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#rip michael

got some spoilers… martin gets gotten by the web or something? the apocalypse? is michael back? i hope he is but i think that’s unlikely

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I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who reblogged about my nephew. It truly meant a lot to me. Sadly, it wouldn’t have done much good either way, if people had or hadn’t reblogged it.

This past Thursday morning a farmer outside the town he went missing in found him in one of their barns. He’d taken his own life.

As you can imagine, my family is very shook up about this. He was a bright and gentle young man. Unlike so many others his age, had absolutely no desire to drink at all (yes, he smoked pit, but that’s hardly a big deal anymore). He loved to play video games and laugh and spend time with his friends. He was my brother’s entire world for 23 years.

There is, sadly, a long history of mental illness and suicide on my mom’s side of the family, going back at least as far as my grandma’s grandpa. And worst of all, the way in which they all took their lives was, if not exactly, the same then very similar and done in a barn each time.

If anyone has been considering ending their lives, I beg you, I PLEAD with you, PLEASE don’t. I know you hurt and you think this will be the way to make it stop hurting, but it won’t. There are people who love you and would be lost without you. There could be an awesome video game about to come out that you’d never get to play. Please, just think of all the things you’ll never get to do, the places you’ll nevrr get to see. Maybe in the next ten years we’ll finally have flying cars, you just have to be here to find out.

Please reach out to people if you feel you can’t go on. Call a friend, text an outreach counselor or group. Hug your parents, your dog, your cat, goldfish, whatever. Just please, don’t give up. Live for one more day. Live for each day you’ve already been alive for. People love you and want to be with you.

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Remembering Michael Hutchence. A unique frontman, a gentle soul and a beautiful sexy man.

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It’s been ten years already. Rest in Power to the king ☀️🎶

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10 years today, unbelievable. Rest In Peace Michael

Thank you for teaching me so much, I consider being your fan a privilege.

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whatifiwereatraitor replied to your post: gloireceleste replied to your post: …

since when is michael doing what is good for him though.

that’s…. very true.

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My bestfriend Michael killed himself at school today. They found his body in one of the upstairs restrooms. He died by hanging or stabbing himself. I’m going to take a few days off from this blog to mourn. If you or someone you know are battling depression or have suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-8255 if you’re in the US. You aren’t alone; you are loved. 

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This is your reminder




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Peach Moonshine + Milk + Chocolate syrup is gonna be the worst tasting vomit in all of existence.

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To my cousin who committed suicide…my heart is forever with you. I have felt some of your pain, i hope you are in peace now.

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Michael has a Pattern and makes a living writing about his experiences at Freddy Fazbears on r/nosleep

tfw your life is so horrifying that when you describe it to people on a horror subreddit they give you upvotes

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There have been 3 deaths in 4 months of people that I knew….. just comes to show you never know when the time will come so please be nice to and appreciative of everyone while they’re here and living.

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Harry Styles really served up some Micheal Hutchence realness on AM.

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all jtv has to do is mention michael and i’m like a fucking fountain.

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me: i hate when shows ignore deaths and move on so quickly? like jfc give us time to recover!

also me: STOP JUST STOP mentioning him i can’t im not emotionally stable DONT TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE IM GOING TO CRY

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legit you’re a heartless bastard if you don’t cry because of michael cordero jr. for any reason.

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❉ [insert eye emoji]

Michael usually had liked to wear hoodies and other sorts of clothing that hid his body since he usually gotten easily cold and rather not attract attention. But; he was a huge stretcher. I.E popping his neck or arms, stretching legs, body and so forth. And this is one of those cases. The reptilian teenager clasping his hands together leaning back stretching his body out letting a satisfied groan out with it. His grey belly button being shown with the hoodie and shirt together lifting with his arms. A lazy yawn accompanied this stretch bending back to his regular stance noticing reptile; the other reptilian he had met two weeks prior was watching him. A embarrassed gasp was heard from him, a pink fluster ran to his cheeks.

“Y-you need something, reptile?” He asked hiding his eyes with his hair pouting a bit. He had seeing others looking at his body.

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