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catchymemes · a year ago
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nighxtmare · a month ago
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Hawkeye S01E06
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
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Not gonna lie. This broke me.
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ffxvcaps · 3 months ago
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”Wherever you want to go, I’ll go with you. Wherever you stop, I’ll stop too. Like the raicho birds on the island.”
“When I was little, my father told me something that a great man once said. 'In this fleeting life, there are two moments of joy above all others. When we are born into this world and take our first breath, and when we learn what we were put on this earth to do.' I don’t know what they will be, but I do think that the answers you seek can be found only there. The answer to who you are, and the answer to why you and I met.”
“I’ll keep protecting you. I’ll protect you with all that I have. To make sure the others won’t be put in danger again, I’ll strive to become even stronger. Fena. Let’s go together.”
“Fena. No matter what happens, I swear I will always keep you safe. My hand... will never again...let go of yours.”
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gung-nir · 9 months ago
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skinandblood · a year ago
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iknowwhattosaynow · a month ago
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Because I feel like this is something that I never see mentioned or appreciated enough; can we just discuss the forehead kiss that obviously happens here? He's all nuzzled against her forehead and you see him pull back for just a second and then he cuddles her again? Yeah, I know. I'm a desperate Kanera fan looking for all the affection I can get where I can get it. But let's all just admire the forehead kiss that doesn't get enough attention.
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kazzyboy · 8 months ago
So, Andrew smiling. As much as I would give to see this boy happy enough to do as such, I know smiling is not it for him. But, there are times that would’ve made him crack a smile—
Andrew does not smile like everyone else. Smiling makes him remember. Smiling is the rattle of a pill bottle, the aftertaste that made him sick, the view of his dilated pupils when he is unfortunate enough to catch them in a mirror.
So, Andrew does not “smile” like everyone else. Neil notices, of course, because that is what he does and Andrew is who he loves, whether or not they say as much.
Neil feels that warm feeling every time Andrew makes the face. His lips don’t curve up, but they twitch sideways enough to pull up his singular dimple. His eyes crinkle a little at the tips and his eyebrows go down, like,”what is this?” He blinks slow and Neil feels his heart flutter.
It’s not the only look Andrew has, either. He’ll look down and away, huffing, biting gently at the inside of his lip. He’ll tilt his head up and raise an eyebrow, nose twitching with his top lip. He’ll puff his cheeks out a little and huff through his nose, eyes twinkling. He’ll hum in a high tone, or his foot will twitch erratically, or he’ll tap his fingers— tip tip tip, pause, tap.
Andrew does not smile like everyone else, but that does not mean he never feels the light.
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themultiverseofmarvel · 3 months ago
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whumpxng · 5 months ago
me: i just want all my boys to be happy and safe and comf
me: but men are just so pretty when they bleed
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myyoungroyalsblog · 19 days ago
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I am in spain but the s is silent
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catchymemes · 9 months ago
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thepariahcontinuum · 12 days ago
Okay so I've seen a few AUs where a younger Mercury gets taken in by Tai and raised alongside Yang and Ruby, but an idea that I haven't seen anyone use occurred to me at work.
What if Mercury was raised by Pietro?
Like Marcus takes a job in Atlas and needs to use Mercury as a distraction but gets caught, or Marcus just decides that "Training" him isn't fun anymore and gives him to the people traffickers....There's easily ways this can work without becoming convoluted.
I can see Ironwood being on board with this, honestly even more so if he knows who Mercury is.... Penny would have been in some stage of development at the time and Ironwood never wanted her to have friends, but giving her Mercury as a "Teaching aide"/"Training equipment" honestly fits his way of seeing people.
But honestly the main draw here is Mercury and Pietro interactions....How is the Man who gave up part of his soul so his daughter could live going to handle a Boy who had part of their soul taken from them.
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flying-princess · 6 months ago
Ok look, hear me out. I know that what Alberto is saying at the end, when he says goodbye to Luca, isn’t romantic, in fact, the translation is anything but. HOWEVER! LISTEN TO HIS DELIVERY SAYING IT!
It’s the WAY he says it to Luca here. He says it so soft, gentle and with feeling compared to how he said it when they met. His tone of voice in this moment, just adds SO MUCH MEANING to his words that it sounds romantic!
And you wanna know why I believe it comes across this way?
Headcanon Time! 👏🏻
Because inside, he knows that this is a bittersweet moment in his life that he made possible. He doesn’t want to say goodbye but just knowing that his sacrifice is going to make Luca’s dream come true is enough for him. He loves this boy and his true feelings for him came out with his tone of voice.
Also, the fact that he doesn’t know what it means just makes my head canon funnier. 🤣
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ravenlaurent · 7 months ago
I was rereading Iruma-kun and I noticed this:
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musette22 · a month ago
Okay but imagine Steve getting a Claddagh ring for Bucky before he shipped out but was too hesitant to give it to him. Steve knew if he gave Bucky the ring Bucky would see it as a sign of their deep friendship but for some reason the thought hurts Steve so he keeps the ring, promising himself he'll give it to Bucky the next time he sees him. Only the next time Steve sees Bucky they're both different, changed, and the ring had become a source of comfort for Steve as he did his dancing monkey routine before he took his fate in his own hands and rescued Bucky and the rest of the 107th. He found his purpose but Bucky was adrift. It didn't feel right to give him the ring just yet.
He keeps the ring, making another promise to give it to Bucky on his birthday. Then Bucky falls and Steve loses all reason to keep going. He kisses the ring one last time before crashing into the ice.
He'll give the ring to Bucky in his dreams.
Only he wakes up to a world he doesn't know, finding the crushing grief hasn't lessened; he's horribly lost and unbelievably alone, but the ring is still with him - keeping Bucky close to his heart. Steve tries find a purpose, and he keeps going, forever marching ahead and trying to find his place in a world without his best friend and the only family he had left.
And then he finds Bucky in the middle of DC under a bridge, and his world implodes and shatters and then remakes itself anew with a broken, jagged happiness that he's no longer alone. Then he loses Bucky twice more but always coming back to him, each time threatening to forever break Steve for good.
After Thanos, after fighting like hell to get Bucky and the others back, Steve finally gives the ring to Bucky in a moment of quiet in the chaos of the battlefield.
"I'm with you until the end of the line," Steve promises as he slides the ring onto Bucky's finger with such solemn care that it's borderline reverent, giving it one last kiss before meeting Bucky's lips for the first time.
"Took you long enough, punk," Bucky whispers then kisses Steve back.
Alright, ok, ok. This is fine, I'm fine.
No I'm not.
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black-flame-rose · 4 months ago
Sparked by something I read in a comment thread, but what’s the smallest gesture of affection that it floors Ga On to see that Yo Han’s never really had?
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fretnotdearheart · 2 months ago
Madeleine's verse in inkpot gods hits different when you realise it comes from the same woman who's lost the will to live and can't find her way back home. She's in that deepest pit where everything aches, everything feels soulless and ruined, and yet, and yet — she'll gather every last ounce of strength and defiance and challenge the gods. She'll scream and fight tooth and nail for the man she loves, because his happiness might just be the one good thing left in this godforsaken world. And isn't that love worth everything?
(He'd grasp her hand and stand tall beside her forevermore, of course he would. But she won't allow it: it's not too late for him, and if she has to endure that darkness to shield him from further pain — then so be it. She's ready)
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xioyume · 7 months ago
Me watching the In The Heights movie (SPOILERS AHEAD):
Me: I already know about Abuela Claudia’s death, I can get through Paciencia y Fe and Alabanza without crying
My brain and feels: You fool, you giant fool
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maagee · 4 months ago
SAD-ist lighting round #3: I'M IN SHAMBLES
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"Hello, have you missed me?"
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"I'm proud" UEUEUEUEUE
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