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twst-shenanigans · 10 hours ago
twst Incorrect quote #199
Trey: What's the hardest thing to say?
Riddle: I was wrong.
Cater: I need help.
Ace: I'm sorry.
Deuce: Worcestershire Sauce.
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kokoroisbleeding · 2 days ago
Other vice dorm leaders: Calm, since there's not much of a problem in their dorm
And there's these 3:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rip vice dorm leaders
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acey-wacey · 2 days ago
Heartslabyul Affection HCs
a/n: in honor of the new regional release of twisted wonderland, I'm gonna write headcanons for the characters
🌹 𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓵𝓮 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓼 🌹
Tumblr media
Small shows of physical affection
He doesn't like PDA because as housewarden, he has to keep up appearances but he just likes knowing that you're by his side.
If you're walking next to each other, he will link your pinkies.
He won't let you get away with breaking the rules per se, but he definitely won't get as mad at you if you do (and you don't have magic anyway so it's not like he can collar you).
He's kind of bad at articulating his feelings so he prefers to write you little notes.
You'll find little poems slipped into your bag after class.
He never signs them but you know that subtle rose perfume anywhere.
He's secretly has a very sweet side that he'll never show to anyone but you.
He also gets really flustered whenever you flirt with him or show obvious affection.
It isn't entirely unknown to him, he's just not used to people acting so boldly around him.
There are somethings that might not seem like big shows of affection to you but anyone else knows that he must really care about you.
For example, letting you eat the first slice of his tart. Not a big deal to you but all the other heartslabyul students (especially Ace rip) know how special that is.
♦️ 𝓒𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓓𝓲𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓭♦️
Tumblr media
He wants to show you off to all his followers and will definitely include you in a lot of his posts.
Though if you aren't comfortable with it, he won't force you. Your happiness comes before his social media presence.
He always tries to make time for you even when he's really busy.
He will do literally anything just to make you laugh and he tells you how beautiful your smile is.
A little bit of a fool in love
He's very obvious with how much he cares about you.
Little things he tends to do include:
Putting his hand in your back pocket when you're walking next to each other
Waiting at your locker after class
Getting you one of those matching heart lock and key necklaces (he never takes it off)
He loves it when you initiate affection or flirt with him.
You could literally just peck him on the cheek and he would be beaming for the rest of the day.
You already know that he throws the BEST parties and is sparing no expense for your birthday.
If you want a low-key hangout with friends, he'w got it set up.
If you want a gala, it's already done.
Anything for you, babe 😘.
♠️ 𝓓𝓮𝓾𝓬𝓮 𝓢𝓹𝓪𝓭𝓮 ♠️
Tumblr media
He doesn't really like to initiate affection but he does like it.
It sometimes comes across as him not wanting to be affectionate but really he's just waiting for you to do something.
It has been known to happen that you stay pretty separate for the entire day and he comes back to the dorm all pouty because you didn't even try to hold his hand 😠.
Pretty soon you get used to it though.
As soon as you initiate affection, he's cuddling into your shoulder.
He does show you how he feels about you but he prefers to tell you how much he loves you.
It's basically a ritual at this point that he has to punctuate every time you are together by kissing you on the cheek and telling you he loves you.
He loves to tell you how beautiful you look whenever he gets the chance.
He would tell people that he's the big spoon but in reality, he likes the feeling of being safe and protected in your arms.
♣️ 𝓣𝓻𝓮𝔂 𝓒𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓻♣️
Tumblr media
He prefers to spend time with you rather than telling you outright how much he loves you.
His favorite way to show affection is to hold you in his arms against his chest while you talk about your day.
He absolutely loves to hear you talk about things that you're interested in and he is such a good listener.
Though he spends basically the entire day babysitting the rest of the heartslabyul dorm, he still makes sure to take care of you too.
He always reminds you to drink water and take care of yourself.
If he can't actually be with you at the moment, he will recruit the other heartslabyul members to periodically check up on you.
You didn't know what was happening at first when the first years randomly took an interest in your well-being.
He loves to bake with you and if you can't bake, even better, because he gets to teach you over your shoulder as an excuse to be closer to you.
Anything you want him to make, he will bake it just for you, even if it takes a lot of effort.
He just loves to make you happy.
♥️ 𝓐𝓬𝓮 𝓣𝓻𝓪𝓹𝓹𝓸𝓵𝓪 ♥️
Tumblr media
saved my favorite for last
He's very physically affectionate and just likes to be touching you in some way at all times.
He will usually settle for holding your hand but he's known to get in your personal space at any given moment.
His personal favorite is to hug you from behind and rest his chin on your head.
He just wants for you to feel secure in his arms and be able to protect you.
Of course, there is the mischievous side to his affection as well.
You could be having a conversation with somebody else and he'll come over and put his arms around you.
He's not really possessive, per se, but he wants to make sure everybody know that you are his amazing partner.
He tells you everyday how much he loves you and how amazing you are.
Even if you doubt his seriousness, you can count on him never joking about loving you.
He may say it in a joking conversation, but when he snuggles into your neck and whispers "I love you" in your ear, you know he means it.
When you're in class and he can't cling to you like a koala, he'll hold your hand under the desk and rub circles with his thumb until class is over.
He always has his arm over your shoulder when you are walking together.
Honestly, if you don't flirt back with him, he will be so offended.
You both tend to have seemingly endless battles of witty banter that usually end when you kiss his cheek and he goes quiet, just staring at you in adoration.
He's so in love with you and he wants to make sure everybody knows it.
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OMG REQUESTS ARE OPEN???? EOJOAIJOI How headcanons for Riddle, Idia and Malleus with an S/O who's a massive gossip? Like they have dirt on everyone-
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Riddle may have a soft spot for you, but he doesn’t approve of all the gossiping that you get up to. He regularly chides you for it, and even when he isn’t doing that, he makes it clear how he feels from how his mouth pinches and how his eyebrows furrow.
Hearing gossip sours his mood pretty quickly. To Riddle, gossip is no more than unproven rumors until he sees some real evidence for himself. “One should conduct themselves with a healthy amount of skepticism,” he’ll often tell you. “I was once in your shoes, blindly believing everything that I was told... But now I know better, and I do not wish to see you going down the same path that I did.”
Even if the information that you hold is true, it won’t stop Riddle from chastising you. In fact, it only makes him chastise you more. No one should hold that much information over others’ heads, according to him. (And what’s worse, that type of behavior only reminds him of those irritating Leech brothers!)
Riddle takes it upon himself to keep you in line and out of trouble. If he feels that you’re running your mouth too much or that you might offend someone with your words, he’ll tactfully cut in or subtly shush you. Riddle might even excuse you from the conversation altogether, pulling you away with him.
When you’re alone in someplace quiet, he’ll turn to you with a sigh. “I’ve warned you about this countless times, haven’t I? You must watch what you say to others. Truthful or not, words can very much be considered real weapons—and it would do you good to realize the weight of them.”
Tumblr media
Idia really, really wishes that you’d just keep your head low and not say anything inflammatory, whether in public or online. All the blabbing you do makes him anxious that you might attracted unwanted attention to yourself—or to him.
If Idia had to describe your gossiping, he’d call it both a boon and a bane by MMORPG or tabletop gaming terms. On one hand, you’ve got a trove of intell, but on the other hand, you’ve also got no idea whether any of it is useful or truthful!
Not to brag or anything which Idia totally is, but he could easily hack into anyone’s socials to fish up the correct information—b-but he won’t, because he’s not looking to fan the flames or make new enemies! “A-And besides... Who’d even want to see what the normies are up to, anyway? I-I bet it’s boring stuff... I-I’d much rather it just be us two hanging out...”
It’s more common for Idia to be begging you to keep your words under lock and key than to spill them. He thinks that there are a lot of things that are better left unsaid, secrets that someone might want to take with them to the grave... so those, at the very least, should be respected.
... Unless, of course, someone slights you or him. Then all bets are off. Idia will happily join you in shit talking whoever has gotten on your collective last nerves, letting all of his gamer rage and salt flow like water. (LMFAO wat clowns do they rlly think theyre slick doing smth dumb picking on ppl that???) It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, the feeling is cathartic.
Tumblr media
At first, Malleus quietly listens to your ramblings out of a combination of politeness and curiosity. He actually finds amusement from what you share—because whether it is true or false, they are still interesting tidbits to consider.
However, Malleus is not so naive as to ignore the consequences of this gossip being shared with others. As a noble, he’s well aware of the effects that words can carry, and it’s really no different for the common folk, either.
He does what he can to caution you against excessive chatter, instead advocating that you be more selective with your words. “What is it that the children of man say...? Ah, yes. ‘Knowledge is power’. In this case, you hold the power in your court—and you must be careful with how you choose to utilize them. Entire kingdoms have been felled for far less.”
Malleus has been the subject of much gossip at NRC, so he knows firsthand just how hurtful it can be. He wouldn’t wish it upon his worst enemies, and he doesn’t want you to become the “bad guy” by being the one to dish out dirt on others. Even if it is done in the name of revenge, Malleus doesn’t think it’s worth dirtying your name for.
“Public perception is an irksome thing. Were you to wield the words that you have, you would surely instill great fear in your peers. In doing so, you would acquire great power... but also a great loneliness.” His smile is wry. “As much as I would love to hoard you for myself, the fact of the matter is that such a singular existence would be a miserable one. You should live free from the burdens that your knowledge offers you.”
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alexglitches · 2 days ago
Self Aware AU : How The Boys Became Obsessed With The Player
just how each of the guys became obsessed with the player
Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil and Vil all became aware before their Overblots. I explained it in a previous post, but basically, like a split second before they OB, they become self aware and that amps up the angst. Afterwards, they try to figure out who the player is and their motives, but in the process, become emotionally attached and obsessed with the player in varying degrees.
Ace, Deuce, Jack, Epel and Sebek become aware when they have some weird dream where they're game characters, then wake up and are like, "wait-". It's so random it leaves them no room to really get any answers. They do their own little investigation and somehow makes it so they can kinda hear the players voice just, echoing. How? No idea, but they see the player in Yuu's eyes and now they want to actually meet them...
For everyone else, they all become aware in different ways, but all become obsessed in similar ways, some type of tiny voice in their head telling them that, now that they're aware, they can't do anything extreme.
So, they try and find ways to bring the player to their world so they can interact, all with many degrees of failure, but they're trying their best, dammit!
Idia, Ortho, and surprisingly Cater are tasked with using any tech possible to see if there is a way. Maybe they can just drag the player into their world? Or have some way to let the player possess Yuu?
Malleus is determined to meet the player through any means necessary. They are technically his first friend, even if they were using Yuu as a vessel to interact with him. He tasks Lilia and Silver to scour the libraries for any books on interdimensional possesion.
Azul tasks Jade and Floyd to investigate Yuu and see if they're any opening or breaks that allow them to pull the player into their world, and run into Rook who was tasked to do the exact same thing.
At this point, the characters that aren't self aware, Grim, Yuu and the staff, are all getting pretty concerned over everyone. They don't become aware until the player logs in, and suddenly, everything is set back to normal, as if all of that stalking and concerning behavior never existed.
Crewel and Trein force Crowley into keeping the aware students at bay. Sam has his friends from the other side stalk the stalkers and Vargas is basically there for muscle in case things get physical.
Grim basically becomes a guard cat for Yuu, getting really cautious around their friend group and the others. While Yuu is busy questioning their life and being anxious around their friends because who knows if/when they actually get to use them as a vessel for the player.
All in all, it's just absolute chaos all around.
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whimsimayhem · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
riddle insisted
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minteasketches · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
*throws Riddle at ya'll*
I'm not dead, just sleeping
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FSOUFHOEJFO MAGICAL GIRL MAGICAL BOY MAGICAL MAGICIAN- I mean, headcanons for Heartslaybul with a magical girl/boy reader, please!
Assuming you mean magician..? ;-;;;
sorry for that- and that I left out Adeuce due to time restrains as of currently and I wanna clear inbox :'))
TWST Magician s/o (No Adeuce :')) )
Riddle Rosehearts
How funny.
You use your cute tricks and joke about how you "have magic".
While he scoffs lightly about how you're doing child's play, he has to admit that some of your magic tricks are pretty funny and it almost seem like magic in a way.
Like how you make a flower disappear when you crushed it in your hands. His eyes widened, wondering where the flower had gone to. You seemed to have noticed and teasingly smirked at him, causing Heartslabyul's dorm leader to flare up in embarrassment, blushing as red as a strawberry.
When he feels down on a particular day, your kiddish and simple magic tricks seemed to make him feel better. He remembered you sat right beside him as he sniffled, his teary eyes making out your hand pulling out 4 cards through his blurry vision. An ace of hearts, 2 of spades, 3 of clubs and 4 of diamonds. You aligned them, covering them with your hand before you pulled out a single red, thornless rose. "We're here for you if you need us. It's okay," you smiled at him.
He smiled back. <3
Trey Clover
Wow. Aren't you amazing?~
Trey smirks playfully when you do your little magic tricks, joking about maybe this is you "unique magic".
Trey finds it most amusing when you use card tricks and entertain him after a long, tiring day of being a vice dorm.
You smile at him when he plops himself on the bed. "Wanna see a magic trick?~"
He scoffs softly, before he shifts over to let you sit right next to him, allowing you to put on your little magic show for him.
Trey's quite impressed in how you make the cards disappear, or guess it right, or much more.
When Trey gets extremely tired, drained, or when he beats himself up, you rest besides him with your cards, his personal favourite of your magic tricks, you hold out a 3 of clubs, and you tore it apart. "I know you feel like you're being torn to shred by the second all the time with stuff but," you clenched your fist, hiding the torn card, "know that you're not alone in this, and that you can call for help." You kissed the fist with the card, opening your palm to reveal the 3 of clubs untorn and whole.
He chuckles softly, heart warmed. "Thanks." <3
Cater Diamond
Haha! That's pretty cool!
Personally for Cater, he finds your magic tricks pretty entertaining, and if you don't mind, can he upload short videos of you performing them? It'll be great~~
Cater likes your phone tricks; tweaking your phone wallpaper out as paper and putting it back in again, stuff like that.
That's pretty cool, he's not gonna lie.
He likes to take videos of you doing tricks and sometimes keeps it for himself.
Whenever you aren't around and he gets bored, he watches your recorded tricks and laughs quietly to himself.
But when you are around, and he feels sad, you come to his aid with your magic tricks.
"Hey Cater!" "Hmm..?"
You take out your phone, showing him a picture of half of an orange diamond.
"Is this your heart right now? Don't worry, I know how to fix it," you smiled, pulling the half diamond out of your phone as it comes out as paper. You pulled another half, orange diamond, connecting the two to form a diamond.
Cater chuckles, a quiet snort as you laugh along with you. "And I thought I was the cheesy one~" <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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kio-may · a day ago
so requests are open till monday? don't worry about forcing yourself to finish them quickly, okay honey? i'm gonna pop in and send in one request of mine if you don't mind.
hc of dorm leaders with an s/o that's the most laid back person they know. they give off hakuna matata vibes wherever they go. most people take advantage of this ofc, thinking them they're naive and such but the minute s/o hear someone talks badly about their lover is when they go full on violent.
okay they didn't kill the person, but s/o did leave with some bruises on their knuckles and... is that blood on their cheek??
keep up the good work dear <33
This one was sent quite a while ago, im sorry for not responding to it sooner 😭 youre so nice qjksmsks thank you love it means a lot <3
Tumblr media
Obviously, rumors spread about you beating up a student and he was shocked. He didn't believe the students, and every other whisper made him more and more angrier. Some students may have had collars popped on them even, who knows?
But after he's done with whatever he may be busy with, he's rushing to get to you. He knows you're a very calm and collected person, and so many rumors at least ought to actually have a clue to the truth. So he's worried and he's internally panicking.
When he sees you, irritated and bruises on your knuckles, he's horrified. Immediately asks what happened, wants to know the entire situation and whatnot.
He doesn't quite stand with violence. He knows you're strong, but he doesn't quite approve of such methods. He scolds you a bit before silently thanking you. He doesn't have the best reputation with his stern commands in following the rules, but he's used to it (even if it hurts him sometimes), and he's happy to know you're looking out him.
Tumblr media
Joins in-
Throws a feast-
A bit of the same reaction like Riddle. He's a bit worried on what irked you so badly to the point you resorted to violence.
He'll tell the students to knock it off if he hears anyone talking about it, and it irritates him to no end. It was probably Ruggie who first came and told him what happened.
So he went out to search for you, subtly, roaming around a bit but still searching for you.
He doesn't really approve of it (not as repulsed by it as Riddle, but), and prefers not to cause a commotion, but he doesn't scold you or anything, just tells you to calm your horses and goes on to subtly thank you. He's also happy you're looking out for him, and he helps you clean up (and lazily helps you with any bruises you might have)
Tumblr media
He probably hears it from Jade and Floyd, and immediately he's anxious.
He needs to complete a few tasks, but he's fidgeting badly and can't concentrate. Jade offers to take over for the time being and Azul almost bolts to go search for you.
Of course, he's surprised. His glasses are askew and his perfect-cool composure is slightly breaking. He really hopes you haven't hurt yourself.
He hears what happened and he calms down a bit, before telling you to not have gone that far, before he carefully helps you bandage any bruises. He gives you advice and like the others, he thanks you, but tells you not to worry about it too much.
He takes you to Monstro Lounge for a bit to calm down
<3 he was scared but now hes ok
Tumblr media
The moment he hears it,he's surprised. Every Scarabia student has at least heard one loud "WHAT" echo through the hallways. The ears of the ones near him are not safe.
He's immediately abandoning the task he might have at hand, and he's bolting to get you. Jamil shouts for him before his shoulders slump in disappointment.
He sees you and he's in a panicked state, asking if you're okay, what happened, what you did, what the student did, everything, while frantically looking over you for any injuries. You'll have to calm him down instead before his head blows up.
He hears your side of the story and... he just laughs a bit, before he visibly relaxes. He tells you it's okay and to not concern yourself with how people think of him, and he only cares about you. He takes you back to his dorm and spoils you.
Tumblr media
Like Riddle, he's a bit on edge. That can't be true, you're a very patient person! Unless..?
He doesn't quite say anything when people talk about it all whispery as he goes out to search for you, but rather scoffs at it. Rook was probably the one who told him.
He finds you with bruises on parts of your hands and a bit of blood on your face. He's like a fessing mother hen when he helps you clean up and helps you with your wounds. He's scolding you up and down, all frantic. He doesn't mean to come off as unappreciating, he just doesn't want you to hurt yourself in any rash decisions you may take.
He gives you a small headpat before telling you that he's appreciative of you, but that you also need to think before you act. He doesn't bring this up again.
Tumblr media
He's... confused on how to react at first.
Huh? You? Fighting? You're joking, right?
He doesn't believe anyone but still asks Ortho to check up on you.
You can imagine how horrified he is when you walk into his room, blood on your cheeks and bruises on your knuckles. Both of you take a minute to just calm down.
Idia listens to what happened while Ortho helps with cleaning and bandaging. He doesn't say much. He knows that some people may detest the way he chooses to live, and he never gave them much thought, but seeing you so worked up about it has him feeling mixed.
He'll just kinda awkwardly hug you before he tells you thank you, and tells you not to worry about him too much.
Both of you play games for a while after <3
Tumblr media
He's curious.
Why would you have such a violent reaction?
He immediately teleports to wherever you are, and checks up on you.
If you're still angry, he'll take you with him somewhere else, to walk around a bit and calm you down, take your mind off of things and talk about anything else. He'll sit you down somewhere and listen to you carefully
When he hears what happened, he'll chuckle a bit. He didn't expect you to be so protective. He may tease you a bit about it if you're in a better mood, but eventually he'll pat your head and tell you to be careful, and not to react so violently next time. He understands why you may have been offended, or he may not. Even then, he advises you to not concern yourself so much. There's always going to be someone who won't like him, and he doesn't want you to worry yourself with it.
Both of you get ice cream and spend the rest of the day together talking about gargoyles and roaming around abandoned buildings and ancient ruins 🥰
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shu3gi · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
twst doodles
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italoniponic · 2 days ago
NRC Masterchef memes part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just some NRC Masterchef memes (until is still January) bc this event is slowly driving me insane every edition
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kokoroisbleeding · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
mama trey (♡´ v`)~~
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floral-poisons · 2 days ago
would the twst characters have kids when they're older?
Tumblr media
this is a shower thought post lmao. i was thinking about it. so i'm going to write down who would have kids, separated by house. including the staff members too. these are just my personal opinion so don't take it to heart. we're going with vibes and my limited knowledge. feel free to add anything too. (also excluding ortho for obvious reasons)
dire crowley
while i am tempted to say no, i feel like he has a secret kid somewhere? might be a single dad, gives off single dad energy. and he would only have one kid. overall though, i think it's highly unlikely. there's also something suspicious going on with him.
ashton vargas
on one hand, i believe he would only have kids to be extensions of himself (based on gaston's personality). on another hand, i feel like he's satisfied being child-free. no kids to interfere with his routine or his work. but if he did have kids then he'd adopt them into his routine when they're old enough to begin exercising. starts off small and gradually gets bigger as they become older. he would also be a sports dad.
mozus trein
absolutely not. has no kids. he's a single dad to his cat lucius. treats lucius like his own son. and honestly? i would say he's living a great child-free, pet-kid lifestyle.
correction: this man has 2 kids (daughters) canonically so i guess he isn’t living the child-free lifestyle i thought he was. considering he is based off the stepmom in cinderella this makes sense. lucius is probably his surrogate pet-kid.
divus crewel
as much as i would like to believe he would have kids, i think he's child-free. child-free, might have pet-kids. probably not though because he's big into fashion and getting pet hair all over his clothes? not an option. definitely feels more like the gay uncle.
yes, definitely. and he would be amazing at it too. amazing food, good with domestic chores, babies love him. he definitely has the vibe of being a dad. probably one or two kids, maybe three. teaches them how to cook and how to cook with seasoning. definitely has a spouse or is coparenting but he would do amazing as a single dad.
malleus draconia
i can't really see it with malleus. he gives off single child energy who would be content with not having any children. why have a child when he has everything else in the world? don't forget to invite him to a child's birthday party though. feels more like a godfather than an actual father.
lilia vanrouge
foster dad. and a good one too. his foster kids might say he's a little weird but overall, he's very charming. he already has to watch over some pseudo kids while at nrc anyways. some of the kids he might adopt if they consented to being adopted. i mean lilia already adopted silver so yeah. foster dad and a dad with kids.
i believe silver would follow in lilia's footsteps, which is being a dad who adopts. he's responsible and certainly capable of taking care of kids so he has everything he needs to provide. he would adopt maybe two to three kids and make sure to raise them into strong, kind people.
sebek zigvolt
honestly, i really don't think he would have kids. sebek is very dedicated to his job as being malleus's bodyguard. such a schedule must be exhausting and fill up his day really quickly. so he wouldn't have the time to have kids. i do see him being a father figure to someone, probably a mentor to the person.
riddle rosehearts
i firmly believe that riddle would have a kid or two in order to attempt to right the wrongs of his mother's parenting. of course he loves his kids and would have rules (maybe a little too many) but he would be a lot more laxed than his mother. on another hand, i can see the possibility of him not having kids because he fears he might end up just like his mother.
trey clover
i can see trey having kids or being child-free. it's cute to imagine him teaching his kids how to bake and to eventually let them help out in his family's bakery. on the other hand, i can see him being more of a cool uncle. still takes over the bakery but if it doesn't close, he'll let his nephew/niece/nibling take over after him. he definitely brings the best desserts to family gatherings. free cakes for birthdays too.
cater diamond
yes he would and he would be one of those parents who's friends with their kids. change my mind. try to. he knows all the new trends, all the new lingo. his attempts to use the new slang for the kids would be hilariously embarrassing. but also the lack of shame kind of adds to his charm as a dad. two kids probably. one of them definitely looks exactly like him.
ace trappola
ace would 100% have kids. in fact, i think he would be dead set on having kids. doesn't matter if they're adopted or biological or foster. he would just be a dad. would definitely have a big family so three to four kids.
deuce spade
maybe one or two kids. i feel like deuce isn't really that big of a child person so he would be open to the idea but not entirely enthusiastic. if it happened though, it happened. he would make sure to set himself as a good role model to prevent his kids from falling down the punk rabbit hole like he did when he was a child.
vil schoenheit
personally, i don't think so. if vil had the choice, he would be child-free. if he did had children, he would only have one so basically a single child like him. not to mention, imagine being the child of vil schoenheit. it sounds like hell. as much as i would like to believe vil would be a good dad, i think he would put way too much pressure on his child to look perfect, act perfect, take pictures perfectly, basically be perfect.
rook hunt
rook could definitely have kids. about one or two, probably two because i feel like he believes in having siblings. he would definitely be a great dad because he would be very accepting, very tolerant. would love his kids regardless and be extremely supportive. might be the kind of dad to chaperone at his kid's junior prom but overall, i think he would be really sweet. you can count on him to go shopping with his child and to make them feel confident and beautiful and handsome.
epel felmier
honestly, i don't know. on one hand, i feel like epel wouldn't really have kids. but also, he's from a farming family so i would think he would have kids. it's entirely possible to think about him having a big family because of farming. but also i wouldn't be shocked if he only had, like, two kids max.
leona kingscholar
absolutely not. he's happy being child-free and not needing to take care of a child. i think if his interaction with cheka were to say anything, leona's happy just being a grumpy uncle (part of me would like to believe he's a little endeared by his nephew but i highly doubt that).
ruggie bucchi
ruggie is a big maybe. on one hand, i can see him not having kids. on the other hand, i can see him having kids but only one. two maybe. he briefly mentions that he grew up in the slums which indicates he was impoverished, so if he did have kids he would only have one or two. both reasons follow the same logic of "less mouths to feed."
jack howl
yes. i believe he would have kids. maybe three to four. would be a sports dad and invest in his kids athletic hobbies. he wouldn't understand other hobbies but nonetheless i think he would be happy to learn about his kid's non-athletic interests.
azul ashengrotto
azul would only have a kid to help swindle people. if having a child can help his capitalistic aspirations then yes, he would have a kid. and i think as a result the child would also end up very much like azul. most likely would be a single dad. but can't cook. jade has to help teach him how to cook something edible.
jade leech
i'm not so sure about jade but i think if it came down to it, he's open to having kids. would he necessarily choose to have them? not really. but he's certainly open to the idea.
floyd leech
floyd, unlike his brother, would probably want kids. he would choose to have kids and having kids would mean constantly messing with them around. probably one or two. maybe twins. having twins would be quite the turn.
kalim al-asim
he absolutely would have kids. and not just like one or two. but like three to four (maybe more?). he can afford it as the crown prince of the scalding sands. on top of that, he comes from a big family himself (implied with the constant food poisoning he got from eating other people's food aside from jamil's). on top of having a big family, he'd also be a great dad. loving, caring, taking interest in his kids' interests. might be a little aloof at times but it's endearing.
jamil viper
only about one kid. feel like jamil wouldn't want many kids if he had any. if there was a choice, he'd be child-free. being kalim's retainer is absolutely exhausting and if kalim had kids, no doubt jamil would have to help raise them. if he did have that one kid, jamil would be a good dad. dad's cooking is always the best.
idia shroud
definitely would not have kids. he's better suited to be an older brother than a father. maybe you can argue the stuff he does for ortho translates to fatherly skills but i don't think idia would be able to handle it. him having a kid sounds really out of his comfort zone. he feels more like he would have a cat as a kid, or be a cat person in general.
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minpillow · 2 days ago
riddle rosehearts - riddle's rules
In which you and riddle break the rules you established for your relationship the day you started dating (fluff, might be ooc idk how to write twst characters i just wanted a cute riddle scenario)
Tumblr media
   ‘rule 1. in terms of skinship, i, riddle rosehearts, cannot kiss my lover until the day we sign across our lives to each other.’ also, ‘rule 2. the topic of marriage may only come up after we’ve been together for at least a year.’
   is what we promised many months back when we both came face to face with each other and confessed our feelings, creating the new list of rules called ‘riddle’s rules’, created solely for us and kept a secret from others.
   so lord, please tell me why we’re laying on the cold library floor right now, my body on top of his. it happened so quickly, we were studying together for an upcoming quiz and i had to grab a book, but of course, the cliche happened. i stumbled and began to fall, but riddle went to go catch me. it would’ve been wonderful, if only riddle didn’t start to fall as well, with his smaller build not being able to hold me up. if there was a way to wipe this from my memory or go back in time and prevent it, i would do anything. but alas, here we are. 
   “y/n?” i hear his voice come from below me as i stare off into space, wishing to not give any attention to the problem at hand. “look, i’m really sorry i just lost my footing, i’ll get up-” i feel a pull on my arm. “wait. do you realize how beautiful you look right now?” i’m taken aback by his comment. “did i hear you right?” i turn to face him. “...yes.” he pauses before responding, clearly in shock from his own words. both of us stay frozen in place, faces red with embarrassment. “but it’s true, i’m so happy you’re the person i’m with.” 
   “you can’t do this to me…” i gaze at the features on his face, ending up lost in his eyes. “you’re truly just as beautiful, riddle.”
   and so, we lean closer to each other, forgetting how uncomfortable the floor is, forgetting every rule we’ve worked on previously. “i love you, riddle.” for the first time since we laid eyes upon each other and began dating, we lock lips and say the fated words. it’s the most soft and intimate kiss i’ve ever dreamed of having, and i get to share it with the man of my dreams. “i love you too, y/n.”
   "the floor is really cold… can we go maybe back to the dorm, study in your room for a change?" i point out, the moment we relax and take a moment to get ourselves together. "you're probably right. and you know what?"
   “mayhaps relationships like ours really shouldn’t be bound by such rules. how about we just get married now?’
   “if that’s not the most lame proposal ever,” i laugh, “of course, riddle.”
   “i promise i’ll make up for it at the wedding, y/n.”
   this will surely end up being a day i never forget, the day of our first kiss and the day riddle proposed to me.
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glacialltz · a day ago
congrats on 1k followers!! could i get “talking about you to anyone who'll listen” with riddle? thank you and congrats again!!
notes: i am SO sorry for how late this is i forgot about my own event prompt: "talking about you to anyone who'll listen" + riddle for my 1k followers event warnings: not proofread, possible spoilers for those new to (eng) twst? word count: 304
Tumblr media
Riddle is not quiet, per se. Rather, the words he speaks are more directed toward topics he views as "important", and not wasted on much else. He rarely engages in idle chitchat, often instead reminding those around him of the rules they had just broken or helping them study for their upcoming exam. Yet, even the former tyrant had his own lapses, no more immune to young love than any of his juniors.
While those occasions are rare, few and far between, there are times in which his cheeks will burn a rosy pink while his head droops like a wilted flower, his heart squeezing tightly as he voices all of his racing thoughts of you. During those events, his mouth moves a mile a minute, bursting forth every little loving thought he has toward you, streaming out like a river charging forth. No one in the comfortable dorm room is safe, their ears filled with his genuine, heartfelt praises of you and your wonder. But it doesn't seem like they mind, instead appreciating the softness that reminds them even the head of their dorm is human.
Gloved fingers pick at one another as he talks, crimson hair dangling forward a little as he casts his gaze downward. Even without being able to see his eyes, it's obvious that his heart is filled with nothing but you, the minutes passing by faster and faster as every word flowing forth from him is in utter awe of you and your splendor.
While the braincell lacking, infamous first-year duo snicker quietly as Riddle spills his heart out, even they know to bite their lips and keep their crass commentary and brutal teasing to themselves. For it's not very often the stone-hearted queen lets down his walls enough to reveal how soft he truly is for you.
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sugarandmelody · 2 days ago
So I just finished Riddle's Dorm Uniform Personal Story and-
Tumblr media
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crazyaboutto · 2 days ago
Imagine Floyd joining to the Unbirthday party to annoy Riddle when Ace brought tart to apologize.
Maybe then Riddle would be too distracted and accepted Ace’s apology 😂
Ace’s event was one of the milestones in Riddle’s ob.
Imagine Floyd attending Riddle v Ace Deuce fight. Overblot Riddle prevented.
Great success.
Floyd is the answer to all.
Ace, Deuce, Grim and MC while Floyd chases Riddle during the supposed fight:
Tumblr media
Maybe rook would be the one prevent Leona’s ob. Leona can’t deal with his annoyance so he just goes to sleep.
Leona upon seeing Rook and deciding to sleep:
Tumblr media
On the other hand Malleus would cause him to ob when he says hi
Leona upon seeing Malleus:
Tumblr media
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The Boys Meeting your Parents
Please make a mental note that it is kind of hard to write headcanons for these characters meeting your parents depending on your family roles and genders. Because I know for a fact not everyone has a mom and a dad that are together or some people have two moms or two dads or their adopted or don’t have Guardians that fill the social roles of Society. So you can go feel free to shape these to whatever fits your standpoint or your OC. Again I am really sorry that I can’t make ones for everyone please and thank you for understanding.
Riddle is rather calm and composed and the reason being as he was growing up the etiquette when it comes to meeting anothers parents such as your significant other’s was taught to him by his mother in hopes it would help him with an arranged marriage of sorts. But obviously that’s not what happens since he’s in love with you. Not whoever his mom was going to get him with. He’s rather respectful over tea, he completely disregards all of the queen of hearts laws and rules because he is with you and he knows he won’t get in trouble and he doesn’t want to make things hard for you and your parents. He laughs with you not at you.
Ace definitely asked for pictures of you when you were a kid just to spite you, he’s extremely outgoing and very talkative telling them about all the shenanigans you guys get up to especially when you guys first met. Eventually he does say something that he regrets and he becomes extremely nervous and embarrassed but your parents think he’s absolutely adorable.
Deuce is the complete opposite of Ace he is extremely nervous so much so that he changes almost his entire personality. If only he could do that normally, no more bad boy deuce. His voice becomes softer because he wants to leave a good impression on your parents so they don’t think that he’s a bad boy. Talks about how you helped him a lot with school and just coming to terms with his past.
Trey is an absolute doll the entire time he doesn’t really act much different than he normally does. He does show a lot more affection then he normally does which it’s just a total overload because normally he’s rather loving to you, doesn’t ignore you, gives you hugs and kisses a lot and now it’s even worse because the entire time he’s holding your hand under the table. He cooks and bakes a lot of food for you mostly for your parents because he wanted to surprise them by showing them he could cook and that you were in good hands but he doesn’t know what your parents allergies are or what they like and don’t like so he made more dishes than he probably should’ve…
None of this is going on social media. He wants this strictly to be between you, your parents and him because it’s a very momentous occasion for him it’s something that he has been excited for, for a very long time and thinks this deserves every little second of his attention. He gives you lots of hugs and is very loving and flamboyant around your parents showing his more enjoyable side. He also talks about how adorable you are and how much he loves you, it’s a little overbearing not for you, but for your parents…
He tries to be less exciting and joke less than normal just because he wants to take this a bit more seriously because he’s never met someone else’s parents before and he doesn’t know the whole feel of the room yet. He’s really good with younger siblings so if you have any of those check mark that off. Once he is able to read the room correctly he becomes more talkative and shows that is unique magic where he can turn invisible, and does a couple magic tricks.
Is so sweet to your parents it’s actually scary, like your parents are genuinely scared. He offers to sing for them, it kind of cools the mood a bit. When your parents first met him they honestly thought he was a girl… But other then that it was one of those standard dinners where he talks about himself and just normal things you would talk about.
This bitch doesn’t even show up. After the fact he still doesn’t feel bad or anything about it. Your parents don’t want him anywhere near you but since you guys go to school together and it’s a boarding school they can’t really stop that from happening. He doesn’t really care because your parents don’t dictate your life and no matter what happens or who approves of it he still cares about you and you still care about him. “it’s a social construct”
Jack has the personality and the build of someone that you can describe with the words “husband material”. That’s not because I love him a lot but because he has a personality that is strong and still kind. He can be himself around your parents and they will still love him. Unlike some other people… I’m not naming names. But you know who. He’s extremely good listener and he’s super helpful good with siblings. The perfect man
Very shy and very nervous because he thinks that he is just a lowly hyena and not worthy of someone like you. You talk more than he does about himself or you because he just doesn’t have the words. He’s extremely embarrassed and extremely quiet until, you make him feel more comfortable and he starts telling jokes and silly stories.
This man is super classy if you paid attention to any of my headcanons he is a man of class. At least that’s what you think… You see sometimes when Azul isn’t a classy man, he is extremely shy and basically a child. He dots on you like crazy. So when you asked if he will meet your parents his eyes lit up. He is so static and happy that you would introduce your parents to him he decides the perfect place is the lounge. It’s after hours, jazz music and very chill environment he’s not wearing his suit or anything just a loose dress shirt and some casual pants. He tells your parents as well don’t be intimidated by the scenery it is okay to be relaxed. His main concern is what you were like before night Raven. Of course as one of the characters that overblots, he is rather insecure about his past and doesn’t enjoy sharing about it, so he doesn’t go into much detail about his but he loves learning about your past and what happened to you the good and the bad.
Jade is very formal in introducing himself by introducing his age, his name, his brother, the club he’s in. And it’s very obvious from your parents faces that they want to make him feel comfortable but he just does not. You pull him aside and tell him please do not talk about mushrooms or anything of the like because it’s a little concerning his obsession with it. To which he remarks “I know”. He’s super serious when your parents are talking about you and he has a little notebook underneath the table where he’s kind of writing things down just kind of strange but nobody other than you seem to notice.
He has a much softer voice than usually. Which kind of concerns you like a lot because he’s usually very energetic. He really does wanna leave a good impression and if that means he has to lie to your parents then I guess he well. But secretly your parents were kind a hoping for more energetic person to match your personality. He asked like 5000 questions about you anything ranging from what your favorite color is to the most embarrassing moment in your life. The photos of you when you were younger he is in love with.
He is definitely the kind of person to as soon as he meets your parents called them mom and dad. He’s just extremely comfortable with everyone and extremely friendly so get used to it. Very easily excited by the cultures and customs of whatever you appreciate. He’s very eager to learn everything about you, that you haven’t already told him from his prying questions at school. He really doesn’t know how to calm down and talked way too much while also simultaneously listening. Which is hard because he talks more than your parents do.
Is very calm on the outside but in the inside he is screaming, he is crying, he is concerned and confused and very very nervous. But he’ll never tell you… But it’s written on his face, so before your parents come in you sit him down and tell him it’s going to be OK and no matter what they’re gonna love you. More inportantly is doesn’t matter your social status or anything, especially to you. He definitely really enjoyed showing your parents how he cooks with all the spices, he cooks a mean curry. Your parents absolutely adore him he’s funny, he’s nice, but not overbearing, not to mention he’s very handsome (just as any other boy), but they complement him a lot…
Extraordinarily confident in himself. He has never ever met someone else’s parents but somehow he knows what he’s doing. He calls your parents Mr. and Mrs., he is the best dress one there and no he’s not going to apologize for it. He kind of chills out the whole time plays on his phone and takes a couple photos. He doesn’t really help with cooking or setting the table or anything like that, probably because he doesn’t wanna break a nail or something. It’s kind of humoring to you and since normally he’s not like this by, my best guess would be that he wants to look perfect in front of your parents. Because normally if it’s the two of you, you do a lot of cooking while he sets the table and you two eat together. He wants your parents to think that he is a God and somehow this God chose you. During dinner he talks about his job and your parents definitely ask him a lot of questions because during the whole cooking and setting the table thing, he didn’t really talk or do anything.
Sometimes instead of talking roses come out of his mouth instead. He wrote the cutest poem for you and your parents and performed it right before you guys started eating dinner and it was the most beautiful thing you had ever heard. He’s very flamboyant but he does know when to calm himself down. Your parents love him because he’s your typical romantic. You all have a dance at one point, which was sweet.
He’s very sweet and he definitely helps out a lot while he’s there for the weekend. He’s himself self no matter how chaotic he is because he would never lie to your parents and wants to show them what he’s really like and that you love him for this side of him. He definitely explains his dream in the future to go back to his parents farm and your parents just really don’t mind it sounds cute. He makes a couple treats before hand and offers them is appetizers rather than dessert because that’s just how he does things. It’s because Vil would never do it…
He definitely ask if he’s allowed to bring ortho with him. There are two and one deal you’ll bring one you’ll bring the other. And that’s OK when You explain to your parents the whole ordeal with the two of them they’re completely understanding, they think ortho is the coolest thing ever and we all know he really enjoys being doted it over, idia gets a little sad though so you start doting over him, until his hair turns red and you stop, because he’s dying… despite the occasional strange and dead like vibes your parents get from him they still quite love him, saying he compliments you nicely.
Is he intimidated are you intimidated are your parents intimidated… Let me tell you your parents are absolutely terrified when they’re invited to the castle, and they walk in the banquet hall it’s 10x the size of their house. At least that’s how it feels. It feels like they are walking forever to get to the end of the table honestly. It wasn’t his intention to make them intimidated he just wanted to make them feel like royalty. He’s very gentle when he speaks he doesn’t have that normal high and mighty tone in his voice because he doesn’t wanna seem like he’s better than you even if he may be better than you. He is not nervous at all at least that’s what I’d like to say but he is extremely nervous which is strange because he’s the intimidating one. He’s very formal with your parents calling them by titles. After dinner when your parents leave you explain to him that they were kind of intimidated just in casual conversation, and he totally freaks out profusely apologizing and thinking that he did some thing that when in all reality it was really funny to see your parents look very scared and try to hide it. He wrote them a letter later on that evening explaining that he was very sorry and that was not his intention.
He wants to cook for you and your parents but from The messages you sent your parents both of you agree to not let him cook. They don’t have to try it they trust your word. Conversation between them is kind of awkward because the way that he looks makes things that they are older than him when in fact he is 1000 times Older than your parents. He talks about events and how much he loves history as if he was there and that really confuses your parents. Is anyone going to tell them? Absolutely not it’s hilarious. The strangest conversation point however was when he explained he had three kids and Both of your parents looked at each other really concerned, after you told them he really didn’t have any prior love experience. He goes on to laugh and explains his three kids are in fact not biologically his, he just takes care of them. I see a family man…
Very sweet yet formal, trying his absolute hardest to stay awake but after dinner his stomach is full and he just wants to sleep, so he sleeps with his head in your lap as you and your parents talk the night away. He offers to help cook but you know that he’s probably going to get really exhausted so you tell him to just relax it’s OK so he sit down and chat with your parents for a while. He’s really nice about it too he doesn’t cry or ask personal questions he just lets them talk as they please and if they have a question he answers. Your parents absolutely adore him you have a mind to think that they adore him more than they do are you… They think of him as a son and it’s just the cutest.
Sebek is honest about whatever question he is asked. He never pressures your parents into telling him things that you would never tell him. He is a good boy but he is a bit too formal and very stiff. Even your parents tell him it’s OK to be less formal, it’s just because he’s nervous. He tries his absolute hardest not to bring up malleus but… somehow he found away. It’s going to become a running joke between the two of you that he brings him up but in all honesty he would rather talk about you or something then him. He compliments you and how lucky he is to have you, parents like him well enough
Super chill, probably cause your parents bro. JKJK he’s not super formal your first of them by their first name no titles no last name none of that. He wants to make them feel like they’re all on equal terms. Theaters in probably about photos doesn’t ask many questions because if you didn’t tell him he probably either forgot or don’t want to tell. He’s a really great listener very polite talked a bit about his hobbies and how you two met. And of course we all know Grim is basically your pet, so obviously he’s there causing chaos in the end.
So literally nobody on Instagram told me that I forgot to add in Sebek… how!!!! I’m a Simp for him how the hell did I forget him!!!
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regical52 · a day ago
Here's another one for the idea bank:
Twst MC who's really good at impressions. Like, scary good at copying people's voices.
Everyone in Heartslabyul was just chilling one day when they suddenly hear
Everyone collectively flinches because holy shit housewarden Riddle sounds PISSED and turn to see who's the unlucky sod who got their head chopped off and instead, they see MC standing at the dorm entrance with a shit-eating grin on their face and Grim dying of laughter on the ground.
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alexglitches · 15 hours ago
TWST Boys' Candy Flavours
Rose Candy (Riddle) : Strawberry
Heart Candy (Ace) : Cherry
Spade Candy (Deuce) : Raspberry
Club Candy (Trey) : Watermelon
Diamond Candy (Cater) : Cinnamon
Lion Candy (Leona) : Lemon
Hyena Candy (Ruggie) : Banana
Wolf Candy (Jack) : Pineapple
Octopus Candy (Azul) : Grape
Dorsal Fin Candy (Jade) : Blackberry
Tail Fin Candy (Floyd) : Mixed Berry
Turban Candy (Kalim) : Chocolate
Cobra Candy (Jamil) : Cappuccino
Crown Candy (Vil) : Jewel Blueberry
Apple Candy (Epel) : Apple
Huntsman Candy (Rook) : Passionfruit
Skull Candy (Idia) : Black Liquorice
Soul Candy (Ortho) : Blueberry Muffin
Dragon Candy (Malleus) : Mint Chocolate Chip
Sword Candy (Silver) : Pear
Bat Candy (Lilia) : Margarita
Lightning Candy (Sebek) : Sour Apple
Pawpad Candy (Grim) : Blue Raspberry
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