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Oh wow I have not actually but damn that means he cheated not once…but TWICE???🌚 That’s some Top Tier scum activity in my book🌚😂

But that would mean Ris might’ve been adopted as a kid into a family where his ‘cousin’ was probably the most accepting to him 🥺

But why couldn’t Joseph find him tho? If he was able to find out about Josuke, I’m sure he would’ve been able to find out about his slightly older son🤔 unless it was bc he was harder to track down since yk… invisible assassin 😂 but that also implies Giorno (DIO’s son) being indirectly related to Ris’ (Joestar’s son) death🌚🌚🌚🌚 JOKWZIIXLW this is really interesting omg🤩 especially since jojo’s seem to have a bit more luck on their side in the endgame, but ris ended up losing the fight AND dying 💀

Do lemme know more about this HC, anon! I’d love to know the details to it🤔

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La semaine dernière je suis allée dîner au restaurant vegan The Friendly Kitchen (Rue Popincourt, Paris 11). Entrée : cannellonis de courgettes; plat : risotto d’épeautre et champignons; dessert : mi-cuit au chocolat.

C’est très fin, délicat, les plats étaient jolis - j’avais l’impression d’être dans un resto gastronomique. Et les prix sont corrects, à 2 nous en avons eu pour 69€.

Je mets le menu pour que vous voyiez le détail des plats et les autres options. Ils font aussi brunch ! 

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la squadra finding out your dirty secret

❣️ repost cause tumblr is being a bitch

anonymous said: Hello… May sound kinda weird, but… I’m just thirsty for a lil’ bit jealous(Gee, not sure, did I write it right?) Squadra guys. S/o, that has a secret life, as a model at different social networks, and oh… Not all of the photos are SFW! You can really see errything, except for s/o face or real hair colour, since they’re so careful… But oh, they’ve thought, their lover wouldn’t recognize that body… So what comes next?

it takes risotto a literal second to recognise you in the photographs, and he’s even quicker to hide them before anyone else gets a chance to see. he’s calm and composed on the outside, but his heart is beating a mile a minute. whatever he’s doing, whether it’s having a meeting with the others or going through some paperwork, he continues all the while thinking about how he’s going to bring this up to you. your beautiful body…he has it memorised in his mind’s eye. turns out he’s not the only person who’s been appreciating it. he calls you into his office later and says nothing, just sets the pictures in front of you with the blankest look on his face. he takes your explanation pretty well, but is kind of upset that you didn’t tell him…you’re easily forgiven though, when your hands reach for his broad shoulders and you settle on his lap, spending the whole night in reminding him that you’re all his.

prosciutto is a little less forgiving…in fact, he’s pretty pissed off. embarrassed, humiliated, you name it. first of all, why would you leave these pictures out for the squad to see?! why would you let others see you naked, and come home to him where he kisses you and fucks you without a clue in the world? you’ll have to let him rant before you can get a word in. he feels like a fool, but you both know it’s not just his pride that is making him react this way. when he pauses for air you step in, telling him that you just needed to make money on the side and apologising for not letting him know in the first place. his stare is hard, his hands on his hips and chest heaving beneath his unbuttoned shirt. he will get over it eventually, but doesn’t want you to continue in the future - he says it’s because he makes more than enough money to take care of you, but honestly? he just loves you A LOT and wants to protect you. 

being the idiot he is, formaggio is slow to catch on when he spots the photos. he wolf whistles loud enough for the others to take notice, so don’t be surprised if illuso or melone (or even ghiaccio) go bounding over to get an eyeful. sigh. it’s not until he shows the photos to you that he notices the familiar features. he probably says something dumb about how much this chick looks like you before putting two and two together and asking if it is in fact you. his reaction….is pretty normal. goes through different stages of surprise, shock, denial (cause he thinks you’re joking or trying to sus him out) and then acceptance. i mean do whatever the hell you want to do as long as you aren’t fucking anyone else, right? he showers you with compliments and asks if he can keep the photos so he can rub one out whenever he misses you on a mission. it’s endearing, to the say the least. you definitely don’t refuse. 

wow. pesci has eagle eyes, i’m telling you. he spends so much time appreciating your body in bed, he could recognise it anywhere. he freezes in place when he sees the photos, unable to avert his gaze as prosciutto talks mindlessly in his ear about something or other that he’s completely lost interest in. he feels like his heart is in his throat and the sound of blood rushing through his ears is damn near dizzying. pesci will excuse himself while his bro is talking, which is something he never does mind you. he wants to talk right away, cause he’s pretty upset :( who took those photos of you? are you seeing someone else? yeah, his insecurities are kicking in big time. he listens to you explain your situation and won’t push much further. if there’s one thing he’s learnt, it’s that he has no right to control what you do…you’ll have to give him a little bit of reassurance so he doesn’t have a complete meltdown when he leaves the room. 

melone finds the photos and all of a sudden you kind of wish he didn’t. this man has no shame so don’t think he’ll start now. you hide them on purpose when it comes to him, because you know he will recognise your body and you don’t want to deal with his shenanigans. so unlike the others, he finds them in one of your pockets and absolutely LOSES his mind. probably ends up showing everyone at base what your birthday suit looks like and also tells them what he plans to do with you that night, not that they even want to know 😐 until you grab them out of his hands and punch his face drag him away. you’ll have to explain that you don’t show your face for a reason - you had wanted to keep this as private as possible as it was just a side job and not something you were planning on continuing for long. of course he apologises, but LET HIM KEEP THE PHOTOS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE-

illuso is known for being a gossip and a loud mouth, but he’s surprisingly quiet about this revelation. he finds them, grins, and puts them in his back pocket so he can show you when he sees you later. he wants to show you at night, when everyone else is asleep. unfortunately for you, you’ll have to deal with his shifty smirk and his ‘i know something you don’t’ attitude for the rest of the day. when he finally shows you, it feels like a predator cornering his prey - he has you right where he wants you. he’ll take a lighter and burn the photos in front of you and if you try to fight him he’ll easily overpower you, smiling like the cheshire cat as he tells you that he wants to retake the photos with his own camera, erasing the memory of someone else getting the chance to watch your body. it’s a wild night…you’ll get a few stares in the morning but it was kinda worth it LMFAO. 

it probably takes ghiaccio around two or three double takes for him to finally clock on to what’s going on. his face flushes the deepest red before he can even think about controlling his emotions, and if it’s in front of the others it’s game over. dude, he even made a disgruntled sound in his throat. could he be any more obvious? someone will end up asking him what’s wrong and he will move faster than the speed of light, picking up all the photos and stuffing them in his pockets before storming off to find you. he’s a man on a mission at this point. and he. has. words. don’t be surprised when he kicks your door open and stands there like an angry gremlin, fists bunched and gritting teeth. he’s loud when he asks you what the fuck those were, so everyone at base probably knows your business by now :D enjoy that. you will get teased later. he honestly has no reason to get so worked up though, so all you have to do is put him in his place and he calms down enough to let you explain. you tell him he can keep them if he liked them so much, pointing down at his raging boner. 

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I’d imagine he has ‘normal’ clothes??? Bc he can’t only have 1 outfit right ?🌚 He has to wear something when he’s lounging around in his home right??

I think he’d wear metal band tees, simple t-shirts, & long sleeves. Maybe throw in some V necks too🤔 & he knows u have a habit of wearing his clothes too.

“It’s nice, Ris. Smells like you & it makes me feel…nice.” & he just melts 😭 not that he ever minded this quirk of urs, since he thinks it’s cute on you. He’s a big dude, muscles & all, so it’s a little big on you since most of them are pretty worn & stretched out (ugH y’all know CHRIS Evans when he was playing captain America & they made him wear these impossibly tight shirts? That’s the image I have of ris in t-shirts 🤩 & also BUCKY Barnes in his infamous red Henley long sleeve??? Delectable imagery 😩).

Ris finds it endearing even, especially when u wear his fav ones, seeing you in such a domestic & romantic setting. Makes him feel just all warm inside🥺🤲🏼🖤

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I am! It’s permanent so y’all can request anytime 🖤✨and I’m so sorry that you’re going through this :( but just know that my dms & asks are open for u if u want to vent more! I completely understand how that feels 🥺🖤

I hope you enjoy this 💜

Warning - NOT/SFW (Suggestive? Maybe?)


“Stop. I can almost hear what’s going through your mind and it’s all wrong because you’re lovely. Every inch of your body, every curve, every dip, every surface of it… it’s your body and I love it just as it is. It’s perfect. Sensitivereceptive to me too… just the way I like it. So stop thinking too much about it, or I won’t stop reminding you until it’s the only thing in your head.”

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Gold: What was their first kiss with their S/O like?


Originally posted by porunareff


Risotto’s first kiss with you was interesting to say the least. He is a very stoic and professional person when it comes to his work and apparently he does the same with his love life.

You had gone to a very fancy restaurant on your second date, as your first one was more of a casual date. When the date was over, a kiss was the normal thing to do.

He approached you like he would one of his gang members. A blush dusted his cheeks, but he remained stoic and kissed you with calmness and ease, almost as if it was a task.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d say that he was bored and didn’t love you. However the blush and the fact that it was a second day said otherwise.

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Hi again! I’m glad it helped u 🥺🖤 and it’s no problem at all! I hope this one will help you too🖤


“There’s nothing to fear, especially for something as ridiculous as failure. If you have time to fear for failure, then you’re wasting it. Use it to prepare. To finish the job. To ensure everything is in place. To make sure every step leads to success. Got it?”

- Prosciutto.

“You’ve been having nightmares. I can see it in your form. I’m…worried about you, so I’m going to stay with you until you fall asleep… just to make sure you’re alright. So go ahead and sleep, I’ll be right here, biddùzza.”

- Risotto Nero (since this is a ris blog 🤩)


Biddùzza - Sicilian term of endearment for “beautfiul”.

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So I have a lot of scented products I use on the daily (lotions, perfumes, balms, body wash, conditioner & etc.)

So imagine Ris staying over one night & you end up introducing him to all the stuff you use to make u smell like however you always do & by the end of the night, you’ve somehow convinced him to try your favourites.

Now he smells like you and he has to sleep & wake up smelling like you, enveloped only in your scent that permeates the place u live in and honestly? He‘s happy because you’re his happy place and now he smells like you and everything around him smells like u and he’s just 🥺🖤

When daylight comes and he has to leave, he makes mental notes of which products u use most so if he’s ever too deprived of you and can’t see you when that happens, he can just open the products up & just sniff it for a whiff of his happiness ✨

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