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#rise of skywalker

So I’m officially a FinnPoe shipper.

I haven’t stopped watching this video for TWO WEEKS now cause its so good? The song is so good and fits well to their characters and just everything about it is 😍😍😍😍

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Can we talk about how Rogue One had the most subtle blink and you’ll miss it references to Rebels and other prior established canon media

But by the time Rise of Skywalker came around, they couldn’t be bothered to have Kix with his pirate crew in the background of the final celebration, despite the lead pirate BEING THERE

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Originally posted by atozutara

recently i’ve been thinking a lot about kylo ren (mostly because one of my friends is a hardcore reylo shipper) and it made me think about zuko- both characters were afraid of disappointing their father figures. both characters had a lot of pressure on them to be something they weren’t sure they could become. both would’ve done anything to succeed at some points.

kylo ren and zuko are NOT the same person tho. i want to make that very clear. while their backstories are kind of similar, one is written way better than the other (*cough* zuko *cough*).

as a child, the only person to truly support zuko and make him feel loved is his mother. and then she disappears, and zuko is left with azula and ozai. we all know their feelings about zuko especially after zuko’s first agni kai.


Originally posted by cuddlypoops

this is one of zuko’s most pivotal points in his plot because this sets him up for going on this seemingly hopeless quest to find someone who supposedly doesn’t exist anymore.

he’s set up for failure, and he knows it. but his driving instinct is to please his father and become a worthy person to take over the throne of the fire nation when in reality everyone knows that azula is the favorite. she is more powerful than zuko, she has the same tendencies as her father, and she’s incredibly smart. all of this drives zuko to find the avatar, no matter the cost. he has something to prove, something to get to, something to stand for.


Originally posted by bisexual-dilemmas

and then there’s kylo ren.

unlike zuko, i hate him. i hate everything about him, and i can’t forgive him for anything he’s done like i’ve forgiven zuko.

kylo ren was raised to be ben solo by princess leia and han solo. yes, leia would have been busy rebuilding an entire democracy, but what was han doing?

killing an entire camp of children and attempting to kill your uncle also isn’t usually what happens during tantrums. for kylo ren to go so off the rails like that was so out of touch.

darth vader came to be through manipulation by emperor palpatine. he saw palpatine as this superior figure, and he wanted to please them. of course, anakin skywalker also had deep character flaws within the writing. killing an entire village of people after his mother died showed emotional vulnerability that was capable of being manipulated for someone’s own purposes, but having padme just brush that away was even more confusing.


Originally posted by highbrassduo

i suppose that by having ben solo murder all of those children, they were trying to draw a parallel between him and anakin skywalker. the difference was the manipulation.

snoke getting to ben solo also had no real grounds. force communication was never a thing in the previous six movies, so how does it exist now?

the most steady character arcs happen through karma (in my opinion). what they do to other people must be done back to them (every action must have an equal and opposite reaction).

so what do they both get?


Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

zuko loses his honor, his mother, and i guess it isn’t fair to say he lost the love from his sister and father because he never truly had them. he (at one point) lost his place on the throne to the fire nation.

but what did he do in return? he did exactly what his father ordered him to do. he found the avatar. he burned villages, and he made enemies along the way. but he faded into the background when he began to question everything. he joined the people he swore to arrest and turn over to the fire nation in order to gain his honor back. he helped the avatar, and he almost lost everything for it.

he lost iroh, his true father.


Originally posted by atlaaddictandkorra

his change was neither smooth nor quick. he struggled with himself and his identity, and he was swarmed with guilt over the actions he was taking. even through season one when zuko is first introduced as the bad guy, he still makes sure his crew is safe before he continues his search for the avatar.


Originally posted by little-diable

kylo ren dies in the arms of his “love” for his actions. he sacrifices himself in a way that is never seen before in all of the star wars movies.

if anakin skywalker was given the chance to save padme like that, he would’ve taken it. anakin was manipulated into the dark side through talk of ways that he could save the ones he loved from ever dying. 

but he still paid for virtually none of his actions. he destroyed villages, killed people, blew up planets, and killed his own father. his father extended a hand of mercy, and ben solo used that hand to stab him through the chest.

yet he still gets the girl at the end. he struggles with himself through some parts of the second and third movies, yet when it comes down to it he was still the villain to the end. he helped rey kill snoke, yet he took snoke’s place right after. there was no more excuse of snoke being the one to order everything as snoke was now dead. everything that happened after that was on kylo ren.

dying was not enough for that character arc. instead of a full curve, you’re left with a flatline.

kylo ren was a failed version of zuko.

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The cockpit was cold.

That at least, thought Ben Solo, is the same.

He cleared his throat, nervous.

“What was that?” Poe Dameron called from the front of the cockpit – barely looking over his shoulder as lightspeed blurred by in the windows of the Millennium Flacon.

“Nothing,” Ben said, still dripping wet and salt smattered from the oceans of Kef Bir. “Just clearing my throat.”

In the co-pilot’s seat next to Poe, FN-2187 shifted, uncomfortable.

Ben remembered a time where he had sat in that chair as his father took the Flacon to lightspeed. Chewbacca had sat where he was sitting now, but Ben now felt a lot less jovial than Chewy had during those flights.

He gritted his teeth and gripped the wound at his side where Rey had stabbed him. It had been largely cartelized by the lightsaber and the scar itself healed by Rey, but it still hurt.

“Do you have any bacta onboard?”

“What was that?” Poe called again, not even turning his head a little.

Ben opened his mouth to respond but thought better of it. “Never mind.”

FN-2187 was still silent, staring at the dash of the Falcon.

“By the way,” Ben said, this time speaking against his better judgement. “Thanks for the ride. You can drop me off wherever. Coruscant, Kessel, you’re secret resistance base.”

He counted fifteen seconds of silence before adding: “Honestly, whatever works best for you.”

More time passed in silence – only the familiar modulating hum of the Falcon and the blues and greys of hyperspace showed time was passing. As he was sitting there – barely feeling any dryer than before – Ben began observing the interior of the cockpit.

Some nerf herder bypassed the compressor, he thought, noticing a missing modulator.

“Flip that switch for me.”

Ben turned, thinking that someone was speaking to him, but it was just Dameron, telling FN-2187 to push the ship a little harder via one of the levers on the co-pilot’s side of the ship.

“Interesting,” Ben said, without thinking.

Poe fully turned around at that. “What?”

Ben shook his head and looked at the floor.

Don’t force choke them and fly the ship yourself. Don’t force choke them and fly the ship yourself.

When he looked back up, Poe had turned his attention back to hyperspace. FN-2187 seemed to have sunk further down in his chair.

I should tell them, Ben thought. It would be rude not to tell them.

“It’s just not the decision I would have made,” Ben said. “And not the decision I’d have expected from the best pilot in the resistance… might overclock the ship. She’s an antique.”

Poe cleared his throat and cocked his head a little. “Well, I think she’s had some repairs since the last time you were aboard.”

“Uncle Klaud’s efforts?” Ben said, thinking of the slug-like Trodatome who’d been spotted on multiple occasions on board the Falcon over the past few months. “I wouldn’t trust his work…”

“Sorry,” Poe said. “I should trust who?”

“Listen, I understand that was a jab at me,” Ben said, “but Klaud doesn’t have any hands so even his best work tends to be mostly just passable.”

Poe took a long breath, then pointed to the same lever FN-2187 had pressed up earlier.

“Take that up a few notches would you, Finn?”


The former stormtrooper complied.

Ben nodded in understanding. “So you’re going by Finn now?”

FN-2187, remained silent.

“Good name,” said Ben. “Strong name. I’m going by Ben now. So… you know, if you pass me in the hallway at the resistance base—”

“We’re not taking you to the resistance base,” Poe said.

“—you can call me Ben… Or Solo… or Mr. Solo even, though Mr. Solo was my father.”

“Yeah,” Poe said, looking back at him again. “How is your relationship with your dad?”

The wound in Ben’s side hurt a little more.

“Okay, I get it,” he said. “You’re mad at me and yeah I did some bad stuff—“

Poe laughed dryly.

“—but in my defense, I had a rough childhood.”

Now FN-2187 spun around in his chair, staring vibroblades at Ben.

“Sorry!?” he spat. “You had a rough childhood?”

Ben had one of a hundred prepared personal anecdotes he was ready to hurl back at the traitorous stormtrooper. But as he opened his mouth to launch into the particular tragedy of his forgotten 12th birthday, he remembered the conditioning chambers aboard the Finalizer.

Now Ben stared at the dash of the Falcon until he felt Finn’s eyes slowly slide off him.

“I mean,” Ben said, at barely a whisper. “It could have been better.”

The ship shuddered as it was taken out of hyperspace. (The kind of shutter Ben associated with an overclocked motivator.) He glanced out the windows.

“You’re dropping me on Corellia?”

“Yep,” Poe said. “It’s where you’re dad’s from right? Thought you might have some family there and I figure they’re probably worried sick about you.”

“Actually,” Ben said – even though he was 90% sure Poe was being facetious—“My closest living family member is on… whatever planet your secret resistance base is located on.”

“Really?!” The mock surprise in Poe’s voice couldn’t be missed as he entered the planet’s atmosphere. “Anyone we know? Anyone you didn’t blow into space?”

“Yes, because, technically, that wasn’t me.”

As Poe landed the ship, he smashed his hand against a button and the sound of the Falcon’s ramp lowering could be heard in back.

For a few more seconds, they all sat in silence.

Poe looked back at Ben again – his shoulder muscles clearly tense. “Well, are you going?”

“Oh… uhm… I guess… I just thought…”


“Well, this is my father’s ship… so…”


Ben continued. “I know I killed him, but I had a conversation with his memory earlier and we’re totally cool now.”

Poe closed his eyes. “Do you want to keep talking or do you want to get off my ship?”

“Right,” Ben stood up, trying his best to remind himself that he was not Supreme Leader Kylo Ren – feared and dreaded across the galaxy – but cool, smooth talking, regular guy Ben Solo who would never force choke a high ranking resistance officer and a turncoat of the highest order before throwing them through the glass of Han Solo’s ship… no matter how much part of him wanted to.

“When you get back to your secret resistance base,” Ben said before leaving the cockpit, “could you tell my mom where I am so she can pick me up?”

“We’ll think about it,” Poe said. “Now get moving.”

“That was horrible,” Finn said as Kylo left the ship. “He was just looming back there the entire ride.”

“I know, buddy,” Poe said, piloting the Falcon back into the air. “We’ll get out of here and you won’t have to think about it anymore.”

“Say which of us you think he wanted to kill more on three,” Finn said.

In perfect unison the two counted: “One. Two. Three – Me.”

They looked at one another.

“Really?” Poe said.

“I mean,” Finn shrugged, “why would it be you?”

“His mom loves me. Loves me.”

“I used to work for him.”

“He tortured me.”

“He sliced my spine like a stuck gooberfish! The entire trip my spine was tingling, not because I was scared, but because I kept on worrying he’d slice it in half the entire trip!”

Poe nodded in concession. “Okay, yeah that’s fair. Though we did see him throw his lightsaber into the ocean.”

“I don’t care, I’m still not gonna mess with that… We are going to tell the general we left him on Corellia though, right?”

“Course,” Poe said. “She’d want to know.” He flipped a switch and launched them into the cold blue swirl of hyperspace.

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