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clints-lucky-arrow · 21 hours ago
I may be wrong but Rick Flag being a Colonel makes him a higher rank than Sergant Bucky Barnes...
Imagine having a threesome and Bucky is getting greedy until Flag calls rank, cause he knows how traditional Bucky is when it comes to taking orders. Bucky gives me major switch energy and I can see him following Col. Rick's orders in bed.
This took me AGES to get back to, but whoever sent this in - you are a god. I adore you for gracing me with such an amazing visual.
competition. || rick flag x f!reader x bucky barnes.
Tumblr media
This story takes place in the same universe as ‘dog tags.’
WARNINGS: Rough Sex. MFM Threesome. Spitroast. Double Penetration. Polyamory. Possessive!Bucky Barnes. Dominant!Rick Flag. Explicit Sexual Content. Blowjobs. Vaginal Sex.
Likes, comments, and reblogs are highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
You can't help but think that you're happiest between the two of them. No matter the arguments, or the barbs throw one another's way, your boys get the job done. They leave you blissfully satisfied, trembling with exertion, but not without some machismo posturing first. Both are soldiers, after all - gruff and domineering by profession.
Neither can be seen to give in too easily.
Bucky is the most selfish of the two. He's possessive, and you know that sometimes he struggles to watch Flag kiss you, to hear how you gasp as the Colonel fucks slowly into your inviting cunt. It's worse when Rick decides to poke fun at him - recognizing the jealousy and baiting Barnes in a way that the other man can't ignore.
This time, it's by calling him 'Sargeant Jackhammer,' and despite the fact that you're literally being roughly plowed from behind by his throbbing cock, you have to clamp a hand over your lips and disguise a giggle as a moan. You shouldn't be laughing, but it's hard. While nothing could ever have you admit it aloud, Rick is funnier.
And he's a little bit right too.
Bucky is too intense - possessed by the urge to prove something. What he's doing to you feels good, there's no denying that, but it could be better. Your centre is dripping, lubricating the smooth slide of his shaft as he plunges within you, but his cock just misses that special point. Soft cries still burst from your lips with each harsh thrust. They come out muffled, blocked by the firm stroke of Rick's hips and the shear of his cock down your throat.
Above, the Colonel's handsome face is twisted into a lusty snarl. His hand grips your hair, holding you in place, and you feel stretched between himself and Bucky. The latter's hands are on your hips, pulsing you forward and back onto his thick length. That sensation of them both working in and out of your helpless form nearly makes your eyes roll.
Fuck. You need to come.
That urge pulses within you - deep and needy - but you can't quite fall over the edge yet. Rick slides down your throat, far enough to have you choking, just as Bucky buries himself to the hilt from behind. Overstimulation floods through your veins. Your body is shaking, mute, spluttering and helpless. Filled with nothing but a need to clamp down on Bucky's hard cock and let loose, but he misses the mark again, and you could nearly cry with weak frustration.
Unable to speak past Rick's length, your gaze upturns. Begging and pleading, filled a misery that he can't ignore. The Colonel registers it instantly, and his words snap harshly through the air.
Behind you, Bucky freezes. A tense silence spreads through the space as they both pull out. A line of saliva hangs from your mouth - trailing across to Rick's swollen tip, but you break it with the nervous run of your tongue across your lower lip. You can feel Bucky's stiff heat leave you. Despite his cumbersome strokes, the lack of either cock leaves you feeling achingly empty.
Rick's fingers press gently under your chin, drawing your gaze upward. Still on your hands and knees, you obey, watching him meekly from below lowered lashes.
"What's wrong, baby?" he asks, soft and kind. "Couldn't come?"
Not looking back, you just nod wordlessly. Bucky's stare prickles across your skin. You can almost feel the weight of his discomfort. Part of you feels the need to turn reassuringly to him, but you want Rick now. Bucky was being too greedy, yet, you can count on the Colonel to sort him out.
Rick's eyes lift, staring at the other man coldly. His words - and the warning in his tone - leave no room for argument. "This is a joint assignment. Don't let your own possessive wants overcome what she needs. Now, switch."
Behind, Bucky starts to protest. Rick cuts him off with a curt wave of his hand, jaw setting into a firm line.
"That's an order, Sergeant Barnes. Don't make me fuckin' say it again. If you're not gonna give it to her right, then I'll do it for you."
Annoyance radiates from the Colonel kneeling above, but you can't help but longingly reach out to pump the wet shaft of his cock. He's so damn sexy when he's pissed off, and you know that the anger will only make him fuck better. Both are absolute gods in the sack individually, but Rick's just better at sharing. And he's the Colonel, which means when it comes down to it - he's really the one in control.
You can't help but think that if this whole thing is going to work, Bucky will need to listen a little, and to learn to get a grip on his own frustrations.
Yet, all of those worries vanish on the delicious moment that Rick slides inside you with a grunt. His cock is burning, throbbing, already wet from precum and saliva. It mixes in your ready cunt, joining with that leftover from Bucky, and the knowledge has you moaning. The other man takes Rick's place in-front of you, holding out his glistening length for you to take between your lips.
As your eyes flicker up to him, he offers a crooked smile. "Sorry, doll. I'll get a handle on it next time."
"You'd better." Rick replies before you can, scoffing, before pushing on, and letting you feel the beginning thrusts of his hips as they start to work against your rear. His teeth grit, and he offers advice in a stern tone that the other man knows better to ignore. "Now, twist your hand in her hair, and slowly fuck her mouth. Make her choke a little, but don't go too far. I want to see her tears, Barnes. Just a few. She likes it that way."
To your surprise, no sharp retort leaves the Sergeant's lips. His blue eyes blaze, but they are locked on the Colonel's face as he nods stiffly. "Yes, sir."
"Good," Rick smiles, angling himself to push back in a way that makes you gasp, fingers scrabbling in the bedsheets underneath and making you gasp breathlessly around Bucky's cock. "Match my pace. It doesn't have to be a competition, Sargeant. We can do this together. Isn't it better that way?"
Tumblr media
A/N: As usual, I don't do requests, but my inbox is always open for naughty character thoughts - they may spark a drabble! Feel free to stop by!
Support your content creators! Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated.
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knivesareout · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
your camera roll but rick flag is your boyfriend au
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fairchildflag · 2 days ago
Facade | Rick Flag x Reader
Pairing: Rick Flag x F!Reader
Word Count: 4,204
Summary: You've alway valued your friendships, the one you had with Rick Flag was the most intriguing one of all. He was your best friend and you'd do anything for him. Even if it means pretending to be his girlfriend for one small occasion.
Warnings: Language, Violence?? I suck at warnings HELP
A/N: I'm honestly so surprised on how much love Café Desires has gotten, I'm literally in shock. This isn't like Café Desires but I hope you all enjoy it just as much. Also credit to my parabatai on Instagram for helping me with this idea!
Rating: PG-13?
Created for @rickflagbingo
Tumblr media
You sat curled up on the couch, book in hand as you were eager to figure out what happened next in the story you were reading. It was Friday night and you didn’t have any plans, other than stay home and enjoy a night all to yourself. You were currently reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire while wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. You held off on reading it because life tended to get in the way and you weren’t allowing yourself to be distracted until you finished. Or so you thought.
The sound of knocking brought you out of your reading and you looked at the time. Who would be at your house at 6:30 at night? You put your bookmark in your spot before closing the book and standing up. The knocking came again, this time more aggressive and you made your way to the door before opening it. You came face to face with a disheveled Rick Flag. His hair was a fucking mess from the amount of times he ran his hands through it and he seemed out of breath. “What the fuck happened to you? You look like shit,” You laughed. Your best friend gave you a glare before walking inside and you closed the door.
You watched as Rick paced back and forth in your living room as he ran his hand through his hair as he got lost in thought. “Unless you want your hair falling out, you better tell me why you’re here in distraught,” You told him, crossing your arms. He was clearly out of breath, but why? He wouldn’t speak though, something was bothering him. You rolled your eyes, “I know you didn’t run all this way to my house and interrupted me from Harry Potter, only for you to not say a fucking word and act like a runway model.”
“I bumped into June,” Rick said. Oh? June was his ex-girlfriend who left him for his closest friend, and who hated your guts even though she never met you. You were the reason for their breakup and you constantly felt guilty even though Rick told you not to. Rick would make plans with you and then the next day June would make plans with him and he’d always ended up rescheduling the plans with June. He always put you first over his own girlfriend because he promised he’d never put something or someone over your friendship. June didn’t like that. She never actually met you in person, but the only thing she knew was that you were the reason Rick never had time for her. She started sleeping with Rick’s friend behind his back and he found out. It got to the point where June made Rick decide, her or you. He valued your friendship more than anything and the decision was made.
“I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” You said. “Bad! Very bad thing!” Rick exclaimed and you took a step forward and took his hands into your own. “Hey, calm down. It’ll be fine, did you talk to her or anything?” You asked, rubbing circles on his hands with your thumbs. “It’s not like I had a choice in the fucking matter,” Rick said. “I’m fucked Y/N/N.”
“Hey, she made her decision and you made yours,” You told him, pulling him in for a hug, but he didn’t reciprocate. Instead he pulled away and ran his hand through his hair. “She’s engaged to that- that fucker,” Rick said, his fists clenching. “I thought you were over her?” You responded, crossing your arms. “Just because I’m over her doesn’t mean the shit I went through hurts any fucking less,” Rick retorted and you nodded. “To be fair, you barely gave her the time of day,” You said. “Who’s fucking side are you on?” Rick asked, glaring. “Yours, obviously. But I’m just saying, if you want a relationship to work you have to be all in. If you two have plans, don’t cancel them for me,” You replied.
“Which book did you learn that from? Because I’m pretty sure you didn’t learn it from Harry Potter,” Rick said. You rolled your eyes, “Does that even matter?” You chuckled and Rick shrugged before sitting down on the couch. You moved your book onto the coffee table before sitting down next to him. “Look, so maybe June wasn’t the right one for you. So what? There are plenty of other fish in the sea and sometimes the wrong relationship can teach you to recognize the right one when it arrives.”
“And if it doesn’t?” Rick asked. “It will. Or maybe you’ve already met the one your heart desires and just don’t know it yet,” You replied. “That’s sappy,” Rick chuckled and leaned his head back to stare at the ceiling. “I’ve read almost every book in my house twice, believe me, I can get worse,” You told him. “Remember when we first met?” Rick asked after a few minutes of silence. You nodded, “My asshole ex-boyfriend was harassing me, told me he’d make my life a living hell. Then you stepped in and gave him a run for his money,” You replied. “He hasn’t bothered you since,” Rick chuckled. “Yeah, we became literal best friends after that,” You smiled. “Can I ask you a favor?” Rick asked and you gave him a look. “I might have told June that I had a new girlfriend.”
“You mean, you lied to her,” You corrected and he sat up to look at you. “Well I wouldn’t have had to if that fucker didn’t show up and propose we all have a little get together and catch up,” Rick responded. “Okay, get to the part where I owe you a favor,” You told him. “Come with me,” Rick said. “Woah, hold up. You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?” You asked. “I mean, obviously you don’t have to. I’m not going to force you to do something you don’t want to,” Rick replied.
“No-” You blurted out, almost too eagerly. “You helped me with my ex, it’s only fair I help you with yours,” You added before he could say anything. “Really?” Rick asked, an eyebrow raised. “Only problem, she’s going to know who I am the moment I introduce myself. She fucking hates me, Rick,” You replied. “Her opinion doesn’t matter, plus wouldn’t it be a little funny to make her mad?”
“What time does this double date start?” You asked. “7:30,” Rick replied and you looked at the clock. 7:01. “I think I have a dress lying somewhere around here, I’m sure I can slip into it real quick,” You told him before standing up and trying your best to ignore the pair of eyes you felt watching you. You opened your closet and moved all your clothes down the rack and you stared at the dress that hung up in the back of the closet. You hated that dress more than anything, you weren’t sure why you still even had it after all these months. The last time you wore it was to a date night with your ex to celebrate your first year anniversary. You waited at the restaurant he made reservations for an hour and a half before you realized he had stood you up. You later learned that he was sleeping around with some random girl that you never really figured was relevant to find out her name.
“What the fuck!?” You exclaimed from the doorway. The couple broke apart, turning to look at you. Your boyfriend took in your appearance and mentally slapped himself. “You bastard,” You said, shaking your head before storming out of his house, slamming the front door as you did so. You hated how you allowed yourself to travel all this way just to see him with some random bitch. You heard the sound of a vehicle starting up and you knew that it wouldn’t be long before your now ex-boyfriend caught up with you. You cut through the park and made your way past the swingset to try and get to the other side that led towards the direction of your house. “Y/N!” A voice called out and the familiar appearance of a truck blocked your path. You rolled your eyes and turned around to walk the other way. The engine shut off and you heard the sound of the door opening. You picked up the pace, trying to put some distance between you and the man you once called your boyfriend. “Y/N wait!” He called out and he grabbed your arm.
All that anger that was hidden deep down rose to the surface and you spun around and slapped him. He stumbled back, letting go of your arm in the process. “Fuck off,” You told him and he looked at you, a red mark slowly appearing on his face from where you struck him. “Allow me to explain…” He said and you shook your head. “What’s there to explain? Huh!? You’re fucking another girl and I found out on our one year anniversary!?” You cried out, hysterical. “Just get in the truck, let me take you home,” He said. “I’m not going anywhere with you,” You glared. “Y/N, please,” He pleaded, grabbing your arm once more. “Don’t touch me!” You screamed, trying to shove him off.
What happened next caught you off guard. Your ex-boyfriend stumbled back as a figure punched him in the face and his grip on you had left so quickly. “The lady said to fuck off, so get in your fucking car and leave,” the figure spoke. You watched as your ex-boyfriend stood up, glaring. You crossed your arms before looking down at a patch of grass. The sound of footsteps retreating, followed by an engine starting made you look up. You watched as the truck drove off and you bit your lip. The figure turned around and you couldn’t help but take in how attractive he was. His hazel eyes were filled with worry and his dirty blonde hair was disheveled. He ran a hand through his hair, “You alright ma’am?” He asked and you nodded. “Thank you.”
You weren’t aware that anyone was even at the park this late at night, let alone someone like him. “I’m Rick,” He said, stretching out his hand. “Y/N,” You replied, shaking his hand and he smiled. “That’s a pretty name,” He said. “I didn’t mean to intrude earlier, so I apologize,” Rick added. “It’s fine, you got him to go away,” You smiled. “Did he stand you up?” Rick asked. You nodded your head, “One year anniversary. I waited at the restaurant for over an hour, went to his house, found him fucking some bitch,” You replied and he grimaced. “As if cheating on you wasn’t enough, the asshole practically tried to force you to get in his car,” Rick said. “Yeah, well. It’s clear he’s a dick so, can we just talk about something else?” You responded and he nodded.
The two of you sat down on the swings, talking about literally everything. You had learned that his father was a military man just like he planned to be one day. He was an only child, as far as he knew, but the one thing he hated was seeing someone disrespected. Sure, he was cocky at times but that’s just who he was. You had told him about yourself, but mostly the basics. You two didn’t want to intrude on each other’s lives more than you already have, after all, you two barely just met. He had walked you back to town and called you an uber to help you get home after exchanging numbers. But the uber ride home, you never would’ve guessed just how much Rick Flag would mean to you.
You snatched the dress out of the closet before crumbling the fabric up in your hands. You hated this dress, you hated everything it symbolized. It taunted you, reminding you of the worst and the best day of your life. You stared at the offending object in your hands before slipping into it. You had allowed that asshole to haunt you, this dress needed to symbolize something else. You left your room the moment you looked presentable and you saw Rick on the couch reading a book. “I didn’t know you could read,” You said. He turned to look at you, “I can, I’m just a bit confuse-”
He stopped suddenly and you bit your lip. His breath seemed to get caught in his throat and he stood up, laying the book down on the coffee table where he had found it. “Please don’t say anything, it’s the only one I had,” You told him as he walked closer to you. “You look amazing,” He said, stopping a few feet in front of you. You weren’t expecting that. “Figured if we’re to convince June we’re a couple, it’s best to play the part,” You told him. “I’ll uh… wait for you outside,” Rick said before rushing out the door. You raised an eyebrow before grabbing the keys off the kitchen counter before following after him.
Rick had pulled up in the location of where June and her fiance were having their date night and you looked over at Rick. He had stopped by his house to change into something more date worthy and you couldn’t help but steal glances his way here and there. “You ready?” He asked. “Whenever you are,” You replied and he nodded slowly but didn’t move a muscle. His hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly you were certain that his knuckles were turning white. “Alright, look at me,” You said, angling your body to face him. He turned his head and you leaned in, planting a small kiss on his lips. It caught him off guard and just as soon as it happened you pulled away before he could react. “Just to set the mood,” You told him before opening the door and getting out of the car. You tried your best to get as far away from Rick, you didn’t know what possessed you to give him a kiss. But you found yourself being pinned against the restaurant walls and you looked up to see Rick.
He looked down at you, both your eyes searching the other for some type of answer. This was Rick Flag, you tried telling yourself. He wasn’t some random stranger. Nor was he your ex-boyfriend. He was special, and you’d be damned if you allowed him to walk away without saying anything. “Rick-” You began but you were cut off as he leaned down, capturing your lips with his own. It was soft at first, gentle. Then the kiss deepened and fire swept through your body as you wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer to you. You dreamt about this moment for so long, probably since the moment you met him, you even fantasized about it even. But reality was better. “Rick?” A voice called out and he pulled away to look in the direction of the voice. “June?”
“I thought that was you! We were wondering if you were even going to show up,” June said and Rick stepped away from you and gave June a hug. The two pulled away and Rick gave her a small smile before excusing himself and heading inside the restaurant to greet June’s fiance. “You must be his new girlfriend,” June said, looking at you. “So you’re June,” You said, shaking her hand. “That’s me,” She chuckled.
“Look, I’m not trying to intrude on your relationship with Rick, at all, I’m just here to give some friendly advice. You know, from ex-girlfriend to new girlfriend,” June said and you nodded slowly. “Rick’s a great guy, but unless you get rid of that bitch he calls his best friend you’ll never get to have any time with him,” She told you. “Um, thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind,” You replied. “Y/N? You ready?” Rick called from the restaurant door.
“Yeah, I’m coming,” You told him before walking past June who seemed to have a shocked expression on her face. “She just called me a bitch,” You told him quietly. “Let’s just… get through this one meal,” Rick said before walking to the booth that June’s fiance stood at. “Ah, you must be Rick’s girlfriend,” He smiled and you nodded before shaking his hand, “Y/N.”
“I’m Steve,” He said before gesturing at the table. “Please have a seat,” He told you and you looked at Rick. His jaw was clenching and you knew he didn’t want to be here anymore than you did. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” You told Steve before grabbing Rick’s arm and leading him to a chair and sitting next to him. Steve sat across from you two and it didn’t take long before June sat down next to him. “Y/N, I didn’t mean-” She began, but you cut her off, “I know exactly what you meant. But it’s okay, it’s in the past.”
“So, how did you two meet?” Steve asked, looking at you and Rick. “I punched her asshole of an ex-boyfriend,” Rick deadpanned. “I think he means, how did you two start dating,” June said. A waiter came by and began filling each glass with some wine after taking everyone’s orders. You picked up the glass, “It’s a funny story, actually,” You replied, taking a sip. “It was a few months after June and Rick broke up, he came to my house and we watched a few movies like we did every Thursday night. He mentioned something about finding me attractive or some shit, I don’t remember all the details, we were drunk. But the next day while recovering from our hangovers, we just kissed and-”
“Okay, we get it,” June interrupted. “Babe, that’s rude,” Steve told her. “I’m sorry about her,” Steve apologized. “No worries,” You smiled before leaning back in your chair. You took a sip of your wine as Rick draped his arm around you and you could see June practically glaring at the two of you. She was jealous, maybe even angry. Whichever, it’s what you agreed to help Rick do. You leaned into his embrace and Rick kissed the top of your head. That sent her over the edge as she excused herself to the ladies room. “I’m sorry again. It’s not easy for her, you know, seeing her ex-boyfriend with someone else,” Steve said as the waiter came by, placing everyone’s food out on the table. “Easy for her? She’s engaged to you, don’t you think she should be over it by now?” You asked before thanking the waiter.
“Not when it’s you he’s dating,” Steve replied. “I’m sorry. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” You asked. “She told me all about Rick, and how he kept cancelling plans over this mysterious best friend,” Steve replied. “She was cheating on me with you before any of that started,” Rick said, glaring at Steve. “You weren’t giving her the attention she needed Rick. She came to me, what was I supposed to do? Turn her away?” Steve responded. “What kind of fucking question is that?” You asked. “He was your fucking friend and you slept with his girlfriend.”
“Well I wouldn’t have had to if he gave her the goddamn attention she wanted,” Steve said. “I gave her attention,” Rick said, angrily. “And she fucking cheated. So I started making plans with Y/N, to help me deal with shit,” Rick added. “Look, I’m not judging-” Steve began. “Except that’s exactly what you’re doing,” You cut him off and he turned to look at you. “You’re judging Rick for being a bad boyfriend but yet you’re not perfect yourself,” You said. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Steve asked. “Rick tells me shit too. Don’t act like you haven’t been planning to steal June from Rick for years,” You replied. “That’s different,” Steve said. “Bullshit,” You scoffed. Rick stood up before taking your hand and helping you up. “I think it’s time we left Y/N.”
“Oh right, because running away from your problems always seems to be the fucking solution,” Steve spat and Rick turned to look at him. “June said this would be a friendly double date, but it’s just a fucking way to make me seem like the asshole,” Rick told him. Steve stood up, “Good to know we’re on the same damn page.” Rick linked his fingers with yours as he felt his anger rising and you squeezed his hand in an attempt to calm him down. “Let’s just go,” You whispered to him quietly and Rick nodded. “Now wait a damn minute-” Steve said, standing up and grabbing you by the arm. That caused Rick to retaliate and his fist made contact with Steve’s jaw and he stumbled back. You flinched, you’ve never seen Rick act this way.
“You don’t touch her,” Rick told him, and Steve straightened up, clutching his jaw. “Rick, please…” You pleaded, seeing as the waiter picked up the phone. Rick grabbed your hand before leaving the restaurant, dragging you along. “Rick, slow down. You’re going to pull my arm out of its socket,” You told him, and he slowed down and let go of your hand. He ran a hand through his hair like he always did when he was frustrated and you stepped forward, hugging his torso. His breathing slowed down and he wrapped his arms around you in response. Once he was in a calmer state you pulled away and looked up at him, “Feel better now?”
He shrugged, “Gave me some closure between both of them, I suppose,” He said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I could’ve handled myself, you know,” You told him. “The last time someone fucking grabbed you like that was your ex-boyfriend. Instinct just kicked in,” Rick replied and you nodded. The two of you began walking towards Rick’s car. Neither of you wanted to bring up the subject that both of you so desperately wanted to talk about. The thing that created so much tension between the two of you, it made things awkward. You were the one who kissed him first, sure. But he chased you down, and kissed you back. It had to mean something right? The drive back to your house was quiet and it felt unnatural. You two were never speechless when it came to talking to each other, so why was forming words seem to be so damn difficult? So you did the one thing that eased your nerves when things got complicated, you pulled out your book.
Rick pulled into the driveway of your house before turning off the engine and getting out. You opened the door and got out of the car before grabbing your house key and unlocking your front door. Rick stood in the driveway, uncertain if you even wanted him to go inside but you stepped aside before gesturing for him to follow you. Once he walked inside you closed the door behind you and set your stuff down on the kitchen counter. Rick walked over to the fridge, opening it up and grabbing a beer from inside that you always stored for him when he came over. He leaned against the counter, taking a drink from the bottle as he seemed to get lost in thought. You stared at the book cover that laid on the kitchen counter. It was getting more awkward the more you two just stood in silence. You went to say something, but Rick beat you to it. “I could be like those men you read about if you give me a chance.”
That caught you off guard, where the fuck did that come from? “And what if you can’t live up to their expectations?” You asked, watching as he laid the bottle down before walking over to you. “I already have one advantage over this Malfoy guy,” Rick said, taking your chin into his fingers. “And what’s that?” You asked, looking up at him. He leaned down, his lips only a few inches away from yours, “I’m real,” he said before crashing his lips against yours. Everything that you told yourself, the facade that you held up for so long, came crashing down.
Your butterflies were calmed by the first soft touch of his lips, and you were eager for more. Your arms were slipping around his neck, dragging him closer with one more brush of his lips, like an artist to his painting. You met him halfway when your lips connected again, allowing him to kiss you thoroughly. As he deepened the kiss, pouring out his love for you, love flooded your entire body, and you responded by doing the same. Only when you parted, did he allow himself to look at you. His eyes, so full of love, stared down at you. Meeting his gaze for just a moment, you smiled sweetly.
“God, I fucking love you.”
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lacontroller1991 · 20 hours ago
Make Me Happy (Rick Flag x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
RBF Square Filled: Fake Dating AU
Pairing: Rick Flag x Fem!Reader, Past!Rick Flag x June Moone
Word Count: 1336
Summary: Dealing with a guy who doesn’t leave you alone, you configure a plan that would get him off of your back, fake date your long-term crush and coworker, Colonel Rick Flag, which then leads to an admission of feelings.
Warnings: language, TW harassment, pervert
A/N: uhhhh this dude is a fucking perv but thankfully we have Rick to protect us and threaten the asshole :)
Rating: Explicit
Created for @rickflagbingo
Masterlist for RFB
You run your hand through your hair with frustration, your eyes reading the text message over and over again. Wanna hang out? You groan as Rick walks into your office with two cups of coffee in his hands before taking a seat across from you.
“What are you looking at?” Rick asks, setting the coffee down on your desk as he eyes you. You roll your eyes.
“This fucking dude won’t leave me the fuck alone,” you grumble as Rick raises an eyebrow in question, gesturing to your phone. Handing it over to him, you watch as Rick reads the numerous text messages.
“Can’t this guy take a hint?” Rick questions before quickly typing a response.
“What are you typing?”
“Here,” he presses send before handing your phone back to you. Grabbing the device, you read over the response.
“Flag. Why the fuck would you do that?”
“Big deal, he doesn’t need to know the truth.”
“What truth,” Rick smirks while crossing his arms.
“The fact that you’re all alone,” he jokes as you scowl at him before your vision snaps back to the app, watching as the bubble disappears before a text shows up. Prove it. Frowning, you shove the phone in front of Rick’s face.
“Thanks, Flag. Now he’s gonna want proof and I have none,” you sulk before a thought pops in your head, “come with me.”
“My family is throwing a birthday party for my brother, and this guy is gonna be there. Please come with me.”
“I don’t know, (Y/N/N). I’m not actually your boyfriend,” I wish I was, he thinks as you take a sip of the coffee.
“You fucking owe me, you’re going.”
Rick watches as you smooth over your desk for the hundredth time as you enter the upscale bar your brother had insisted on going to. Your head peeks up above the numerous bodies and see the guy who’s been bothering you. Dipping your head back down, you turn to Rick.
“Ok, so shit head is over there, I need you to wrap an arm around me, get me drinks whenever I want and just be very affectionate,” you whisper as Rick rolls his eyes with a smirk.
“Sweetheart,” damn, that sounded natural. Too natural, “I know how to be a trophy boyfriend,” he replies, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you into his side as his thoughts travel back in time to June and all the times he would be her piece of arm candy as she went to museum conference after museum conference. Nodding, you slowly walk over to where your brother was talking to the guy.
“Hey Jack, Anthony,” you nod to the two as Anthony eyes you up and down, not recognizing the tall special operations officer that stands next to you.
“(Y/N), you look outstanding,” he grasps your hand and runs his nose over your radial pulse before kissing the top of your hand. You suppress a gag and hardly notice the way Rick’s arm wraps around your waist tighter, “you even smell good. Is that… Chanel no. 5?”
“Yes, only the best,” you reply with faux sincerity as your brother offers you a sympathetic smile. Pulling your hand back, you wrap a free arm around Rick’s torso, “Anthony, I would like you to meet my boyfriend. Colonel Rick Flag,” Anthony sticks out a hand with a wide grin as Rick takes it, squeezing his hand harsher than what would be socially acceptable and smirking slightly when Anthony winces.
“You have a strong grip, Rick.”
“It’s Colonel Flag to you and yeah, you kind of have to have a strong grip in order to kill people with your bare hands,” you choke on your drink your brother had supplied you as you look up to Rick with shock as Anthony’s eyes widen, “so you’re the asshole who’s been harassing my girl?”
“Nah man, I haven’t harassed her. Besides, even if I had, do you blame me? She’s fine as hell,” he jokes as Rick slams a hand on Anthony’s shoulder and digs his fingers into the blazer. Leaning in, Rick whispers into Anthony’s ear.
“You fucking leave her alone. If you don’t, I know a shit ton of criminals who would be more than happy to have a new piece of meat at prison,” Rick pulls away with a fake smile while Anthony panics. Swallowing, Anthony looks back at you.
“So, (Y/N), how long have you guys been dating?” You peer back up to Rick who pulls you back into his side, his hand resting lowly on your back, right above the swell of your ass.
“We’ve been dating for 5 months now,” you reply with ease, ignoring the burn of your cheeks while trying to maintain composure.
“Where did you guys meet?” Anthony questions as Rick looks down at you with what appeared to be admiration?
“We are actually partners at work. She’s my second in command, and after months of flirting I decided to ask her and we’ve been together since,” he states as Anthony eyes you and Rick while your brother watches with amusement.
“Why has she never mentioned you?”
“We have a psycho boss and we’ve been wanting to keep it secret but she dragged me here with her, so I guess we’re public now,” Rick jokes with a faux laugh while you and Anthony laugh as well. The whole situation is the most awkward you’ve been in. You’ve been in weird situations with Rick before on missions, but without Waller in your ear or the team with you it’s a whole other awkward.
“Convenient,” Anthony mentions, swirling his bourbon in his glass, “guess you know how good of a kisser she is.”
“The fucking best. The thing she does with her tongue drives me insane,” Rick insinuates as you try to maintain your calm, but on the inside you were dying in embarrassment.
“What tongue thing?”
“This,” Rick grabs your face between his hands and pushes his lips onto yours, sweeping his tongue over your bottom lip, you open your mouth for him while wrapping your hands up around his neck and kissing back with ferocity. Your tongue swirls around his in a fight for dominance as his hands lower to your butt and gently grasp it in his hands. You moan into his mouth as the two of you continue your kiss, forgetting about Anthony who watches with arousement evident in his pants. You slowly break apart, a string of saliva forms between you two as he rests his forehead against yours, wiping his thumb against your bottom lip to collect the spit.
“That was hot,” Anthony states as you and Rick look at him in disgust.
“You’re fucking sick,” you reply, throwing your drink in his face as you stomp out of the bar, ignoring the peering eyes that follow your retreating form.
“Back the fuck off of her,” Rick commands with a growl before following you out of the bar. Rounding the corner, he catches sight of you leaning against the wall with damp cheeks.
“(Y/N/N), what’s wrong?” He inquires softly as you hiccup, turning your face away from him.
“That was too real,” you mumble to yourself, avoiding eye contact with your long-time crush.
“(Y/N), it was just a kiss,” Rick states hesitantly, placing a hand on your shoulder as you turn around to face him.
“Exactly, Rick. It was ‘just a kiss’, I ‘just’ wish it was more,” Rick’s eyes soften as he wraps his arms around your body and pulls you against his chest.
“Look at me,” he commands gently as you peer up to his face. Rick smiles down at you before pressing his lips to yours again, this time full of love and gentleness, “I want it to be more too. Will you be my girl?” He asks as you rapidly nod your head, throwing your arms around his neck and kissing his cheek.
“Nothing would make me happier.”
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Burnt Toast - Three
Summary: Everyone at Belle Reve has a secret. Even you, the new cook. But when Rick Flag smiles at you, you know everything will become unraveled.
Author’s Note: Thank you all SO MUCH for the kind comments and likes on the last chapter. It means the world to me. Here is the last chapter on this wild ride. Enjoy. :)
Pairing: Rick Flag/F!Reader
Rating for this Chapter: R for violence, depictions of an abusive relationship (please DO NOT READ IF THIS UPSETS YOU), some brief smut, Harley is her own warning, my innate need to have drama with a happy ending
Word Count: 12.1k
Tumblr media
Or read on Ao3 here!
Chapter Three
You weren’t sure how long you sat on the edge of Rick’s bed, fingers curled into the soft comforter and your blood roaring in your ears. Not only did Todd know where you were but apparently he was here, too. With an army of goons waiting for his call to drag you back to Gotham so he could…probably kill you slowly. Or put you in a literal cage for his enjoyment…but that would be a slow death.
“Fuck,” you said. The first word you managed to say since receiving Todd’s text.
Rick was gone. Harley and Boomer, too. The three people you thought could and would willingly help were across the globe doing god knows what and you were…here.
You reached up to grab at your necklace and winced when you remembered it was now around Rick’s neck. Maybe it would give him the good luck he needed. Your empty hands covered your face for a moment before you pushed out a stuttered breath.
No, you weren’t going to be the helpless victim again. You’d escaped Todd before and you could do it again.
He probably had figured out that you worked at the prison. Your name had been on the new-hire paperwork—it wasn’t like you could lie to someone like Amanda Waller. But your name wasn’t listed for Rick’s apartment—or the truck of his that you were driving back and forth from work. The parking lot was guarded and difficult if not impossible to see into when outside the gates so they probably did not know what vehicle to tail. The truck had tinted windows so dark a person outside could not see who was driving.
It was good.
You had a bit of time. Todd wasn’t going to be busting down the apartment’s door. (Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully.) So, you had a bit of time to plan. You stood and grabbed a notepad off the counter as you walked into the kitchen and stared down at the blank paper as if it would magically appear with the perfect plan to get you out of this fucking mess. But, alas. It was not magic paper and you were out of luck.
You were, however, surrounded by almost-successful criminals and supervillains. Perhaps they had some sort of advice for evading abusive ex-boyfriends. Or how to kill him quickly. Honestly, you would be happy with either. The pencil scratched across the paper with your first idea and hope.
Robert DuBois.
The wheels of your cart squeaked as you walked down the cold hallway of the solitary cells. The entire morning had been filled with you mindlessly making spinach and cheese quiche while you rehearsed what you were going to ask Robert over and over.
“Hey…so…I have this guy who wants to kidnap me because I got tired of being his punching bag so I stole his money and nearly beat him to death. Any tips on how to get rid of him?”
Solid. Solid plan.
The wheels gave a final squeak as you reached Abner’s cell and you slid open the little slot for his food and waited for him to come up to the door to gab it as he usually did. And you waited. And waited.
You angled your head, trying to see inside the cell, expecting to see him asleep on his cot or doodling in the notebook you had seen him keep beneath his pillow.
But he wasn’t there.
With a frown, you pushed the cart to the next cell, one that belonged to a man you usually tried not to speak to as much as possible—Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker. His pseudonym was as stupid as the name himself and he frequently complained about the amount of cheese you liked to use in your dishes but you mostly just ignored him, knowing his inability to be anything less than terrible was probably why he was confined to his cell.
But he was gone too.
You abandoned your cart altogether as you sprinted the short distance to Robert’s cell only to find it…empty.
“Fuck!” You let your head drop against the heavy metal door. Where were they?
But you were out of time. You hurriedly dropped off the meals for the others still in solitary—only momentarily noticing that both the shark and the werewolf-guy-thing were missing from their cells, too—and then booked it back to the cafeteria to serve everyone else. Lunch was going to be simple today anyway, with little prep time needed, so you braced yourself and tried to straighten your shoulders as you walked up the set of stairs you rarely used and opened the door to the surprisingly-nice open-concept office that housed the Squad’s…handlers, you guessed you could call them. They provided locations and guidance on where to go and…occasional threats to keep everyone in line. At least, that was what Rick had told you. You hoped he wasn’t oversimplifying.
Everyone turned to look at you as you entered. You held your chin a little higher before asking, “where’s Robert DuBois?”
“He’s out,” someone said, you couldn’t pinpoint where the voice was coming from as your heart continued to race.
“To Corto Maltese? I thought-”
“How do you know that?” Waller’s cold voice cut through the static rumbling between your ears as she stepped out from a back room and crossed her arms over her chest. Her cold and calculating gaze was pinned on you. “You do not have the security clearance-”
“We sent another team,” some guy said, mouth half-full with a sandwich and a handful of Cheetos.
“Another…team…” Thoughts were jumping from one terrible conclusion to the next before you could even form a proper sentence. There were only two actually capable (and trustworthy) squad members on Rick’s team—Boomer and Harley. And Waller hated them both. Everyone else was… “Bait.” The word was tumbling out of your mouth before you could stop it. “The first team was bait.”
The Cheeto guy smiled as soon as he swallowed. “The guy, uh, Blackguard. Made several phone calls to one of the head guys of the Corto Maltese army and had all of them waiting at the beach-”
“That is enough,” Waller said, voice cutting through the air before she turned and faced you again as her subordinate all but cowered at his desk at the simple reprimand.
But he had one last thing to say. “He also made a lot of phone calls to someone in Gotham—which is weird because he’s from Central City.”
You were going to vomit.
The large screens at the front of the room displayed a map of the tiny island nation and the ‘status’ of all the squad members. Red bars were across most of them—DEAD. In big letters, four terrible letters. And your heart clenched when you realized Boomer was among the dead.
You were definitely going to vomit.
And across Harley and Rick’s pictures was a word just as terrible. MISSING
“Get her out of here,” Waller said, cutting through the buzzing of your mind.
Someone grabbed at your arm and tried to haul you back out but you pushed back, digging your elbow between the person’s ribs and rounding on Waller as the faceless person let out a grunt and dropped their grip. “You set him up! You killed all of them!”
“Get her out of here!” Waller repeated and you watched a few of the agents’ faces pull tight, uncomfortable with the entire situation. Some turned back to their own computers and tasks, others only turned away from you as another set of hands wrapped around your arms and started to drag you from the room.
“Don’t make this worse,” someone whispered in your ear.
You glanced at the person hauling you outside to see some nondescript office worker, his thin lips set in a firm line. “How could I possibly make this worse?”
The man’s eyes connected with yours as you slowed to a stop in the hallway and the door snapped shut behind you. His warm, slightly sweaty hands dropped from your arms and he took a step back. “Listen. We like Rick. We do. We’ll try to get him back.”
You felt the snarl growing on your face before you could stop it—and you weren’t sure if would actually want to. These people spent their days taking bets on who would make it off the missions alive. You’d heard the whispers through the halls on your first day. The complete lack of care for the people you had fed and cared for. They were just pawns to be bet on and discarded. Like you. “I fucking doubt it.”
You slammed your locker shut and hoisted the strap of your purse over your shoulder. The rest of the day had dragged on slowly and you had nearly set the kitchen on fire when you turned the television on and coverage about the coup in Corto Maltese had been splashed across almost every news station. Half hoping, half dreading, you had tried to spot Harley’s multi-colored hair or Rick’s tac vest in the crowd shots. And you never saw them.
All it earned you was an ever-growing ache in your chest and burnt potatoes. You managed to salvage dinner and wave off the few questions you were asked by a handful of well-meaning inmates who wondered why you were so out of it, telling them you were just tired, and actually left all of the clean up to the crew coming in for once.
You fished Rick’s keys out of your purse and turned toward the door, readying to go home and figure out what the fuck you were going to do now, when you are met with the sight of a skittish office chump. She looked more than a bit frazzled as she crooked her finger at you.
You weren’t buying it. “What?”
“Just…just follow me.”
So, you did, following her up the stairs again and into Rick’s office. You paused at the door, watching her flutter around his computer like she had done it plenty of times before—and perhaps she did. This wasn’t your world. Secret missions and espionage. That was Rick’s world—that was this woman’s world, in her own way. But she seemed a bit too jumpy to be of much help. Her eyes kept glancing over at you and then at the small window that looked out into the hallway. She was clacking away at the keyboard before she sighed and ran a hand down her face before she waved you forward.
You didn’t move.
“I… we…” she was struggling. Wonderful. You were trying not to die or set that little office Waller called ‘home base’ on fire and this woman was struggling. “We know about you and Flag,” the words spilled out from between her lips almost too quickly for you to understand them. “He talks about you like…all the time when Waller isn’t in the room. This mission has gone sideways in every single way and we just…want to say sorry.” She patted the back of Rick’s chair and the smallest trace of a smile pushed at her lips. “I set up his computer so you can see everything we see. I promise you—we’ll try everything we can to get him back.”
“Why.” The word was dry on your tongue as you finally stepped inside. “Why did she have to send him first?”
The other woman winced for the umpteenth time. “He…uh…made fun of her shirt.”
“I beg your fucking pardon.”
“Pride is Waller’s vice and apparently the shirt he thought made her look like a clown was designer or something. I don’t know! But she wanted him at least hurt so she put him with the least capable team she could put together without outright telling him she wanted him dead.”
You were dealing with an ex-boyfriend who wanted to lock you in a cage, your missing Colonel, the fact that several of your friends were dead or missing, and Waller’s apparent raging ego. Fucking fantastic. But you sat in the squeaky chair and looked at the screen. Several different windows were open, some with some more decipherable than others.
“Just, uh, don’t let Waller know we did this.”
“I know how to keep a secret,” you murmured before telling her ‘thank you’ and watching her close the door as she left. Turning back to the screens, you tried to make sense of it all, trying to believe that Rick was fine. That he’d be home and in your arms by the time the sun set tomorrow. “Shit.”
You must’ve fallen asleep at the desk because you were suddenly jolted back to the world of the living by a loud, screeching beep and the screen flashing in front of your face. And you quickly found you loved the noise.
Rick’s picture had been labeled ALIVE and you could see the beautiful rhythm of his heart on one of the screens and you traced over it with your finger with a wobbly smile. “Hi there, Colonel.”
For a few blessedly quiet moments, all you could see was his steady heartbeat. He was alive and you were safe. For now, something whispered. For now.
But eventually you knew you had to get to work. Rick had once offhandedly mentioned that he kept a spare office key in one of his drawers and you opened the first drawer on your left and had to stop the huff of a laugh you felt bubbling in your throat. Inside was a tiny pad of paper, filled with Rick’s uneven chicken scratch—and it at the top of the first scrap of paper was your name. It was followed by a stream of bulleted notes.
Likes hot chocolate the best smile in the world always smells so good likes gramma’s french toast! Try to make it again—don’t fuck it up ring size 7? Maybe? Mentioned something about venice. Look into tickets.
On and on it went and you pressed the pad of paper against your chest and let yourself smile, even as tears stung at the back of your eyes again. Your gentle Rick.
You eventually found the keys and locked the door on your way out before washing your face in the sink in the locker room and switched into a cleaner uniform you’d left hanging in your locker. The time in the kitchen was a bit of a blur and you barely registered the eggs benedict you cooked and handed out before you scurried back into Rick’s office to monitor everything you could see on his computer screen.
His heartbeat jumped a time or two and then something at the bottom of one of the screens let you know that all communications had been jammed. The Corto Maltese army had been busy, it seemed.
“Come back to me,” you murmured at the screen as the monitor of his heartbeat went grey and UNAVAILABLE replaced it. “Come back.” All of them were unavailable. Little Cleo, Robert, Harley—who was still missing and not presumed dead just yet, quiet Abner, that giant shark with legs (whose name was Nanaue, apparently), and…Peacemaker. All of them were still alive. For now.
Those two terrible words. For now.
You just hoped it would still be the same when you came back from your lunch shift.
And it was. His readings were still unavailable but they weren’t labeled as DEAD in terrible read and white letters. It was almost a win. How pathetic. Dinner followed much the same way with Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes and very little movement on those terrible screens but you once again settled in for a mostly-sleepless night. A handful of hours passed without much fanfare and you unintentionally fell asleep, tossing and turning in that terrible office chair until the computer once again gave an awful screech and you nearly slammed your face into the sharp edge of the desk as you jerked awake.
Everyone’s vital signs were a riot of colors and hills and jumps. Something was wrong.
None of the cameras were picking up anything worthwhile but you did feel a bit of relief when you realized Harley’s vitals were once again displayed instead of that horrid grey box. But you found very little solace in how everything seemed to be going to shit. The shitty speakers on Rick’s computer were crackling with someone that sounded like Rick yelling for something but the speakers were shot and you couldn’t make out what he was saying.
And then you were up and bolting out of Rick’s office and toward the so-called home base of the squad. The door slammed open as you shoved your way in and you were greeted with absolute chaos. Just the mess you had left back on Rick’s computers, their screens were a messy lightshow and people were yelling—Waller was yelling into the microphone, her fingers hovering over a switch with Harley’s picture over it, and the other office workers were trying to argue for Harley’s life, and there was a fucking STARFISH the size of a building running through the city.
And then one of the other women in the room charged at Waller and whacked her over the head with a fucking golf club.
But that wasn’t what you saw. Not Waller crumpling to the ground. Not how everyone in the office seemed to move as a unit, providing locations and statistics and ideas to take the creature down. Not the literal wave of rats moving over the city rubble. Not the Starfish getting what looked like a javelin through its giant eye. None of that.
What you saw…were the terrible red and white letters stamped over Rick’s picture. DEAD
You don’t even remember how you got back to Rick’s apartment. A glance out of the window let you know you had double parked at the back of the lot but you didn’t care. You didn’t care about anything. Well, that wasn’t true.
Your good, sweet, gentle Rick.
Almost unconsciously, you reached back to grab at his pillow and you smashed your face into it with your first sob, letting his familiar scent engulf you as you screamed and wept and raged until you were spent of tears and your throat was raw. But Rick’s scent still burned in your nose as you let the pillow fall to your lap.
You sniffled and wiped at your cheeks before glancing at the clock. Okay. You’d given yourself two hours to cry. Now it was time to leave. Compartmentalize. Plan. Execute. You’d done it before. You could do it again, even with the new gaping hole in your chest.
You shoved your clothes into a bag, stuffed on top of the false bottom of the duffel which hid the stacks of cash you still had, and went to the kitchen to grab a few knives and the gun you’d stashed behind the bleach under the sink. And then the other gun Rick had hidden behind the frozen vegetables in the freezer. The weapons didn’t exactly fit in your bag but you made due as you hefted it over your shoulder and walked toward the front door. You pulled open the little catch-all drawer, knowing you kept your phone charger in there, and Rick kept a spare box of ammunition, and you retrieved both before your eyes caught something else.
You didn’t have time for this.
You didn’t. You didn’t. You didn’t.
But you still reached out and grabbed the small polaroid that had been smooshed beneath all the crap you and Rick had thrown into the drawer without noticing.
You were standing in the kitchen, hands filled with the pasta you were about to pull. “Rick, no! One teaspoon—not a tablespoon!” You were laughing as he tried to measure out the necessary salt for the sauce you were trying to teach him how to make. But he had been sneaking kisses and distracting you more than actually trying to cook. He hadn’t found the complicated dish all that entertaining and you’d had to start over on trying to separate the pasta dough twice already—they were probably going to be too chewy to be good but-
“Smile, darlin’!”
There was a bright flash just as Rick pressed a kiss to your temple.
The picture was a little crumpled at the corner but it was still… it was still beautiful. You don’t even know where he’d grabbed the camera from or why, but the picture existed just the same. You, covered in flour with goopy, half-formed noodles in your hands, and Rick, smiling with half-made sauce smeared across his cheek as he kissed you. You were both smiling, eyes closed. You were happy.
Your eyes stung as you carefully slipped it into the pocket of your purse beside your phone. For just a moment, you looked back at the apartment. It had been home. It had been your haven for a few short, wonderful months. And with a flick of your finger, you turned off the light and closed the door, locking it behind you. It was time to go.
The road was clear at this time of night—of course it was. It was still a few hours before dawn and you were in the middle of nowhere. You were pretty sure you just crossed over the state line into Tennessee but you hardly gave any notice to much more than the speed limit signs and even those were more of guidelines than rules right now.
You’d texted Luke when Louisiana was in your rear view mirror, telling him that you would call him again when you found another place to settle. And you told Bruce that Todd had found you and you were running. I still have your number—wrote it down. I did promise to keep in touch.
And then you threw your phone out the window after clearing it of its data. If Todd had your number, you were safe to assume he was throwing money at someone to track it. You weren’t going to give him a head start on finding you. And while it felt like stealing, you took Rick’s truck instead of your little car, knowing that the plate number wouldn’t give you away if Todd somehow managed to track you through the roadside cameras at toll booths and the like.
In his own way, even now, Rick was keeping you safe.
And that was definitely not what you wanted to be thinking about so you turned up the bubblegum pop song on the radio and sang along with it even when you felt the tears at the back of your throat trying to choke the air from your lungs. You could cry later. Not now.
You drove until the sun came up and then drove another handful of hours after that, too, only stopping for gas twice and to buy an energy drink from a disgruntled gas station employee. But eventually, you pulled into the all but deserted parking lot of a small roadside motel. It was the first one in the last two hundred miles that didn’t look like it had cockroaches and bedbugs so you hoped for the best as you swung your bag over your shoulder and stepped out of the truck.
The miniscule lobby was straight out of the eighties but was clean and the older woman behind the front desk was kind even after spotting the handle of the gun poking out of the top of your bag and only nodded when you requested you pay in cash, keeping your card off the books.
“I’ve had stranger requests, dear. Don’t you fret. Dial zero on the room phone if you need anything.” She even patted your hand as she handed over the keycard before pointing you toward the unfortunately colored elevator doors.
The room was clean but clearly a relic of the past and the bed squeaked as you set your bag on the edge. But you had slept in worse. This was temporary. Just a night or two until you… Until you what, exactly? Until you found another dark hole to hide in? Would you find another haven?
You pushed the small desk in front of the door and hid one of the guns beneath the pillow. You pulled your pajamas from your bag and snapped the thin curtain shut as the dying light of the day filled the room with a yellow glow. After washing your face in the tiny sink, you opened your bag to retrieve your pajamas but stopped as your hand found purchase on a familiar shirt. It was Rick’s. Of course it was, because luck was either trying to give you a little bit of kick in the teeth or had made sure you kept another piece of Rick with you. The shirt must have stuck to yours in the dryer and you hadn’t noticed when you grabbed your clean clothes.
It didn’t smell like him when you pulled it up to your face and buried your nose in it. It still smelt of the laundry detergent you convinced Rick to start using instead of the generic powder he used to use that left his skin itchy. (He had admitted that fact with a bit of pink in his cheeks when you had first asked where you could wash your clothes after he’d had you move into his apartment.) But you could see him wearing it. It was burned into your brain like every smile he had ever given you.
You discarded your own shirt before pulling on Rick’s and climbing under the starchy sheets that smelled like medical-grade bleach. At least you knew they were clean. You shut your eyes with the sun still trying to hide below the horizon and that was when the tears came again.
You stared at the map like it would suddenly grow a mouth and tell you where to go.
Metropolis was out of the question. Luke and Artie were safe, for now, and you wouldn’t let Todd find them again. The night you’d spent in Star City had quickly soured after someone attempted to steal Rick’s truck…as you were sitting in it. While you had grown up on the shittier side of Gotham, most criminals hadn’t been that bold, so you quickly moved on. Big cities were your preferred hiding places—your stint in Louisiana had only happened because of the job and well…look how that turned out.
The tiny diner you’d holed up in this morning had seen its fair share of time and the waitresses seemed to be a caricature from a mob movie but they didn’t ask too many questions and gave you refills without you needing to ask as you looked over the map, trying to make a list of pros and cons for each possible destination.
You rubbed at your temples before taking another swig of your black coffee. Maybe you should get some toast, too. A stomach full of coffee is a recipe for disaster on a normal day—let alone a day when you’re trying not to vomit from stress. You flagged down the waitress and asked for toast. She arched an eyebrow at the order but nodded and hollered to the man behind the kitchen window to get it ready before walking away, red heels clacking on the linoleum. And you turned back to the map.
There was a coffee spot over Midway City. Rick had told you about the first mission the Squad had been sent on and you knew the city was large enough to get lost in, comfortably, even if it was still recovering from the otherworldly threats from a few years ago.
It could work. Yeah. That could work.
You folded the map up and shoved into your purse just as the toast was set onto the stained tabletop in front of you. Muttering a ‘thanks,’ you all but shoved half a piece of greasy bread into your mouth and washed it down with the rest of your mug of coffee. It was quickly refilled as the waitress chomped on her gum before walking away again to flirt with the trucker a few booths over.
Just as you shoved the last bit of crust between your lips, you raised your hand for the check only for someone to wrap their fingers over yours and gently push your hand back down. Chills ran up your spine and you kept your gaze forward as someone walked around your table and sat in front of you. Your next breath rushed out of you.
“Hello, honey.”
Your mouth opened and closed several times before confused and angry tears stung at your eyes and you finally hissed out, “what the fuck?”
He simply pat the hand he continued to hold, a small smile on his face. “You were hard to find. That’s good.”
Oh, you did not like that. You did not like that at all. That sounded like someone who was hunting.
As you bit back your tears and straightened your shoulders, you nearly begged, “please don’t do this, Robert. Please.”
He cocked his head to the side, brow pinching just a touch. “Do what?”
“I don’t know how the fuck you got out from under Waller’s thumb but—please, I am begging you—do not do this. Whatever Todd’s paying you-”
He tapped your hand again as his other fist covered his mouth. It almost looked like he was smiling. “I’m not working for anybody named Todd. Now,” he said, standing up, “pay for your shitty coffee and toast. We need to go.”
Your hands shook as you pulled out a few bills that more than covered your tab and you placed them in a neat pile beneath your mug and followed Robert out of the diner. It would be stupid to run, wouldn’t it? You might have been able to out run Todd, but Robert was the man who put Superman in the ICU and countless others in the ground. He was raised to be a killer. Efficient and deadly. He wasn’t a psychopath born with a silver spoon between his lips.
And you thought he had once been a friend.
You tried to stop the tears you felt stinging your eyes again as you noticed an unfamiliar SUV triple parked, blocking in Rick’s truck from the corner parking spot you’d taken when you had arrived.
The door opened and a familiar face nearly had you stumbling over nothing with your next step.
“Hiya, babydoll.”
And then Harley was all but charging toward you and wrapping you in a tight hug, smashing her cheek against yours and basically nuzzling you like a kitten.
“What the fuck.” The tears were blurring your vision now as your arms limply encircled the other woman’s waist in an echo of a hug. What the hell was happening. More people appeared from the SUV, either stepping outside or rolling down the windows just enough for you to recognize them. There was Cleo and Abner and that giant fucking bipedal shark, half hidden beneath a blanket in the cramped backseat.
Harley pulled back and patted your cheek, her smile still growing wider. “You smell like shitty coffee and gasoline.”
“Stop being mean, Quinn. Get her in the car. We’re running late.”
Harley grasped your hands and squeezed, dragging you toward the SUV, not even noticing when you tripped over a loose chunk of asphalt before pushing you inside and letting Abner and Cleo slide in beside you. They both murmured soft greetings and Sebastian even curled on your lap for a quick nap before the door even closed. Harley claimed the passenger seat as DuBois slid into the driver’s side before turning the key over in the ignition and pulling away.
“I would get us there faster, y’know,” Harley said as she turned to Robert.
“You nearly killed all of us on the way here. Your driving privileges are revoked,” Robert said as he pulled out of the parking lot, turn signal beeping softly.
“You’re no fun.”
“So, you still work for Waller,” you said, trying to put the pieces together as they bickered. Waller was the only viable option, truly. If Todd wasn’t the bankroller of this, she was. And the presence of the few remaining members of the ‘squad’ only bolstered your hypothesis.
But Robert’s dark gaze met yours as he glanced at you in the rearview mirror. “Waller has nothing to do with this.” But soon he and Harley were once again fighting over who was the better driver so you just shut your eyes, pressing the back of your head into the leather headrest behind you.
The drive itself could have been a few hours, if you were being honest, or only a few short minutes. But time didn’t seem all that linear when you were stuck in the confines of the SUV, surrounded by criminals and a giant shark—even if Cleo and Abner fell asleep almost as soon as the side road merged onto the interstate. Eventually, the Robert pulled to a stop in front of a high rise, continued to fight with Harley, and then told everyone else to get out, too. Cleo slid out of her seat, eyes still a bit hooded from her interrupted nap, and gently grasped your hand with a smile as Sebastian skittered up to perch on her shoulder. Again, you knew it was stupid to resist. Your knees knocked together as your feet hit the asphalt of the parking lot but you carried on, following behind the still-squabbling Harley and Robert with Cleo still grasping your wrist in a soft grip. In front of you was a shining high rise—it took you a moment to realize you had definitely left the sketchy outskirts of the city and had somehow wound up in the business district…or the rich-people district. Whatever.
“I come?” The large shark man…Nanaue asked from the backseat.
“Not just yet, my friend,” Cleo said to him with a smile. “We will come back for you. I promise.”
The shark nodded and once again threw the thin blanket over his head before the SUV doors were shut.
The man at the front desk of the building all but cowered behind his shining computer screen after spotting Harley who cackled at the reaction before resuming her argument with Robert as you were all shepherded into the elevator. Someone punched the number for floor forty-two and the doors slid shut with a soft tone before starting its ascent. You closed your eyes, listening to them all chatter and argue and squabble while Sebastian squeaked softly to Cleo who hummed in return. They weren’t acting like they wanted to kill you or wanted to deliver to someone who wanted to kill you (probably slowly). If anything, they were acting exactly like they did back at Belle Reeve. And that made it worse.
The elevator slowed to a soft stop and Abner gently nudged you forward when you didn’t move to follow the rest of the group out into the marble-covered hallway. His smile was small, as it always had been, but you noticed the dark bruising on his cheek and the cut above his brow now, too. He was lucky to have survived the showdown with the giant starfish-alien-thing with just a bit of superficial damage.
God. You hated this.
They were all laughing and joking and arguing as if this were just another day—a good day, actually. Maybe they were all just so accustomed to loss. It isn’t as if their lives really gave them stability… or at least that is what you told yourself when you bit back the wave of white-hot anger you felt boiling beneath your skin. The group took a few steps out into the hallway before Robert abruptly turned and held out a key card toward you.
You stared down at the white bit of plastic with a frown. “What is it?”
“Just go on inside, honey. We’ve got another room down the hall.”
That answered nothing and you continued to stare at the card even as you felt more traitorous tears sting your eyes. Keeping your head bowed, you took the key and slid it into the slot, watching the little light at the top flash from red to green, and then pushed the door open. It took you a moment to realize that you were in some sort of high end, long-stay hotel. Everything was in washes of grey and moss green and sharp corners. Pain bloomed up your side as you accidentally walked into the edge of a table in the entryway when you caught sight of yourself in the mirror hanging just inside the doorway.
You looked tired. Sad. It was glaringly apparent that you had been crying recently…and surviving on mostly coffee and diner food.
And you weren’t sure what you were supposed to see in this quiet suite, but you shuffled forward on the plush carpeting toward the main room and tried to brace for something awful just around the corner. Todd. Or one of his goons. Or Amanda Waller. Something awful. Someone or something you’d have to fight-
You froze as you saw him on the bed. The blankets were pulled up to his chest and he…definitely looked worse for wear but he was breathing. He was alive. A mound of pillows was keeping him a little upright on the oversized bed and you could see molted bruising turning brown and yellow on his face and fading further down his neck before disappearing into the collar of his shirt.
You walked slowly, almost as if you were afraid that a sudden movement would have him disappearing in front of your eyes, and sat on the edge of the bed. Rick’s hand was warm beneath yours, even as your fingers shook. “Hi Colonel,” you whispered. A bit of his dark blond hair had fallen over his forehead and you instinctively pushed it back, mindful of the small butterfly bandage across his brow.
His unfairly long lashes fluttered just as you pulled back and unfocused honey-brown eyes looked up at you. And soon a lopsided smile was pressing at the corners of his lips. “Hi, darling,”
For the umpteenth time that day, tears stung at your eyes. But this time you let them track down your cheeks. It felt like your heart was trying to burst out of your chest as you carefully framed his face with your hands and leaned forward to press your lips to his, noses bumping in the process but neither of you cared.
He was alive. Your Rick was alive.
“Why’re you cryin’? I’m okay, I’m okay, darlin’. I’m right here.”
“But you weren’t,” you said, words sliding against his mouth as you pressed another kiss to his mouth before you pulled back and wiped at your cheeks with limited success. “I saw you—I-I saw you die, Rick.” His brows furrowed and he sat up a little straighter in the bed with a grunt that had you scrambling to try to find where he was hurt, to try to ease the pain.
“I am alive-”
“Yes, I see that,” you said with a hiccup, tears still slipping down your cheeks.
“The doc said I knocked something loose—either when Peacemaker was trying to cave my face in or when the building collapsed-”
“The building collapsed?!” You asked, voice rising several octaves.
But Rick simply smiled, bruised skin crinkling around his eyes. “Yeah, darling. But it’s okay.”
“No, no, it isn’t, Rick. I saw your heartrate stop. I…” More tears came and spilled down your cheeks to soak the collar of your shirt. “You died. I had to watch you die.”
“I didn’t die. I’m right here.” He moved again and then yanked his shirt over his head before you could stop him. His chest was covered in more bruises, all in varying shades of purple and brown and yellow. It looked like he had been run over—several times. But then your gaze zeroed in on the center of his chest and the necklace that still hung there. The pendant was caved in and had started to crack, the feather obliterated except for a few bits of black paint and—and Rick had a giant bruise blooming in the center of his chest. Right over his heart. Rick reached out and grabbed your hand and placed it over his heart with a small smile. “Feel that?”
You did. You felt the soft thump-thump-thump of his heartbeat beneath your palm and the warmth of his bruised skin. He was here. With you. And you could only nod to answer his question as your throat tightened with more tears as you scooted just a bit closer to him on the bed.
“You were right, darlin’. This little necklace was good luck.” He tapped the pendant with his free hand, his smile growing. “It saved me. You saved me.”
You sobbed and all but climbed on top of him, pressing your face into the small bit of skin that wasn’t bruised where his shoulder met his neck. His strong arms instantly wrapped around you as you continued to cry—in relief and in exhaustion. He was in your arms and you were in his.
Again and again, Rick whispered, “I’m here. I’m okay.”
And that was all you needed right now.
“Aw, look how cute they are,” Harley’s unmistakable voice cut through the haze of your mind.
You must have fallen asleep sometime after crawling on top of Rick like a human blanket because when you opened your eyes, still heavy with the first truly restful bit of sleep you’d had since before left Rick for the island, it was dark outside the hotel’s window. But Harley was standing at the foot of the bed with the rest of the squad behind her. To their credit, it looked like almost everyone was uncomfortable with being in the room, too.
Except for Cleo who was smiling. “They are in love.”
“If we don’t move,” Rick murmured, “they might not know we’re awake.”
You shut your eyes again with a smile and let yourself gently fall back against his shoulder. “Great plan.”
“We have dinner,” Cleo said.
“Food!” Boomed another voice.
One of your eyes opened at that and you just now realized that Nanaue was also in the room, towering over the rest of them. And Robert and Abner’s arms were filled with bags of food that did smell pretty good so, you drummed your fingers against Rick’s arm before pressing a quick, soft kiss against his jaw. “They’ve come with bribes, Colonel. We should at least hear them out.”
All of you eventually circled up on the floor with the heaps of junk food settled in a small mountain in the center. Robert told you about how he technically owned two of the rooms at hotel-cum-long-stay high rise under one of his pseudonyms, and that was why Waller (or any of the other various law enforcement agencies who knew exactly who Bloodsport was) didn’t have them seized. He also called in a favor with a doctor who owed him “more than one,” in his own words, to check Rick over when they arrived.
“Peacemaker,” Robert said, nearly growling out the name as he munched on a handful of fries, “apparently dislodged the monitoring chip Flag here had imbedded beneath his skin when they were having their little tussle.”
You nodded between bites of a burger. Rick had told you what had happened on the island, of the ambush, Blackguard’s betrayal, the Thinker and his terrible experiments, and how the US government had been funding them all—a fact that Waller wanted hidden by any means necessary. Peacemaker had been her contingency plan. It made your stomach roll. And you knew that Rick still felt a bit of anger at not being able to show the world the truth of what happened. But his team had saved him from the rubble of the building so he wouldn’t jeopardize their freedom. It all made a twisted sort of sense—as did the doctor retrieving the small explosives from everyone’s necks before scurrying away. Each of them had little, pink bandages on the backs of their necks, printed with Disney Princesses. It made you smile. “What happened to Christopher?” You asked.
“Hungry,” Nanaue said.
“Yes, my friend. You were hungry,” Cleo said with a laugh, handing the shark-man his own bucket of fried chicken.
Your burger froze halfway to your mouth before you rationalized that Nanaue needed to eat and the hulk of a man Peacemaker used to be could have possibly kept him fed for at least a day or two. And it was a fitting end for such a terrible man.
Rick was sipping on a vanilla milkshake beside you and curled his other hand over yours on the plush carpet. The doctor had told him he’d be more than a little sore for a few days—broken ribs and pulmonary contusion to his left lung weren’t exactly quick-healing injuries. “I’m fine,” he murmured.
You only squeezed his hand in return. Soon, the conversation steered toward your cross-country escapades.
“You’d make a good getaway driver, babycakes,” Harley said, patting your cheek with a proud smile on her face. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
“You absolutely will not,” Rick grumbled.
“Rick made us promise to find you after we landed and we were told you didn’t show up for your shift in the kitchen,” Abner said, still ever so quiet.
It made Rick’s cheeks pink just the slightest bit as he continued to sip on his shake when you looked at him.
“You definitely made it difficult,” Robert groused. “It took us a couple of days to realize you’d taken Rick’s truck. And that had a tracker on it.”
“Waller again?” You asked.
But this time Rick shook his head. “No, that was all me. I had a car stolen fresh out of the academy. I promised myself it would never happen again.” His honey-colored eyes connected with yours and he smiled. “Best hundred bucks I’ve ever spent.”
“Sorry I put like twenty thousand miles on your truck.”
But he only shook his head again. “I’m just glad you were safe.”
And you must have been look at each other a little too lovingly because Harley threw a taco at you. It managed to slap both you and Rick in the face. “You two are disgusting. I love it.”
You laughed and lobbed the taco back at her but she caught it gracefully before wrapping it and taking a healthy bite. Finally. It was good night.
Rick was getting a little antsy in the suite but you did try to keep him occupied and distracted while he continued to heal and the rest of the squad also recuperated in the larger suite down the hall or started reaching out to old contacts for jobs. You managed to usually to keep Rick preoccupied with pay-per-view movies but when that started to fail, you resorted to making him blush when you produced the little list you had discovered back at his apartment.
And after the soft blushes turned into softer touches, you felt him tugging at the hem of your shirt and you happily let him pull it off and throw it to the foot of the bed. His quickly followed. His rough, warm hands grasped at your face as he licked into your mouth with his next kiss and you sat back on his lap, starting to slowly circle your hips against his, still mindful of his injuries. A soft groan pushed past his lips and you felt his hands slide down to your hips and squeeze, pulling you down a little tighter against his quickly hardening cock.
Heat swelled between your hips before blooming through the rest of your body as he continue to all but devour you with his slick lips. Rick tugged at the waist of your sweatpants and you shifted just enough to pull them off, one leg at a time, as Rick pulls down his boxers just enough to free his cock before you once again take your place astride his thighs. Your hand grasps him and he sighs against your mouth as his hand anchors around the back of your neck. You pumped him a few times before shifting just enough to rise above him and then sink down, letting the familiar burn and stretch of him wash over you as you slid down until your hips slotted against his. It was all slow and deep with your forehead rested against his while his hands again moved to your hips, guiding you back and forth, back and forth, before his thumb pressed down on your clit, making your breath stutter in your lungs.
The warmth you had felt blooming had only ratcheted up in intensity with each slow drag of your hips, feeling every ridge and plane of his cock inside you. Rick leant down just enough to press almost-biting kisses against the tops of your breast and you pushed your fingers through his hair, urging him closer—needing him closer.
On and on, you tasted his mouth and he licked at your skin until you were not sure where you stopped and he began. But it was perfect and he was in your arms again.
“I love you,” Rick said as he looked up at you, his eyes shining in the low light and cheeks flushed. “I fucking love you.”
“I love you,” you whispered back before pressing your lips against his in another kiss as the slowly coiling thread unraveled and you shook with your release just as you felt Rick seize against you with his own release. It quickly started to dampen your thighs but you didn’t move, only leaning forward to kiss him again. “I love you,” you whispered one more time. “I should have told you sooner.”
“We’ve got time now,” he murmured, one hand moved to trail up and down your spine before he stole another kiss. “But I do like to hear you say it.”
“So, we might have a teeny-tiny-little problem,” Harley said, bursting into your and Rick’s room the next morning, egg sandwich in one hand, gun in another.
“Harley, what the fuck.”
You poked Rick in the ribs, now only covered in the barest traces of his bruises, without opening your eyes. Being woken up by one of the Squad coming into your rooms was a common enough occurrence; you were basically used to it by now. Rick was not. “What’s the problem, Harley?”
She flopped onto the bed with a sigh and scratched at her temple with the muzzle of the gun. “Well, ya see, you know how we sent some people down to Louisiana to get everything out of your apartment?” That was putting the convoluted mission in its simplest terms. The plan had been to have some of Harley’s ‘acquaintances’ (whom she said she trusted so you tried not to balk at the names she listed) down to the apartment and pack it all up without being seen—that was true. But they were also supposed plant a bug in Belle Reeve’s computer system, wiping everything Waller might have stored with Rick or your name on it. It was just a precaution—neither of you wanted Waller tracking you down ever. But Rick had told you that his contract had ended with ARGUS two years ago, it was now just Waller pulling the strings. If those strings didn’t exist anymore, neither did Rick’s obligation.
“What happened?”
“Well, your apartment was on fire, Flag. Hate to break it to ya. But the bug was planted! Your little agreement with Waller, which was filled with legal loopholes by the way, is kaput.”
Rick’s answering sigh had you hiding a laugh as you turned to press your face into his chest. “What else?”
“Oh, right. Apparently, someone tipped off Timothy-”
“-that you ran off and now he’s quadrupled the money he’s offering to anyone who brings you in alive.”
That dried the laughter on your tongue immediately. Well, this reprieve from the real world had been beautiful while it lasted. When you went to sit up, Rick’s lips brushed against your forehead. “Breathe, darlin’. It’ll be fine.”
“Oh, also,” Harley continued, still basically star-fished at the foot of the bed, “one of my guys said that Tyson was heading this way.”
It took a few hours for you to get everyone back in the suite from doing whatever the fuck they were out doing but while you waited, you sat with Rick and tried to steel yourself to the plan you knew you had to make.
Rick listed all the ways he and the squad could make Todd go away but you wouldn’t ever ask that of your friends. They’d done enough already. And while you didn’t want to ask this of Rick, you knew he would never let you do this alone.
“We can take the fight to him.”
“What?” Rick bit out the word with a frown.
You shook your head. “I’m tired of running. I stole his money and ran. And then I found you—I found all of you. But then I thought I lost you and I ran again.” You reached out and placed a hand against his cheek. “I can’t do it. Not again.”
“Darlin’, I’m not asking you to run. I’m just asking you to think this through. You already have his money, we can go anywhere. We can go get your brother and nephew and take them with us. We can-”
You shook your head. “I don’t want to run anymore. It isn’t a life—and I want to have a life. I want to wake up in the morning without worrying about if someone is lurking in a dark corner. I want to hug my brother and nephew again without painting a target on their backs. I want to not be paid in cash because putting my name on a bank account is too traceable.” You sighed and shook your head, pulling your hand away from his cheek. “I want to teach you actually how to cook or just give up and let you make me your grandmother’s French toast because you know it makes me smile.” Rick huffed a laugh and you had to fight a smile of your own as he was the one to reach out this time, twining his fingers with yours. “I just want a life. I want to live. With you,” you added with a small smile. “If that’s okay.”
Rick’s grip on your hand tightened before he reached out to gently grasped the back of your neck, pulling you forward just enough to kiss you. He reached up and took the necklace off before carefully sliding it over your head. He righted the dented pendant between your breasts before his fingers ghosted over the chain to make sure the clasp was toward the back and you watched him smile when he caught your shiver. “You protected me, now I want to protect you.”
“Having you with me is more than enough. I know it. This time I won’t be alone.”
When your ragtag group of (former-ish) super villains finally made their way back to the suite, you told them that you and Rick were going back to Gotham to put an end to the Todd problem and you offered them each a large stack of cash to help them get back on their metaphorical feet-
-and it was quickly refused by each of them. (Well, Cleo refused on behalf of Nanaue who then nodded and said, “help friends!”)
And that was that.
Gotham hadn’t changed, not really. There were a few new skyscrapers and more scaffolding and a few of the storefronts had changed but it was still Gotham. It was still all dark stone and shining glass and steaming sewer grates. It was the closest place to home you ever had…before Rick.
“It so good to be home,” Harley said, spinning in a circle on the sidewalk, long hair spinning out around her in a messy, multicolored halo. You belatedly realized that the hulking shape behind you garnered very few double takes from passersby. Truly, the people of Gotham had almost seen it all.
The cramped drive in the SUV had been filled with trying to create a plan and you all mostly succeeded—it did take a few hours to get Harley to agree to not blow up his entire apartment building but it was a…plan. A semi-solid plan.
Because Gotham was Gotham, you were able to find a hotel that didn’t blink at the shark at your back or the Queen of Gotham at your side and happily accepted your stack of cash before pointing you toward the elevator and telling you the penthouse was all yours for the weekend. It was quickly stacked with guns from one of Harley’s stashes and several other weapons from Robert’s Gotham stash, too. (And no, you did not ask how many stashes he had around the world because you truly did not want to know.)
And in a weird way, it made you smile, to know you had people who cared about you enough to kill for you. It was their blood-filled love language.
But either way, the plan was solidified fairly quickly. You would reach out to Todd yourself and tell him that you were scared and wanted to talk. Playing the part of sniveling damsel wasn’t your favorite but it would work. The trap was set at the restaurant you used to work at—you’d lure him in after hours and pretend to beg and plead for him to leave Luke and Artie alone while everyone else surrounded him in the shadows.
He would be dealt with. Quietly.
It was more courteous than he deserved but Rick told you that it was better to keep everything regulated to the shadows when dealing with someone like Todd. A pompous, rich asshole.
Robert’s contacts had told you that morning that Todd was probably two days’ drive away from Gotham. He hadn’t responded to your text aside from a short ready when you are sweetness so you knew everything was slowly being slotted into its place.
“How’re you feeling?” Rick asked as you readied for bed that night.
You dried your face with a smile and then pressed a quick kiss to his jaw. “I’m good, Colonel. Ready for all of this to be over.” You turned and pressed your hip against the bathroom counter. “I wanna show you everything this crazy city has to offer.”
“Besides you?” He asked, leaning down with a smile of his own to press a kiss against your lips.
“You’re so cheesy.”
“You like it.”
“I do.”
And when you crawled into the overly soft bed in your and Rick’s designated room in the large penthouse and curled under Rick’s arm, you thought of the future you could have with Rick after this was over. No more missions. No more running. No more secret PO boxes and burner phones. No more running. Just you and Rick and the world at your feet. It made you smile again and you let Rick’s steady heartbeat lull you into a restful night’s rest.
The next day was filled with last minute details and showing Cleo around the restaurant and its back alleys so she could know where to stand and familiarize herself with the cities rat population while everyone else scoped out their own hiding places. “They’re very agitated here,” she mused.
You hummed and nodded. The din from the kitchen reached your ears even as you traipsed through the wide alley behind the restaurant and you felt a bit of a frown forming on your lips. That had been your life. You had scraped your way up the terrible, dog-eat-dog restaurant ladder to finally become Sous Chef—not even head chef, which was still a bitter pill—only for some guy to rip it away from you.
“You are sad,” Cleo murmured, pulling you from your reverie. Sebastian was perched on her shoulder as usual, but even his little eyes were trained on you. “Is it because you no longer work here? It is a beautiful restaurant. Colonel Flag told me you helped make this restaurant successful.”
You shrugged, feeling a small smile push at your lips. Rick would say that. “It’s in the past. Can’t change it now.”
Cleo nodded and Sebastian squeaked. “But now you have Colonel Flag—and he makes you smile, too, no?”
“Yes, yes, he does.” And Rick did—and you were sure he would until the sun burnt out. But you were human and melancholy still bit at you so you excused yourself for just a moment as Cleo tested out her tech on a particularly rambunctious nest of rats near one of the dumpsters. You traced the well-worn brick with your fingers down the familiar alley and around the corner, finding yourself beside the employees’ entrance without thinking about it. With a sigh, you closed your eyes and leaned against the wall. You could almost smell the cigarette smoke from Lonny the bus boy and hear the gossip from Sarah the hostess or the grumbling from Frank the sommelier. You wondered if they all still worked here. Or if they had gone, too.
And you were so wrapped up in your memories and self-pity that you didn’t hear the quickly approaching footsteps. Pain bloomed across your temple for just a moment and you stumbled just before the world went black.
Wow. You were really making a habit of losing consciousness. Stupendous. Wonderful. Your head seemed to beat in time with your heart as you slowly opened your eyes to find yourself in the dust-covered living room of Todd’s former apartment. It was devoid of any furniture with only the sun-blocking curtains remaining to keep the room in darkness. A chunky bit of cloth had been smashed between your lips while your wrists had been tied to the sides of the uncomfortable chair you were currently sitting on.
And in front of you was…Todd. Standing in the shadows like a creep and smoking a cigarette, the glowing embers casting even more shadows across his face. Todd was still…him. Same designer clothes, same ridiculous haircut and matching sneer of a smile, same cologne you could smell from several feet away. But now you could see a scar ringing around his left eye and twisting down his cheek. It almost gave you a bit of pride to see the little, permanent reminder that you had won. At least once.
And you needed to grasp and hold onto that fact because you could feel that old, familiar fear starting to claw its way around your heart again. You closed your eyes and pulled in a slow breath.
Unlike last time, Luke and Artie were safe. Unlike last time, you had people who would know you were missing. Unlike last time, you had someone who loved you. Really loved you.
You would survive. You needed to.
“You’re quiet,” Todd said, dropping his cigarette to marble floor and snuffing it out under his boot. “You had a lot to say last time I saw you.”
You had a fucking gag in your mouth. Did he really expect you to speak? Whatever. The knot around your left wrist was sloppily tied and you grabbed the end and pulled as much as you could, feeling the knot loosen.
Todd circled your little chair and leaned down just enough to wrap his arms around your shoulders, stinking of his cologne and cigarette smoke. “Did you think you could outsmart me, sweetness? You got lucky one time. It was never going to happen again.” He turned and pressed his face into the side of your face, sucking in a lungful of air and making your skin damp with his breath. “You had your fun—I let you run around and think you weren’t mine. That was kind of me.” His hand traveled down to grope and fondle as you continued to pull against his grasp with gritted teeth against the cloth.
But your wrist was almost free. Almost there. You just needed to let him monologue like he was some sort of James Bond villain. And Todd had always liked the sound of his own voice.
“Of course, you made things exceptionally difficult with bringing in someone like Harley Quinn and that soldier of yours. I will have to have them dealt with; such a shame. Harley refused to give me any information when I found you at that little prison in Louisiana. But someone else did bite.” There was another heady breath against your ear as he pinched something, earning him a grunt as you felt the last bit of the knot loosen around your wrist. “He was so useful. He had an awful pseudonym though—who calls themselves Blackguard?”
With a final tug, your wrist was free. You slammed the back of your head into his face.
Todd stumbled back with a yelp and you turned as you stood, pulling the gag from your mouth before hurriedly untying your other wrist. Just as you got yourself free, Todd charged at you with a yell, tackling you to the hard marble floor, making your skull bounce and your vision swim. Before your eyes even uncrossed, Todd sweaty hands wrapped around your neck and squeezed.
You wheezed with your next breath and grasped at his hands, pulling at his thumbs because Harley had once told you that if you could get a thumb loose, the rest of the hand was useless.
“You stupid bitch. I could have given you everything—you just had to stay in your place.” He was basically spitting out the words between clenched teeth, drool sliding down his chin. “Only had to keep your legs spread and your mouth shut; we could’ve ruled this fucking city.”
Black dots were lining your already hazed vision and you felt your grip on his thumb started to go slack. Your lungs burned. “Fuck…you…” In a last ditch effort to get another lungful of air, you reached out and yanked at the pendant around your neck, snapping the chain before driving the bent piece of metal into his nose.
Todd howled and pulled back, curling in on himself on the marble as you rolled away, coughing and sputtering, trying to pull in air like a drowning woman. Just as your head stopped swimming, Todd reared back and punched you straight across the face, snapping your head to left. Todd laughed as he hit the floor with the force of his punch throwing him forward. But you weren’t done either. You saw the strip of fabric that had been clenched between your teeth and you grabbed it as you stood on unsteady feet, and swung around him, wrapping the thick cord around his neck. He sputtered, and then choked as you pressed a knee between his shoulder blades even as he thrashed in your grip like an angry snake.
“You’ll…never be…free of me…” he bit out, voice a rage-filled whisper.
But you knew better. Todd had once tried to tell you that he was the only one who could ever love you. He cut you off from all your friends and what was left of your family. But you had found love—real love. And your family now had a few supervillains in its ranks. You were free.
You pulled and pulled and pulled until Todd went limp and then held him there for a few more seconds, just to be sure. His body slapped against the marble when you let go of the slip of fabric and you finally took a deep breath as you stared up at the ceiling. Free.
The door to the apartment burst open and Rick and your ragtag team of metahumans filed in, guns blazing and hands bloodied—probably from the pile of dead bodies of guards you saw just outside the door.
Rick was one you in three, long strides, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug. “Darling, what-”
“Let’s get out of here, Colonel.”
Harley insisted that you both stay in Gotham. And when Bruce learned that you were back in the city, he insisted, too. He also provided the most bloodthirsty attorneys you had ever met to prosecute the still-belligerent Todd. Kidnapping, abuse, attempted murder. It was all tied up in a neat little bow with all the evidence the judge and jury needed to put Todd away for a very long time. It was a bit of a tabloid fanfare to have someone like Harley Quinn on the stand, quickly followed by Bruce Wayne. It almost made you laugh to see the verdict read out. In addition to the guilty verdict that would see him stuck in a cell in Arkham, all of his monetary assets were to be transferred to you as recompense for emotional trauma.
Yes, Bruce had good attorneys.
But Rick was the one who held your hand every day of the trial. He was the one who made you smile when all the horrors in your past were put on display for the world to see. He was the one who kissed you when the verdict had been read out. He was your Rick. Always.
“Come on, darlin’, let’s go home.” He took you by the hand and led you out of the courthouse through a backdoor to help you avoid the onslaught of photogs and reporters stationed at the front—but you heard Harley absolutely delighting in the limelight in her finest pink and red polka dot crop top and bejeweled blazer.
The apartment you shared with Rick was definitely more than enough for the two of you—but it was fun to decorate (the dented pendant was now framed over your fireplace) and the kitchen was large enough that you didn’t need to worry about bumping into Rick when you were (still) trying to teach him how to cook. But he still liked to hover, cage you in against the counter and lathe a series of kisses against your neck while your hands were occupied. And he made you his grandmother’s French toast on the first weekend of every month—you never tired of them. But he still managed to burn every bit of toast.
Harley once again reigned supreme in Gotham while Robert took up residence in a high rise near Amusement Mile with his daughter who you proudly helped get into Gotham’s finest culinary school. Cleo and Nanaue disappeared into the shadows of the city—Cleo appeared at uneven intervals and you were always happy to serve her and Sebastian a hearty meal. Abner took a bookkeeping job with Wayne Enterprises and smiled a little more.
It was good.
You also took a job at Wayne Enterprises—much to the delight of Bruce. You became the head of catering and while it was not nearly as glamorous as Sous Chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant, it allowed you to come home each night at a regular time. A regular time where you could wrap your arms around Rick and press a kiss between his shoulder blades just to feel the rumble of his laugh beneath your lips.
Rick, after managing to evade Waller’s attempts to get him back to Belle Reeve, started his own security business that was starting to thrive.
Yes, it was good.
“How’s my darlin’?” Was Rick’s sleepy question as he turned to you on a late Saturday morning. The bed was warm and the autumn air of Gotham was cool around you. Sunlight was streaming in through the curtains to make Rick’s golden hair nearly sparkle as it messily fell onto his forehead.
“I’m good, Colonel. And you?” You reached out and trailed your finger down his nose to watch him scrunch his face with a laugh.
“I’m perfect.” He shuffled closer to you on the bed to press a kiss to your forehead. “Ready to pick up Luke and Artie from the airport? You’ve just been preparing for their visit for the past month and half.”
You slapped at his chest halfheartedly. “All my guys are finally coming together. I want it to be perfect.”
He kissed you again. “It will be.” But then he turned back to the alarm clock on the bedside table. “We’ve got a couple hours to burn. What do you think we should do?”
You rolled on top of him with a smile and his warm, rough hands immediately settled on your hips. “I have a few ideas.”
You would ask him about the tickets to Venice you found in his sock drawer tomorrow—but you could pretend to have never seen the little box beside them.
A/N: And that’s all she wrote, folks! Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think!
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It's been a while since I last posted, so have some more Rick Flag Jr. because I miss him like crazy and this scene killed me inside.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Suicide Squad (2021) dir. James Gunn
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Omg #10 ‘losing your partner in a corn maze’ would be sooo funny especially picturing it being Rick & Delphia 😂😂
Omg yes 😂 hope you like it, friend!
If I Go Universe - Losing Each Other In a Corn Maze
Tumblr media
Summary: Rick and Dee go on a double date with DuBois and Eleanor to the pumpkin patch - but the corn maze proves to be a bit more difficult than they thought.
Pairing: Rick Flag x OFC / Squad Family & OFC (Delphia Holman)
Word Count: 1404
Warnings: pure fluff, language, getting lost, the flagman family is quite possibly the most adorable thing ever
Timeline: October 2022
if i go masterlist
Tumblr media
“You think we’re gonna make it out alive, Colonel?” Delphia asked.
“Sure hope so,” Rick replied with a smirk.
The pair stood at the mouth of the corn maze hand in hand, waiting for DuBois and Eleanor to catch up. It was the perfect fall day to go to the pumpkin patch. The leaves were just beginning to turn, there was a slight chill on the air but the sun was still bright and shining in a cloudless sky. They had spent the morning picking out pumpkins to take home and wandering through the sunflower field taking pictures. But now it was time to face the dreaded corn maze, notorious throughout the county for people getting lost for hours in.
Delphia turned around to see Eleanor and DuBois still hanging back by the goat pin, so she called out, “Will you two hurry up!”
“Will you have some patience!” Eleanor yelled back, phone out and pointed directly at the nearest goat's face, “Tyla wants pictures of the goats!”
With a grumble, Rick and Delphia moved to the side so other people could go in ahead of them. Leo wiggled against the wrap that held him to Delphia’s chest. Hazel eyes open and trying to get a look at his surroundings. Even though at four weeks old he really couldn’t see much beyond three feet in front of his face. But still, he was trying.
“When’dus he need fed again?” Rick asked, big hand coming up to cup the back of Leo’s head, thumb brushing over delicate white hairs.
Delphia looked at her watch. “Two hours. So hopefully this maze doesn’t take us as long as the internet says it will.”
“I ain’t scared to make our own path if we have to.”
“While I appreciate the sentiment.” Delphia smiled up at her husband as she took his hand, fingers tangled together. “I would prefer we do it the ole fashioned way. Corn mazes are a part of fall festivities!”
He smiled down at her gently. A cute little quirk of his lips that told the world that he was in love with her.
“Okay, sorry, sorry,” Eleanor said as she led DuBois by the hand up to them, “Let’s get amongst this corn, bitches.”
Delphia immediately paired up with Eleanor and dragged her into the maze first, leaving the men behind so they could have a chat. She threw a wink over her shoulder at Rick that she was pretty sure DuBois saw. But she didn’t really care.
“So — “ She looped an arm through Eleanor’s, the other patting Leo on the butt to keep him calm. “You’ve been spending a lot of time in North Carolina recently.”
Eleanor’s face instantly reddened. “Er — yeah. I guess so.”
“I guess so — shut up. I lived here for a year and you came to visit maybe once. And now that you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing with DuBois you’ve been down here three times in four months,” Delphia said, looking back over her shoulder to see Rick and DuBois deep in conversation, “And you guys like hold hands and shit. You send pictures of goats to his daughter. You can admit that there’s something going on now cause clearly there is.”
“Ugh, okay fine. Fine. We have feelings for each other, or whatever.” Eleanor rolled her eyes as Delphia hissed out an I knew it. “But he’s an annoying grumpy asshole. And actually really caring. And sexy as fuck. And really good with his hands.”
“Oh, my God,” Delphia laughed, “So what’re you gonna do? Long-distance is…”
“Yeah. Long-distance,” Eleanor sighed, “I don’t know, Dee. I really like him. Like really really like him. Like I’m finally starting to understand all that sappy shit you said about Rick kinda like him. But it’s not like he can just move to New York with me. It’s farther from Metropolis and he’s got that great PI gig with Rick.”
“Well…Does Faire Rogue have to be based out of New York? I mean, your site gets sent products from artisans all over the country to sell, right? You could just…Pick up and move here. If you wanted.”
“Rent would definitely cost less,” Eleanor snorted, picking up an ear of corn from the ground and peeling off the browned husk.
“Oh, that’s for sure.” But Delphia could see the apprehension written across her friend's face and she squeezed her arm reassuringly. “Just think about it. See where things go with DuBois for a while. But you know I wouldn’t mind you being closer.”
“You’re only saying that cause you want me to babysit.”
Delphia laughed and looked down at Leo. He was back asleep with his cheek against her chest, little mouth popped open. She smoothed a hand over his head of white hair just like her own.
“My baby is too cool for you to watch him.”
“Wow, fuckin’ rude.”
They laughed as they walked along, Eleanor now popping off dried corn kernels and littering them in their wake. They walked without direction, just moving and talking and not really paying attention. That was until Rick called out:
“Uh, Dee?”
Delphia turned around with a questioning sound on her tongue. Expecting to see her husband and DuBois trailing just behind them. But the boys were nowhere in sight. Had she heard him from somewhere up ahead? She turned around. No. They hadn’t somehow gotten ahead of them in the maze either. Had she misheard?
“Rick?” Delphia called loudly, taking a few steps back and looking around the last turn they had taken, “Where are you?”
“Right here — with DuBois!” she heard him shout.
He sounded very far away.
“Well, how the fuck did this happen?” Eleanor asked, apologizing to a passing family for her language.
Delphia squinted through the stalks of corn, trying to see if she could spot the bright color of Rick’s flannel through the maze walls. She shook her head, unsuccessful, after a couple of seconds. Then she remembered the corn Eleanor had been flicking onto the ground.
“Follow the corn — on the ground! That should lead you to us!”
“There’s corn fuckin’ everywhere!” DuBois’ gruff voice called back.
“Okay, look, just stay put boys!” Eleanor cupped her hands around her mouth as she yelled. “We’re comin’ to get ya!”
The women attempted to retrace their steps back through the maze. Which was proving rather difficult since they really hadn’t been paying attention to where they were going in the first place. They spoke loudly as they went, calling out to their significant other’s every few minutes to orient themselves.
“Rick, you still there!” Delphia called.
But when he shouted back, his voice sounded even further away than before. “Uh, yeah! Here!”
“Did you freaking move?” she asked, stopping dead in her tracks with a hand on her hip.
“Possibly!” She could practically see the way he was scratching at the back of his neck, a habit of his when he was embarrassed. “I thought I saw you and…It wasn’t you.”
“Honestly,” Delphia huffed, “Don’t move any more!”
“Oh, fuck this!” DuBois groaned loudly.
Eleanor and Delphia looked at each other with furrowed brows, straining to hear a bit of grumbling followed by a crashing noise. A crashing noise that was coming closer and closer by the second. Then, suddenly, Rick and DuBois burst through the tall stalks of corn in front of them. Silks and husks stuck to their clothes and hair and tired looks on their faces.
Delphia had to bite back a laugh as she came up to Rick, picking a large bit of husk from his hair and dropping it on the ground.
“Found you,” she told him with a smile.
“You are not leavin’ my sight again,” he told her with a sigh, tense shoulders dropping.
“Pretty sure that was your fault,” she said as he took up her hand, leading them to follow behind DuBois and Eleanor.
“Pretty sure you guys just left us behind.”
“Yeah, so it’s your fault for not keeping up.” She smiled cheekily up at him.
Rick rolled his eyes before looking pointedly at Leo, still sound asleep wrapped against her chest. “Your momma’s ridiculous.”
“Hm, so’s your dad.” She put a hand to Leo’s back and leaned into Rick’s side. “Makes us a good pair."
They made it completely out of the maze thirty minutes later. Apparently in record time.
Taglist (if you would like to be tagged in future installments just let me know!): @bbygrgu @a-reader-and-a-writer @slayerx147 @xoxabs88xox @kasey-puff @witchygagirl @the-pink-petite-princess @blooo0ooop @woodlandmouth @csigeoblue @rexorangecouny @h-hxgirl @thisisthewayrose @blondiekook @darkestbeforethedawn16 @runic-belova @weallhaveadestiny @oopsiedoopsie23 @nerdgrrlramblings @ocfairygodmother @reysorigins
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"If i had to pick a dude"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Summary: As you begin to help Takeshi settle into his new reality, Rick wonders what you’ve gotten him into.
Coauthor: @lacontroller1991​
Warnings: language, bickering, vague suggestions of intimacy
Word Count: 2,178
The smell of bacon wafting through Takeshi's nose is what wakes him up. Bacon and something...sweet. Blinking his eyes, he stretches his body against the bed before throwing back the covers and begrudgingly leaving the warm mattress. Putting on a pair of sweats, he glances down in curiosity and sees ‘ARMY’ printed across the leg causing him to let out a scoff. 
“Of course he was in the fucking army,” Takeshi ran a hand through his hair and opens the door, the sounds of bacon sizzling on the stove causing his stomach to rumble. 
“Did you make your delicious pancakes, Rick?” Takeshi hears your voice ask softly from around the corner, unaware that your guest is awake.
“Yeah, they were sounding pretty good last night,” he chuckles softly before snapping his head to the entry point of the kitchen and seeing Takeshi standing there. Noticing Rick’s shift of vision, you look over and see Takeshi, and boy if he just isn’t the prettiest sight you’ve ever seen. His hair is tousled from sleep, sweats hanging offly low on his hips and Rick’s plain black t-shirt you had lent him left nothing to the imagination of his powerful frame. You mindlessly ogle him for just a moment too long, causing Tak to send you a smirk that practically melts your insides. Noticing the exchange, Rick frowns and places the pancakes in front of you forcefully, breaking your concentration with the sound of the plate clacking against the counter..
“Oh! Thanks Ricky. Takeshi, did you sleep all right?” You ask as he takes a seat next to you, stomach growling loud enough for all to hear. Rick makes a concerted effort to ignore him. Observing the fact that Takeshi’s stomach was growling and Rick was not bothering to fix him up a plate, you roll your eyes at your roommate before handing Takeshi your plate, causing Rick to stop chewing as he glowers at the small trade. “Here, eat.”
“I can’t. It’s for you,” Tak replies as you dismiss the notion with your hand.
“Don’t be silly, eat. I’m not that hungry anyways,” You give Takeshi a reassuring grin.
Nodding his head in thanks, Tak takes a bite of the pancake and has to repress a moan at the taste. You glare at Rick as he just shrugs his shoulders and takes another bite of his food. Moving toward the fridge, you pull out a yogurt and take a slice of bacon, it would be enough to tie you over until lunch. The three of you eat in silence, an unnamed tension casting through the room. Deciding that you are sick of it, you clear your throat and look at the man who came through your portal.
“So I was thinking, if you’re going to be here for a while, maybe we should get you some clothes and other necessities. If that’s good with you?”
“Right. Makes sense. Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it! Rick, are you going into work today?” Turning your attention to the Colonel, you gaze into the eyes of the man who’d come to be your closest companion over the last couple years and pretend that you don’t feel any sort of longing in your chest as you stare up at him.  
“No, I have one more day of leave,” he replies shortly as you give a small smile and pick up everyone’s now empty plates to take to the sink. 
“Ok then. Takeshi, give me 20 minutes and then we can go.”
The air is crisp and cool in Louisiana as summer begins to melt into autumn. Salt water hangs loosely in the air as you and Takeshi walk around the mall.  With a cup of coffee in your hand, you examine his tall frame with wonder. He really does look just like Rick. Maybe a bit more muscular in the arms (and maybe the abdomen as well) but the height, side profile, and face were pretty much the same, give or take a few scars.
“You’re staring,” Takeshi comments, snapping you out of your thoughts. With a heated face, you hastily looked away, not noticing the knowing smirk that dances across his face.
“Sorry, it’s just really strange,” he snorts before looking down at you. He has to admit, you are gorgeous. Your (hair color) hair shining from the sun as a few beauty marks dusted across your face. Your lips are soft and full of color but your eyes are the showstopper. The way they lit up when you talked to Rick or the way they held a fire in them when you yelled at Waller made Takeshi weak. They hold so much passion in them and he wonders what they would look like when you’re in bliss. Not that it matters, he thinks to himself as his hands dig into his coat pockets, she has Rick. 
“So are you and your roommate a thing?” He asks, causing you to stop in your tracks and let out a laugh.
“Me and Flag? Nah, he has a thing where he doesn’t date coworkers, a past bad experience, you know? And even if he did, I’m just not into him that way. He’s my friend,” you are lying to yourself just as much as him and Takeshi knew it. He knew denial when he saw it. Deciding not to press on the matter further for fear of alienating the one person actually helping him deal with this fucked up senario, he continues walking. Suddenly, you grab his arm and pull him into a store, “Here’s a good store. They might have some clothes you’ll like,” you remark and he nods, following you into the store.
He has to admit, you have a decent taste in clothes. Or at least you have his idea of a decent taste pretty pegged. Not that he cares much really, clothes are clothes, but you have decided to keep his fashion more on the darker side, occasionally throwing a light shirt or two in there as well. Moving to pay for the clothes, he places his hand on the card reader and when nothing happens, he furrows his brows, clearly confused. You and the cashier stand there equally confused, you with a card in hand. Trying again, he looks over the machine and starts to realize that it must not read money like that. You place a soft hand on his arm and pull it away from the machine.
“Here, let me,” placing the card in the reader, you stifle a laugh as he looks at it with curiosity. Leaving a baffled cashier behind, the two of you walk out of the store in tandem. You look up at him and give him a crooked smile.
“Do they not have card readers where you’re from?”
“No, we have credits in our hands, sort of. We pay by placing our hand over the reader and it charges it,” he explains as you nod in semi-understanding. 
“Oh. Sounds cool! Well, this is basically a physical form of whatever is in your hand,” handing him the card, you watch as he observes the piece of plastic. 
“What does it buy?”
“About everything really, maybe not a ticket to the moon but it can buy food, clothes, electronics, and other stuff. And this one is ARGUS’s, so use it for whatever you want,” You grin mischievously up at him, “Come on, we have more shopping to do.”
Takeshi, now surrounded by bags full of more clothing, toiletries, and even some sort of communication device that he doesn’t recognize, stares down at the food in front of him. Some sort of bun with a slice of chicken on it, drenched in a red colored sauce, and some fries. Noticing that he isn’t touching his food, you swallow yours and inquire, “Are you going to eat?” 
His eyes shoot up to your (eye color) orbs and then back to the food again. Taking a fry, he dips it in yet another red sauce you had recommended and takes a bite. After deeming it is edible enough, he begins eating while you smile, returning to your own meal.
“How long have you been working on that machine?” Takeshi questions, after a few minutes of silence.
“About eight years. I was up in DC before then, working in Sector 7 of ARGUS, but when a crazy witch tries to end the world priorities tend to shift. I was pulled from my station and sent to work down here with the IDS.”
“A witch?” For the first time since you’d met the man, Tak seemed truly shocked.
“Yeah, Dr. Moone. Er, not really Moone. She’s just an archeologist. Rick told me that apparently she had been possessed by this being known as ‘the Enchantress’ when in a cave. Broke open an artifact and that’s what happened. Then she escaped and went to Midway City, trying to open a portal or something to devour the world. Pretty weird,” you stuff a fry in your mouth as Takeshi tries to not laugh, “What?”
“An Archeologist. Broke an ancient artifact? Not really that good at the job is she?” You beam at him and shake your head.
“Don’t say that to Rick. He and Dr. Moone were together even back then. And then they dated for about a year after that, and when they broke up, he moved in with me. And in her defense I guess the influence of a crazy, ancient witch will make you do some dumb shit.”
“How did you meet him?” Takeshi asks, shifting the conversation to a topic he finds much more interesting. You and Rick.
“When I was pulled from DC to here. He works with ARGUS as well and we became friends. Then when he and June broke up, he needed a place to stay and I offered. Been living together ever since. He got hurt pretty bad on his last mission, so I guess I’ve just seen a lot more of him while he’s been recovering,” Wiping your hands on a napkin, you pick at your nails while Takeshi chews his food. He can tell that’s the short version of the story, but chooses not to push for more details. For now at least.
“He doesn’t like me,” Takeshi mentions, causing you to shake your head.
“Well, you do look like a carbon copy of him, maybe he just finds it weird. Give him time,” placing your hand over his, you give it a gentle squeeze before retracting and pulling out something similar to the device you had bought him earlier. 
“What is that?” 
“It’s a cell phone,” you comment slowly, not believing that he really didn’t know what a phone was.
“Ah. I actually remember learning about those in history lessons. We don’t use them anymore. Where I’m from, we use something called ONI to communicate and they’re just implants in the eye.”
“That’s really fucking weird,” you giggle and he can’t help but smiles slightly at the honey sweet sound.
“Yeah, I guess it sorta is.”
You open the door to the apartment with an arm full of bags. Takeshi follows closely behind, holding bags of his own. 
“Hey Ricky, we’re back,” You call, dropping the keys into the pot on the counter. You set the bags down as he rounds the corner, towel around his waist as drops of waterfall around his face from his hair.
“Hey (Y/N), I see you brought the alien back,” he quips, an annoyed expression donning his normally inviting face.
“Rick, be nice. I said he was staying for a while so just relax. It’s not like he’s gonna hurt us, right Tak?” Takeshi’s ears burn slightly at the nickname, which he’d given you permission to use earlier in the day, but he didn’t count on the fact that it’d sound so good coming from your lips. 
“Nope. Not yet anyway,” Rick scowls at his identical clone’s joke before turning to you.
“What, he already has a nickname?”
“Yeah, what’s the big deal?” You ask in annoyance, Rick has never acted this way toward you before and you don’t understand what has caused the sudden shift in his behaviour.  
“Do you mind giving us a moment? Alone.” Rick asks Takeshi who replies with only a raised eyebrow and a slight nod before carrying his bags to the room he is currently occupying.
“Rick, what the fuck is your problem,” your hands find their way to your hips as you survey his face.
“I just don’t think it’s safe having a guy that we know nothing about staying at our place,” reasoning with you was always a difficult task for Rick. Especially when it came to helping anyone who could fall into the ‘stray’ category. You were too stubborn for your own good, he always says. 
“Listen, Ricky. It’s just for a little bit. Once ARGUS manages to get the energy required to send Tak back to the future, in his own dimension, then it’ll be over.”
“I promise.”
Rick never could deny you.
Taglist: @himbovillain-anon​ @witchygagirl​ @ratcatcher2world​ @the1redrose​ @loverhymeswith​ @yourjacketisnowdry @a-reader-and-a-writer​ @marvelousmermaid​ @kingtwhiddleston​ @knivesareout​ @a-girl-who-loves-disney​ @xoxabs88xox​ @weallhaveadestiny​
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Suicide Squad - Incorrect Quotes #9
Abner: How do I deal with my enemies?
Robert: Kill them.
Abner: That's a bit extreme, I was hoping for a more passive solution.
Christopher: Kill them only a little?
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I hate you too
Kinktober Day 24 Kinktober Prompt: Hate fucking Summary: You hate him so fucking much, so fucking? Pairing: Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang x Reader Word Count: 1,520 Warnings: Rough sex, angst, Digger Harkness is a warning
Fandom: DCEU/The Suicide Squad Rating: SMUT, 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT
Tumblr media
"I can't believe it, you fucked it up!" Digger shouted. "I fucked it up?! I told you to get out of there and you kept saying 'nah its fine, there's plenty of time!' and guess what? There wasn't! I had to run in there and save your ass!" You shouted back. "I could've handled it myself!" He argued. "No, you couldn't have! Those men were preparing to shoot you like an animal. You know how I know that? Because when I came in the room to save you, they shot me like an animal! I have holes in my kidney and my liver to prove it, okay?" You let out an exasperated sigh. "I didn't need you to waltz in there and save me," he reaffirmed with a huff. "Don't worry, next time your ass is on the line, I'll do my own thing and remind your corpse that you could handle yourself," you snapped with a fake smile.
"What's your fuckin' problem with me?" He asked suddenly, getting up to follow you when you left the room. "Where do I fucking begin?" You asked sarcastically. "Anywhere you'd like, I'm all ears," he said smugly. "Fuck off," you spat, attempting to slam the seedy complex's door on your way outside, only for him to get in the way. "Tell me why you don't like working with me," he asked with a curious hum, still following a few steps behind you. "You're a pain in the ass for one, and you never know when to shut up. You're so cocky and full of yourself, its sickening," you started, rounding a corner. "I've heard that all before, you wanna know what I think's your problem?" He asked.
"Oh yes, Mr. Harkness, please, tell me what my problem is, if anyone in the world knows what's going on in my head, it's you!" Your voice was dripping with sarcasm as the words left your mouth. "I think," he started, either not picking up on or more likely ignoring your sarcasm "I think you've got it bad for me." You stopped in your tracks and turned to look at him "are you serious? You think I'm in love with you?" "Yeah, I mean, look at me and I can't deny we'd be one hot fucking couple," he had that big, shit eating grin on his face. "You're a goddamn egomaniac," you scoffed. "Maybe, but I've been told I've got reason to be," he said calmly as he backed you against the grimmy brick wall of some rundown building. "Fuck off, Captain Kangaroo," you shoved his chest, his only response was a chuckle. "C'mon, love, you can' tell me you've never been in your cell, touching yourself while you think about us together? We'd be fucking perfect together, you communicate with technology and I've robbed everything in Australia. We'd be unstoppable," he said mischievously.
Your brain didn't stop to think before you slapped that smug, roguish grin right off his face. He looked surprised for a second but your next action surprised you more; you pulled the man into a feverish kiss. "I fuckin' knew it," he mumbled against your lips with a chuckle. "Fuck you, asshole," you mumbled back. "Oh that's the plan baby," he smirked and looked around you both before pulling you into the closest alley. "Hang on, I'm not having sex with you in some dirty, disgusting alley in the middle of downtown Prague," you objected. "Relax, it's not 'having sex' its hate fucking, pure and simple," he said, not giving you another chance to question him or doubt yourself before backing you up completely against the wall and capturing your lips in an unrestrained kiss.
"Fucking asshole," you muttered angrily against his lips while haphazardly undoing your pants. "Yeah, I know baby, and this assholes about to give you the best fuck of your life," he said proudly before pushing your pants down. He quickly picked you up and wrapped your legs around his waist, pressing another bruising kiss to your lips. His thumb found its way between your legs and he instantly smirked "fuck you're wet for me already." "I was thinking about Colonel Flag and Floyd taking turns," you bluffed with a smirk. "Sure, love, sure you were," he replied, grinning that shit-eating grin of his that showed off his golden tooth. "Oh, go to hell asshole," you snapped, looking away as you felt your cheeks becoming flustered. "I'd rather go to heaven which I'm guessing is right between your legs," he flirted smugly. You rolled your eyes  and groaned "just-don't talk, just fuck me." He snickered and unzipped his pants, pulling his erect member out and strkoing himself "oh say it again, beg me, baby." "I'm not begging for shit," you snapped despite trying to grind your hips against his for friction. He smirked "no solicit, no explicit." "Fine! Jesus christ just fuck me already Digger, please?" You said through gritted teeth.
"Ask and yee shall receive," he said with a smug grin on his face before thrusting his cock into your shamefully wet channel. "Fuckin' hell you're tight," he mumbled before adding "or maybe I'm just that fuckin' big, yeah?" You scoffed and rolled your eyes, him roughly plunging his cock into you entirely stopped your witty retort. His hips moved swiftly, brutally fucking into you. Your fingers angrily tangled his hair, tugging sharply with a smirk "you're so fucking full of yourself." "Yeah? Well that makes two of us, huh, love?" He asked with a cocky smirk. "Asshole," you grumbled tugging his hair again before kissing him roughly again. "Sure, love," he mumbled against your lips, bucking his hips roughly. Your tongues fought one another for dominance and your teeth even clashed a few times. You bucked your hips in rhythm with his, moaning and swearing at him with each rough thrust of hips or swipe of his thumb over your clit. "Tell me how much you hate my fucking guts when you cum," he dared with a wicked snicker.
Instead of replying with a witty or sarcastic retort, you bit his lip just hard enough without drawing blood. He swore under his breath before smirking. He buried his face in your neck and bit at the skin, sucking at the tender flesh. "God I h-hate you, Digger," you said in little more than a whisper in between moans. "Yeah I fuckin' hate you too, baby," he growled back. Him pinching your clit was just the stimulation you needed to nose dive into your orgasm; your legs tightened around his waist and your hand that was tangled in his already messy pulled harder. "Shit-fucking hell!" He groaned out loudly as he came, burying his face in your clothed chest. You panted heavily, leaning your head back against the cool brick wall.
A crackling in your ear unfortunately reminded you of your comms. "Hey, um, are you two, uh, done yet?" Rick asked awkwardly. "How much did you hear?" You asked immediately, feeling a wave of embarrassment washing over you. "Most, most of it. We tried to get your attentions but you were too busy yelling at each other and, uh-" Rick said awkwardly before Floyd cut him off "y'all were too busy yelling and fucking to hear us calling your names." "That," Rick added quietly. "Y'all good?" Floyd asked after a long, painful silence. "Yeah we're fine," you muttered as you motioned for Digger to set you down. "We're fuckin' great, mate," Digger added smugly. "Fuck you," you snapped as you pulled your pants back up and fixed your clothes. "You just did, baby," he retorted with a grin. "How fast can y'all meet us at the rendevous point?" Rick asked. "Ten, maybe fifteen minutes," you answered as you stepped out of the alley and began walking, not waiting for the Aussie to catch up.
You heard him jogging to catch up with you "hey, hey, hey. Where're you goin'?" "What? I'm going to the rendevous point, the teams expecting us," you said flatly. You walked in silence for five minutes before he broke the silence and asked "how's the um, hole in your liver?" "Hm? Oh they're fine, they healed right about the time I slapped you," you answered quietly. "You know, this could be a reoccurring thing with us," he suggested. "Really?" You glared at him for a second to gauge whether or not he was serious. "Yeah, why not?" He shrugged. You kept your gaze forward and walked in silence for the next ten minutes. Before entering the building where the rest of the team was, you stopped him and offered a small grin "fuck you, I hate you so much." He furrowed his brow some before it clicked in his mind and he grinned "fuck you, I hate you too." You glanced around briefly to make sure no one was looking before pulling him into a quick impassioned kiss by the lapel of his coat. He didn't have time to react before your lips were gone and you were walking inside with a wicked grin. He just chuckled to himself and followed after hanging back to subtly adjust himself.
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- You were gonna... save me? - It was a really good plan, too. - Well, I can go back inside, and you can still do it. The Suicide Squad (2021)
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JOHN CENA as Peacemaker JOEL KINNAMAN  as Rick Flag JUAN DIEGO BOTTO as Silvio Luna The Suicide Squad (2021) dir. James Gunn
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Agree or disagree jaune is the rick flag of the team.
Doesnt leave anyone behind
Cares about kids
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