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Movie Monday - Mar 9th, 2020

“Best Movie Duo”

Riggs + Murtaugh:


Since 1987 Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh have been the Best Duo.

In a span of Four Films they have Back-to-Back Battled Drug Dealers, South African Diplomats, Cop Killers, and a Chinese Human Trafficking Ring.

Currently in the first quarter of 2020 there is Buzz that Rog and Riggs will team up again for Lethal Weapon 5 (No Telling if they will use the Story Line laid out in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S6,E9).

I never get Too Old for their Shit Shenanigans:


Highlights of the Best Duo Film to Film:

Lethal Weapon (1987):

You Never Forget the First Time You Met Your Best Bud.

Lethal Weapn 2 (1989):

Real Friends Hold Hand when you’re in the Shit and/or on the Shitter.

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992):

Don’t forget the Inside Jokes.

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998):

Only Your Bestie can make You Dance like a Fool in the Rain.


Fingers Crossed… If Lethal Weapon 5 does happen… Please don’t suck.


- Cher Horowitz & Dionne - Clueless (1995)

- Tommy Callahan & Richard - Tommy Boy (1995)

- Seth & Evan - Superbad (2007)

- Dale Denton & Saul Silver - Pineapple Express (2008)

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The gang abandoned me just because my man is gone and I don’t have a big enough bike 😭

I kid! Todo bien 👍🏻

I’m glad they had a good time 😁


Ronnie’s first ride to the river…


… and Riggs’ last 🤎


Still grateful for these guys!

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AKA The self serving AU here these fools have kids but they aren’t biologically related

Dandre (Trying His Best Dad. Savanna, sweetheart, baby, flower, little magpie please stop wandering away I just wanted to get some groceries - UF Sans from Small Worlds AU)

Sombra (very tired uncle. Its Sombra, not Somba. Child no you cannot go say hello to the angry bear monster. Brother control your brat - UF Paps from Small Worlds AU)

Savanna (a literal baybee. Four years of life and she is 3 foot 6 inches of Will Bite Your Fingers but then give you puppy dog eyes so sad and precious that you will probably forgive her anyway. Tiny brat angel. Gets forgiven for pretty much everything. - Fell Child from Small Worlds AU) 

Bane (The Serious Dad who has to voice of reason everyone in the house. No, Koda, a pumpkin launcher is NOT safe for 5 year olds, plz stop. Give the poor man a break. - US Paps from Small Worlds Au)

Koda (The Fun Dad who probably shouldn’t chaperone. Hyper, but doing his best. Plz save him hes overworking himself. - US Sans from Small Worlds AU)

Rozzi (Most likely to end up doing drugs but probably only because he was curious He WILL steal his brothers chicken nuggets and no man or monster can stop him. Triplet #1 from Small Worlds AU) 

Ryder (Absolute baybee. Kind of a pushover. Ultra nice and polite. Triplet #2 from the Small Worlds AU)

Riggs (Protecc precious bros. Will bite you if you hurt them. Also maybe steal your peanut butter. Leather gloves and biker jackets like a dork. Triplet #3 from Small Worlds AU) 

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Martin Riggs Imagine - Part 3


Originally posted by fyeahlethalweapon

A story full of angst (because I love it) and comforting (for balance). She is a newcomer to the police of Los Angeles and Martin Riggs just lost his wife. (Part 3)

“Leaving a note for him was a good decision, girl. We’ll have time for just us two”, he smiled and she didn’t like his grin.

“What do you want to know?”, she tried to be calm, but fear and panic were heard in her voice.

“Are you scared? Because you should be”, he took out some knifes and different surgeon tools.

She looked away, breathed slowly to just stay calm for a moment, but all this didn’t help when she heard metal screech.

“Just tell me what you want to know”, Y/N bit her lips so hard, blood started dripping down her chin.

“That’s not fun at all, beautiful”, he turned around for a second to look at her. “You’re torturing yourself without me. Don’t take away all the pleasure”.

She was silent, couldn’t even breathe at that moment. He walked closer to her, grinned, looking in her eyes full of tears and made the first cut. She bit her lips, but didn’t make any sound.

“Tough girl, huh? I’ll make you scream. In addition, you will tell me everything you know or he will come to save you someday”, he continued torturing her for days.

She forgot her name, she forgot where she was, her mind wondered some place else. Y/N couldn’t handle any more pain, she broke down after few days of strait torture. The man got bored and one day came in the room and pointed a gun at her.

“Kill me already”, she smiled, crazy, broken. “Are you bored because I don’t scream? You’ll not get the pleasure”.

“I’m probably bored because he didn’t come, that would be more fun, baby girl. We’re so close now, right?”, he stroked her cheek. “Oh, Martin Riggs, you don’t even know what you’re losing right now”.

She looked away, tear falling down her cheeks.

“Hey, boy, you don’t have the right to call her this way”.

She thought this was a dream. The voice she wanted to hear all the time and sometimes even heard in the darkest corners of her mind came alive and was standing just in front of her.

“Martin?”, Y/N whispered almost losing her mind.

“Just stay with me, Y/N. It’s over”, he smiled to her almost gently.

“I don’t think so”, the man laughed pulling out his gun, but the gunshot was heard a lot earlier and the man slowly fell down covering his stomach.

“I think so”, Martin put away his gun and walked to her. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come earlier. Stay with me, okay? We’ll get you to the hospital in no time”.

She tried so hard, keeping her eyes open. But didn’t succeed.

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Martin Riggs Imagine - Part 1


Originally posted by sarcasmcloud

A story full of angst (because I love it) and comforting (for balance). She is a newcomer to the police of Los Angeles and Martin Riggs just lost his wife.

“Detective Martin Riggs?”, she quietly walked in the cafeteria in the police department, looking at a man who was sitting there and looking in the window. 

“What?”, he was frustrated, angry and sad. She couldn’t handle to see anyone this way. 

“I understand how it is for you now. I’m sorry”, she whispered, sitting beside Riggs. “But I have to ask you some questions, okay? Bear with me”. 

“Who are you?”, the man looked at Y/N and flinched a little. 

“I’m detective Y/L/N. I will be investigating a car crash that took your wife”, she opened her notebook and took out a pen. 

“Hell no! I am the one who should be doing this”, he stood up so rapidly that coffee that was standing near fell down on the floor. “Shit”

“Detective Riggs, please… I’ll take care of it. Just…”, she pursed her lips. “Stay calm. I know it’s hard, but you can’t be just with this, so please answer some questions for me and we will be done with it”. 

He closed his eyes for a second, had a deep breath and finally sat back down. 

“Go on with your questions, girl”. 

Y/N gave him a sad smile and started asking carefully. Sometimes his anger was getting over his head, but by the end of their conversation, he looked tired and drenched. Y/N felt his ache, she saw it in his eyes. 

“One last question, Martin”, she took a deep breath. “Ready?”

“Yeah, just ask”, he ran his hand through his hair. 

“What was your last conversation with her?”

He didn’t say a word in what seemed like years. Y/N looked at him. His cheeks were wet, eyes closed and jaws clenched. She carefully put her hand on his shoulder, stroking gently.

“We can finish. I’m sorry, Martin. Don’t answer this”, she squeezed his shoulder, but at that moment he started talking. 

“She was driving to the hospital to have our baby. I was not with her, working as always. I should have been there, I should be dead now with her”, he clanged his jaw. 

“Martin, it would be the last thing she wanted for you. I know it’s hard, okay? But you should be strong and I know that you don’t want to. However, don’t you wanna be the man she wants you to be?”, Y/N stroked his shoulder, squeezed it a little. 

“What’s your name again?”, he seemed to calm down. 


“Listen, Y/N, you’re not helpful at all. You will not understand what I feel and you don’t know whom she wanted me to be. Understood?”, she wasn’t prepared for such words and this little hate speech made her unsettled for a moment. He stood up and walked out of the room leaving her alone. 

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