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“When Austria’s crown prince is found dead, evidence seems to point to suicide. However, detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) deduces that the prince was murdered and that the crime is but a piece of a puzzle designed by an evil genius named Moriarty (Jared Harris). Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson (Jude Law), who are accompanied by a Gypsy (Noomi Rapace) whose life Holmes saved, chase Moriarty across Europe in the hope that they can thwart his plot before it can come to fruition.“

This was the original plot summary for “A Game of Shadows”, that was in circulation for quite some time before the film came out. I wish I knew how much of the originally movie was filmed, or if it was never shot at all.

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Summary: Loki/Tony; Soulmate AU! Everyone has an animal form to match their soulmate; Tony keeps his dragon form hidden until he comes face to face with Loki

Tony’s smart, from a young age he already has a soulmate form this means his soulmate is older than him. It’s a small lizard-like shift that lets him climb walls and glide. His parents lock him away when he’s shifted.

He doesn’t learn until he’s in college what exactly he is; and just exactly how dangerous having a creature that shouldn’t exist as your soulmates shift is.

Tony looks over to where Loki sits, muzzle keeping him quiet. Tony doesn’t know why but he can’t shake the heat on his breath or the urge to pull the muzzle off.

“Guessing he doesn’t have a soulmate form then?” Tony makes the offhand comment to Thor while they’re eating; Loki is sulking behind his brother almost worryingly quiet.

“Oh he does! As do I; mine is a most impressive creature; Loki; show them yours, even farther impressive than mine.”

“No.” It’s muffled but the refusal is evident in every line of his body, and how he turns away.

Tony knows he shouldn’t, but he makes his way down to the current containment unit, watching Loki pace back and forth.

“Thor won’t tell me what it is…” Loki sneers a little and Tony counts it as a victory.

“What do you expect to see! You’re a creature of this earth, a mortal, with a form to suit this planet, my form is so incomprehensible that you would-” Loki doesn’t finish, watching as Tony shifts, it’s as if his armor is sinking onto his skin, shimmering Green and golden scales etching onto his body. The landing is cramped, there’s not even enough space for Tony to stretch his wings, but he rustles them against his sides and Loki just stares, before he laughs.

“So? Will you show me yours?”

“And what, make a fool in front of an abnormality?” Loki looks unimpressed but Tony just smacks his tail against the glass, almost shattering it. Loki still doesn’t seem frightened and Tony’s growing annoyed. He wonders if this is a ploy from Loki, and maybe he’s playing into it but he doesn’t care. He unshifts still standing defensively in front of the door as Loki just looks amused.

“I never thought I’d meet someone from earth with a form looking like that.”

“Show me yours.” Tony glares.

“Like I’d show an actual dragon shift what mine is.”

“I bet you don’t have one.” Tony snaps as he leaves.

Loki’s allowed in the tower. No one comments that Tony seems to hover closer than necessary.

Steve’s just gotten back from a flight, landing on the perch that had been made for him. Loki watches, tilting his head as the phoenix fire dies down, before Steve just nods to them leaving them to the staring contest they’d been having. Tony can see the gears twisting in Loki’s head before he speaks.

“So it’s not strange to have a creature that shouldn’t exist; as a soulmate.”

“It simply means your soulmate is; extraordinary.” Tony chooses the words carefully and he can see the faint raise in Loki’s eyebrow.

“And what of your soulmate; they must be impressive to be such a mag-magical creature.” Tony hushes the comment about Loki almost complimenting his soulmate.

“Oh Tony showed you his form?”

“Yes, he thinks I’ll show him mine now; idiotic.”

“Must be pretty desperate to see yours then.” Steve makes the offhanded comment and Loki frowns.


“Of course; no one on the team even knows what Tony’s form is; it’s not a common thing. Like mine; but, well Tony said he only wanted his Soulmate to see it before we did.” Tony tries not to glare at Steve or the ground but he knows he frowns a little with how Loki’s eyes light up.

“Outside then.”

”Outside?” Tony looks confused but Loki nods standing and motioning to the balcony.

“Your form can fly?” Tony seems excited and Loki tries to keep his expression neutral.

“Can’t yours?” He asks, turning from looking out to the skyline to watch Tony.

“Of course.” Tony comments before he relaxes, before Loki can see the way the scales bleed onto his skin. When Tony opens his eyes he’s not staring at Loki, but a shimmering red and golden dragon.

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