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#rnm speculation

Still so strange that 2x06 got lost and never aired. WE’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT EPISODE. 😬😬😬

I’m also excited about 3x06 tho. Deep Sky, Edgar/Eduardo, Greg, Greg, Michael and Kyle at the Wild Pony, Alex in a suit, an Alex/Michael/Liz scene, MALEX CLOSE CONTACT. 

I’m just soooo curious about S3 in general, I really wish we could ask someone (with the authority to provide us with spoilers) to give us some hints and pointers, but I guess we’ll have to wait for that a while longer. 

And no, I don’t miss what we had in the past. Those spoilers were often misleading and false advertising, and I’m happy to watch the next season without scenes being rewritten on Twitter, or claims being made what we’re supposed to see (contrary to what actually happened on screen) when we watch an episode. Will also gladly give up on all the gratuitous queer trauma porn.

If knowing very little about S3 for most of the hiatus is the price we have to pay for a coherent season 3, less hostility towards the characters, and Malex being allowed to move forward instead of moving one step forward twenty steps back, I’m happy to pay that price. 

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Yeah, in other shows, there are plenty of scenes where characters are closer than 6 feet in the same frame during a scene. I guess the approach is really, that everyone behind the camera has to wear a mask and wear protective gear at all times, while actors can be maskless in front of a camera and maybe for short periods in between switching camera angles or whatnot.

Tanner and Vlamis were both wearing masks in the video Trevino posted, I guess he filmed it while they were waiting for the cameras to be set up. Like they’re trying to minimize “unmasked breathing” when and wherever they can, but if anyone can take the mask off, it’s the actors.

I’m sure that they’re all super careful and do as much to avoid infection as possible. No one wants to be “patient zero” who brought the virus on set and risks not just other people’s health, but also for the entire production to be shut down. 

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I’m sure they are all frequently tested, and that pic was taken outside, a slightly less dangerous environment to be without a mask for a moment. Plus Jeanine was wearing her face shield and protective glasses.

Considering they were filming a scene with Kyle, Michael and Greg sitting at a table at the Pony on Tuesday, I assume the actors can be around each other this close without masks - they certainly can’t film scenes with the actors wearing masks sitting around that table.

So “close contact” imo really means kissing, not just sitting next to each other at a table. Jeanine also pretty much confirmed that in the IG live a couple of days ago.

From what I understand, everyone behind the camera has to wear a mask at all times tho, they can only take them off in designated areas (during lunch f.e., or when they’re taking a cigarette break or sth), while the cast is allowed to be without masks under certain circumstances (while filming, or in between takes when putting on a mask would be more hassle than just standing there).

I assume there’s an enormous amount of trust between the actors involved. Like they have to trust their fellow actors to be cautious at all times in their time off, and they have to trust the regular testing. Not a 100% guarantee, but apparently good enough, so far RNM’s not been shut down due to a Covid outbreak. LET’S HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY!!!

And look what they did with Rachel (3x05/06 director). She was put in timeout and sent home to quarantine when she got in contact with someone who tested positive. I guess that means they don’t just do a lot of testing, but also tracking, and anyone who had contact with someone who tested positive, will immediately have to quarantine.

I just really hope that everyone on set stays safe until the season wraps (and beyond, of course). 🤞

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Absolutely. It’s a delight! Apart from the costumes (well, mainly Alex’s suit), there was nothing spoilerish in that pic - unless you consider Michael still wearing the bandana also a spoiler. 

I know they fucked up with the bandana in two scenes in 2x13, but I was hoping that was just a fluke and he’d continue to wear it in S3. And when he finally takes it off, it’s going be a really meaningful™ moment (dream scenario’s still that Alex will be the one who takes it off. 🥺 Like, come on, Chris, you love an interrupted dance, give us this “things coming full circle” moment, please).

Anyway, thank you, Vlamis, for being the ultimate fanboy, we appreciate everything you do, your excitement, and in case there are any more pics of yourself and Tyler on your camera roll (even masked up, we’re not picky!), please share with the class. 🥰

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I’m all in favor of them doing Scooby Doo shit. Alex, Michael and Liz teaming up for an undercover op would be the coolest!

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Impossible to determine when this was taken, yeah. Vlamis always seems to sit on a treasure trove of pics he very sparsely shares. RUDE, VLAMIS 🤨

Although I think it could be recent, if not from today, then maybe from this week? Tyler and Vlamis are both not wearing masks, and they filmed that “close contact” scene on Tuesday, so maybe the pic was taken that day? 🤔

I want all the bonding, all the friendship moments in S3! #gimme 

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S2 totally forgot that rejecting their fathers’ legacy was as much Kyle’s stuff as it was Alex’s. 

YES! Man, S2 forgot about so many things… 😒 And brought up things we’d rather forget about… 😩

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Yeah, the only scenario for Flint to be written out I can imagine, would be if Kiowa wouldn’t want to be part of the show anymore. But even then, there’d be no reason to kill him off. I have faith that Flint will return to Roswell eventually. <3

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We just had an entire month fo tons of Vlamburn/Malex goodness, nonnie, I know it’s not the same, but we’ve been well fed, and Tyler and Vlamis went far and beyond to make us happy. 💕

Tarlos is a great ship with so much potential. The S2 trailer gave me soooo many feels. I’m really excited to see them together. THEY ARE SO CUTE! Really hope the show’ll delve more into their relationship in S2.

Rafa and Ronen are true gifts for the 911LS fandom, they are both so involved, and it’s wonderful to see. 

I’m sure we’ll get there with Malex eventually, nonnie. It really should be in RNM’s own interest tbh. Currently, people (those few of us who are still here, yay) are willing to give S3 another chance, but I’m fairly certain that many fans would drop the show, if S3 ends and Malex are still not together. 

The fandom certainly wouldn’t survive another hiatus like the past two tho. And while casual viewers would probably still watch, the cosmic magic of it all would’ve been gone. 

So lets hope they understand how important Malex really are, and how incredible it would be to see them as a couple (and not just in a tacked on HEA) on the show.

And once Covid’s become more manageable, I hope that Tyler and Vlamis get to hang out more often again. I really miss them together. 

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I seriously (SERIOUSLY) doubt that! Writing him out in some way, perhaps (why would they tho? Unless Kiowa wouldn’t want to be part of the show anymore, I don’t see any reason to write Flint out). If they had to write him out, they could always say that he’s been deployed overseas or something, but killing off a POC character for no good reason, and off screen at that???? Absolutely not. 

Nah, if Kiowa’s schedule allows it (and he’s interested in doing more obviously) I’m sure he’ll be part of the show in some way. 

He hasn’t been very active on social media for a while tho, for all we know he could’ve filmed two movies in the past couple of months, and we wouldn’t know shit about it. And none of the other cast members are “helpful” either. So we fully rely on Kiowa to let us know if and when he’s in Santa Fe.

Yes, only time will tell, but it really is way too early to lose hope, and imo it’s completely unfounded to worry about him being killed off. ❤️

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I LOVE it!!!! I hope we get some premium banter out of their scenes! :D

And before I get a million messages of people who’d rather they don’t hang out, or who are worried that Michael’s “robbing” Alex of his friend: if the writers are doing a good job, we can have both. 

Alex and Kyle as besties (which I want in spades next season, S2 has robbed us of their friendship, I expect to be repaid - with interest!), and Michael and Kyle as “reluctant allies/not really friends/oh well if I have to spend time with you/you were a dick in high school but I guess you’re not that bad anymore” bros, I’m all here for it.

I hope that part of Michael’s arc in S3 will be, that he stops keeping score and holding old grudges, and not just in regards to Alex. It makes sense for him, he’s been fueled by these emotions for years, but I think Michael won’t be able to be happy, unless he lets go of some of his anger, lets go of old beliefs and allows his opinion on people to change. 

He is such a wonderful man, capable of such deep love, he’s feeling so many feelings. I hope he’ll allow more of these feelings to be those of hope and friendship instead of anger and disappointment.

Also, once Alex and Michael are back together, I want Michael and Kyle to get along. It would seriously irk me, if Michael would continue with his dick-ish attitude towards Kyle. 

Kyle has proven to be a changed man. He’s apologized, more than once. And he’s shown over and over and over again, that he’s a good and reliable friend. He’s bent the rules to keep the pod squad safe more than once. It’s time that Michael gives him a chance. And not just for Kyle’s sake (who certainly does not deserve to be treated like he’s still a bully), but also for Michael’s sake. 

Just in general, I want all the characters to get along better. I want them to work together more often, I want more of the Scooby gang feeling we were promised in S2, which then didn’t happen. Just give us all the friendships, please! 

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We do have confirmation for him to be on set that one day when he bumped elbows with Vlamis, yes. Two days later, he was back in LA tho, and he didn’t return to Santa Fe until the end of October.

Considering that we don’t know for certain when they were filming scenes for either 3x01 or 3x02, someone’s presence on set on a certain day isn’t “confirmation” that they are in a specific episode. I wish it was.

It’s absolutely possible that he’s in both 3x01 and 3x02 and was just lucky that his filming schedule allowed him to go home for two weeks. Personally, I just find that rather unlikely, and I’m fairly certain that he won’t be in one of these two episodes. And unless they switched things around to accommodate Heather (in which case Alex would be missing from 3x02), I currently assume he’s missing from 3x01. 

And really, y’all don’t have to send me messages to tell me you think I’m wrong. :P Chances are 50:50 that I am wrong. Chances are also 50:50 that I’m right. There’s no way for any of us to know what’s the actual deal. I’m only stating my personal opinion here, I’m not trying to win an argument. Everyone’s welcome to draw their own conclusions and not agree with me. 🤷‍♀️

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SAAAAAAME!!! I loved him in S3, and was hoping he’d be able to come back for more in S3. I didn’t expect him to be around quite as much, but I’m so glad he is. 😍

Still waiting for news regarding Flint, I really want to see what’s next for him. Lack of confirmation about Kiowa being on set doesn’t have to mean anything, Kiowa’s currently rather quiet on social media anyway, and mostly reposts stories, or links to IG posts, but I hope that he’s already filmed something for S3. And if he hasn’t, I hope he’ll be in the second half of the season.

Also soooo curious about Clay and Mindy. I really hope we’ll get to meet them this season. *grabby hands*

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I think people tend to think of season premiere’s as the episode where everyone’s character arcs for the whole season are established, and that someone not being in it means they won’t be important, but that’s hardly true. 

Thanks for putting it into words so much more eloquently than I, I agree!

Maria might not be in the S3 premiere either btw. Heather was filming her new Netflix show until the end of October or so.

Or… mhmmmmmmm.

What about if they simply switched the filming schedules for episode 3x01 and 3x02 bc Heather wasn’t available due to the other commitment? 

So they filmed most of 3x02 during those 2 weeks in October when neither Tyler nor Heather were in Santa Fe, and once Heather was able to join the others, Tyler came back, and Christian came to Santa Fe they filmed 3x01? That could be an option, too.

Either way, I think it’s not out of the question for Alex and/or Maria to miss the season premiere. That won’t make them any less important throughout the rest of the season. 

I think the faster they all miss episodes, the better for the season overall.


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Now that’s an unexpected turn of events, but yes, RNM will henceforth be known as The Forrest Long Show 🤣Nathan? Nathan who??? Haha. 😂

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Yeah, she was in Santa Fe at the end of October, when they were probably still filming majority 3x01scenes. 

Your guess is a good one imo. The pod squad set Mr. Jones free, it would make sense for the season premiere to mainly focus on that, and flashbacks to Nora would certainly be a good way of telling us more about the aliens, about Max, the crash etc. And yeah, with Liz back at the heart of the show, 3x01 will probably focus on her a lot, too.

Man, I’m SO excited that we might finally find out more about the aliens. Tell me all the things, where they came from, how they found us, who the pod squad (or rather their families) are, what lead to the crash, was this the only ship that ever landed on earth, who are the Alighting. I want all the info! This is a sci fi show after all, an element the previous show runner was never interested in (said so herself), while Chris is someone who enjoys sci fi and romance. GOOD MIX, CHRIS!

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Yeah, I don’t see the big deal with him missing 3x01 either tbh. Any episode Alex is not in sucks, but like you, I’d rather he’s missing from earlier episodes and is present for the majority of the second half of the season. 

And really, a character’s absence from screen doesn’t mean that they’re irrelevant or can’t be part of the plot or anything. Alex could be simply away on an Air Force mission, or - heaven forbid - he could be on vacation. BEACH BUM ALEX, I’M HERE FOR IT xD

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I’m 100% with you on that, nonnie. There’s zero proof that Alex is going to be featured any less in S3 than he was in previous seasons. 

Tyler’s always been rather quiet about filming RNM (also was during filming S1 and S2). He used to share a lot when he was filming PLL, and that was certainly a gift for fans back in the day, but it must’ve been a lot to handle. After PLL, he’s been more quiet on social media in general, and that’s just his personal choice.

But then it’s not like the rest of the cast is oversharing in comparison. :P

Vlamis is by far the most active on social media, and the only one who’s regularly showing up on Twitter (thank you, Vlam, as someone who loves Twitter, I really appreciate that ♥). He does what Tyler did while he was on PLL: building a fan base. He’s also a notorious insomniac and puts the Duracell bunny to shame with his seemingly endless energy. xD

I’m an Alex stan through and through, and I want nothing more than for him to be in every episode, at the center of plots and whatnot, but with Tyler’s 10 episode contract, and his status as a “supporting/recurring main cast member”, there are certain limits. 

I’m chill about everything so far tho. I’d start fretting, should there ever be real evidence for things going sideways (which I don’t expect tbh).

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You can believe whatever you want, nonnie. :) I only said what I think. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’m not hung up on being right or anything. 🤷‍♀️

Whatever I say on this blog, is either confirmed and provable facts (there’s usually links or screenshots or whatever involved to clarify where the information I’m sharing’s coming from), or I speculate and state my personal opinions (I usually try to explain why or how I came to a conclusion, based on knowledge available to us). And currently my opinion is, that Alex might not be in 3x01 (and yes, I think he could be missing from the premiere, core 8 or not). If new information becomes available that contradicts my opinion, I’m more than happy to change it. 

CAM once mentioned, that they can’t “smuggle” a scene with an actor that’s officially sitting an episode out, into an episode (it was in relation to 2x11 when Michael’s searching for Alex, people were wondering whether they could’ve added a scene where Alex is found or sth, even though Tyler was officially not in that episode). 

If that’s still the case, either an actor’s officially in an episode - and then they better make good use of them - or they are not. So Alex only being briefly in 3x01 would suck much more, than him not being in the episode at all imo, bc it would mean that they “wasted” one of Tyler’s official 10 episodes on a brief scene.

And whatever CAM’s plans were regarding that ominous scene that didn’t make it into 2x13 - she’s no longer part of the show, so who knows whether that’s still the plan. According to her, her script’s been changed a lot, there’s no guarantee that scene will fit in 3x01 anymore.

Again, I’m speculating here. I don’t pretend to know more, or know better. My guess is as good (or bad) as anyone else’s. ♥

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He was, but he went back home for almost 2 weeks shortly after filming began. That was the time period when they would’ve filmed the majority of 3x01. Tyler returned to Santa Fe in time for filming 3x02. So did Christian btw (who, for all we know, wasn’t in Santa Fe during the time Tyler was in LA).

3x01 and 3x02 were filmed by the same director, and with block shooting (all scenes in one location for two episodes directed by the same director are filmed “in one go”) being an approach Rachel Raiminst (3x05/06 director) has mentioned, it’s of course a possibility that Tyler just got lucky and was able to clear his filming schedule for two weeks because Alex wasn’t needed at the locations they filmed during his absence, and all of Alex’s 3x01 scenes were filmed before he left and after he returned. 

I’m basing my assumption on Tyler’s “confirmed” absence and the fact that he has to miss 3 episodes each season, nothing else. Him being in Santa Fe at the beginning of filming S3, might’ve been for costume fittings, meetings and whatnot. Again, I’m assuming, I don’t know for sure.

They’ll continue filming until the end of April, should Tyler head home or be “visibly” absent from set (as in, social media tells us he went back to LA or elsewhere) more than once (if 3x01 and 3x05 are episodes he won’t be in, there’s just one more he won’t be part of) these coming months, we might be able to determine more correctly whether Alex is part of the S3 premiere. Or, you know, someone’s giving an interview and tells us where everyone is at the beginning of S3. LOL, AS IF… :P

Until then, I’ll stick to expecting Alex to be missing from 3x01 and 3x05.

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