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heeey i havent post in a while…ive been busy latelly, final exams jej. anyway, here is a little art project i made. hope ypu like it! (i know, i have to clean my carpet, dont even say it ejejejj 😂😋)

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How on God’s earth was Edward placing all the trophies and riddles in Arkham Asylum? Like, imagine it for a second: was Mr. Nygma really just walking casually around in Arkham with a huge ass ladder and unscrew all the vents? Was nobody stopping him? And how did he managed to build up walls…

Questions. So many questions. Will I get some answers? Probably not.

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(I don’t remember where I found this pic)

I have been on an Arkham Knight Riddler binge lately and I thought, “Why not make some more of those goofy, somewhat pervy dialogues with him?”

And so, here they are! 

(NSFTish content ahead)

AK!Riddler: “Enjoy it while it lasts, My Dear. I have more in store for you than hitting things.”
Me: “Ohh….Don’t be such a tease, Baby Doll.”
AK!Riddler: “Baby Doll? BABY DOLL?! How many times do we have to go over this?! I am NOT your Baby Doll, Sugar Pie, Sweetheart, Dumpling – whatever! I am Riddler, THE Riddler, or Mr. Nigma, SIr.”
Me: “Babe, you’re taking all the fun out of this.”
AK!Riddler: *barely holds back rage* “You little….You know what? I won’t get mad. I’m not mad. You’re not worth the energy, Buffoon.”


AK!Riddler: “No doubt you enjoyed that, My Dear, it’s the most fun you’ll have all night.”
Me: “Oh, I vey much doubt that. We’ll both have a bunch of fun once we meet up.”
AK!Riddler: “As if you’ll be able to solve all my riddles and complete all my challenges! It’s highly unlikely. In fact, it’s not likely at all.”
Me: “I just want to show you a real good time.”
AK!Riddler: “I am having a good time watching your idiotic self try to deal with my puzzles and challenges.”
Me: “No, no, I mean, I want to tie you up, throw you onto a bed, take your pants off –”
AK!Riddler: *flustered* “Your mind is pure filth! I suppose it’s not surprising, though, seeing as how you’re a Neanderthal!”


AK!Riddler: “You see, My Dear, this feisty felonious feline has been fitted with a shiny new collar. With each challenge you complete, you’ll get one little key.”
Me: “Where’s my collar?”
AK!Riddler: “You don’t get one. It’s not part of the plan,”
Me: “Ah, no matter. I’ll bring my own later – with a matching leash, of course. I’ll make sure they’re both green, too.”
AK!Riddler: “………..”
Me: “I’d be the one getting collared, by the way.”
AK!Riddler: “………”
Me: “I’ll call you ‘Mr Nigma, Sir,’ too, if you’d like.” *winks* ”Think of it as me surrendering to you.”
AK!Riddler: “I want you to surrender but I am not doing anything perverse with you, You Moron!”
Me: “You sound a little tense there, Eddie…you getting a little horny over there–”
AK!Riddler: *blushing* “NO! I would never! I’m in complete control of my urges unlike you!”
Me: “Sure you are.” 
Catwoman: *thinking* “Yep, I’m going to die.”


AK!Riddler: “A trial so elegantly simple that even you should manage a feeble grasp of the premise!
Me: “I’d rather grasp something else.”
AK!Riddler: “What did you say?!”
Me: “I said, I’d rather grasp something else.”
AK!Riddler: “What are you…what are you talking about, Idiot?”
Me: “Isn’t it obvious? I’d rather grab your dic–”
AK!Riddler: “NO! No, no, no, no, no. No. No. No, no, no.”
Me: “…..”
AK!Riddler: “NO.”
Me: “I’ll make sure it feels good for you–”
AK!Riddler: “Oh my, God, will you shut your dirty mouth already?! You are driving me insane. You hear me? You. Are. Driving. Me. Insane.”
Me: “…..Admit it, you’re a little horny right now.”
AK!Riddler: *who is blushing furiously and is kind of horny but won’t admit to it* “I am not! I’m far too brilliant to succumb to such a disgusting feeling.”

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A new translation of one of my Scriddler stories, because @finzphoenix posted her picture to it (again, thank you!) and I thought it would be nice for everyone to have it in English. The flow is okay I think and overall working. I can live with that^^ Also a huge thank to @shin-arei for helping me with checking for some errors. 

I hope you all enjoy it! Have fun!

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Jonathan Crane:

Sometimes he’ll listen to them, sometimes he won’t. He’s stubborn (and foolish) like that. He always thinks that there’s a way to “beat the system,” even when it’s very clear that his plans are not going to end the way he thinks they will. Sometimes Jonathan has just got to learn the hard way.

Edward Nygma:

For Eddie, every vision is like a puzzle. He takes each and every clue from what you see and tries to find a way to link them all together. Finding out how everything is connected and why it would all come back to him. He finds them challenging, but fun to solve, in a weird way.

Jervis Tetch:

Have you been smoking with the Blue Caterpillar? It only makes sense, since that’s when his own visions come. They’re always so odd, aren’t they? Whether or not he actually listens to what you have to say and heeds your warnings depends on how mentally stable he currently is.

Music Meister:

He treats every vision like a prophecy. You’ve given this man unspoken permission to be ten times as dramatic as humanly possible about every vision you tell him about. Because he is. He’s totally superstitious and one-hundred percent believes everything you tell him to a fault.

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„Don’t be afraid, Edward. Even if your existence will not matter to many, your presence in my life will make a huge difference.” With these words he began to move, gently leading his significant other through the night in a slow dance. -


The motive idea, as well as the text comes from: @dercolaris!!! You can find his original fanfiction here:

Read it and I promise you this story will melt your scriddler hearts!! ;)

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