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Honestly, I find the photoshopped image of RDJ’s amusing for two reasons:
One, it makes me imagine them in their Clown Group Chat assembling to defend Chris but you got Tom refusing to do it so they just remove him from the picture.
And two, for claiming he’s Chris’ brother, HE SURE HAS A LACK OF PHOTOS-

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Didn’t you guys know RDj is also a misogynist or did you just conveniently forgive him? How he called taylor swift a man eater for writing a song of her love life or when he called feminism is make believe. Rdj may made marvel universe. But that doesn’t make him a saint. He just made other white men richer. His work means nothing to society.

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My stance on the Chris Pratt situation:

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the Marvel cast, mainly Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo. To see that these two men defend Chris Pratt for something so trivial and meaningless is… Well horrible. Especially considering that the man has a history of a pro-conversion and anti-LGBTQ+ stance. I understand if he’s their friend or “family”, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong…

Not to mention how they were so quick to defend Chris Pratt, when their fellow cast mates such as Brie Larson, Don Cheadle, Zendaya, Anthony Mackie, and so many others have received death threats, backlash, and unfair criticism. Where were they? Where were their voices? Where was the defense for them? The matter of racism, sexism, and homophobia is a serious discussion, but it is a discussion that needs to be had nonetheless.(especially if they are your close friends and co-workers). And yet, they have all the time in the world to defend someone over a poll… A poll…

I don’t care about how close you and this person is, I don’t care how much of a family man he is, if he has an intolerance for anyone, I don’t have to respect him and neither does anyone else. And everyone certainly has the right to call him out on his intolerance.

And for anyone who is defending him, saying that he’s done nothing wrong or that it’s “his beliefs” or freedom to do so, fine. But it is my freedom of speech to call him and the others out on their hypocrisy and delusion.

(Special thanks goes out to @sarabibliomania and @falling-in-winter for informing me)

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*repels back down into the abyss of Tumblr with a megaphone*

in this house we love and respect RDJ

while we’re on the topic of unpopular opinions, SeaWorld saves animals and deserves support. I was gonna get hate mail anyway.

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It’s so difficult. And I don’t give a shit about Pratt either way, love him or hate him I don’t care about him. I know his wife hates Trump with a passion and that Pratt has actively said ‘I don’t believe everything my church says, and I’m not a spokesperson for my church’ like I don’t really care what he thinks because I’ve never cared about him really

But I care about RDJ and Mark. Sure they’ve made mistakes in the past, everyone has. But for the most part they’re trying to spread the right messages. Actively campaigning against Trump, supporting (maybe dumbly but still supporting) BLM movement, etc.

It’s hard to look at someone you thought was on your side defend someone who you’re pretty sure is on the other side. I agree with this part. But what hurts the most is that they didn’t stand up for their POC and girl coworkers, but they did stand up for Pratt. That hurts.

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Man, the MCU Universe continues to prove the point that White Heterosexual Men are the most fragile little snowflakes ❄️ on this planet.

Where was this same energy when Zendaya, Tessa Thompson, Don Cheadle, Brie Larson, just to n,e a few, were harassed constantly by the same fanbase?


Originally posted by welcometomyfantasyworldx

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Okay? I don’t really care about Pratt, and I don’t care what he believes in. I never did; that isn’t what I’m upset about.

I’m upset that all these people jumped at the change to ‘stand up’ for Pratt, but they stayed silent while women and poc coworkers were being harassed and sent death threats for no other reason than they were a girl or a poc.

And I’m more upset with RDJ than Mark. Mark’s over all message was ‘woah, Pratt isn’t a Trump supporter? Who cares about Pratt anyway, just focus on voting blue; this is a distraction’ but RDJ was ‘Pratt is a Christian??????? Therefore he is a good person???? And also if you disagree with me delete all your social medias and think about how you’re a terrible person. Thanks.’

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Rappers richer than God are telling black people to vote Trump by lying and saying Biden will steal all their money just because Biden plans on actually taxing rich pigs.

And Marvel actors are acting like their dog got hit by a truck all because Chris Pratt got voted as a total dick on Twitter.

Rich people are just being whiny bitches this week.

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