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*Yes, I am aware Cassian is highly intelligent, I just need to make fun of someone and Azriel would probably materialize in this world just to kick my ass if I used his name*

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someone: you can’t just raise discontent against cassian and rhys

kallon: then why are they there then?

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The reasons behind why he drugged her (so she wouldn’t see the horrors of Amarantha’s court) and why he painted her (to reassure her when she woke) are so heartbreaking…

Rhysand was himself abused and tortured for 50 years, and even though he met quite literally the woman of his dreams, he still had to do stuff like that so that they could both survive long enough to destroy Amarantha…

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So Much Freedom

Chapter 1-Nesta

Nesta wasn’t the type of girl to be out cheering for her school team. Her sisters were—one of the reasons why their relationship wasn’t as strong as other siblings’–but Nesta was perfectly content to sit in her favorite corner of the library. Large windows on either side of her to illuminate her favorite words and far enough from the over-eager crowds of her classmates.

The book was one she’d read hundreds of times. Nesta had found it on her mother’s night table when she was fifteen. Just as the family of, suddenly, four were clearing her things to donate. Nesta’s mother died in a car crash. Her suffering was quick, they’d said, but the one she left behind was still on going. 

It was romance. Not the kind her mother would want Nesta to read, that much was certain. But Nesta had fallen in love with the characters, with the story. She couldn’t put it down. She’d dog-eared her favorite pages, underlined her favorite passages. It was well and truly loved, and you could tell by just glancing it. The book was not to be found at a school library, so if she ever brought it out, she’d make sure to hide it behind another. A Dickinson or Shakespeare one, depending on the day. 

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Tamlin > Rhysand


I have many regrets in my life, but this is not one of them

I whole heartedly believe Tamlin is better, both character wise and human wise

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For the employees of Terra and Cadre magazines, the Annual Prythian Printing Holiday Away was usually a weekend full of festivities. However this year, with less than twenty fours before the trip, haunted memories cause two employees’ secret affair to fall into shambles–their hearts along with it. Will a weekend in the mountains be a time of healing  or are the scars left behind too deep to overcome

Trigger warnings: non/con, abuse, ptsd from abuse

content warnings: NSFW

prompts used: 

Anon: inner circle-secret santa exchange

Anon: Feysand- friends don’t do this kind of shit

@justgiu12: Nessian- just shut up and take your pants off, best sleep I’ve had in a long time

@sjm-things:  Nessian- counting freckles while the other one sleeps (to both of you I know I’m months late on these prompts. they were written down in a notebook and I lost them. sorry! but I found it so hey! better late than never!


A/N: Y'all here we are the end of this lovely tale. Meg and I would love to issue our thanks to all of you for reading and supporting our story. We couldn’t have done with you ❤. As we mentioned previously, we will be continuing a writing journey together with more fics on the way. If you’d like to keep tabs on our future works be sure to follow @starborn-illyrian. Our next big, Archeron, will be soon and were so excited for you all to read it!

Since we’ve been hitting you guys heavy with angst these past couple parts. Enjoy the filth and fluff that is part 6.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you,

@starborn-faerie-queen & @illyrianwitchling

Find out more about Archeron here:

Archeron , char list 1 , 2


A Holiday of Healing




With a well rested groan, Cassian shifted slightly, careful to not wake Nesta, removing his arm from underneath her body. He hated to move, but his own body was stiff crying out in pain. He needed some relief. That sadly the warmth of Nesta’s body couldn’t provide. Strands of her honeyed hair stuck to her face, an affectionate grin tugged at the corner of his lips. Brushing away the stray pieces with a swoop of his hand, Nesta burrowed into the pillows with a relaxed groan. 

Cassian reached out to the night stand, grabbing the bottle Rowan dropped off, taking his dosage. Tossing the pills into his mouth, he caught the shimmering reflection of crimson. Nesta’s gift. For later, she told him. Then she unleashed her past on him. He was sure some of the ache, especially in his chest, wasn’t from the accident. But her story. Nesta was one of the strongest people he knew. For her to suffer like that and keep it inside to continue on every day… Cauldron, he admired her more for it. 

Taking one long look at her sleeping form, Cassian went for it. Taking the small box quietly, he unwrapped it. Inside there was a scarlet tie and a piece of paper. He chuckled. It’s been months since he saw that tie. He remembered Nesta pulling him down on her, undoing the silken fabric, tossing it aside as it landed perfectly into her wine glass. Sure enough upon further inspection, half of the tie was darker than the rest. 

His attention dropped to the neatly folded slip of paper. Nesta was silent still, breathing heavily. He picked up the paper, unfolding it. Her elegant script covered the page along with random splotches of ink smeared across discolored parts of the paper. He realized she must have cried writing this. He held his breath and read.

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I think people are allowed to have their fan casts, but sometimes I look at fan casts for the bat boys and Amren and Lucien and all I can think about when looking at them is


Like have I been imagining them as the wrong skin color the whole time?? Are they not POC or coded POC?

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just imagine this:

while feyre was at the cabin, rhys was healing back in velaris. one day, he came downstairs for breakfast, and everyone else was already at the table.

they looked at him for a moment, and he muttered, “i fucked up.”

and it was amren who answered, “damn, yes, you did, boy.”

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Thanks for the ask! :D

  • Winter or Dawn court?

Definetly Dawn! I’m not a big fan of winter and snow! Like I think Kallias and Vivanne sound like very competent rulers and they have snow foxes but I like cold when it lasts for… 3 days? 

  • Ianthe or Rhys?

I love how you decided to confront those two characters together *sips tea* This being said, I’m definetly going with Rhysand. While he definetly did bad things to Feyre to which he still needs to be held accountable by a big portion of the fandom, he is interesting. I like his dynamic with the Inner Circle and at the end of the day, out of the two, he is clearly better and more fleshed-out. I like grey characters and Ianthe was way too dark to be considered grey (like she had nothing to redeem her character) + she touched Lucien and sold Nesta. Girl, literally hurt two of my favs. Game over. 

  • Mor or Amren?

100% Amren. I just don’t vibe with Mor. Trust me, I wish I did and I feel like she has potential but as it stands I don’t care enough about her character…

  • Tarquin or Helion?

Helion! Loved Tarquin but Helion stole my heart from the moment he stepped into the High Lords’ meetings in ACOWAR. The fact that he also has such an interesting back story makes me really excited at the prospect of learning more about him in the next books!

  • Elucien or Elriel?

Uh Oh. Alright so…difficult question this one.  

I’m going to have to go with Elucien, as of right now. I can clearly see the romantic implications of Elriel and I completly understand why many people ship them.  My problem is that I don’t like the idea of the three brothers with the three sisters. I see that Lucien x Vassa is a thing but it would need to be waaaaay more developped in the next book (which is about NESSIAN and not about Lucien) to actually be able to stand on his own next to an Elriel and Nessian book. I would also find it a bit sad for the main romances of the book (and by that, I mean the romances with one of the main bat boys) to stay in the Inner Circle. With the new spin off series, I see the potential to open new horizons and introduce new characters, to mix up the courts a bit. 

And for Elucien, I like the aesthetic. I like what Sarah could do with their personalities, with her seer powers and his spell-cleaver ones. I like the idea that Elain is not fond of him right away because she is scared of the mating bond but could learn more about him and fall in love of her own devotion. 

Now as I said this is a difficult question because I feel both ships could actually work as of right now? It really depends where Sarah decides to take us in ACSF. I think the interactions between those three characters in the next book are going to tell us exactly where to stand and while I’m a huge Nesta fan, I must admit I’m also very excited about learning who the next couple is and seeing their interactions (Elriel and Elucien alike). 

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Tamlin was in one little war camp, but his family stood on the opposite side. Which was why he betrayed Rhysand in the first place.

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You really made me smile nonnie, thank you so much!! ❤️

I have more plans for him! So I hope I can get to work on that soon!!


See Smol Rhys here!!

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