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btsx50states · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From RM (@rkive) on Instagram 20211206:
On the road
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blu-joons · 10 hours ago
Cosy Night In ~ Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
You smiled softly as you walked into the living room, noticing the dim atmosphere around the room, decorated with several rows of fairy lights scattered around the room, with Namjoon switching the final lights on just in time for you to walk into the room.
You dropped your work bag to the floor as his eyes turned back to look at you, allowing his smile to grow as he walked across to greet you, wrapping his arms around your waist tightly.
As your head settled against his shoulder, a soft sigh immediately came from you, relieved that your week at work was finally over. You were exhausted, and Namjoon could tell that straight away from the grip you held around him.
And he was just as relieved as you were too that the week was done.
The two of you had seemingly had the longest weeks of your lives, and as Namjoon returned home a little earlier than you, he decided to do something about your long week.
Whilst you were travelling home, Namjoon set things up around your living room perfectly. The television was set up to put something on, blankets draped across the sofa for the two of you to snuggle under, and best of all, two wine glasses on the coffee table.
“I thought we could both do with a bit of a distraction,” Namjoon told you as you slipped your arms away from him, making your way to the sofa.
You dropped like a stone down onto the sofa, stretching your legs out as you kicked your heels off, feeling the comfort wrap around your feet like a blanket as finally you managed to relax and forget about the stress in your mind and your body too.
“I’ll go and grab a bottle,” Namjoon added, giving you a moment to make yourself comfortable on the sofa, grabbing the remote off of the coffee table.
He left you on the sofa, making his way into the kitchen to grab the top bottle of wine off of the wine rack for the two of you to enjoy. Over the sink, he tore the lid off, popping the cork too so that the two of you had no excuse not to finish the bottle.
“What do you fancy watching?” You questioned as you noticed Namjoon walking back into the room, taking a seat on the sofa beside you.
Rather than reply, Namjoon focused on pouring out two glasses of wine, handing the first one over to you, knowing just how hard you had worked over the week, deservingly taking the sip of the wine and savouring it all too.
Namjoon understood how difficult your week had been, and as you let go of a sigh of relief after taking your first sip from the glass, he could tell just how relieved you were. He quickly encouraged you to sit back and relax, putting your feet up on the coffee table too.
“Do you fancy a documentary?” He finally spoke once he had finished with the wine bottle.
Your head nodded back at him, happy to watch anything that Namjoon wanted to as you settled. Your body was exhausted, and you knew that you weren’t going to be able to concentrate on anything for too long with how desperate your body was to sleep.
“Let me grab you a blanket,” Namjoon told you, reaching back around the sofa, pulling down the fluffy grey blanket that he had bought down from your spare bedroom, holding it up into the air, inviting you into his side.
Immediately, you accepted the invitation and moved yourself into his side, feeling the blanket drape over your body once Namjoon felt that you were in position. “This is nice,” you murmured, relaxing your hand against his chest.
Namjoon’s head nodded in agreement with you, “it’s been a while since we got to spend a cosy night in together, without any interruptions too.”
You placed the remote in Namjoon’s lap once he had finished talking, letting him take full control of what the two of you watched. As ever, he browsed through the titles closely, wanting to find the exact documentary that would pique his interest.
“What are your thoughts on watching an animal documentary?”
“I’d quite like that, something light-hearted too.”
“I’m sure I can find something that we’ll both enjoy,” Namjoon assured you, narrowing down his search as he continued to look through the titles. “Actually, Jin was telling me about this zoo documentary he watched not too long ago, apparently he cried watching it because the animals were just so cute.”
Your head nodded, humming in response to Namjoon as he went across to the search bar, trying his hardest to remember what the title of the documentary was.
A gasp came from Namjoon as he managed to find the documentary, loading it up and playing the trailer so that you could make sure that it was something that you were interested in, glancing up to meet his eyes as soon as you finished watching it.
“Do you want to watch it?” You asked him, “I think we might need a few tissues if we do.”
“I’ll watch it,” he replied, “but if we cry, then we definitely don’t tell Jin that we did.”
You nodded back at him yet again, leaning forwards to pull the tissue box from the coffee table closer towards the two of you. With another sip of your wine taken, you leant back against Namjoon’s chest, feeling his arm settle around your waist.
“Have you eaten?” You questioned as the opening titles of the documentary played, “do you want to think about ordering something in if you need to get some dinner?”
“I’ve not eaten, and I can guarantee that you haven’t had the time to either.”
Your smile immediately widened at how well Namjoon knew you, watching as his eyes rolled and his free hand reached across to grab his phone and pause the documentary.
“Let’s order some food and then we can watch this,” he suggested, altering the position that you had against him slightly so that he could scroll through his phone. “Seeing as I’ve picked the documentary, it’s up to you to pick the food.”
Your head shook as you refused the responsibility, but before you could argue Namjoon found the menu for the restaurant that he knew you loved.
“Tell me what you want,” he spoke just as you went to speak, “this is my treat, it’s the least that you deserve after how hard you’ve worked on shift this week.”
“You’ve worked hard too,” you tried to argue, but as ever, Namjoon refused to listen, shifting the focus back onto you again. “I don’t want to order too much and cost you too much money, how about just my usual, I think that will be enough.”
“How much I cost means little to me, your health is more important,” Namjoon frowned.
Your head nodded, refusing to budge on what you had chosen as he searched through the menu, adding what you wanted before adding his own choice too.
“Now, sit back and relax because the rest of the evening is ours,” Namjoon told you as he placed his phone back down on the arm of the sofa beside him, “we’re not even going to think about work this week, it’s all done.”
“What do we do when the food arrives though?”
Namjoon’s eyes rolled at the smug smile on your face, “so maybe we don’t sit back and relax when the food arrives, but for the rest of the evening, that’s exactly what we’ll do. How does that sound?”
“That sounds perfect to me.”
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joon-com · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: it wasn't obvious to others the two of you had something going on, but the moment you two were left alone in his studio at night magic happens..
— Pairing: Namjoon x reader
— Idol au!
— 1.3k
WARNINGS: Smut, office sex, fingering you, rough oral, raw sex, missionary, office sex, chair ridding, cum play, cumshot, big dick joon, creampie, dirty talk. Dom joon
Tumblr media
Sitting on his lap, you looked through namjoon's file to find an old track he wanted you to improvise on. Scrolling through years of work, you found it. Leaning forward, you rested your elbow on the table and placed your chin in your palm.
"So what are you gonna do on it?" He asks chin rested on your back arms wrapped around your stomach.
"I don't know, well actually I was hoping you could suggest something to me" you turned, looking at him. Smiling, he took his hand and placed it on top of yours to press play. Listening to the instrumentals and the count of the song, you bobbed your head to the music. Looking down, you noticed his hand was still on yours, flustered you kept listening. It was an R&B beat with light instrumentals, looking back you saw he was softly just admiring you from behind.
"The tone is more sexual then I was expecting, is that why you told me to come by" you asked, his eyes looking up before he sat up.
"It can be if you want, the doors locked and nobody's around," he told leaning back in the chair. "Besides you're telling me you don't feel some friction down there?" He adds, referring to the pushing feeling of his cock against your ass.
"Now that you mention it, yes, otherwise I would've assumed it was your phone in your pocket" you told, his hands rubbing your sides.
"My phone is a lot smaller than that baby, but nice try. Unless you think otherwise and ill be happy to reassure you it isn't" he leans back up to whisper in your ear. With your eyes focused on your nails, you huffed giggling. "Oh so you think it's smaller?"
"No, I think you're a lot bigger than your aware of," you tell, his hands going on each thigh, lips attaching themselves to your neck. Kissing around your head leans back, mouth let out soft breaths.
"Tell me more~" he coed, hands going up your skirt to play with the elastic band of your thin panties. Which were now beyond damp from his slight touches.
"It's a lot bigger when you're extremely into it, your phone is a lot bigger than you think," you say, trying to hold back a moan while scrolling through the options of tempos. "I know, keep telling me that." He breathed out onto your neck, your chest feeling heavier every time he did. Losing your focus on the screen, he turned it back to him by softly pulling your panties down to your mid-thigh. Taking his fingers, he puts two together and softly licks them before placing them at your womanhood. Rubbing his saliva and the wetness of your pussy, he rubs your clit in a side-to-side motion.
"Don't focus on the screen," he whispers, placing his head on your neck to listen to your moans. "Feels good huh, really good even?" He adds, hearing the fastened breath as he rubs in circles. Humming yes, you held your moans and whines of frustration of him not going harder with his hand. That was until he took the two same fingers and began pushing inside of you, letting the moans go you clenched on his hand softly.
"Do you want me to fuck you baby?"
Pulling his hands out, he softly slid them in your mouth watching you suck on them gently. With the bitter but warm flavor, he takes it out as a string of saliva falls down your chin. Needy, you grind down on him wanting him to play with more of your body. But getting nothing else but to saddle ask of for you stand up. Standing up, you turn to watch him push his baggy pants and boxers down at once. Watching his hand as he softly uses his your salvia to cost his deep red and slightly brown colored tip. Waiting, he tells you to show your breast, take your shirt and bra off to let them bounce a bit. Doing so, he saw just that and the hardness of your nipples from the stimulation earlier.
Eyeing your body, he licked his lips and looked up at you. "If I allow you to suck me off, you have to follow my words okay," he told, your mouth salivating from the little thought of his cook in your mouth. Getting on your knees you waited and looked up. "The tip, softly spit on it" moving your mouth towards it, you softly dribble on it. Asking you to stand on your knees, he sat up to massage your breast.
"Suck me" he lastly told, man, spreading as wide as the chair allowed him. Placing your arms on his thighs you wrapped your lips around him, tongue covering the bottom teeth as your cheeks sucked in. Humming, you softly bobbed your head, breathing hard as you kept a steady pace. Meanwhile, He on the other hand laid back and watched your mouth go from tip to mid-shaft dripping saliva down to his balls. Closing his eyes, he heard the wet noises and pairs attention to how your lips sucked him in like a light vacuum.
Moving his hand to your hair, he pushed your head down and bobbed your head for you. Gagging, his head went back a bit, pushing you off to gasp and then holding your head down on him all the way feeling him down your throat and the small gag you did. "Yes~" he moaned, hips softly thrusting in your mouth as saliva drips down from the lack of swallowing. "I'm gonna cum" his cock, softly pulls out as he quickly stands up and moves your lips around his balls. Jerking off his head flies back, your mouth suckling and adding pleasure where he moves you.
"Ah!' He breathes out, cum running down his tip. Looking at him you wonder if he wants you to suck him clean, but nothing shows he does. Instead, he bumps his chair over and sits on the sturdy wooden table cumed up, and with a sentence that says "I'm gonna fuck you like this" you get up and take off your skirt and shoes before he stands and rubs his cum with cock around your entrance, the cum on his hand's massage into your left breast.
"Still hard, only this time I'd rather cum in you," he says, helping you on the desk and spreading your legs before he placed his tip in you. Thrusting in the tip, you moaned arching your back. Moving inch by inch he stretched you out, your back arching as you gripped his back. Morning, he began to stabilize a speed that he could enjoy whilst also causing less damage. Head flying back, his nails gripped into your hips as he held you down to push himself deeper. Moaning loudly aware of little people around this floor, reached for the ledge of the wooden table.
"Namjoon~ Namjoon~ Namjoon~" you called, him responding with grunt of "yeah"
"I'm cumming" you cried, his speed deepening as he heard those two words. Cursing, he leaned forward as your chest arched in his face. Hearing cries with the sound of his hips blaming against you was heaven sent. So much so, his climax was approaching. Fucking you till another orgasm, his cries were almost audible.
"Please~" you begged, calling his name out loudly. Then with one long thrust and a few small ones he came. Cumming deep and staying still.
"Shit" he cursed, leaning over to kiss your cheek.
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Taehyung & Jimin: *physically fighting each other*
Namjoon: *trying to stop them* Guys, GUYS!!
Namjoon: This isn't what I meant when I said "express your feelings"!!
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bts-trans · a day ago
Tumblr media
211207 RM’s Instagram Post
이런 사진에 #mood 붙이면 되나요?
Do I just add #mood to pictures like these?
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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btsaudge · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's Namjooning 😭😭😭
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