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sohappier · 16 hours ago
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Insta: 🎨 dominiquewesson
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selillusion · a day ago
≤))≥ me:
/ \ “i love you I'll
/ \ protect you from
/ \ everything” 😠
/ \ ≤((≥
_/ \_ _| \_
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alcbchtv · 9 months ago
"not all men" you're right, my book boyfriends would NEVER.
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chirkova-fan-art · 2 months ago
CHAPTER 55 🌃🌠🖤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wanted to make a series of erotic screenshot, there will be every chapter of the characters. Write which erotic chapters you are waiting for first :)
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incorrect-random-fandom · 29 days ago
Rhys: How could you spend my money on this?
Gwyn, putting tiny raincoats on ducklings: They live outside, Rhys, they need this.
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mischief-hakushaku-fujin · 2 months ago
Let's make a list, shall we?
Tumblr media
I'll start:
Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas
Rhysand by JoPainter on DeviantArt
Tumblr media
Cardan Greenbriar from The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
Credit on the pic
Tumblr media
Dorian Havilliard from The Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Credit on the pic
Tumblr media
Loki from MCU
Tumblr media
Gilbert Bougainvillea from Violet Evergarden
Tumblr media
Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass
Tumblr media
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach from The Witcher series (no, not, the netflix' adaptation, read the damn books okay)
Credits on the pics
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Add yours and reblog, tag along your friends; I wanna see how many mutuals we've got =)
My ex falls to the category but like, he is not a fictional character, sooo...
@thatmysterywriter have you got any on your mind? 😄❤️
@haroksan please join if you feel like it :)
@dikotur would you like to add any?...
@alisaurusthoughts would you like to join?
@prematuremidlifecrisis care to add some? 🖤
@sempiternalailurophile wanna hop in? 🖤
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shadowsingerspriestess · a month ago
Gwyn: don't worry, I've got a few daggers up my sleeve
Rhys: i think you mean cards
Azriel: she does not
Gwyn, pulling two daggers out of her sleeve: i do not
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jvwhyte · 6 months ago
“Rhys sprawled in an armchair, and Cassian occupied a second armchair with Lucien leaning against it, arguing with them about something that seemed related to a sporting event.”
Most underrated quote of ACOSF. Lucien arguing about sports with Rhys and Cass....😩😩😩
The three Archeron Sister's mates all bonding 😩
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moonandwritings · a month ago
Cassian ran a hand over the painted dresser, marveling.
“She really did paint stars for herself before she knew Rhys was her mate. Before she knew he existed.”
High Lady of The Night Court🌌💜
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lovclyjily · 2 months ago
I hate that though Gwyn is a freaking badass gem of a person, all people reduce her to be is Azriel’s potential mate.
She was one of the very few people who made it to the top of the Ramiel all the while battling her inner demons and deserves more recognition!!!
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burntviper · 10 days ago
Hii!! Absolutely love your hcs omg. Not many people write for Feyre or Rhys, so I was so happy to find your tumblr. Idk if you write fluff/angst, but I'd love to see one with Feyre x reader or Rhys x reader (whichever you feel in the mood for) where someone maybe disrespects the reader or something and the reader feels insecure. Feel free to change the topic of writing! Im happy to read anything you write :))
Rather Be Anyone Else (Rhysand x Reader)
Hey babes, you def made my day with your sweet words! I'm so glad that you enjoy my writing and I agree, not enough people write for Rhys/ Feyre. I hope you enjoy this fic and sorry it took me so long to write it. Also, 'jealousy, jealousy' by Olivia Rodrigo was a slight inspo for my writing/the title.
Warnings: self-confidence issues, alcohol, language, adult themes, sexual content.
' I'm so sick of myself
I'd rather be, rather be
anyone, anyone else
but jealousy, jealousy'
Looking at herself in the mirror, Y/N traced her fingers over the lightning shaped bolts on her skin. Her stretch marks never bothered her that much but today, today she noticed just how many she had. Her eyes dragged over the plumpness of her stomach, over its non-existent flatness. It was as if the more she stared at herself in that goddamned mirror the more flaws she found. Tears welling up in her eyes, Y/N grabbed the biggest sweater she could find and threw it on, trying to hide her figure in the soft cloth. Y/N shuffled under her and Rhys shared quilt and tried to sleep, wanting to forget everything she had just seen in the mirror, wishing she could just be anyone else.
'Why today?' she thought to herself as she laid under the covers. Y/N had an outing planned with the Inner Circle for tonight. They were all going to go to this new taproom that had just opened in Velaris. Everyone had been so busy lately that Rhys made it mandatory for everyone to come out tonight so there was no way she was getting out of it.
It wasn't as if something had triggered her into feeling this way. She had been loving every inch of herself recently. Especially, with the insatiable mate she had. Rhys worshiped her in bed. He kissed every inch of her skin, licking at her stretch marks, and gods, when he would be fucking her doggy, the way he would grasp her plump hips and slam her back against him....yeah it sent her into orbit. So, he never failed to make her feel like the goddess she was.
Although, her stunning group of friends didn't exactly help her confidence. It's not like Y/N could blame them though, I mean, it's not their fault they're all gorgeous. It's quite literally in their genetics. The fae being tall and slender, skin untouched by scars and acne. They were born to be beautiful. Y/N on the other hand was only half fae, the other half being illyrian. It seems as though her 'fae' genetics decided to fuck off when her appearance was developing. The only true mark of her being fae was her pointed ears.
So, maybe, today's confidence issue was attributed to the fact that she knew she would be surrounded by Velaris' best looking all evening or maybe, it was just the overall lack of representation she had in her life.
Y/N was, as Cassian once called her and Nesta, a 'book muncher'. She always was being consumed by books, loving to go to book clubs and express the deep feelings the novel had instilled within her. But, years of reading led her to notice how the main female character was portrayed in every novel. Always, a fair skinned, dainty, perfect, woman. Her curves were always in the right places, of course. What about the women that looked like her? They were never the lead protagonist in a story or the hero that saves the day. They never were the main love interest. So, how was she supposed to feel deserving and confident when it seemed as if people that looked like her didn't deserve these things?
"My love? Are you hiding from me?" whispered Rhys as he lifted the quilt in which Y/N was buried under. He must've snuck in while she deep in thought.
"No, just sleepy is all." Y/N replied, voice cracking slightly. He was now reaching out and comforting her through their mating bond.
"Something's wrong. What happened, baby?"
“I… It’s nothing really, just not feeling super well at the moment.” Y/N hated lying to her mate but it wasn’t a complete one. She really hadn’t felt all that well, leaving out the reasons why. She knew if she told him what was going on inside her mind, he would spend hours devoted to making her feel better, whispering sweet words into her ears and while she would always welcome his sugar sweet compliments, Y/N knew only she could change her mindset of herself, no one else.
“You sure it’s nothing?” Rhys questioned, knowing his mate all too well to see that she wasn’t telling him everything. “If you’re not up to going out tonight we can reschedule.”
Even though his offer was intriguing, Y/N knew she couldn’t skip out on tonight. They had this planned weeks in advance just to accommodate everyone and Y/N knew how important his family was to him. She couldn’t ask this of him, she loved the fucker too much.
“What? No, Rhys, no rescheduling. I just wanted a little rest is all. Come cuddle with me for a bit and then we’ll get ready. I’m ok, promise.” Y/N said, arms outstretched to her lover, inviting him into their warm bed. He took her hands and kissed them lovingly. He crawled in beside her, sliding his muscular body behind hers. Rhys smacked her ass lightly and kissed her on the cheek.
“Fine, but no funny business. I know how you like to tease me, darling.” Y/N looked back at him, an incredulous look on her face.
“Seriously? Says the person who just smacked my ass and grinded up against me” she said, laughing at his idiocy.
Waking up from her cat nap, Y/N decided to let Rhys sleep a little longer, knowing how busy he’d been lately. She got up and walked over to their floor length mirror, wanting to get another look at herself. Maybe her perspective had changed? Wrong. Fuck, was she going to cry again?
With a huff, Y/N walked away from the mirror deciding just to get ready and look at herself only when necessary.
An hour later, Y/N and Rhys were primped and primed for the night. Rhys in his signature black suit, the black ink swirls on his forearms on display. Y/N on the other hand was wearing a floor length red gown that haltered at her neck. Her back was on full display and while she looked like a goddess, she felt like trash. It took her changing 4 different times before she finally settled on the risque gown, not wanting to make her and Rhys late for the occasion.
Upon arriving to the bar, Y/N and Rhys saw the group waiting outside. Cassian grabbed Y/N in a big bear hug, a low whistle coming out of his lips.
“High Lady, you look divine this evening.” He said, the smirk on his face causing his dimples to pop out.
“Cas, such a sweetie.” She whispered, bopping his nose. Rhys rolled his eyes at his brothers shameless flirting and suggested that you all get a drink before Cas and Morrigan clear the bar.
Music thumping and drinks in hand, Y/N couldn’t help but sway her hips to the beat. She hated to admit that she had taken a few too many shots in order to forget the negative thoughts swirling her mind. But it did help. Y/N no longer thought about how the dress clung to every curve or how some of the stretch marks on her hips were on display at the back of her dress. Instead, she focused on her friends, her mate, and how much fun she were having.
Rhys was behind Y/N ,gently rocking his hips with hers. She felt him get hard at her incessant grinding, relishing in the fact that she had this effect on him. Although, an intrusive thought began creeping its way into her head. She would have to be naked with him later. He would see every detail that she had tried to sleep away earlier this evening. A knot forming in her stomach, she decided she needed more liquid courage.
“Hey, I’ll be right back. Need another.” Y/N whispered, turning your neck to look at Rhys with her drink raised slightly.
“Ok, hurry back so we can keep dancing.” His eyes were dark now and she couldn’t help but clench her thighs together at how he drew out the last word.
With a nod of her head, she bee lined for the bar. After giving her order to the bartender, she began looking around the bar aimlessly. Loving the sound of the music pulsing through her body and the way the liquor made her all warm, she smiled. Having not been paying attention, Y/N didn’t even notice the drink you ordered right in front of you. Going to reach for it, she was cut short by a tall male stepping in front of her slightly, grabbing her drink.
“Oh, I think that’s mine.” Y/N said, not wanting to be confrontational. He turned towards her, his gaze hard.
“Yeah, like you need any more calories.” He said as he gave you a once over. Too stunned to speak, she just stood there mouth open.
“Dude, I thought you said this place was going to have hot girls…as far as I’m concerned, I only see desperate, ugly hags looking to go home with the first guy that gives them any attention.” The male was turned to another, probably his friend. His back was to Y/N but she knew his comments were directed at her encounter. She was on the brink of having a full blown meltdown in the middle of the bar.
The cool air whipped at Y/N’s face as she leaned back against the brick wall of the tavern. Trying to stop the tears rolling down her face, she began taking deep breaths. Not even 10 seconds had passed before Rhys was in front of her, eyes wild and jaw set.
“Y/N, Y/N! Look at me, please. What happened? Did someone touch you? Are you hurt? Gods, I’m going to fuck someone up.” She couldn’t even respond. Her heart hurt so bad. With her emotions all over the place, Y/N decided to let him see what happened for himself. Opening her mind to him, she let him see.
Rhys saw the memories of this morning. The pain and disgust Y/N felt while looking in the mirror, naked. Then, he saw the bar encounter. That was enough for him.
“Oh, baby.” he grabbed her into the biggest hug, tears at the brink of his eyes. He was smoothing her hair and kissing her head as she continued crying. Y/N knew he was furious at the male in the bar and she knew if she gave him approval, he would go in that bar and rip that guys throat out. But that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to be home, under the covers, while being comforted by the person she loved most in the world. Knowing Y/N like the back of his hand, Rhys winnowed them home.
Y/N was sat on the edge of their shared bed, eyes puffy from all the tears. Rhys was knelt in the front of her with his hands on her knees, rubbing small circles into them. “I,”he took a breath, as if to steady himself “I know you’re hurting and it’s killing me to see you this way. I want you to see you how others do and see how much me, your friends, everyone, absolutely adores you. I can’t make you believe what I tell you just through words or my own actions, you need to see.”
Standing up, Rhys crawled over Y/N and began kissing her face. He peppered her with kisses, an innocent act. “Is this ok?” He asked, his hands brushing the bottom of her dress, tugging up slightly. She nodded her head in response.
Y/N began feeling a stroking on their mating bond, knowing that he was asking for permission to enter her walls. She let him in and as if a damn had slowly begin to break, thoughts flooded her mind. She saw herself laughing, from Rhys perspective. How her nose crinkled slightly and her teeth gleamed. It was actually cute, she thought.
Rhys had peeled of Y/N’s dress now, beginning to slowly kiss trails from the top of her collarbone down to the apex of her thighs. “What- what are you doing?” She gasped, trying so hard not to trap his head between your legs.
“Just let me show you how much I love you.” That’s all she needed. She laid her head back and let the memories and the feel of his lips on her skin take over. He continued licking and kissing at her skin while also flooding her mind of his memories of Y/N.
Every suck, kiss, lick, he was sending her memories. How beautiful she was sleeping, her laughing, how she looked fresh out of the shower, even how amazing she looked as on orgasm hit, her eyes lidded and mouth open. And Y/N was turned on. Between Rhys loving her body in all the right places and the images flooding her brain, she thought she might burst.
For once, Y/N was able to see herself how everybody else saw her. Not just what she perceived in the mirror. Y/N was beautiful, she was imperfectly perfect. All her curves, scars, everything. And she deserved true happiness. The negative thoughts she had once had, were simply fading. She began grinding her hips into her lovers face, signaling him that she wanted more.
Rhys smiled at her, his hands beginning to tug her panties off and then he put his mouth on her. His tongue flicking her clit in an up and down motion. Taking his middle finger, he slid up and down her slit, gathering the wetness on his finger and then he pumped it into her. Y/N rolled her eyes into the back of her head, hands gripping his raven-colored hair.
“Fuck, Rhys that feels incredible,” she rasped, hips bucking up to slightly ride his face. She had already begun to feel the tight coiling in her lower stomach, signaling her release was near. “I’m gonna- I’m gonna,” And then, like the devil he is, Rhys pulled his mouth away and stopped pumping her cunt.
“You wanna cum?” Y/N nodded desperately at his question. “I’ll let you cum but I need you to say something for me. Tell me that you’re a goddess. That you’re my goddess. Tell me that you are deserving and then I’ll let you cum, my good girl.” Wanting her release so desperately, Y/N obeyed.
“I- I’m a goddess,” she whispered, barely meeting his gaze.
“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. You need to be louder.” He told her, smirking.
“I’m a goddess,” this time it was louder and more confident. She meant it. Keeping his word, he began thrusting his finger into her and began licking her clit once more. “Oh baby,” she moaned “I’m your goddess, all yours. Your good girl.” She was so close and reaching her peak. He began thrusting harder, inserting a second finger into her dripping core. Praising her words.
“Cum on my face, darling,” Rhys said, his eyes dark and his chin shining from your wetness. And, obeying him once more, she came. Y/N could see how hard Rhys was once he was leaning on his knees in front of her. His member was straining against his black pants and he had a slight wet spot from his precum. Mouth watering, Y/N said, “ I need you inside of me, please, fill me up.”
“As you wish, my love.” He flung off his clothes and gods, he was perfect. Tatted arms, bulging muscles, and a beautiful cock. Y/N about came for the second time that night.
Taking his tip, Rhys slid his cock through her wetness and then plunged into her, going all the way in till his balls touched her cunt. “Fuckkkk, such a pretty pussy and it’s all mine,” he moaned out. He began slamming his hips into her relentlessly. Fingers twisting and tugging at her pert nipples.
Y/N was moaning and grabbing at Rhys’ back, her nails creating red lines down the muscle. “Rhys, flip me over.” He obeyed, flipping her on her stomach. Y/N arched her ass into him, grinding on him slightly. This was her favorite position and it made her feel the most confident. Growling in response, Rhys slammed his cock into her. His hands grabbed her hips and he pounded into her wetness.
“You like when I fuck you like this? Just so you can tease me with your ass? Naughty girl.” And with that, he landed a smack to the plump flesh of her bottom.
“Oh, fuck, yes. Love when you fuck me like this,” Y/N was reaching her peak now. The sound of skin slapping skin and Rhys’ grunts as he pounded her cunt spurring the wetness between her legs.
“M’gonna fill you up. Cum with me, darling.” His cock was hitting her g-spot now, over and over again. Y/N was practically screaming. Her pussy began clenching around Rhys’ cock, signaling her orgasm. They came at the same time in a series of grunts and gasps. Rhys’ flipped Y/N so she was on her back and laid down beside her.
“I love you, so fucking much and it hurts me that you were in pain today. I hope what I did was enough to remind you of how incredible you are.” Rhys said, his hand running up and down her spine.
“Rhys, you did more than enough. I know I’ll probably have more days like this, when I get in a funk. But, I also know, I have you there to remind me that I am a goddess. That I am loved and deserving of all the happiness the world has to offer. That, to me, is the greatest blessing. I love you. Forever.” Rhys kissed her. Not a desperate, needy kiss but a small, passionate kiss full of love. With that, Y/N fell asleep in her lovers arms, vowing to never wish to be anyone but herself ever again.
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sohappier · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
insta: 🎨 arospaintbrush
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selillusion · a month ago
i can't be the only one who's anti gwynriel and elriel 💀i want that man for myself. idc.
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moonbeam-b0o · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
We’ll never get that piece 🥲
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chirkova-fan-art · 2 months ago
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incorrect-random-fandom · 26 days ago
Rhysand: Your mate said I only have four days left to live.
Cassian: Why? Are you sick?!
Rhysand: No, she just doesn't like me.
Nesta, shouting from another room: I'll fuck you up on Tuesday!
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sarita-sketches · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My two new favourite characters from SJM’s new book A Court of Silver Flames
See my post on Instagram @sarita_sketches
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slutsofren · a month ago
I feel like going into labour has the potential to be very funny and chaotic with IC - not necessarily accurate to details or in the book timeline, but can be some sort of AU where there’s no stress😄
content warnings: uhhh labor stuff like water breaking lol
notes: im dead, dying, deceased, i wrote this in a few minutes bc i could see this happening exactly like this and no i will not take criticism.
word count: 472. short bc i do not like the details of giving birth okay oh my gods - kudos to those who have, yall are incredible.
read on ao3 / high lady masterlist
reminder this is reader x Cass/Az/Rhys polyamory & FMMM.
Tumblr media
The one most beautiful and glorious thing about having three partners is that they all love, dote, and cherish you day in and day out without fail. The one most annoying and frustrating thing about having three partners is that when your water breaks, the three of them turn into screaming mother hens as if they were the ones about to pop out a whole other being into existence.
It was fine, totally fine, nothing to worry about.
“Stop it, all of you,” you scream.
Cassian immediately stopped pacing as your eyes met Azriel’s who was frozen in shock by the window the moment he saw what happened. Rhysand had tried to run from the room to call on Madja but instead tripped over the rug, barely catching himself upright.
The three biggest and toughest of Illyrian warriors were absolute babies who were completely losing their stars-damned mind over this while somehow you, you, were the one who had remained calm, cool, and collected.
Taking a moment to regain your composure, you looked at each of them pointedly.
“I am going to go lay in bed while one of you, I don’t care which, sets me a bath while we wait patiently,” you emphasize, “on Madja to arrive. Otherwise, give me kisses, tell me you love me, and tell me I’m beautiful or get the hell out of here, do you understand?”
That seemed to slap them out of their panic as Rhysand left to fetch Madja, this time not totally freaking out, no he isn’t. Cassian immediately ran to you, helping you onto the shared bed, being mindful of the wetness that still dropped between your legs from your water breaking. Azriel, beloved Azriel, started your bath and began to light your favorite candles in the bathing room, making extra care to lay down towels in case the water sloshed around too much.
Before you knew it, Madja was there, only slightly annoyed that the Illyrian trio were adamant about being right by your side doing exactly as you asked. They kissed you, kissed your cheeks, your shoulders, your hands, kissed anywhere they could trying to soothe your pain. One by one, they told you how proud they were of you as you screamed in agony, not giving a damn that you were cursing at them with quite colorful language that made even Madja blush at the vulgarity.
When your child gave their first scream, their first breath of life, suddenly none of you cared who the father was. It was a question you held close to your chest but the moment your eyes connected with that beautiful baby who was now in your arms, it didn’t matter.
This was your family and no one was going to tear it apart.
The three of them were going to be amazing fathers.
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sareyesj · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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silverflameataraxia · 21 days ago
You know how Rhys only allowed wing-play with Feyre because she's his mate?
I kind of wonder if it's the same with Az and his shadows. With his other lovers, he could have sent his shadows away or waited until they were asleep. Or his shadows just refused to participate. Lol.
So maybe Gwyn will be the first person he has shadow-play with.
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