I'm sorry if you answered this before (and I'm just blind) but why does Riley have Such beef with Maya and DJ?? I'm assuming she's mostly chill with DJ but I'm curious as to the drama between those three.
Ah not to worry! This question is one of the central mysteries to the game actually. "What happened between Maya, Riley, and DJ" is kind of important to the plot itself, so no one really knows yet.
Riley doesn't trust Maya, and goes as far to call her dangerous. Maya is mysteriously *off* around Riley, and while DJ doesn't completely discredit Riley's words, Maya seems to be the only connection to her past that she has, and regardless of the warning signs, it makes her feel safe.
Hopefully we find out what went down between them soon 👀
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37zack11 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tenebris-metallum · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Riley acts pretty calm face-to-face with the Black Goat of The Woods With A Thousand Young but the moment she leaves they're just
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They're also going to pretend they didn't hear her say that about Dagon.
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secretobsessionstuff · a day ago
52. "You're wound too tight. Just try to relax." - for either Riley or Madix, your choice 🖤
Flick, you must have sent this three months ago and I am so sorry. But it has arrived lol! Prompt is from THIS lovely list.
Everyone will have to excuse the inaccurate representation of graduate exams because I needed to make it fit with the fic.
CW: Alcohol, drunkenness, graphic description of vomiting,
“Madix, please let me have my phone,” Riley whined as he followed his boyfriend into the bar. They were also joined by Alexi and Micah who groaned at hearing the same plea for the tenth time. Madix wore an easy smile on his face but that was because his phone wasn’t being held hostage.
“Are you going to keep checking if your score is released?” Madix asked, knowing full well what the answer was going to be.
Riley looked down at his feet. “Perhaps.”
“Oh well then perhaps…no.” Madix replied. He walked backwards, if only to make sure that Riley saw the playful grin on his face. Riley’s face on the other hand bore no such expression. His brow was pinched with worry and his lip was the victim of constant abuse by his teeth. His fingernails saw a very similar type of violence, especially his thumbnail that was chewed down to the quick. Madix grabbed his boyfriend’s wrist and pulled his hand away from his mouth. “You're wound too tight. Just try to relax.”
“I’d be a lot more relaxed if you would let me check my phone.”
“Ry, the test is over. There’s nothing you can do about it now. I brought you here to take your mind of it.”
“What if I failed?” Riley asked, picturing all the questions that he was unsure about it. That was always the worst part about finishing a test: going over the questions a million times in your head until you’ve convinced yourself that everything is wrong. Riley was the king at doing just that. Can you blame him? This was the entrance exam to determine if he’d be admitted into his PhD programme. His future was riding on the results on this test. Riley hated the future; why did it never take a break from coming?
Madix grabbed his boyfriend’s face in his hands. “You didn’t fail. I know you didn’t it. Now, why don’t you get yourself a drink. Look, Micah’s already ordering.”
Riley exhaled deeply. He wasn’t going to win this one. “Fine. Do you want anything?”
“No, I’m driving you lot back, so go ahead and drink your worries away.”
• • •
Riley was drinking but his worries weren’t going away. The vodka and coke that he ordered was half-empty, just like his mentality. He swivelled on the bar stool to turn and face Micah who was drinking a very vibrant beverage.
“What did you get?” he asked, not really caring about the answer but wanting to start a conversation.
Micah licked the red from his lips. “Strawberry Daiquiri.”
“That’s nice. Did I tell you that most people lose marks on the neuroscience section because—”
“No, no we’re not talking about that,” Micah said quickly. He spotted Riley’s knee bouncing from where it rested on the bar stool. He appeared to be vibrating in his seat. Also, he wouldn’t stop twisting the chair around. “Dude, you need to chill out.”
“How?” Riley bit the skin on his thumb until he tasted blood. He looked down at his drink, thinking perhaps it would do with a little less coke. “Nevermind, I think I know.”
• • •
There was no more coke in sight. Only clear liquid in shot glasses. Riley downed the vodka, grimacing when the shots left bullet holes in his stomach. He didn’t care.
He didn’t care about anything. For the first time that night, he finally didn’t have care in his head.
“So, you’re a murderer? he asked Micah, much too loudly. The thought of sitting next to his serial killer cousin was apparently amusing because he laughed.
Micah giggled along with him. “No, no I only write about murder.”
“But how do you know so much about blood splatter and body decop-decomp…position?”
Micah shrugged. “I don’t know. Google, I guess.”
Riley nodded thoughtfully. Google. He let that word echo in his head until it no longer made any sense. They both fell silent for a second, looking off at nothing. Riley was unconsciously tilting to one side, but quickly straightened himself. He lifted his empty shot glass and looked to the bartender. “’nother one please.”
The bartender cocked her eyebrow at him. Riley wasn’t keeping track, but she sure was. “This is your last one,” she said, pouring the shot.
Riley pouted. His last one. He had to make this one count. He kept the glass on the bar and stared at it wistfully. As far as he was concerned, he was peering into the deepest wishing well. So far, all his wishes had come true. He closed his eyes, thinking about his last wish.
This wish was important. It held the weight of the future on its figurative back. Riley didn’t seem to care that wishes were intangible concepts or that shots were just liquid. He placed all of his hopes on the shoulders of this moment. It wasn’t entirely true about him not having a care in the world. Anxieties and worries lingered at the back of his mind. Multiple choice numbers floated in his subconscious, and a few of those questions surfaced to the top of his thoughts.
Riley made his wish and downed the shot.
He felt this shot like a tiny wound in his stomach. Or maybe it landed like a penny at the bottom of a fountain. Either way, his belly felt the weight. He hiccupped and put his fist up to his mouth just as Madix came over to the bar.
Madix looked back and forth at Micah and Riley with a smirk. Neither boy could sit up straight or keep a straight face. If Madix were as drunk as his boyfriend, he probably would have laughed at the idea that anything about them could be straight.
“How you guys doing?” he asked, placing a hand on Riley’s shoulder. “You certainly seem more relaxed.”
Riley melted at the sight of his boyfriend. His Madix. This boy belonged to him. It was his most prized possession. Drunk Riley didn’t fully appreciate the concept of autonomy. He grabbed Madix’s other hand and pulled him closer. “Where have you been? I missed you.”
Madix smiled at the idea of being missed while he sat a few feet away. “I missed you too. Alexi and I have been talking to some people at the table next to us. Do you guys want to join?”
Riley frowned for no particular reason. Perhaps he was trying to remember how to politely decline the offer of social interaction. Even while drunk, Riley wasn’t fond of the idea of talking to strangers. “No, Micah and I are having fun talking.”
“Good. I’m glad.”
“But the bartender won’t give us more drinks.”
“Is that so?” Madix said, wondering just how much his boyfriend managed to drink in such a short time. “Perhaps we should have done this with more food in our bellies. How are you feeling?”
Riley didn’t try to stop himself from falling forward into Madix’s chest. He was suddenly very sleepy and a little regretful of that last shot. He burped, still with his face smooshed into Madix’s shirt. “I’m fine.”
“Really?” Madix said, lifting Riley up by the shoulders to look at his face better. His cheeks were flushed red. He also seemed to be swallowing excessively. “Maybe a little queasy?”
“Maybe a little.”
“How about we get some fresh air.” Madix looked over at Micah who appeared to be a bit more composed. “Micah, are you coming?”
“No,” Micah replied, standing up from the stool. “I’m gonna sit with Alexi.”
Madix was about to say something in return, but Riley’s hiccupping distracted him.
The boy grimaced, “Madix, my head feels funny.”
“That’s why we’re going outside. Ready?” Madix said before helping his boyfriend off the stool.
Riley stumbled a little before using Madix’s shirt to catch him. He reeled back, blinking rapidly. The standing world felt much different than the sitting world. He didn’t like it as much. “Whoa…I don’t…feel good.”
“Are you going to be sick?” Madix asked with a tight hold on his boyfriend.
“No.” And then Riley promptly threw up at Madix’s feet. It came up so suddenly and effortlessly that he barely had time to realize what he’d done. But he did realize it as he stared at a pathetic puddle of sick on his boyfriend’s shoes. “Oops,” was all he could say before gagging and slapping a hand over his mouth.
“Oh jeez, come on,” Madix said as he dragged Riley out of the bar.
It smelt like smoke outside as Madix and Riley emerged from the doors. They barely made it a few steps before Riley heaved up a much bigger flood of vomit. This time it landed only on the pavement.
Riley bent forward, putting his hands on his knees. He felt the sting of alcohol as it rushed up his throat. It splattered in between his feet in a mostly clear stream. Eventually, it turned darker as he belched up coke and whatever else was in deep in his belly.
“Here we go,” Madix said, patting Riley’s back. “You’re okay.”
Was Riley okay? He didn’t feel okay. He felt the sky surrounding him on all sides, like he was tumbling up against gravity. His stomach squeezed itself, sending up another wave of spiked sick. To onlookers, he appeared to be dancing around, but he was really just trying to stop himself from falling over. Truthfully, Madix deserved most of the credit for keeping him upright.
“Ugh, Madix,” Riley moaned with his head in his hands. “It’s spinning. It’s all spinning, make it stop.”
“I wish I could, love,” Madix said, tossing his coin into the wishing well. Unfortunately, that well water was now splattered across the sidewalk.
Riley coughed harshly which triggered another burp that brought with it a final surge of puke. God, how it burned his nose and made his eyes water. He straightened up while sniffling like crazy.
Madix’s peered at him, waiting to see if there would be another round. When Riley’s stomach seemed to settle down, he grabbed his boyfriend’s arm. “Are you with me, babe?”
Riley closed his eyes, feeling himself sway in Madix’s grip. “That was horrible. Why did you let me do that?”
Madix chuckled. “I told you to drink your worries away, not banish them to the underworld with fifty shots of vodka.”
Riley moaned. He was quickly approaching the realm of regret and self-hatred. “God, my stomach. I feel horrible.”
“I know something that will make you feel better,” Madix said while leading his boyfriend back into the bar. They had their fun, but now it was time to get Alexi and Micah, and go home.
Madix couldn’t stop the smile from spreading on his face, even when his boyfriend looked this miserable. Well, he wouldn’t be miserable for long. “I checked your score an hour ago. You passed.”
Riley could only sigh. The tension dropped from his shoulders and his jaw. He felt ten times lighter, no thanks to the copious of vomit he just brought up.
The look of relief on Riley’s face was all Madix wanted to see. Sadly, he could still see the look of someone who was nauseous and tired. “I’m proud of you. And I’m pretty sure you won’t be thinking about your score tomorrow.”
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lesly-oh · a day ago
The R on the knife could be 'Romero' or 'Riley' or something else right? The latest art you drew makes me worried that Maya has been framed as DJ's killer (or if its a darker twist, did she do it???) 😭
Yes, our biggest theories between players is that the R is either for Romero or Riley, but to be honest we have no clue who it belongs to😫
On one side if it's Riley's, it would explain why Maya tried to hurt her the first time they interacted. On the other if it's Maya's.... big oof 😭(like I dont believe she would intentionally hurt DJ, but she could still be the one resposible for what happened)
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clairepjhpersonal · 18 hours ago
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thomas-the-goat-of-satan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ladies and gentlemen: her.
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notgraysond · a month ago
Tumblr media
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margarethx · 8 months ago
It’s weird how people treat Bucky as the mysterious and secretive one within Sambucky when you can look at him for like two seconds and deduce everything you need to know about him. Sad boi, traumatic past, doesn’t like talking about it, quiet, frustrated, you better don’t interact with him unless he lets you.
Sam Wilson on the other hand? I have no clue what’s going on in his head most of the time. (I mean... I kind of do, as a viewer. But I’m not sure the characters he encounters are just as informed.) He seems like a pretty positive, optimistic person, but there are so many moments when he just looks desperate and on the verge of tears. Like he’s not sure anything will ever work in his favour. He doesn’t talk much about his emotions or his past unless it’s very relevant - and he does that mainly to connect with other people through shared experience. That’s why he mentioned Riley’s death. Or his aunt... who also died.
Karli called him a hopeless optimist. But is he an optimist? I wouldn’t say so. He likes joking and smiles... relatively often... but that’s it. For me he seems more like a realist who knows when he can get the job done to fix a problem. And he fixes a lot of problems. It seems like he helps other people all the time, so you might think he’s just selfless. But his desperate attempts to keep the family boat against Sarah’s protests were pretty selfish. (Objectively. I’m not judging him here.) Giving the shield away was not exatly selfish (he had every right to do so), but he still didn’t listen to anyone telling him to take up the mantle, because he didn’t want to, end of discussion.
For people like Walker he seems like a sidekick and a “wingman”. Someone who followed Steve around. But he didn’t. Sam made all the decisions himself - in ca:tws Steve even discouraged him from joining the fight. He went and fought anyway. Even Bucky, who knew Sam way longer than Walker, just assumed that he went against the Accords, because Steve did. But Sam formed his opinion first - it just happened to align with Steve’s. And how can he be a sidekick who just follows other people when during just his second conversation with Steve he said he likes working at the VA, because there’s no one above him giving him orders and that’s nice?
“Sam is the rational one!” - says the fandom. ...Sam kicked a fucking helicopter mid-flight. And jumped into one almost falling into the rotor.
“Sam is stubborn and will hold a grudge for a long time” - says the fandom (or at least the part of it who clearly dislikes the guy). ... Meanwhile, Sam helped Tony find Steve right after he was shot by him in the face for an accident that was not Sam’s fault. And he helped Vision in Infinity War even thought he was part of said accident. He still talks with Rhodey like they’re okay and nothing happened. And he tried to become friends with Barnes after he almost killed him three times. (As the Winter Soldier, but still.)
Zemo didn’t expect Sam to not hesitate about rejecting the serum.
Karli was surprised by Sam’s character. Later she was suprised again and disappointed that he (of all people) decided to become the new Captain. Isaiah didn’t expect him to take the shield either. But he did take it and Isaiah had to admit he was wrong about Sam after he heard his speech.
“I never said pilot ;)” ... Yeah, I know. You never did, Sam. Because you say so little about yourself. And it’s so vague and carefully selected.
“He speaks Arabic...” Yeah, Torres. I was surprised too.
--- ----- ---
This whole show (and Sam’s entire story in the MCU) seems like it’s just a person after a person, after a person making assumptions about Sam and then realizing that... Actually they were wrong the whole time. Either partially or complitely. 
Sam is so secretive about his own thoughts and feelings that he tricked everyone around him into thinking he’s an open book, so no one bothers to even ask any questions. Because they feel like they know him, but... Do they really?
And I can just imagine that the longer Sam and Bucky work and live together the more Bucky sees how other people misjudge his partner... all the damn time. (Just as he himself used to do.) They just assume Sam will let them do anything they want and he doesn’t. Or they assume they can give him orders and he’s like: “Subtle? Got it!” - and does whatever he planned, following only his own rules.
It must be pretty amusing to watch. And it probably feels like some kind of honour to actually get a chance to know the real Sam Wilson.
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weksey · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
mood leading up to bdsp release
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DJ: I’m gay
Riley: that’s so cool, me too!
Maya: I’m also gay
Riley: gay people suck
xjkiroglhkkvhlxckkh you said it better than I ever could
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stargazingbee · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
writer’s block
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layer-of-slayers · 3 months ago
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer as tumblr text posts 2/?
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petricorah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy bday @sanktaleksanders
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mophamsa · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love you. Prove it. Ellie and Dina Parallels in THE LAST OF US..
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erikensa · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
girl you are so serious and offputting <3
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cloudtail · a month ago
Tumblr media
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hexagang · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
not enough people talk ab riley and sam, specifically the impact riley's death had on sam, and i think we as a fandom should talk about it more
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notgraysond · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Clairo - Pretty Girl
Every day I have to make my fursonas gender more and more confusing… he/they
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lesbihonest-art · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
I've never drawn Rileys parents before but with all the playing around with a potential redesign I figured I'd finally hash out my vision of them.
Possibly makes Riley's design make more sense? 😂
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