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✎ᅠ⃝별 ▒̷ᅠ사랑 ⋕ 𝕞ᥳᥳⅆ𝕓᥆ᥝ᥏d. 鷃ᅠ은우 🍢❞
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Riki: *taps table*
Bono: *taps table back*
Lewis: What are they doing?
Valtteri: Morse code
Bono: *aggressively taps table*
Valtteri: Oh that was low
Riki, slams hand on the table: YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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[ polaroid love ] visual cam ▸ ni-ki
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riki: fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. why not keep going? why not 9? why not 10? strive for greatness.
riki: next time you’re working out, do 15 push ups instead of 10. run 3 miles instead of 2. eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. burn your ex’s house down. you can do it. i believe in you.
sunoo: there were so many mixed messages in that i can’t—
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۫ ִ ׂ💭 under the snow flowers, my love for you is eternal ・ nishimura riki
Tumblr media
pairing: nishimura riki & gn!reader ・ genre: angst ・ warnings: vague character death, mentions of soul ・ word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
act i ─ how it all seems to have started.
nishimura riki celebrated his 16th birthday in the hospital. his tired eyes observed the room silently and his lips pulled into a weak smile that only spelled happiness as he watched all the people he loved, huddled around him. but every few seconds, his eyes wander to yours and his smile brightens as much as he can muster.
at 9:12 pm, you find that it's just you and him, in his little hospital room. his head rests gently on your lap and your fingers play delicately with his soft hair. he gazes up at you tiredly, through half-lidded, heavy eyes that somehow held the same sparkle he had when you had first met him.
he falls asleep in your lap that night and you would have been glad to stay in that position, if only to keep him comfortable but his mother insisted that you go home and rest, hugging you warmly and thanking you for keeping him company. you take one last look at riki, the slightest of smiles rests gingerly on his face as he sleeps on.
you received a call from his sister at 3:09 in the morning and somehow, your heart had already dropped before you even picked up the call and a hollow chill ran through your body when you picked up.
she tells you, in a choked, stuffy voice that at 12:09, just 9 minutes after the day he turned 16 years old, he was gone. at 12:09 am, your world had gone.
act ii ─ how it all seems to work out.
december 9 will be the first snow of the year. the meteorologists probably think it's because of some scientific explanation but you think it's because it's his birthday. ironically, you don't fall asleep until 12:09 am on december 9, even after having laid in bed for the past 3 hours.
you find him in the morning, sitting on your doorstep and watching as the delicate snowflakes fall slowly. one leg rests itself on the lower step and the other is extended because he thinks that's most comfortable. his chin rests softly on the palm of his hand and you see him smile a little to himself, when you sit down next to him.
"i missed you," he speaks into the cold silence and turns to look at you with a gentle gaze and a sad smile.
"you always say that," you smile weakly at him, trying to lighten the mood. he reaches out to cup your cheek, just to see if he can touch you and you shiver at the feeling of his cold fingers.
"that's because it's true," his voice is soft, so quiet you might not have heard it if you weren't sitting next to him and he takes a deep breath, "i've missed everyone, a lot. i wish i could see them again."
and you would ask why, why can't he see them again, if only you hadn't asked the year before. his response had been vague, "because it just doesn't work that way." and though you didn't understand, you didn't pry, trusting that he would reveal the reasons to you with time.
when he notices that you're staring vaguely out at the sky, he shuffles to sit closer to you and gently nudges your shoulder, his way of telling you that you could lean on him. and on cue, you lay your head to rest on his shoulder, his head tilting so he can rub his cheek against the top of your head affectionately.
deep down in your heart, you feel a small twinge of sadness, knowing that this moment wouldn't last forever, no matter how much you wish it would and you blink away tears. but for now, you have the next 3 months with him, and in this moment, you think your heart is content with that.
act iii ─ how it always seems to end.
march 9 is the last predicted snowfall of the year. it's hard to believe, when the grass around you is still layered with thick blankets of snow but especially when you know that this means riki will be gone soon. but for now, he sits beside you on the cold park bench, his fingers resting slightly on yours.
he has to go, you know it and so does he. the snow is layered on thick but there's a certain heavy feeling in both of your hearts that tells you that time is running out. and now, he thinks it would be the best time to clear things up so he nudges your foot gently with his to bring your gaze back to him and you hum expectantly.
"you asked me, a year ago, why i can't go see everyone else, talk to them, spend time with them," he breathed, "do you remember that?"
you nodded slowly, cautiously and he sighed. "i cannot go to them because my soul is tied to yours. for as long as our souls exist, i will be permitted to come visit you but only temporarily. and because it was winter when i left, i can only come in the winter."
he's speaking into silence now, the park empty and your breathing so quiet even you can't hear yourself. for some seconds, you can't find the words, or the will to say anything but riki breaks the cold silence first. "i'm sorry."
his apology hangs in the air almost bitterly and you look at him with something akin to disbelief in your gaze, "sorry for what?" riki looks at you, ever so gently and reaches out his hand to hold yours.
"because i leave you when the snow no longer falls. because we are apart for 3 seasons every year. because my existence on this earth and in your life is only temporary. but i swear to you here, that under the snow flowers, my love for you is eternal."
and for the last time after another beautiful, fleeting 3 months, he kisses you softly, cradling you in his arms for longer than usual and pulls away to simply look at you again because he knows he won't be able to see you again for nearly another year.
his eyes search for yours and when he smiles at you, you reach out to hold his hand, if only for one last time before the next snowfall but in that second, he was already gone, leaving you sitting alone on the park bench, watching as the snow around you disappeared, just like him.
epilogue ─ how it always seems to feel.
nishimura riki always swore that he was temporary but here, sitting alone under the snow flowers, your love for him is everlasting, as it always has been.
Tumblr media
permanent taglist ( send ask / dm to be added ) 𖡡 @soobin-chois @rosieeyy @enhacolor @chai-n-ice
[ =͟͟͞͞♡ incoming letter alert !! ] : had to repost this because tumblr deleted it the first time i posted it ?! as always, likes & reblogs / feedback are much appreciated !
─ [ ^_< ~ oh, what's this ? it's a reminder from lily ! ] : did you drink water yet today? it's easy to forget but taking care of your body is a form of self care too ^^
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the classics : an enhypen series
Tumblr media
a series of the classic fanfic tropes : written about enhypen, written for engenes <3
genre : ROMANCE, cringey tropes, fluff, angst, *hyung line volumes contain smut*
also this is def not inspired by a tiktok trend.... anyways....
release dates : volume 1 : heeseung : january 2nd
volume 2 : jay : january 23rd
volume 1 ☆ lee heeseung - the older brothers best friend trope
Tumblr media
"what if he comes home early?" "then we're fucked, but at least we'll be fucked together."
summary : keeping your crush on heeseung a secret from heeseung was hard, but keeping it a secret from sunghoon was even harder. what do you do when you accidentally fall in love with your older brothers best friend?
you sneak around behind his back of course.
read volume 1?
volume 2 ☆ jay park - the hates everyone except you trope
Tumblr media
"hey! focus on the assignment!" "well stop being so fucking pretty and i might be able to!"
pairing : badboy!jay x good girl! reader
summary : being the smartest one in your whole year had its perks, but it meaning that you would have to tutor the students that were behind in class was definitely the ultimate con- except for it allowing you to get to know the school’s bad boy in a way no one else has before.
includes smut
read volume 2?
volume 3 ☆ jake shim - the first love trope
Tumblr media
"oh shit, sorr- wait you like one ok rock? "yeah?" "no way, what's your favourite song?!"
pairing : popular boy!jake x shy!reader
summary : you, a quiet girl who is the introvert of all introverts, never thought you would befriend the most popular boy in school by having the same music taste. what songs are you going to show him next?
includes smut
read volume 3?
volume 4 ☆ park sunghoon - the boy next door trope
Tumblr media
"are you okay, y/n?" "yep, 'm just fine." "don't lie, i know you're finding it hard to not picture me shirtless again."
pairing : shy figure skater sunghoon! x extravert!reader
summary : park sunghoon, the quiet figure skater from school has moved into the house right next door to your own. you never really paid attention to how cute he was until he starts walking around his room shirtless, knowing that your windows were adjacent to one another.
includes smut
read volume 4?
volume 5 ☆ kim sunoo - the soulmate trope
Tumblr media
"can i help you with something? or are you just stalking me?" "i- uh, i- you're my soulmate!"
summary : in a world where everyone is given a necklace that connects to their soulmates, you’re getting fed up with not finding yours, until you are forced to take another bus route for once and bump into a pink haired stranger who just so happens to have a necklace that is similar to yours. if only he would wear his necklace outside of his sweater you’d be able to confirm.
read volume 5?
volume 6 ☆ yang jungwon - the childhood friends trope
Tumblr media
"earth to y/n! are you even listening?" "wha- yes of course i am!" "no you weren't! what were you thinking about? was it me?"
summary : being born only one day after yang jungwon was something you always thought was a special gift from god. being platonic soulmates with someone since birth is fun, until you start day dreaming about holding the other’s hand with three little words dancing right on your tongue, ready to speak them out loud.
read volume 6?
volume 7 ☆ ni-ki - the enemies to lovers trope
Tumblr media
"god do you even know how the geometry of interactions relates to the balance of bodies?" "um yeah, obviously i do." "really? because the awful way you do your pirouettes doesn't really show it."
summary : when you were younger, you thought you were lucky to only have to see nishimura riki at your dance academy, but your lucky heavily changed when you end up going to the same high school together. and it especially got worse when the two of you are forced to be partners for the upcoming science fair.
read volume 7?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁺ ִ ׂ ∗ enhypen members ៸៸៸៸ when you kiss them out of nowhere !
JUNGWON – jungshook! while he's super shy, he loves getting showered with your love randomly ‹3 pretends to be unaffected and plays hard to get, only to get bubbly and super elated in the end and give you a refund for your affection (cuddling session with a bunch of smooches and giggles aw :()
HEESEUNG – heefused XD shy shy shy! probably dying a little inside with every kiss you plant on his face, heart beating so fast it would pop out of his chest anytime,... *lifts you up in his arms and attacks you with tickles* gets competitive and does the same but on a 100x higher scale ≥ ≤
JAY – he finds it super annoying when riki or anyone clings to him, but he loves you too much to find anything you do closest to annoying :(( he rather finds you super cute and tiny when you initiate skinship with him !! takes over you right away and now you're the one being pampered :( he's gonna hug you and kiss you so much i’m jelly :(
JAKE – HE LOVES IT!!! probably he's the one doing it more, but when you do it, he just falls for you all over again :( he would start babying you and cuddling you and kissing you and swinging you and ruffling your hair and tickling you and caressing you and clinging on you and do that “you're so cute i wanna bite you” gesture and so much more :( he loves you so much :((
SUNGHOON – *beep beep* sunghoon.exe has stopped working! he isn't into skinship but with you, he'll do anything for you :(( loses his senses with the way you touch him, kiss him, hug him! let's you take full control on him :(( is like a puppy to the master you, all there for his love to smother him with affection! but sunghoon’s affection is superior too › ‹
SUNOO – giggles giggles gigglies :(( there you go, the brightest smile on his face!! sunoo loves giving and taking affection, and he loves you! it's his favorite thing in the world! a serotonin overdose because you guys are too cute :(( he's gonna cuddle you, swing you and hug you warmly :((( and his soft cushiony lips pressing the sweetest kisses on you :(((
RIKI – ... and y/n is under arrest for stealing riki’s heart :( his hormones go zimzalabim and it does him things when you kiss him like that :( takes it to his ego lol and woo a competition right there! you two giggle and laugh so much! (spoiler : it's always you who wins cause he's weak only for you :(() riki’s affection is the purest in the world :(
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vя люблю тебя, ники(*+﹏+*)
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“  today is kind of a special day... the reason i could work so hard today is because today is my dad's birthday. during our photoshoot, right after midnight— i'm not sure if i was the first, but i immediately sent a text to surprise my dad. i texted, "since i'm in korea at the moment, there's nothing i can do for you, but i'm working on our album. i'm trying to make a good album and i'm working really hard, so hang in there, dad," so i hope this album becomes a good gift. this time around, i'm trying very hard to be a person who gives. two days from now on it's my mom's birthday — i'm going to do my best so that i can give great gifts to my parents. ”
—  happy  birthday  to  enhypen’s  precious  maknae  and  legendary  dancing  machine,  nishimura  riki!  🐆💌
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some recent Xenoblade pieces 🌄🌿
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nishimura riki as your boyfriend ! (random headcanons)
enhypen masterlist. library.
a/n: bcuz i never shut up abt him so... maybe letting it all out will help?? genre: fluff, crack. warnings: cursing, y/n is mentioned to be a teenager, not proofread.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ignore how fucking whipped i am for him, please.
ure dating a child, i hope you are aware of that. not because he's young or anything, no, he literally acts 9 sometimes.
constantly pulls his pranks on you or with you, no in-between. either you're his partner in crime or his partner who he commits crimes on.
honestly you never mean to join riki in his little shenanigans, but he always somehow drags you into the mess 😒
"NIKI I STFG IF U PUT MAYO IN MY SHOES ONE MORE TIME-" "hey!!! i only did the left shoe!! y/n did the right shoe, scold them too :("
you did actually do the right shoe, he wasn't lying, but he MADE you do it!!!
how to get y/n to put mayo in heeseung's shoes 101 by nishimura riki.
he pulls you in by your waist, rests his head in the crook of your neck and starts nuzzling, his soft hair tickling your skin, sending shivers down your spine and erupting butterflies in your stomach. and if that wasn't enough, the second he pulls away he has a cute little pout plastered on his face as a cherry on top and your heart can't help but ache. at this point, if you don't agree to cooperate and be his accomplice you're just cruel and heartless ☹️☹️
but he makes sure to help you with whatever punishment the boys come up with. he may be your annoying boyfriend but he isn't a monster!
they usually make you two do house chores.... which is a pretty bad decision. two in-love teenagers doing dishes without adult/jungwon supervision is very risky, but they learned it the hard way 😁🙏🏻
i'm not saying you accidentally smashed jay's favorite mug but that's exactly what i'm saying. and he was furious.
riki took the blame tho, because he's selfless like that!! *sigh* the things he does for you, y/n. 😞😞
you just watched him get scolded from afar and you felt so bad. because yeah he may have dragged you into this bs in the first place, but he wasn't the one who broke the mug!!
long story short, jay grounded him and banned him from seeing you for a few days. you had to practically beg him to let ni-ki go just this once, making up some lame excuse and praying that it would work. which it did, not because jay's oblivious but because he has a soft heart :(
so that same day you two quickly ran to the nearest shop, bought a white mug, a bunch of paint + wrapping paper and got to work!!
not gonna lie, the second you two enthusiastically ran into the dorms and started shouting for jongseong everyone thought you two were gonna pull on his leg again, but they were WRONG. HAH.
"JAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" "what?!" "we're sorry we broke your favorite cup... but here!!"
jay was rlly thinking: what the actual fuck are these kids on. but when he opened the not-so-neatly wrapped box he was met with a previously plain white mug now adorned with painted-on angry birds and a messy handwriting that read "BEST DAD"
HE SNORTED. LIKE THE WAY HE FUCKING SNORTED PLEASE- but believe me he was so touched. he felt his heart swell with pride for whatever reason, tbh the mug looked stupid as hell- but to him it was perfect :)
he still uses it to this day <3
animal crossing dates. i think we all saw that post on weverse.
if you don't have a switch because you're broke like me, then he simply buys one for you. like srsly my boy doesn't even hesitate HE BUYS YOU A WHOLE ASS SWITCH JUST SO U CAN PLAY WITH HIM. THAT'S HOW DEDICATED HE IS TO YOUR ONLINE DATES.
one day when youre hanging out playing on ur switches he invites you over to his island out of nowhere as you overhear him giggle and snicker to himself like a mischievous little middle schooler, not even sparing you a glance when you look at him from across the room with a worried expression on your face-
now you're kinda suspicious because what exactly did he do??? 😬😬 but when you finally look around his island you're met with a little picnic blanket with a bunch of baskets and bentos on top of them, cherry blossom trees all around the area and who else but your boyfriends cute little character with a speech bubble on top of its head: " i love you"
now he's the one staring at you from across the room, all smiley and giddy waiting for your reaction.
what he didn't expect was for u to run over to him at full speed, tackle him and aggressively shake his now soulless body.
it's no secret that riki loves taking naps, and it's also no secret that he loves cuddling.
so... tired riki + couch + s/o=...? exactly. a nap.
even if you aren't tired or have stuff to do, he does not care. riki wants? riki gets. have homework? work? need to join your online class? or maybe you ran out of snacks and need to go to the store? oh well, put everything aside 'cause ur boyfriend needs to sleep and he can't feel content without you in his arms 🤨
and if somehow you escape his iron grip and he wakes up all alone without you laying next to him he will be grumpy the entire day. like full on refuses to talk to you, ignores you and has that one unreadable look on his face.
he isn't actually mad. even though he's quite young he is still very mature and doesn't get seriously upset over such things, and you're very well aware of that too!!
so when he decides to ignore you, he's only doing it to get a reaction out of you. he wants you to get furstrated, angry, for you to slap him, mess up his hair, get clingier than usual, honestly it doesn't matter (bcuz everything you do is adorable) as long as you do something his little facade will fall apart completely and he'll give in sooner or later.
cuz he's whipped™ but shhhh he doesnt like talking abt it !! 😬😬
*y/n breathes* "UGH HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO IGNORE YOU WHEN YOU DO THAT?!?!! you're making it hard to stay mad at u </3" "i.. i didn't even do anything..."
pokes, squishes, BITES (yes. bites. and it hurts) your cheeks. just anything having to do with ur cheeks, he's doing it.
y'all saw that video of him poking sunoo's cheek? yes. that. but 10000x more painful.
when he wants your attention, or just wants to annoy you, he pokes your cheeks until you either threaten to bite his finger off or actually bite his finger off
"riki if u dont get ur finger away from my cheek i will not hesitate to use my teeth." "yOU WOULDN'T DARE!!" "watch me."
as for the pinch, he usually does it when you slept through your alarm or something and all the other things he tried didn't work.
just grabs a handful of your cheek, pinches the actual hell out of it and watches your eyes shoot open at the sudden jolt of pain. cuz he's a butt like that 😁😁
on the more wholesome side, he likes cheek kisses (ib: mira ig 😵)
so when it's late at night and the both of you are spent, already in bed but still trying to stay awake because you want to spend as much time as you can with each other, he cups your face in his hands and presses a bunch of kisses to your cheeks to stop you from falling asleep.
late night talks? late night talks.
as much as he loves talking about his day - how sunghoon slipped on the wet floor, fell square on his butt and kept on complaining about how sore it was the entire day, how jungwon accidentally sneezed on jay's food, how sunoo made a kid cry by taking the last mint chocolate ice cream - he also loves hearing your sleepy voice either right next to him or on the other side of the phone telling him about whatever you had on your mind.
it be, how you saw a cute dog on your way back home and it reminded you of jake, or how you almost dropped your phone because you tripped over a rock, etc. whatever it is, he's happy to listen.
the members love you, but hate when you and riki are together. its chaos. not the good kind.
sunoo has officially adopted you, you're his child now (even if ure older). tbh he even hogs u sometimes 🤪🤪
like you come over at the dorms to see them and obviously your boyfriend, you knock on the door and sunoo is already up and running to open it for you.
"so how was school? anything new? did any of the teachers bug you?? do you need any help with homework? i can force jake to-"
meanwhile riki is just standing there, shocked, bcuz youre his s/o?? and ure not spending time with him??? SUNOO NEEDS TO GO AWAY 🚪👈😐
grabs your arm and tries to drag you away but sunoo grabs the other and the next thing you know you're basically being torn in half
that continues for a while until sunghoon literally detaches sunoo from your arm 😬😬
their bedroom door has a hand made "sign" pinned to it (it's literally just 'NO SUNOOS ALLOWED WHEN Y/N IS OVER' on a piece of paper) to keep him away from u 😮
asks the older members to help him with pick up lines.
i mean what do u expect when jake is one of the people giving him flirting advice...
when he first started taking "flirting classes" with jake he was too shy to use them in person, so instead he whipped out his phone, opened the messaging app and asked the older to repeat all the pick up lines he knew one more time.
but the more time passed the bolder he got.
he knows they're cringey, he knows he sounds awkward, but does he stop?? nah. he likes seeing u all flustered, scrunching up your nose in disgust and facepalming yourself out of embarrassment. riki thinks it's adorable and it never fails to make him smile, so why would he stop?
"hey y/n knock knock!!" "who's there?" "when where" "...when where who??" "tomorrow, at the arcade, me & you" "EW STOP NO THAT WAS THE WORST ONE SO FAR. i decline your offer. A for effort tho 🤒"
he isn't huge on PDA because he's still a bit awkward with it, but he has his moments.
if you're going out and stumble upon a pretty crowded place, he intertwines your fingers, palms clasped together and carefully leads you out of the sea of people
bcuz he's literally a walking bean pole and can see above almost everyone's heads 😬😬
as i've mentioned before, he's quite shy with PDA but... but once he finds an opportunity he takes it.
so you're pleasantly surprised when riki doesn't let go of your hand even after he led you out of the crowd,
in fact, he tightens his grip on it and glances towards you to make sure you don't feel uncomfortable with him showing such affection so suddenly in public.
bcuz he's a respectful boy 😡😡😡😡
but that's as far as he goes, especially around strangers.
when it comes to his members though, he's a bit more confident and gets a bit clingier.
he would never dare to kiss you around others, but he definitely shows affection in his own way
like leaning his head on your shoulder, ruffling your hair, putting his leg over yours when you're sitting on the couch, inching closer and closer to you when you watch horror movies until you're basically clinging to his side.
it's all in the small things yk??
a sucker for compliments.
bcuz he is 😐😐
the boys aren't even surprised when they see you sitting on a pillow on the floor, looking up at them with a huge grin and sending them a little wave when they enter the practice room.
and they're even less surprised when they see riki sitting right there next to you, with a blush spread across his cheeks and a boxy smile on his face because you praised the living hell out of his dancing skills a few seconds prior.
also likes it when you can't finish a certain level in a video game or something, so he can be your knight in shining armor and help u !!
bcuz he's a big boy and likes to do big boy stuff for his s/o 😡😡
expects u to go: "OMG RIKI URE SO COOL??!!!1!21!!??!3 I COULD'VE NEVER DONE THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP" but is thoroughly amused when you tell him you could've done it yourself with a scoff but you're still grateful for his 'hard work'
just be sarcastic, bark back and tease him while also being mature, soft and loving when needed to and he's at your mercy 🙏🙏
omfg this is so long ok im gonna cut it here and do a part 2 or smth if i feel like it 😐‼️
©tyunni please do not copy, translate or repost my work.
taglist: @gyuury @enhyphun @junityy (fill this out or send in an ask to be in my taglist. I PROMISE I WONT LOSE MY FORM AGAIN-)
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miedei · 6 months ago
enha reaction to their crush asking to borrow a hoodie
im bored and have no motivation for after the end so here's this, request some more if you want these are fun
warnings: swearing
Tumblr media
bby's frozen for a good two minutes
oh my god holy shit they could be wearing my clothes is that a good thing what the hell is going on
he only snaps out of it when you put a hand on his arm to see if he's alright
"h-here i hope it's not uncomfortable ok byeee" *throws hoodie at you and runs*
kicking himself on the inside but still so mfing happy
but you're left there like "what the fuck"
acts completely smooth
"oh sure here you go"
but when you slip it over your head??? no no no it's a surprise he hasn't spontaneously combusted
he's cheeks flush and he has to hold himself back from squealing
"you look good"
somehow still manages to fluster you in that state
freezes p.2
but once he comes back he's the sweetest
realizes that you probably want the hoodie because you're cold and completely coddles you
"here you go do you want a hat?? fuck i might have some gloves in here somewhere hold on-"
you have to alert him with a hand on his shoulder
"it's enough jake, thank you"
and he's fucking gone
so confused
are you talking to him?? why?
kind of walks off in his daze and leaves you there, equally as confused
and then, a few steps away he realizes oh shit
he turns back in a haste, stuffing his hoodie in your arms
and then what does he do? he certainly doesn't know
so the two of you just stand there staring for a lil until one of you excuses yourself awkwardly
has a raging blush on his face but otherwise v v sweet
hands you the hoodie with a little smile 🥺
"do you need anything else"
your head emerges from the top of the hoodie as you tug it on, and flash him a grin
"i'm okay sunoo!"
his face is on fire but he still looks at you like you're the only person on the planet
the only normal one
just thinks "oh, ok" and hands you his hoodie
it's only once he's walked away all fine just like 'oh y/n's wearing my hoodie' and then he realizes
you're wearing his hoodie
so he just kinda hyperventilates the whole day from then on
riki tries to act cool but even you know he's flustered
so you try to play it off
"i don't need it! it just looks comfy and i'm kind of cold but it's okay i'll ask someone else-"
a bunch of fabric is thrusted into your arms and you just look on in shock
he may be shaking in his boots but he still manages a
"i hope that's okay :)"
before he books it out of there
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enlog · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yunki’s ice skating disaster
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nokofi · 12 days ago
enhypen bio — ideas 🦋
not hoon, but his gf (real) ‼️
hot ppl listen to blessed-cursed.
full time sunshine protector !! ☆
ni-ki is the reason why i'm still alive.
. . eating ramyeon 🍜 with heejake ❔
occuppied by how talented hee is > gtfo ;p
god said i was too perfect — so he made me a bluejay.
home is not always a place it can be a person, @ enhypen.
i don't want bf/gf, i want jungwon from enhypen. 🙁
reblog | like if use or save.
all made by me, don't repost.
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zzwonii · 2 months ago
( ^◡^)っ ♡ dance with me ! jungwon & gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in 773 words, yang jungwon slow dances into your heart.
warnings : reader has insecurities, dialogue-heavy, not proofread, probably switches between tenses
[ lily's rambles : this is a self-indulgent scenario :( i was feeling sad so i wrote this & i promise promise promise that i’ll write for the other members too after this !! i just really needed to write this :( ]
Tumblr media
he saw it in your eyes whenever you stood in front of the mirror and nit picked at all the things you disliked about yourself. he heard it in your voice, all those times it wavered as you reassured him that you were alright. and he could feel it now, sitting next to him with a dejected frown. a sigh escapes your lips and he swears that his lips turn down into a physical form of a frowny face as he racks his brain for what he could do.
without any ideas, he simply chooses to wrap his arms around you tightly, expressing without words everything he wanted to say— you are safe, you are loved, you are enough. it’s a mark of your relationship with him that you can understand all that he conveys through his hugs, even though you don’t believe it. and he knows you won’t believe it because you simply refuse to see the good in yourself.
“dance with me.” the words are mumbled quietly, muffled as they’re spoken into your hair but they linger pleasantly in the air as you sit, listening to his heartbeat. he draws you to your feet slowly, and carefully, scared that he’ll somehow break the delicately lovely person that is you, whom he loves and cherishes with his heart. you, who his heart aches for when he sees you in pain.
his arms cradles your body gently, rocking you side to side in the silence, creating an unheard symphony of love that he so dearly wishes to play for you. he smoothes back your hair a little, his fingers brushing gently over your skin and he offers you a small smile that you can barely return. he takes a deep breath, going back to rocking you side to side, "i think that your eyes are beautiful. they express so much and i think that they hold all the stars in the universe."
you open your mouth but he shakes his head gently, silently pleading with you to let him finish. "and i think that your nose is adorable. it's cute and i think that it suits you just perfectly," and he taps your nose affectionately.
"and your lips are beautiful, whether you're smiling because you got a good grade or frowning because of a sad ending or pouting because i took your chocolate," he plants a gentle, fleeting kiss to your lips, adding as an afterthought, "and i get to kiss them everyday too, so that's a plus."
a small smile tugs at your lips and he notices it, feeling himself smile a little so he lays his head on your shoulder, "and your shoulders are my safe place, no matter how much you hate them. they give me comfort because i can feel them rise and fall with each breath you take and reminds me how lucky i am to call you my lover."
"and your tummy? it's eaten so many delicious foods and is the reason i love to eat because eating with you and sharing the food we love together makes me so, so, so happy," he smiles fondly, remembering how just yesterday you had cooked dinner together, with multiple dishes neither of you had ever even heard of until coming across a youtube video.
"and your legs, they've walked so many places with and without me. you've found new restaurants and new parks and you've pulled me to your favorite places in town. they've gone on morning strolls with me and maeum and midnight walks around the still bustling streets." he brings his head back up to look at you again, never ceasing the miniature slow dancing rhythm that he had unconsciously started between your bodies.
"and you. oh, i love you so much. everyday i wake up to see you by my side and everyday i fall in love more, even when i swear i couldn't love you more than i already do. but everything is possible with you. i love you when you are happy and i love you when you are sad. i love you when you wake me up at ungodly hours because you're hungry and i love you when you refuse to leave the bed alone because you're scared of the dark. i love you when you sing, even if you don't like your own voice, and i love you when you are in front of the mirror, thinking that no one could ever love you. but that's not true, i love you. and i will continue to love you with all that there is in me until one day, you love yourself too."
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hyunloop · 2 months ago
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🦋¥ you are the blue sky of my morning @jgwoncr <3
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ravenori · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁺ ִ ׂ ∗ enhypen members ៸៸៸៸ reaction to you crying when they scare you !
JUNGWON – he went a little too far with the stupid jump scare prank — all he wanted was to scared you a little, but ended up making you cry :( ; he's gonna feel SO guilty for making you cry :((( *hugs* *cuddles* *looks at you with the shine in his eyes* “i’m so sorry y/n” and he’s gonna wipe your tears and kiss your cheek :((( does everything to make you happy and laugh again !! forgive him maybee
HEESEUNG – he didn't do this intentionally, but he got you so frightened to the point you start crying :(( he's confused at first, panicked at the second and regretful in the third for the fact that he didn't INTEND to scare you; without a thought, he goes up to you and just cuddles you and sits you on his lap, wiping your tears and pressing soft kisses all over your face; he apologizes and promises he won't do it again :(( cutee
JAY – man just wanted your attention :( is SCARED when you cry.. also you're kind of mad at him too so he's in a big trouble rn :D pulls you on his lap (like he does to wonie) and snuggles and cuddles you up while reassuring your he's never gonna do things like these again and he loves you and you're his everything and all those sweet things (he means it) helps you clean your face and does the cuddle ritual! what a boyfriend :(
JAKE – he :(( almost broke your heart with the silly prank; hugs you right away and smothers you with his affectionate words and actions (he's JAKE okay) his “i’m sawrry” and a kiss on your left cheek and “i won't do it again” and a kiss on your right cheek kakskkjk shim jake you win :( “is there anything i can do for you, baby?” ahh :((( there you go your boyfriend shim jake as your part-time servant ›_‹
SUNGHOON – seriously sunghoon- had this very evil plan in his head he wanted to execute, and he did; *instant regret* “oh noo i’m so sorry y/n did i scare you i’m sorry i didn't mean to make you cry” hugs you and presses numerous kisses on your head and rubs your back to make you stop crying; bumps his nose into yours and reassures you; does anything you ask him to do as a punishment ;)))
SUNOO – sunoo sucks at this job but o n c e he somehow managed to get you scared and he regretted a big time; almost cried with you but he's the boyfriend so he's gonna make you stop crying :(( “i’m so sorry baby :((” wipes your tears and pokes your cheeks *hugs* “sorry” × infinite times until you end up forgiving him lol; treats you like a queen for the rest of the day ;))
RIKI – the way he held back his laughter *facepalms* until he saw you head back inside the room and cry; he's a sad babie now :( climbs the bed with you and *backhugs* *starts babying you* “i’m so sorry y/n please forgive your baby :((” *baby eyes* “forgive me this last time i promise i won't do it again and i’ll be a good boyfriend to you :(((” he's so cute this whole while jskajsjsk “i don't wanna see you cry :(((”; he tickled you to make you laugh teehee uwu
©RAVENORI tw : jumpscares and pranks (spooktober special woohoo)
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self-exciting · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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