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inquietarsi · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Francesco Hayez, Vengeance is Sworn - 1851, Secret Accusation - c.1847-48 and The Vengeance of a Rival - 1850, from Triptych on Love and Revenge
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hirespokemon · a year ago
Tumblr media
"Ghost Times" issue No. 14 
1997, Green, Agatha, and her Pokémon by Mato, cover for the American version of the Yellow arc of Pokémon Adventures (Yellow Caballero vol. 4). While the outline is Mato's (from chapters 50 and 51), I believe it was colored by the American editors.
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gzeidraws · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
oh no he cute
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waynethechikorita · 2 years ago
I just realized a (probably unintentional) pattern of the Pokemon Anime
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Majority of rivals’ most powerful or notable Pokemon are grass types, especially the cool ones (except maybe Trip).
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anime-grimmy-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I should have gone to bed hours ago, but oh well)
Some sketches (who am I kidding, I took way too long to call those sketches) to show my appreciation for my newst son, Hop. He is a sweety and I won’t deny it. Plus a WIP of something I’m working on in my off time.
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astrolovecosmos · 2 years ago
7th House and Enemies/Rivals
7th House= Open and known enemies or rivals. Many times “open enemies” is described as a friend, lover, or pleasantry turned sour. You can still classify an “open enemy” as just a known rival or person you face conflict with. On the most shallow end you can say that the sign in your 7th House is likely the sign you will make enemies and rivals with the most. But let’s take a look at more details: 
Aries: Attracts enemies who want to take you head-on. Competitiveness, aggression, and threats to pride happen here. This can indicate physical conflict, arguments that are heated and out in the open, and the relationship will truly feel like both people are going to war. Everyone in the community or their inner circle will know about their issues and dislike. Enemies can become too reckless, impulsive, or make themselves appear too consumed by rage or dominance issues. 
Taurus: Attracts rivalries and enemies that slowly reveal themselves, could try to hide their negative feelings and intentions behind “practical reasoning”, can be highly stubborn, and one big threat is you can have enduring and long-standing enemies. Enemies tend to threaten your security, comfort, and maybe even try to devalue you in some way. This enemy might develop contempt due to you changing, due to changes in general, a threat to their own security, or due to their own fixed viewpoint and feelings. 
Gemini: Be careful of attracting trickster-like enemies. Here a rival uses words, gossip, persuasion, twisting your words, baiting, friends, and social leverages against you. This is someone who threatens and argues vocally. Clashes of opinion are common among your enemies and might even be the root to creating them. This person might also try to put down your voice and intellect, feeling threatened by them or disagreeing with what you think and have to say. There is also a childish aspect to enemies or might even indicate many times rivals are younger than you. 
Cancer: We are going to see grudges with rivals and enemies. Watch out for manipulative enemies. People who will try to figure out what hurts you, might try to befriend you or even care for you with ill intentions in the end, and takes every little thing you do personally. Insecurity, selfishness, and jealousy are all themes that float around among enemies and rivals.
Leo: Pride and competition are big themes, especially competition for attention and the spotlight. Here this person tries to put you down in any way they can. Their main goal as an enemy is to appear better than you. Things revolve around validation and ego. Watch out for rivalries claiming to not want to “stoop to your level” or claim they have no bad feelings for anyone when really... they are likely to be ruthless and spiteful when on the attack. They might try to threaten your sense of confidence and identity a lot. 
Virgo: Your enemies can be smart, thought out, and good at appearing non-threatening. This is someone who might compete with you or make bad blood with you over morals, their own inner criticism, their own inner negativity, and maybe due to unrealistic goals, self-image, or worldview. Your enemies want to derail you and possibly hurt you in practical matters, which is dangerous and of course, not cool on many levels. This might be someone who tries to get you fired, mess with your finances, and sabotage a class project. 
Libra: The 7th House overall tends to have a theme that these “enemies” are likely old friends and lovers; with Libra this is even more likely. Deception is a BIG theme here. You may attract enemies that are nice and charming on the outside, only to stab you in the back later. You may attract rivals that want to compete over a crush, lover, or general adoration. Your enemies will likely be highly insecure, lack self-love, and lack depth. 
Scorpio: While this house is meant so show known enemies, Scorpio can attract more secretive enemies. Enemies might be manipulative, highly observant, intuitive, vengeful, and dangerous. These are enemies who actually want something bad to happen to you, whether they cause it or not. These are people who try to hit you where it hurts in ego, emotions, or mind. Grudges can be held and your enemies might have been sprouted due to their own emotional sensitivity and vulnerability. There is an association with some sort of sexual competitiveness. 
Sagittarius: Your enemies are really out in the open! They will make fun of you, challenge your intellect or knowledge, and make their negative feelings known to your face and in front of everyone. There is a lot of competitive energy overall. They can be arrogant, prideful, loud, selfish, and insensitive. They might come after you due to broken pride, to prove something, or over some sort of belief they hold. 
Capricorn: Enemies tend to blame you for all sorts of things and might try to use you as a scapegoat. They might be out for your reputation and can use tools such as blackmail, gossip, or snub you. You attract enemies that are cold, ruthless, are calculated, and enemies that try to pin point your weaknesses. They might make fun of your emotions or sensitivities. They might try to take your self-authority away somehow. This person is all about overpowering you and appearing to be “worth more” whether that means worth more to the community, to a person, or in a materialistic sense. This person might also try to attack your career, financial stability, and emotional stability. Capricorn could indicate enemies that are older than you. 
Aquarius: Enemies are unpredictable and tend to attack you on an intellectual level. This person can feel threatened by your ideas, mind, individuality, and self-acceptance. They might use charisma and confidence to belittle you. There can be competition to stand out in a group or crowd. A childish side could emerge from an enemy or rival but it will be childish in a thoughtless and maybe teasing way. Debates and arguments can be common with rivalries. 
Pisces: This is an enemy who is “never at fault”. They play the victim, can be highly manipulative, uses guilt and shame as a weapon, and knows how to turn the tides on you. The root of many bad feelings can come from their unspoken wants from you or from their own denial. This person is all about emotional war and you need to watch out for their illusions or elusiveness. This can be the most secretive and hidden enemy in terms of the 7th House. 
How you might be as an enemy or rival to others could be a mixture of your 7th House and Mars. 
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qeeki · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Muja Kina and her alternative version
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scrawl-your-heart-out · 2 years ago
“What’s going on? And don’t you dare say ‘you’ll see’.”
Their rival smirked. “You’ll find out.”
The protagonist fought the urge to punch them. 
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nellblazer · 2 years ago
I Saw You - Chapter 3 (You Fic)
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary: Joe’s waiting for your date and he’s getting impatient.
Chapter Warnings: Abusive/Stalker/Incel Mindset, Violence
CHAPTER 3 - Summer Knight
(Possible proofreading errors)
Jesus fucking have so many apps.
I wonder how you're able to give each one the attention that you do because you cycle through them quite often. You mustn't have a very thrilling job.
Not that I can find out what your job is because you never talk about it.
I watched you through the keylogger app as you went through Facebook, then Instagram, then Twitter, then Tumblr, then Pinterest, then Tinder (excuse me, what the fuck?), then some app called Wish where you bookmarked the most outrageous clothing but never bought anything. I was exhausted just seeing it.
How do you keep up such an active social media life but your reality seems so.....shy?
You've not arranged to go out with anyone, you've got no events saved...maybe you're insular. Maybe you're an introvert.
I can respect that. I'm not a fan of women who just drink until the early hours. Women like that are a fucking mess and you're not a fucking mess. You're damn perfect...
Except for the Tinder thing which we're going to have to talk about.
You didn't mention Jake again to your friend so at least that was one person out of the running.
I visited him, you know. I went to his shop and I have to say your tastes are....well, you don't like guys that are good for you. He was far too beta, too eager to help, too smiley. It was off putting. I bought about 1kg worth of sweets just to shut him up. I'm going to get cavities for you.
You can't seriously like guys like this? He's exactly as you described him...suffocating.
I guess this is why you bit the bullet and asked for my number. You knew you'd never get anyone you actually liked unless you were brave. I bet you don't get asked out often.
Then I get a chime.
I've got a separate phone, just so I can log into your accounts with more ease. I ended up going to your apartment building and using the local Wi-Fi just so Google didn't give away the IP address as somewhere other than your home. I'm not stupid.
Thank god you bought something recently and typed your address in, huh? Otherwise this would've never worked.
Another chime brings me out of my thoughts and I look at the second phone. It's a Tinder notification.
How many men are you talking to?!
There must be about twelve conversations you're having right now and I'm actually furious. The way you're speaking to these guys....
I open up the newest message from someone named 'Hunter' (seriously dude?)
Hunter: If you wanna continue this in real life, HMU.
Desperately I scroll back through the conversation which starts:
Hunter: You're new here, huh?
You: Did you guess that from the 'just recently moved'?
My my, you're a sassy girl when you're online.
Hunter: Yeah, I'm a genius at working things out. What are you looking for on here?
You: Not sure yet. Maybe to just see how things go.
Hunter: I get it. Like what you see of me?
You: Could certainly bounce a quarter off those abs.
I'm looking down at my own stomach which is most definitely not ripped. You're making a guy self conscious here, do you know that? How can I compete with Mr Protein Shake here in looks? Intellect I can run rings around him.
Hunter: Like muscly guys? I can lift you up sometime maybe.
You: Good luck with that. I'm heavier than I seem.
As if. You're far too harsh on yourself. This isn't even a humble brag, you genuinely think this. I've seen you search for diet pills yesterday.
Hunter: I'd lift you up and keep you there...maybe against a wall
You: Doing?
Hunter: Whatever you want me to.
You: If you've got enough stamina for that, I'll be impressed.
Stamina. Right, you value stamina. That's good to know. When we have sex, I won't be one of those two pump chumps who just disappoints girls.
Then the messages end.
Well it's not exactly setting up another date but it's flirting nonetheless. Can't say I'm too happy about it but you haven't even set up our date yet so either I have to make the first move and prompt you or I may lose you to this steroided asshole.
I'm flicking quickly through your Pinterests and seeing what you tend to make for your boards. There's a lot of vintage things: old bookstores, old diners, sweet shops, museums.
Hmm, there's an ice cream parlour which is a little quirky and might suit your tastes. You know, the type of place to have flavours like Chorizo Caramel, Black Chocolate Stout and Vanilla Quince....pretentious flavours.
I head outside, going to seek the shop before I take a picture of the awning and the menu, framing it in as artsy a way as I can before sending it to you, with a date invitation just as you're typing a reply to the meathead.
I watch as you started typing 'Maybe, we'll see if you keep my intere-', then you must have got my message and you deleted your text before rewriting 'I've got a potential thing going on right now but if it doesn't work out then yeah, I'll hit you up'.
Score 1: Joe – Hunter: 0
Take that you quinoa eating shit.
Then my own phone chimes.
You: That sounds really nice actually. How about tomorrow? I have the day off. Say 1pm? Dinner date?
I wait an appropriate amount of time so I don't seem too eager before writing back.
Joe: It's a date.
God, this was exhausting. You really do demand a lot of attention, don't you? If I don't lavish you with some regularly, your eyes start wandering to someone else.
Guess I'll have to step up my game.
It's the day of our date and I've gone for a nice smart shirt, chinos and a leather jacket (just to add a hint of bad boy).
I'm walking up to Oddfellows, the ice cream parlour and I'm actually surprised to see you standing outside already. I'm early at ten minutes to one so I wonder how long you've been here.
Punctuality is fucking sexy in a girl.
“Hey!” I wave over, announcing my presence.
“Hi Joe,” you smile at me and instantly I feel that rush of a summer breeze.
Yes, yes you'll do nicely, thank you.
“Not been waiting too long I hope?” I ask cordially.
“Oh not long. I just like to see menus first. I read this one changes daily,” you nod to the giant chalkboard outside. “Bergamot ice cream sounds funky.”
Funky? Did we time warp back to the 70s? But knowing your phone habits and such, this is just par for the course with you. You want to be in any other timeline apart from the one you're in now. You pine for decades you've never even lived in.
I get it. So do I sometimes. I'd love a simpler life where the internet wasn't a thing any more and people still knew their neighbours. This is why I refuse to get a kindle still.
“Funky indeed,” I laugh. “How about this one, cream cheese and carrot ice cream?”
“Definitely out there,” you giggle and god does it sound like the sweetest bells chiming. “Shall we go in?”
I open the door, “After you.”
I am still playing the snarky asshole you seem to like me being but I'm not going to compromise my chivalry for it. You'll just have to make do.
We're in a booth and I went for a plate of tasters whilst you played it relatively safe with concoctions of only one ingredient.
“What is...that one?” you point with your spoon to a mottled brown sphere.
I try it and thank god it's something relatively normal, “Coffee and almonds. The staple of any hipster diet.”
And you're laughing.
I keep this up with the rest of them and you're almost in tears, you're giggling so hard.
I would say this date was going extremely well. Girls like guys who make them laugh right? Well call me Joe the comedian. I have you hook, line and sinker.
Then you get a text tone and you're frowning at it before you excuse yourself to the bathroom.
Frowning, uh oh. That's not good.
I look at my second phone and see you have a message from Jake, the candy shop clerk.
Jake: Please give me a second chance. I really really like you and this is the best thing I've ever had. Don't take that away from me or I'll have nothing.
Jesus, this guy has extreme issues. I hope you don't fall for this crap. It's blatant manipulation.
You: I'm sorry. I think you need to seek some help if three dates is the best thing you've ever had. This is too much pressure.
Atta girl. You tell him straight. This is some bullshit attempt to get you to feel sorry for him and then nurse him hand and foot for the rest of your life.
Jake: I'm sorry I bothered you. Goodbye forever.
Dramatic much? Guys like this make me sick, preying on your good nature. I bet this asshole will be completely fine and probably just listening to Morrissey in a dark room.
You: Where are you?
Oh shit! You're buying it! No no NO! He is not ruining our date! I will not be outplayed by some twirled moustached idiot with fake depression!
Jake: Our last date spot. Don't worry about me. I'm not your problem any more.
I'll give him credit. The douchebag is good at what he does.
Not ten seconds after, you're coming out and apologising but there's an emergency and you have to go.
“Do you need any help?” I offer, secretly thinking I can help Jake by pushing him off a building.
“No no,” you shake your head, seeming a bit frazzled. “Look I'm sorry about this. Mind if we reschedule?”
“Not at all,” I say graciously.
“Thank you for being understanding,” you kiss me on the cheek. “I feel awful about this, I'll arrange a date with you soon.”
“It's alright, emergencies happen,” I assure you.
Then you're gone.
I can still feel the warmth from your lips on my skin. God it was glorious, like being kissed by the sun.
I moseyed back to Mooney's, restarting my shift and excusing myself in the biographies aisle under the pretence of sorting some volumes out that had gotten mixed up.
You're typing a Facebook message to Jane.
You: Jake just interrupted my date with Joe saying he's going to commit suicide.
Jane: Are you shitting me? That's so abusive! All because you blew him off?
I like Jane. Jane speaks sense. She's a good friend. Keep her.
You: I think so. I just can't take the risk that he might actually do it.
Jane: Are you going to be safe? Do you need back up?
You: I'll call if he gets too weird.
Jane: Alright then. How was Joe?
And I'm waiting with baited breath.
You: Joe makes me laugh. He's got kinda that Danny Zuko vibe. Talks a tough game but a secret softie, I can tell.
Danny Zuko...I can live with that. A suave John Travolta in his prime is nothing to be ashamed about.
Jane: Keep Joe around then. Text me if Jake does anything and I'll be there with a baseball bat.
Seriously....KEEP. JANE.
So now I'm in a precarious position. I don't want to leave you alone with said manipulative little shit but I also don't want to impose my presence because it's not technically my business.
I open your Snapchat and use the Snapmaps Geolocator to track you across New York and leave the store following at a decent pace, managing to catch up by basically sprinting at some points.
You're heading for a tenement block and I'm wondering what the fuck kind of date you had in a tenement block. Does he live here?
I watch as you enter and use the elevator and see it's destined for the floor underneath the roof. Naturally I can't follow you because that'll just put me squarely in your path like, ‘oh hello, I was just seeing if you needed assistance with your psycho ex, not that I'm not psycho in following you for a few blocks or anything.’
Get it together Joe. Think.
I spot the fire escape and jump up to get the ladder, recoiling at the feel of something slimy as I grip the rung. I hate these things. They're left to rust and gather pigeon shit all day. Do you see the effort I'm making for you?
I quietly ascend all the way to the top and fuck, I'm outta shape. I'm desperately trying not to huff and puff and give the fucking game away. It's not easy you know. Bookstore manager doesn't really have a cardio role applied to it.
I hear voices as I get to the top and I duck down, peeking over the edge and see you both there.
You don't look impressed at all.
“This is fucking bullshit,” you hiss. “Don't lay this on me. It's not fair.”
“Don't go,” he whines, taking a threatening step backwards towards the ledge. “Please, I love you.”
“We've been on three dates, Jake!” you seem exasperated. “How can you love someone after three dates?!”
Yeah Jake, how can you? Especially when you know nothing about you. I, on the other hand, have done my research.
“Just give me one more chance. I'll give you the best night of your life.”
Doubtful. I've seen your Tinder profile and it doesn't look like you're packing much down there. Also I imagine you're a bit of a crier.
“No. Enough. This is manipulative and scary,” you fold your arms. “I came here to see if you're okay but clearly this is just a cry for help. You need to see a therapist.”
“I'll do it, I'll jump.”
“No you won't,” you shake your head, heading for the door to the top floor. “Don't ever contact me again or I'll get the cops involved.”
I've never been prouder of you. That was brave, so so brave. You called someone out on their bullshit despite a horrible situation.
You've gone now, slamming the door behind you and making a clear signal in doing so. Don't follow me.
Jake's crocodile tears dry up real quick and now he's muttering some shit that's just dark and it makes my skin crawl.
“I'll fucking show you. Fucking cockteasing slut. You'll wish you'd agreed. This is a big fucking mistake.”
Now I can't be having that. I can't have anyone threatening my girl.
He's looking the other way on the ledge opposite me, furiously typing on his phone and I hope you never sent him any naked pictures because he's definitely the type to be spreading them across 4chan by now.
Silently I hop up onto the roof, stalking him, carefully making my way until I'm just a hair's breadth away and then....
He sails out of sight as I push him off. He never saw it coming. Never had time to prepare. He flailed before gravity did its work.
I quickly ran back, haring down the fire escape, jumping the final level until I hit the ground in a heap and then I started hearing screaming. Jake must have hit the deck by now.
I dust myself off, quickly grabbing some papers out of my satchel that were meant to be the stocklist for tomorrow and walk nonchalantly out of the alleyway, back to the normal street before rounding the corner.
You've just come out of the entrance and spotted what's happened and oh please don't look so guilty. I bet you were secretly wishing he'd just jump and end his pathetic existence.
Time to play the hero, Joe.
“Hey, what are you-” I begin, but trail off seeing the mess of Jake on the sidewalk. “Oh my god.”
“Joe?!” you're crying and you look pretty even when tears are streaming down your face...none of the ugly redness that some people get. “I didn't mean...I think....I think this is my fault.”
Good, you’re so traumatised you’re not questioning why I’m here.
“What?” I tear my eyes away, looking at you in confusion. “Why?”
“He's the emergency. He was this guy I went on a few dates with and he said he'd kill himself if I didn't agree to another but I never expected him to actually do it. Oh my god, I'm a fucking monster.”
“Hey,” I'm bundling you in my arms, pressing your head into my chest so you don't have to look at pureed Jake. “It's not your fault. He was clearly in need of help.”
“But I drove him to this! I called him out and said he was just manipulating me.”
You're dissolving into heavy sobs now and I can feel your body vibrating against me. God you feel so fucking perfect in my arms, like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that's slotted into place.
“Look at me,” I say firmly and you cast your baleful eyes upwards. “You didn't do this. If it wasn't you, it would've been some other girl. Clearly he was looking for someone to fill a void in his life rather than address the actual problem.”
“I just feel so guilty,” you bury your head back into my chest, clutching at the lapels of my coat. “Please...please get me out of here.”
“Come on, I'm taking you back to the bookstore,” I start leading you away.
I take one last look at the red stained paving stones and if my inner thoughts had a face, it'd be smirking right about now.
Score 1: Joe  - Jake: 0
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viejospellejos · 7 months ago
Hay que eliminar cualquier rival
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