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PREMIUM QUALITY: Take your winter outfit to the next level and have wonderful Christmas time with our classic 100% high quality acrylic unisex skull cap beanie for women and men.PERFECT FOR THE COLD WEATHER: Our winter hats for women and winter hats for men are made of thick material to keep your head and ears warm for a cozy and comfortable winter.EASY EVERYDAY CARE: Easy to wash and to re-use. Can be washed by hand or simply throw our womens hats and men hats into your washer and dryer and call it a day!PERFECT FOR WINTER ACTIVITIES & SPORTS: Go down the slopes in style with our beanies women and men. These are perfect to go skiing, snowboarding, sledding, running, camping, traveling, ice skating and more. Comfortable and warm, you will enjoy it!UNIQUE DESIGNS AND FUN GRAPHICS: We put a lot of thought and time in the design or our women and mens hat. We are proud to offer you our best selection and variety of Inspiration & Motivation beanies and Compassion skull hats for men and women.

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Ribbon (she/faer)
Can I have your pronouns?
Kirby (he/they)
Sure, he/they!
Ribbon (he/they)
Kirby ( / )
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Asphyxia Heart Choker

Made of silver-toned metal, this giant heart pendant features a reflective mirror-like surface behind open metal cage work. This pendant hangs from a romantic white velvet ribbon, which ties at the back of the neck. 2.25" Width, 2.5" Drop.

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$24.69 20% off sell - Men’s Wool Felt Pork Pie Fedora Hat Crushable Boater Derby Ribbon Cap - 132-black - CY18L9Q5K2T

100% WoolMaterial:100% pure wool felt imported from Australia. Soft wool body and breathable,Better keeping warm in winter spring and fall.Size:Medium(57CM-22.44Inch-7 1/8) ,Large(59CM-23.23Inch-7 3/8).Inside cotton sweatband and lining helps wick sweat and hold hat’s shape and provides a Smooth Surface next to the Skin.Features soft felt wool construction, patterned different colors band/ribbon, sweatband and luxury lining.Occasion: A day or night out on the town, pair off in a suit, tuxedo or just jeans,all outdoor activities for sun protection.Formal party attire,wedding, bachelor party,cocktail party,plays,church and religious gatherings.Kentucky Derby,horse races,charity events.Perfect for vacation and cruise attire.

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Bonita try to find Error and Ink but……..on one here ;;–;;

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Grace Kelly and Gladys de Ségonzac (left), costume designer. Cannes Film Festival, 1955.

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Prepared salsa and chili seasoning mix speed preparation of this easy version of chili. Serve over cornbread or with crackers. Add jalapeno peppers for more heat.

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Ribbon! Aka the betrayal fairy in this AU. Ngl, coming up with a boss design for her was fairly hard!

-Ribbon takes Marx’s place, causing Rick and Nago to fight and thus prompting Zero to collect energy to summon Star Dream and make a wish. She then steals the wish, wishing for power and becoming the boss!
-Her regular form looks just the same as her original design. Her boss design has an extra pair of wings, which are now a darker color and have hearts upon them. Additionally, she now has fangs and slit pupils. Hearts float around her in this form.
- She uses the hearts and magic to attack (though I’ve yet to truly make up any specific attacks, many of them will likely be Marx’s attacks with a heart theme instead of whatever they were originally. For example, the vine attack becomes a flower attack instead, where she drops seeds that grow into heart shaped flowers. The ball spit attack is completely replaced with an attack where she drops a heart onto the floor which splits in two, etc…)
-Like everyone else in the AU, she partially swaps personalities with the one she was swapped with. She is still somewhat sensitive and quite outgoing, but she takes on the trickster and somewhat sinister characteristics from Marx.

…And that’s all for now! Next up: Adeleine & Susie, followed by the three mage sisters & Hyness.

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Asphyxia Heart Choker

Made of silver-toned metal, this giant heart pendant features a reflective mirror-like surface behind open metal cage work. This pendant hangs from a romantic white velvet ribbon, which ties at the back of the neck. 2.25" Width, 2.5" Drop.
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Visual novel: Otome Domain
character: Asuka Minato
fan art of japanese visual novel. draw for fun, I wonder what next visual novel fan art to draw
Tools: iPad Air 4th gen, Apple Pencil
Software: Medibang Paint

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hell yes you can. sorry this took so long but here’s yer content fresh from the oven & made with love. i’m always happy to get asks abt Them <3

- although there is quite a lot of distance involved seeing as they all live pretty far apart, between the sock + the crystal’s ability to open up wormholes it’s far easier than one might think for them to get together! timezones between planets can be a bit of an issue though :v

- they do crafts together a lot. sometimes they’ll chat and other times they’ll just sit in silence enjoying each other’s presence. sometimes test tube cat tries to eat stuff she’s not supposed to and they all have to put aside their stuff and intervene / wrangle her away from the offending forbidden snack

- ribbon’s a fantastic artist. when they all hang out sometimes she’ll leave doodles behind scrawled on napkins or loose paper behind and won’t really think anything of it. kirby and fluff have a habit of holding onto them and hanging them up bc they’re pretty and they remind them of her :]

- ribbon also likes making art specifically for the purpose of gifting to them. although her comfort zone mainly lies with drawing and painting scenery, she’s also been doing her best to try and practice sketching living creatures, so kirby and fluff give her a hand by modelling for her – with varying results (kirb has trouble sitting still and fluff is. his form isn’t really all that consistent. but they try their best.)

- kirby is a pretty good cook, so long as they’re following a recipe (otherwise they have,, interesting tastes and experiment with stuff that’d be unappetizing to literally anyone else, which they’ve learned the hard way in the past). they like cooking a lot for (or with!) their partners as an affectionate gesture.

- kirby canonically has a habit of drooling in their sleep, which they can get kind of embarrassed about (one of their brawl trophies specifically points it out which is!! Rude!!). ribbon thinks it’s cute, fluff thinks it’s gross (and kind of cute)

- i still stand by the kandi kid pince fuck headcanon and you can pry it from my frozen corpse. fluff makes a bunch of fun and colourful rotating cuffs, crowns, headbands + other accessories for his partners with pony/fuse beads.

- on that note, fluff shows affection in general by Making Stuff. knitting sweaters, beading jewelry, baking - anything, really. giving handmade gifts is culturally significant in patchland - essentially everything you make has a piece of yourself in it, a creative thumbprint of sorts, and sharing that can be a vulnerable thing - so the gesture has a lot of weight and heart to it.

- sometimes they’ll all go to treat land, stuff their bags to the brim with chocolate and candy bars and other sweets and then when they get back to apartment 101 they’ll dump all their sugary spoils of conquest onto the bed like it’s 2am on a halloween night.

- they all really like making pillow forts. draping some sheets over everything and hanging fairy lights up and sharing snacks and cups of cocoa and playing video games. also, just them napping together in a pile of pillows and soft blankets is a really sweet mental image

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Nouveau Riche Choker

Made of gold-toned metal, this giant heart pendant features a reflective mirror-like surface behind open metal cage work. This pendant hangs from a romantic black velvet ribbon, which ties at the back of the neck. 2.25" Width, 2.5" Drop.
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