a listing in a marriage catalogue to seek a match with an alpha out West, and Sheriff Steve Rogers answers his advertisement. But finding a nice alpha doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing from there...
- A Mail Order Bride AU -
I’ll cave in (whenever you see fit): @riotwritesthings
Bucky knows better than to get involved with a mortal, and he pays the price when Hydra kidnaps his boyfriend.
Tony is human, he's questionably in distress, and he is Handling It.
the road to somewhere new: @thefancyspin
Only Danny’s life right now is escorting Hawaii’s golden boy from the north shore back to Waikiki. Which might not be so bad if McGarrett didn’t have to make half a dozen stops on the way.
Or if he hasn’t insisted on driving Danny’s car.
Empty Side of the Bed: @oluka (please heed the warnings in the notes - beginning and ending - of this fic)
“You should get out of bed.” Tony doesn’t open his eyes. “Go away, Steve.”
ten points to tony stark!: @thompsborn
He’s doing this. And he knows he won’t regret it. And maybe talking himself through the mild panic making his bones rattle under his skin will make it feel less terrifying, because he shouldn’t be scared.
Not of this.
Not when it’s Rhodey that’s involved.
june 3 - first kiss
your ivy grows: @ifmywishescametrue
Tony has been trapped in an arranged marriage for years, isolated and withering under Ty's heavy hand. Until one night at a bar in Brooklyn changes everything.
Flights of Fancy: @dracusfyre
Tony had imagined what he would say when - if - he ever found Bucky again hundreds of times, but it had always been in private, never like this. What if Bucky didn’t recognize him? Or worse - what if Bucky remembered him, but hated him for what Howard had done all those years ago?
Tony and Bucky fell in love as teenagers and were torn apart by the cruelty of Tony's father. Will the memory of their love be strong enough to survive as years pass before they see each other again?
wreck my plans: @ifmywishescametrue
“Come here,” Bucky says. At Tony’s questioning look, he adds, “Come here, and I’ll carry you.”
Tony raises his eyebrows, “Seriously?”
“Seriously. We’ve only got about another quarter mile to the cabin, you’re in pain, and it’s not like you weigh much anyway.” Bucky takes another couple steps forward, hands on Tony’s hips, and he whispers into Tony’s ear, “I was strong enough to hold you up against the wall yesterday, remember?”
He smirks as Tony shivers, and he tucks a strand of Tony’s hair back, brushing his fingers against his skin to feel the goosebumps rise on it. “Bet I could carry you all the way back and still have the energy to do it again.”
Steve’s Guide to Improving Your Day: @riotwritesthings (nsfw)
Steve’s day is not going all that great.
It's never a good start when he wakes up to a panicked phone call from his assistant, although Steve has to admit that his studio being on fire is a better excuse for panic than usual.
At least he gets to see Tony tonight, and Steve is willing to bet it'll improve his day greatly.
and that’s part 1!! part 2 will be out soon!!
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holistic-alcoholic · 5 months ago
me writing rhodeytony after winteriron: I just think Tony needs a boyfriend named James. It would be neat.
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tales-of-the-dense · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
literally what heterosexual reason was there for this
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ir0npvrker · 9 days ago
rhodey: do you wanna talk about your trauma?
tony: trauma? you mean the reason i’m so fucking hilarious?
rhodey: no
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omg-just-peachy · 3 months ago
The amount of love stored in the words "next time you ride with me" Rhodes and Tony friendship is criminally underrated. That line should get just as much hype as "till the end of the line" which is also beautiful. For all it's faults MCU got it's friendships right with these pairs of idiots.
ahhhh when you're right YOU'RE RIGHT!
"next time you ride with me"
"give me back my rhodey"
"this lone gunslinger act is unnecessary... you don't have to do this alone."
u g h i just love them so much
Tumblr media
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humanveil · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What are you doing, man? Talk to me.  TONY STARK: IRON MAN (2018) #11
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