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lazy sketch
Tumblr media
It's old, but I modified it a bit
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✧ what their kisses are like ✧
ft. kazutora, mikey, chifuyu, baji, draken, wakasa, rindou, sanzu, ran
[fluff, kinda suggestive, gender neutral] a/n: mMmMmmMmmmmmm,,, i had to redo this post because your dumbass here (me) posted this and forgot to add tags 🤪
Tumblr media
♡ kazutora ♡
extremely teasing with it
- he gets close enough for you to think he's about to go in for a kiss before quickly pulling away to see your shocked/annoyed expression-
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
kisses like a middle schooler :///
- yea thats all i'm saying for him on this lmaooo
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
shit at it lol
- he's more off a cuddler than actual kisser tbh... BUT BUT BUT he's warm and sweet,,, ugshshhhh my heart istggg <333
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
shit at it lol (part 2)
- LMFAO ITS SLOPPY. but hey whatever???? its all about the confidence i guess,,,,
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
gentle and sweet
- its like he's holding something precious that he doesn't want to break wahh <333333
Tumblr media
♡ wakasa ♡
his kisses are like... butterflies if that makes sense???
- one second his lips are on yours and the next he's already walking away with a smirk
Tumblr media
♡ rindou ♡
"the perfect kisser"
- idk how else to describe it??? just ugHgGhgghhhhhhhhh
Tumblr media
♡ ran ♡
it feels like when you kiss it lasts for HOURS- even if its just a quick kith kith
- every kiss you guy's share always leaves you wanting more- and thats how ran likes it, he loves having you on the edge of your seat with him-
Tumblr media
♡ sanzu ♡
aggressive and a bit possessive
- when he kisses you, it feels like he's going "their mine." definitely experienced
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Tumblr media
+ tags. fwb, tit sucking, unprotected sex, y/n got cheated on, rindou's big fat cock <3, the fat cock of rindou haitani, yes i will say this over and over HE HAS A FAT COCK 😔, EIGHTEEN PLUS ONLY !!
+ note. so yeah, idk i enjoyed making drabbles might as well make one for rindou hehehe i feel the need to tag my bby jan @r-indou hehe cos ik how much u love rin's fAAAT DICK AYEJWH 🤩
Tumblr media
your best friend has you on his lap, your hands have a firm grip on his hair, tip of your fingers running on the skin of his nape as he sucks on your tits, tongue swirling on your nipple while his fingers are flicking the other.
he hummed, large hands squeezing on your tits as he sucked on it like he’s been deprived of tits his whole life. “fuck.”
you grind on his cock—hard unrestrained dick making heavenly friction on your wet slit, cock coated with your juices just aching to be inside your tight pussy, lavender eyes looking up at you as he lets go of your tits with a pop. “pretty girl wants my cock, yeah?”
“y-yeah—hmm… fuck me.” you pleaded, holding onto your best friend’s shoulder, nails digging on his skin as you both groan to your uncontrollable grinding.
rindou holds your waist, lifting your body a bit to angle his cock on your aching hole, “ride my cock, yeah?”
you nodded desperately, sitting down on his cock—you whimpered, rindou has a fat cock—it’s only just the tip yet you’re holding on to his shoulder as if you’re fighting for your life. “can't take my cock, huh? should i help you then?”
“mhm- so big, rin. y-you’re so big…” you mewled, face on the crook of his neck while you whine about how big and fat his cock is. you were about to cry, really, and when he pushed you down on his cock—tears of pleasure accompanied with a bit of pain ran down your cheeks along with the screaming of his name.
his dick was overwhelmingly big, stretching out your tight pussy walls—your cunt was clasping on his cock perfectly, squeezing it so good he’s about to bust a nut.
it’s funny how you’re crying about your cheater ex-boyfriend to your best friend and now—yeah, you’re still crying, but because of your best friend’s fat dick inside you—taking all your pain away while you bounce up and down his cock.
“‘m gonna make it all better, yeah?”
Tumblr media
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he's going to get back problems 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Deer in headlights | Short stories: A heated morning
Bonten x Reader | 1.5K+ words
Warnings: Smut MDNI, cockwarming, slight fingering, uh balls but not what you think, foul language, nonsense, grammar/spelling mistakes, not edited. Ran on his birthday suit. have your age in your blogs visible
A/N: *evil laugh* I’m not posting the daddy chapter today! Hohohoho! I bet you didn’t see that coming psychic anon! 😎💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Where is Y/N?” asked Kakucho, looking around the apartment and not seeing you fluttering around.
“She’s with Ran and Rindou; since we all were busy yesterday, they took her to their place,” Mochi said, not worrying much about the subject. After all, you were safe and happy.
“They what? Why didn't they say anything? Not even an update on the group chat!?!” Sanzu didn't like the idea of them taking advantage of the situation. “Why their place?”
“Sanzu, you’re overreacting; they probably had their reasons,” Takeomi tried to reassure the pink-haired male.
“No, I don't think so.” Sanzu looked at Mikey, “Can I go check on them?” and Mikey nodded, not wanting Sanzu to be buzzing with anxiety all day.
“Kokonoi, go with him,” that’s all the boss had to say.
“Let’s go,” grumbled Kokonoi, but it didn't go unnoticed by everyone how he didn't say no to the idea of checking on you.
Meanwhile, at the haitani’s place.
Last night was too much. The brothers had taken turns with you—your body, sore from their gripping and handling. Your skin still felt their teeth and scratches; they behaved like wild beasts. A shiver ran through your spine at the memory.
You had felt the bed move early in the morning, and you assumed Ran had woken up. The sound of a shower inundated the room.
A heavy arm kept you in place, no matter how much you wiggled and turned. It didn't budge. On the contrary, it strengthened his hold. Slightly opening your eyes, you saw the tattooed arm surrounding you. So it was Rindou, and you were right; Ran was the one in the shower.
You were still squirming in Rindou’s hold, trying to break free, when suddenly, a hand held your neck, calloused fingers surrounded your throat. You stilled. “Fuck doll, you’re killing me,” Rindou’s rough morning voice spoke in your ear. “Stop—stop shoving your ass on my cock, fuck,” you felt his hips thrust and his bulge pushed against the curve of your ass. The arm hugging your body—moved slowly; Rindou’s hand crawled towards your core, cupping your heat. “Now, you’re helping me with it,”
“Wa-Wait, Rindou! I'm still sore, please,” you begged.
“Don’t worry; you’re just going to keep me warm,” at that, Rindou moved your panties to the side, first making space for his fingers. He spread your lips open, rubbing your clit, receiving whines from you in return. Without wasting any more time, pulling his underwear down, he shoved his cock in one push. A cry rose from your throat, only to be swallowed by Rindou’s mouth. He had turned your head to the side so he could attach his lips to yours—your neck, in pain from the sudden motion and posture. “There, there, little lamb,” his finger kept drawing circles in your bud, “I know you can take me, hmm?” his nose caressed the side of your face, “just like last night.”
He kept a hand on your neck, holding you against him in a spooning position, “Rin- I-” he squeezed his fingers around your already market skin.
“Shh, we can go back to sleep now, right?” Rindou could feel your warm walls hugging his member, your soft cheeks against his pelvis. “You feel so good, little lamb,” a groan resonated in your back; you felt him twitch, “Fuck, how are you still this tight after last night.”
His finger had left your clit a while ago, replacing your bud for your nipple. Rindou had been fondling your chest while both of you rested on the bed—his cock still buried deep in your hole. The only thing you could do was moan and whimper as your pussy throbbed.
You nor Rindou wondered why Ran stayed in the shower for too long, nor heard the ring of the doorbell. Too focused on the feeling of being close to one another. Rindou holding you so tight, and you—keeping him warm in return.
And again, too busy to notice the sound of the shower stopped, and so did the bell. “Rindou, why the fu-” as Ran stepped out of the bathroom only with a towel covering him, he asked himself why didn't his lazy ass of a brother checked the doorbell; his eyes fell on the bed, and Ran immediately understood why. Rindou looked like a snake wrapped around its prey, with the way he was holding you. Ran huffed. “Hey, Rindou. You asshole, give our little lamb a break.”
“She’s fine, right?” As the younger Haitani said those words, the sudden thrust of his hips made you mewl at the friction. “You see?” Ran rolled his eyes at his brother’s actions.
Forgotten was the doorbell, but what a mistake it was. Because silently, two figures marched up to the Haitani’s main bedroom. A hand was on the doorknob; both brothers too focused on your squirming form to notice the two intruders. Then suddenly, a scream broke the peace in the room. Ran fastly pulled a gun from the nightstand as Rindou pulled the bedsheets to cover your naked bodies.
“What the fuck?” Ran cursed, seeing Sanzu and Kokonoi standing in the room. “How did you get in!?!”
“What the fuck, you two!” Sanzu pointed towards the bed, “Take your dick out!”
Rindou, still holding you, wrapped up in blankets, but now you were sitting on his lap, giving your back to the other three men. Your elaborated breath fanning over the younger Haitani’s shoulder. Rindou hadn't moved his cock an inch out as everything transpired in the room.
“Rindou, you bastard, stop smiling like an idiot,” Kokonoi said.
“Sorry, it’s just that her pussy clamped around my cock, you know,” you heard a commotion behind you, but the purplenette didn't let you look. If you had, you would have seen Ran’s ass in all his glory while he tried to hold Sanzu and Kokonoi back from jumping his brother. The towel now laid forgotten on the floor.
“Oh my god! Ran, get the fuck away! I touched your fucking sack!” Kokonoi shouted. A bitter expression on his face.
“I can't believe you two broke my lock,” Ran stood at the door, checking the damage.
“You didn't open the goddamn door, and you live in a penthouse; we can't fly through the window,” Sanzu answered as he held you on his lap as you ate breakfast.
“For starters, people wait?” Rindou voiced; he was sitting on a stool, still smirking from all that had occurred earlier in the morning.
“Shut up, Rindou.” Kokonoi was typing away on his phone, looking for someone who could come and fix the haitani’s door, “You asses did a number on Y/N.”
“I’m okay,” you added with your cheeks full of cheesecake.
“No, you’re not,” Sanzu and Kokonoi let out at the same time.
“Y/N is fine,” argued Rindou, tired of the subject. Those two had been on his neck since he had let you go and hadn't let him near you.
“No? Which one of you bit her here!?!” the pinknette pointed at your left boob; you swatted his hand away, offended. “And here?!” now it was your inner thighs.
“Oh, shut your mouth, Sanzu! You’re just jealous you weren't here,” Rindou stood up and strolled toward you.
As the two men bickered, you struggled to hold your cheesecake plate. Abruptly, Sanzu’s arm hit yours, and it sent your breakfast flying. It happened in slow motion. Ran, Rindou, Sanzu, and you saw the plate crossing the air and land on none other than Kokonoi. In Kokonoi’s head, to be precise.
Silence reigned in the room; nobody moved a muscle. Kokonoi sat there, just breathing. And then it was like a dam broke. The three other men cracked up. Boisterous laughs filled the place. You, on the other hand, felt a little guilty, so you jumped down from Sanzu’s lap and walked towards Kokonoi.
Now, standing in front of him, you stretched out your arm, reaching for his face full of sweet cream. With your thump, you swapped his lower lip and took it to your mouth. “you taste good, Koko, let’s take a bath together, what do you say?” you sweetly smiled at him. “Ran, we’re using your bathroom!” you screamed as you pulled Koko along. Not seeing the long-haired man pull his middle finger toward the other three.
Tumblr media
Fun facts:
Bonten unconsciously goes to your place every morning.
Sanzu did try to go for a window, but Koko hit him in the forehead and told him they were on the last floor.
Ran actually took pity on you for how rough they were last night, so he went to relieve himself in the shower.
Kokonoi was about to snap very ugly when the plate landed on his head, but he saw you coming his way, so he stopped and waited. Smart choice.
Koko brought the cheesecake because he knows you like the texture.
Sanzu tried to eat it on their way there.
The one who screamed was Koko.
Koko had to scrub his hands multiple times to take off the feeling of Ran’s balls xD
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Tumblr media
character(s): haitani rindou x gn!reader
summary: in which a false alarm makes rindou realize that he is in fact in love with you
notes: idk i just have so many feelings ab rin
warnings: none
Tumblr media
rindou cusses at the car that almost hits him, flipping them off as he presses harder on the gas—even though he was the one that ran the red light.
normally, he isn’t this careless.
normally he actually buckles his seatbelt before he pulls onto the road. normally he might go a little over the speed limit but not so much so that it’s dangerous. normally he wouldn’t grip the wheel so hard it makes it difficult to turn. normally, he’d stop at a fucking red light.
but normally he doesn’t get a call from his brother at two in the morning that tells him he’s caught wind of some hit.
some hit that is all the way across town from where he was just lounging in the bonten headquarters.
some hit that is being done by guys who are notorious for not leaving anything or anyone—alive, anyways—behind as evidence.
some hit that is supposed to be going down inside your apartment building.
his foot presses harder again.
rindou’s never much cared for anyone else, not really. sure, he looks after his fellow bonten members and makes sure to watch his brother’s back. he takes care of business and ensures there are no loose ends that could come back and hurt them later. but he’s never really cared deeply about anything, honestly.
that is, until you walked into his life.
you, with your sweet smile and kind eyes and complete lack of fear as mikey dragged you into a bonten meeting one day, as if you weren’t meeting killers and drug lords and criminals that would make other people cower at the mere sight of them. everyone is still unsure of your role, why you were brought in in the first place.
at first, rindou hated you.
because who were you to chastise him as you wrapped his arm with gauze? you weren’t even a part of the infirmary—you weren’t even a part of anything—and yet you opted to take care of him, of everyone for that matter, when the injuries were minor.
and how dare you demand for his number so that you could check on him, to make sure he was treating his wounds properly like he should. even going to the extent of showing up to his apartment when he isn’t even sure how you got the address, just to fix them when you know he’s neglected to.
it had made his skin crawl when you started pulling a chair up beside him during bonten meetings, as if you were friends. as if you were anything closer than begrudging colleagues. he hated the way you’d nudge his side, whisper things to him when he was trying to focus. you shouldn’t even be in these meetings in the first place, it was annoying. you were annoying.
he despised how you thought you were allowed to touch him, to reach up and straighten out his tie or smooth down his suit collar. how could you just smile at him like it was normal? he was supposed to be feared for god’s sake, you were supposed to be scared of him! it pissed him off to no end that you didn’t flinch even the slightest bit around him.
then, he remembers the first time you ever did.
it had been a rough night, a long plan gone askew that took longer to handle than most. he’d gotten a few nasty injuries, nothing big, which of course led him to sitting on the counter in bonten’s kitchen with you standing between his legs. you were talking, and you were just being nice, he thinks you were even telling him how sorry you were that he had to go through this tonight.
but his head was pounding and he was just so fucking drained, and he didn’t know why he did it—he still doesn’t—but all of the sudden he just yelled at you, told you to shut the fuck up before he made you.
which in itself was weird for him, because he was never really one to yell. he was supposed to be the calm one, the collected one, the one who would always keep his cool. and yet when it came to you, it was like all his natural instincts just went out the window.
but that look on your face as you jerked a little. your eyes widening and turning slightly glossy. your fingers trembling around the bandage you were in the middle of wrapping around his hand. that fearless aura you always had around you fizzling out instantly.
rindou’s stomach sunk immediately, and he realized he hated you being scared of him far more than you not.
after that, he put a little less effort into despising you. because he never really gave you a chance to prove yourself, did he?
so he decides to observe you.
he learns that he should actually listen to you while you’re tending to his wounds because the tips you give him are useful. and you tell him stories sometimes, about your childhood or what you did that day or what you want to do with your life in the future.
it’s when he’s listening as you patch him up that he learns about your connection to mikey, how you were best friends with his sister as kids so you’ve always been close. you tell him embarrassing stories about his boss, ones you make him swear not to tell anyone else (even though you never actually wait for his answer about whether he agrees to that or not). he finds that the sound of your voice really isn’t all that bad.
he starts responding to your texts when you would ask him if he was taking care of himself. somehow the messages morphed from worries of his wounds to whether he’d eaten today or if he was getting enough rest. and you’d show up to his apartment still, and instead of trying to kick you out like he used to he’d let you in. you’d bring him dinner, his favorite. (he still doesn’t know how you know his order, but he suspects his brother is responsible somehow).
he’s the one who drags a chair beside him during meetings now. waiting for you to bounce in, watching your eyes light up as you notice, and plop down next to him. he regrets ever telling you to shut up when you’d nudged his side before, because now when you lean in he realizes it’s to tell him jokes or make fun of someone in the room. you’re actually quite funny, and he has to bite the inside of his cheek to fight off a grin on more than one occasion.
your nitpicking, though? now that still gets on his nerves. he doesn’t smack your hands away anymore (he doesn’t think he could ever lay a finger on you like that again), but he still grumbles as you make him bend down to fix his hair, run your fingers down his collar, wipe that piece of dust off his shoulder. his heart flutters a little when you pat his chest before pulling away every time, but he will never admit that out loud.
and there’s all these other things he’s picked up on too.
like how you’re the one who restocks the fridge with everyone’s favorite drinks, money out of your own pocket because unlike everyone else here you have a conscience and refuse to just steal things.
or the way you leave little notes on the fridge or the counter or by the tv remote to remind them all of which areas they should avoid because of heightened police activity lately.
or how you know how to ride a motorcycle and like to race mikey down back alleys but are absolutely terrified of riding on trains and subways because you think that they’re “unsafe”.
or the way that without fail you always know when it’s time for everyone to dye their hair again and come in with plastic sacks full of the stuff just so you can help.
it’s all these little things that haunt rindou at night, that have him repeating over and over in his head that he hates you, truly does, with his whole entire heart, just so he won’t entertain the idea that maybe he doesn’t hate you at all.
and it’s all these little things now that are racing through his mind as he finally makes the last turn to your apartment building and skids to a stop in the parking lot, hardly throwing it in park and pulling the keys out of the ignition before he’s jumping out and running to the front doors.
he thinks, in the forefront of his mind as he bypasses the elevators to run up the stairs, that he needs to calm down. but he just can’t.
because this—this involves you and anything revolving around you dissolves all of the serenity that rests within his bones.
your apartment door is locked by the time he gets to it, breaths short and slightly labored as he tries the knob. and he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s thinking as he shoves his shoulder into it and literally breaks it open.
you’re going to scream at him about that later, as well as how he’s probably fucked up his shoulder. that is, if you’re still even…
his jaw clenches as he enters your apartment, it’s dark, there are no lights on. he’s never even been here before, but it’s small enough he finds your bedroom rather quickly and, well.
his feet drag him into the room before he can stop them. and there you are, laying in bed with your covers all crinkled and your mouth slightly parted. how the hell him breaking down your door didn’t wake you up, he has no clue.
as he stands beside your bed, rindou can’t help it—he doesn’t trust his eyes, he has to know, to feel if you’re really alright—so he leans down to press his fingers to the side of your throat. a breath whooshes out of his lungs as he feels a thump, then another, in the sweet form of a heartbeat.
and that door being busted down might not’ve woke you up but apparently the pressure on your neck did, because a second later a fist is colliding to rindou’s jaw.
in any other moment rindou might be proud of how strong your punch is (you must’ve actually been paying attention when he taught you self defense after all) but he’s the target of it now and it has him grasping for your wrists to stop it. you’re shouting at him, telling him to get the fuck off of you, and that’s when he registers that yeah, you probably are scared since there’s some random guy looming over you in the pitch black of the night.
“jesus, hey, hey. calm down, it’s me,” he hisses at you, daring to release one of your wrists in order to flick on your bedside lamp.
as the light comes on, golden hues illuminating the features you know so well, you relax under the restraints of rindou leaning over you, heaving out a sigh.
“you gave me a heart attack,” you breathe out, sitting upright to try to catch your breath. “i thought you were some intruder.”
“yeah that’s pretty obvious from how you just socked me in my fucking jaw,” rindou grumbles, opening and closing his mouth like he’s trying to work your punch out.
your eyes widen as it hits you that yeah, you really did just punch him, and you reach up to cup his jaw in both of your hands. and rindou hates it, the way that he doesn’t pull away. the way that if you squint, he’s almost leaning into your hand as you inspect him, rubbing your thumb along his jaw to make sure you didn’t do any damage.
(which he knows you didn’t, but for some reason he can’t bring himself to tell you that).
“sorry,” you tell him, a sheepish little grin on your lips that is so innocent it makes rindou want to scream. “but in my defense, you did break into my house. how’d you even get in? why’re you even here?”
rindou chews the inside of his cheek, which is probably something you can feel with the way your hands are cupping his face. he takes a seat on the edge of your bed, looking down at your lap instead of meeting your gaze.
“ran called me an told me he heard someone was planning a hit,” he says, voice low and steady. (he’s ignoring your first question, though he hopes you won’t notice). “it was supposed to be in your building. i just wanted to make sure..”
it’s silent for a moment as rindou clamps down on his bottom lip. god, he feels so lame for the way his eyes burn at the corners. his hand snaps up to wrap around your wrist again, keeping your hand pressed to his cheek as if you were planning on pulling it away.
and under his fingers he can feel it. one thump, two thump, a rhythm. it’s the proof he needed, the proof he’ll always need. he knows you’re safe, and yet.
“i don’t know what the fuck i would do if something were to happen to you.”
it’s quiet, as he says it. his voice is so shallow it’s hardly a whisper. it’s weak, and he hates that.
he hates how you make him that way, like he’s almost something fragile. he hates how vulnerable he feels around you and he hates the way your touch makes the back of his neck heat up and he hates the way that he’s so confident in everything until it comes to you. he hates that you always know what to say and how your laugh makes his stomach flip and how he just sped here in the middle of the night just to make sure you were okay.
he hates all these things you do to him, but most of all he hates how much he loves you, and how he didn’t see it before.
suddenly, your face is right below his, you forcing yourself into his line of sight that he’s trying so hard to avoid. and there it is, that’s stupidly sweet grin spreading across your lips as you tilt his chin back up.
“if i didn’t know any better i’d say you’ve fallen in love with me, rin.”
and maybe it’s the way your words are teasing but your tone holds so much warmth to contrast it. or maybe it’s how close you are to him right now that he can almost feel your breath on his lips. or maybe it’s the way your thumb is still rubbing soft circles into his jaw.
whatever it is has the tension seeping out of his shoulders as he blows out a scoff, rolling his eyes at you even as the edges of his lips tilt upwards into a half assed hidden smile.
“not hardly,” he says, smirking at the way a pout purses out your lips.
he blames the relief of you being alright and the seemingly open invitation of your pretty mouth pouting so cutely for how he leans forward and presses his lips to your own for just a moment long enough to be considered more than a peck. and his stupid shitty smirk only widens as he pulls away and sees your flustered expression before leaning back and standing up from your bed.
“right, well, glad you’re not dead,” he says, shoving his hands into his pants pockets as he straightens back up.
“of course you are, who would be here to baby you if i died?” you tease, laughing when he raises a hand to flip you the bird.
“i don’t need anyone to baby me, idiot.” he kicks a shirt out of his way on the floor, looking at the photos hanging on your walls. there’s quite a few of him, and he can’t help but be smug about that. “oh, and grab some clothes. you gotta stay somewhere else until someone fixes your door.”
“why, what’s wrong with my door?”
rindou stiffens in his stance a little bit, shoulders rigid, before he abruptly turns and takes quick and long strides to escape out of your bedroom.
“rindou, what is wrong with my door?!” you shout after him, clambering out of bed to go and see for yourself.
well, that answers the question of how he got in.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !
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rin-haitani · 3 months ago
tiny HAITANI CRUMBS on chapter 224
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
we might be getting another haitani brothers in action next chapter?????? who knows??????? these two whats keeping me sane while reading tokyorev :'))
when all hope is lost, theres the haitani bros pLS AND RAN WITH HIS NO-IM-DEFINITELY-NOT-A-MODEL POSE
haitanis on chapter 225
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tokyo-fukushu · 4 months ago
i know your request is closed but i have an idea. reader is haitani's youngest sibling and they have a crush on mitsuya 😳 how would the brothers react considering how ran had hit mitsuya's head before and rindou kinda did it too ??? does that even makes sense 😭 thanks for reading this tho! i love your writing so much <33
;; the haitanis’ younger sibling has a crush on mitsuya takashi… who they almost put in a coma
🥛 — haitani ran and haitani rindou ( + mitsuya takashi )
🧾 — gender neutral, second pov (you/your), cursing, fluff, humor, family, au - canon divergence, chapter 209, post-tenjiku, pining, imagine
✉ — i love the haitanis so much sdfkjas also, 209 mitsuya here since this is two years after tenjiku vs toman
Tumblr media
Ran had found it suspicious, walking into the house into the eerie silence. Usually, you were blasting some loud ass music. If not that, then you and Rindou were bickering over something incredibly small that he can’t help but sight—the babies of the family.
He walks further into the threshold of your shared apartment, not minding the blood on his sleeves as he glances at the kitchen to see nothing but the furniture. Great, at least you weren’t attempting to create a monstrosity you call food. Ran shudders at a certain memory.
He pulls out his phone to dial Rindou to ask where the fuck was he when he walked into the living room and to see no one once more. He pads his way across the hallway, checking the other rooms, a hand on the phone to his ear, the other already pulling out his baton.
The moment the call connects, Ran doesn’t waste any more time murmuring, “Where are you?”
[ “On my way home from grocery shopping because you didn’t do it.” ]
Even from where he was, Ran could tell that the younger boy was rolling his eyes with a grimace as he walked with weight on his feet, stomping up a storm in the sidewalk.
“Did Y/n tell you anything about going out?” He questions instead, not bothering to reply to the silent bite at him. Rindou will forget about it soon enough.
(Lie. Not only is Rindou stubborn but that brat is petty as well and he’ll most definitely remember such a trivial thing as grocery shopping a year from now. In arguments, he would pull out information from such a long time ago from his mental folder and baffle everyone.)
[ “What? No. I thought they were skipping school today as some kind of reward to their self for passing this quarter.” ] He pauses and Ran sincerely hopes that he has important information but Rindou doesn’t get the cue. [ “Pretty sure that those don’t exist and they’re bullshitting us.” ]
Obviously, Ran bites back. “‘Kay, get home soon. Bye.”
[ “Oi-” ]
Ran pushes your bedroom door open, ready to smack the shit out of any possible intruder.
You look up from your bed with an eyebrow raised, phone slamming on your ribs when you suddenly drop it just like how your smile on your face did. “Ran, what the fuck?”
He sighs, putting down his baton on your desk and releasing the tension on his shoulders. “Thought that you were dead or something.” He wills his heart to stop beating so hard as well as his body temperature to go back to normal. The nerves had gotten to him and he almost lashed out just at the thought of losing his younger sibling.
“Ouch,” you say sarcastically, glancing at the red on his sleeves for a short moment before disregarding it—disregarding him completely. “Get out then.”
“Okay, what’s wrong.” Folding his sleeves to hide the bloodied parts, knowing that he was going to throw this away if the blood doesn’t come off, Ran finds himself seated on the edge of your bed after shutting the door with his foot; you sit up to lean on your headboard and look at him in suspicion.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong other than you being nosey,” you refute, eyes narrowed as you grip on your device, your other hand already reaching out for a pillow to chuck at him.
Just from your actions, Ran doesn’t buy a single air of your bullshit. “Mhm, who’re you texting then?”
“No one!”
A pitch higher than normal as you sit straighter, Ran scrutinizes you, already formulating ways to pin you down and have another fight where he sneakily get your phone and run for his life into his room.
“Stop being so annoying!” You whine, already formulating ways to throw him out of your room as if you could do it if you try hard enough.
A slight curve of his lips was the only warning you got.
Rindou opens the bedroom door to a sight.
Ran is 21 years old having a “play fight” with his 15 year old sibling with no prior training like them and clearly doesn’t stand a chance.
“Rindou, come here! Y/n is keeping secrets from us now!” Ran screams. “I can’t believe this! What happened to no secrets between us forever! To be true to your siblings, to your dear family! Traitor!”
He watches it all play out, Ran screaming nonsense with a half-joking smile, being a dramatic bitch; and, of course, you biting on Ran’s hand while kicking away his face.
Rindou spies something fall off the bed as the two of you struggle, pushing away each other’s faces and pulling on the other’s hair. He heaves a deep breath, discreetly swiping it from the floor while the two of you are busy trying to pull each other’s nose out.
It was your phone.
Rindou sits by the door, making himself as comfortable as he can. A quick check showed that you still had a lot of battery left, which he’s going to use to scroll through different social media platforms because he’s bored and he left his phone in the kitchen with the bags of groceries. He hopes that there’s something interesting going on, maybe someone died.
He unlocks your phone easily, the password as basic as the first four numbers. (He still can’t believe his younger sibling is this stupid.) Then, he stops.
Rindou just stops moving, stops breathing, stops living in general.
Because right in front of his eyes was an open contact with a long conversation that you end up leaving on read (probably because of Ran’s untimely intervention). That wasn’t the important part. You texting someone wasn’t new. But, but the name, the contact name.
Mitsuya Takashi
Rindou knows one Mitsuya Takashi in this area and he doubts that there’s another one that has the same name and same face.
“Ew.” He scrunches his nose at the texts, immediately causing a pause to your and Ran’s actions.
A loud gasp from you, a kick to Ran’s face and you were pouncing at him. Not noticing, Rindou went rolling across the room with you, away from the door and away from the dropped phone as you held onto him, wrapping your arms around his torso.
“Get off of me! GET OFF OF ME!!”
Rindou tries pushing you off but you only hold onto him tightly, burying your face on the crook of his neck—not even noticing that your gadget wasn’t with him anymore. He starts hitting your side- “lightly,” Ran mouths to him as the older brother hurries to snatch the phone from the floor and get the fuck out of there.
“Holy shit! Is this that guy we smacked with a brick from Toman?!”
Rindou freezes, Ran’s voice loud and clear, echoing through the apartment and possibly the whole street as well. You stop squirming above him, eyes darkening and Rindou makes sure to note in his head that Ran was going to get it after this.
“You hit him?”
“In my defense, we were from different gangs and it was Ran-”
You made sure to relish in his little yelp when you dug your elbow in his stomach before turning and stumbling out of your room, grabbing Ran’s discarded baton along the way.
Rindou bemoans on the floor, curling into a ball and wishing Ran hell under his breath.
“You like this guy?” Ran teases, turning his head to wave your phone around, already having seen enough from the conversation as a small almost maniacal giggle left his lips. God, his little baby is growing up so soon-
His own baton comes flying to his face.
You come flying after, reaching out to your phone, teeth gritted and face burning as you duck.The two of you tumble into the kitchen floor, Ran’s waist also hitting the counter. “Fuck-”
“If it makes you feel better-” Ran manages to huff out. “I’ll completely support you and give you my permission.”
“Do I look like I need your permission to fall in love with someone?”
“No,” he grins despite the pain as you hover above him, stretching your arm to your phone that he still kept safe. Honestly, at least it wasn’t the brat that beat us up- “But if he hurts you, I am the one who’s going to pay for ice cream and your favorite clothes and things and food so that you’ll get over him and I’m also the one who’s going to beat him up.”
“Me too,” Rindou echoes.
Your cheeks grow hotter even more, biting on your lip. “Shut up…”
Ran coos from under you, patting your phone on your thigh. “We love you too.”
“I just hope that he puts the past behind him,” Rindou laughs sarcastically and you turn to throw a ladle you grabbed from the counter at him.
“You guys almost killed him!” Grabbing Ran’s shirt, you force him up with you, choking him. “I swear, if he hates me, I’ll make sure to drain both of your accounts.”
Ran’s smile breaks.
You meant it.
Tumblr media
[ ko-fi: sielouu ]
[ tag list: @emergencyfoodpaimon | @primsonnn | @gommiswifey | @alllostone | @lazecchi | @manjiroarchiviste | @chibichab | @salsas-without-the-middle-s |  @dai-tsukki-desu​ |  asawa-ni-senju | m4tsuch1 | chixkadee |  gwynsapphire | rugbey |  inu1gf ]
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kokon0is · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
⤷ with bonten
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he sigh, looking at the interviewer— probably already holding back his tears by just the question alone, because he has so much to say but chooses not to spill it all
“spend time with shinichiro more okay? watch how you act towards your friends and please choose the right path……so me, wont suffer this much anymore”
he stared at the interviewer for a sec, chuckling— but he must admit it, that’s a heavy question for him. who fucking knows what happened to him, how did he get into this self— so he never really answered it properly but he’s sure, that he’s honest about the last 3 words.
“that’s a lame question but anyways…..what’s up buddy, u look good without these scars— be careful alright? i love you”
its kakucho, like mikey- this question alone is making him emotional, he want to say the story of his life and how miserable he got after his parents death, but there’s no way he’ll say that to a 10 years old— but one thing for sure, he’s going to mention izana.
“please dont hate mom and dad anymore, love them because something bad will happen, sooner you will meet izana the only family that you will have, protect him”
he puff out a smoke, along with a low chuckle. that question is alot to take in for him though its easy for him to answer— cuz his inner child just want peace for the 3 of them.
“dont hurry your time, be a kid. and watch over your siblings dumbass”
he got nothing but akane on his mind, but some other things too like enjoying his life, go get straight a’s on school but just saving akane will solve every problem he has
“take her far away from their home, there’s a fire going to happen”
maturing in the very young age is rough, the question alone made him realize that maybe he is the reason why him and rindou end up on this life, if he didn’t expose him and rin in such a life, then probably everything will be better.
“stay in school and follow your parents kid, it’s lonely here at the top”
he smiled to this question, he never really thought about this— but he sure has something to say to his small self— as rans little shadow before who thinks its cool to do adult stuffs and be ‘mature’,
“you want to be mature in an early age so bad and here we are, fix your decisions in life little rindou, dont be just a shadow of you big bro— show off!!”
unlike others, he thought this is a comedy show that asked you things and see if you can pull it off and make the audience laugh
“fix your hairline while you still can fix it, my sides to my back of the head before is shaved— there’s only a hair kn the top my head like a pineapple—but it’s braided and long, its so ugly”
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astroprinceps · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
jellyfish man
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haitaniswhore · 2 months ago
thinkin about how rindou puts his glasses on ur head before he leaves to go fight. ur job is to just sit there all pretty and watch ur boyfie’s glasses while he goes and fucks around w ran for like an hour. he pinches ur nose if u put them on ur face properly and smiles (not that u can rlly see his smile . he’s like legally blind rindou r u ok) makes him real happy when he comes back to u and u put them back on his face w a lil kiss on his nose (not in front of the others tho please!!!!!! especially not in front of ran omg) pinches ur waist when u do that and then pouts at u to help patch him up. and yes the antiseptic makes him tear up when u clean his busted lip (he’s a little baby i’m telling u) and he’ll tell u that ur kisses will fix him (please kiss him he’s asking u nicely just one little ktih) and yes he’ll get even more upset if u don’t give him a lil kiss so please give him a smooch!!!!!!
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leepoon-06 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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manjiropie · 4 months ago
I'd kill to have 3 minutes of FaceTime with anyone in this
Tumblr media
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sanzuchi · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
+ tags. overstimulation, dacryphilia, rough sex, i think that's it idk : ( tell me if i missed something hehe, EIGHTEEN PLUS ONLY !!
+ note. idk why i wrote this : ( anyway tagging @r-indou hehe hi to u when u wake up baby jan and @manjiroro :< hello HSKJALHDSA
reblogs are always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
“hm? pretty girl’s crying?”
rindou looked up to you and a smile flashed on his face. your pretty face was a mess, mascara running down on your cheeks along with the fat tears that you can’t stop from falling anymore. “r-rin, can’t anymore!”
rindou ignored what you said and gripped your hips with his large hands, “hm. ride me properly, pretty girl or i won’t let you cum again. we don’t want that now, do we?”
“no… no wanna cum but ‘s too much.” you whimpered as you fell on rindou’s chest, tits pressed on his chest as you bury your face on the crook of his neck. your legs were already limp, thighs were sore as you rode his fat cock for hours, you were struggling and yet he was enjoying all these—the fucked out expressions, tear-filled glossy eyes staring down at him as you bounced on his cock relentlessly and now, your body’s trembling above him as he grip your ass cheeks.
rindou lifted his legs, heels stuck on the wet mattress as he thrust his dick up your cunt mercilessly, “you can’t anymore?”
“mhm—n-no! rin, ‘s too much.” you mumbled, fingers gripping on the sheets as you felt his cock pulsate inside your cunt. his veiny shaft creating such mouth-watering friction on your spongy walls, “rin—dou! fuck! please-”
“that’s what i wanna hear, you know? you, screaming my name.” he bites your shoulder while his thrusts on your pussy gets harder and faster, wet skin slapping can be heard in the four corners of this room as he rut his dick inside your gaping hole—juices seeping out uncontrollably while you cry out his name. “you’re a good girl, right? can you do that for me?”
still, even though you’re out of your mind from being fucked stupid by rindou’s cock, it doesn’t hinder you from doing his demands. “rindou! you fuck me so good—ah!”
rindou leaned on your ear, you could almost feel him smiling devilishly—his hot breath made your body twitch, his teeth raking on your lobe as he said the words that made you cum—for you don’t know how many times now, “‘s my good girl.”
Tumblr media
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rantanis · 4 months ago
Uhm yeah hi!! Y/n asking bonten boys for cuddles?? 👉👈
cuddles w/bonten
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: mikey, sanzu, ran, rindou, kokonoi, & kakucho x gn!reader
GENRE: fluff, scenarios
A/N: i literally reused parts of a drabble from my old blog for ran's own because it was the perfect scenario
Tumblr media
mikey never usually worked late hours, he found it tedious. he normally passed on most of his work to sanzu whenever he got tired and needed to rest a bit or just wanted to go home and see you. the quirks of being the boss. however that wasn't the case tonight.
he sighed as he looked at mounds of files on his desk, rubbing his already sore eyes, feeling his dark circles becoming darker by the second.
luckily for him, his sighs didn't go unheard. your head perked up at his noticeable discomfort and you made your way to him, encircling your arms around his chest and resting your head on top of his.
"having a rough time?" you asked sweetly, peering down at the papers in front of him.
"couldn't be any worse."
you chuckled at his reply and moved to nestle yourself in his lap, "need a break? want some cuddles?"
you felt his arms snake themselves around your waist, and soon felt his soft hair brushing against your neck as he buried his face into your chest, "that would be perfect, thank you."
he was lucky to have you.
Tumblr media
the apartment was dark when sanzu arrived. nothing but the light of the television and the sound of snores filled the living room as he walked through the door.
resting his vest down on an empty chair, he made his way to the couch with long strides, being careful not to bump into anything that would cause an unnecessary disturbance. and, not to his surprise, he found you sleeping peacefully there - clad in one of his t-shirts and sweats.
it was a pleasant sight to come home to.
crouching down to your level, he brought his hand up to your face - softly caressing your cheek with his thumb.
"you're a pretty thing when you sleep with my clothes on hm," he whispered tenderly.
getting up to head to your shared bedroom, his focus was brought back to you as he heard a stir, and when his eyes met yours, you were on the brink of asleep and awake.
"haru?" you muttered, "when did you get home?"
"just now," he replied, sitting down on the couch's arm rest.
rubbing your eyes slowly, you stared at him for a couple of seconds before patting the couch and held your arms out to him. sanzu already knew what you were asking for - an invitation to cuddle. a perfect way to end the day.
of course he obligied.
how could he say no to his pretty s/o?
Tumblr media
the sound of ran's alarm blared in your ears as you awoken from your slumber. groans filled the air at the loud disturbance and you turned your head to where ran was lying - or where he was supposed to be lying - to realize he wasn't there.
the sound of the bathroom door caught your attention and your gaze immediately flew into that direction, frowning as you watched him emerge fully dressed for work.
his eyes caught yours as he buttoned the top of his blazer and he smiled.
“morning babe,” he proceeded towards you. placing his hands upon the bed, he leaned into you, settling a soft kiss against your forehead. “did my alarm wake you?”
you nodded as your hands flew to his wrist, pulling him in to lay on top of you
"do you really have to go to work today?" you asked looking up at him.
he chuckled, it was music to your ears, "why? missing me already hm?"
"why wouldn't i?" you wrapped your arms around his torso as you felt him caressing the top of your head, "you're gonna be gone for the whole day."
"then i'll come home early for you today, m'kay?"
"you better." you replied as you looked up at his lilac eyes, smiling as he stared back with love in his eyes. "can we stay like this for a few minutes?"
a snicker sounded throughout the room as he flipped you over to change the position, this time wrapping his arms around your waist. he pulled you closer into his chest, and you felt yourself falling back asleep as you inhaled the scent of his cologne.
"sure, five more minutes."
Tumblr media
"that's so disgusting. sneeze that way"
you were sick. beyond sick to the point where you couldn't get out of bed to make a simple trip to the kitchen to find something to help with your predicament. luckily, the universe was in your favor because you managed to catch rindou before he went off to work.
he was worried, even if it was the common flu. he couldn't leave you home all alone with no-one to take care of you, which was why he called up mikey for an urgent day off - happy that he was granted it.
"are you really gonna talk to a sick person like that?" you scoffed, furrowing your brows at your partner, "you stayed here to watch me, remember?"
he sighed resting the soup he made down on the bedside table, before sitting down on the bed and placing his palm on your forehead - checking to see if your body had become cooler from the last time he checked.
"just wanna make sure you feel better and i don't get sick in the process," he replied, handing you the bowl in the process, "you said 'm a hassle when i get sick. now eat up and tell me if it makes you feel better"
"you know what'll make me feel better?"
"the soup?"
"no," you placed the bowl back to it's previous position and stared at rindou with determination in your eyes, "cuddles."
rindou didn’t reply. at first you thought that he opted to ignore you, but your mind swiftly changed as you felt a shift in the bed and arms snaking around your waist. once he made himself comfortable, you felt his breath tickle the back of your neck, and you closed your eyes in bliss.
"if i get sick, it's on you."
Tumblr media
"haj, you think you can help me with this?"
"hm?" he hummed, "what is it, bring it let me see."
you skipped over with your laptop in hand, nestling yourself between your partner's legs, your back against his chest as you pointed at the empty computer screen.
kokonoi shoots you a confused look, brows furrowed looking for the "issue" you needed help with, only for you to respond with a wicked grin - making yourself comfortable as you rested against him.
"what did you even need help with if there's nothing there?" he questioned, still confused at the whole situation, trying to wrap his brain around whether it had to load and was taking too long or you never needed the help at all.
something in his mind suddenly clicks as he realized the position you two were in and he sighed as his arms snaked themselves around your chest.
"what a liar," he chuckled, "if you wanted to cuddle you could've just asked."
"now where's the fun in that, haj?" you retorted, sticking your tongue out at him, "and technically i didn't lie, i really do need help with this essay."
"what's the topic?"
"cuddling with your partner."
getting him to laugh was the highlight of your day.
Tumblr media
the familiar creaking of the bedroom door catches your partner's attention, causing him to turn down the volume on the tv and he watches memorized as you walked out and made your way to him.
you insert yourself next to him on the couch, leaning your head on his shoulder as you immersed yourself in whatever he was watching prior to your arrival.
your eyes travel up to his, which were already situated on your figure and you smile at him, "so, what are you doing?"
"well," he started, "i'm watching that show you recommended. been binging it all day,"
you nodded at kakucho, giving off the impression that you were satisfied with your answer, but he could tell - from your body language - that you had much more to say to him. it made him chuckle on the inside.
"is something wrong?" he asked curiously, pausing the show to turn his attention to you.
"why do you ask?"
"you look as if you want to say something," he voiced, "nothing is troubling you, right?"
"no," you replied shaking your head vigorously, "i just wanted to cuddle, that's all."
in an instant, his arm finds itself around your shoulders and you feel his hand pushing your head into him, acting as your own personal pillow. he slid his hand down your side and rested it near your waist. he places a small kiss to your temple and his head finds itself resting against yours.
"let's watch the rest together."
he was the perfect cuddling partner.
Tumblr media
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fic-dumpster · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
#omi.dih <- tag for all things related to the series
DIHU -> Headcanons/Asks Masterlist
One-shots not-requests <- Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- When people are in a state of extreme surprise, fear or confusion, we say they are like deer caught in headlights. They seem so frightened that they can not think clearly. They do not know what to do, so they do not do anything.
Pairings: Bonten x Reader
Warnings: Canon divergent, slow burn, foul language, blood, violence, smut in certain short stories, fluff, angst, jealousy, shitty behavior kinda toxic (pls they are criminals), issues, grammar mistakes, no beta reader we die like men. INCOMPLETE AF
Tumblr media
Part 1 ____ Meeting Sano Manjiro
Part 2 ____ Meeting Sanzu Haruchiyo
Part 3 ____ Meeting Kokonoi Hajime NOT POSTED YET
Part 4 ____ Meeting the Haitani Brothers
Part 5 ____ Meeting Kakucho Hitto
Part 6 ____ Meeting Takeomi Akashi
Part 7 ____ Meeting Mochizuki Kanji
Tumblr media
Short Stories | They happen after meeting all of Bonten, which hasn't happened yet in the main stories. Can be read alone. I think you can read them in that order, but more chapters will be added in between.
Of scars and festivals
That one time the haitani brothers took you away
Kokonoi won't give you money
Build a bear
The first time Kokonoi trusts a Bimbo
Scary dogs
Driving lesson
An uncertain future MDNI
Terror? Horror? Angry
Secrets out in the open
With your permission
Sanzu’s new weakness
You already have your own MDNI
Coffee and a carnage MDNI
Strange sounds
Tipsy visits MDNI
The tattoos fiasco
It’s cold
Not one normal meeting
A heated morning MDNI
The Photobooth in the office
Dirty tricks
Dream a little dream of me
Never alone with you MDNI
Their mistake MDNI
Bubbly drinks
One door closes, another one opens
Tumblr media
DIH - FanArt Links!
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manjiroro · 10 days ago
character: rindou
content: NSFW, afab reader, blindfold, ceiling mirror, creampie, rindou’s broad shoulders
synopsis: just.. rindou’s broad shoulders </3
this has been sitting in my drafts LMAO but yesyes rindou’s broad shoulders brainrot aha MINORS AND AGELESS BLOGS DO NOT INTERACT
tagging: @sanzuchi <3
Tumblr media
“Fuck babe, so fucking good for me”
The purple haired male groans above you, eyes closed shut as his head hangs between his shoulders, basking in how wet and warm your cunt feels wrapped around his pulsing dick. Your eyes were shrouded in darkness with tears dampening the blindfold over them, your senses heightened, making you feel every vein of his cock as he drags it in and out of your gummy walls.
“Rin~ hah~ So- so good~!”
“Yeah? I know baby”
You mewled out at the way his fat cock manages to rub all the right spots in you, fucking you so well that your legs start to shake on his shoulders. 
“G-gonna cum baby, cum with me”
Rindou hisses through gritted teeth. He was so close to reaching euphoria but he has to hold it out, not until he feels that pretty pussy of yours gush around him first
“Hm~ w-wanna see you”
Rindou complies, reaching up to tug at the blindfold. You squint as your vision refocuses on the man pounding into your tight cunt. Your head rolls back at the pleasure your boyfriend was giving you, eyes opening to be met with the sight of his broad shoulders in the mirror attached to the ceiling above you. Damn rindou and that stupid idea of his, the sight of your boyfriend’s toned back muscles flexing with each thrust as he mercilessly rams into you sent you over the edge. Toes curling as a hoarse cry rips from your throat, nails dragging red lines down his toned shoulders as your pussy juices coated his cock. 
“Fuck, clenching so tight babe..”
The vice grip your pussy had on his cock has him stilling his hips, cock slit spilling hot ropes of his cum into your womb.
“ ‘s warm..”
You mumbled mindlessly, fucked dumb by his big cock to even think straight, feeling the warmth of his seed slowly flowing out and onto the sheets below.
“I take it that the mirror wasn’t a bad idea?”
He chuckles as you shook your head no, eyes still dazed from the mind numbing fucking you just had. You were quickly snapped out of your trance however, when your boyfriend brings you on top of him, cock hard again and lining it up to your sensitive entrance leaking his cum.
“It’s my turn to test how well this mirror works hm?”
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated!!
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rin-haitani · 4 months ago
in celebration for Izana Kurokawa's birthday (today: August 30)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tokyo-fukushu · 4 months ago
Hello! Can I request the unknown number with the haitani brothers?
;; the boys find out their s/o is receiving messages from an unknown number
🥛 — haitani ran, haitani rindou
🧾 — female reader, second pov (you/your), cursing, sexual harassment, implied violence, implied homicide, minor, breach of privacy, stalking, established relationship, imagine
✉ — i didn’t think that i would be writing for this again sdkfasd but oh damn, it's been a while so i'm not really sure what i just wrote- :D
🔖 — [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
Tumblr media
It was amazing how stupid people can be.
Ran knew that you were beautiful, he was reminded of it every single day whenever he sees you, whenever he thinks of you, whenever he has to fend off another asshole trying to pick you up. He just can’t believe that people weren’t getting the hit that you were his and he was yours and no one is allowed in between lest they want to face Ran’s baton.
Apparently, self-preservation skills get thrown out the window because people are always trying to get in between the two of you. It's amazing how Ran hasn’t gotten arrested for almost murdering more than then people at this point.
Not only does he get jealous easily but almost-killing people is starting to not get enough.
Just a little more and he might actually get sent back to jail, permanently, this time.
So when you come up to him, tears in your eyes, Ran just knew that someone was truly going to die tonight and he had to pack his bags and run away from the police. (Perhaps prepare some fake IDs as well.)
You soon find solace on his bed and when Ran wraps his arms around you, he finds that you were shaking badly. Your nose was red and pure genuine fear swallowed your eyes.
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” He repeats, trying to keep himself calm when all he could see was red because who the fuck made you cry.
Ran feels the familiar shape of a device pushed to his chest and he looks down, snatching it from your finds as you gave it up with no struggle; merely pushing your head to the space between his neck and the pillow.
It was still vibrating, the phone in his hand.
He swipes it open, already knowing the password by heart, your anniversary.
The sight that greets him turns the red in his eyes to pure black.
“How long?” He murmurs.
Messages, and only recently, pictures were popping in your phone. Pictures of you walking home, pictures of you where you wore what you were currently wearing now. Before that were messages, questions about your address, your age, your sizes, things that one shouldn’t give up to a stranger.
You only shake your head.
Ran looks down at you, averting his gaze from the screen, in case he ends up chucking it across the room or slamming it on the headboard.
Maybe he should. He’d find a way to get you a new one, just to make sure this bastard can’t find you anymore.
Ran looks at you, small, afraid, shaking you. And thinks, he doesn’t mind going to that sick sick place if it means you’ll be living a life without any fear of anyone watching you or bothering you.
He runs his hand through your hair, soft compared to the burning uncontrollable rage crashing inside him and the tight grip he had on your phone.
And he whispers, low and dangerous and a tight smile on his face. “I’ll get rid of them for you.”
Tumblr media
There is nothing in this world that Rindou wouldn’t do for you, even if he doesn’t like admitting it. Perhaps, outright murder is one of them.
See, despite him always acting as if he didn’t care, he truly does. And he’ll be damned if someone ever makes you cry or if one single strand of hair is messed from your head (unless it was him who did it; there are certain exceptions, this is one of it).
Rindou doesn’t get all yandere like his brother (“I do not!” Ran whines when his younger brother starts murmuring to himself and he manages to hear tiny parts of the silent conversation.), but he gets just as dangerous.
So when he saw you, looking at your shoulder with eyes blown wide, not in surprise but in genuine terror, Rindou was already cracking his knuckles.
Even from a distance, he could tell the way you held onto your arms wasn’t comfortable, grip tight and lightly quivering but not from the autumn wind. You bite on your lip uneasily, guarded.
Rindou plops down on the space next to you, the bench creaking at the sudden weight. You flinch, hard, almost jumping out of your seat and he couldn’t help but raise a brow.
Surely, no one in an opposing gang tried to target you, right? Rindou made it clear that you weren’t to be touched or else bones would be breaking and heads flying. Not even the bravest man wants to face the Haitani brothers’ wrath.
“Rin!” You exclaim, a shaky smile on your face and all he wants to do is wipe it away. He would rather have you just break down than even dare give him that kind of smile.
He squints, noticing the gadget in between your hands.
Rindou only stretches a hand out, palm upwards, awaiting the device while his other arm is on the back of the bench, safely wrapped behind you. Your expression sours, once more looking around and he chews at his gums, trying to look at the surroundings from the corner of his eyes.
There was no potential idiot. Just a couple or two a few steps behind, one with kids, the other with a dog. They were too far away from the both of you so he couldn’t tell the conversation but they were impossible to look suspicious.
Rindou snaps out of it when the warm device reaches his hand, already unlocked as you look at him with pleading eyes; not to stop him from opening it but for help.
He inches closer as you rest your head on his shoulder, silent whimpers in your throat. If this was any other situation, Rindou would have turned red from neck to the tip of his ears, already throwing himself away as if he was electrocuted.
This was not any other situation.
Not when the thing that greets him from your phone was an unknown number asking for your address, for your school, for your social media accounts, for pictures.
Tokyo is wide and vast, Japan even more so. Haitani Rindou is going to look for one person, no name, no picture, just a number, and he doesn’t really feel like giving up.
He shuts it down, slipping it inside his pocket and you watch it without any complaints, almost looking relieved that you could at least temporarily lose contact with that asshole.
“They better be ready because I won’t give them time to even scream when I find them,” he murmurs, hand on your shoulder, gently tapping onto it when he was already losing his mind at the thought of someone having the guts to even message you so desperately when you already had him in your life.
He wordlessly presses a kiss on the side of your head, already planning what to do next.
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strawberriianime · 5 months ago
Tokyo Revengers Characters As Adult Moods Videos🤍
✰18+ content no minors pls :)
♡ adults m0ods, soft ratb0y on twt
✰ characters of choice! 18 y/o characters & those with canon timeskips!
✰ Mikey:  ♡  ♡
✰ Draken:  ♡   ♡
✰ Mitsuya:  ♡  ♡
✰Takemichi:  ♡  ♡
✰Nahoya (Smiley):  ♡  ♡
✰ Souya (Angry):  ♡  ♡
✰ Chifuyu:  ♡   ♡
✰ Kazutora:  ♡  ♡
✰ Hanma:  ♡  ♡
✰ Ran:  ♡  ♡
✰ Rindou:  ♡  ♡
✰ Izana:  ♡  ♡ 
✰ Inui:  ♡  ♡
✰ Kokonoi:  ♡  ♡
✰ Sanzu:  ♡  ♡
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