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Praying Psalm 23 over a mop bucket and burning strawberry scented Money House Blessing® from Family Dollar.

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Zol Si’ira Omni’isa Sul’voth. 
The Sul’voth Ritual Sigil. 
An arcane seal used by the Sul’voth practitioner that focuses magical forces, and acts as a central aspect to an altar or practicing space. 
Pictured here is the basic required forms, before any personalization and embellishments. These can of course take form of different colours, line thicknesses, line stylings, or anything else the maker wishes. 8 open circles line the outer ring, and are intended hold a practitioner’s chosen 4 Sul’voth runes that they aim to focus on. To keep in line with Sul’voth symmetrical traditions, the 4 chosen runes are mirrored horizontally in the outer circles, but still face inwards towards the center. 
These seals are used as an altar piece, acting as a channel for energy and casting, as well as a place that can hold offerings. Use is much more tied to the practitioner’s intuition once they have completed their own sigil by filling in the missing runes. 

The required runes in this design are Ish, Ual, Gol, Mul, Olk, Sar, and Nol. Meanings are as they are listed in The Dirokvul. 
The two words of power that are included here are “ Vodu’ulk ” (Spiritual energy), and “ Thur’fus ” (Force). 

I included some more simple jpgs with only the line work for those who wish to make their own ritual sigils, while the designs could be used printed in theory, it is not advised, I highly recommend the practitioner to actually create upon a surface their own seal, be it on cloth or board, the more intent and energy you put into your sigil, the more you get out of it. 
I used a 12″ circular wooden panel and paints to make a solid base for mine, and will be stylizing the symbols and lines further for myself. 
Best of luck, speak with power. 
Dala ul’vok thu’urku. 

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Saturno Butto

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I’ve been working on a special something lately. An official Sul'voth ritual sigil for use by any who wish, and the subject of a recent post.

This sigil design will be customizable depending on what runes and energies the practitioner desires to work with. I’ll only be posting a smaller description on here, and hoping to hold out for more thorough uses and explanations in a future book on Sul'voth tradition.

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What Lies Beyond - Nakhana (DeviantArt)

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Inauguration Spell

Every 4 years, unless something terrible happens, the USA inaugurates its president on January 20. This year (January 20, 2021) is no different. This spell is meant to help push for a peaceful 4 years while upholding justice!

What You Will Need:

  • Paper & Writing Implement
  • Cinnamon - a sweet yet spicy reminder to keep them on their toes
  • Rosemary- a catalyst to help keep spell on track
  • Vanilla - a sweet reminder to stay up front and honest
  • Honey - to catch more flies while remaining humble
  • Salt - protection (black salt will be the most potent to use)
  • Lavender - calming
  • Candle - preferably blue or another calming color
  • Sage or other Cleansing method
  • Flame
  • String

What To Do

🌙 Sketch Justice and The Weel tarot cards on your paper

  • Justice - signifying what the president and VP should always uphold
  • The Wheel - reminder that the world will always keep turning

⭐ Draw 1-2 sigils that mean “A Peaceful Four Years” beside the cards you drew


🌙 Fold up the corners of the paper

⭐ Add herbs to center of paper

🌙 Fold paper into small triangle and seal


⭐ Use string to create Witch’s Ladder, focusing on peace and justice being upheld

🌙 Tie the ladder around folded paper


⭐ Light candle while focusing on peace and justice

🌙 Use flame to set the paper and ladder on fire, casting the spell

⭐ Use the candle to light smoke cleansing method

🌙 Perform a cleansing spell/ritual as paper and Ladder burn

⭐ Ashes can either be disposed of in nature or added to black salt to give the salt a nice boost

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