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Hello all!!

I’m coming in hot here with my fluff friday fic for @zkfanworkweek!!

It’s based off of the beautiful art by @te-al-latte from this year’s Zutara Week– this one has been stuck in my head literally everyday since. I just melt over this art, and when it was time to write fluff, this is exactly where my brain needed to go. The fic takes some time to get there, but when have I ever been known to get to the point??

Here it is: A Red Sky at Night

A small snippet to whet your appetite:

Monsoon season sits like a leaden weight over the Fire Nation capital. The usual chitter and bustle of the markets and streets near the harbor is muted, the children herded inside (much to the chagrin of meticulous mothers), the markets forced into overhangs, their wares significantly reduced or waterlogged (much to the chagrin of the fathers now unable to escape their penned children and fractious wife). It is one of the few things that equalizes the Royal with the Commoner, the Noble with the Merchant. It is ironic, Katara can’t help but contemplate – it is her element that humbles all who encounter it to their base aspect: humanity.

However, even the waterbender is feeling the past two weeks of solid rain. When Zuko had left for the burgeoning project in the Earth Kingdom at the summer solstice, she had yet to experience the long sock in of rain that pelted the capital every year. After all, at that point they had only been married six months.

But duty had called, and now just as long as she had been married, she had been separated from him.

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Posted in honor of @rideboldlyride and her fiendish Six Sentence Sunday. I’ve no clue if the below will actually make it into No Map, but never mind that.

Master Iroh had made it clear, gently and kindly as possible, that she would always have a home with him. It was an impressive claim considering the fact that Iroh owned several homes, three farms, a worthwhile vineyard, and a small island off the Cinder peninsula. Under Fire Nation law, Katara could inherit or be gifted none of it. The law did allow for…special settlements.

Special, Katara reflected, was a blanket term. It covered foreigners and bastards equally. 

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I have an angsty podfic for one of my all time favorite angsty stories by one of my all time favorite writers (you know who you are, Angst Queen, you). I could legitimately release it.

But, in all honesty: I hate how it turned out. I recorded it months ago, got it all made up…. Only to listen to it this morning and realize two important things:

1. I have gotten better at my readings. No seriously, a few months can make a world of a difference. In some ways, this was kinda cool, but also sucky, because I wish I had listened last week and found the time to record it before this morning. So, inspiration meets bad timing.

2. My soundbending has evidently improved as well. I still have things I’m working on, (i.e. better volume leveling is top of my list currently) but no longer do voices sound tinny, distant or muffled (at least, not as bad as this was…. *shudder*)

So while today was disappointing, and I won’t be able to publish it and be happy, I’m already in the process of rerecording it. I will release it, but but it probably won’t be this week since I have to finish up editing our serial. Please keep an eye here though. I’m excited to share it with you….

… when it sounds better.

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I continue writing bizarre things based on one line I love from a fic I love to appreciate the writers I love.

This one is short, and just muses on the shared love we have for this ship.

“Please don’t stop.”

- The Phoenix by RideBoldlyRide ( @rideboldlyride )

It’s the idea that one day, it could all end. 

If one day, as he’s falling, her hand isn’t reaching for him.

If one day, the lightning comes, and he isn’t there to protect her.

It’s the thought that it could have happened, if, if, if…

If you weren’t there.

How could I fall in love if you weren’t there?

Over and over and over.

Her hands grasp his.

He knows any pain is less than the idea of losing her.

We talk of soulmates, of Omashu, of the cycle turning over and over and over and…

They meet in a coffee shop. 

Her first words are tattooed on the back of his hand. 

He is a tyrant king and she is on the run. 

He is soft and she protects him. 

Again and again and again, they fall in love.

Everyday I hold my breath. If one day I wake up at the end of the line.

There’s nothing left. The dream ended.

Please don’t go.

I can’t be left alone again, in a place where love once was. 

Please don’t stop.

I need to hear your song for the rest of my life.

@zkfanworkweek this one REALLY doesn’t count for a prompt but you must understand one thing, I love them.

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Where I am we’re currently straddling the time between the 22nd and the 23rd, so it seems like a good moment to post this: my reading of @rideboldlyride‘s fic The Breath Before the Plunge for Zutara Fanwork Appreciation Week. @hayleynfoster already posted some gorgeous artwork inspired by it as part of Hidden Gem Day, so posting this in follow-up as we head into Media Monday feels appropriate!

Ride is not only a fantastic writer and Zutara queen, but also a wonderful friend of mine, and it’s been such a treat to interpret her beautiful words (I don’t have the soundbending skills that she herself possesses, and I’ve done it in my own accent because no one wants to hear me try to put on an American one, but I hope I’ve done it some degree of justice with my silly wee phone app). Please go to her AO3 account or her tumblr page and load her with love!

Much adoration, Ride, and thank you for your work. <3

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“It’s Master Katara,” she snaps, “I’ve retired, but I’ll always be an auxiliary member.”

“Good,” he says, “I need you to join my team. Is our past going to be a problem?”

She breaks the teapot over his head.

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@rideboldlyride replied to your post “lmao of course the first game of the first round of 2020 playoffs goes…”

HOCKEY’S BACK BABY. It’s the only way to celebrate a return to season!

i’m exhausted and it’s not even my team lmao

i’m uh……thinking this might go to triple–yay free hockey!? (does it count as free if it keeps pushing back boston-carolina?)

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hi! here’s a few:

so what if it’s you? (high school!AU, tutor katara)

sticks and stones (will break your bones) (high school!AU, mind the tags)

If This is Love (high school!AU)

2 am and its sequel, 11:45 (college!AU)

Crash Landing (college!AU)

We Have Time To Enjoy The Going (college!AU, RA zuko)

I’ve Got A Dark Alley (college!AU)

i’ve got a couple more in my post queue so keep an eye out for those ones too!

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@rideboldlyride replied to your post “kataang suckssssss!! aang sucks!!!! zutara all the way!!!!!”

I’m a Zutara fan. Speaking as one: this sucks and I’m sorry. I’ve followed you for years, and despite not really liking kataang (each to their own) it hasn’t stopped me following you or enjoying seeing your posts pop up on my dash. I just wish that others could figure out how to just enjoy something and let others enjoy it a different way too.

Hey, thank you so much for the sweet reply! I honestly don’t even think this person was a fan—just someone trying to stir up trouble. Besides, I have lots of friends on your side of things and they always handle stuff very maturely. I would probably chafe more at this if it was a ship that I had moral issues with, but obviously I love both Zuko and Katara so I get the appeal. It’s just not how I saw the story and it’s not for me.

I agree though, it’s just not worth fighting over things like this and just allowing people to enjoy the things they do :) Thanks again for the kind words!

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Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying both stories. Established relationships are more fun for me to write, personally, than stories about how a couple gets together (though obviously in Fate Deferred I’m doing both). I really think in general we could always do with more stories about married couples confronting challenges together.

I can’t make any promises on an update schedule for either Fate Deferred or It Must Follow right now, as I’m currently focused on trying to finish the last two chapters of Sin and Duty, but rest assured that I very much intend to keep working on them as well.

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rideboldlyride replied to your post: asexualrubyrose: whoever decided our next glimpse…

No, I just realized why it was so disturbing. I have played Doki Doki Club. And I *know* Miles has played it because he put it on his channel. This is something they do with the characters as they’re breaking down into chaos. That sound, the shift in emotion. Seriously. I’m getting chills having flashbacks to that game.

That’s really interesting! I’ve never played that game. but now I’m… intrigued. by what this all implies.

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There’s a fanfic named Petal and it has a scene with Qrow holding baby Ruby after returning to patch from the hospital after his mission with Summer goes wrong causing her death. Is there any chance you would be interested in illustrating this scene? P.S. I love your fan arts.

I’ve read Petal. It’s a fic of my friends. She’s a great writer! Fun fact: ‘Petal’ and ‘Shortstack’ are my headcanon nicknames for Ruby and Summer that my friend (and the fndm it seems) wanted to use as well!

As far as illustrating, I’m not interested. If it isn’t something I want to draw or I’m not getting commissioned (paid) for it, I’m not going to do it.

Thank you very much, though! If you’re interested, I’ve already illustrated two scenes into comics from Petal and Oyoroi.

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@rideboldlyride ‘s Summer Rose design that I wanted to draw (and did) about a few weeks ago.

Figured I would upload it because I love seeing Summer Rose designs. Her Summer Rose dual wield’s Urumi (any transformation they have have not been revealed to me)

This is the Summer Rose that is featured in ‘The Argent Series’: ‘Petal’ and ‘O-Yoroi’ in @rideboldlyride ‘s work on AO3 and

Go visit her page and shower her with love! She’s an amazing woman, writer and a good friend of mine!

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Seriously though, guys… here’s a snippet from the next chapter of O-Yoroi that you’ll be seeing in a few days:

Ruby watched her sister bristle slightly at his words, but she placed a hand on her arm. The dark-haired young woman spoke up.

“Actually, we’re here looking for someone. Have you seen a huntsman here? Tall, skinny, wearing a red cape, kind of… well… brooding, with a broadsword?”

“You’re talking about Qrow Branwen! Yeah, he’s here- in fact, I saw him just about an hour ago.”

Ruby was taken slightly aback.

“You know him?”

“Oh, no, not friendly like that. I met him once. But that was many, many years ago. He was hardly older than you two. But,” he shrugged, “anybody around here could recognize him. That whole team is pretty much a legend in Songji.”

"Team STRQ?” Yang asked.

“That’s the one!”

The rest will be up in a few days! ;) (along with a treat…)

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