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#rnm speculation

If Wyatt gets a redemption arc but Flint doesn’t, I’ll riot. 😒

White characters (including the aliens) got away with too much stuff without being held accountable, that has to change. 

Flint did some shitty things, no doubt, but he also did quite a few of them under orders. Doesn’t make them right, but it’s also not like he went rogue and started killing people (or aliens) willy-nilly. 

I hope for him to reconcile with his family first and foremost (Alex especially). I also think it’d be interesting to see him struggle with the realization that the aliens as a species weren’t what his father told him they were, and that killing them just for being aliens wasn’t justified, but that individual aliens can o/c be shitty people (looking at you in particular, Max Evans…). 

IDK, I just think it would be interesting to see him “unlearn” beliefs Jesse drummed into him from a young age, while also finally being free to live a life not dictated by Jesse. Also super curious to find out what Jesse used to blackmail Flint.

As for Wyatt… If he continues to be a white supremacist and Proud Boi, he can go and die in a ditch. Then I don’t want any kind of redemption arc for him. If however Rosa was part of his storyline, and he’d get a chance to showing that he’s not completely evil (+ her name gets cleared in the process), I’d be okay with some kind of “redemption arc light”, where he gets to show that he can be a better person (and then he still should die to save others, namely Rosa xD).

But honestly, after watching the Tangerine Clown and his racist White base wreaking havoc and being awful irl, on social media and live TV for the past 4 years, I need bad white characters being held accountable and convicted on the show. 

Also, can we PLEASE finally find out more about aliens??? And the Manes family? And get all the friendship and family moments for the core 8???

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IKR? At least they didn’t name the character he’ll play Michael. xD

And on set, people will recognize Vlamis immediately bc of the curls (and his LoveWalds mask), also bc of Michael’s HUGE belt buckle and of course THE HAT! 🤠🥰

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Dear god, I adore this man so much, and couldn’t be more grateful for all the good he’s done for us so far. 🥺🥰

Just… let us have some nice and happy things for a change?

Years ago, it was perfectly acceptable to be racist on TV (on some channels it still is…), and pretty much every show was as white as freshly fallen snow and as straight as every Hallmark movie pre 2020. 

Changes have been made over the years (very, very slowly), but change is still happening. That means, that other things that aren’t good, can also be changed.

Like there’s no law that dictates that queer couples have to be put through every misery imaginable. Even in a sci fi show about aliens, they could have a stable, mostly happy mlm couple that gets to deal with problems that have nothing to do with their sexuality, their relationship, or the fact that they love each other.

But sure, just put them through yet another love triangle instead. Because the first one was so good and entertaining. 🙃

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I mean, CAM definitely thought it’d be enough. It was her decision to end S2 the way it did. Of course, she had no way of knowing that the hiatus would be that long again when she made that decision, she had no way of knowing that Covid would make everything more difficult and delay filming, and she probably didn’t expect to not be around anymore to feed us the occasional S3 spoilers either. 

She’s responsible for S2 at large, and 2x13 in particular tho. It’s what Chris and the writers do with that legacy. I think most of us are hopeful that things will get better, but we don’t know whether that’ll turn out to be true. 

I don’t think the writers think about us (i.e. the Tumblr/IG/Twitter fandom) all that much tbh. They don’t seem to be aware of how we’re feeling, and that people keep giving up on the show (or at least take a long hiatus from fandom to wait and see whether S3′s worth coming back for). 

They are just doing their thing. Which is fine, that’s their job, it just sucks that no one seems to be aware of the rather dire fandom situation, and that any attempts at asking (more like “sad begging”) for some more S3 info, go unheard. :(

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My Belmanes heart wants her to be with Greg, but my sapphic heart yearns to see her with another woman. I’M SO TORN! 🥺😭

I keep looking at Jamie’s IG posts like a hawk, always hoping for her to return to Santa Fe, but so far that hasn’t happened. If they do a wlw storyline for Isobel, I really (REALLY) want her to be with Charlie. These two goddesses together, omg 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I’m also still firmly in the “ditch the BS that Maria’s related to Isobel and let them get together” corner. My Maribel heart, so soft for them. They have sooooo much amazing chemistry. 😩😩😩

Like you, I’d rather Rosa gets to date someone her own age (or not date, man, life is pretty darn amazing without dating someone…). I have no qualms with the age difference, just think that her and Isobel are at very different points in their lives, and I’d rather they maintain and develop their friendship. 

Although, who knows, maybe once Rosa gets back to Roswell and is able to establish a life for herself, that friendship could grow into something more? I’m not super opposed to it, just feel like Rosa should be given the time to live and experience the decade she’s missed. (I know that technically, Isobel also missed at least parts that decade, but not to the extent Rosa did)

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LOL, Michael’s speech was a droplet of positivity in an ocean of sadness. :P And he left after that speech, halfway through a LOVE SONG Alex had written about them, and also for Michael (yes, even though he didn’t necessarily expect him to hear it, but you can’t tell me he didn’t write the song for Michael…)

Also, that droplet of positivity evaporated immediately after the song with that kiss. So yeah, whatever the writers think, 2x13 is not designed to keep people hopeful enough to make it through a year-long hiatus without any further input. Not after the misery fest that was S2.

I mean, look at the discrepancy between the S1/2 hiatus and the S2/3 hiatus. Fandom was brimming with activity during the former, and is slowly dying during the latter, even though there’s reason to believe that with the new showrunner in place, things will get better.

Fandoms need input though. No one expects them to hand us the S3 scripts or anything, but leaving us with pretty much nothing and somehow expecting us to make it through another endless hiatus unscathed?

Most of the writers, and Chris, have worked on other shows before. Chris in particular has been part of the TVD and Originals verse, he has to know about fandom? Alanna Bennett definitely knows about fandom. 

Sure, we only make up a fraction of the viewership, but hell, it’s fandom that ropes in new viewers, it’s fandom that tells people in other countries about the show, it’s fandom that keeps talking about the show on social media, even when the show’s not on air. Fandom’s not totally unimportant and neglectable. 

But that’s what they’re doing, in a way, they’re “neglecting” fandom. Maybe unintentionally, but man, it’s 2020, it’s not like we haven’t been around for decades. 

Sorry, I usually manage to be a little more hopeful and positive, but damn, it’s hard to maintain positivity under the current circumstances. :(

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I’m afraid that unless we’ll get an interview or otherwise confirmed pro!Malex spoilers, most Malex fans will have left the fandom before S3 even premieres…

And honestly, I can’t blame people for leaving. S2 was a huge disappointment for many fans, there’s barely any Malex content from S2 that’s not sad or otherwise miserable, and as a result Malex fandom activity’s at an all time low. And it’s still at least another 6-7 months until the show returns. 

It’s not that fans no longer love or care about Malex. But I think that many fans are just super tired, and wary of more disappointment. They just don’t have the patience to wait and wait and WAIT for something that will in all likelihood happen eventually, but who knows when?

No one expects detailed spoilers about the how and when, but some kind of confirmation that hoping for Malex will pay off (and no, a kiss in the last 30 seconds of 3x13 doesn’t count as pay-off) next season would be much appreciated (and imo needed to keep at least some fans interested until S3 airs).

I don’t understand why the writers insist on dragging these side ships and wasting everybody’s time instead of putting some effort in developing the fan favourite relationships between the main characters that we actually want to see.

SAME. And this doesn’t just apply to RNM but to every damn show on TV. Writers always think they’re so clever and “not giving the fans what they want” is the bee’s knees. I just think that writers are often too lazy to put in the effort of writing real relationships and struggles. Instead it’s just love triangles and side ships and will-they-won’t-they and breakups and misery ad nauseam. 🙄

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if it somehow leads to at least Rosa’s name being cleared.


And like I’ve said before, I like Forrest as a character, and would enjoy if he’d be part of the overall plot - especially a plot that involves the Longs, Wyatt and Rosa - I’m just fundamentally against romantic F*rlex stalling Malex any further.

But since we know shit about S3, and the character’s only ever been presented as a “love interest” in S2, we have to assume that his presence is mainly due to F*rlex happening.  

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Yes, I want (need) the M to be Michael. Please, let us have this??? 🥺

Also absolutely with you re Kyle & Michael. It’s nice to see Michael being protective of and pissed on behalf of Alex (which the writers completely forgot about in S2, mainly bc Alex and Kyle barely had any scenes together, and on top they insisted on making Michael care very little about Alex  - until he went completely bonkers when Alex was missing, only to leave him behind again, chained to a radiator, to enjoy drinks with his other friends…🙃  Ugh, still mad on Michael’s behalf how terribly and inconsistent he was written last season 😒).

Anyway, I hope they’ll finally allow Michael the character development and growth he deserves, and he’ll make his peace with Kyle. They don’t have to become besties, but I want them to get along (friendly banter included), especially since Kyle’s going to be Alex’s best man at Alex and Michael’s wedding. 🥰 And no, I won’t take criticism in regards to this statement at this (or any other) time. 

Man, just let us have nice things next season. All the friendship moments, character development in spades, a decent alien mystery including new information regarding the pod squad origins, and of course Malex getting together. 

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Okay, Dr. Raimist posted this yesterday, and I didn’t pay much attention to the photo. But I looked at it again today, and lo and behold, do I spy a microscopic spoiler in this pic? 🔍👀


Editing Sc. 9 - EXT CRASHDOWN - K, M, A, B

Kyle, Michael, Alex (which YESSSSS!!!) - and could the B perhaps be Bert? 


La’Charles Trask has been filming since mid-November, and he was still in Santa Fe this week, so why not stay for another episode? 

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No worries, nonnie, the 💩 was mostly job related. <3

I’ll admit that things can get a little… intense tho. Sometimes I’m not even aware that parts of the fandom are in uproar about something until my inbox starts filling up. xD

It’s fine tho, I’m a big girl and can (usually) handle it. I just never expected to talk about the-show-that-shall-not-be-named in any capacity. :P

But yeah, kinda wish our cast would be a little more active (also the Writers Room account, they were off to a promising start but so far the RNM costumes IG account is probably the best and most active of all the RNM accounts…).

I just wish we had some actual spoilers to talk about, but apart from Vlamis’s hint that there’ll be “parent stuff” in S3, we don’t have much.

I wonder if we’ll get flashbacks to Kyle with his dad. Ohhhh, also Jim and Jesse? Or Jesse, Jim and Mimi? OR JESSE, JIM, MIMI AND MINDY???

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I understand that people are wary, we’ve all been fucked over by too many shows in the past, but I don’t see the same thing happening on RNM. 

I won’t publish any more asks about this tbh, I’ve said what I think in reply to previous asks and it all boils down to this: I see no reason to panic or worry.

On a related note: can you guys please stop sending me SPN related asks? I had the show blacklisted for more than a decade for reasons, I really DON’T want to talk about it. At all. 😩Thanks.

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Yeah, I saw the Spanish tea. Also saw some “conspiracy theories” about the whole thing, and of course it all made me think of Malex.

I can see why SPN fans think it’s true, esp. since I remember a similar thing happening on Voltron: Legendary Defender. They said I LOVE YOU in English, and it was translated to “I love you” in the romantic sense (which is distinctly different from “I love you” in the sense of “I like you” or “I care about you” in many other languages) in pretty much every dubbed version of the anime, but they treated it like it was just a bro-ish ‘love ‘ya’ in the English version. In that regard I see where people are coming from, and they have good arguments (also 15 years of BS experience :P), I still can’t say whether it’s actually true tho.

Anyway, I think the situation with Malex is different. Malex have been CANON from episode 1x01. There’s never been any doubt IN CANON, that Alex and Michael love each other, have a decade long history, and regardless of the S2 attempts to derail this somehow, the narrative has fully supported the idea that theirs is a love story over the course of two seasons.

Of course there’s always the chance that some network assholes could try to interfere or make demands, but in RNM’s case, they had to make the writers disregard at least two, possibly more seasons of a canon love. I don’t see that happening tbh. 

If they don’t see and realize, that Malex is a HUGE reason why people watch the show, they haven’t paid attention. Apart from network execs making demands, I also think that show runners have to be open to the idea of gutting things, esp. long-standing showrunners who could throw in a good amount of “weight” to stand up against network demands. 

Not that we know much about him yet, and he sure doesn’t have the weight of a Kripke yet, but I can certainly see Known Romantic™ Chris Hollier putting up a damn good fight with the network to keep Malex and give them the happiness they deserve.

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Yeah, it’s expected for them to interact in some way. It’s been an amicable split (I think?), they’re grown-ups, no need to be petty and avoid each other completely. Don’t think we have to worry about them becoming an item again tho.

Ngl, I’d rather she’d stay out of their relationship and won’t get involved in meddling. I’d prefer for her to stay away from them for a while. 

I’d like her to focus on her friendships with Liz and Rosa (even Isobel), uncover more of her family history, learn more about her abilities, and maybe meet/connect with someone romantically. 

Let Kyle, Isobel, and Greg be the people doing the “matchmaking” and nudging Malex in the right direction (back into each others’ arms 💕)

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Skipping the first part of your ask, sorry. As for the second part:

Legit one of very few things I don’t worry about happening tbh. 

M/M are done, over and out. They were never meant to last and I don’t see the writers (esp. now that CAM is gone) consider reviving that relationship for a 2.0. What would even be the point (other than pissing off the majority of the fandom)? Let Maria move on and be with someone who loves her and only her. And let Michael be happy with the love of his life.

If they really have to put a couple through the romantic wringer (as per CW’s orders or to fulfill some kind of dumb “romantic mayhem” quota, blergh 🙄), there are plenty of other options than doing it to the queer OTP for the umpteenth time. 

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I hope they don’t drag out A/F

You and me both, nonnie. I’m happy for Forrest to stick around as a friend/ally, I just don’t want them to invest screentime in a romantic relationship that won’t last. I’m a million times more interested in Alex and Michael fixing things between them, getting closer, healing, and eventually getting together (in S3, I’m not here for a somewhat “hopeful” Malex ending in 3x13 and for them to make us wait another year before we get to see them as a couple). 

Jeanine says it best:

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Yeah, I think initially quite a few shows thought about Covid storylines bc it’s a huge, global issue, too important to ignore. After 8 months of “living it”, most of us’ll be grateful for any show that’ll scrap it entirely.

It continues to be an important issue (bc regardless what a large group of brainwashed covidiots think, the pandemic is very real, and very much NOT over), but after the century 2020′s been, I’ll be grateful for every bit of entertainment that’ll allow me to forget about masks and deadly viruses for an hour in 2021. 🙏🙌

Also 100% agree with you re the Ortechos and the DeLucas. 

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