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chapter three of a million billion trillion stars

Goldenrod or whatever his name is pulls them apart and yells about detention, and Riz just focuses on not biting Goldrod’s hand to make him let go. It only makes him feel a little better that Fabian is in the same position. He hates feeling small.

He lets them go after some more yelling, and Riz shoulders his bag and huffs off. At least he’ll get to class on time. He’s sure his first impression will be bad enough without being late. 

He finds Porter’s classroom easily enough, and he’s already inside at his desk. Riz starts to head to the back when Porter looks up and gestures toward the door. 

“This is the barbarian classroom son, rogues are next hallway over.”

Riz clenches his fists but doesn’t say anything, and keeps moving toward the back. 

“Hey, joker, I said this was the barbarian classroom. What are you trying to pull?”

Riz swallows a growl and turns to Porter. Pulls his axe from his back, and slams it into the floor. The clang echoes around them, and Porter’s eyes widen a little. 

Riz can feel the eyes of the other students in the classroom on his back, and ignores them. Porter looks away and coughs awkwardly, says, “Ah. Well, take a seat, kid.”

Riz picks up his axe and makes a decision. 

He turns back to the front of the room, and finds the desk closest to Porter’s. It’s empty, of course, and so are the seats around it. No one’s late enough to voluntarily sit there.

Riz trots up, drops his backpack in the seat, and sits directly on the desk. Porter looks up and Riz stares back at him. He can’t stop the grin from trying to form on his face, and he knows it’s obvious what he’s doing. Porter’s eye twitches. Riz flicks his tail, pleased.

The bell rings, and Riz is still sitting on his desk. Most of the other students had given him weird looks, or in Ragh’s case, glares, as they’d noticed him, but Riz is used to being the weird kid. It’s fine. (He notices that a circle of seats around him remain empty, and not just because they’re near Porter’s desk. That’s fine, too. Riz is fine by himself. Riz has always been fine by himself.)

Porter seems to have decided to solve the problem of Riz by ignoring him, and Riz can feel himself twitching in annoyance. Thirty minutes into the lecture and he hasn’t even glanced his way once

Part of him wants to make himself be noticed. But he already has detention. He made his point. It’s only the first day. In the end, it’s the picture of his mom’s tired, disappointed face, and the arrival of someone new that stop him from doing something stupid. 

The class is just beginning to wind down, when a tiefling girl walks in, eyes the classroom, and beelines straight for Riz. 

“You seem cool, not that I care about that or anything,” she says, slumping into a seat next to him, completely ignoring Porter’s incredulous look.

“Excuse me, miss…? Can I help you?”

The girl pulls out a- clove? cigarette?- and lights it, and Porter breaks himself out of his confusion. 

“Miss! You can’t smoke in here, and who are you-?”

“Figueroth Faeth, I’m here to shadow barbarian classes,” she says, shooting Porter a sparkling look. 

Somehow, it works, despite class almost being over and the girl having no pass or anything, and Porter goes back into his lecture. Riz notices the guitar on her back and realizes she has to be a bard. Why she’s here, he doesn’t know, why she’s sitting by him, he couldn’t guess, but she hands a clove cigarette to him. 

He eyes it. He’s never smoked before. His mom would almost certainly smell it on him. They’re in the middle of class.


It’s an offer. An olive branch, even, if he wants to be optimistic about it. 

(Sitting alone on the bench outside the principal’s office. Alone in the nurse’s office with bloody knuckles. Alone on the playground, the other kids laughing together. A circle of empty seats separating him from everyone else.)

Riz takes the clove, and Fig smiles at him. 

“I’m Fig,” she says.

“Riz,” he replies carefully.

“Hell yeah, monosyllabic name gang,” she says, fist-bumping him.

Maybe this year won’t totally suck.

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a list of favourite Murph Noises ™, as compiled by the D20 cast:

  • “oh Noh-o” :( - an uncharacteristically high pitched response to “on a nat one, Primsy would die.” ACOC Deep Blue Sea 1:12:46-1:12:47) (Lou)
  • Em a LAYY - a fake yell when Emily’s bugging him (Emily)
  • “STA TISTICALLY I HAVE JUST AS GOOD OF A CHANCE AS ROULLING GOOD AS ANY OF YOUU” - Murph seizes control of lair roles. They immediately go poorly. He does a voice Brennan has never heard before or again. D20 LIVE Blast from the Passed 11:47-11:53 (Brennan)
  • the grunt and shoulder shrug he does whenever he rolls really badly (Siobhan)
  • rich person voice and possum noises - NADDPOD (Emily)
  • when he is sitting silently with a straight face and then laughs suddenly (Zac)
  • Whenever Riz Eats - FH The Beginning Begins 39:39-39:43 (Lou)
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As promised, here are the alternate designs for the Ace Detectives logo!

Usually when I’m designing these I have a super clear idea of what colour scheme I want to use but I honestly struggled with this one.

I initially was taking inspiration from black and white noir films, and then looking along the lines of an old private investigator office door, with the cool gold lettering on the frosted glass. (I can’t help it, aesthetically noir does it for me)

Then a few different versions later, I realised I was an idiot and the obvious colour scheme should absolutely be inspired by the ace flag.  This then developed into the final version!

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