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Into the Castle by Edli
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AMAZING Ford Mustang GT 500 - American Muscular Car
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Lighting a cigarette while fixing a Triumph Tiger Cub scrambler, 1962
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Car wash ride
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Nose picking by Elena Shumilova
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“Ride it”
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Some music magazines 1990-1994
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120 - Daniel Cooper - Honda 500
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Ride - Dean x Y/N
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Soooo this is my first fic. I wrote this a couple months ago when I was bored out of my mind and I was listening to 67 (Winchester) by Reyna Roberts.
All mistakes are my own. I do not own the characters or the song, they are simply my inspiration.
Read Part 2
Pairing: Dean x Y/N
Warning: sexual inuendos, pre-smut, Dean being a total goof
A/N: I am thinking of doing a part 2 to this. Let me know what ya think :)
Dean Winchester was not the easiest person to buy for. You could only buy him so many porno mags and guns before it got weird. No, it was his 40th birthday in a couple of days and you wanted to do something special for him. Something that would bring a smile to his face. You and Sam noticed that he had been moping around the bunker for the last week, mumbling under his breath about how old he was going to be. You knew that he hated that his body didn't ‘work’ the same as it did 20 even 10 years ago, and although you liked teasing him, calling him old man once in a while, you felt for him. You were all getting older, so you sympathized.
You sat on the floor of your old bedroom, abandoned after moving into Dean’s, guitar in your hand and papers scattered around you. The door was shut in hopes of keeping the birthday boy oblivious to what you were up too. It wasn’t uncommon for you to be in here like this. You loved writing music, but you didn’t like to share this talent with the boys, your songs never being perfect enough for the ears of others. But this was different.
You wanted this to be perfect. So there you sat, trying to figure out how to describe your perfect boyfriend in well, the perfect way.
You had worked out the chorus pretty fast, the idea hitting you a couple of days prior. You and Dean were in the bunker’s garage, giving the cars a clean when you noticed some of the water had soaked his shirt, making it cling to his chest. You bit your lip at the sight, thanking Chuck for the beauty standing in front of you. Dean, entranced by his Baby, was muttering confessions of love to his car.
“There you go, you look as sexy as ever! That’s my baby.” You chuckled lightly
“She’s not the only one,” You said to yourself. And that's when it hit you.
Back in your room, you shake your head lightly at the memory, cheeks burning slightly.
“I like your 67 chevy ride, tell me will you let me drive it all night,
Or sit me on the passenger side? Yeah what a sight!
‘Cause you're as sexy as that 67, mmm! and I’m looking for a ride!” You sang quietly, strumming your guitar to give you the tune.
You giggle at the amount of sexual innuendos already in the song. But with you and Dean, you wouldn't expect anything different. You already had most of the song done, only a couple of lines left to polish. You were hoping you would get away with a couple more hours before curiosity dragged the cats to you.
Quickly you got back to work.
---------------------Dean’s POV--------------------
Sitting in the war room, on his phone, he scrolls through the news, seeing if anything odd was popping up, looking for a case. With his big birthday just around the corner, he needed a confidence booster. He let out a sigh and continues reading.
Dean hears the door slam and Sam walks in carrying some grocery bags.
“Pie...” he stated
“Yes!” he says, giving his brother a thumbs up. “You’re the best!” pointing at him.
Sam rolls his eyes and places the grocery bags on the table in front of him.
“Why is it so quiet in here? Where’s Y/N?” Sam asks looking around.
“She locked herself in her old room, said she had inspiration for a song and she needed total “alone time” to write. No interruptions. I love her man but it's been like 5 hours. And of course we won't even hear what she's writing because she’s Y/N. It’s never perfect.” He whines to his brother who gives him an annoyed yet sympathetic look.
“Dude you know how she gets, if she’s in the zone and you get in her way, she will hit you, hard. Personally, not how I plan on going out.” He puts his hands up in defense. “I try staying clear of her like that, she’s kinda scary.” He chuckles.
Dean let out a laugh, agreeing with the last statement. He and Sam had fought the scariest of monsters, gods, demons, and things that go bump in the night, but Y/N, angry, was the scariest of all.
“I’m gonna start cooking dinner, it shouldn’t take too long. I’m just throwing a pizza in, you should go drag her out of there to eat, Chuck knows when she ate last.” Sam suggested.
He doesn't hesitate to get up. You're more likely to get away from your music, peacefully, if food is involved, and he missed your pretty face.
He makes his way down the hallway to your old room. As he approaches he hears your guitar strumming and he stills, trying to listen. He loved this, when you were playing and had no idea he was listening. He loved your music and your voice, he could listen to you sing all day.
“He’s pretty as a lie, but he got the devil in his eyes
I wanna know your name, and tell me the secrets you hide.
And god is my witness, you gon get me in trouble,
But I kinda like it, Ain’t no point in fightin’.
You got them blue-jean covered thighs,
Leather-jacket collar-high - hoo baby.
Texas sunlit eyes, and the maple whiskey sighs
I’m gone.”
He steps closer to the door, seeing it open a crack. You are sitting on the ground strumming away lost in the moment.
“I like your 67 chevy ride, tell me will you let me drive it all night,
Or sit me on the passenger side? Yeah what a sight!
‘Cause you're as sexy as that 67, mmm! and I’m looking for a ride!”
He takes a breath. The song’s about him. You wrote a song about him. Intrigued, he leans into the door, accidentally pushing it open.
------------------------Y/N POV--------------------------
You had finally finished the song and were singing it through to see how it flowed. As you finished the first chorus you heard the door creak and jumped at the sound turning to find its origin.
You see Dean standing in the doorframe with the biggest grin on his face.
“Is that about me? Did you write a song about me?” Dean asked giddy, stepping into the room toward your creativity nest.
You sigh, “it was supposed to be your birthday gift you little shit. Why must you be so curious sir?” you shake your head and look down at your pages.
“Y/N it's amazing, please finish the song, I wanna hear the rest of it.” he looks at you with the same damn puppy eyes that Sam has, and you realised he must have learned it from his older brother.
“Dean I…. fine I guess because it is your birthday gift.” You pat the floor next to you and he happily sits down and puts a kiss on your temple. “You may listen but shush as I play.” you stay sternly
“Yes mam.” He salutes you.
You roll your eyes and turn your head back to your pages, beginning again.
“I love that Zeppelin Rock and Roll,
And for a night with you I'll trade my soul. This is getting dangerous,
And I haven't had enough of it.
I like that pendant round your neck and that tattoo on your chest,
With that five o’clock shadow.
Let’s put this engine to the test, travel on, travel west, and get going again.”
“I like your 67 chevy ride, tell me will you let me drive it all night,
Or sit me on the passenger side? Yeah what a sight!
‘Cause you're as sexy as that 67, mmm! and I’m looking for a ride!”
“They don’t make em like you anymore,
Winchester wild.
You are the Wayward son, oh Sweet Child.
Ohhh Winchester Wild.
Ohh ohh ohh!”
“I like your 67 chevy ride, tell me will you let me drive it all night,
Or sit me on the passenger side? Yeah what a sight!
‘Cause you're as sexy as that 67, mmm! and I’m looking for a ride!”
Your strumming came to a slow stop as you finished your song.
Your eyes met Dean’s who was looking at you with such intensity it made you shiver. He seemed lost in something. You? The song? You weren't sure.
“So what do you think?” you ask, a little worried.
“I love you so much! That was amazing! You actually wrote that! What the fuck Y/N?” He yells/says to you grabbing your face between his hands, staring into your eyes. No one had ever spent this much time on him, for him.
“You are my muse Dean Winchester, what can I say?” you giggle at him blushing under his intense stare.
Suddenly he grabs your guitar and sets it on the floor next to him. He stands up at lightning speed and grabs your hand pulling you up with him. He starts dragging you out of the room and down the hallway. You pass the library, Sam’s room and are headed to the end of the hall.
“Dean what are you…” You start but are cut off by Sam appearing in a side hallway.
“Hey, are you guys gonna come eat or what?” He asks slightly confused at what he was seeing in front of him.
“Nope,” Dean says walking towards your shared room, “Y/N’s got some riding to do.” He winks at Sam before pushing you into the room and slamming the door shut.
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