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#rhys x feyre
adventuring-lady · 6 hours ago
My inner dialogue while reading chapters 38-44 of A Court of Mist and Fury.
"Oooh Feyre is jealous at Rhys"
"Oooh Rhys is jealous now"
"Wow. These two are adorable idiotic simpletons."
"He really DOES sleep naked"
"They should have kissed on that damn balcony. I'd be riding Rhys's face by the time he was hit with the star"
"God I love it when he acts all High Lordy."
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cocoscomments · 16 hours ago
We need to know more
Anyone else think we need more bonus chapter to A Court of Silver Flames? Or at least a compilation of short stories 
It would include:
The Inner Circle’s thoughts after Cassian unfroze Nesta with a kiss. Maybe them discussing the mating bond between Cassian and Nesta. 
Rhysand talking to Feyre about Nesta’s trauma after he helped her through her nightmare. 
The Snowball fight! 
Azriel being the “chaperon” but really just trying push them together
Nesta talking to Cassian about why she was scared to admit that he was her mate. Cassian discussing how he feels bad about the way he treated her in the beginning, pulling away whenever the IC was around. Cassian telling her he too felt unworthy being her mate and at times still does
Everyone's thoughts on seeing Nesta dance for the first time, complete with Rhyand and Feyre yelling at Cassian for cutting in
Cassian tracking down the musicians and asking them to play their favorite songs. 
Gwny’s first impression of Nesta
Emerie’s first impressions of Gwyn and Emerie
Gwyn’s POV cutting the ribbon
Feyre and Rhysand discussing Nesta and Cassian and the mating bond between them
Cassian confiding in Az that he screwed up with Nesta after winter solstice and now he needs to leave
Bonus Chapters: 
Azriel constantly telling Cassian he screwed up and taking Nesta’s side
Rhysland’s POV having to “ask” Nesta to dance with Eris as well as his POV asking Nesta to track down the dead trove after experiencing her trauma
The House getting mad at someone for saying something disrespectful towards Nesta
Gwyn and Emerie discussing the mating bond between Cassian and Nesta and how Nesta seems to be unaware of it or avoiding it
Mor teaching Cassian how to dance and maybe having a conversation about Nesta, the mating bond and how she and him haven’t always treated Nesta the best. 
Mor’s POV finding and taking Nesta to Emerie’s 
Azriel’s POV on Nesta’s nightmare and having to hold back Cassian.
Gwyn waking up in the Blood Rite 
Rhys’ POV on Nesta inviting the priestesses, resurrecting the valkyries, her slaying the Kelpie/Lanyths, Nesta giving back the sword or him comforting Feyre because her sister is in the Blood Rite and they can do nothing about it.
Rhysand’s POV of Nesta wielding the dead trove objects than giving up her power to save his son and wife. Anything to show that he realized that he had been wrong. I mean considering the amount of times he was in her head, did seeing the world through her eyes change anything
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dawninlatin · 18 hours ago
A scene that definitely happened:
Nesta, in the middle of a conversation: By the way, I asked Rhys to plan our mating ceremony
Feyre, blinking: What?
Nesta: Yeah, I did it so he would stop buying me presents. Yesterday he got me a throw pillow. Who the fuck needs throw pillows?!
Feyre, already sweating: No, wait, you asked Rhys to do what?
Nesta: Plan Cassian and I’s mating ceremony...
Feyre, all pale and shaking: You have no idea what you’ve just done...
Rhys, with his 300 pinterest boards: *cackles in the distance*
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dreaminginvelaris · 2 days ago
ranking the acotar characters ✨
just for funsies
feyre - do i even need to explain? high queen feyre please!! 👸
gwyn - bumped rhys for gwyn as i should, badass valkyrie 🗡
rhys - bring court of nightmares rhys back 🖤
nyx - a product of the two best ppl in the world and i stan 👶
azriel - shadow man i want you 🥵
amren- no bullshit queen, no choice but to stan 👏🏼
mor - baddass female lesbian queen 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
emerie- hardly know her but i respect and admire her 💛
nesta- once she had gwyn and emerie she became bearable
lucien- simp
cassian- brainless and horny :(
elain- if i say what i wanna say i might get reported 😃
tamlin- im tired of this bitch, get a fucking grip man 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
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dreaminginvelaris · 3 days ago
im tired of ppl insulting feyre on the basis that feyre lost all her independence and solely relys on rhysand.
excuse me what book did you read. y’all act as if feyre didnt do stuff on her own even when she was with rhysand.
and even then who cares? this girl had to be independent all her life not bc she wanted to but bc it was forced upon her. why is it so bad that she relys on rhysand now?
thats marriage no? thats what you do in a committed relationship. thats what should happen when you find the person you want to live the rest of your life with.
you rely on them. there is nothing wrong with that. otherwise why tf are you in a relationship if you wont let yourself rely on them.
swear to god the ppl who say this shit, i bet you they’re fucking children or just have relationship issues, no cap.
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cocoscomments · 3 days ago
So I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have the IC standing around talking battle strategy with Nesta, Gwyn,and Emerie there as representatives of the Valkyries. IDK maybe they’re dealing with Koschei. Someone mentions something about Nesta, her powers with death, her time in the cauldron or even something dealing with her trauma or childhood. Gwyn or Emerie or both ask Nesta a personal somewhat vulnerable question relating to that said topic. All the IC (minus Cassian) all tense ready for her play courtier or lash out and she just freely offers up the information like it was no big deal. 
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theburqaavenger · 3 days ago
A summary of ACOTAR characters as iconic vines
What up, I'm Jared, I'm 19, and I never f*cking learned how to read.
I love you bitch, I ain't never gonna stop loving you. . .biiitch
I won't hesitate bitch
So No Head? *smashes skateboard*
Look At All Those Chickens
A d a m
It Is Wednesday My Dudes
I Could've Dropped My Croissant
What the fuck is up Kyle?! No, what did you say?! What the fuck, dude?! Step the fuck up Kyle!
Saminamina eh eh Waka Waka I'm gay
I said whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe
Hi welcome to chilis
And they were roommates!. . .Oh my god, they were roommates.
Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla
This bitch empty YEET!
. . .wow. . .
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cocoscomments · 3 days ago
Just a slight alteration
So I have seen a lot of people discussing what they wish Nesta said or what they wish happened in A court of Silver Flames lots of people discuss changing how the intervention went down, the talk with Elain, even Cassian not saying I love you back to name a few but I am kind of shocked people haven’t mentioned changing up Rhys discussing the plan for Nesta to dance with Eris. 
I wanted to see Nesta roll her eyes at Cassian and Feyre’s protests and state something like, “It isn’t that big of a deal.” Feyre getting upset stating that it is most definitely a big deal and Nesta just going, “How quickly you forget sister that I was the first born to an extremely wealthy and powerful man who had no sons. What Rhysand is asking of me is nothing new.” 
Even with that slight change in dialogue we would have gotten a whole new side and depth of Nesta. I do think all the characters tend to forget that Nesta was the first born to a man people referred to as the King of Merchants. She had to become closed off from love cause she was never expected to marry for love. She had to secure her and her families place in society. She was responsible for the well being of her sisters and making sure they were not cast out. If Feyre decided she didn’t want to marry and wanted to pursue art or something else, Nesta, with her status given to her by her husband, would allow Feyre to pursue her interests; Nesta could provide that safety net. I often wonder if Nesta too felt guilty for failing her sisters after they fell into ruin cause if she had married the Duke or secured a man she could have at least provided a place for them to live and food. Plus she is so used to being used which would show in that simple dialogue which is why she lashes out. If she becomes the snarling wolf perhaps people will leave her alone and realize that she cannot be manipulated. How many proposals, manipulative power hungry men did Nesta have to fend off in order to protect her sisters before they fell into ruin? And yes this is speculation but with a simple change or addition we could have gotten so much more depth to a character’s background we know so little about and perhaps Rhysand would have started to understand Nesta a bit more. So that is why I would choose to change that scene. 
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Rhys: Hello there, people who do not live here.
Mor: Hey.
Cass: Hi.
Az: Hello.
Rhys: I gave you a key for an emergency.
Mor: We were out of food.
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dreaminginvelaris · 4 days ago
Is Rhys a feminist?
i’ve been seeing a lot of debates about this and both sides i feel have made very good points but this is how i view it.
Is rhys a feminist in our world? No.
ofc this is subjective to where you live, personally i live in the US where although its not a progressive as it should be towards equality for women, its still better than most. i think with the education we have received, with social media helping woman every day feel empowered and learn that we are just as capable as men, rhys by our current, social views is definitely not a feminist or at least not to where he should be.
Is rhys a feminist in the world of prythian? Yes.
i think lots of us put our morals and views of what we know today into rhys, and when he doesn’t reach our expectations we call him anti-feminist. but the reality is that his world is different. its much more backwards and regressive. rhys believing in the equality of the sexes does make him a feminist in the barest sense of the word. same with cassian and azriel, or literally any male in the series who believes in equality.
anyways this is just how i personally view it.
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wintersouldier57 · 4 days ago
Rhysand: *Getting a blowjob*
Everyone else in the camp:
Tumblr media
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wintersouldier57 · 4 days ago
The High Lords' meeting in ACOWAR:
Tamlin: Why would I want spoiled goods returned to me? The moment you let him fuck you like an-
Tumblr media
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sadandreading · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
my acotar wallpaperrr :)
i made this a while ago but as i wanna start a book tumblr i thought it was a good way to start haha
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kellyvieiraarts · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anyway ... I had never done a Feyre fanart. And here is Feyre and her baby. ” The character belongs to @therealsjmaas PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ON PINTEREST REPOST SO WITH CREDIT
IG; @kelly.vieir.a
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