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#richard grayson
squishneedsahero · 17 hours ago
Okay so I have this one story that I am now debating rewriting it’s called Daughter of The Sirens and at the time I accidentally wrote polygamous Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn, who adopted a kid off the streets and works with them. When the kids is an adult she gets a boyfriend, Dick Grayson, and this leads to some awkward family drama.
Is anyone interested in this?
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horrorslashergirl · a day ago
For the OC thing: (TW for abuse)
Won’t say her name cuz she likes to go by Gigi, she’s 25y.o from NYC, has black hair and dark tired eyes. Likes to dress up and look sexy but usually goes for dark and baggy clothes when she doesn’t feel like it.
Grew up with a horrible mother and a worse stepdad. Got abused mentally and physically until she kinda snapped at 12 and stabbed her stepdad in his sleep. He didn’t die but she went to juvenile detention. She was out of there by 16 and stayed in an orphanage (I really don’t know how these things work)
Now she lives alone and works as a tattoo artist. Likes to watch horror movies and anime, knows how to cook but only when she feels like it. I have to say that she’s mentally unstable but doesn’t show cuz she comes off as childish and optimistic that’s why people think she’s dumb and try to take advantage of her but mess with her and she’ll mess your face and she’s willing to kill again if she has to and/or wants to :)
I’m still working on her but these are the confirmed info I’m sorry if it’s too much ❤️
Richard Firewood
He finds her childish and a bit of a juvenille with an attitude, which kind of gives him a bitter feeling of annoyance, but she may be usefull to him... Well.. Her organs that is.
Richard: Her only quality I suppose is that she knows how to cook and her tattoo skills may seem interesting but that's about it.
Jackson Jasper
He has tattoos and may like her skills with the ink. Perhaphs request her more tattoos? He also finds her beautiful and he is kind of a flirt himself. Might ask her out for a few drinks.
Jackson: She seems like a peace. *smirks*
The Hacker
Good looking, a bit crazy, loves horror movies and knows how to cook? Many qualities this guy will like about her. If she wants, she can practice tattooing on him... He wouldn't mind... And if she likes horror.... He will show her his redroom. First row seats.
The Hacker: Not bad... Not bad at all... If the dollface wants... I am willing to make a small hole into my schedule. *cocky smirk*
Bambi Miller
She is kind of an artist too. Bambi does wood carving and she would love to see Gigis tattoo pieces. Also they can make a girls night! Horror movies night! She also likes her attitude, optimistic but with a badass edge.
Bambi: She seems like a cool gal!
Dave Anthony
Mentally unstable? This poltergeist will have fun with that; stalking, teasing, haunting her... Using her past to torment her. He is simply a undead bully. If she has tattoos he will be tempted to rip them off. He will show her true horror.
Dave: Ohhhh... I think I found myself the next toy to play with.
Samuel Grayson
He will find her spirit and past to be sad, sensing that she went through a hard time, but her attitude may make him a little unsettling. He appreciates that she managed to be still alive and continued with her life.
Samuel: Despite her age.... She has the spirit of a small child.
Gerome and Axel (Miami Murderers)
They both like a badass woman and they find it cool that she is a tattoo artist. They don't have tattoos but they sure appreciate them. They could be on good terms with her optimistic side, well.... Gerome mostly.
Gerome: She seems like a cool chick.
Axel: She is fine... I guess.
Damiano Liberato
He doesn't understand... If she likes to dress sexy then why she opts for the baggy-man clothes.
Damiano: Ughh... She has potential but throw it out the window.
She thinks Gigi is a very alluring woman and pities on her past. This demoness would love to have a night with her... Watching horror movies and cuddling and maybe something more.
Azment: A tattoo artist? Does she have tattoos? And where? *lewd smile*
Mitch Carson
May see her as food. May see her as potential mate. It all depends on how she will act first around him, because Mitch is very unpredictable.
Mitch: *growls and sniffs her*
He can sense her past and he found it amusing that she killed at such a young age. He will be tempted to make her kill again.... Over and over again.
Azol: Ohhh I can sense it... A new puppet to play with.... And in the end... Fuck her soul out!
The Shadow
He can relate to her past because he grew up around a horrible family too. He may act neutral around her as long as she doesn't bother him and doesn't stick her nose into his business.
Shadow: She killed at such a young age.... Its just a matter of time before she will do it again.
Bahini Talibah
She feels bad about what happened to her. The people that were supposed to look after her, hurting her in all ways possible. Her aura is so broken yet she tries to be as bright as the sun.
Bahini: At last she tries to get on with her life and she is much stronger than she may think herself.
Xaviera Lah-Mo
She feels sad about her past too and will emphatize with her dearly but she is glad that she puts on a strong shield and goes on with her path in life.
Xaviera: I suppose not all parents are the same with their love for their children. *sad sigh*
Akshay Lah-Mo
Possible will feel bad for her, but doesn't show it. He will be probably interested into her tattoo skills.
Akshay: We all had our rough period of times. Good thing is that she doesn'tet it affect her that much...
Decebal Avram Chirilă
He will feel bad for what happened to her and try to comfort her, cheer her up by watching horror movies, and he will want to show her all his tattoos on his body and tell her about them.
Decebal: I love a badass woman! And I would love to try her cooking... I am not a picky eater. *grin*
Nadia Nikolina Chirilă
She will feel horrible for what happened to her, but she loves that she went through it and didn't took all the bullshit and finally fought back. Also, she will be interested into her tattoo skills and pieces.
Nadia: A woman can snap at any point and kill.
Alexander Chirilă
Again, like his siblings, he will feel sad for her past, and look up at her for she puts on the brave face and faced it all.
Alexander: I suppose everyone has a sad story to tell.
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horrorslashergirl · a day ago
This is for the oc thing i wanna try it :DD
Name: Mamoru
Age: n/a
Gender: n/a
Nicknames: Momo,Ruru,Mamo
Looks: mamoru appears to be a white smoke but can transform into any type of living things but they prefer animals, mostly cats and dogs (especially a shiba inu)
Location: Fukuoka,Japan, but they can be anywhere
Mamoru is a good spirit willing to protect the people away from the dangers and disasters, they warn them by going into their dreams or giving signs, if they like the person they will give them gifts like flowers and will protect that said person and follow them around(in their animal form), mamoru feeds on sadness and if they saw someone sad they will turn into a cat/dog and try to get their attention while eating away their sadness slowly, mamoru will also give luck for those who are kind and T̶o̶r̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ badlucks for those who dont
And thats mamoru! I hope you like them:DD
Richard Firewood
Richard is a far more realistic guy and he doesn't really believe in spirits and such things, but if he would see Mamoru he would probably deny their existence.
Richard: That is only a hallucination. Period.
Jackson Jasper
He isn't the most into believing about spirits either, but he will wonder if they saw Mamoru if he got too drunk and now sees stuff.
Jackson: I think I smoked too much weed because of no way that is real.
The Hacker
Surprisingly, this guy believes in paranormal and supernatural, because he got laid with one...Long story. I think he would be like 'What the hell do you want?' to Mamoru.
The Hacker: Good luck to me.... Like I need one, but thanks for groping by, doll. *smirks*
Bambi Miller
She believes in some supernatural stuff like pixies, but that's about it, so seeing Mamoru, she would be very excited and wrap them into her arms while into said animal form.
Bambi: I always believed when little that these kinds of things were real!
Dave Anthony
A good spirit? Well, Dave sure will make fun and harras Mamoru and make them cry because that's Dave. A big bad bully of the undead ones. There is no such thing as luck and he will make sure to put that through Mamorous ol' so good spirit.
Dave: You give people good luck, pussy? *smirks* Well.. I would love to tell you that I drive them mad until they kill themselves.
Samuel Grayson
He is an evil entity, but having a good spirit doesn't really bother Samuel, as long as they don't stay in his way. He will be on neutral territory with Mamoru.
Samuel: I rarely see good spirits... Mostly because they are swallowed into the pits of hell.
Gerome and Axel (Miami Murderers)
They both certainly don't believe in spiritual beings and such, so I don't really know how they would react to Mamoru. Gerome will sure loke them to see if they are real while Axel will facepalm.
Gerome: Yo, little fella... You real?
Axel: *facepalm*
Damiano Liberato
He will be intrigued by Mamoru and he will find their Asian Dog form very beautiful, maybe be tempted to dress them up.
Damiano: So... You bring luck? You might be usefull... But you need a stilish collar to go with your fur.
She will find Mamoru very cute and adorable. She might take them as a company pet to cherish.
Azment: Never thought about the prospect of a cute dog or cat... But you know what they say... Never say never. *smiles*
Mitch Carson
Is confused and unsure of them and he might poke them with an arrow to see if they bleed.
Mitch: *grunts and pokes Mamoru with a sharp arrow*
Mamoru is good luck? Well.... Azol is bad luck and they would stand a five minutes next to Azol who will probably make them cry. Azol is absolutly repulsive and has no shame.
Azol: They sound like a cute juicy cupcake... And I wanna stick my cocl into them! *evil laugh*
The Shadow
He is very fascinated by this so called creature or spirit or whatever they are... He might want to experiment on them... Or disect them. Whichever.
The Shadow: Supranatural isn't something I am studing too much... But there is always a start I suppose. *sharpens scalpel*
Bahini Talibah
She finds Mamoru very cute and wants to learn more about them. Their history... How they came to be... Their power.... From where does their good luck come.
Bahini: They are very interesting... And I love to be around them. They help with my anxiety.
Xaviera Lah-Mo
She is very spiritual into her thinking and finds this creature absolutly stunning, especially their shapeshifting abilitiy to turn into cat or dog.
Xaviera: They are so cute and adorable... And I wonder if they is just them or they are much more than one.
Akshay Lah-Mo
He may find Mamoru interesting and he will have a hard time to believe what he sees but he can feel the positive energy they give off and that's enough for them to be into the Polar bears good books.
Akshay: Yeah... They are good... First time I meet them, they brought me flowers to press into my book. *shrug*
Decebal Avram Chirilă
His home country has many legends about the supranatural so seeing a spirit like Mamoru will make him very excited. He is an adventurer after all and he basks into all the unbelivable.
Decebal: This fella looks super cool! Can they shapeshift into something else other than cat and dog?
Nadia Nikolina Chirilă
Just like Decebal, she knows many legends from her home country and other foreign legends. She finds Mamoru fascinating to say so.
Nadia: Good luck you say? If only I had good luck as a child. *sigh*
Alexander Chirilă
He is a big fan of supranatural on legends, fairytales and all that folklore. I can see him petting Mamoru as a Shiba Dog while he enjoys his green tea.
Alexander: They bring good luck... That's amazing... I am usually seen as bringing bad luck.... Like a black cat. *sad sigh*
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horrorslashergirl · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hello! I would love for your ocs to react to my new slasher oc! 😊
Her name is Tiffany Anderson and she's from New Hampshire. Shes from a pretty rich family and has an older sister that is perfect in every way and her parents constantly dote on her and ignore Tiffany.
Tiffany is a 5'7" lesbian beautician with a thin body, short brown hair and blue eyes. Shes pretty tomboyish and enjoys outdoorsy hobbies like sports.
She wears lots of pink, a blonde wig and a Rejuvenique mask when she kills to hide her identity. She doesn't care who she kills, it just has to be someone in the wrong place at the wrong time (usually after her monthly dinner with her family) 💕
Richard Firewood
He may like her because of her rich relations, and may even indulge into being his help with leading people into being his next victims. Talk about being an appretience but that's about it.
Richard: Killing without a certain destination is all in vain but I suppose she is young and clueless.
Jackson Jasper
Jackson thinks she is a cute one and is impressed that such an innocent looking female can be so deadly. Plus her family issues might make Jackson symphatetize with Tiffany.
Jackson: I can understand her frustration with her family. My father wasn't the most enjoyable man to have around.
The Hacker
He thinks she is quite a dollface and he might be tempted to put her into his next redroom torture livestream.
The Hacker: Cute baby doll... I am sure she will look stunning covered in blood. *sadistic smirk*
Dave Anthony
She looks fun to play with and this poltergeist doesn't are about Gender, Age, Race. If you are his victim.... You fate has been decided.
Dave: Cute little bitch *smirks* I wonder how she will look crying and begging all over the place. *evil laugh*
Much like Dave, this evil entity will enjoy in harassing Tiffany, since she seems so vulnerable.
Azol: Awwww... Why you crying? Your parents don't like you? *chuckles evilly* Don't worry, pretty pink cunt... Daddy will take care of you... In hell! *maniacal laugh*
Samuel Grayson
He will probably feel uncertain about her, seeing her aura on such a sorrowful point despite her bright colors. He will probably feel sad for her and how her family treats her... Lord may have mercy if they meet Samuel.
Samuel: Such a sad little creature... What humans can do out of other humans. *snorts in disgust*
Bambi Miller
She thinks Tiffany is cute and if she is a beautician, they might have a sleepover girls night, do each other's hair, makeup and nails. Just have a great time and maybe later go for some... hunting.
Bambi: She seems so sweet! If she is up to it I might teach her how to throw knives.
The Shadow
He views her as a child without a certain path to follow. He might find it amusing that she kills randomly, not even choosing a bit on her victims. It's like a rushed work done poorly. One thing is that he might have a drop of empathy when it comes to her family's bitter relation because he knows the horrible taste.
Shadow: She has a lot to learn and I don't have the patience and time for that... She will eventually learn.. from her own we all do.
Mitch Carson
He probably wouldn't really care about her, maybe be a little intrigued and cautious, but other than that, not much.
Mitch: *grunts and growls, watching from the dark corners of the jail*
Damiano Liberato
He will find her very much intrigued, especially by her dressing aesthetics, and be very tempted to make her model for him, and if she proves to be so much worthy, well... She signed her fate with this man.
Damiano: Interesting patterns and choice into clothing. Improvement is required, but nothing that I cannot do. *smirks*
Gerome Montana and Axel Friedrich
In their eyes, she is simply a child with parents' issues and nothing much. Maybe find it amusing that a female like her, is killing randomly.
Gerome: Cutie, but she lacks the skills of a true hunter.
Axel: Clueless child.
She looks so innocent that Azment just wants to hold and cuddle her, show affection and tell her that she is just perfect and she doesn't have to be like her sister for someone to love her.
Azment: She is so fragile, so easy to break... She should come by and visit me.... sometimes. *smirks*
Bahini Talibah
They might be on neutral relations, but that's about it.
Bahini: She seems alright, I suppose... but she has to be careful with whom she chooses to kill.
Xaviera Lah-Mo
She might feel sad for Tiffanys' relation with her family and maybe assure her that she doesn't have to prove to anyone that she has certain qualities.
Xaviera: I feel a little sad for she doesn't get along with her sister. *sad sigh*
Akshay Lah-Mo
He doesn't really have an opinion on her, maybe finds her random killing a bit stupid and that one day she might not be that lucky. Also, they might go hiking, but the chances are low.
Akshay: Child... *snorts*
Decebal Avram Chirila
Decebal finds her to be a total cutie, might flirt with her, find it funny that she kills out of the blue, and a little sad about how her family treats her.
Decebal: She looks like a cute little cupcake. *smirks*
Alexander Chirila
He too might find her relation with her family a little sad, and he knows how it feels to be viewed as... imperfect, to be always demanded to do everything in a pristine manner. He isn't good with socializing, so he might not know how to comfort her, despite wanting to do that.
Alexander: I know how she feels... If I am gonna be mistaken for my big brother again and be fucking invisible I am gonna go bonkers. *scowls*
Nadia Nikolina Chirila
She is very emphatic with women, especially small ones, and Tiffany is a bit small compared to Nadia. Nadia will try to assure and comfort her, feeling sad for how she feels. Also, if Tiffany likes outdoor activity, they might go for a run to clear their heads of negative thoughts.
Nadia: Such a sad little one... It breaks my heart to see women like this. *sigh*
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barzal-burakovsky · a day ago
“It’s gonna be a f****** badass action movie with a lot of heart and emotion. It’s gonna be a crazy, fun ride. Whoever gets cast as Nightwing, and any of the other actors around, are gonna go through a f****** boot camp experience because it’s gonna be a lot."
"I’m not gonna do a lot of CG," McKay said. "It’s gonna be all real s***. It’s gonna be real stuntwork, and they’re gonna need to do all of the stuff on camera and do it credibly. For the cast and the crew, it’s gonna be a visceral experience, and for the audience. It’s not gonna be like a lot of these movies where there’s a lot of CG and flying, and things like that. Everything he does is gonna have to be real."
"His superpower is being really f****** good, as a human being, at fighting and gymnastics and s*** like that, so you’re gonna see that on screen. It’s gonna be fun!" McKay said.
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The biggest lie that DC tells, and that many fans haven't usually touched, is about Dick being a kind of person who would never kill. No, Dick Grayson does not kill at his own whim, because he wants to be an example to those he knows need it (Tara, Damian, Raven, Jason, Tiger and Joey etc).
He tries to be a pillar, but that doesn't make him foolish or unable to kill. He is intelligent, manipulative and alluring. If he wanted he could kill and make everything seem like an unfortunate accident and no one would doubt him.
Do I understand Bruce’s no kill rule? Yes. But do I agree with it? No. But, Bruce has flimsy control over that, he knows that if he does it once, it’s a slippery slope, and he will slide all the way down to the bottom.
Now Dick? He seems like a person who’s control is rock solid.
He will kill to protect the people he loves, he has no quarrels with that unlike Bruce.
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horrorslashergirl · 3 days ago
Andrei and Amaria Kulokova 🐺🔪
(This shall be interesting 👀👀 and funny! Lol)
Richard Firewood
For Andrei: Richard might see Andrei as an alternative for business, when there aren't enough clients to his hotel, he might call Andrei to hide him to capture 10 or 20 people. It will be strictly business.
Richard: Cash is King. Enough said.
For Amaria: He might be on neutral territory with her as long as she respects his territory and hotel.
Richard: She better not cover the carpets of the lobby in mud.
Jackson Jasper
For Andrei: He may view Andrei as a cool guy with whom to hang around for drinks and flirt with women.
Jackson: Any drinking buddy is good company.
For Amaria: Jackson loves a pretty lady especially one who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. He likes her.
Jackson: You don't see women like her often. *smirks*
The Hacker
For Andrei: Both are fucked up into the head. Both are bloody disgusting. Both love to stick their cocks into bloody pussies. They might be on good terms... Plus if Andrei needs a certain weapon, The Hacker can provide it wirh ease.... For a good priece.
The Hacker: *looks up from his computer screen* Oh? Him? Yeah... Fucked up in the head but not as much as me. *smirks*
For Amaria: Now that's a dollface that the Hacker might like. She fucks the corpses of her victims from time to time? The Hacker does that on an almost daily basis... Almost.
The Hacker: *whistle* Pretty wild baby doll. Me like~
Dave Anthony
For Andrei: If Andrei thought he was brutal then he sure doesn't know Dave. This poltergeist was casted from both heaven and hell. Try to match that Andrei. If Andrei tries to stab or shot Dave, this evil entity will just laugh in his face and grin.
Dave: *evil smirk* Trying to kill me? *manical laugh* You cannot kill what's already dead, cocksucker... I am gonna enjoy possessing your body.
For Amaria: Now, that's something you don't usually see everyday and Dave would be intrigued by Amaria and her so called Gods. Interesting little human girl.
Dave: Oh? You believe in Gods.... Well.... I am the biggest motherfucking God ever, baby girl.
Samuel Grayson
For Andrei: The moment Samuel senses his aura he wants to puke his guts, because Andrei screams of sins all over and just his presence into the same room will annoy Samuel. Let alone Andrei trying anything with this poltergeist. Andrei will turn into a chew toy for Samuels hellhounds.
Samuel: He stinks of sin and he is a disgusting piece of walking meat on earth. *snarls*
For Amaria: Her aura is so so much more different than her brothers and to say so... Samuel is a little intrigued by her aura, sensing all the sadness from her past and there is just something about her beliefs that he finds.... Adorable?
Samuel: She is... Interesting.... But no... I am no God. These are too high words for me, little one.
For Andrei: Did I say Dave is absolutly brutal? Well Andrei... Meet Azol. This evil entity will view Andrei as the most amusing plaything ever. Ironic, huh? Much like the other supranatural ones, Azol feasts on humans desires and he will absolutly use Andrei's desires against him. He will haunt his dreams and drive him insane.
Azol: Ohhhh... You think you are brutal, piece of sloppy fucking used cunt. *chuckles evily* I am gonna have so much fun with your soul... I am sure after you die... We all are gonna fuck you into hell like the cocksucker I know you are. *laugh*
For Amaria: Azol will be amused by her beliefs into her Gods, teasing and haunting her, making her kill as many people as possible. Azol found himself new entertainment.
Azol: Oh... Never seen a human kill that much and with such a passion. *grins evilly* See that man, little one... He needs to die.... Listen to your new God and you will live on forever.
Bahini Talibah
For Andrei: Andrei is everything that Bahini hates into a man; he is despicable, horrible, disgusting, annoying, sleazy and someone she would absolutly not stand. He better not get near her or else he will suffer a slow, horrible and painfull death that will make Andei crawl on the floor in his own blood. Having your flesh and muscels be slowly melted by Bahinis piercing gaze isn't something to look forward to.
Bahini: His aura is simply making me anxious. He better stay away from me. He pisses me off!
For Amaria: Bahini might find her believe in Gods fascinating since she herself believes in the Egyptian Gods. They might have conversations about their Gods and such. Plus Amarias quiet and misterious aura is very calm and gives Bahini tranquility.
Bahini: She is a fascinating young woman... Also Anubis told me she has a beautiful and lightfull soul.
For Andrei: This demoness lust will destroy Andrei's for sure... And I advise him to not get close to her because at the end of the night he will be dead by the time he climaxes.... I mean... If he wants a horse dick up his ass that's his problem. Azment will over power him with ease.
Azment: Ohhh He sure is handsome and I can taste his lust... Such delicious carnal and mouthwatering lust.
For Amaria: Azment sees this small but deadly woman as very beautiful and she can appreciate such brutal display for passion of certain things... Like Amarias passion for Gods.
Azment: Beautiful and powerfull young human woman... Such beauty... It gives tingles down my spine. *sways her tail from side to side*
The Shadow
For Andrei: His personality and the vibe Andrei gives off is simply annoying to Shadow. Isn't it enough he has to deal with that idiot of a HACKER maniac? Now he has the stand this Russian Incompetent. He cannot work with these idiots around.
The Shadow: *looks up from cleaning his scalpels* I cannot stand this morron. He better not stick his nose into my business unless he wants to end up on my disection table.
For Amaria: She seems quiet and she keeps to herself so that is good on Shadows books. Her past might make Shadow sad because he has went through abuse too... Different but still abuse. He might be interested into her topics of Gods... Since he is one to feast on information and likes to learn about all type of topics.
The Shadow: She is... Fascinating to say so... But at last she is quiet.
Mitch Carson
For Andrei: This feral man will view Andrei as straight up enemy and he won't hesitate to turn the Russian into a raw steak, considering all that mass muscels and blood. If Andrei knows what's good for him, he better keep off Mitchs territory or else he will be the new target for crossbow practice.
Mitch: *growls, all body muscels ready for him to strike*
For Amaria: Considering her small body stature, he might be intrigued by her but still cautious, like a feral animal of the deep dark woods. If she brings him human flesh or bones for him to chew on... She Might.... Just might turn Mitch into a feral lap dog that will maim anyone who dares to touch Amaria.
Mitch: *growls then purrs at her, tilting his head to the side curiously*
Gerome Montana and Axel Friedrich
For Andrei: Army friends? Maybe? They might share some drinks some army stories. Three mercenaries sharing bloody ideas of killing. I guess. They might be on neutral relations with Andrei, but since they are in Miami and Andrei hates the heat... I doubt it. Down for a one night stand after drinks? Perhaps.
Gerome: Haha Cool Russian Crazy Dude!
Axel Friedrich: His personality is a bit too much. *groans*
For Amaria: You don't see such deadly women that often and they might find her very intirguing, but that's about it. Plus.... I don't know if she would like Miami with the heat and all that.
Gerome: Beautiful badass woman! Sexy!
Axel: *facepalms at Gerome* I suppose I can appreciate a woman who can handle such big weapons like a machete.
Damiano Liberato
For Andrei: He finds him very disgusting with no taste at all and Andrei simply makes Damiano have a horrible taste into his mouth. He cannot stand camo!
Damiano: Isn't it enough I have to stand my creator and her camo army clothing!? Now this man! I cannot believe Richard can be close to this disgusting brute. Ugh.
For Amaria: Very beautiful woman but a shame that she has no style into dressing up. Damiano finds the Kulokova siblings too.... Dirty.
Damiano: A lady shouldn't dress like that. Pants? Seriously... Just no.
Bambi Miller
For Andrei: She thinks he is a pretty cool dude with whom to share drinks and maybe have some knife throwing game. Plus, she thinks she thinks Andrei is pretty badass with his faux hawk. They might have some fun nights with drinking vodka and throwing knife at people.
Bambi: Pretty badass Russian stud. *giggles* only my knife is bigger than his. *winks*
For Amaria: Bambi thinks Amaria is very pretty and she appreciates women who can stand up for themselvs and beat the guys around. Plus her machete is so cool.
Bambi: She is very beautiful... Its true what they say that Russian women are very gorgeous.
Xaviera Lah-Mo
For Andrei: He is her ultimate and only love, so of course she simply adores Andrei. It comes natural. He is her precious and wild Wolf.... And to think that the first day they meet, Xavi wanted to throw his ass into the blizzard outside. Andrei is her soulmate and the only man she has feelings for... And the only man she won't shot with her sniper rifle into his balls.
Xaviera: He is the light of my life, the man that make me be strong with each passing day.... My wild and handsome Wolf..... My beautiful soulmate. My everything.
For Amaria: Being Andrei's sister, Xaviera cares for her and tries to calm Andrei down to think clearly when she is around. Xaviera tries to be the refere between these two without getting between their fights. Both Xavi and Amaria use a sniper rifle and Xavi would love for her sister-in-law and her to have a shooting practice together. Just enjoying some quiet time.
Xaviera: She is a hard person to understand if you don't see through her soul, you need to take your time to understand her because she means well... She is not as bad as one might think. She is just misunderstood like we all were at some point in life.
Akshay Lah-Mo
For Andrei: Andrei is Akshay's best friend and soul brother to say so; they fight, they bicker, they drink, but at the end of the day they are best friends and always there to watch eachothers backs. Akshay might seem that he hates Andrei, but if he really hated him, Andrei wouldn’t be alive.
Akshay: The mutt? Yeah... He is a good man... When he isn't his usual idiot self. *grunts*
For Amaria: Akshay knows she is Andrei's sister and that their sibling relation isn't that good. Akshay hasn't really interacted that much with Amaria but if he has to say his opinion he would say that he is beautiful and misunderstood... And very deadly for such a small woman.
Akshay: It really shows she is the mutts sister... She can maim you and your corpse would just misteriously disappear.
Decebal Avram Chirilă
For Andrei: Decebal has lots of fun with Andrei and they are two knuckleheads and daredevils. Andrei had done so much for Decebal that none has ever done and the Romanian is very gratefull for it, hench his loyality towards the Russian. Decebal didn't expected to get along with Andrei that good but he absolutly adores him... And the moments they fuck.
Decebal: Ohhhh! Vodknockers!? He is like a fun and crazy little brother... He sure has a temper which is funny. Haha *smirks* His libido matches mine and he has a great cock *laughs*
For Amaria: Decebal knows that she is the way she is because of her past and he isn't one to judge or make fun of her believs and such. Everyone can believe in whatever they want. What's the problem with that? Plus, he thinks she is very gorgeous.
Decebal: Oh? That wild woman? She is very beautiful, like hella beautiful that she could put an army of women to shame. *laughs* But seriously now... Just like Xavi said... She is only misunderstood. *soft smile*
Alexander Chirilă
For Andrei: Alexander simply feels very uncomfortable in the same room as Andrei and it doesn't help that the Russian was Alexanders first. Alexander finds it so so frustrating that Andrei has no sense of other peoples personal space, especially his.
Alexander: Oh God.... Not him again. He has no respect, he is an absolut degeranted wanker who doesn't understand the concept of personal space and he frustrates me so so much it makes me so angry. *blushing red face and huffs* But.... I suppose... Like my big brother said... He can be nice... Only I never saw that!
For Amaria: Alexander enjoys that she is quite and she seems to have some concept of other peoples personal space. Plus he is glad she isn't like her big brother... Who acts like a sexual offender. Amaria kind of reminds Alexander of one of the tallest mountains, surrounded by mist... Especially that certain quietness.
Alexander: I suppose she is alright... She seems like a very strong one with a certain specific will... And she is pretty..... B-But not like that! *blushes*
Nadia Nikolina Chirilă
For Andrei: She thinks she is a good man, on certain topics but on other hands.... She views him as a stupid kid with disgusting behaviors and most important.... A coward. If he thinks he is so mighty, why not take someone his own size or bigger, not some small and innocent woman. Andrei is only lucky because of Decebal..... Or else he would have been castrated the moment he meet Nadia. Period.
Nadia: *looks up from her painting* He is a stupid child.... But means well... On certain moments.
For Amaria: Nadia thinks that Amaria is a very intirguing and gorgeous woman, small but with a fierce spirit that will cit through you just like her machete... Nadia appreciates greatly a woman who won't take anyones shit, especially a mans. Amaria reminds Nadia of a pit of big sharp deadly ice icicle, that she saw the first month she moved into Greenland. The pit looked so so beautiful but if you stepped to close you would fall into said pit and a painfull horrible death will follow.
Nadia: Beautiful and Deadly... Such a majestic combination. *paints a womans shadow with mountains into the background*
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horrorslashergirl · 3 days ago
Hope im doing this right but im sending you my Brand New Boy Alan Sharpe to see how your OCs react lmao hope u likey 👀🥺💜
(From my @lucifers-horror-harem blog)
Tumblr media
(Ohhhh I like Alan... Very Very much 👀👀❤️)
Richard Firewood
Richard can appreciate a wealthy and prosper person, because it shows into the hard work they put on. I think he will get along with Alan, like talking about all king of topics and business ones, over some good expensive liquor and cigarettes.
Richard: I can appreciate greatly someone who worked hard to be where they are now. The luxurious guest room is opened up for Alan anytime he wants to visit and discuss business.
Jackson Jasper
Jackson will probably understand Alans past and what he went through, Jackson having to deal with his own father too, I think they might be good friends and be on positive territory.
Jackson: Never digged my father either, so I can understand the way Alan is... A little.
Bambi Miller
She is a pretty social woman and she might find his past sad and be all caring towards him.
Bambi: Who knew a cute old man could have such a sad story? *cute sad pout*
The Hacker
This guy had meet and dealt with many influent people into the business world, all kind of CEOs, so he isn't fazed by Alan that much. I think they will be strictly business between them... Like.. If Alan needs something.. The Hacker will sure provide it.
The Hacker: Need drugs, weapons, women... Just stand your choice, old man... We can negotiate. I am a pretty understanding guy. *smirks*
Dave Anthony
I think Dave would view Alan as any human victim of his, harassing him and seeing him crumble down.
Dave: What's the matter, old geezer? Scared to face true evil? *evil smirk*
Samuel Grayson
Samuel might see Alan into a neutral color, able to see into his aura what Alan went through and what he did. As long as Alan keeps distance from Samuel and doesn't Lester him, he will be fine.
Samuel: His aura is of grey colors. Very neutral... Its very tempting to rip into his heart but also it makes me feel like it would taste very bitter.
Much like Dave, Azol would enjoy torturing, stalking and driving Alan mad, using on his weakness to make Alan fall on his knees.
Azol: Awww.. What's the matter, old sloppy cock? Not getting it up anymore? *evil laugh*
She will find him very handsome and desirable, but that's Azment for everyone.
Azment: He is such a handsome old man. Very veeeery handsome.
The Shadow
I think Shadow can relate a bit to Alans past. He didn't had a shiny childhood either, but it wasn't his father, but his mother and sister that put their fingerprints on Shadows adult self. I think Shadow and Alan might get along, seeing how Alan has quite the intelectual skills, able to run a business and all that. They might have tea over discussing certain topics.
Shadow: He seems like a decent man and I can appreciate a good conversation.
Damiano Liberato
I highly think these two might be on very good terms; Alan running a business and having vast information about that, plus he has great taste into clothes and accesories. Damiano appreciates a man who knows how to pin-point a good look.
Damiano: Finally someone who has a sense of colors and patterns. If I see camo clothing one more time from my creator I will go berzerk.
Gerome Montana and Axel Friedrich
I think these two will be on neutral territory with Alan. If he needs to destroy some competition from other business incs. Just call these two and they will do it perfectly... After being paid of course.
Gerome Montana: He seems cool.
Axel: Yeah.. Whatever Gero said.
Bahini Talibah
She is anxious around men pretty much, but if Alan keeps distance from Bahini and he will be polite, he will be fine. Also Bahini is much older than Alan.... With being immortal and all that.
Bahini: I suppose he seems polite... But you might never know.
Mitch Carson
He doesn't care as long as he doesn't get on his territory.
Mitch: *grunts and hides into the bushes*
Xaviera Lah-Mo
Not one to probably care either.
Xaviera: As long as he keeps distance we are on good terms.
Akshay Lah-Mo
He doesn't care either.
Akshay: *grunts*
Decebal Avram Chirilă
They might get along, since Decebal is an extrovert and he gets along with pretty much anyone, despite all the dangers.
Decebal: He seems like a nice fella... Age is no problem for me. *smirks*
Alexander Chirilă
They might be on neutral territories or good ones depending on how Alan would seem at first with Alex.
Alexander: If he keeps distance and knows about personal space we are good.
Nadia Nikolina Chirilă
She might find his past sad but that's about it, depends on how he acts around her. Respecting her personal space is top key.
Nadia: He is fine...
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horrorslashergirl · 3 days ago
Jax Roman
He's 6'8
Kills usually by means of torture, he has a underground dungeon where he brings his victims. It's like a red room with different tools lining the walls.
He usually goes after men off the streets, finding their shrill screams amusing.
His personality is under construction but he's probably gonna be a cocky asshole
(( he has bright green eyes and a little lower than shoulder length blone hair, his has a scar over his left eye and a couple piercing. His favorite is his tongue piercing. His very muscular but still more lean, he has scars all over his body as well.))
-His wife will come next-
Richard Firewood
Richard can appreciate someone with a steak for torture, but he does it more for money purpose and to indulge into his surgeon passion. I think Richard would be neutral towards Jax, like.... If he doesn't bother Richard, they are on neutral grounds.
Richard: He better not bother me. I am a busy man and money makes the world go around.
Jackson Jasper
Another man who kills for fun purpose too, Jackson would probably be on good terms with Jax, like talking over torture methods over some good whiskey.
Jackson: Seems like a cool guy. Maybe have a chat of torture over a glass of whiskey.
Bambi Miller
She may find him interesting but she won't act submissive. She is a fierce woman and loves a challenge. Also... Piercings? She got one on her belly button and much lower.
Bambi: Sugar Jaw seems interesting... Maybe we can have a conversation over a bottle of tequila.
The Hacker
I hear torture buddies bells ringing. Torture is Hackers middle names and he has quite an imagination. He might get along with Jax just great, but he better not get too cocky with the Hacker because he is the big shit around here into torture games. Respect is gonna be a must if they gonna be friends.
The Hacker: Torture ya say? I can appreciate maiming a body but the cocksucker better know I am the big shit at torture.
Dave Anthony
Ohhh... Torture you say? Dave is gonna show torture to Jax... On his own skin. This dangerous and evil poltergeist will sure maim Jax all for fun and bask into seeing this so called Dom be a pile of flesh and bones.
Dave: He calls himself dominating? *laughs diabolically*
Another evil entity who will sure have the ultimate amusment into hunting Jax each moment of day and night. He is gonna take great pleasure into destroying Jax mind.
Azol: If he is a dominant person then I am a motherfucking priest that sucked the Devils cock. *smirks* He looks like a sloppy cumfilled cunt.
Samuel Grayson
Cocky and arrogant? That's enough to say for Samuel to turn Jax into a raw steak for the hellhounds on his back. Jax aura would make Samuel really displeased and if he tries to get to close to him... Well? I really hope Jax wouldn’t mind having his arms chewed off.
Samuel: *scowls* He smells disgusting. His aura hurts the nose of my hellhounds.
Another evil entity but with a passion for pure carnal desires. She can appreciate a Dom like Jax and she might.. More than likely, take him to her Master Bedroom.
Azment: *smirks lewdly* Ohhh he seems like a fun boy.... Maybe we can have a small chit-chat between the bedsheets.
Gerome Montana and Axel Friedrich
I think these two would be on neutral grounds with Jax, as long as he doesn't get to handsy... Because I am sure Jax wouldn’t like to be stabbed in the knee or shot into his ankels.
Gerome: He seems like a fun dude... But I don't think my Bro Axel will dig him that much.
Axel: *scowls* I don't like him.
The Shadow
Arrogance might be something Shadow hates, ironicallg because he is like that too, but only because of his high intelectual abilities and skills into surgery... And disecting people. Shadow will be pissed off of Jax puts his smug attitude on this serial killer.
The Shadow: *cleans his scalpels* I don't care what he does as long as he keeps his nose out of my business. His intelect is no match for mine.
Bahini Talibah
Safe to say, this immortal woman wouldn't like Jax. She makes her uncomfortable and if he doesn't get the point of keeping distance he will suffer a painfull death.
Bahini: He makes me anxious. Enough said.
Mitch Carson
Feral Gask Mask Man wouldn't like Jax. He will simply view him as just another hunt and lunch.
Mitch: *growls behind the gas mask getting his crossbow ready*
Damiano Liberato
He is cocky and arrogant too and he can appreciate that into other men, but manners and a good etiquette are a must with this slice and dice mogul.
Damiano: Ughh.... He better have some class on him. If I see peons dressed in track suits I am gonna skin them alive.
Xaviera Lah-Mo
Cocky and arrogant men aren't her piece of cake, unless is her Wolf. Jax better keep his distance or else he might get shot into the balls by her sniper.
Xaviera: Not interesting me in the slightest bit.
Akshay Lah-Mo
Akshay doesn't like arrogant and cocky people, and if Jax will continue to annoy Akshay, the Polar bear might break his spine.
Akshay: *glares* His arrogance annoys me... He better keep his hands to himself unless he wants them broken.
Decebal Avram Chirilă
Decebal can appreciate a dominant man greatly and he doesn't mind getting on the bottom, but torture? Please.... Decebal has endured so much torture it feels like being petted and I am sure Jax wouldn’t like to have this assassins swords cutting through his torso.
Decebal: *smirks* He seems like a cool guy to hang around with... Just don't get too cocky, dragă because I am a switch and my Dom side will pounce on you.
Alexander Chirilă
Alex loves a great dominat man and I am sure Jax would be a perfect match for him, plus even thought Alex is a sub, he has great pain endurace, so torture is no problem for him.
Alexander: *blushes at the Dom part* Umm... He seems fine.. I-I guess.
Nadia Nikolina Chirilă
Jax might find his jaw knocked off by Nadia, because she isn't a big fan of dominating men, especially arrogant ones. Keep your distance Jax. Just a piece of advice.
Nadia: *raises a brow and snorts* Not my type and defenitly not someone I can tolerate too much.
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unorthodoxica · 3 days ago
Chapters: 20/20 Fandom: Danny Phantom, Young Justice Rating: K+ Genre: General • Mystery Characters: Danny Fenton, Richard Grayson/Robin Summary:
When they heard the fateful words “Recognized: Robin-B01” nothing could have prepared them for the web of secrets which would unravel as Daniel Fenton and Richard Grayson search for answers. Rated K+ for themes action, themes, and occasional language. Definitely not your typical DP/YJ crossover.
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stefanotis · 4 days ago
why do I feel like the twist is going to be something stupid like it wasn’t really kory that it was blackfire disguised as kory 
I thought the same thing too but I have a feeling its something different.
Im trying to think of various things that could happen but honestly I just need dickkory to be endgame however it happens.
I miss their relationship from season 1.
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chanikang · 4 days ago
your gifs are always so gorgeous and hd with the perfect sharpness and coloring, how ??!?! :') 💙💙💙💙
aaah thankyou sm for the kind words 🤧❤️ i'm still experimenting, but i'm glad you like them!
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thisisparnianagain · 4 days ago
If you have any ideas for a robrae sketch let me know:D
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thisisparnianagain · 4 days ago
So I had this older tumblr blog where I posted shitty fanart and I deleted it.(cough-teenage angst) I kinda miss it though.. maybe I'll recreate it. With whatever I have left:/
And I'm gonna change my name back:))))
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I am cursed with this so now are you. My friend was looking up disco Nightwing, and showing me all the images.
You know what I said? "DC edgy Austin Powers."
Have a cursed day.
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brennenscolby · 5 days ago
Chapter 3: Gone
Pain weighed on your heart, making it feel heavier than ever before.
Upon arriving back to the cave, you isolated yourself from everyone. Every once in a while you'd come out of your room and eat with the rest of the family, but it was no use. Everything seemed pointless, and you felt as though there was no longer a reason to live, or to even carry on.
You lost the best thing that had ever happened to you.
The fact that Jason would never come home to you really broke the last piece of hope you had. Like a feather blown away by the wind, there was very little you had to remember him by.
That was,
Besides your memories, of course.
The more you thought about them, the more they dimmed—like something from an old film.
Before your heart had even sprouted bursts of affection for Jason, you hated him at the very beginning. His recklessness and bad temper, made you knock heads with him a little too often as you were more on the calm, rational side. He would also constantly call you out for seeming so perfect.
Seeming like you had the world in the palm of your hand.
But, at some point, after spending brief amounts of unexpected alone time with him on patrol, he had grown to understand you, and you the same with him. It was almost as if you had instantly clicked, clearly respecting and understanding one another like you met in a past life. You weren't perfect, and you quickly acknowledged that he wasn't either.
After learning about his world, you had grown to adore every little thing he had to offer. His hopes, his aspirations, his dislikes. Chemistry blossomed between the two of you before you even had time to notice.
Though, your dreams of achieving and striving for bigger things with him by your side, quickly dissipated after Joker had ripped him out of your life.
Almost as if he hadn't been there to begin with.
Even after a day of Jason's passing, you knew that it would be incredibly hard to think straight and get yourself together.
As a result, depression degraded you. Day by day, you would have nightmares, dreams where Jason would die and you couldn't save him. You woke up many nights, screaming at the top of your lungs with sweat engulfing your form. Your father could only do so much to help you. Of course, he took time off to care for you, but he had to go back to work at some point.
He needed to take care of Gotham.
Three days after Jason's death, you almost missed his funeral. If it hadn't been for Dick, you wouldn't have managed to come out. Guilt and misery ate away at your soul, consuming every little bit of you along with the promise you made to Jason. In a sense, you mentally cursed yourself for it. Your consciousness chastened you, for making a promise you couldn't keep.
Though, after receiving some treatment, it took you a good five months to get yourself together.
Although you would never fully get over his death, you soon realized that Jason wouldn't want you to live that way. It seemed like a good option to kill the Joker and avenge your beloved, but that wouldn't change anything. Criminals would continue roaming the earth. Even if you killed him, you wouldn't know what to do with yourself. It wasn't like you to kill people. Raised with your father's moral code, you followed it and strongly believed in it. Killing was never an option in your book.
Heaving out a sigh, you packed your bag before trudging out of your room. Thanks to your father, you were a genius. Alfred taught you to read and write at a young age, allowing you to grow familiar with the educational system before it even mattered. It played a major role in your life as now you were graduating high school at fifteen years old. Stuffing your face with a slice of bread, you ran out the door,
"Miss (Y/n)! Please eat well when you get to school!"
You turned, sending the male a playful glance,
"No promises! Have a nice day Alfred!"
'You teens are something else',
The butler sighed, facing away from your jogging figure.
Making sure not to ruin your makeup, you hurriedly paced to school. You couldn't be late on graduation day. Your eyes flashed at the sudden thought of Jason. He would've been cheering you on. Swallowing thickly, you took a breath, a solemn expression making its way onto your face.
You would have to avenge him somehow.
After coming home from your graduation, your father organized a small family dinner. The thought he had put into it really made you happy inside. However, as much as you had wanted to settle your attention on the party, you just couldn't. All day, you had been thinking about your plan to avenge your beloved. You had once spoken to Jason about creating your own heroine, The Black Sphinx. It was silly to consider, but, being your own heroine was something you had wanted as early as nine years old. You had gained the notion after drawing reasoning from your mother's history.
To be quite frank, you weren't fond of her, but, you did like the concept of her identity. Same with your fathers. After unsheathing inspiration from the two, you decided your new cowl could help you break out of the slump you'd been feeling. Being Batgirl was something remarkable and honor worthy, but, you wanted to pull away from that mantle. It reminded you too much of the past. It would possibly mean leaving the old days behind, but, you knew if Jason were here, he would understand. He had always supported your dreams, and if that meant making your own hero, he was all for it. Your thoughts quickly dispersed by the sudden elbow that shoved into your rib,
"Ouch! What was that for?"
You looked to the side, eyes meeting with the physique of your older adoptive brother, Dick. A frown crossed over his features,
"What were you thinking about that was so much more important than my speech?"
You sighed, shaking your head out of amusement. Dick had written a speech for you. Due to all you had on your mind, you were barely listening to what he said,
"What are you talking about, I was listening i-"
"Were you really?", Dick retorted. You smiled sheepishly,
"I was! I heard... most of it"
He stared at you for a brief moment, the intensity of his azure gaze being enough to let you know that he was well aware of your obvious slip-up. Pursuing his lips, he spoke, brows knitted in concern,
"Somethings on your mind, what's going on?"
You sighed, finally complying. At this point, you had gotten the attention of the entire table. Alfred, Bruce and Dick gazed at you, awaiting your response,
"Well, look. I've thought about it for a good while and... I don't want to be Batgirl anymore."
Your eyes carefully traced over each of them, looking for any signs of amusement or disappointment. Upon doing so, you realized you'd get nothing out of them. You were all trained to hide your own emotions anyways,
"If that's what you want, then do it"
You gawked at your father, perplexed by his statement. Thinking back to everything you've done, you didn't think he'd agree. You glanced at Dick, who offered a reassuring smile,
"You could even join me on my missions."
His blue vibrant orbs gleamed with encouragement. You turned to Alfred, who nodded eagerly,
"Oh yes miss (Y/n). It was about time."
You released a small smile,
"I think you're more than ready to handle it. After everything you've been through, I trust you, (Y/n)”, your father confirmed, his mature yet darkly colored tone giving way to the silence that lingered.
Bashfully rubbing your neck, you thanked him for his support. Truly, even if words could not explain, you knew what he said meant a lot to you, and he knew as well. With a new found confidence you quickly finished your meal with your tightly knit family, before retrieving yourself from the table, in efforts to get a head start on your plans in the Batcave. Dick was quick to notice your retreating figure, his tight yet gentle grip making its way onto your left shoulder,
"Hey, where are you going? We haven't even gotten to the cake!"
You chuckled at your brother's childishness,
"I gotta get back to the cave. Save me some, will ya?"
Taglist: @little-miss-naill @flowersgirl02
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ataraki-sketch · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
An angst Grayson piece featuring Dick and ghost John Grayson
It’s based off the scene where Bruce shows Dick a video off him being shot right after he wakes up from a coma because apparently that’s a good idea. The Ric arc really is frustrating sometimes.
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