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tastefullyoffensive · a month ago
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21 Of The Funniest Comebacks On The Internet This Week
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antikristrecipes · 15 days ago
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Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini
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fullcravings · a month ago
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Honey Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream
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queenofcaliforniacool · 5 months ago
Astro-Observations #4 by @queenlianna
1). Leo + Gemini + Pisces in the personal planets have big narcissistic energy and are big projectors. Because both pisces and gemini are twins, they can’t SEE themselves for who they really are. And because Leo is all ego and pride, they don’t want too. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM (jk they are the problem, and you know it)
2). Mercury square pluto in the natal chart have a hard time expressing “bad” feelings. When they are angry they can explode.
3). When someones mars is in your 12th house, the sex is COSMIC. You just feeeeeel eachother on another level.
4). Venus square mars ooze sex appeal. Often people projected their sexual fantasies on them at an early age, and can suffer from low self esteem in their youth. Even if they aren’t conventionally attractive, they have many admirers. Both sexes find them appealing.
5). When a leo venus man wants you, he will hunt you down. Like a lion stalking it’s prey.
6). gemini rising + mercury in the 1st house have the most youthful energy and don’t age!
7). mars in leo women have BADDDD tempers if embodying their shadow side (ego, pride, attention whore). When they are self aware, they can be very loving, but it is rare.
8). libra mars men can have a low sex drive
9). capricorn men love to be called DADDY ;)
10). i have found that the opposition is the sexiest in synastry as well as the sign of your 8th house. i love moon opposition, and mars!! HOT HOT HOT
stay tuned for #5 babies !! xoxo love you
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opinionatedoctopus · 28 days ago
My sister called me the Howl to her Sophie which would ordinarily be super sweet, but then she added on that it was in the context of cleaning and I’ve never been so offended at the truth in my LIFE.
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thisismytrashok · 11 months ago
suzue: ...and as for the design of the parachute I'm uncertain... It looks plain! I thought about adding a character describing Daisuke's best character traits.
haru: This is is easy, he only has one.
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tastefullyoffensive · 11 months ago
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The Thicker The Skin, The Better The Roast (43 Pics)
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antikristrecipes · 2 months ago
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Maple Dijon Roasted Carrots
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fullcravings · 2 months ago
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Honey Buttermilk Biscuits with Roasted Strawberries
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queenofcaliforniacool · a month ago
Astro-Observations *LEO* by @queenlianna
1). Leo placements are the MOST insecure and prideful people. it is confusing because there is a large part of them that truly has this shining light and confidence, but they always need external validation to feel it.
2). Leo risings are fucking fabulous with beautiful hair, most leo placements actually have nice hair but especially the risings.
3). Leo mars women are... difficult. They want their way and you would do well to want things to go their way as well or you will hear them roar and no one wants to deal with that.
4). Leo mercuries tell little lies. they just exaggerate, or stretch the truth. They want you to like them, and think highly of them and will say whatever they think they need to say to get you to give them what they want.
5). Leo moons are starssssss honey. a beautiful place for the moon. full of love and confidence, radiant, shining, warm energy.
6). Leo venus are fucking DRAMA QUEENS/KINGS!!! They love hard, and fight harder. They need all of your attention. All of it. they care a lot about what others think of them too. appearances matter to them. the men love a sexy beautiful woman, even though they may not be flashy themselves.
7). Leo suns are so fun and so annoying. so fabulous and so obnoxious. you love them you hate them, you’re jealous of them and want to be them. yeah i said it.
8). Leo venus + mars in a chart is a fucking nightmare, especially in a woman. SO demanding!! it is and will always be their world and you are just living in it. You better compliment them, tend to their every need, kiss their ass, and don’t you dare put anyone including yourself first. you have been warned. And ladies, if you have these placements; please seek help. self awareness is the first step.
9). Leo in the 8th house need a ton of sexual validation. especially the men. very cunning. very ego-centric. beware.
10). Leo in the 12th house (virgo rising) have a superiority/god complex. at their core they are deeply insecure, and how they justify everything in their head is that they are simply better than you. they don’t want you to know this. this is subconscious. it’s that inner dialogue. Vulnerability is extremely uncomfortable for them and they have roundabout aka manipulative ways of getting what they want from you. they would do well to work on their self worth and developing a real sense of confidence and security within themselves.
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mafaldaknows · 3 days ago
Met Gala 2021 Fashion Roast: HauteLeMode | YouTube
Luke did not like 😬👀🤷🏻‍♀️🤍🖤😆😉🙃☺️
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Instagram: hautelemode
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noodlez005 · 3 months ago
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You can’t convince me that this did not happen canonically
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angrysheeproject · 3 months ago
Rachel: You’re really campaigning for Asshole of the Year, aren’t you?
Khun: As defending champion, are you nervous?
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