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#rnm 2x13

Happy 47th birthday, Jason Behr 🎉

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As of today, Dec 22, 2020, Would You Come Home has been streamed more than 750,000 times on Spotify since its release on June 15, 2020 - a mere 6 months ago! 👏

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After Alex singing stops Michael dead in his tracks, you can see how overcome with emotion he is as he swallows hard and takes a deep breath.

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Rewatching 2x13 and sharing my reactions because I know everyone was wondering! I’m on mobile so sorry for the long post.

Was no regular Con goer wondering what Isobel was doing? She legit looked like a crazy lady if you didn’t know lmao

The Max is dead storylines just need to stop and I don’t think they are since we have the scene with Kyle later.

Remember how the episode description said Kyle would have to take care the enemy? Was that legit just checking on Flint? I know editing happens but.

Still not over the fact that Jesse literally shot at Michael and it would have hit him bad Alex not tackled him. Also still a little confused on Michael saying he can’t run but I’ve come to terms with it. The Manes men comment has to come back. Also still in love with this scene.

Love that Liz’s first response is to ask if Flint is dead.

When we saw the preview with Maria and Michael some were so worried lmao. Funny looking back.

The lead up to the alien language and such has been a season and a half in the making. It better be good.

Max’s transformation from not wanting to know his past to becoming obsessed is a lot. That’s also why I’m a little confused why Max was so quick to follow Liz (I get the love part but).

The shed scene. It’s so much. So amazing. They start to open up to each other. They’re just there. They know what they need, the “we needed this.” Ugh.

Unpopular opinion: I actually don’t mind and almost like the breakup yet dislike it for other reasons. Obviously I’m beyond happy about it and was shocked in the most amazing way but it came out of nowhere. I’m cool with how it all went down though. And it’s final.

Still not over Maria saying “open the box, Guerin, see what comes next” and then it cutting to him with Alex (and Isobel).

(Side note. Unpopular headcanon: I think Maria and Michael read part of the journal together and Maria read it all, that’s how Michael knew how it started but didn’t know everything in it. Then Maria told him to bring it to Alex, which is why the place marker is specific. I don’t feel it was a violation.)

Tripp and Nora first bonding over a fire reminds me of Alex and Michael constantly sitting around his fire pit.

Forgot about Steph. Again.

I’m still saying that Diego and Genoryx is involved with Deep Sky. Fight me.

I understand Max destroying Liz’s work, he was so angry and he’s not great at controlling that. But it’s more complicated than that.

Forgot Michael had gotten the tattoo! Aww I love that. Maybe isobel will get one next season.

Nora mentioned that Project Shepard put needles in her so she can’t use her powers. Must be the same thing Helena have to Michael. Is Helena more involved?

Why 50 years and why June 14, 1997? Why is it safer? Also so sad Tripp was going to trust Jesse with the knowledge of the pods and thus Michael.

Proud of Liz during her breakup (or whatever) with Max. She stood her ground. She’s awesome.

Kyle and Alex. That’s it’s. That’s the thought.

The song. Fuck. There’s too much. It’s too much. Still. Oh my God. (I still remember when I first read the lyrics and I cried in the middle of the damn street. Then when I heard it.) the song itself is more than I ever could have imagine. Even in fanfic world. (Also I know I’m in the minority but I’m not only fine with him walking out but I like it.)

I always forget how short Forrest is.

So Max unlocked Mr Jones cage thing at CrashCon, Michael says he’s been down there for days (that timeline is sketch though as Maria said Liz had been visiting her all week so Michael probably should have said weeks or week but whatever). So where was Mr Jones before? Like in a hibernation state? I’m confused. Shocker.

Even if Max is “different” from isobel and Michael, it’s still they three. The three of them are still connected for some reason.

I love the visuals of the pod squad in this final scene.

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If you lived a good and just life, you will be surrounded by goodness and justice, in a place without fear. 

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Manes is gone. There is no revenge to be had. No closure and no redemption. Don’t come back, mom. Don’t bother Liz again.

for @island-party

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Save it. We are sick of being pissed at you for being so obnoxiously yourself.

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Liz Ortecho + entering and leaving Roswell

1.01 || 2.13

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These two are destined, they love each other. They will get back together. The only thing in question is the where, when, and how.

As to your question, Liz needs perspective in order to reconcile her own actions, not Max’s. Things would have been very different if Max had made any overture or effort after their fight, never mind a grand romantic gesture. Liz was sitting there hoping, waiting for him, he didn’t show up. She would have found a way to forgive him then, she wanted to forgive him.

Which I think is just more evidence that he wanted her to leave. That is VERY unMax like, so to me it just throws more fuel on the speculation fire that Max’s heart is failing (or something equally catastrophic health wise) and Max is hellbent on protecting Liz from watching him die again.

If Max had just lost his temper and had torched the lab in a fit of anger, and in the heat of the moment, because he was upset about the science and Diego finding out about the lab, by the next day, let alone by the time Liz left town, it would have sunk in what he’d done and in doing so he’d lost the woman he’d loved every single day during the last twenty years. If his motivation was just anger, then at the very least he would have sought out a conversation.

Nope, I’m convinced he didn’t go to her because the entire point was to get her to leave to protect her from the one thing she told him over and over she couldn’t go through again.

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So just checking I’m understanding this correctly:

“Mr. Jones” is the stowaway from the crash. He integrated himself into Roswell society somehow as a farmer. Then… what? Decided to hide himself behind a door in a tunnel in the desert for 60-70+ years? Or he was trapped there? Until he was woken up by Max touching the beacon?


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I hope so. I want that journey for Liz. Some self-reflection that has her come to a more centered place and realize that the ends don’t automatically justify the means and that injecting a human with an untested alien remedy without her consent is so far over the line that Liz can no longer see the line.  As well as using her boyfriend’s and his family’s biological materials without their consent and in a way that could endanger them. None of that is okay.  

As I said in this ask (click here) about how I think Liz’s actions are explainable if viewed as her going off the rails after feeling so powerless (both in decision making and in the way she was literally powerless when ICE took Arturo) and going off and seeking control the best way she knew how, but the only way the arc works is if Liz acknowledges it and grows from it.  

Let’s cross our fingers that Genoryx gives Liz the needed perspective.  

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Oh that’s an interesting thought… I suppose it’s possible they go there? What we know currently is that in order to do that Isobel had to give Noah an opening by way of losing consciousness. I don’t think there is reason to suspect Max has been blacking out and someone else has had the wheel of his consciousness, has there? He seems to remember everything. Remember Isobel had no memory of her Rosa interactions at the time. Only the serum brought them back years later. Max is taking the serum and he’s only getting childhood memories.

I could be wrong, and it could be my bias because I hate this idea, but at this point I think Max has been jittery and obsessed just due to over doing it with the serum, stress and waking up this part of his alien DNA through his memories.

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There is a scene in the finale that made me laugh. Later I saw it as a gif and a thought entered my brain that made me teary eyed. This transition of a scene is a very Michael Guerin thing to do.

We are in the Crashdown reading Tripp’s diary and Michael and Alex already exchanged their subtle “cosmic - sounds vaguely familiar…” - look. Anyway Michael starts reading the diary and Isobel is pretty eager to learn more about trumanes’s love story…

“So he made a move or what? Come on, Michael. Read it out loud!”

… but Michael hesitates:

“I’m vaguely uncomfortable with this description of my mom eating ice cream for the first time.”

The way Vlamis delivered this was very funny and objectively it IS funny. A child being embarrassed by their parent’s everything but especially by their romantic life is hilarious… BUT this is Michael. He never had a parent, he never had a family, he never had someone he felt save with when he grew up. He never had the opportunity to be embarrassed about his mum. This is something so normal yet something completely new for Michael.

Finding Nora in Caulfield brought unimaginable heartbreak. But the discoveries he later had with Alex, Isobel and Sanders brought so much more. It will always be a shame that he couldn’t spent time with her but he got to know her a little bit and with this he got to experience somethings he never had before, like being loved unconditionally, being someone’s no. 1, being taken care of and something as silly as being embarrassed by your mother’s disgustingly cute love story. That’s all part of having a family and I’m so happy and sappy that Michael gets to feel all of this.

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Did anyone gif Tripp saying “I tried to make her stay” and Michael saying “Alex made me believe there was a place for me here”?

And in case anyone is wondering, I am still a mess over the Tripp/Nora and Alex/Michael parallel.

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