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lapushandforks · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Headcanon on how meeting the parents SHOULD have been.
“Honey everything needs to be perfect for her,” Esme said as she tried to follow along with the recipes on the show.
“They will be my love just take your time.” Carlisle smiled at his wife, his one true love.
“I know I know, I can’t worry, I mean meeting the parents? That’s scary for a teenager.” She replied.
“You, my darling, are too sweet, shell love anything you cook.” He went behind her and kissed her cheek as she was chopping vegetables up.
“Is she even Italian?” Rosalie said sarcastically.
“Her names Bella.” Emmet joked back at her, trying to cheer her up.
“Woo get a whiff of that. Here comes the human.” Rosalie exclaimed.
Esme whipped her hands on her apron, getting more and more excited to see the girl who’s made her son so happy.
“Bella we’re making Italian for you.” She walked up and smiled at Bella.
Edward went around the room to introduce his family and sat down with Bella as she ate the food.
“Wow, Esme this is delicious!” Bella said eating almost every last bite.
“Good! Oh, I’m so happy!” Esme beamed with joy.
Edward took Bella away to show the rest of the house as Esme and Carlisle cleaned up, beaming with joy their son found happiness.
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