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Rise and Shine All!!

Another might of no sleep for me.. came up with an idea for a series of posts that are short and sweet. Hopefully will get to planning that out this week!! As I’ve mentioned before, I now have a second blog page under @creationsbyj which will be strictly my original work! Go check it out, follow and share some things you like!

This blog page is mainly for my written pieces and reblogging!! Thanks for everyone support! Let’s keep the share circle going!!

Follow, reblog, comment, use, like! We are all here to support each other!!

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Great and PHENOMENAL episode. WOW WOW WOW WOW. So many things. I felt for all the characters. 

So first off, Mack’s best friend, Tim, on the Iliad said, “I can’t feel my arm.” In “The End,” we all know that Fitz says, “I think it’s a bad break, ‘cuz I can’t feel it,” in reference to his legs. And of course, in “One Door Closes,” we meet Tim and make the connection between Mack’s relationship with Tim and why he felt so drawn to Fitz. POOR MACK.

In 2x15, we see flashbacks of the real SHIELD’s story. In 3x15, we see flashforward glimpses. In 4x15, we see flashes of an alternate digital world. In 5x15, we see flashbacks of General Hale’s and Talbot’s stories. 

I love that during her message to Simmons, she says, “I’m not complaining, just wondering.” She’s still so willing to believe Jemma’s helping her and SHIELD’s right to quarantine her because she’s dangerous. She still sees herself as a monster and lucky that SHIELD is still willing to work with her. The evolution of how she views her powers is beautifully handled. 

In fact, in 2x15, Skye laments her powers and feels so unsure of herself with them. But in 3x15, she laments the fact that May doesn’t have her powers. In 4x15, she’s so sure of her powers, she’s ready to take down the LMDs. In 5x15, she’s lamenting the fact that Fitz restored her powers against her will.

I LOVE Bobbi in the flashback. She breaks my heart this episode. I don’t agree with the real SHIELD infiltrating the base, but seeing why does make me have more sympathy for these characters. 

In 2x15, the real SHIELD infiltrates the base. In 4x15, the LMDs infiltrate the base.

In 2x15, Simmons initiates holding Fitz’s hand. In 3x15, Simmons initiates holding Fitz’s hand. In 4x15, Simmons initiates holding Fitz’s hand before she realizes he’s an LMD. 

I like that Simmons nonverbally consults with Fitz about whether it’s alright to look at Mack’s injuries. Not only does it show their togetherness again, but it also shows her paying specific attention to Fitz’s relationship with Mack. And the fact that Mack betrayed him but saved him. 

Jemma’s a genius also. The fact that the headmaster of the academy consults Simmons for her expertise. She’s a fucking, literal genius. 

When May’s calling Skye, her phone is right next to her referenced solitaire card game! 

May’s entrance, saving Coulson, is amazing. And I love how they do a quick debrief about the wellbeing of the original five and making sure each team member is safe. 

Love Hunter’s contract. Love Hunter. Love his devotion to Coulson.

This is a fabulous, exciting, heartbreaking, gorgeous episode. I really, really love it. And it shoots up.

  1. Beginning of the End
  2. What They Become
  3. Turn, Turn, Turn
  4. One Door Closes
  5. …Ye Who Enter Here
  6. A Hen in the Wolf House
  7. Aftershocks
  8. Nothing Personal
  9. T.R.A.C.K.S.
  10. FZZT
  11. Love in the Time of Hydra
  12. One of Us
  13. Who You Really Are
  14. A Fractured House
  15. Making Friends and Influencing People
  16. Shadows
  17. Ragtag
  18. The Writing on the Wall
  19. The Only Light in the Darkness
  20. I Will Face My Enemy
  21. Providence
  22. End of the Beginning
  23. The Magical Place
  24. Heavy Is the Head
  25. Seeds
  26. The Hub
  27. The Things We Bury
  28. The Bridge
  29. Repairs
  30. T.A.H.I.T.I.
  31. The Well
  32. Eye Spy
  33. Pilot
  34. Girl in the Flower Dress
  35. The Asset
  36. 0-8-4
  37. Yes Men
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One side of my brain, like 10%: God damn it Oda, where are her pants?!

The rest of my brain: Can Nico Robin step on me, please? PLEASE? Holy fuck Oda every time I think I can’t get more stupid over Robin you give her horns and a leather black bikini, gloves, and knee highs (wish they were higher, gimme that forbidden zone dude, you’re clearly not a coward)! This is literally my aesthetic, max horny on main mode activated! 

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