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BedeHop Headcanons: Part 3

I’m sorry,, I love them,,


Who loves to be held by the other?

After being alone for so long Bede is touch starved. Even the smallest cuddle from Hop is enough to make him melt.

How do they flirt with one another?

They’re nowhere near traditional when they flirt with each other. At the start of their relationship Bede would constantly freak out when flirting, saying stuff like “your face looks nice, uh, fuck you”. However, he’s really charming when he’s settled into the relationship, hand kisses and romantic quotes to name a few actions. Hop focuses on actions more than words. He tries to flirt occasionally but it either comes out wrong or makes no sense whatsoever. Usually he just sticks to blowing kisses or winking.

If you had to describe their relationship in one word, what would it be?

Weird. It’s the kind of relationship where people question whether they hate or love each other.

Who asks the other how to spell a word?

Hop can’t spell to save his life-

Who loves to have the other rest their head against their chest?

Hop loves to play with Bede’s hair. It’s really soft and he finds it oddly therapeutic. Whenever they watch movies together Bede happily rests his head against Hop’s chest so he can easily play with his hair, as long as he doesn’t mess it up.

How do they react when they’re told they are having a grandchild?

Personally, I can’t see them ever having a child for a multitude of reasons but I’ll do it anyways-

Hop would be ecstatic about it! In fact, he’d probably cry and hug their child to death. Bede on the other hand would be happy, of course, but also worried. Mostly because it means he’s getting old and the thought of being a grandparent is pretty daunting.

If they had to choose between going to a party or staying in, what would they do?

They’d prefer to stay in. Bede isn’t a huge fan of social gatherings, especially with loads of other gym leaders because some of Rose’s workers attend them. Hop likes parties but doesn’t mind staying at home and snuggling with his boyfriend all evening

Who makes funny faces to make the other person laugh?

Hop of course! When Bede’s in one of his moods Hop tries all he can to make him smile, including making dumb faces. Despite Bede’s best efforts to keep a straight face, he can’t help but laugh at his dorky boyfriend.

Who shows the other new music?

Bede listens to a lot of music. It helps him to calm down after battles. When Hop is stressed out/tired he plays some of his playlists in the hopes that it would have the same affect on his partner. Although Hop isn’t interested in the same genre, he doesn’t mind it.

Who puts their hand on their partners knee whilst driving?

Hop isn’t a very confident driver so Bede usually does it for reassurance when something happens on the road. (Do cars even exist in this region? I swear I haven’t seen any but that might just be me being blind)

I might try to do different ships eventually (like Raileon or Raipiers) because I’ll eventually run out of ideas for Bedehop lmao

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Sibling Posting: Leon and Hop

Might as well list my headcanons for them now :)

I’ve honestly got better ones for Leon and Hop than Piers and Marnie. They have more interactions and are more relevant to the game.

  • When Hop was born Leon had already been the champion for a few months (I imagine there’s a pretty big age gap between them). He was cocky, arrogant and hated the idea of having a sibling around. However, as soon as he held Hop for the first time he felt such a strong urge to protect the little bean in his arms. Hop softened Leon, bringing his playful side out and giving us the big man baby we know and love.
  • Leon was away a lot when Hop was growing up, champion stuff n all. When he was at home Leon would spend as much time as possible with Hop (movie marathons, video games etc)
  • Hop used to steal Leon’s cape and wear it around the house. Leon would always tell him off because he was worried it would get dirty but secretly he found it endearing
  • As Leon got older he became more distant from Hop. Rose put a HECK TON of pressure on Leon. Interviews, meetings, battles and training came before family. Of course he tried to stay in touch but sometimes Hop wouldn’t hear from Leon for months. It hurt him a lot but he was old enough to understand that his brother was busy. At least he could watch his matches on TV.
  • Leon would do anything to keep Hop safe. Hop was a pretty active kid, running around Postwick and hiding in the crop fields. Often he got himself into trouble with Pokemon so Leon would have to sprint halfway across the town to save him. That’s why Leon caught Hop a Wooloo, just as a precaution
  • After post game Leon had more time on his hands. He still had to manage the Battle Tower but he could visit Hop more often. Unfortunately, now Hop struggles to find free time but Sonia doesn’t mind if the brothers want to go off and do something together
  • Leon is really proud of Hop. He tries to show him that every time they meet up.

I wish they had more interactions other than “oMg My BrOtHeR iS tHe UnDeFeAtAbLe ChAmPiOn” tbh. They’re so sweet.

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Piers: Guzma? What are you doing here?

Guzma: the new champion wanted to see Galar and Hala decided to go on a family vacation with everyone.

Piers: why do you look like the death warmed over?

Guzma: my kids. Moon found her archenemy and Hau his soulmate.

Somewhere else…

Hop: come on, I know where we can try to hunt g-max Pokemon! I am sure you gonna love it!

Hau: that’s great! I can’t wait to show you my z moves!

Hop: that is going to be super cool!

(suddenly there was sunny weather all over Galar)


Moon: what did you just say!?

Gloria: you heard me, you fucking weakling! Your insel challenge is stupid!

Moon: At least we let in all Pokemon!

They broke each others nose and destroyed things in worth of 60900 pokedoller.

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The idea of this was if Leon and Hop’s roles were swapped, so Hop was the older brother and champion. I never ended up drawing the others…

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BedeHop Headcanons: Part 1

I’m finally posting on here haha. Anyways, this account will be full of rambles based around whatever I’m fixated on (at the moment, Pokemon SWSH). Most of these will be headcanon/scenarios based on various ships


Who worries about what they’ll look like when they’re older?

Bede is very focused on mainting a perfect appearance. The thought of turning into an old wrinkly man scares him. Hop constantly reminds him that he’ll love him no matter what he looks like.

Who hogs the blanket?

Hop. He’s a fidgeter in the bed so usually ends up in a burrito, leaving poor Bede in the cold.

Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts?

Hop is disgusted by how Bede refuses to eat the crust. It’s either he eats it or tries to force feed it to the fussy brat.

Who is more likely to cry over a sad book/movie?

Hop only cries when a Pokemon in a movie gets badly hurt. Bede finds it hilarious.

Who talks smack while playing video games?

Hop gets easily frustrated when playing video games, especially against Bede. He’s very competitive and that sometimes leads to him shouting at Bede, leading to petty arguments. It doesn’t help that Bede always playfully mocks him.

Who sings along with the radio?

Bede enjoys singing. He rarely does it but when one of his favourite songs comes on the radio the temptation to sing along is unbearable. Hop has at least 5 videos on his phone of Bede singing to the radio (which he recorded in secret)

Who would enter them both in a talent show contest?

Hop definitely. He’d probably try to persuade Bede to sing with him or something. Bede would be completely against the idea though.

Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking?

Honestly, both of them are pretty good chefs. Hop can make a killer curry and Bede is amazing at making cakes (Opal taught him). However, Hop is more likely to leave something on the stove, get sidetracked and completely forget about it

Who would throw the other in the pool?

Bede doesn’t like getting his hair wet so of course Hop is gonna lift his boyfriend up and dump him in the water

Who shops for groceries?

Neither. They’re both too busy with work/the gym so they just order them online. If they do end up having to go to the store it’s usually Bede because Hop is an irresponsible little child who would buy a trolley full of nuggets

Who GETS RID OF the spiders? (Joltiks/Dewpider)

Hop is used to dealing with bug type Pokemon when he’s out on the field doing research so if a lil Joltik sneaks into the house he leads it back outside. Bede was a psychic type trainer so he doesn’t like bugs.

Who is the morning/night person?

Bede has gotten used to getting up early in the morning to open up the gym and get ready for the first challenger. Sometimes this means leaving Hop to wake up alone. On the other hand, Hop can stay up until 3am studying/working. Sometimes Bede might stay up with him but most of the time he ends up passing out nearby

Who proposes? 👀

I can honestly see both of them doing it. Bede would be more blunt, holding the ring out and avoiding eye contact. He’d be so embarrassed about doing it that most of the words coming out of his mouth would seem pretty rude to most people (thankfully Hop’s used to it). Hop would be more confident. He’d speak clearly and as calmly as possible whilst Bede has a mental breakdown. Either way, they’d say yes and have a really pretty wedding (might make a separate post for that one day)

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Allister and Hop friendship.

They met each other in the Gym challenge. After Hop beat him Allister ran back into the graveyard to play /talk with his Pokémon. Hop ran after him because he had many questions about ghost pokemon. The Reaktion of the ghost pokemon was to scare hop, but he thought it was funny and knew that the pokemon won’t harm him.

Allister was confused by this (because normal humans run away from his friends) and they talked.

Hop had many questions and Allister actually liked to answer them.

They and their team became fast friends and Allister won’t hesitate to cures anyone who makes his first human friend sad and Hop protects Allister from pushy people.

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CHAMPION HOP: he’s become champion at such a young age, but he’s still riding that high of being the top trainer of the galar region! he doesn’t show how stressed out he actually is, breaking down in the dark since he’s just a child given difficult adult responsibilities.

RIVAL LEON: he’s much much older than what your usual rival might be, but he’s just as excited to restart his journey one more time! he’s got some self-esteem issues considering that his younger brother’s the champion, but he’s nonetheless very proud of hop!!!

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Hop had many fake friends as a child

They only talked to him because of Leon and made fun of him. He once overheard them and it completely destroyed his trust in other humans. Hop would still act friendly, but he stopped hanging out with kids his age.

Leon became really worried about hop when he realized what was going on and talked with the Gym Leaders about it.

They decided to visit together and Hop became friends with Allister.

None of them knew how it happened, but Allister found his first and Hop his real friend.

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Hop and Leon’s relationship is definitely an interesting one. One that I think deserved more attention in the SwSh storyline (I can only hope the manga or the dlc expands upon it more).

It’s clear they both care for each other deep down. Leon is quite protective of him from worrying about Hop getting lost in the Slumbering Weald and having Charizard protect Hop (and the player) from Eternatus bursting out of the Pokeball. Hop is also quite protective of Leon being ready to storm Rose Tower when his brother is late for dinner and ready to jump in the fray to fight Eternatus after Rose starts the Darkest Day.

However, there is a clear lack of emotional vulnerability between the two.

When Hop reveals his depression and struggles, it’s to you first. He just runs away from his brother the first time he sees him after Bede crushes him in battle. Even after he does open up further about his struggles, it’s to Sonia and Piers. Not his own brother. 

When Leon finally sheds the champion persona and shows his vulnerabilities, it’s only towards you in the battle tower. Hop still sees the champion!Leon even after he’s dethroned.

So it’s clear they don’t feel comfortable expressing their raw emotions to each other but why? Well there are a couple of factors to consider.

The first one being that, according to Sonia, Leon had to raise Hop. So at some point, Leon (who was a child himself) was helping to guide Hop. Children don’t make good parental substitutes of other children. It stands to reason that Leon probably adopted a “don’t show weakness to Hop” mentality. This mentality would evolve to “don’t show weakness to anyone period…especially to Hop” by the time he becomes champion. The way his brand of “the unbeatable champion” was set up that sets up an expected aura of infallibility.

On the other hand, you have Hop who idolizes Leon and puts him on a pedastal. When you put someone on a pedastal like that, it makes hard to see them as human, therefore flawed. Not to mention their family also puts Leon on a pedastal which would further ingrain into Hop that his big brother was pretty much superhuman. By both the adults in the family and Hop putting Leon on a pedastal, this ruins potential for Hop to feel like he could go to his older brother for comfort. Hop would likely feel that Leon couldn’t understand what he’s going through given the way he idolizes him so.

Now all of this makes for an interesting dynamic. Again, we know they care for each other but there is a divide that prevents them from having more meaningful connection. And yet, the story doesn’t address this. It doesn’t the idolization on Hop’s part or the need for Leon to show his vulnerability around the people who matter most to him. There was great potential for that in the post-game. I mean Wyndon stadium had a power spot, (so did Rose Tower). They could have had part of the royal twin’s plot take place there and allow that time to help the brothers begin to be able to vulnerable around each other. It would have made Hop’s terrific character arc perfect and would have given much needed development for Leon. 

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