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Extremely Loud Opinions Presents: The One that Started It All
So....it's been awhile my dearest companions on my noble quest! Sorry to leave you all high and dry for a few months but my husband and I just bought a house and I've also just gotten a new job! Sadly those endeavors left little room for me to continue my quest.
However! The dust has settled and I have finished the first act of the first book in Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's iconic Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy, Dragons of Autumn Twilight! And I mean...none of the covers are that tragic all things considered.
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I am going to start out this review with a disclaimer because I know that Dragonlance has a ton of nostalgia value to a lot of people. My opinions are just that, opinions, and just because I may rag on the books I review doesn't mean I hate them or think they have no value. And if you think that Dragonlance is the best fantasy ever written, good for you. I am not here to change your mind or fight you on it. If it brings you the same joy that the Icewind Dale Trilogy brings me, who am I to ruin that for you?
That being said, the first act of Dragons in Autumn Twilight is...a lot. And when I say that, I also mean there is a lot to like as well as just...a lot.
The world of Krynn is DOPE AS HELL for starters. Like hot damn a world that the gods have actively forsaken and where divine magic has dwindled to the point of nonexistence? Excellent. 10/10 neat setup. Starting in medias res with a DND party that had actually broken up returning to compare notes? Wonderful. Love me a good cold open.
And then there's....everything else. Look, I know that Dragonlance paved the way for the fantasy novels of today so I'm not saying that it has no value to fantasy literature as a whole. But there is so much in this book that DID NOT AGE WELL since the 80s. Some of that adds to its charm (like literally everything that Raistlin says unironically) but some of it really casts a pall over the work (like Goldmoon, just...everything about Goldmoon).
Disclaimers aside, on to the review! I present my Extremely Loud Opinions about Act 1 of Dragons of Autumn Twilight! Spoilers Ahead!
Things I ADORE about Act 1
Like all great epic fantasy novels of the 80s, it starts with an exposition poem
There is an inn built into a living tree and that is neat!
Yaaaaasssss finally!!! A true shitty Gandalf knockoff!!! I am here for MEMES
Tumblr media
I love the super old school art for each chapter heading
Naming someone Flint Fireforge is the equivalent of getting on a table and screaming "HEY DID YOU KNOW HE'S A DWARF???"
I find the disappearance of the Old Gods and Clerics a deeply compelling piece of lore and I want to know everything about it
So I can already tell Tasselhoff Burrfoot the rogue is going to annoy me eventually but his intro is FANTASTIC
Holy shit this party has ALL THE TROPES!!! A dwarf, a sticky fingered rogue, an angsty half elf, a himbo, and an edgelord all literally walk into a bar
Oh god, in Raistlin I see every chaotic neutral caster the RPG Horror Stories Reddit warned me about and I cannot stop laughing
Oooooooh the sole lady party member who refused to show up is Tanis the half elf's ex! JUICY
Goddammit they just gave me a barbarian princess and her hot bodyguard I AM TOO WEAK FOR THIS TROPE
Tumblr media
This fucking Gandalf knockoff just orchestrated the single most chaotic quest reveal I have ever seen and I honestly have to applaud him for it
Eyyyy the barbarians join the party!!! Even though Goldmoon is definitely an accidental cleric and not a barbarian
I just realized a henchman has the last name of "Toede" and I'm dying
Goddammit Goldmoon and Riverwind are HECKIN CUTE
Tas is actually my favorite now because he's the only one who makes jokes and acts like a person
"Finally they stepped out on the road with as much fear as a troupe of unskilled actors facing a hostile audience." Is an incredible description and I'm going to steal it somehow
Riverwind has got THE SASS
Goldmoon you idiot
Holy shit dragonborn! Dragonborn cultist alert!
Tas just pulls a sword bigger than him out of a statue like it's nbd
It's so interesting to see a character in an over the top fantasy novel dealing with crippling depression and Sturm Brightblade is rapidly becoming my other favorite character. He seems to have more depth than all the other characters combined to the point where he almost feels out of place with all these cardboard cutouts. Give this man his own book pls
Thank you Raistlin for finally pointing out that it was the weird old Gandalf knockoff who got y'all into this mess
Aww Flint and Tanis actually have a really nice relationship. It's too bad they don't care about the rest of the party the same way
It's the dead warriors must perform a task they failed to find rest cliche and I love it
The centaurs all talk like over the top pirates and I dig it
Tumblr media
There is a bad guy named "Verminaard" and I am scream laughing into my notebook
Love the old impersonating a deity trick, definitely one of my faves
Yaaasssss Lady Dragon Alert!!!
Dungeon crawl dungeon crawl dungeon crawl!!!
Raistlin straight up says "while you were studying the blade, I was learning something useful" what a tool
Please take Bupu as your new party member she just told ugly ass Raistlin he was pretty and actually knows what's going on in this damn dungeon
The Gully Dwarf king is call Highbulp Phudge and this is Dendybar levels of generic candybar naming right here
Okay the ruined city of Xak Tsaroth is atmospheric af
The first Gully Dwarf king discovered Xak Tsaroth by falling down a well during a bender and I am obsessed with this origin lore
Raistlin literally says "No one will ever understand me!" UNIRONICALLY like every shitty teen stereotype ever and it's incredible
Tumblr media
Wow Raistlin actually acts like areal person with Bupu and his sending her off was incredibly sweet....why the fuck am I having an emotion about RAISTLIN???
Things I DETEST about Act 1
The cast. Starting with Tanis Halfelven. He seems to have two modes: being uselessly indecisive and mangst. That's it. He's the party leader and his indecisiveness could be very interesting. However, his party just....keeps following him? So I can't tell if he's actually supposed to be incompetent or a Gary Stu badass with a very confusing veneer of imperfection. Also he's very mean to half his party for no apparent reason but more on that later.
Goldmoon and Riverwind. I have to talk about them both because they exemplify two different and somewhat intertwined tropes that I utterly DESPISE. Riverwind is a quintessential Noble Savage straight out of Dances With Wolves right down to being the strong, silent type. Now, nothing is inherently wrong with being a strong silent type but EVERY MALE NATIVE AMERICAN CODED CHARACTER WAS THE STRONG SILENT TYPE IN THE 80S and boy howdy it has not aged well. Then there's Goldmoon. She's literally a Magical White Woman and it is gross. Her people are consistently described as being dark skinned and dark haired while she's over there being inexplicably blonde, pale, and also she's the first cleric her people have seen in a millennia. I know that I'm probably just reading too much into her being inexplicably white and also having magic BUT THOSE TWO THINGS TOO OFTEN COINCIDE AND I HATE IT. I wouldn't be putting up nearly as much of a stink if it was just her hair that's inexplicably blonde and she's still dark skinned BUT NO. SHE'S WHITE. SHE IS CONSTANTLY DESCRIBED AS BEING PALE AND BEAUTIFUL UNLIKE OTHER WOMEN IN HER NATION. YUCK YUCK GROSS
Tumblr media
I want to talk about Caramon, Raistlin's himbo brother but the fact that I don't have anything to say about him is a problem in itself. The man has no personality aside from he loves his brother and food and that is very sad.
Oh joy, the first thing Tanis angsts about is how he's the product of a rape and it's an integral part of his identity....my favorite plot point.....
Man I like hobgoblins so much in modern DND that it's super unfortunate to see them as exclusively dumb toadies in the 80s
Oh dear it seems this party also suffers from Only One Girl syndrome. Heaven forbid a DND party has more than one woman in it at any given point
Tumblr media
Raistlin stop being an angsty shit wizard and let your himbo twin love you
I really do not understand how these people are friends? Like, all they do is bicker, think mean things about each other, and discuss how inevitable a betrayal from certain party members will be. Like, I know this book was based off an actual DND game so I have to ask, was it even fun to play? Did you guys enjoy talking about how badly you want to throw your friend's wizard character under the bus at multiple occasions? Maybe I'm just a pussy, but that doesn't sound very fun
Tumblr media
"I wouldn't trust us." God Tanis is so ANGSTY
The Native American coding of the barbarians continues to be MEGA YIKES
So are the draconians slimy or scaly? You are giving me conflicting messages here
Oh god I can smell a Tanis love triangle on the winds and it smells like gym socks and regret
Everyone is constantly on the brink of PVP in this party and it is very uncomfortable to read
Raistlin gives me such character whiplash sometimes. One minute he's hilarious and the next I want to put a boot so far up his ass he tastes it
Tumblr media
Caramon pls grow more of a personality than "food good" I'm begging you
"You will call me master!" Are you a cartoon villain by any chance, Raistlin?
Nooooo not the village!!! Poor Goldmoon and Riverwind :(
Blech! Getting doused by black dragon acid breath gets a 0/10 from Riverwind
I think the fact that Flint is only the SECOND most one note character I have ever encountered is depressing. The first is also in this book
No one makes any innuendos about the slimy pipe entrance 0/10 wasted opportunity
Don't you just love blanket characterizations for an entire subspecies of dwarves? Don't you just love it when the characterizations are all mean spirited and negative for no good reason?
Tumblr media
All of the somatic components for Raistlin's spells are just the regular DND spells but SPELLED WRONG I CAN'T DECIDE IF THAT'S CLEVER OR IF I HATE IT
When did Goldmoon and Riverwind start fighting?? Stahp
There is a mage named Fistandantilus and no one is going to take the opportunity to make a joke about it 0/10
If you add Goldmoon and make this a Tanis love quadrangle I am going to barf
Well that was an anticlimactic dragon fight
Tanis barges into a temple to yell at the gods like every teenage atheist's wet dream
So, despite my criticism of several points in this book, I am still enjoying it. I am very interested in the upcoming war with the draconians and getting THE DEEP LORE about why the gods forsook Krynn. Also I am hoping and praying that the cast starts to grow on me. Overall, I'm giving Act 1 a 6/10. There were a lot of good bits that do help me overlook the slew of things that did not age well but it's no Icewind Dale Trilogy so far. The review for Act 2 should be coming along shortly!
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Gala Bingo Open
Tumblr media
Closure Information Gala Bingo Fishponds has now rebranded as Buzz Bingo. Click here to see the latest Buzz Bingo times and prices. Please note, this page has been archived for historical purposes and some details may now be inaccurate. Club Details Opening Times Gala Bingo Fishponds is open for at least 12 hours every day. GET IN TOUCH Hotel (702)-796-7111 Reservations (866)-791-7626 Spa (702)-797-8030 9777 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV 89183 Open in Google Maps Reopening Information. Bingo bash free freebies. Gala Bingo Torquay is conveniently near the main centre of the town. Back to menu ↑ About Gala Torquay. Gala Bingo Torquay is located near the main shopping area and is serviced by numerous bus routes, plus it has parking available for 270 cars.
It was on March 20 that British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson opted to make a speech regarding the lockdown in the United Kingdom. As part of that speech, he ordered that multiple different businesses close their doors in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, including bingo halls and bookies.
Pubs, restaurants and leisure centres were also ordered to close their doors “as soon as possible” to try and curb the spread of the virus. This has been the scenario with bingo halls across the world, though. Plans are in place for some of these locations to re-open, with Fort Worth, Texas suggesting that they were opening their doors on Friday, May 8.
On the 23rd June the Prime Minister announced that leisure businesses could reopen from the 4th July 2020, this includes bingo halls. Some big companies, including Mecca, have announced they will be reopening 36 halls on the 4th July, Buzz bingo are reopening on Monday 6th with others to follow through the month. Beacon announced they will start opening halls from Monday 6th July too.
We are still waiting to hear from Gala and others but we can assume they will want to reopen as close to that date as possible. Halls will have to follow social distancing guidelines, which may prove a challenge, although that distance is now set at 1m instead of 2m and that should make things easier. Guidance does still however say that 2m should be used where possible.
When and How Will Bingo Halls Reopen?
While it’s currently unclear as to how bingo halls (and indeed, other businesses) will operate once they re-open, suggestions have been floating around about seating any potential players at least one metre apart. Granted, this isn’t a difficult thing to do within most bingo halls, but do players really want that sort of setup?
Generally speaking, when people meet up in a bingo hall, they do so not just to play the game, but also to engage in a bit of a chat, too. Mecca bingo wood green. Is this really such a possibility with being seated in such a way?
It’s common for bingo halls to attract people from the older generation as well, who are considered to be most at risk from contracting the disease in a fatal way. There’s the potential for some establishments to reduce the number of people they allow inside, though. Ultimate x poker app game.
With regard to the aforementioned Fort Worth, suggestions have been put forward to admit a 25% ratio of people into the bingo halls. At the same time, gamers would be asked to wear masks and only one to two people would be seated at each of the tables. Another necessary process would see chairs, tables and counters be sanitised and cleaned frequently.
Issues surrounding use of daubers and other materials usually provided in halls may mean people have to bring their own, or will be given their own to keep. There are also potential issues around the use of toilet facilities while maintaining distance as well as bar service. There may be restrictions around the use of games cabinets often featured in bingo halls due to cross-contamination.
It is not known yet whether people will need to wear masks or whether some establishments may ask them to do so even if it is not general policy.
Halls may also have to pay more staff to ensure safe social distancing and with the prospect of reduced capacity it may prove difficult for some halls to afford this easily. Other options that are possible include perspex screens between players.
Preparations For Re-Opening
Preparations to reopen bingo on the 4th of July began some time ago, but what we can expect on the long awaited day of opening is anyone’s guess.
The government have now said that the 2 metre social distancing rule will be relaxed soon so there is a chance that players can sit closer together, perhaps two chairs apart or, as with poker, with Perspex glass between them.
Tumblr media
At least that is how it is looking.
Two Metre Rule
The big brand bingo halls such as Mecca Bingo, Beacon Bingo and Gala Bingo have announced their preparations for reopening through social media accounts.
What we know is that each of these will be switching from glass to plastic for their drinking vessels and that chairs will now be positioned at least two metres apart.
Hand sanitizers are going to be plentiful going forward and will, it looks, be placed throughout the bingo clubs with patrons encouraged and expected to use them regularly.
From now on, cashiers will now be shielded behind Perspex screens and numbers will be restricted during busy times, while the walls will be covered in posters and social distancing restriction reminders.
Tumblr media
Enhanced Cleaning Regime
A spokesman for Mecca Bingo said;
”We are encouraging all customers to use contactless payment wherever possible, but we will still accept cash.
We will have signage throughout the club to help direct you and some tables and slot machine may not be in use, but there will be signs to show which ones can be used.
There will be an enhanced cleaning regime in place with our team cleaning on the go with all touch points such as tables and machines cleaned.
To ensure social distancing within the club, there may be times when customers are asked to queue outside to respect this and we would recommend that people arrive in good time ahead of their preferred session.”
The move comes after the UK government, wrongly or rightly, lowered its coronavirus alert level from four to three.
As for dabbers, no information has yet been released but, in the bigger halls at least, you would think that customers would be encouraged to purchase new ones on entry at the door, or given them for free.
Reopening Not Easy For All Bingo Companies
Traditional bingo halls tend to be large venues with big internal spaces, the clue is in the word ‘hall’. This will make implementing social distancing relatively easy compared to smaller premises like bookmaker shops. The nature of bingo also means you don’t need to sit or stand together to play, this is not true in the likes of a casino where players congregate around tables.
On balance, therefore, most bingo halls will have relatively little problem in reopening compared to most leisure businesses. This is not true of all bingo companies however.
Tumblr media
Mega frenzy bingo riverwind. In recent years a new type of bingo has emerged that combines bingo with a nightclub rave, designed to attract younger audiences. The biggest of these is Bongos Bingo, who host bingo around the country, often alcohol fueled and raucous with live music and a party atmosphere.
Bongos Bingo proved incredibly popular prior to lockdown, with most nights selling out in hours. The nature of this type of bingo, however, makes maintaining social distancing near impossible in its current format. This type of bingo will either need to change significantly or wait a while longer before returning.
Will People Want to Mix with Others in Bingo Halls?
There’s little doubt that bingo halls provide some people with what could be considered a second family. After all, it’s common to meet up with friends while there and sit at the same table during gameplay. But is that something that people will still want to do…at least, so swiftly after lockdown measures are reduced?
During lockdown, residents of some locations have been engaging in playing bingo via the Zoom app that has become popular recently. This is the case for residents of a retirement estate in Essex, UK where over half of the people living are over 75 years old. Potentially, these are the people who will want to stay away from land-based bingo halls once lockdown restrictions are lifted. So, maybe halls shouldn’t expect such a huge upsurge in people looking to enter their premises again so soon.
Gala Bingo Online
On the other hand, staying indoors and at home has been difficult for many people who would previously go out and socialise with others. Bingo halls provided such opportunities to people before the virus outbreak, and the likelihood is that people will be wanting to return to that semblance of normality. It would be necessary to try and get a good balance in place, though.
South Point Bingo Gala
When bingo halls do open in the coming weeks, it would most likely be better to expect things to improve on a steady basis. In the same instance, it would be a lot better for such establishments to ensure that stringent cleaning processes are in place to begin with, and that halls aren’t filled to capacity.
Tumblr media
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Watch "Song of Goldmoon - Music | DragonLance Saga" on YouTube
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Flint: Riverwind, i need you to kill Tas but make it look like an accident
Riverwind: Got it
Detective: looks like the killer stabbed him to death with a sword and then placed a banana peel at his feet
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http://davventura.altervista.org/heroes-of-the-lance-start/ Il #gioco così impostato, ovviamente, limita alquanto l’utilizzo dei personaggi, poiché gente come #Tanis, #Flint e #Riverwind/Ventodifiume resteranno sempre accantonati. Per questa ragione ho scritto che #HeroesoftheLance non permette una gestione del gruppo fluida e flessibile in modo da poter sfruttare tutti i personaggi, specie in #combattimento. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFE51oWpcc7/?igshid=1hl5hss1nd0hp
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Helwynn and her steed, Riverwind, cross into Enedwaith.
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Riverwind: You can't make everyone like you. You're not Goldmoon
Tanis: Well, not everyone likes Goldmoon
Riverwind: Who doesn't?
Tanis: Well-
Riverwind: Names, now. Give me names.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
did someone say: more dragonlance memes
dragons of the dwarven depths said goldwind rights
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this is a goldmoon/riverwind love blog
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A young female Bison grazes on winter grasses, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming
(c) riverwindphotography, January 2022
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"The mountains are fountains of men as well as of rivers, of glaciers, of fertile soil. The great poets, philosophers, prophets, able men whose thoughts and deeds have moved the world, have come down from the mountains – mountain dwellers who have grown strong there with the forest trees in Nature’s workshops." - John Muir Quotes.
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[the coffee pot is broken]
Raistlin: So. Who broke it? I’m not mad. I just want to know.
Caramon: I did. I broke it.
Raistlin: No. No you didn’t. Tika?
Tika: Don’t look at me. Look at Riverwind
Riverwind: What?! I didn’t break it.
Tika: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
Riverwind: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
Tika: Suspicious.
Riverwind: No it’s not!
Laurana: If it matters, probably not … Goldmoon was the last one to use it.
Goldmoon: Liar I don’t even drink that crap!
Laurana: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Goldmoon: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Laurana!
Caramon: Alright let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Raistlin.
Raistlin: No. Who broke it?
Tika: *wispering* Flint’s been awefully quiet …
Flint: Really?!
Laurana: Yeah, really!
*they start to argue in the background*
Raistlin: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
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Riverwind: Goldmoon, I'd do anything for you. I'd kill for you. Please ask me to kill for you.
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incorrect-dragonlance · 2 years ago
Goldmoon: Can I ask you a favor?
Riverwind: Goldmoon, I would literally die for you, please continue.
Goldmoon: We have got to talk about you starting sentences that way.
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dreamy--dolly · 2 years ago
dad: i always found goldmoon and riverwind boring tbh
me, a certified Goldwind Fan: *looks into camera like on the office*
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The Joy of Alpine Waters: To thank all my friends and followers. You are the Best <3
(c) riverwindphotography, March 2022
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The Disgusting Portrayal of an Inner City Gambler an article by Sideshow The King
It was friday, September 31st, 2016. 
I get called out of school early to leave for a concert we were attending in Norman, Oklahoma, at the Riverwind casino. I drove to my house, only a 3 or 4 minute drive depending on my speed. I was just cruising. I repeatedly played the song, “Kill Yourself pt. III” by $uicideBoy$ on my way there. 
As I arrived to my home, the only ones there were my parents. My brothers were still working at our shitty family owned business, clocking in some more time to receive their paychecks. I’m sure they wanted to collect their money because the concert was being held at a casino, the Riverwind. 
My brothers take no time at all to get ready to leave, as they only took showers and didn’t even pack. Hell, it was only one night. 
We take off towards Norman. The drive was roughly 3 and a half hours, we didn’t live too far away. My brother Ryland basically took over the radio, plugging in his phone via USB, and playing nothing but the same 4 artists, in a collected playlist. The artists were, Kid Rock, Insane Clown Posse, Boondox, and the Axe Murder Boyz. A sum of very okay-ish artists that my family and I actually seem to enjoy. The ride wasn’t as talkative as our usual family ventures. About 2 hours into the road trip, I had to plug in my headphones to escape this weird awkward atmosphere. I began playing Ratking, and more $uicideBoy$. The other hour and a half went by super quick. 
I took out my headphones as we arrived to our hotel, which was one nifty parking lot away from the casino. Easy walk. 
We settled into our room. Wasting a measly 20 minutes sitting around the hotel room. I went through the drawers in our room, only found a bible. Then we played around with the window of our room, being oddly satisfied that the window opened up all the way with no protectant screen or bars. Strange.
We gather whatever the fuck we need, and we head over to the casino. As we neared the casino, we observed all the small carts that were hauling people around this giant parking lot. 
We got in the doors, and immediately got struck by the smell of cigarettes. Almost every one of these poor old drunk bastards were sitting machine side, wasting money and abusing their cigarettes. Disgusting portrayal of an inner city gambler.
We approach a sign that guided us to the only 3 restaurants in the building. We chose to eat at the Chip ‘N Ales, which was a very proportionate, yet nice, little eatery on the south side of the Riverwind, if I’m not mistaken. The wait was 20 minutes. We had time. 
My brothers and my father immediately hit the slot machines. They were putting in 20′s and 5′s and blah blah. I wasn’t too keen in it. I watched as my brother Rayden puts in 15 bucks, and wins back 45 dollars. My dad loses his 20. I don’t know what my brother Ryland put in, and I don’t think he won much back. He stuck with Rayden. 
20 minutes later, we get into Chip ‘N Ales and the place was actually neat. Every booth had it’s own personal television. My brothers and I took it over, tuning into South Park. My brothers and I ate these special burgers, they called them “The Full Monty”, and the taste of it was very pleasant. I expected it to be shitty, but it wasn’t so bad I guess. We finished up our meals, and paid the bill, soon after, we took off. 
We go back out to the area where everyone was playing the slot machines and chain smoking like crazy. We all hit up the restrooms, and then went into the area where the concert was going to be held. We showed our I.D. and got the tickets that we pre-ordered about 2 weeks beforehand. Before actually entering the arena, we all went to the merch booth and got t-shirts and other junk. Then, we entered the arena and found our seats. 
Our seats were found. We were seated on the lefthand side of the arena, a few seats in front of the liquor booth. Our parents went up to get their mixed drinks as we held down the fort. Looking around, there was barely any younger groups of individuals. It was mostly 30 somethings up to 60 something year olds. A couple of young ones were spotted. Mostly local kids who showed up with their parents or grandparents. The arena was a smoke free zone, so the smell of smoke was only lingering from everyones fucking clothes as they barged through the cloudy slot departments. 
My parents get back with their drinks, and snuck my brothers some mixed drinks as well. As my dad went to the restroom a final time, the concert had started. No warm ups, or starting bands, it was straight up the Charlie Daniels band. I hate country music, unless it’s old school country, so this concert was more pleasant than a fucking Toby Keith concert would be. The first song ends, and my dad finally shows back up, but he had another mixed drink. Something a bit different from his other drink. I got a few sips out of each, wasn’t bad, either of them. 
The concert starts off with a bang. Charlie Daniels, 79, still playing the fiddle like he did 45 years ago, maybe further than that. After each song, he warms the crowd with funny monologues. He plays a few more tunes, and around mid-set, roughly 50 minutes in, he gives a rather touching monologue about the US marines, and proceeds to recite the flag salute with American flags posted up on the two large monitors that sat on the walls beside the stage. Everyone stood and gave their 2 cents. He gave much respect and support to each member of the band, giving them the opportunities to show their talents with their instruments and songs. His second guitarist, an older fella, performed his own song that he wrote, which gave Charlie time to break and do whatever backstage before coming back on to tribute both Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard. The drummer afterwords gives an energizing solo, and the “lead guitarist”, if you will, gives a little solo after that. Charlie proceeds to end the entire show with his hit song, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, energizing and making the entire crown scream and yell and raise their drinks to the one and only, Charlie Daniels. 
After the concert was a wicked walk around the casino. Or, “back into the fucking smoke room”. My family all kind of split up, going to several different slot machines. Lost my brother Rayden and my dad a few times here and there. Some reason, Rayden and Dad seem to always find each other, even though neither of them have phones on them at the time. 
The place, although looked nice, was actually very saddening and disgusting. The people in there, bidding money, trying to raise some cash were all old and sad. They were actually using the machines to make a living. Some looked and smelled like they slept outside the building. Old scraggly clothes, not washed for days, maybe weeks. Puffing on their Newport shitty cigarettes and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, hoping to make something over the 5 dollars they put into the machine, slamming the sides of it as they lost all their dollars. Poor bastards. On each cashier register table, or even random tables through out the building, were bottles upon bottles of hand sanitizers. Meaning, scrub your hands, this is a filthy fucking thing. 
Do not get me wrong, the place was sort of up-beat and energetic with the music, and very in sync with keeping the place looking nice. The service was A+, and I salute anybody working there for what they do. The conclusion is not the place itself being filthy, I meant that the people in the casino were these gloomy, odious, beings, stumbling around the place amuck with their free beverages that you can make yourself in this little compartment on the west side of the building. I liked the casino quite a bit, but the people there remind you to never fall apart, keep a job, cause they all had the intent of cheating for the big bucks, and not having fun.
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