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ereri-lost-and-found19 hours ago
Hi elf ! This has been so useful to me so thank you so much for working so hard. I really appreciate it :) .Do you have any fanfics where eren is actually a titan outside of the walls but kills other titans or he is a titan shifter that lives outside if the walls? I also prefer top/seme/dominate Levi and bottom/uke/submsive Eren.I have already read:Hunger,
Lazarus Phenomenon, Beyond the walls ,Who's A Good Killing Machine? :D , A Titan's Poisoned Chalice, Breaking the Walls, Outside The Walls, Inside My Heart, BFT (Big Friendly Titan),How to Train Your Titan, Lost in the woods, Breaking the Walls, Beyond the walls.
I read a lot if these and I couldn't find anymore so its okay if you can't either. And sorry for wasting your time. The reason I asked even though I read a lot is somehow you guys can find stuff that people have been searching for months. You guys really are amazing! :D but I know you guys are human too so don't work too hard馃憤...I think...haha. Thanks again!
One of the mods, Titanfever, was able to find you more fics~
The Hunter by Adishailan
(Rated T, 66,716 words, multichapter, complete)
The hunter is a monster, a titan, not a boy. This is a fact he has known for as long as he has lived in the forest, for as long he can remember. The forest is quiet but for the crooning of birds, the rush of misty water into the hidden valleys and the deep lumbering steps of his kin. That is until the day that changes everything. The day the humans came. The day he saw his human for the first time. One the hunter will never forget.
"The newest arrival was a 15 meter but quite unlike any Titan they had ever seen. It was thin and lean with muscles on its muscles. Sunken eyes sharp and glowing, really glowing, green over a hooked nose. Lipless serrated teeth formed a strange mocking Cheshire smile as it looked at them. It then fell to it's haunches and propelled itself forward with truly frightening speed. Cries of panic ran through the squadron as they attempted to spur the exhausted horses even faster. This panic gave way to shock however when the green eyed Titan pivoted, rapidly changing direction and barreling into the group of Titans, toppling them over like wooden bowl pins. There was a moment of silence in the squad then- "WHAAAAT?!" Exclaimed Hanji in extreme disbelief."
An Unexpected Ally by certifiedclown
(Rated M, 29,610 words, multichapter, incomplete, major character death)
He screamed with excitement as he flew through the trees gripping the silver sticks tightly in his hands. It had taken him a few months, but he'd done it. He was thrilled. Now he could be like his human. He could help rid the world of his brethren. He could finally see his human up close. With his new body no one would notice him. He would wait for his humans pack to venture outside of the safety of their walls. In the meantime he would make the world safer. He would kill all the titans he could. Every last one.
Part 1 of from titans to men (who are the real monsters?)
Ein Riese, der Fliegen Wollte by Closet_Cleaner
(Rated E, 113,752 words, multichapter, ongoing)
He needn't have worried. The small one was strong.
He sees the human many more times since then. It seems as if the herd doesn't venture out without it. He wonders if that one is the pack-leader. It seems logical, but humans are not always creatures of logic.
He forces back memories of that one, and continues to shadow the herd whenever it ventures out. He makes a habit of waiting in the small grouping of trees near the gate so as not to miss one of their outings. Eventually he learns to distinguish the small one from the others even before it takes to the air, and he feels proud of this accomplishment.
Months later, only hours after the humans had returned behind their walls, everything changes.
(In which Eren is not a human that can turn into a Titan, but a Titan that can turn into a human.)
The boy in the forest by JAKishu
(Rated M, 45,779 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi is saved by a titan and is taken care of in his forest. A strange titan that is also a child. Survival is the first thing in his mind, second is to teach that kid how to probably clean itself. Disgusting dirty hand it has.
The Difference Between You And Me by KrustyKruton
(Rated T, 69,473 words, multichapter, ongoing, major character death)
Eren has always been a titan, a titan that can shift into a human. With a dream to stand side by side with humans and the sudden opportunity of a short human showing up at his home, what will he do? Will he surrender to his titan instincts, or will he follow his human heart? (This is a total AU...kinda. Its also boy x boy, Levi x Eren, so be warned. Don't flame) R and R! This is my first time using AO3 so I'm sorry for any mistakes. please word corrections kindly!
I, Titan by Marie_Phantom
(Rated E, 23,349 words, multichapter, ongoing, Bottom!Levi)
One single mistake, and the world changes on it鈥檚 axis.
Levi is left stranded outside the Walls when he is injured, and is rescued by an unusual Titan. This meeting changes not just their lives, but the entire fate of the Walls.
Part 1 of The Scent of Blood and Pine
Legends by The_Silent_Assassin
(Not Rated, 28,198 words, multichapter, complete)
Whilst on a mission, Levi's squad see something strange. Starts just before the fall of Wall Maria.
Rogue by RedCoaster
(Rated T, 866,285 words, multichapter, ongoing)
A strange but intelligent titan lives deep within the forests of Wall Maria, right under the military's nose. What happens when the mysterious titan comes across two small children and the Scouts? Titan!Eren AU
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dailyereria day ago
I think I love you by may_dayy
After being home-schooled his whole life, Levi finally enlists at a public school for the sake of his best friend. No where along the way did he expect to fall for the quiet kid in his History Class.
Alternate Universe - Modern Setting
Alternate Universe - High School
levi and sasha are best friends
Protective Levi
Shy Eren
eren has glasses
and he鈥檚 adorable
Falling In Love
Eventual Smut
floch is a pos
Almost Everyone is Gay TBH
Other Additional Tags to Be Added
There may be angst
Homophobic Slurs
Words:28827 Chapters:6/?
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ereri-lost-and-founda day ago
Hello! Any recommendations for pining/fwb fics where they both are actually in love with each other or end up falling in love for each other? Preferably with top!Levi but top!Eren is fine as well!
Try these, Anon~
An Exercise in Self-Restraint by kirakiracats
(Rated E, 10,980 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi moves away from the only town he's ever known, off to university and away from his two friends, Isabel and Farlan. Having roommates is a new experience, one that he thinks will be totally unpleasant, but when the last person to turn up is a gorgeous male omega, his perspective changes.
Unfortunately for him, it's bad practice to fuck your flatmate. Levi has a tough year ahead.
[Ereri Secret Santa gift 2014]
The Dorm Incident by orphan_account
(Not Rated, 3,274 words, multichapter, complete)
(Attack on Titan college AU. Ereri) Eren and Levi happen to be assigned as college roommates. One day, on his set cleaning date, Eren finds his yarn. He accidentally tips over the box becoming entangled in it and when Levi tries to help, he too becomes entangled. The rest is history.
A Gradual Development by Senpai_Actually
(Rated E, 122,445 words, multichapter, ongoing)
Eren is looking for a new roommate, and Hanji said that her short friend would be a great candidate.
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ereri-lost-and-founda day ago
hi! i'm so sorry to bother you but there was a fic that i read ages and ages ago and i just cannot find it for the life of me! it was a a big magical mystery au and it was really funny and levi saved eren's life bc these bad guys are trying to kill him and they team up to solve a mystery? sorry, i'm really struggling to remember details! thank you so much, you do such incredible work on this blog! <3
Is this the fic you鈥檙e looking for?
Playing with Fire by mallaidh
(Rated M, 55,213 words, multichapter, ongoing)
"Wait, you're putting him in the trunk?"
"Why would I shove this pathetic bleeding fucker into my perfectly nice car and destroy the upholstery?"
When Levi (literally) crashes into Eren's life, he brings with him adventure, mystery, and action. Oh, and maybe the apocalypse.
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ereriwonderland2 days ago
Adopted a cat that looks like his boyfriend
Tumblr media
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zeitgeist-zg2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I couldn't resist 馃い
Tumblr media
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dailyereri2 days ago
Steaming Cup of Sin by lmaok
Levi's a data analyst with an obsession, NO, strike that, you know, just a mild interest in his intern, Eren. The summer internship is coming to an end, and Levi hasn't sorted his feelings, and his hand can only take so much.
Levi hates having to rely on others, but Hange is the kind of friend that derives pleasure from meddling in other people's business. Lord knows how little progress Levi would achieve on his own, besides -- aren't office romances prohibited for a reason? "Don't shit where you eat" is the expression. Right?
Eren is an undeniable temptress and 100% oblivious to that fact. This might be a little harder than Hange thought.
Alternate Universe - Modern Setting
Interns & Internships
Pining Levi Ackerman
Eren Yeager Is a Ray of Sunshine
Levi Ackerman is Whipped
Levi Ackerman is Bad at Feelings
Hange is a Troublemaker
Taller Levi Ackerman
Boss Levi Ackerman
Employee Eren Yeager
Boss/Employee Relationship
Drinking Games
Words:8713 Chapters:3/?
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dailyereri2 days ago
Birds of a Feather by stone2701
Levi returns to Lake Maria one wet season to find his omega heavy with child. The thing is, they haven't even reached that step of their courting ritual yet.
[AKA How Levi finds out that not all water dwellers ovulate the same way.]
merman levi
Swan Spirit Eren
Interspecies Sex
Mating Cycles/In Heat
Possessive Levi Ackerman
Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
Dubious Consent
Anal Sex
Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
Top Levi Ackerman
Bottom Eren Yeager
Words:3258 Chapters:1/1
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Anemoia: Chapter 47
Rating: Explicit
Levi Ackerman/Eren Jaeger
He鈥檇 been expecting to get thrown into the deep end, expecting Hanji to have him and Annie running drills until they can no longer stand, but for the first time Eren is called on to help plan the assault from its inception, not just to sit tight and ride out like a good little soldier. He鈥檚 not bait this time around, after all. He鈥檚 a section commander, which means he鈥檒l be leading his squad when the time comes for them to fight.
He wonders how Levi can do this. If he makes one wrong decision, it could cost the lives of everyone he cares about. But maybe that鈥檚 why Levi can do it. He trusts himself and his instincts, knows how to act under pressure. If he鈥檚 the one giving the orders, directing his squad, he knows when to advance, when to hold back. If he can do it鈥 Maybe Eren can too.
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ereri-lost-and-found2 days ago
Hey ELF can you find me a fic? It was post canon, one shot or short multichap, ereri were living together in a house by the ocean. Pretty sure it was explicit (or the smut might have been mentioned).
I remember Levi thinking that eren got really big and mature (physically), it had canon age gap myb and eren was about 20 years old? And I think other characters weren't really mentioned it was just them.
I'm so sorry I remember very little. I also checked your post canon tag and it wasn't there btw.
Thank you so much for what you're doing! <3
Hi @mellwins!
Is this the fic you鈥檙e looking for?
Until the Mountains Crumble to the Sea by ohheichoumyheichou
(Rated E, 2,640 words, oneshot, complete)
It's been years since the titans have been eliminated. Levi and Eren have moved out of the Walls to live by the seaside, and are in sickeningly sweet love with each other. Some things have changed, but others probably never will. Written for the kink meme prompt: "An adult Eren who's becomes taller and broader and is still head over heels for his captain."
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dailyereri3 days ago
Riptide by Voleyn
In the distant future, the inhabitants of the planets Eldia and Paradis are fighting a never-ending battle against the power-hungry forces of Marley. Once a united people, generations ago, a split due to a gravitational anomaly occurred, leading to two separate races: the sevya of Eldia who chose to stay on their barren, infertile home planet and the vaela of Paradis, who traveled amongst the stars to settle on the bright, lush land of Paradis.
While amiable, the two races are estranged, and naturally, it's decided that an alliance and reuniting of their peoples would be in everyone's best interests via a union between a member from each planet's strongest group of fighters.
Over the course of the ensuing courtship, a deep bond of understanding, trust, and love blooms between Paradisian Levi Ackerman, a Siren, and Eldian Eren Jaeger, a Titan.
Alternate Universe - Fantasy
Science Fiction
Alien Culture
Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
Mating Cycles/In Heat
Courting Rituals
Alpha Eren Yeager
Omega Levi Ackerman
Alien Biology
Falling In Love
Eventual Smut
this one is gonna be weird kiddos
buckle in
Good Parent Grisha Yeager
Influenced by Borderlands 3
Mermaid Elements
Oh almost forgot
Words:16940 Chapters:1/5
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dailyereri3 days ago
The Ship of Freedom by SaZB
Titanic AU since this fandom hasn't suffered enough already
When Levi Ackerman boarded the Titanic on April 10th, 1912, he expected warm meals, soft pillows, great service and running water. All luxurious things the Titanic boasted it could offer on its journey across the Atlantic Ocean, even for the low-class passengers like Levi.
What Levi did not expect was what could only be described as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object in the form of a young, snobby 1st class passenger named Eren J盲ger. And Levi certainly did not expect falling in love with Eren so quickly it felt like exactly that - falling.
Alternate Universe
Alternate Universe - Titanic Fusion
Strangers to Lovers
Slow Burn
German Eren Yeager
Long-Haired Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Being an Asshole
Words:9946 Chapters:4/?
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dailyereri3 days ago
Canti dell鈥橧nnocenza e dell鈥橢sperienza by O_ToJoy
Per chi nasce in questo mondo, l'amore 猫 qualcosa d'insignificante. 鈥漃otresti mai innamorarti di me, Levi?鈥 Per chi nasce in questo mondo, la felicit脿 猫 qualcosa d'incomprensibile. 鈥漀on in questo mondo, Eren.鈥 Per chi nasce in questo mondo, la vita 猫 qualcosa di estremamente fragile.
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Porn With Plot
Porn with Feelings
Canon-Typical Violence
Words:51902 Chapters:7/?
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ereriwonderland3 days ago
E: I've had it with you. Let's break up.
L: Hm, why?
E: We always do the same things, Levi. I want to go out and see the world.
L: Aren't we already doing that?
E: No, we're 3 days in a hotel room!! In fucking Paris!!
L: Exactly. In Paris. Fucking.
E: Aaaaargh! 馃が馃が馃が
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ereriwonderland3 days ago
Rivaere HC
Levi fails in making his feelings known, & Eren is too dense
Levi: Oi, wear this 鈥
Eren: Cool, another shirt!
Levi: it says "LEVI'S"
Eren: yeah, the fourth one.....its all you want me to wear....
Levi: .....
Eren: .....I didn't know you were so into fashion.
Levi: *facepalms*
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dailyereri3 days ago
peace and freedom by iamtrashsorry
One thing should be clear: This is not a love story.
This is a story about humanity and titans. It's a story about a boy from the underground and a boy left beyond the walls. This is a story about peace and freedom, and strength and hope.
Maybe it is also a story about love after all.
An AU where Eren is already a member of the Survey Corps and his Titan status is a known and closely held secret. Found beyond the walls as a boy, he has spent the last five years a scout dedicated to eradicating Titans. Driven by his desire to find out more about his past and the father that abandoned him, he wants nothing more than to free humanity from the walls.
Levi, on the other hand, is a born and bred underground rat who is just trying to survive with his family above the surface. He could care less about killing Titans or exploring beyond the walls. For Farlan and Isabel, he will do anything to keep them where the sun can shine upon them, even if it means killing the hand that raised them from the dark.
Not Canon Compliant
Titan Eren Yeager
Work In Progress
My First Fanfic
Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the fall | Attack on Titan: Before the Fall
Younger Levi Ackerman
Titan-Haired Eren Yeager
Feral Eren Yeager
Hange has adopted eren as their murder child
I will add tags as I continue
Nonbinary Hange Zo毛
Words:1141 Chapters:1/?
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ereri-lost-and-found3 days ago
Hi! Do you have anything set in the high school au where Levi is a janitor & Eren is a student? Pining is always good. Thanks!!
Hi @teoami!
We've answered an ask like this before. You can find it right here!
Since then, here are some more we've found. The last one includes collegestudent!Eren.
pretty fucked up situation by gorexshit
(Rated E, 10,530 words, multichapter, complete, TW depression, suicide)
the school is fucked up, it takes your freedom, makes you a slave, you are depressed anyway but although the janitor is pretty handsome
PE by gorexshit
(Rated E, 2,741 words, oneshot, complete, TW self-harm)
so basically it's a continuation of my fic 鈥瀙retty fucked up situation鈥, so better read it first. all you need to know is Levi is a janitor, Eren is a sophomore of high school. Eren is quite depressed. They are boyfriends now.
Dummy Run by TempleMap
(Rated E, 6,318 words, multichapter, ongoing)
His inner cheek pinched between his teeth, Eren can admit: he hasn鈥檛 thought it out.
鈥淚鈥檓 just saying. If there鈥檚 no other way for you to get out of the underground鈥斺
Levi snorts. 鈥淲hat a stupid idea. You think people will believe that?鈥
鈥淚f we make it believable.鈥
There鈥檚 a beat. Levi鈥檚 brow flinches; Eren does not miss the low-toned dread in Levi鈥檚 voice:
鈥淲hat the hell does that mean?鈥 -
(Or, how Eren Jaeger faked a marriage for the sake of immigration fraud).
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