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For the next Transformers series, if they’re going to make Bumblebee mute again, and if they do the “partner” thing like they did in Prime, I’d really appreciate if Bumblebee’s human partner was deaf. Of course, technically Bumblebee isn’t, but we certainly don’t have enough disability representation on TV, and it’d be interesting to see how they’d interact, especially if Cybertron has its own variant on sign language, as it did in Robots in Disguise (2015).

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🏎️ When he hears someone call you Sunnie he gets confused. “Why did they call you that?”

🏎️ “Oh? It’s a nickname? That’s funny, I know a Sunny too!” he’ll grin.

🏎️ He’ll then get a little bit sad and quiet.

🏎️ If you ask why he’ll say he doesn’t really wanna talk about it and try to change the subject.

🏎️ Once he feels ready, he’ll tell you about his brother, Sunstreaker, and how it used to be them against the world, or so he thought.

🏎️ He’ll mention Sunstreaker joining the Autobots right away while he was a neutral and Deception leaning, which lead to a massive falling out with his brother and they went their separate ways.

🏎️ He won’t mention it but it’s one of the major things that lead to him having abandonment issues.

🏎️ He’ll talk about how they haven’t really had the chance to make up even though they’re on the same side now, he just can’t bring himself to reach out.

🏎️ He’ll still be ok with calling you Sunnie though, because it’s with an “ie” instead of a “y”, that’s his reasoning anyway.

🏎️ If you help him reach out to his brother to reconcile then he’s the happiest he’s happiest he’s ever been! And he can’t wait to introduce the two of you!

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🏎️ When you show up at the Junkyard with your niece and nephew Sideswipe is immediately confused and curious. How are they so small? He didn’t know humans could get any smaller than Russell.

🏎️ If they can’t talk yet then he’s even more confused. Why do they make those noises? Oh they can’t talk?

🏎️ He DESPERATELY wants to take them on a ride around town because he assumes they aren’t used to that kind of thing and he really wants them to experience real speed.

🏎️ Once he sees one of them throw up though he cancels the ride plans, they’re cute, but not worth that.


🐝 As soon as he sees you bring them in he’s ecstatic, he loves babies! They’re so adorable!

🐝 He does worry a little bit though because the Junkyard is a dangerous place for babies, he’ll just have to designate himself babysitter while they’re there.

🐝 He works together with you and Denny to keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don’t get hurt, they get a nap, and they get fed.

🐝 He’s 100% down for taking them for a ride if it’ll help with their nap, he’s sure Denny has some baby seats laying around somewhere.


🚔 Like Sideswipe she’s never seen a baby human before so she’s also curious when you bring two in.

🚔 She thinks they’re very cute and will try to mimic Bumblebee in taking care of them, it’s very important to know what kind of care a human needs and who better to learn from than the best!

🚔 Also like Sideswipe she’ll get a little grossed out if she sees one of them vomit or has to watch someone change a diaper. She’ll leave that work to the professionals.

🚔 She will read them the Autobot Code as a bed time story. It may not put your niece and nephew to sleep but it’s definitely knocked Sideswipe out.


🦎 Equal parts excited and nervous. He thinks the babies are adorable but he’s huge and clumsy and scared he’ll step on or drop one.

🦎 Absolutely adores it if they get excited over his dino mode. He’ll make funny faces and (try to) play peek-a-boo with them (his arms are too short in that mode though).

🦎 Absolutely begs you to bring them back sometime. He loves these kids. He’d die for these kids.

🦎 Will try to see if he can teach them to say “Uncle Grimlock” or “Uncle Grimmy”.

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Another comic based on an audio I heard on tiktok? Lmao, yeah.

In this one, self-insert does NOT recognize Starscream’s ungraded look (from RID15 (she’s familiar only with TFP Screamer XDD))

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