sydneymack 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Nessian, Elucien and Feysand - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Artist: @drea.d.art / @dreadart
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ramim a day ago
Azriel: saying Lucien will never be good enough for Elain!
Me: wondering what the hell has Elain ever done to be good enough for Lucien 馃槖
Tumblr media
I mean honestly, she gets to be just sweet and kind and then Booom she is the perfect golden character!
And Lucien, who according to the books was:
The only person who dared to openly oppose Amarantha;
not a racist even though the place he was born and raised in, is highly corrupted with racism;
Probably responsible for all the lesser fearies who worked freely and openly in Spring court (since we know that in other courts such as summer, lesser fearies are to not be seen or heard! And there is no such thing in spring court, and all the other fearies including high and lesser were glamoired for Feyre's sake at the begining of the book 1)
Feyre's first friend in prythian, he had his mistakes at first...but the he learned from them and even though Feyre had killed his friend (Andras) and skinned him! He managed to overcome his hatred and befriended Feyre (now compare his kind heart to other characters)
A person who fought for Feyre under the mountain, even when Tamlin AND Rhys apparently had more important priorities!
The person who got whipped for helping Feyre!
Who saw what a mf b脳脳脳h Ianthe was and didn't make secret out of it! But alas, both Tamlin and Feyre were too blind to see!
Who despite what Feyre claims, actually tried to help Feyre, tried to convince Tamlin! And got hurt bcz of it! But oh no! Just bcz he is not a big brute with enough power to level cities, no one's going to care!
The one who acknowledged that he was wrong about Rhys and night court and tried to redeem himself!
He redeemed himself by finding Vaasa and bringing a whole army!
Who found out that Vaasa and Jurian are two individuals just like him, and he never cared about them being human (unlike some other characters) and now lives with them!
Who's still trying to help Tamlin even though Tam was an absolute dick to him!
Probably the only person who actually care about all those poor people in spring court!
Being a respectful male he is and keep his distance with Elain! I can't say the same thing about Elain though!
A civilised person who didn't go all protective and possessive and obsessed with his mate, unlike some other characters we know!
And at the end, who probably knows that he is being used as a political pawn but says nothing, bcz God knows he wants peace!!
Gets all the shit bcz what? I don't really get it! Bcz he is not some broody dark person? Bcz he doesn't smile and hide away to keep himself protected? GOD! This is unbelievable!
So now you tell me! What has Elain ever done to deserve Lucien!
Oh right:
Stabbed the king of Hybern in the neck!
Acting all sweet and nice!
And do nothing!
P.s: it's fine that she want a peaceful mundane life, and no one says that gardening and cooking have no value or whatever! The point is that she never does anything to actually help others! And she never gets blamed like the rest of the characters (just look at Lucien and Nesta, and all the thing they had to do to redeem themselves) all she is doing is being nice!
P.s: if Elain was a male and Lucien was a female, i would still say the same thing! Elain does not deserve Lucien!!
P.s: ok now I'm done!
P.s: thank u for reading 馃榿
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incorrect-random-fandom 2 days ago
Gwyn: Do you think Az likes me?
Rhys: Likes you as a friend or likes you as in this is going to be the longest conversation of my life?
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mindpalace05 2 days ago
Elriels 馃 Nessians 馃 Feysands 馃 any sane, logical person 馃 The bat boys
All simping for Elain Archeron the King slayer, Nesta Archeron the Queen of Bloodshed and Feyre Archeron High Lady of the most powerful Court, The Night Court
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amb3rpanda 2 days ago
Gwynriel Moments
Any Gwynriel shippers out there?
With Gwyn being part nymph I feel like there would be lots of shower scenes, sex, kissing, or just fooling around in the shower, or even in a tub.
Azriel would always make sure she is comfortable, and her most comfort is when she is in water.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also, feel like most of any make out session would be with Gwyn on top, for her to feel safer, or in control.聽 For her to know that, if at any point she wanted it to stop, that she could.聽 And he would be 100% okay with whatever she wanted to do.聽 Even if she tried to be on bottom, he would move her on top of him.聽 Also, that, Azriel would typically be in charge, he likes it when she takes charge of him.
Tumblr media
Then we have cuddles, and just staring at each other.聽 This would be their favorite and safest sessions of being together.聽 Just to know that they are not alone, that they are safe.聽聽
Tumblr media
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rachsart a day ago
Acotar Fanarts Serie鉁
Tumblr media
Nesta Archeron! 鉁 1/3 of the Archeron sisters from ACOTAR
IG: @rachsart_
[do not repost on other social media plsss]
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feyresgorillagrip 12 hours ago
me reading the next acotar book searching for my feysand + nyx crumbs:
Tumblr media
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shadowsingerofnight a day ago
*centuries before acotar, before tamlin betrayed rhys*
Tamlin: did you hear about that one Lady that said she wanted to become High Lady?
Rhys: no, but that sounds ambitious, good for her
Tamlin: wha- no! It鈥檚 not ambitious, there鈥檚 no such thing as a High Lady
Rhys: oh yeah, right
Rhys, internally: bet
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raphiesgirl 2 days ago
HC on Nessian鈥檚 First Child Cassandra
First order of business, YES IT SHALL BE A GIRL
Let her name be Cassandra just so her father can call her Cassie
During the first month, all Cassian wants to do is spoil her with nothing but fatherly kiss and promises to never have a mate
Nesta loves her baby girl and makes sure she read all the smutty novels (when she gets older) though Cassian might intervene with that
She and Nyx will have play dates and fights together because they love each other so much
The two of them are completely inseparable so it鈥檚 not uncommon to see them walk around Velaris together
They are the two partners in crime especially when it comes to keeping secrets
They never tell Azriel though cause he鈥檚 always watching over them
Auntie Mor is the favorite, she makes sure that sweets are the first thing to eat before dinner
Cassandra is indeed born with wings but has far ears like her mother
At first, her father didn鈥檛 want her to train like a Valkyrie锟 because he鈥檚 scared for her but Nesta trains her privately and soon joins the Valkyries (after beating her father鈥檚 ass 5 times in a row 馃槇)
Emerie is the favorite godmother because she would always talk about the history of the Illyrians.
Sometimes has nightmares about her wings being clipped after a bad comment at school so her parents stay with her until she feels better. (Don鈥檛 ask about the kid who made the comment y鈥檃ll already know what happened
Nyx will be the first to tell her if something was wrong with him.
She won鈥檛 hesitate to help him out with anything.
Wonderful dancer like Nesta
Has manly males trailing around her like a goddess until they meet her father then they immediately back up.
Has a lot of embarrassing moments of her father but loves him anyway
Her girl group is with her cousins Ryan and Ariel. (YES SIR I NAMED AZRIEL鈥橲 DAUGHTER ARIEL!)
The 3 of them always hang out in the magic house because that鈥檚 where they can have anything they want.
She remembers a time with Ariel asked for Prince Eric in marriage and immediately got herself a random handsome out of no where. Ariel fell in love real quick and was sad that he had to leave.
Ryan asked for a giant pumpkin carriage and not only did she get that, but also 4 horses as well. The 3 of them rode into the sunset wearing their mothers鈥 favorite gowns. Let鈥檚 just say they鈥檙e glad that their parents are royalty.
Whenever they need to hide they always ask their favorite aunties (Auntie Mor and Auntie Emerie) who are more than happy to hide them.锟
Sneaks out sometimes just to enjoy the night sky breeze.
When she鈥檚 mad, she always goes to Auntie Elain because she want to be calm so she helps her out with the flowers.
She likes to ignore her father a lot but secretly she鈥檚 a daddy鈥檚 girl. No matter how much she wants to deny it.
When someone tries to touch her, she breaks his arm but if they try to touch her cousins, she breaks their penis right off. (What I tell ya, ruthless)
Loves to start bar fights cause she鈥檚 in it for the drama and the drinks.
That鈥檚 all so far. Who鈥檚 got more?
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booksandothersecrets 9 months ago
Enemies to lovers romance is the journey from sweetheart (derogatory) to sweetheart (affectionate)
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sydneymack a day ago
Tumblr media
Rhys and Feyre - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Artist: @lorineeart
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cassianandfenrysaremyboyos 4 months ago
Nothing sexier then a fictional man suddenly noticing an injury on their love interest and going unnaturally still, their eyes darkening, their voice hardening with deathly quiet as they say "who did this to you?"
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teenagetragedyflm 3 months ago
Tumblr media
To moi
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writerwhoneverwrites 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Me watching my comfort character go on a literal killing spree
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feysandfeels 2 months ago
No, *you* think it鈥檚 problematic, I think it鈥檚 very sexy when the lover creates a cataclysmic event because he just watched the love of his life die.
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witching-by-the-willow 3 months ago
Me: jealousy and possiveness are such turn offs, Toxic Masculinity, no no hell no, RED FLAG, big red flag, me no like-
morally gray men written by women: *going feral because someone looked wrong at the women they love*
Me: .......
Tumblr media
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vvivaa a month ago
Tumblr media
It is finished :鈥)
Officially licensed prints and stickers available on my Etsy!聽
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aelingalathyniusrailme 2 months ago
knowing you鈥檙e crazy is seeing fanart of a tall dark haired traumatized man and being able to pinpoint exactly which one it is
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10-55am 5 months ago
my sexual orientation is fictional men written by women
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emiliamildner a month ago
Tumblr media
Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas
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