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mendesxruel · a day ago
Dead Poets as ✨study notes✨ i found on Pinterest
Richard Cameron:
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Neil Perry:
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Knox Overstreet:
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Gerard Pitts:
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Charlie "it works for me, okay?" Dalton:
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Todd Anderson:
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Steven Meeks:
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dps taglist: @lostinmymindpalace-m @toast-on-t0ast @jamespotterslover @ughgclden @peachybaes @nightofthelivingpoet @maisietheweltoncow @starkeysslut @death-is-the-mother-of-beauty @sukiwaterhousegf @i-wanna-b-yours @anderperrytheplatypus @nee-naw-nee-naw-beepbeep @gerardpitts @wisteria-and-nightshade @lilgayn00dle @sexysirius @pinkcloxds @sarahisslytherin @wlfstxr @enchqnting @darknoire
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toddtakefive · 2 days ago
I’m just saying that it would have taken a bit for the staff at Welton or even Neil’s parents to come and get Neil’s things, so it’s entirely plausible that Todd (and the rest of the poets, honestly) took at least one sweater or shirt of Neil’s as a keepsake after everything.
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mortuus-poet · a day ago
Charlie seems like he would be into history class. I cant explain why, but he would love that class with his whole heart. Would he ever tell anyone he enjoyed it? No. Would he ever act like he liked it? No. But sometimes when the teacher asks a question to the class, if you watch charlie close enough you can see his eyes glint with excitement because he knows the answer to this one! And you can watch him go to very quickly raise his hand, only to slow down and make the movement look overly casual and like he doesn’t care. If you listen when he answers, you can hear the happy edge in his voice, but he will absolutely NEVER admit to enjoying history class.
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camscableknit · 14 hours ago
what if :((( todd got neil a christmas present (which he obviously did) and he didn’t know what to do with it so :((( he put the gift on neil’s grave :(( and every year todd just keeps going back and bringing stupid little gifts :(( because he can’t deal with the thought of neil being lonely on christmas :(( AND SOMETIMES HE SEES STUFF THAT HE DIDNT LEAVE AND JTS FROM THE OTHER POETS ;(((
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highlights from my dps slideshow
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: two people are working on this slide show im not talking to myself in the slides 
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weltonsworst · 2 days ago
Latin Lessons
Pairing: Todd / Meeks
Genre: the fluffiest of fluff oh lord
Tags/Warnings: falling in love, friends to lovers, kissing, Charlie is an avid teeks shipper and has converted the rest of the poets, it is all around very cute yems
Tagging: @nik-knacks @moominpeaches @toddtakefive @towoowomen @poetofthedyingstars @puckyouneil
Todd was severely struggling with Latin. Severely, severely struggling. Back at Balincrest, Latin was one of the language options, but it wasn’t mandatory like it was at Welton. Todd had chosen to take French, and had done really well in it for the two-ish years he had been taking classes.
When he transferred, he expected there to be more inclusive language options, but stared in horror as his schedule revealed that he had to take Latin, and that there were no French classes that were offered at Welton.
He hated Latin. He hated it. Todd absolutely despised Latin. He despised it with his entire soul, and no amount of knowledge from his two years of French helped him. He didn’t have a damn clue what was going on, and his grade was suffering because of it.
Neil invited Todd to study with the rest of the guys at study hall yet again, and this time, Todd didn’t have it in him to say no. He tended to study better on his own, but the rest of the guys were at least a year ahead of him in Latin, and hopefully, hopefully, he’d be able to muster up the courage to ask for a little bit of help. So, he dragged himself to the common room with all his things, and sat down at an empty table, taking out his Latin homework for the night. He sighed as he stared at the paper. He could already feel a headache coming on.
“A-, ab-, abs-, away from. Ad-, to, toward. Ante-, before. Circum-, around,” Todd muttered through the list of prefixes. He could feel the words going through one ear and out the other. He was so going to fail the test. He could sense it. He could feel it in his bones. “2/10, Mr. Anderson? Surely you can do better than that.” Todd cringed at the idea of getting publicly reprimanded by the Latin teacher. The old geezer would do that, too. Todd has had the misfortune of witnessing other students getting torn to total shreds by the man's petty comments. If that happened to Todd, he would surely end it all. He’d die on the spot from pure humiliation - worse than the humiliation Mr. Keating made him feel by calling him out on his blatant anxiety every other second.
“Are you a man or an amoeba?!” Are you being a dick specifically to me or are you just like that? Asshole??
Todd groaned. Hating Latin had somehow brought him to his English teacher, whom he disliked just as much. Mr. Keating was nice, sure, but Todd wished that he would just leave him alone like all of his other English teachers did in the past.
To Todd’s chagrin, his groan had caught the attention of a specific Dead Poets member. Charlie slid into the spot next to Todd, his typical smirk etched onto his face. Don’t get Todd wrong, he liked Charlie, but he could be overbearing sometimes. The other Poets were used to it, but Todd could only handle Charlie’s boisterous personality in increments.
“What’s got our favorite newbie sighing? Something bothering you, Toddothy?”
Todd shrugged, and vaguely gestured to his Latin.
“It’s just Latin. I took French at Balincrest for a few years, but none of this makes much sense to me.”
Charlie nodded understandingly. “I get that. I hate Latin with a passion, but you can ask Meeks for help, if you want. He managed to take Latin back in eighth grade, so he’s already on Latin four with the Seniors. The rest of us are only just starting Latin three, so he’s like, the local Latin genius.”
Todd’s eyes widened. He had to admit, that was impressive.
“Wow, really?”
Charlie nodded again. “Yeah! He’s crazy smart. Here, lemme get him so he can help you out.”
Todd barely had time to say no, or insist not to bother Meeks, before Charlie was calling the ginger's name. Meeks turned in his seat, his eyes blinking dramatically behind his thick glasses. His eyebrow raised, and Charlie waved him over. Todd wanted to die.
“What’s up?” Meeks said as he reached the table. Todd tried to speak, tried to say it was nothing and that Meeks could go back to his table with Pitts, but Charlie spoke before Todd could even open his mouth.
“Our dear Toddy here,” Charlie slapped Todd’s back, and the blond had to hold down a grunt, “is struggling with his Latin. Meeksie dearest, would you mind helping him out?”
Meeks smiled casually, and Todd felt himself relax the smallest bit.
“Yeah, it’s no problem.” Meeks pulled up a chair, and sat down adjacent to Todd. Charlie took his leave, and Todd gulped.
“What are you struggling with, Todd? It’s to my understanding you’re only in Latin one?”
Todd nodded, and handed Meeks his homework.
“Yeah. I told Charlie this when we were talking a couple seconds ago, but I took French for a while back at Balincrest. I would be starting my third year of it, but instead I’m stuck learning Latin.”
Meeks chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, ‘Meeksie’ is here to the rescue.”
Todd couldn’t help but laugh softly along. “Thank you, I really appreciate it.”
Meeks grinned. “Like I said, it’s no problem. Now, is there anything specific you don’t get? Or is it just everything?”
Todd flushed. “...It’s sorta everything.”
Meeks nodded, and took a look at Todd’s homework. His face lit up. “Oh! I remember this stuff! It’s easy, you just gotta look at it from a different perspective. Lemme show you.”
Charlie watched the two from across the study hall room, and held his fist out. Neil, who was sitting next to him, bumped his own fist against Charlie’s.
“If you said I wasn’t a genius, you’d be a liar,” Charlie grinned.
Neil snickered. “Shut up, dork.”
Todd didn’t hate Latin so much anymore. Meeks, in all his smart glory, was really helpful. The blond and ginger sat together at study hall nearly every day, working through the new things Todd learned in class.
“If you look closely, you can see where the French got some of their words. After all, French stemmed from vulgar Latin, so there are more similarities than there are differences.” Meeks pointed at Todd’s paper. “Like, look - altus, and altitude. It’s all Latin.”
Meeks had a way of making things make sense. Todd could present him something that seemed like complete gibberish to him, and Meeks could take five seconds to look at it before he’d turn it around and explain it in a way that actually sounded correct. Todd initially felt dumb in Meeks presence, but when Meeks showed him information in a way that Todd’s brain could process, everything clicked, and suddenly they were on the same wavelength. It was amazing, really.
The more they studied (“studied” being a loose term - it was more just Meeks explaining things while Todd listened) together, the more the two of them talked. Todd learned that despite their apparent differences, the two of them had quite a bit in common.
“Wait wait wait,” Todd laughed, “you also have older brother troubles? Small world.”
Meeks nodded, a smile on his face. “Yup,” he said, popping the P. “Never will there be a day my parents don’t compare me to Sam. It totally isn’t fair, too. He’s six years older than me! Duh, he’s more accomplished!”
Todd snickered, and tried to imagine a more geeky Meeks, if that was even possible. A little lankier, maybe? Even thicker glasses?
“Well, you already know all about my brother. The jerk practically left a legacy all for me to ruin.”
Meeks nodded. “That’s how it is sometimes, here at Welton. Any repeating last names and teachers are already on edge.”
Todd and Meeks got along surprisingly well. They sat next to each other at Dead Poets meetings, and continuously, every evening they could, they’d study with each other. It turned into actual studying, over time. Back at Balincrest, he had gotten a glimpse of Trigonometry at the end of his Sophomore year, so he had some prior knowledge when it came to the hard math that was taught at Welton. Him and Meeks would end up crowding together, zooming through the assigned trig worksheet, and would proceed to share the answers with the rest of the Dead Poets, who were endlessly grateful for answers.
“So is it cosa or -cosa? I’m confused.”
“No, Meeks, it’s just cosa. Just- lemme show you, give me your paper.”
Charlie watched each interaction with glee.
“Aren’t they adorable?” Charlie said as the two other boys chatted amicably during lunch. Neil nodded as he took a bite of his sandwich.
“Sure. They make an interesting pair.”
Charlie side-eyed Neil, who only sent Charlie an innocent look.
“I can sense you judging my matchmaking skills.”
Neil shrugged. “I don’t know, dude. I can’t tell if they like each other or are just good friends. They get along and stuff, but so far there’s been no documented records of flirting.”
Charlie nodded, and took a second to look at Meeks and Todd, who were still deep into their conversation, completely ignorant of all the other people around them.
“Well, if they don’t happen to fall head over heels in love with one another, then being friends is still a plus, and still a point for-” Charlie made a broad sweeping motion with his hands, nearly hitting Neil in the face- “Charlie the Cupid.”
Neil laughed. “The day I call you that, is the day I die.”
Todd found himself liking Latin. In fact, he was doing really well in the class. The class had weekly quizzes with a list of vocab words they had to memorize, and each and every one of them, Todd has gotten at least 95% on them. He was positively ecstatic about it. And, he was anxious to learn if his grade had improved from it’s below-zero levels it was at beforehand. But, since the students only received their grades with the quarterly report cards, Todd had to suck it up and ask his teacher after class ended what his current grade was. The man only laughed, patted Todd’s shoulder, and said “you have nothing to worry about, Mr. Anderson. You’re doing incredibly well.”
Teachers at Welton didn’t tend to give out undeserved praise (unless their last names started with “K-” and ended with “-eating”), so Todd practically floated down to the study hall room that day, endlessly proud of himself, and endlessly thankful for Meek’s help. He proceeded to tell the ginger exactly that.
“Seriously Todd, it’s not that big of a deal! I’m- I’m happy to help out a friend,” Meeks sputtered, his cheeks heating up as Todd thanked him graciously for all the help Meeks has offered. Meeks’s hand moved to readjust his glasses - something Todd had noticed that Meeks tended to do when he was flustered nervous.
Meeks adjusted his glasses a lot when he and Todd studied together.
“Don’t be humble about it, Meeks. I really, really appreciate you. You’ve been so helpful, it’s stupid. I wanna do something for you, to like, pay you back!”
Meeks shrugged, and looked away, his face getting more red by the second. Unbeknownst to both him and Todd, Charlie and Neil were watching with an intensity from the other side of the room. Neil moved to say something, but Charlie elbowed the boy in the side, and shushed him loudly. Pitts looked over at the two brunettes from his spot next to them, a confused expression on his face. They both gestured to Meeks and Todd, and Pitts' eyes widened. He turned to look at the ginger and blond, paused for a moment, then sent a little smirk and slow nod in Charlie and Neil’s direction. He was on their side now.
“Todd, you’re already a big help with trig. That’s more than enough!”
Todd shook his head, and Meeks adjusted his glasses again.
“Well, I don’t think so. Come on, just give me something. Otherwise it totally doesn’t feel fair, and I don’t like that.”
There was a moment of silence as Meeks gave in, and seemed to be thinking of ideas. Softly, he muttered a response, and Todd craned to hear, along with Charlie, Neil, and Pitts from across the room. Knox looked at them weirdly from a few seats away.
“Huh? I didn’t hear you.”
Meeks sighed, his cheeks a bright red.
“I want- just- call me Steven,” he muttered, a little bit louder - loud enough for Todd to hear, but not loud enough for the other three boys to. Charlie cursed quietly, and Knox then walked over to the three boys. He asked “what’s going on?” only to be shushed loudly, and pulled down to sit with the rest of them. The boy let out a loud “oomph,” but it wasn’t heard (or perhaps was ignored) by Meeks and Todd.
“Oh,” Todd replied, and his face flushed the slightest bit too. Charlie silently pumped his fist, and quickly flipped Neil off, who only slapped the brunette’s hand away in response.
“Is- is that it?”
Meeks had buried his face in his hands, and he nodded slowly.
“Yeah,” he said, muffled behind his palms, “that’s it.”
Now, four of the Dead Poets were watching Meeks and Todd.
Todd nodded back, all of his previous confidence lost as his face flushed.
“O- Okay. I can do that… Steven.” He muttered the last bit of the sentence, a smile faint on his face. He spoke loud enough for Meeks to hear, but not the rest of the poets. Charlie cursed again, feigning agony. Neil laughed at him, but before Charlie could attempt to brawl, the teacher announced lights out, and all the boys ran to clean up.
Todd was a goner. Not with Latin - but with Meeks. Or, Steven. Both. Him. That one. The ginger. You get what he means.
Meeks- Steven- and him had been hanging out a lot. They tended to not even study during study hall. They just talked, and talked, and talked. They talked all the time. During class, in the halls, during meal times. They even tended to fall behind when walking back to the school from the cave, the cold air brushing against their faces, the watch on Meeks wrist ticking further along, deeper into the night as their feet dragged and knuckles brushed up against each other. They could talk for hours about nothing at all.
Todd had never been able to do that with someone.
Todd was worried about Meek- Steven, though. Well, maybe not about Mee- Steven, specifically, but what Todd was… feeling.
He was feeling many things, and he didn’t know what to do about any of them at all. On one hand, he really liked being around and talking to M- Steven, god sakes. He liked being around and talking to Steven.
Todd sighed, his face hot. He stared up at his dorm ceiling, the moon shining through the window as Neil slept on the other side of the room. They had just gotten back from a Dead Poets meeting, and when Todd had checked the clock as they walked back inside, it had read 1:38 A.M.
Thanksgiving was steadily approaching, and cold weather had come to Vermont. Dead Poets meetings got harder to orchestrate, and the boys would collectively shiver together in the cave, their teeth chatting as they recited poetry. Even the small flame they’d build in the middle wouldn’t keep them warm.
Todd always ran cold.
Meeks, however, ran warm.
During the meeting, Meeks had noticed that Todd was shivering harder than the rest of the Poets, his body jolting with every breeze that ran through the cave. Todd had curled up and tried to cover as much of himself as he could with his jacket, but even then, that hadn’t helped much. Meeks had noticed after Todd had a full-body shiver so aggressive that the blond bumped against the cave wall and lightly hit his head. He had cursed softly, and slightly unfolded himself from his jacket to grasp the back of his head. The boys had looked over to him with concern etched on all of their faces, but he shooed them away, insisting that he was fine.
Meeks however, wasn’t convinced. After Todd had successfully folded himself back into his coat, the ginger scooted over next to him until they were flush together, and smiled innocently like nothing he was doing was abnormal. Todd had stiffened, his face reddening from more than just the freezing winds that kept filtering in from the outside. Internally, Todd cursed the cold weather gods.
“What’re you doing?” He mumbled through his chattering teeth. Meeks gave Todd a quizzical look, a small grin curling at the edges of his lips.
“Hm?” Meeks said, raising an eyebrow high enough for it to be seen over the rim of his glasses. Todd rolled his eyes and didn’t offer a response, but he couldn’t deny that the warmth that Meeks radiated was really nice.
“No, no, continue. I wanna hear what you have to say,” Meeks insisted, his voice taking on a slightly teasing lilt. Todd miraculously felt his face heat despite the intense cold. It was somehow both welcome and unwelcome at the same time. Todd shrugged in response to Meeks, and directed his eyes to the floor, huddling even further into his coat. Meeks playfully elbowed the blond, and Todd huffed, a puff of steam accenting the noise.
“I said,” Todd spoke with a little more conviction, “What are you doing.”
Meeks only smiled down at the other boy, and Todd's eyes narrowed. Meeks wasn’t a troublemaker, but Todd could sense that the ginger had something planned.
“Just keeping my favorite Poet warm, is that such an issue?”
Charlie, unbeknownst to the two boys, pumped his fist in the air.
Todd huffed again, his eyes flickering from the cave floor to Meeks' smug face, and he couldn’t decide which one he could stand for longer. He decided the ground was a safer bet if he didn’t want his face to get any redder.
“You don’t have to do that, you know,” Todd muttered, “I’m fine.”
Meeks laughed. “You are very visibly not fine, Todd. S’okay, I’m okay with keeping you nice and warm.” And with that, Meeks slung his arm over Todd’s shoulders, and pulled him closer. Todd’s breath hitched, but Meeks was warm, warmer than Todd had felt in hours, and the blond tucked away his pride in favor of leaning into Meeks’s touch, sighing happily.
They spent the rest of the evening like that. As the night continued, Todd subconsciously leaned further and further into Meeks’s warm touch until he was practically on top of the ginger. Charlie had the smuggest grin on his face the entire night, and no one noticed Neil grumbling and handing Charlie a small wad of cash. Todd grew more tired with every poem the boys chose to deliver, and by 12:30, he was nodding off. He didn’t even notice Meeks’s hands running through his hair, carefully brushing the blond strands around, revelling in the softness. Charlie was silently freaking out as he watched the interaction.
But, eventually, Neil announced that they better head back to the school. Meeks had to lighty shake Todd back into reality, but soon they were on their way, rushing through the frosted grass as speckles of snow fell from the sky. Before they knew it, they were back on campus grounds, and sneaking back into their dorms. Todd caught a look at his clock, and was immensely grateful they decided to conduct this meeting on a Friday. As he and Neil got ready for bed, sluggishly changing into pajamas, Neil laughed softly, catching Todd’s attention.
“What’s funny?” Todd murmured, buttoning his flannel shirt. Neil sighed audibly, and Todd could hear the grin on his roommate's face.
“Nothing important. Just-” Neil paused, and Todd peeked over his shoulder, a puzzled expression on his face.
Neil sat on his bed, his own shirt still slightly unbuttoned. He smiled at the blond as he finished buttoning it, and climbed under his covers.
“Oh, you know. You and Meeks were just cute tonight.”
Todd’s breath hitched, but before he could think to say anything, Neil bid him goodnight, and Todd stood above his bed, gaping like an idiot.
And now here he was, at 2:00 AM, unable to go to sleep despite how ridiculously exhausted he was, because he couldn’t stop thinking about that stupidly smart ginger.
He had a feeling he liked Steven more than a friend. He had a feeling he like-liked Steven. And he had no clue what to do about it.
Todd aced his unit Latin test. 100%. Not a single thing on it was wrong. It was on the Monday after that fateful Dead Poets meeting, and Todd had honest-to-God forgotten about it. He had walked in class and immediately noticed the big stack of papers on the teachers desk, and promptly felt genuinely physically ill. Even with all the studying he and Steven had done, and even after all the good grades on the little quizzes, Todd didn’t feel even a little bit ready for the big test. As he sat down at his chair, he cursed himself for working on his history project over the weekend instead of studying Latin.
He took the test, and was surprised to find himself making his way through the questions with relative ease. Nevertheless, once he turned the paper in, his legs felt like jello and his stomach was swing dancing with itself. He had told Steven about it, and the ginger reassured him with a pat on his back that made butterflies flutter in Todd’s stomach, and he tried his best not to blush when it happened. Now that he had realized he like-liked Steven, it was hard to not get flustered at everything he did.
Then the day arrived. Wednesday, Todd walked into class, and the tests were handed out as soon as the bell rang outside. He had been afraid of what his grade was. His hands were sweating, his leg was bouncing, and then he saw the 40/40 at the top of his paper, and he nearly fainted right then and there. The second his last hour of the day was over, he sped-walked as fast as he could without a teacher yelling at him, and went directly to the dorms, where Meeks was just arriving. Meeks saw him, and smiled, barely getting “study group tonight?” out before Todd practically tackled him, a smile on his face and laugh escaping him.
“I did it! Holy shit, I did it!”
Meeks looked at him, smiling happily along with Todd, but an air of confusion was surrounding him.
“Did what, Todd?”
Right then, the rest of the Poets arrived in the dorm hallway. Todd was too excited to notice them, or how they were all watching the pair with rapt interest - except Cameron, who went directly to his dorm.
“I aced the test! Steven, I got 100%!”
All of the Poets' jaws dropped at the sound of Todd saying Meeks’s first name. Neither of the boys looked over, and instead, the ginger excitedly embraced the blond, spinning the two of them as they had their own tiny celebration. They broke apart after a second, Meeks’s hands on Todd’s shoulders.
“I’m so proud of you! Even I didn’t do that well on my first big Latin test!”
Todd couldn't stop grinning.
“Shut up, you know I owe a pretty big percentage of that grade to you. Without your help, I would definitely still be failing right now.”
Meeks lightly shoved Todd’s shoulders with a grin as they finally detached from one another. As Meeks opened his mouth to reply, he caught sight of Charlie, who had buried his face in Neil’s chest, silently screaming. Neil looked incredibly unenthused, but a small smile graced his face as the two other boys looked in the direction of the rest of the Poets.
“Study group?” Neil offered. Todd sent a concerned look at Charlie, who still was acting like he was in genuine agony, the boy now lightly shaking Neil’s shoulders back and forth, muttering something that sounded similar to “they grow up so fast, Neil”. Todd slowly averted his eyes to Meeks, who shrugged.
“Sure, I’m good to study. I’m just gonna be finishing my history project, though,” Todd said. Charlie perked up, all his pseudo agony gone. Todd blinked, wondering if this is what whiplash felt like.
“You haven’t finished the history project?”
Todd shook his head back and forth. “No, I haven’t, but I just need to read through it and then I’m done.”
Charlie grinned, and moved away from Neil. He grabbed Todd’s sweater sleeve, and pulled him away into his and Cameron’s room.
“Then you, Toddothy dearest, can help me with mine. Come on.”
Todd was pulled away, and Meeks watched him go. He looked at Neil.
“While they’re doing that, do you mind helping me out with Chem? We’ve moved on to acids and I’m not quite getting it.”
Neil nodded. “Yeah, of course. Let’s go.”
The study group went on for hours. The clock ticked on and on, until Cameron kicked the rest of the Poets out of his and Charlie’s room. Knox retired to bed, and both Neil and Pitts admitted to being tired. Todd and Meeks though, had yet to feel sleepy. With them wanting to stay up and talk, the four boys agreed to just switch around rooms for the night - Pitts and Neil in Todd and Neil’s dorm, and Todd and Meeks in Pitts and Meeks’s dorm. And so they went, Todd and Meeks forgetting all about Todd’s old Latin review on the floor as they sat on Meeks’s bed, talking, and talking, and talking.
Todd laughed, and his eyes absentmindedly flickered over to the clock on Meeks’s bedside table. His eyes widened.
“Oh God, it’s so late.”
Meeks turned to look at the clock, and his eyes widened as well.
“Shit, you’re right. We should go to bed soon.”
Todd hummed his agreement, and moved to get up off the bed, but in his attempt to move to a standing position, the blankets slipped under his hands, and he tumbled forward into Meeks. The ginger attempted to stop the fall, but only succeeded in making it even worse, and the two of them haphazardly rolled onto the floor, the blankets tangled around them. Todd finally managed to catch himself, the blankets pulled taut under his hands. As he regained his bearings, his face flushed as he looked down to see that Meeks had somehow rolled under him, and was now pressed against the floor, Todd’s legs straddling his hips.
“Oh- um-” Todd stammered, and attempted to move off of the ginger, but only succeeded in falling more on top of Meeks, whose face was red and eyes were squeezed shut.
“Just-” Meeks squeaked, “-just stop moving for a second. Just hang on.”
Todd froze, and could feel his face burning. Meeks took a deep breath, and opened his eyes, blinking owlishly behind his glasses. Meeks shuffled a bit, and Todd barely attempted to shift his body in accordance to him out of fear that the two of them would end up even more tangled. Meeks wriggled a bit more, and managed to pull both of his arms out of the blankety contraption they had entered. Now, he was a propped up against the ground, but Todd was still stuck straddled over Meeks’s hips.
“Okay, this is-” Meeks laughed softly- “this is a little better.”
Todd couldn’t help but laugh with him.
“This is ridiculous,” Todd murmured, a small smile spreading across his face. Meeks smiled back.
“Yeah, it kinda is. But hey, I’m not complaining.”
As soon as those words left Meek’s mouth, he paled. Todd stiffened, and felt his face get even redder than before. Silence stretched throughout the room, and Todd could sense that Meeks was panicking. Todd understood.
“Steven-” Todd started, but his eyes practically bugged out of his head as Meeks quickly muttered “carpe diem”, and used one of his free arms to grab Todd’s face, before pulling it to meet him.
They were kissing. Todd was kissing Steven. Or Steven was kissing Todd? Whatever, you get his point.
Todd, shocked from the sudden contact, lost his grip on the blankets and fell forward, his mouth still on Steven’s. The ginger sighed softly, and Todd couldn’t hold back his grin when Steven tilted his head to deepen the kiss the slightest bit. Todd could have stayed there forever, his hands creeping up to cradle Steven’s face, but his knees were starting to hurt against the hardwood floors, and he was sure that the ginger’s back wasn’t doing much better. Todd pulled away, and as he fully sat up, he blushed as the blankets fell loose around them, revealing they weren’t as trapped as they had felt.
“So, um-” Todd started, but was stopped by Meeks laughing. Todd looked down at him quizzically. “What?”
Meeks giggled, and shifted a little bit, moving to get out from under Todd. Todd easily moved, and then they sat like they did on the bed, across from one another, just on the floor. Meeks sighed, and wiped at his eyes behind his glasses.
“Nothing, just- Charlie is absolutely going to freak out. Not in a bad way, don’t worry.”
Todd raised one of his eyebrows. “And why is that?”
Meeks shrugged. “I don’t know, just a feeling.”
Todd nodded, and felt a tense and awkward atmosphere fill the room.
“So,” he said, raising his hand to scratch at the back of his neck, “does this mean we’re like, a thing, now?” He could tell his face was red, but he didn’t entirely care when Meeks’s face was equally as flushed. Meeks nodded softly, a happy grin on his face.
“I would really like that, Todd. I would like that a whole lot.”
Todd grinned, and didn’t bother stopping himself from leaning over and pressing his lips against Meeks. The ginger laughed, and they stayed like that for a moment before Meeks pulled away, panting slightly.
“I’ll take that as you would like to be ‘a thing’ as well?”
Todd nodded, and smiled.
“Yeah, I really really would.”
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dramaticfangirling · a month ago
boys will be boys IS reading poetry in a cave with your besties
boys will be boys IS NOT kissing a girl who is drunk and asleep
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my-mausoleum · 2 months ago
“boys will be boys”
you are absolutely correct, boys should go to a cave and recite poetry and fall in love with their best friends, AND THEY SHOULD INVITE ME
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mortuus-poet · a day ago
The poets would have Christmas together.
Modern AU, DPS time setting, any of it, they would ALL have Christmas together. Hell, sometimes they even get Keating and whatever family he celebrates with to join the group in their festivities!
Modern AU, the poets probably all live together or atleast very near each other, so they probably just go to someone (Todd and Neil’s) house and celebrate, but i feel like even if they didn’t live together they’d get hotel rooms, rent a B&B, anything so they could celebrate it together.
In the proper timeline, it would definitely be harder (especially if Neil is dead in said universe, but I don’t want to think about that-), but no one. And I mean NO ONE can tell me these boys who found their family in each other, would not find some way to celebrate the holidays together and be together.
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camscableknit · 2 days ago
i want a chameron fic where charlie sneaks through cameron’s window while cameron is studying and it’s like that stranger things scene in season one with steve and nancy
and charlie is like “for every question you get wrong i’ll take off an item of clothing 😁” and cameron is just absolutely ignoring him like “shut up or i’ll throw my books at you”
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nuwandassaxophone · 6 months ago
i'm the clown of this fandom so here's something i made🤡
dps characters as spongebob memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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